Dark Surprises


Part Thirty-Six

Xander didn’t have to wait for long for Spike to come to the room. The vampire still looked pissed off. Xander, however, had had enough. He was the one who had almost gotten raped and beaten to death just before and he didn’t think Spike had any reason to be pissed off to him. He didn’t say anything but he was sure his feelings could be read from his face. The slap to his face came as a surprise even if he was aware that Spike was angry. He immediately cradled his injured face with his good arm. His eyes didn’t waver from Spike but now there was hurt too. Xander couldn’t understand why Spike had just hit him.

“Pet, do you remember what I said about you speaking outside this room?”

Only then Xander remembered that Spike had said that he had permission to speak freely only when they were alone. Or actually he wasn’t supposed to talk at all outside the room. He also knew Spike waited for his answer.

“Master, I’m supposed to stay quiet while we are outside this room. Sorry that me almost getting raped by one of your minions and the threat of being beaten and drained confused me!”

This time the slap didn’t come as a surprise. He knew he had overstepped the line but he was feeling really pissed off himself now and he didn’t really care what happened. Naturally if Spike beat him bloody he would hurt but he didn’t want to give up now. Xander was well aware of the fact that Spike demanded him to submit and until he was able to get away he needed to show some respect but he did have his limits. He just again lifted his good hand to his face for a while and tried to sooth the irritated part. He still didn’t lower his eyes but stared at Spike. Xander still kept his injured arm out of sight. It was throbbing in pain but it wasn’t his main concern right now.

“This is just bloody brilliant! I’m away for a day and you forget all the simple rules I’ve taught you! I guess you need to be reminded about a few things!”

Then Spike was already grabbing Xander to drag him off the floor. He did manage to get a hold of Xander’s collar and yanked him up. Xander, however, got tangled in the covers and he fell down almost immediately. At the same time his injured arm got in contact with the hard floor. Xander couldn’t help the scream and tears that escaped. It finally revealed to Spike that everything wasn’t alright. He flipped Xander over and his attention was drawn to the arm Xander was cradling against his chest.

“Pet, is there something wrong with your arm? When did you hurt it?”

“Master, I hurt it when your minion pushed me down the stairs. I suspect it’s broken or something.”

“Bloody hell! Okay, we are going now!”

Spike took hold of Xander’s good arm and started dragging him towards the door.

“Master, where are we going?”

“To the hospital. You need to get that fixed.”

“Master, please let me put some clothes on. Don’t make me go out like this!”

“We’ll grab something on the way out.”

The whole time Spike dragged Xander and it was really starting to hurt. They were, however, already outside the room so Xander didn’t dare to protest anymore. He just tried to keep up with Spike. The whole time they were going through the house Spike kept shouting commands. When they finally reached the car Spike had some clothes for Xander and there was one minion accompanying them. In the car Xander just sat silently and stared out of the window. He wondered if they were heading to the demon hospital or were they going to a real hospital. Right now he didn’t care. He was in too much pain, physical and mental. He had almost been violated today and all he had expected from Spike was a small gesture of compassion, that his small mistakes could be given some leeway due to emotional stress. But no, all he got were slaps, harsh words and his hide almost tanned. Okay the last one was probably going to happen when they got back. Xander started to think that the nice and gentle Spike that had been present lately had left the building and all that was left was the real Spike, the homicidal vampire, the slayer of Slayers. All the gentleness had just been a ruse to get him relaxed and trusting.

Finally they pulled in front of a building that looked like a real hospital. Xander didn’t dare to move from the car before Spike wrenched the door open and almost dragged him out. He was marched in from the front doors and straight to the reception desk where a friendly looking woman was waiting. Xander didn’t even have a chance to think about speaking before Spike was already barking orders.

“My boy here needs his arm looked at. I want him to get to see the doctor immediately.”

“Sir, we have a waiting line. You need to wait just like the others. The line isn’t long. It shouldn’t take too long. While you wait you can fill out the forms. It will help make things faster when you get to see the doctor.”

Still almost growling Spike grabbed the forms from the nurse. Then he took a firm hold of Xander’s good arm and led him towards the awful orange plastic chairs that filled the lobby.


