Dark Surprises


Part Forty-One

Finally Angelís voice penetrated through the fog.

"Xander, itís time for us to go. Please get in the car."

Xander did turn to face him but didnít move. This didnít seem right. He didnít want to go with Angel. He had been happy with Spike, at least lately. How come everybody thought they could tell him what he should do with his life? It was his life and he should be the boss of it. He startled when Angel suddenly grabbed his arm.

"Xander, we have to go now. Your friends are already waiting for us."

Xander was powerless as Angel dragged him to the car and opened the back door. Then Xander already found himself sitting on the backseat with a seatbelt on and Angel sitting behind the wheel. Suddenly the car was already moving. Xander quickly turned his head and saw the house getting smaller and smaller. Xander felt empty inside. Everything he had gotten used to in the previous months was now behind him and he had to get used to living with people again. Once again Angelís voice disturbed his thoughts.

"Xander, we have a long drive ahead of us. It could be a good idea for you to try to sleep a little. You donít have to be afraid anymore. You are safe from Spike now; he canít get to you anymore. You are under my protection and he wonít dare to touch you."

Xander just stared out the back window. If he tried really hard he could still see the house in the distance. He could feel Angel watching him through the rear view mirror and it started bothering him. He quickly went through the backbag Spike had given him and fished out the GBA. A bright smile spread on his face when he noticed that Spike had stuffed all his stuff to the bag but there was also a huge amount of chocolate bars and Twinkies in there. Finally he got hold of the GBA and started playing. He kept the volume down since he didnít want Angel to say anything to him. A few times the vampire tried to start a conversation but when Xander never took the bait Angel obviously gave up.

After what seemed like hours the car finally stopped. Xander didnít recognise the place where they were. Soon, however, he could see his friends coming out from the building and knew they had reached their destination. He could see certain hesitation in his friends approach. He found it funny. He should be the one with the hesitation or at least showing it. At the moment he just felt numb. Slowly he got out of the car. Immediately he was surrounded by his friends, who were all talking at the same time. Xander couldnít hear what they were saying at all and he shut them out. It took them a while to notice that Xander wasnít paying any attention to them.

"Xander, are you alright?"

"Yes, Iím fine."

"What do you want to do now?"

That was a very good question in Xanderís opinion. He had no idea what he wanted to do. If he had been with Spike they would have probably just been out walking or then cuddling in front of the fire. He missed the certainty of that life already. He needed some time to think.

"I think I want to go for a walk."

"Okay, we can do that. Just wait while we go change."

"No, I want to go alone."

"Xander, Iím not sure thatís safe."

"I promise I wonít go far. Iíll return soon."

Without waiting for any more protests, Xander started walking away from his friends. He could hear their hushed voices behind him and could even distinguish some words.

"Angel, you think heís alright?"

"He was awfully quiet in the car. Iíve never seen him being so quiet."

"What can we do for him?"

"I donít think we can do anything. He needs to work things out by himself. He has been through a lot and it takes time to survive an ordeal like that."

After that the voices faded away. Xander continued to walk for a while before sitting down. He just needed to get away for a while. All the noise and questions made his head spin. There he sat and stared into distance. He didnít even notice the time passing by and when he heard the distressed calls of his friends he had the impression that only a little time had passed. However, he walked back towards the house to meet his friends. When they saw him they came to him quickly.

"Xander, where have you been? Youíve been gone for hours. We were already afraid that Spike had followed you and snatched you again."

"I have a lot in my mind just now. Needed some peace and quiet."

"Yes, youíve been through a lot. Come on, letís go inside. We can show you the room where you will be staying while we are here. It would be a good idea to go to sleep now. Tomorrow is a big day, at least for us. You wonít be having any part in it, unless you want to."

Xander had again tuned out from the babble but then the last sentence penetrated through to him.

"What do you mean? What happens tomorrow? What are you planning to do and why am I not part of it?"

"We are going to destroy Spike and his lair once and for all. He has to pay for what he did to you. We canít take you with us there because the chance of you getting snatched again is too big. I promise that if we can capture Spike we will bring him to you and you can take care of the staking."

"No, we are not going to attack them!"

"Xander, you are not thinking clearly now. Surely you want to get your revenge on them. Iím sorry but we canít wait until you are in better condition. They might have time to move and then it would take us forever to track them down again."

"No, Buffy, you are the one who is not thinking clearly. Iím saying that we leave them alone. I donít want you going attacking there. Nothing good will come out of it."

"Xander, you know the whole building. You could give us valuable information on how to attack that place and cause the biggest possible amount of damage."

"No, I will not be helping you and I hope you will have enough brains to not go there. Youíve already lost to him once. That time it was only my presence that prevented him from killing you all. This time there are no guaranties. I donít want to lose any of you. Now tell me where my room is. I think I need to lie down."

Xander was shown to one of the rooms in the house. He knew his friends wanted to talk with him but he just shut the door to their faces. He didnít have the energy now. The whole time with his friends Xander had made sure that he wasnít separated from his bag. He had no idea what his friends would do to his stuff but since it was given by Spike they would probably get rid of it or something. Since he didnít want that happening he made sure they didnít get any chances to see what was in the bag.

Especially the collar would probably get a harsh judgement from everybody else. For Xander it brought memories. Of course some of them were bad but there were so many good memories too. All the bad memories actually were about his first weeks with Spike. Lately there really hadnít been anything bad happening except for the occasional little misunderstanding that never developed into anything bigger. Without even realising it Xander had dug the collar from the bag and was holding it in his hand. It brought him familiarity. Clutching the collar in his hand Xander finally fell asleep.

He was awoken by loud noises from other parts of the house. For a while he thought that he didnít have the energy to go and see what was happening but finally he had to give up. The noises were just continuing and there was no hope for him to catch anymore sleep. When he got to the common room he was faced with quite a nasty sight. There were all his friends but they were in quite a bad shape. It looked like they all were still alive but sporting bad injuries. It didnít require a lot to guess what had happened. Now Xanderís only concern was what had happened to Spike and his lair.

"I see you didnít take my advice."

"Xander, we didnít mean to wake you up."

"Doesnít really matter. So you went and attacked Spike after all. Did you have fun?"

"He was obviously expecting us. We didnít even get near before we were ambushed."

"Anyone injured bad?"

"No, they were obviously just meaning to scare us and cause some harm. Lucky for us, since we were overpowered pretty badly. It was a good thing you werenít with us since they would have surely grabbed you."

For a little while Xander listened his friends but then retired back to his room with some excuse. He didnít have the patience to listen to his friends right now. There was a small fireplace in his room so he lighted it and dragged all the pillows and mattresses from the bed and cupboards to the floor. He couldnít build a nest that was as comfortable as the one he had with Spike but it was something. He lay there and thought about things. He enjoyed the quietness even if he knew that his friends were disturbed by his silence and desire to be alone.

This went for some time. Xander left his room only to eat or to the bathroom. All his other time he spent alone in the room. If someone tried to come and see him to talk about something, they were all dismissed quickly. Xander just didnít feel like talking with anyone. He missed the care Spike had given him. All the times he left the room he made sure he returned quickly. His friends tried to talk with him while eating and every other occasion but Xander always dodged them and cut any conversation short.

Everything changed after Xander had been with his friends for a few days. He had again left the room to eat some food but in the middle of the eating he started feeling quite weird. He retired back to his room and went to lie on the bed. After he had lain alone for some time the weird feeling started spreading from his neck down. It was an uncomfortable feeling. First it was mainly annoying and Xander could locate it starting from the mark Spike had placed on his throat. This went on for a while and Xander was almost able to ignore it but then it suddenly got worse. He felt like the mark was on fire and it radiated the pain downwards. He made his way to the nearest bathroom to check on the bite mark. It was obviously irritated and flaming red. Xander couldnít understand what it meant. He was just making his way back to his own room when Buffy met him in the corridor. His face obviously showed his discomfort since Buffy stopped him.