Xander’s butt hit the chair immediately. He had no intention to aggravate Spike anymore than he already had. While he sat and waited Xander tried to judge the other people waiting in the lounge. They all seemed human but he couldn’t be sure. He could hear Spike filling out the forms beside him. He would have given anything if he knew what Spike was writing there but the vampire kept the papers well out of his reach. Xander was feeling really tired and hungry too. He had only eaten breakfast and that had been hours ago. It had just been time for lunch when the attack had happened. Even that had been hours ago. He could feel his stomach grumbling but Spike seemed to be oblivious to that. Xander didn’t know how he could ask for something to eat so he just sat quietly and waited. Every once in a while someone’s name was called but never theirs. Then finally Xander could hear his own name being called. He was surprised that Spike had given them his real name and not some made up one. Spike again took hold of Xander’s arm and they walked towards the doctor.

“I’m sorry, Sir. Only patients are allowed in the treatment room. You need to wait outside.”

Xander could hear the small growl starting and obviously the doctor could too since he cringed a little. Then, however, Spike relented.

“Fine. Boy, you remember to be careful now. Just answer the doctor's questions and don’t make a fuss.”

Somehow Xander knew exactly what Spike meant with that. It also gave him a clue that this seemed to be just a regular hospital. For a while he considered how many deaths he would cause if he told the truth, or at least a bit edited version, about his captivity. He was sure the doctor would raise an alarm. He was also sure that Spike would fight and since no one here probably knew about vampires and demons they wouldn’t be prepared. Xander wasn’t sure he wanted those deaths on his conscience, especially since he couldn’t even be sure he would make it out of Spike’s clutches. He was shaken from these thoughts by the doctor asking him questions.

“Sir, can you tell me what happened?”

“I fell down the stairs.”

“Can’t you elaborate that a little? Did you stumble, did someone push you, or what?”

“Had a bad foothold and fell down.”

“What about your other injuries? I can see that at least some marks on your face and judging from the way you move there are also some other injuries.”

“Got into a fight with someone. He got a few punches in nothing serious.”

“Hey kid, you can be totally honest with me. If someone is hurting you on purpose just tell me and I will report it. We can protect you. That guy who was with you looked quite menacing. Did he have something to do with these injuries?”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Fine, I can’t force you to tell me anything. Now please remove your shirt so I can examine you.”

Carefully Xander took the shirt of. Moving his arm hurt really bad but also moving in any other way hurt. The doctor’s gasp told him at least something about the state of his ribs. When the doctor indicated Xander turned around to show his back. Again the doctor gasped and from that Xander knew the whip marks were still showing.

“I don’t care what you say. I will report this right now! You’ve obviously been abused and I have pretty good idea who to blame.”

Panic settled on Xander.

“Please don’t do that. You don’t know what he is capable of doing. If you call security on him no one in this building is safe! Just please fix my arm and my ribs and I’ll be out of here. He actually didn’t have anything to do with these injuries I now have. He won’t take it lightly if a report is made.”

Xander could see that the doctor was thinking really hard. It was obvious he would have very much liked to call the security but obviously Xander’s plea did have some effect too since the doctor was hesitating.

“Fine, I guess I can’t interfere if you don’t want me to. I still think you should seek help but you are a grown man so you can decide by yourself.”

Then the doctor started his examination. Some x-rays were taken and it appeared that Xander’s arm was indeed broken and needed to be put into a cast. His ribs luckily were just bruised and the doctor just taped them.

“I’m going to give you a prescription for some pain medication. Your ribs can be quite tender for some time. The cast should be kept on for six weeks. Come here again to remove it.”

“Thank you, doctor. May I go now?”

“Yes, here are some leaflets for you. If you ever feel like you can’t take it anymore call these numbers. I think you should report that bastard to the authorities. No one should have to take abuse like that. Remember there are people who can help you!”

“Doctor, thank you for your concern but I will be fine.”

With that Xander exited the doctor’s office. Spike was waiting for him outside the door looking quite anxious. Xander could see a few security guards eyeing them suspiciously and he really hoped the doctor had kept his promise. Only when they were back in the car could Xander breath more easily. That was until he remembered what probably waited him when they got back to the house. Since he was sitting alone on the backseat he could lift his feet on the bench and press his face to his knees. He also wrapped his arms around his legs even if it was hindered a little by the cast on his arm. Xander sat like that the whole way back to the house. He moved only when he felt the car stopping and heard the vampires exiting the car. This time Spike didn’t grab him but motioned him to walk in front of him. With quick steps Xander crossed the main room and headed up the stairs. He stopped only when he reached the room he was already beginning to think his own. He guessed it was just a good thing since he didn’t think he would ever leave, at least not while he was still breathing.

When Xander finally reached the room he stopped in the middle of the floor. He had no idea what Spike was expecting from him. The vampire had barely talked to him during the whole trip to the hospital and just concentrated on pacing around and scowling at everyone. Xander did have the distinct feeling that Spike was angry and he did know what that meant for him. With careful movements Xander stripped his shirt, the jumper and the shoes and socks he had been given. He hesitated for a while with the pants but left them on. He folded the discarded clothes as carefully and neatly as he could with his broken arm and settled them on the bed. Spike still wasn’t saying anything but Xander did know he was in the room and there wasn’t anyone else in there. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and Xander broke down. He slumped to the floor and sobbed. Almost immediately there were arms around him.

”Pet, calm down. There is nothing to cry for. No one will hurt you anymore.”

Xander managed a bitter laugh between his sobs. That had to be the understatement of the year. He didn’t know exactly how long he had been with Spike but there hadn’t been anything but hurt. Of course there were the better moments but it always ended badly for him. Why couldn’t he learn? This was what his life had always been. Sometimes things looked good but before long he was dropped from his dreams. The drop usually hurt a lot. You would think he would have learned but obviously he was too stupid even to realise that. Finally Xander was able to get his breathing under control and decided to tackle his punishment issue immediately. It took him a while but finally Xander managed to mutter.

“Where do you want me, Master?”

“What do you mean, pet?”

“Where do you want me for my punishment, Master?”

“What punishment?”

“Before you had to take me to the hospital you were going to teach me a lesson and remind me about the rules.”

“Pet, there is no need for that. I was angry and your attitude got to me. I’ve had time to think about it and I know I treated you wrong. It was natural that you were upset after that kind of experience. I should have understood that. I was just so relieved that I didn’t loose you. If I hadn’t come when I did I would have lost you. I don’t know how I could have handled that.”

Xander could hear Spike’s voice cracking in the end and it surprised him. It seemed the vampire really had been upset about the attack and had just reacted the only way he knew how, by lashing out. Of course it hadn’t helped that Xander had also been emotionally unstable and acted the way he did. Now Xander leaned his head on Spike’s shoulder and almost whispered.

“Master, are you still angry with me?”

“Of course not, pet. I never was angry with you. I was angry with my minions for the fact that they would show such disrespect towards me and touch and hurt you. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

“Master, can I have something to eat then?”

“What you eaten today?”

“Just the breakfast, Master. They were just about to bring me lunch when the attack happened.”

“That must have been ages ago. Why didn’t you say anything earlier? We could have stopped on the way back from the hospital.”

“Master, I didn’t want to bring more trouble on myself. I already had the one threat of beating hanging over my head. I didn’t want to risk another beating by speaking to you while your minion was there and we were out of the house.”

Spike didn’t comment on that anymore but called for one of his minions to come to the room. Not for a second did Spike release his hold on Xander. When the minion came in Spike told him to bring Xander something to eat and then dismissed him. Xander felt like a little child when he was sitting on Spike’s lap and leaning against his shoulder. Gradually he got tangled in daydreaming and started drawing something on Spike’s shirt with his fingers without even realising it. Only Spike’s voice alerted him.

“Pet, what are you doing?”

“Master, I was just in my thoughts. I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry. What were you thinking about?”

“Things, Master.”

“You need to elaborate that a little, pet.”

For a while Xander hesitated. He wasn’t sure if he could say what was in his mind but since Spike had already caught on the fact that he had something on his mind he couldn’t really back down anymore.