"Xander, is something the matter? You donít look too good."

"Just feeling a little weird. Iím sure it will pass soon. I just need to go and lay down."

"If you say so. Just tell us if you need something."

With that Xander shut himself in his room again. He really didnít feel too good. Xander went straight to the bed and lay down. He really hoped some rest would help. It seemed he was wrong since the pain just kept on getting worse. He still didnít want to speak with his friends about him being in pain so he just tried to curl into a small space and control himself. It worked well until someone came knocking on his door. He didnít have enough energy to tell them go away so the door opened and someone walked in. Almost immediately they were beside the bed and then hell broke loose. Soon the room was full of people and the cacophony of voices was messing with Xanderís head even more than the pain was. When he really tried he was able to catch bits and pieces of the conversation going around him.

"Whatís happening to him? Heís burning up?"

"There was nothing wrong with him just a while ago. Is this some mojo?"

"I swear if this is something Spike is causing him, Iím going to stake him in so many ways."

The sentences kept flying all over the room. Xander just tried to concentrate on blocking the pain. Finally Angelís voice penetrated through to him.

"Iím afraid Spike has managed to claim Xander and being away from him is hurting Xander. Although the effect shouldnít be this powerful when the claim has been forced on the person."

But it wasnít forced on me, I accepted it even if a bit under pressure Xander thought but he didnít have the energy to say anything aloud.

"Angel, is there anything we can do?"

"Since Iím of the same bloodline my blood might help, Iím not sure."

"Can we try that?"

Now it was again Xanderís turn to react in some way.

"No, no, no, no, NO, I donít want him! He is the reason this all happened to me. Without his stupid plans none of this would have happened. I donít want anything to do with him. I rather suffer!"

"Xander, please be reasonable. Let Angel try."


With his last strength Xander got out of the bed and barged towards the front door. He was, however, so slow that his friends were able to get hold of him before he got out. Soon he found himself back in his room with all his friends looming over him.

"Xander, please let Angel try. It could make you feel so much better!"

"No, I already said I donít want anything from him. Leave me alone!"

Xander sighed in relief when his friends leave the room. At least now he had peace for a little while. The burning feeling on his throat was really bad now. He tried to get into foetal position and hoped it would help at least a little. This continued for an hour. Suddenly he got the urge to move. Like he would have been called by some silent voice. He ended up in the common room where all his friends were sitting. They noticed him immediately and tried to ask if he was already feeling better. He ignored them. The voice from somewhere inside him was still calling him. He headed for the front door but was quickly blocked.

"Xander, where are you going?"

"Iím being called."

"Who is calling you?"

"There is this voice inside of me that tells me to go outside."


"It appears Spike might be somewhere near and the demon is calling on the claim."

The same moment Angel says that they can hear shouting from outside.


"Okay, I think we just got confirmation that Spike is somewhere near."

"Slayer, come out!"

Part Forty-Two

Buffy and Angel geared up and prepared to go outside. Xander tried to go with them but he was held back by the others. He was, however, able to hear the discussion.

"Spike, you have no business to be here! If you value your unlife you leave right now!"

"My boy is suffering in there. I can feel it!"

"Spike, we have everything in control. We donít need you here."

"If you have everything in control why have I been able to feel his suffering for hours now and itís only getting worse all the time."

"Spike we canít trust you. If we let you anywhere near Xander again Iím sure you will try to snatch him again."

"Hasnít Peaches explained anything to you. The boy was given to me as a present from a Sire to his Childe. Since Peaches gave the present to me it was also his to take away. At the moment I donít have anything to base my claim on. I just donít want to feel him suffer. I can feel him inside of me and I can feel how much he is hurting."

"How do we know you wonít hurt him even more youíve already done?"

"You have only my word but Iíve kept all my promises this far, havenít I? Also Peaches knows our customs and he knows I wonít go against them. He should know something about claims and how they effect humans."

"Iím sure this is just some scheme of yours to keep on getting near Xander and mess with him even more. How can we help him stop to crave your blood?"

"Iím surprised Peaches hasnít explained this to you, Slayer. The claim is based on constant contact between the claimant and claimed. If the contact is severed both parties suffer. It is, however, possible to wean the claimed off the blood but it has to be done gradually. The boy hasnít received much of my blood so it shouldnít take too long."

"Why is he suffering this much already now when he has been away from you only for a couple of days?"

"As I already said I havenít given him much of my blood. The last time we exchanged blood was almost a week ago."

"So you are saying that you would need to see Xander several times to cure him from this? What kind of numbers are we talking here?"

"I suspect it could take a few months if we want to do it safely. For the first month it should be maybe once a week and then lengthen the interval from there."

Their discussion was interrupted by a howl from inside which was followed by more yells of distress. At the first howl Spike flinched bad and went into game face. Just seconds after that the door opened and a distressed Willow peaked out.

"Buffy, he is going into worse condition by the minute. What are we going to do?"

The expression on Buffyís face was full of indecision. Now that the door was open she could hear the faint whimpers coming from inside the house and they hurt her. Finally she made up her mind.

"Spike, Iím going to allow you to take care of him but if I see even a small indication that you are trying to trick us you are going to regret it. You will not be allowed inside the house and we will be watching you very carefully. Only you can approach the house. All your minions have to stay back."

"How do I know you wonít stake me the minute I come closer?"

"We just have to play by the same trust we have had until now. You didnít kill us when we came to you and now we wonít kill you. We are also trying to think what is best for Xander. He is in a lot of pain right now and it seems you are the only one who can help. We tried offering him Angelís blood since he is of your bloodline but he refused."

"Are we going to have any privacy or are you going to stand hulking over us all the time?"

"We have to take care of our friend and you are a soulless creature. We canít trust you."

"I just meant that my demon might be able to do a better job calming the link if we would have some privacy but I guess I have to manage with what I get."

Another anguished scream interrupted them. Before Spike even realised he had already detached himself from his support group and was walking towards the house. When he was about five meters away he stopped and waited. Buffy was still obviously thinking but then she disappeared back into the house and came back half carrying Xander. Spike barely contained himself when he saw his boy. His demon was yelling at him to go get his boy and protect him. Spike, however, stamped the demon down and tried to wait patiently. It was hurting him when he saw the boy in so much pain.

"Please, let me have him now, Slayer."

Obviously the almost begging in Spikeís voice surprised Buffy so much that she released her hold on Xander who immediately staggered to Spike and almost slumped on him. Spikeís demon knew immediately what to do and he started licking the irritated claim mark to sooth it. Without even noticing it Spike sat on the ground and drew Xander with him so that the boy was on his lap. Spike could feel the Slayer and his Sire hovering right beside him but he tried to ignore them.

After Spike had licked the claim mark for a while he changed again to game face and sank his teeth into the boy's throat. He could hear a horrified gasp but no one came to stop him so he guessed they did trust him at least a little. Spike took a few mouthfuls before licking the wound until it closed. Then he made a small cut to his wrist and pressed it against the boyís lips. Immediately the boyís hands came up to hold the wrist in place and Spike could feel how his blood was drawn through the cut. It healed quite quickly but even after the cut had closed the boy kept sucking and worrying the cut with his mouth and tongue. It caused an inevitable reaction in Spike but he knew he couldnít do anything about it. He really didnít think he would be allowed to take Xander somewhere private and fuck him. The boy obviously would have been wanting since Spike could feel him rubbing against the bulge in his jeans and he could also scent the faint aroma of the boyís own arousal in the air. He suspected Angel could smell them too since he could sense his Sireís discomfort.

"You alright now, pet?"