“Master, I’m sorry if this offends you but you are making me very confused.”

“What do you mean by that, pet?”

“Master, the way you treat me is confusing. First you can be really nice to me and I actually can see a future in my mind where I could be relatively happy with you. Then everything changes. You become very angry, threatening to beat me and all. Sometimes I have even found myself hoping that you would go overboard and kill me by accident. I can’t always even find the reason for the mood change. It confuses me because I never know what mood you are in and that is why I always expect the worst.”

Xander delivered his whole speech while still leaning to Spike’s shoulder. The only reaction he could sense from the vampire was the occasional tensing up the muscles. He'd already prepared himself for the coming attack but all he got was Spike’s arms tightening around him and nuzzling his hair.

“I guess we have a problem here then. I get angry about something that possibly doesn’t have anything to do with you; you get scared and cringe away from me, which irritates me even more. Do you think we could reach an agreement? I will try to rein in my temper and not come here steaming about something that has nothing to do with you and you will try to start trusting me more. We might get somewhere with that. What do you say, pet?”

Xander gave it some serious thought. Spike’s suggestion sounded good but he just wasn’t sure he could do what was expected from him. He was well aware of the fact that he occasionally got scared even if there wasn’t an apparent reason for it. It was probably a natural reaction in the company of a homicidal vampire. That thought made Xander snigger a little. Finally he managed an answer.

“Master, I’m not making any promises but I will do my best to try. Is that good enough for you, Master?”

“Yes, pet. All I want is that we both try and maybe we will get somewhere.”

Xander nodded against Spike’s shoulder. Then they were just silent. A while later there was a quiet knock on the door and after Spike’s call of “Come in” the minion sent for food stepped into the room and set the food tray in front of them before disappearing quickly back out of the door. Xander expected Spike to let him go so that he could eat the food but he was surprised when the vampire just reached for the food, picked up the fork and brought the first forkful towards Xander’s mouth. He was barely able to mutter the “Thank you” before the food reached him. They continued like this the whole time. Spike even stole a few forkfuls for himself in the middle. When all the food was gone they again sat in silence for a while.

“So pet, what would you like to do now?”

“Master, my arm is hurting a little. They gave me some pills for the pain and the prescription for more. Could I have one pill so that the pain would go away?”

“Sure, pet. I will get them for you. Where are they?”

“In the pocket of that jumper I had on, Master.”

“I will fetch them for you.”

Spike was off the floor in a flash and checking the pockets of the jumper. Then Xander heard a deep growl and had just time to turn around before Spike as at his face.

“Pet, what are these?!?”

To his horror Xander saw those leaflets the doctor had given him in Spike’s hand. He had forgotten all about them. Spike was looking really pissed off and Xander tried to appear as small as possible.

”Master, the doctor gave them to me.”

“What did you tell him?!?”

“Nothing, Master! He thought you had broken my arm and caused all the other injuries on me, especially when he saw the whip marks on my back.”

“Why did you show them to him?!?”

“Master, I had to take my shirt off when he wanted to check my ribs and take x-rays of them. He wanted to report you but I told him no.”

“Is that so? I would have thought that given that kind of chance you would have taken it. Why didn’t you?”

“Master, I don’t think they know about vampires. They would have sent just one or two guys to restrain you and I know how that would have ended. I didn’t want to have anyone’s death on my conscience. I also didn’t want to start babbling about dangerous creatures that go bump in the night and tell them that they needed an army to restrain you. That would have probably earned me a sedative and straight jacket and we would have been in the same situation again, lots of people dead because of me.”

“Very wise decision, pet.”

Then Spike sat on the floor beside Xander who tried to remember his earlier promise of not flinching every time Spike came near him seeming angry. He waited anxiously what Spike was going to do or say next.

“Pet, I guess we can leave that behind us now. You made good decisions and there’s no need for me to be angry with you. Here are those pills you requested.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“So what do you have in mind next?”

The next few days again passed with their own rhythm. Xander tried to learn to handle the cast on his arm and not bumping it everywhere all the time. He still accompanied Spike downstairs to see the minions. He did notice that none of the minions who had taken part in the attack were there anymore. He could guess Spike had dusted them or that they had escaped. Those two minions who had been his guards weren’t there either. Xander wondered what had happened to them. He wasn’t sure if he could ask Spike about them but finally he encouraged his mind when they once more were in the room alone.

“Master, may I ask about those minions who were guarding me and who I tried to defend? Did you dust them too?”

Spike sharp look told Xander that the question hadn’t been a good one but he couldn’t take it back anymore.

“They failed me and they needed to be punished. Because you requested it, I didn’t dust them but their punishment is still going on. That is all you need to know.”

A few days after the hospital incident a frantic minion arrived knocking on the door. When Spike opened the door the minion started babbling really fast.

“Master, the Slayer! She’s coming here! We saw him a few kilometres away from here but it was obvious she knew where she was coming. She had company!”

“Oh, bloody hell! Alert everybody!”

When the door bangs shut Xander decides to take a risk.

“Master, may I request that you don’t kill them? I promise you that I won’t try to escape if you just save them!”

Spike’s growl startled Xander bad. Then the vampire was already out of the room and the door locked behind him. Xander slumped to the ground. He didn’t know what he could do. He didn’t want his friends getting killed over him but for some weird reason he didn’t want Spike getting hurt or dusted either. The vampire had been good to him most of the time. Xander went to the door and tried to hear something through it but it was too thick. His only option was just to wait and see what happened.

Part Thirty-Seven

Some time later the door opened but it wasn’t Spike or one of his friends like he had expected but two of Spike’s minions.

“The Master has requested your presence. Please follow us.”

Xander did as he was bid. He didn’t know what was waiting for him and it scared him a little. Obviously Spike was still alive, or actually un-dead since he had asked for him but the state of his friends was a mystery. The two minions took hold of one arm each but were careful not to disturb the cast and walked with him towards the stairs and down. As soon as Xander got a look at the scene downstairs he felt like breaking down. There were all his friends, most of them lying on the ground unmoving. The only one still standing was Buffy but she was held fast by a group of Spike’s minions. Xander could also see Giles was still moving but he was also guarded by a group of minions. The first thought in Xander’s mind was that Spike wanted him there to see how he destroyed the last of his friends. He didn’t dare to lift his gaze towards Spike.

“Slayer, as you can see you can’t win. Most of your army is down and you two remaining have been overpowered. I know you came here to take my boy away. I can’t allow that and even attempting that should be punished by death. As you can see the boy is well and healthy. Here he has everything he can desire. Before you came here he made a request for me to spare your life. I’ve decided to grant his wish. You can take your wounded and leave. I promise that none of my minions will follow you or try to harm you in any way.”

True to her manners Buffy couldn’t accept Spike’s offer but tried to fight herself free. When that didn’t succeed she turned back to Spike.

“What have you done to him?!? Why is he wearing a cast?”

“We had a small accident here a few days ago but I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

“Yeah, sure!”

Xander would have liked to defend Spike but he knew it was better for him to keep his mouth shut. He was already happy that Spike had taken his plea into consideration after all. He just hoped Buffy wouldn’t ruin it.

“I want to hear Xander himself saying that he is alright. I won’t take your word for it. For all I know you’ve turned him!”

“Why would I do something like that? I like his warmth.”

Then Spike turned to face Xander.

“Come here, pet.”

Xander could feel the minions releasing their grip on him and he carefully stepped the few meters that was separating him and Spike. When he reached the vampire Spike suddenly drew him to stand in front of him and nuzzled his neck. To his horror Xander could feel his cock responding to Spike’s caress. The last thing he wanted was to get a hard on in front of Buffy. However, he couldn’t help the small moan that escaped his mouth. He could see Buffy’s eyes widening in horror. Then Xander could feel Spike wrapping his arms around his waist. Xander gaze was still locked on Buffy. He really hoped she wouldn’t do anything stupid. Her next words surprised Xander.

“Spike, I do admit my defeat but for my own peace of mind you need to let me make sure Xander really is alright. You need to allow me to speak to him freely and from touching distance.”