"Yes, Master. Feeling much better now. Thank you."

"Thatís quite alright, pet. I donít want to see you suffering. I also already told you that you donít have to call me Master anymore."

"Iím doing it by my own choice, Master."

"Just reminding you, thatís all."

"Canít you stay, Master? I donít even want to feel that way again."

"Iím sorry, pet, but I donít think your friends would be too happy about it."

"Canít I go with you, Master? I feel lonely."

"Pet, I would very much like to take you with me but even if I managed to take you with me now Angel would just come and take you away again. I canít oppose him because he is my Sire."

Then they lapsed into silence and just enjoyed the closeness of the other. They, however, werenít given much time. Soon Spike could hear the Slayer already clearing up her voice and knew that his time with the boy was over.

"Spike, I think youíve already done what you came here to do. Let Xander go and get out of here. We donít want to see even a glimpse of you until this thing youíve forced on Xander requires your presence again. Donít make me throw your ass out of here."

Spike felt like flipping the Slayer off but refrained from it and turned his attention on his boy again.

"Pet, I need to go now. Can you get up by yourself?"

"I donít want you to go, Master."

"Pet, I have to. The Slayer will remove me with violence if I donít go now. I donít think you will want me to get hurt, do you?"

"No, Master."

Slowly Xander got up from the ground. He held his hand out to help Spike to get up as well. Then they just stood there staring at each other until Buffyís voice interrupted them.

"Xander, back away from him and go back inside the house."

"So will I see you again, Master?"

"I will be back in about a week when the link again needs the contact."

Then Xander drew Spike near him one more time and gave him a long kiss. He could hear the shocked gasps from behind him but he didnít care. Then Xander purposefully turned his back on Spike to show he wasnít afraid the vampire was going to do anything and only walked to stand on Buffyís side. When Buffy turned to say something to him he just shook his head. That, however, didnít stop Buffy.

"Xander, I thought I told you to go back inside the house. Itís not safe out here for you."

"Buffy, first of all you are not the boss of me. Secondly Iím the only one here who is completely safe. Spikeís minions wouldnít dare to touch me in fear of hurting me and Spike doesnít want anything bad happening to me."

Xander did catch the smile from Spike from the corner of his eye at his comment. There was some obvious pride on Spikeís face for Xander for sticking up against Buffy.

"Whatever, Spike your business here is done so you better leave before I change my mind about allowing you to continue your unlife."

"Yeah, yeah, Slayer, I hear your empty threats. I will be going now. The link will give me a warning before the boyís need gets into too bad shape. I will be making an appearance then."

Xander watched while Spike marched towards his minions and they left the grounds. He would have liked so much to go with them but he needed to stay here. As soon as Spikeís car disappeared from sight Xander stepped inside the house and walked straight to his own room. He really hoped no one would follow him. Xander needed to be alone now. He went to the small nest he had built in front of the fireplace and tried to get comfortable. He was again aching and already missing Spike. Now he at least had hope of seeing the vampire again but it felt that it was so far away. He tried to take his thoughts away and dug out some comics. With them Xander was able to get his thoughts under control and finally the exhaustion caught up with him and Xander fell asleep.

He woke up to noises from the door. When he opened his eyes he could see his friends lurking by the door. He didnít feel like talking to them but didnít want to be rude either, so he just sat up and motioned them to come in.

"Xander, you donít have to sleep on the floor anymore. There is a perfectly good bed in here where you can sleep."

Xander temper flared again.

"First of all, Spike didnít make me sleep on the floor. There was a very comfortable and soft bed for me to sleep on. If I did sleep on the floor in the beginning it was by my own choice and not because he made me do it. Secondly I like it here in front of the fireplace. Itís warm and comfortable here. I just happened to fall asleep. Now was there something you wanted to talk to me about or do you want to make more false guesses of what happened between me and Spike?"

Xander is very aware of the fact that he is yelling. He could see the shock on his friends' faces. There wasnít enough energy in him to care.

"Xander, we can understand you had hard time with Spike and we are really sorry we couldnít come for you earlier. We tried to come up with different solutions all the time but only when Angel decided to try to go with the Sire Childe thing we succeeded. We are going to make everything in our power to get you over this."

What if I donít want to get over this? What if I want to return to Spike? Xander would have like to yell at his friends again but he kept those things inside himself. His friends probably wouldnít understand.

Days went on. Xander spent most of his time alone in his room. He knew his friends were worried about him but there was nothing he could do about it. He couldnít pretend he was happy when nothing was right in his world. He just kept on waiting for the day Spike would come again so that he could enjoy his company at least for a while. Xander did his best to avoid Angel. He really couldnít take the company of the vampire right now. All the mess in his life was Angelís fault. One day, however, Angel managed to corner him.

"Xander, how are you doing? Iíve noticed you donít talk with your friends. You can tell me if there is something wrong."

Instead of answering the question Xander decided to ask his own question.

"Am I your property now, Angel?"

"No, of course not! You arenít anyoneís property. I admit I made the mistake of giving you as a present to Spike but Iíve corrected that mistake now. There are no strings attached to you."

"So Iím free to do whatever I like with my life?"

"Yes, of course. Not I or Spike have any say in what you do from now on."

"Thanks, that was all I needed to know."

From that day on all Xander did was finalize his plan. He knew he needed to execute it carefully so that his friends wouldnít catch on too quickly. He needed to have a good head start on them. He tried to act like nothing had changed but inside he was happy. He knew his friends wouldnít like his decision but it was his life and he got to decide what to do with it. Xanderís only goal was to wait to feel the first tingles from the claim mark.

Part Forty-Three

It took a bit over a week before the burning feeling started again. Xander immediately went outside to wait. It was daytime so he knew it would take some time before Spike got there but he wanted to be ready the minute the vampire arrived. He didnít want to see the same verbal sparring as the last time. His friends immediately noticed his different behaviour and when they inquired what was happening he just said to them:

"Itís time."

It took them a while to catch on but when they did it was a total chaos when they prepared for Spikeís arrival. It amused Xander because he knew that Spike would be coming only to see him and take care of his needs. The vampire had no interest towards the other Scoobies. When the evening started to draw near Buffy made one more effort.

"Xander, I think we should try with Angelís blood. I donít want you near that soulless creature. Iím sure it isnít nice for you either to have be in contact with your abductor and abuser."

"No Buffy, I think Iíve made myself perfectly clear. I donít want Angelís blood. Spikeís blood is the only thing that helps. I want it to be him. Nothing you can say or do will change my mind."

The burning on Xanderís throat started to get pretty bad. He really hoped Spike would be coming soon. He couldnít handle the idea that the vampire had decided to get rid of him and not care about his need. He sighed in relief when he saw the cars coming. He was already up and going towards them when Buffy stopped him.

"Xander, wait we need to make rules clear to him again."

"Buffy, I think you made them quite perfectly clear last time. Itís only been a week. Iím sure he remembers. He is not stupid you know."

"Xander! What has gotten into you? You used to hate vampires from the bottom of your heart but now you are defending one."

"Iím just defending him because I think you are being unfair. He is no more stupid than your precious Angel. I think he is even clever."

"Xander, Angel has a soul!"

"It didnít stop him from giving me as a present to Spike. He is the one we should be blaming about this instead of Spike. He just took what was rightfully his. Havenít seen you saying anything bad to Angel about this."

"He got you out too."

"And through that he is forgiven, or what?"

"Xander, I donít have energy for this right now. I have more pressing matters to think about now."

With that Buffy dismissed Xander and turned her attention towards Spike and his minions.

"Spike, do we have to go through the rules again?"

"Slayer, Iím not an imbecile even if you seem to think so. I can still remember what happened last week. Just let me take care of my boy."

"He is not your boy, Spike!"

"Whatever just let me help him so that he doesnít have to suffer anymore than necessary."

"Just remember not to try any tricks. Iím watching you very carefully."

Spike didnít bother answering. He had missed his boy and all he wanted now was to have him near him again, even if it was only for a little while. Finally the Slayer obviously noticed that no one was paying her any attention and stopped talking. Spike walked to stand a good way apart from his minions and watched when his boy walked towards him. He would have very much liked to go to him and just bury him to his caresses and kisses but he forced himself to stay still because he didnít want to cause any trouble. He was sure the Slayer was enough on edge already and he didnít want to add to it. Finally his boy was standing in front of him and Spike could wrap his hands around him.

"How have you been this week, pet?"

"Feeling lonely still, Master. Had a good conversation with Angel that cleared a few things for me."

"I think we better take care of the official part now before the pain gets too bad for you. I donít want you to get into same condition you were last time."

With that Spike lowered them down to the ground again so that it was easier to reach his boy and hold him. Spike again started with licking the claim mark and caused nice little tingles to go around Xanderís body. Soon he was just one pile of good feeling goo on Spikeís arms. Then Spike changed into game face and slowly sank his teeth to his boyís throat. Again just a few mouthfuls were enough to him. He made sure the bite stopped bleeding before making a small cut to his own wrist and giving it to his boy. The boyís mouth on his wrist again had the effect of arousing him but Spike tried to not care about it. He really missed his boyís warmth and the feeling he got when he sank himself deep into his pet. When those thoughts just strengthened his erection he tried to think something else but the boyís mouth on his wrist made it quite difficult. Finally the cut had healed. Spike hoped they would be given some extra time. He knew the link was getting weaker and he would be needed less and less week by week.

"Pet, Iíve missed you so much. Itís really lonely without you."

"Iíve missed you too, Master."

"So what did you discuss with my Sire?"

"I canít tell you yet, Master, but I promise I will let you know soon."

"Why canít you tell me now, pet?"

"The others can hear us now, Master I want to tell you someday when there is no audience."

"I guess I can live with that, pet. Just promise you will tell me someday. Youíve made me curious now."

"Yes, I promise, Master."

They were once again interrupted by Buffy.

"You two done there? I want Spike away from here as soon as possible. I donít want to give him any chances to come up with some tricks."

Spike coaxed Xander up and they again stand watching each other.

"I brought you a present, pet."

Spike dug his pockets for a while and then showed two Twinkie bars to Xander.

"Thank you, Master! Iíve already eaten those you put in my bag when I left. Now I may have energy to wait for the next time I see you."

Without warning Xander hugged Spike and then gave him a deep kiss before backing away slowly. This time he didnít even go to stand beside his friends but stopped about half way there. Then he watched while Spike turned away and walked to his car. Buffy again tried to shout her usual threats after Spike but the vampire just flipped her off and didnít respond. Xander was feeling giddy. His plan was processing well. There were just a few more things to be done. When the cars had disappeared from sight Xander made his way inside. He informed his friends that he was feeling quite tired and was going to head to bed already. His friends didnít try to stop him because they had already gotten used to his quietness and didnít think it was weird at all.

At his own room Xander made sure all his stuff was already packed. He ate one of the Twinkies Spike had given him and then went to bed. He made sure he had the alarm going off. Now he was happy that his friends had given him a clock that had an alarm on it. With happy thoughts Xander started dreaming.

A few hours later the alarm woke him. He quickly shut it off so that it wouldnít disturb anyone else in the house. He placed the letters he had written on the bedside table, took his back bag and quietly made his way out. He was happy that the rooms where Buffy and Angel were staying in were far away from his room. They were the biggest threat to his plan. Without incident he made his way out of the house.

It was his luck that his friends would have never expected him to leave the house then they probably would not have left the keys to the cars where he could find them. Now he had just picked one pile of keys and it didnít take him long to find the right car. He threw his back bag on the front seat and got behind the wheel. In just a little while he was driving away from the house as fast as he dared. He knew his friends would be coming after him but he hoped his plan would work. It all actually depended on Spike but if Spike rejected him nothing mattered anymore.

Xander had tried to check his route in advance so that he wouldnít get lost but it was a long drive and there were lots of chances to take wrong turns. He did manage to drive past some intersections and had to turn back but he hoped he didnít waste too much time. It was still dark when he reached the familiar road that lead towards the house Spike had his lair in. Xander stopped the car for a while to think about his decision. He knew that if he went ahead with this he would be signing off the rest of his life and would most probably end up turned. Then Xander thought about the alternative. Living a lonely life and never really earning the respect of his friends who only saw the donut boy in him. Maybe someday finding someone he wanted to spend his life with or maybe not.

The choice was clear and Xander started the car again. He stopped when he reached the yard, killed the motor and stepped out of the car. In seconds he was surrounded by game faced vampires. He found a small error in his plan when he realised that he didnít recognise any of the vampires and they naturally didnít recognise him. Spike had obviously created some new minions to replace those that he lost in the battle against Buffy and the other Scoobies. Xander just hoped they would give him a chance to talk before attacking him.

"What are you doing here, human?!? This was the last mistake of your life!"

"I want to see your Master!"

"Our Master doesnít talk with puny humans! We will take you inside and your fate will be decided there!"

His arms were instantly grabbed. Xander just hoped that there would be someone inside who would recognise him and prevent the others from killing him. Spike wouldnít be happy if he got to know that Xander had returned to him but his minions had killed him. He hoped Spikeís mark and his scent on Xander would save him if things started going really sour. Then they were already inside the house. Xanderís eyes swept quickly around the room and at least first he didnít see any familiar faces. He was feeling royally screwed. Maybe he should have given Spike some hint about his plan after all. This wasnít going according his plan at all. Then his rescue came.

"Let go of him this instant!"

The hands that had been holding his arms disappeared immediately. Xander knew that the voice didnít belong to Spike but couldnít recognise the voice. When he looked he could see one of the Spikeís trusted minions standing in the middle of the room glaring at the group who had brought him in.

"You morons, that is the Masterís pet human. By touching him youíve compromised your own lives and probably a few others. Where is Master Spike? Has he been informed about his petís return?"

"Master Spike hasnít returned from his hunt yet. We are sorry, we didnít know who he was. Please forgive our mistake!"

"That will be left for Master Spike to decide. Now escort the Masterís pet to the Masterís room and make sure he has everything he needs."

Then Xander found himself being escorted towards the familiar room. As soon as he reached the room he could see that nothing had changed. The extra pillows and blankets were still on the floor near the fireplace. Xander made his way towards them and made himself comfortable. The minions that had escorted him tried to ask if he wanted something but he dismissed them. The only thing he wanted was Spike. Xander really hoped Spike would return soon. He knew the sun was rising soon so unless the vampire was planning to stay away for the day he should arrive soon. While he waited Xander dug the collar from his bag. He wanted Spike to put it back on him. That would tell him whom he now belonged to. Suddenly he could hear yelling from downstairs and then running steps coming towards the room. Then the door was already open and Spike was standing in the doorway and staring at him.

"Pet, is that really you?"

"Yes, Master."

"What are you doing here?"

"Master, this was what I was talking about earlier. I asked Angel who had the power to decide about my future and he told me that I was the only one who could decide about my life. I made my decision and returned to you."

"Pet, your friends are going to come and take you away again!"

"Master, they canít take me away against my will and if they do I will always return here."

Xander was beginning to get doubtful. Why wasnít Spike coming to him but just standing by the door? Didnít the vampire want him back after all? Even the thought hurt Xander a lot.

"Pet, what if Angel comes here again and demands me to release you?"

"Master, he can demand that but it wonít force me to do anything. You didnít snatch me based on some promise he gave you years ago. I came back by myself and of my own free will."