Xander could hear the growl building in Spike’s throat. He tried to press himself a bit closer to the vampire to soothe him. He also caressed Spike’s arms with his own hands. He was surprised that Buffy dared to request something like that from Spike. Xander was pretty sure the vampire would never agree.

“Slayer, how do I know you won’t try something funny? I don’t trust you!”

“For me it seems Xander made a request to you and you have decided to honour it. I respect that and I’m ready to promise you that I only want to see him closer and make sure he is all right. I won’t try anything. Also you still have most of my friends surrounded by your minions. I wouldn’t want to risk them all by trying something funny.”

Xander could feel the grip around his waist tightening for a while before it was released altogether. Spike still kept nuzzling Xander’s throat and giving it small cat licks before speaking again.

“Slayer, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt this time. I will allow my boy to talk to you but just remember that if I see any signs of funny business all bets are off and no promises have to be held.”

“Fine with me, Spike.”

Then Spike turned Xander around and stared deep into his eyes.

“Pet, I honoured your request. Don’t let me down now. Remember to keep your promise so that I don’t have to be disappointed in you. You may talk to the Slayer freely but remember that I will be hearing everything. Please don’t say anything I need to punish you for.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Then Spike was already turning Xander around again and speaking to Buffy.

“You can advance to stand in the middle of the room. My minions will give you room. You can talk freely with my boy but remember that I will hear every word you say.”

Xander watched interested when the minions who were holding Buffy released their grip and backed away a little. Buffy walked quite unsurely a little forward. At the same time Xander could feel a small snip on his throat before he too was pushed forward. He also stepped forward quite unsurely. He could feel Spike’s eyes burning his back.

As soon as they were near enough Buffy jumped to Xander’s throat to hug him. Xander could hear the growl from behind him but nothing else happened. After a while Buffy released her grasp and stepped back a few steps. There were obvious tears in her eyes.

“Xander, I can’t believe you really are there. We’ve been looking for you all over. All Willow’s magic kept leading us to totally wrong places. We were already loosing hope. You’ve been gone so long! Then by luck we found a medical record on your name. I guess it was this thing with your arm. That lead us here.”

“Buffy, I’ve missed you all too. It really has been a long time. Spike didn’t have anything to do with what happened to my arm, you’ve got to believe me”

“You are just saying that because you don’t want to get in trouble with him!”

“No Buffy, really. Spike wasn’t here then. One of his minions got it into his head that I would have made a tasty treat. If Spike hadn’t come when he did I wouldn’t be here anymore. He saved me.”

“Is he treating you well? What does he make you do?”

“Spike has treated me well, better than my parents ever did. We’ve had our disagreements but for a while it has all been good.”

“But what does he make you do?”

“Nothing too bad. I just mainly keep him company.”

“You are awfully pale. Haven’t you been outside enough?”

“I haven’t been outside much lately but that’s nothing you have to worry about. I’m fine.”

“How can you be fine when you are kept prisoner by a homicidal vampire!”

Again there was a growl from Spike and this time it sounded quite menacing.

“That’s quite enough now. Pet, come here!”

Xander turned immediately to go back to Spike. Buffy, however, grabbed his arm. Xander quickly turned around and stared right to Buffy’s eyes. This situation had made him realise a few things. It was hard for him to admit them but deep in his mind he knew they were true.

“Buffy, please, for both of us and our other friends, please let go of my arm. I belong with Spike, my Master, now. Your precious ex-boyfriend gave me to him as a present. He is just taking what belongs to him by vampire laws. You can ask Angel about that. I don’t want any trouble.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Buffy, I don’t know. It depends on Spike. It was really nice seeing you, but now you have to leave. Take good care of our friends. They are going to need your support now. I need you to explain to them what I’ve said to you and you need to get them to accept it. Don’t come back here because nothing good can come out of that. My place is here with my Master and nothing can change that now. I’m sure you know it yourself deep in your mind.”