"But, pet..."

This was too much for him. It was obvious Spike didnít want him back after all. All the talk had been just to mislead him. Xander bit his lips and tried to smother the tears that threatened to escape. All his plans were for nothing. He didnít have place here either. He took his bag and got up from the floor. The first tears escaped his eyes.

"I guess Iíll be going then. You donít have to bother coming to the house anymore. I think I will take Angel up on his offer."

"Hold on, pet. What are you talking now? You just said you had returned to me but now you are leaving?"

"You obviously donít want me anymore! I come here willingly and tell you that I want to be with you but you just keep on coming up with reasons why that wonít work. You couldnít say it to me any clearer! Why the hell did you bother coming to the house at all when you obviously donít care about me at all? I always wondered why you gave me up so easily. Angel only had to come here and demand you to release me and you did immediately! You are just like everybody else! Get me to trust and care and then drop me on my ass!"

At this point Xander was already at Spikeís face and kept hitting his chest with his fists until his strength ran out and he slumped on the floor. Now tears were running freely from his eyes.

"Why doesnít anyone love me? What is wrong with me?"

Part Forty-Four

Then, there were strong arms enveloping him. Xander didnít have strength to fight them anymore. He just sobbed. He thought he could hear Spike purring but it must have been just his imagination. The vampire didnít care about him just like everybody else. Gradually the words started penetrating through his misery.

"No pet, I do love you and want you. I really do. Iím just scared what will happen. Iím worried that you donít know what you are doing and suddenly realise what you have done and want to leave all of a sudden. I couldnít take that. The reason I gave up so easily when Angel came here was that I didnít have any other choice. I knew that if I tried to oppose him it would end up badly. He is still my Sire and he has over 100 years over me. I donít know if I could take him in a fight. At least not when I had you to worry about. Iím sorry if that upset you."

Then Spike just concentrated on holding Xander and purring to him. Gradually Xander was able to calm down. From somewhere in Spikeís jugular he barely whispered.

"So you want me to stay, Master?"

"Of course I do, silly. That is all Iíve wanted the whole time youíve been gone. Iím just worried. I never meant to hurt you with my words. Will you forgive me, my precious?"

"Only if you put the collar back on me, Master and with it show me truly that you mean what you said."

"I believe I can do that, pet."

Spike took the collar and gently wrapped it around Xanderís throat and closed the clasp. Right after that Xanderís lips were engaged in frantic kissing. They were still sitting in the open doorway but Xander didnít let that disturb him. He finally had Spike back and nothing else mattered. It didnít take long before Xander could feel something hard pressing against his hip and could feel corresponding hardness developing in his own pants. They soon ended up lying on the ground with Spike situated between Xanderís legs and thrusting against him. Xander arched into the contact to feel as much as possible. They were both so worked up that it didnít take long before Spike was roaring his completion and sinking his fangs to Xanderís throat. The bite was all Xander needed to reach his own orgasm.

Afterwards the just lay there and tried to control their breathing. Soon, however, the wet feeling in their pants got quite uncomfortable and they needed to move. Finally Xander broke the silence.

"Master, could I possibly take a shower? Feeling a bit sticky here."

"Sure, pet. Iíll be needing that shower myself too so we can take one together."

Gingerly they got up from the floor and headed for the bathroom. The shower wasnít quite big enough for two but they managed somehow. Especially since Spike obviously didnít have any problem with rubbing himself against Xander with every opportunity that arose. It had predictable results and soon Xander could feel Spikeís cock poking him again. Then he already found himself face first leaning to the shower wall and Spike thrusting his soap-lubricated fingers into him.

The vampire obviously tried to be careful but his lust was too great. The fingers were added with considerable speed and not much time was left for Xander to get used to the intrusion. Spike had barely introduced three fingers inside Xander before he was already replacing them with his cock. Xander winced a little because of the uncomfortable feeling and the slight twinge of pain but it quickly changed into pleasure when Spike reached around him and grabbed Xanderís cock, which was again taking interest in what was happening.

This coupling was also quite hurried. Spike kept a fast pace and pounded into Xander with his whole length. However, he angled himself so that Xanderís prostate got its share. His hand also kept pumping Xanderís cock with the same pace. Spike could hear the boy moaning and it assured him that he wasnít being too rough. He did his best to prolong his orgasm but he had missed his boy too much and the feeling of being finally inside him was soon too much and Spike could feel his balls drawing up. He barely had time to warn his pet before he released his come inside Xander. The boy wasnít far behind when Spike kept stroking his cock and soon Xanderís come was sprayed along the shower wall. The spray of water soon washed it away. It took them some time to gather their bearings again.

"I think we better wash up now pet and head back to the room. Itís starting to get near my bedtime already."

They took care of the washing and retired back to the room. Xander was pretty sure his friends would be arriving pretty soon.

"Master, I think my friends will arrive soon. I wrote letters to them telling them not to come but you know Buffy and she wonít listen. I think it would best if I confronted them alone."

"Why the hell?!?"

"Master, the sun is already up and you canít go outside. I donít want them coming inside because that would just lead to fighting and you loosing more minions and them getting their asses kicked."

"How do I know they wonít take you away again or you wonít try to leave again?"

"Master, I came here voluntarily. Why would I leave now? I wonít let them take me away. In case they manage to take me I will return as soon as I can."

"I donít want to be separated from you any more than necessary."

"Master, I promise you I will come back as soon as possible. Iím sure it wonít take long for them to arrive. They might already be close. Nothing bad will happen to me."

"I donít like this!"

"Iím sure you donít, Master, but this is something I need to do by myself. I would have talked to them already before I left but I knew they wouldnít let me go so it was better this way. Now they need to come here where I feel secure."

"I will come downstairs with you and keep an eye on what happens."

"I never expected anything else, Master. I need you to give me permission to talk freely with my friends. It may go into harsh language but I hope you wonít mind that, Master."

"Of course you can talk with your friends. We have to think about your position again now that youíve returned here. All I ask you, pet, that you donít let them take you away from me again. I donít know if I could handle that."

"Master, that I can promise. Even if they take me by force I will find a way to return here again."

Together they made their way downstairs. All the minions were obviously present and they were eager to see the Masterís returned pet. Spike spoke with a few of them with hushed voices and Xander couldnít hear what was being said but he didnít think it was anything that concerned him. Then they went to the door. Before Spike opened it he drew Xander into a feverish kiss that left Xander weak in the knees and gasping for breath. Then the door was already opening and Spike was moving to stand behind the shadow the door cast. Xander gave one more look to Spike and stepped outside. He took his place in a central place of the yard where he was sure to see his friends and they would surely see him.

Xander didnít have to wait for long. He knew his friends so well. He had sat outside only for about half an hour before he could see a car approaching. He got up and waited for the car. The car came to the yard with remarkable speed and braked only just before reaching the house. Xander could see all his friends crammed into the one car. As soon as the car had stopped they were out.

"Xander, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I thought I explained everything in the letters I left for you."

"We canít believe you really meant that! Why would you want to stay here with that soulless creature?!?"

"Because I like it here. I have everything I need here and I enjoy Spikeís company."

"What is he keeping you here with? Is there something he is blackmailing you with?"

"As you can see, nothing is really keeping me here. Iím standing in the middle of the yard with nothing restraining me, not to mention that itís the middle of the day now. They couldnít stop me even if I wanted to leave, which I donít."

"There must be something he is blackmailing you with! How come you would want to stay here voluntarily?!? Just come with us now. Whatever he has on you we can take care of. You donít have to stay here."

"Actually, I do have to stay here because I want to stay here. During the time I was away from Spike all I did was miss him and the highlight of my weeks was the moment he came to see me."

"Xander, how can you say that!?!"

"Iím sure you noticed that I wasnít happy, right?"

"Yeah, but we were sure it was just because youíve just been through a traumatic experience. Being kidnapped by Spike, being held captive and being forced on all kinds of torture must have been terrible for you."

"Willow, Spike has never directed any torture towards me." If you donít count the ones that gave him and me pleasure, Xander finished in his mind.

"You say that soulless creature that is now hiding inside the building has never raised his hand against you?"

"I never said that. Iíve been punished but only when Iíve broken the rules. At first I thought the punishments were totally unfair but later Iíve come to accept them since Spike gave me just a few rules to follow and I broke them, therefore I got punished."

"Xander that canít be acceptable. You shouldnít accept that. You are your own man and no one should be able to tell you what you can do and what not!"

"Iím sorry, but Iíve made up my mind and you canít do anything to change that."

"Wouldnít you reconsider still? I promise you we can take you away from here and protect you from Spike. He canít get to you."

"No, this is my life now. I will be happy to keep in contact with you all but this is where I will be living from now on."

"Xander, he will kill you some day, probably turn you!"

"Yes, Iím well aware of that fact. I still believe that will be years away. It's too early to worry about that now. I could be dead next week even if I stayed with you. There has been the chance of death hanging over my head for years now."

"Xander, that so isnít the same thing!"

"How so? My life has been in danger constantly for years now. This doesnít bring any change to that except that Iíll probably be totally safe for years. Please understand that this is my choice. You canít affect it in any way."

"Xander, you canít be serious!"

"Iím sorry, Iíve made up my mind. You should go now. I think I should return inside. Iím sure Spike is already waiting for me. It was nice seeing you. I will try to keep in touch."

With that Xander stepped forward and gave Buffy a hug. He went through all his friends. The last one was Willow who he gave a bit longer hug.

"I wish you all the best. I hope you can learn to respect my choice."

Xander turned around and started walking towards the door.

"Xander, is this really it? You will leave your previous life and all your friends behind and become a fucktoy for a soulless vampire?"

Buffyís words hurt Xander deeply. He didnít bother turning around.

"Please Buffy, donít do this. Just leave now before you say something you will regret later."

Then Xander continued on his way back inside. He had tears in his eyes but he didnít want his friends seeing them. Without further interruptions Xander reached the door and walked inside. Spike was waiting for him right inside the door and enveloped him into a hug. Xander hid his head to Spikeís shoulder and let the tears fall.

"Donít care about what she says. She doesnít know anything."

"But it still hurts, Master."

"I know pet, I know."

"I guessed they wouldnít take it easily and probably would have some objections but I never thought she would try to hurt me that bad."

"The Slayer is just saying the first thing that comes to her mind. Iím sure she will regret her words later."

For a while they just stood there and Spike tried to comfort his poor boy. He would have liked nothing as much as to go rip Buffyís head off for hurting his boy but it was more important to make sure his boy cheered up again. Carefully Spike directed their steps towards upstairs and their room. There he stripped the clothes off of himself and Xander and got them into bed. As soon as they were both lying there Xander curled into Spikeís side and tried to find comfort. Spike libido was ready for another go with his pet but he knew he needed to take care of his petís mental state before even thinking about anything else. The boy was now his and he had no plans of letting him go ever again. Finally Xander cried himself to sleep. Spike stayed awake for some time after that thinking about what had happened and how they would continue forward. Finally sleep claimed him too.

Part Forty-Five

When Xander woke up he felt really comfortable and secure. For a while he had to think where he was but then the previous day came back to him. First he was very happy that he was with Spike again but then his friends' reactions came back to him as well and that made him quite sad. Then Xander decided to bury that with the other unpleasant memories and just concentrate on the happy things, like the vampire beside him who was waking up now.

"Morning, pet."

"Good morning, Master."

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did, Master."

"Nice to hear."

Then Xanderís mouth was engaged in frantic kissing. Gradually Spike inched so that he was half blanketing Xander and rubbing against him. Xanderís morning wood was participating eagerly and got its fair share from the rubbing. Soon Xander was gasping for breath and moaning under Spike.

"Feels so good, Master!"

That seemed to spur Spike on even more and the vampire moved so that he was blanketing Xander all the way. Xander spread his legs so that Spike fell between then and their cocks were pressed against each other. Then Xander gasped in surprise when Spike took his nipple into his mouth and bit it with his blunt human teeth. It sent a spark straight to his cock and he tried to rub against Spike even more.

"Oh pet, I want to be inside you so much!"

"Yes, please! Master, I want you inside me!"

Xander could see from the corner of his eye that Spike reached for the lube but his attention was very quickly directed into different things when Spike pinched his other nipple and bit the other.

"Oh god! Please Master, need to feel more!"

Xander tried to spread his legs even more to give Spike room. He also bent his legs so that his feet were planted on the bed. His efforts were soon rewarded when he could feel a slick finger running along his perineum and finally circling his hole. Spike mouth was still keeping busy over Xanderís nipples and his stomach and sides. The finger at his hole just kept circling. Xander tried to push down to feel more but Spike didnít give up. He just removed the finger from Xanderís hole for a minute and then continued with the torturing.

"Please, Master! Need to feel you inside me!"

Spike just smirked at him and lowered his head and started giving small kisses all over the inside of Xanderís thighs. The finger again returned to his perineum. Spike gave a few soft presses there that made Xander surge of the bed again.

"Pet, how would you like to have a piercing here? It would make this feel even better."

The thought of having a piercing so near his privates made Xander a bit doubtful. He was, however, so high with pleasure right now that anything Spike suggested would sound just fine. Xander managed to clear his brain enough to form a clear response.

"Master, donít know if that would be good idea. It must hurt a lot to put it. However, if you wish me to have a piercing there I wonít argue. Iím yours to do whatever you wish."

Xander lowered his eyes in submission. His response and the clear submission made Spike groan deeply. After that the insides of Xanderís thighs were attacked with even more fervour. Xander could also feel the finger moving to his hole and pressing inside just a little. It was Xanderís turn to groan. Finally Spike rose up a little and gave Xander a mischievous grin that convinced Xander that the vampire wasnít up to anything good. Then Spikeís head was again between Xanderís legs and he was playing with Xanderís balls for a change licking them all over and taking them into his mouth one by one. The finger was still just barely inside him and Xander tried to rock himself a little to get it deeper but it was no use. All he got was Spike chuckling at him. It was becoming quite frustrating. He was on edge and wouldnít need much to come but even that was taken away from him.

"Master, Iím begging you! Please let me feel more!"

"You meaning something like this, pet?"

Just after those words Spike put his mouth over Xanderís cock and swallowed him straight to the root. At the same time the finger inside his ass finally went deeper and straight to his prostate. Xander almost shot right at that moment because of the wonderful feeling Spike caused in him.

"Oh yes, Master, just like that. Love the feeling of your mouth on me!"

Xander knew he wasnít far away from orgasm. He could feel Spike starting to insert a second finger into him. He could feel the burn of stretching and rocked against those fingers. Spikeís mouth was still on his cock and Xander could feel Spikeís throat muscles working around the head. He carefully tried to thrust a little deeper but Spike kept his own pace. Soon it didnít matter since Xander was flying high on pleasure and just seconds away from completion. Then he got an unpleasant surprise when Spikeís mouth suddenly disappeared from his cock and the vampire tugged his balls painfully. He yelped in annoyance. He could feel the imminent feel of coming disappearing.

"Master, please! I need to come!"

"Hush, pet. You get to come but not yet. I want to be inside you for that."