Buffy expression was shocked and there were tears flowing from her eyes. However, she released her grasp. Xander immediately turned and walked to Spike. He took his place beside the vampire and didn’t lift his eyes towards Buffy anymore. He couldn’t because he didn’t want to see the betrayed expression on Buffy’s face. For a while there was an absolute silence before the sounds told the tale of Buffy gathering everyone and leaving the building. Xander still didn’t lift his eyes. He stood there unmoving until Spike’s hand coaxed him into moving. There were no words exchanged between them on their way back to the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them Xander broke down. He slumped on the floor and cried his heart out. He could hear Spike moving around the room but not once did the vampire come near him. Only when his sobs started to quiet down did Spike come and crouch next to him. Gently the vampire wrapped his arms around Xander’s still shaking shoulders. A deep purr could be heard. Gradually, Xander got himself under control and he leaned into Spike’s embrace trying to find comfort there. He was sure he had just said his goodbyes to his friends for good. This would be where he spent the rest of his life, with a soulless vampire. Finally he had himself enough in control that he could form words.

“Thank you, Master.”

“For what, pet?”

“For everything, Master. For listening to my request, for sparing my friends, for letting me speak with Buffy, for your patience and for everything else.”

“Pet, did you mean all that you said to the Slayer downstairs?”

“Master, I do realise that all I said to Buffy was true. I know that my place is here with you. I’ve read about vampire customs even if you don’t believe that. I’ve read about Sires and Childes and something about their relationship. I’ve come to accept the fact that since Deadboy offered me to you as a gift I now belong to you, or at least I’m on my way there.”

Then Xander did what he had never done before, initiated a kiss. It obviously took Spike by surprise but not for long. Soon Xander could feel Spike’s hand cupping the back of his head. For a while they kissed and Xander tried to forget the betrayed expression on Buffy’s face when he had turned away from her. Finally the kiss ended. Spike placed his fingers under Xander’s chin so that he could look him straight in the eye.

“Pet, you know you should show respect towards me, don’t you?”

Xander couldn’t help wondering what Spike was heading for now. Shouldn’t he be initiating kisses or what the problem was. However, he quickly answered.

“Yes, Master.”

“What makes you think you can use derogatory names for other vampires of my line?”

Xander then realised that he had called Angel Deadboy. It was just what he had gotten used to. His mouth always got him into trouble. He lowered his eyes and muttered.

“I’m sorry, Master. It won’t happen again.”

For a while there was a total silence before Spike roared in laughter. Startled Xander looked back up.

“Pet, I’m just messing with you. You can call the Poof whatever you like. I don’t care. He is nothing to me anymore.”

Then Spike gave Xander’s nose a small peck. Xander still wasn’t sure what Spike meant with that but he managed to relax a little.

“You know pet, it’s a bit uncomfortable on the floor here. Why don’t we move somewhere else? I think it’s also time to eat something. At least I’m feeling a bit peckish. You stay here while I go fetch something.”

Xander got up and settled himself again down near the fire. It felt nice and at least he could imagine that it helped to warm even the coldness inside him that had taken residence in his chest after meeting Buffy. He just kept hoping she took his advice and stayed far away from Spike. Xander didn’t believe that Spike would be as lenient the second time around. This time Xander had managed to plead for their lives but that might not be the case if they didn’t give up. Xander still didn’t know why Spike had decided to honour his wish. It seemed it wouldn’t have even been hard for Spike to kill them all. Now it seemed Spike had made sure to incapacitate them but none of them had received serious injuries. These thoughts were interrupted by Spike’s return. Xander could immediately see that Spike was carrying a huge amount of food. Spike carefully carried the tray and settled it in front of Xander.

“Here you are, pet. Knock yourself out. I know I probably went a bit overboard with the amount of food here but who cares. Don’t worry about eating it all.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Xander couldn’t help smiling when he saw what was on offer. Spike obviously had picked up on his low mood and on the fact that when Xander was feeling gloomy he liked to eat. Comfort food was the best there was. The tray was full of Xander’s favourite foods. There were even some donuts and a few Twinkie bars there. Xander could help the small snigger that escaped his mouth. Spike was immediately on it and demanded to know what was so funny.

“Master, if you keep feeding me like this, I’m going to puff up.”

Another snigger.

“Pet, you need to get some meat around those bones. I’m also going to make sure you get enough exercise so that there won’t be any worries about you getting fat.”