The fingers didnít stop their work inside Xanderís ass and soon a third one was added. Xander could feel Spike spreading his fingers a little to stretch him even further. Then to Xanderís relief he could see the vampire reaching for the lube again and starting to lube up his cock. Xander quickly lifted his legs and took hold of them with his hands exposing himself even more to Spike. He could see the obvious lust in the vampireís eyes. Finally the fingers were withdrawn from him and Spike was replacing them with his cock. Xander rocked a little again to get Spike deeper into him faster.

"Youíre being impatient, pet."

"Master, I need to feel you inside me. Need to feel you owning me and showing that ownership."

Xanderís words obviously had some effect since Spike sank the rest of the way to him. He stopped only for a few seconds to give Xander time to get used to his cock before starting to pound away with abandon. Xander just enjoyed the wonderful feeling of Spike moving inside him. His prostate was pounded constantly and soon he was again on the brink of coming.

"Master, I canít hold on for long. Iím going to come!"

"Yes, pet. Come for me!"

Spikeís words were the last thing Xander needed and his cock erupted all over their chests. Spike kept pounding into him and with a final deep thrust released his come inside Xanderís ass. Then the vampire slumped onto Xander.

"Pet, you mind if I stay here for a while? It seems I canít move anywhere right now."

Xander couldnít help the chuckle that escaped his mouth. Spike lifted his head to give him a glare but it only made Xander to laugh at him again. The glare of a sex-rumpled vampire wasnít too convincing. Spike tried to look offended.

"Pet, Iím warning you. Itís not a good idea to laugh at the vampire."

Xander was practically in stitches now. Spike was just so amusing when he tried to look menacing and failing miserably. Xanderís laughter was, however, cut short when Spike started moving inside him again. He just moaned when he felt the vampireís re-hardened cock moving inside of him.

"Knew I could get you to shut up somehow."

Spikeís movements were slow and torturing. Xander was surprised when he could feel his own cock twitching back to life. Spike just continued his slow thrusts that were gradually driving Xander nuts. Spike obviously made sure that he hit Xanderís prostate with every thrust and it didnít take long before Xanderís own cock was at full length once more. He was also moaning constantly. Spike was still thrusting slowly into him. Xander started feeling like he needed something more and started moving with the thrust and tried to get Spike deeper into him and faster. The annoying vampire, however, just kept his thrust slow and shallow.

"Master, need more!"

"Youíve become quite demanding, pet. You think you can tell me, your Master, what to do?"

The words could have scared Xander a little but since he was able to see Spikeís face he knew the vampire wasnít serious. Xander tried to take his most innocent facial expression and bat his lashes.

"Of course not, Master. I wouldnít dare to do something like that."

"Are you playing with me?"

"Maybe a little, Master."

"That deserves a punishment."

Before Xander even realised it Spike had withdrawn from him and flipped him over. Next Spike dragged Xander to lie across his knees. Xanderís erect cock was trapped between Spikeís legs. Then Spike started spanking Xanderís ass. The boy was immediately squirming and begging but Spike didnít pay him any attention. He just kept spanking away until Xanderís poor ass was bright red and his voice was harsh from begging. His cock, however, didnít mind the treatment at all. It was still at full mast and purple in colour for being held in vice grip between Spikeís legs.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees. Donít move a muscle before I tell you that you can. Also stay quiet."

Xander did what he was told and waited what was to come. Spike settled behind him and started bathing Xanderís sore ass with his tongue. It felt wonderful for Xander. After Spike had treated Xanderís whole ass with his tongue he concentrated on Xanderís crack. He started with small licks to Xanderís balls and then proceeded to stick his tongue inside Xander. That made Xander almost surge off the bed. He tried to rock back to get Spikeís tongue deeper into him. He was rewarded with a sharp slap to his already abused skin. Xander yelped.

"Pet, I said that you should stay absolutely still."

"Iím sorry, Master."

Another slap landed on his ass.

"Pet, I also told you to stay quiet."

This time Xander didnít say anything he just waited to see what Spike was going to do next. Soon the tongue returned to his skin. Spike again started with bathing the parts he had just slapped and proceeded from there to lick Xander balls once more. It was torture for Xander to try to stay still and quiet. Then he could feel Spike licking his hole again and finally thrusting in with the tongue. Xander bunched his fingers to the covers in attempt to stay unmoving while Spike continued his sweet torture. Xanderís cock was at full length and dripping. He knew he couldnít take this treatment for long before coming. Suddenly the tongue was gone from his hole and Xander found himself missing it instantly. Soon, however, he felt Spikeís hands on his hips and Spikeís cock nudging his hole for a change.

"You can move now, pet. You can also talk if you wish. You did very good."

Xander liked the praise. He also took advantage of the permission to move and rocked his hips backwards so that he was impaled by Spikeís cock. It felt wonderful to be filled again. His move was obviously a small surprise for Spike who groaned deeply when Xanderís hole swallowed him. The vampire, however, recovered quickly and started pounding into Xander with abandon. Spike slamming into him sent small tingles of pain through Xander because the abused skin on his ass came in contact with Spikeís with every thrust. However, the pain was buried under the pleasure and soon Xander didnít even feel it anymore. All he concentrated on was the constant pounding to his prostate and the thought of coming.

"Master, please, need to come!"

"Just hold on a while longer pet."

Then Spike reached around Xander, grabbed his cock and started pumping in time with his thrusts. Xander kept rocking back and forward fucking himself into Spikeís cock and his fist in turn. This double stimulation was too much for Xander and in a few minutes he was again emptying his load. Spike kept pounding into his prostate and stroking him the whole time. Just when Xanderís orgasm started to end Spike emptied his own load into Xander. That was the moment Xanderís muscles gave up and he slumped on the bed. Spike slumped right on top of him but luckily moved quite quickly. There wasnít enough energy in Xander to move anywhere, not even away from the wet spot. A little while later Spike wrapped his arms around Xanderís torso and drew him right into himself. Xander snuggled there happily and let the tiredness take him over. When Spike drew the covers back onto them Xander was asleep within seconds.

When Xander again woke up his senses were filled with delicious scents. When he opened his eyes he could see a tray full of food waiting beside the bed. There was again way too much food there but Xander hoped that Spike would be eating some of it too. There was no way he would be able to eat all the food by himself.

"Morning again, pet."

"Morning, Master."

"Eat up. We should be downstairs soon. Canít keep them waiting too long. We are actually already late from the schedule but I wouldnít change the morning for anything. I donít think any of my minions will dare to say anything."

Xander couldnít help smiling. Their morning activities had been fun and he could feel the result in his ass. He picked up stuff from the tray and started eating. Xander hoped Spike would allow him time to visit the bathroom and take a quick shower before they had to go downstairs. If he didnít there might be accidents happening. Xander tried to eat quickly so that his chances for the shower would be better. He was also happy to note that Spike was also eating small pieces of the food so there wasnít so much for him. After he had eaten his fill Xander turned to face Spike.

"Master, may I visit the bathroom and take a quick shower before we go?"

"Sure, but be quick. Donít make me wait too long or I'll come in there to get you. Your ass wouldnít like that option."

Xander could see the smirk on Spikeís face. He knew Spike was mainly kidding but he was also sure that there was some truth behind that threat. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, grabbed some sweatpants with him and hurried towards the bathroom. The minions behind the door barely glanced at him when he ran past them. In the bathroom Xander first took care of his bodyís needs and then started the shower. When the water had warmed up Xander stepped in and started washing. He startled when a pair of arms were suddenly wrapped around his waist.

"Decided that I needed a shower too, pet. Sorry if I scared you."

Spike grabbed the washcloth and started systemically washing Xander from head to toe. Xanderís cock and balls were washed very carefully and Xander really started suspecting that they wouldnít make it downstairs anytime soon if Spike kept this up. The vampire, however, moved on after a while. When he was done he handed the washcloth to Xander and told him to take his turn in washing. Xander did what he was told. He also made sure certain places on Spikeís body were cleaned thoroughly. Spikeís cock responded to his touch but the vampire didnít make any advances towards Xander. When they were done they towelled, put some clothes on and made their way downstairs. This time Spike didnít attach the leash of which Xander was happy.

When they reached the common room all the minions were already gathered there. Spike took his place in his chair and Xander sat on the floor beside Spikeís legs. When his ass made contact with the floor he winced a little and tried to find a position where the most abused parts of his ass werenít in contact with the floor. Spike obviously noticed his discomfort and knew the reason since he ordered one of the minions to bring a pillow for him to sit on. Xander was very grateful for it.

The minions again had a lot of things they wanted Spikeís opinion on. Xander tried to pay attention because he didnít want Spike to get cross with him. Their morning had been so good and Xander wanted to keep it that way. Happy Spike usually ensured that Xander was also happy. Right now Spikeís hand was busy petting Xanderís hair. It felt quite nice and helped Xander to ignore the bored feeling that was trying to creep its way into him.

Suddenly the hand moved from Xanderís hair to his throat and the claim mark there. It had an instant effect on Xander and he could feel himself hardening. He really hoped they wouldnít spend too much time downstairs. He wanted back into the safety of their own room. He was sure the minions could smell him. Spike had at least noticed because the touch on the claim mark just intensified. Xander pressed his head into Spikeís thigh and rubbed a little. He also ran his hands along Spikeís legs and tried to find some sensitive areas. He obviously succeeded when he could hear Spike drawing a sudden breath and addressed his minions.

"Itís time for me and my pet to return to our room. I will probably return in the afternoon so if someone still has something worth my attention I will listen then."

Then Spike was already up from his chair and going towards the stairs. Xander scrambled after him. He had a pretty good idea what was going to happen when they reached the room. His ass wasnít too happy about it but his cock did show its enthusiasm on the idea. The door had barely closed behind them when Spike pressed Xander against the wall and attacked his mouth.

"You smell so wonderful, pet. I just canít keep my hands off you."

Even if Xander would have had some reply to that it was lost in the sensation of Spike devouring his mouth and pressing his crotch against Xanderís and Xander could feel the hardness pressing into his own erect cock. When Spike had to release Xanderís mouth to allow him some time to breath the vampire moved to play with the claim scar. The small licks and nibbles to the scar drove Xanderís crazy. It felt like his cock was going to burst through his pants any moment. He was very happy that he was only wearing sweatpants. They stretched comfortably but even they started being too tight. Xander couldnít understand how Spike could manage wearing tight jeans. He would have been in total agony if he had been forced to sit in similar pants.

Xander knew Spike appreciated initiative so he attacked the fastening of Spikeís pants and started fighting them open. His concentration was muddled with Spikeís busy mouth on his throat but finally Xander was able to release Spike from the pants. The vampireís cock was already at full length and once released from the confines of the jeans poked Xanderís own still covered cock. Spike took advantage of his vampire speed and before Xander even realised it his pants were down around his ankles. All he had to do was to step out of them. Spikeís hand was wrapped around both of their cocks and he was stroking them with great speed. Xander was having a hard time keeping his legs supporting him. Next Xander could feel Spikeís fangs sinking into his jugular and starting to draw his blood. You would think that would have lessened his arousal but it served only to arouse him more. Spike only took a few gulps before licking the wound until it closed. The whole time Spikeís hand was busy on their cocks stroking with even speed. Suddenly Spikeís hand was away from his cock and Xander whimpered in disappointment.

"Pet, get on the bed on your back. I think I would like to try something new."

Xander went to the bed. His legs wobbled a little but somehow he did manage to make the trip without falling down. He wondered what Spike was talking about. What was this something new? Would it be something Xander would like as well or would it be something not so pleasant for him? Spikeís face didnít give any indication of what was going to happen. Xander settled on the bed and already spread his legs and bent them so that his feet were flat on the bed.

"Put your legs down, pet."

Xander did what he was told even if he was a bit puzzled on what Spike was planning. His cock was straining up from his body and begging for attention. As soon as Xanderís legs were again flat on the bed Spike straddled them and picked up the lube. The vampire squirted a good amount of the lube to his hand and started applying it to Xanderís cock. Xander almost surged off the bed but Spikeís weight on his legs stopped him. He tried to do his best to hump up to gain more friction to his cock but again Spikeís weight on his legs restrained him. Xander whimpered in frustration.

"Just be patient, pet. Iím pretty sure you'll like what Iíve planned for you now. You just need to wait for a while and you will be rewarded."

Xander did his best to stay still even if the busy hand on his cock was wreaking havoc with his mind when all he would have wanted to do was to gain some friction. Then suddenly Spikeís hand was gone and Xander whimpered in need. He could see Spike lifting himself up a bit from Xanderís legs and reaching behind himself. But, Xander couldnít see what Spike was doing. He tried to be patient like Spike had said he should be and just waited. He didnít have to wait too long before Spikeís hand was again on his cock.

"You ready to try something new, pet?"

Without hesitation Xander answered.

"Yes, Master."

Then Spike was rising so that he was poised above Xanderís cock. The vampire still had a firm grip on it and he started lowering himself down. Suddenly it hit Xander that Spike was really going to ride him. They had never done this the other way around. Xander had always been either on his back or on all fours while Spike fucked him. Then Spikeís hole was already enveloping him and Xander gasped at the tightness. This was something he had never experienced before. He had had his experiences with Faith and Anya but it couldnít compare to this. Spikeís muscles were gripping him with such a force that Xander thought it was a miracle he hadnít shot his load the minute the first contact was made. Spike obviously didnít have any trouble sinking onto Xanderís cock. Xander watched when Spike sank down a little, rose up again and then sank a bit deeper. This went until Spike was again sitting on Xanderís hips. The only difference now was that Xanderís cock was deep in Spikeís ass. Spikeís voice was surprisingly breathless when he spoke.

"So pet, what do you think about trying out new things?"

"Master, this feels just wonderful. I donít know how long I can hold on. There is just too much friction!"

Spike just smirked and clenched his muscles a little and caused Xanderís eyes to roll in pleasure. When he finally could open his eyes again Xander could see Spike rising and lowering himself at a leisurely pace. Spikeís own cock was dripping with pre-come and looking almost painfully hard. Slowly Xander reached with his hand and wrapped his fingers around the vampireís cock and started to stroke it in time with Spikeís moves. That caused Spike to moan in turn and close his eyes for a while.

"Just there, pet. Take a bit firmer grip. Donít be shy."

Xander obeyed and it didnít take long before Spike started speeding up his movements and was now riding Xanderís cock quite fast. Then the vampire suddenly fell down with force and Xander could feel the cock in his hand started to pulse and soon his chest was covered in Spikeís spunk. At the same time Spikeís channel started pulsating around Xanderís cock. That proved to be too much for Xander and he could feel his balls drawing up and he released his come into Spikeís ass. For a while Xander lost all comprehension of place and time and just flew high with the feeling. He returned to present only when his now limp cock slipped out of Spikeís ass and the vampire slumped beside him on the bed. Xanderís muscles were all slack. He really hoped Spike wasnít planning anything too strenuous for them anytime soon since he was pretty sure he couldnít move anywhere even if he wanted.

"That was fun, pet. I think we shall do that again some day. Now I need some sleep. We still have some time before anybody misses me. Iím sure sleep wonít do bad for you either."

Xander was feeling just wonderful. There was clear weariness in him so the thought of catching some sleep sounded really nice. He snuggled happily to Spikeís side. This was where he belonged, with his Master. He was finally in a place where he could feel himself loved and cared. There was nothing he wanted more than this feeling of belonging. Spike wrapped his arms around him and together they fell asleep.

The End

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