The glint in Spike’s eyes told Xander with quite certain terms what he meant with the exercise part. He could feel his face blushing and he quickly ducked his head to hide it and just concentrated on picking up the food from the tray. Now it was Spike’s turn to chuckle.

“I like the way your mind works, pet. Don’t worry about that right now just eat. It’s getting quite late so it will be time for bed soon.”

They ate in silence. Xander had no hope of ever finishing all the food but since Spike had said it didn’t matter he just picked the best pieces from the top. That was quite hard to accomplish since there were so many options and the result was that Xander felt quite full when he finally gave up. He felt like he couldn’t move an inch even if the house had been on fire. He slumped down on the covers and swore in his mind that he wouldn’t move for a while.

“Master, can I stay here? I feel like I can’t move anywhere.”

“Poor boy ate too much and now can’t move.”

Xander groaned when he saw the expression on Spike’s face. It was full of mirth and the vampire was obviously trying to contain his laughter.

“Not fair! I guess you can eat anything and won’t get any consequences. I’m just a frail human who is greedy when it comes to food.”

Xander turned his back on Spike and pretended to sulk. It didn’t take long before Spike had spooned on him and was nibbling his throat. Xander couldn’t help wondering about the fact that even when he had a vampire nibbling his throat he wasn’t worried, mostly just aroused. He was sure Spike could smell the arousal when the nibbling just got more intense. Then Xander could feel something hard pushing against his ass. When the nibbling and rubbing just continued Xander’s breath became quicker and small moans started escaping his mouth. Then there was a hand cupping his erection and Xander couldn’t help thrusting into that.

“Oh pet, you smell so wonderful. You make me want you so much!”

In a flash Spike had turned Xander to his back, stripped his pants off and was crouching between his legs. Xander watched enthralled when Spike leaned down and gave his cock a long lick from base to tip and then sucked the tip into his mouth. Spike sucked the tip of Xander’s cock for a while before releasing it for a while. He stuck a few of his fingers to his mouth and made sure to wet them well. Then he was again licking and sucking and Xander forgot all about everything else. When he could feel fingers probing his ass he tensed for a while but then relaxed. It wasn’t like Spike hadn’t brought him off with his fingers before. He could feel first one finger entering him, which was quickly followed by another. The whole time Spike kept sucking and licking Xander’s cock and balls. Then suddenly Spike’s mouth was gone but the fingers stayed inside.

“Pet, I can’t wait anymore. I need to be inside of you now!”

Spike’s words caused an automatic reaction to tense up. Spike’s fingers were one thing but Spike’s cock was so much bigger and Xander couldn’t believe it wouldn’t hurt. He started panting but now it was for a totally different reason than before. He tried to squirm away but Spike had a firm grip on him.

“Pet, please calm down. You are going to hyperventilate if you don’t calm down!”

“Please, Master. Not that! I can suck you off or something but don’t make me do that! Please!”

Xander was in a verge of tears. If Spike decided that he wanted to be inside Xander he could make him just lie down and take it but he really hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Then Spike was already beside him and hugging him.

“Shush, calm down now pet. Don’t want to take you if you are that hysterical. Can we go to the bed and I promise I will make you feel good and forget all about this.”

Gradually Xander got his breathing to slow down. He couldn’t believe Spike had given up so easily but he was just happy about it. He knew he couldn’t dodge it for the rest of his life but every extra day was a reason for happiness. When he had calmed down Spike walked him to the bed and they got under the covers. Spike again spooned against him and continued fondling Xander’s cock. His erection had wilted a little during his panic but now it was back with renewed energy. Spike was whispering the most beautiful things to his ear and soon Xander was just a puddle of goo in Spike’s arms.

“Turn to your tummy, pet. It’s easier for me to reach you all around. Believe me. I’m going to make you scream from pleasure tonight.”

Xander mindlessly followed Spike’s request. He could feel Spike tugging a pillow under his stomach but didn’t give that more attention for now. He was sure there was a good reason for it. Then Spike’s hands were on his ass and soon a finger was again breaching him. Xander could feel the finger moving inside him searching for his prostate. When it was found and prodded Xander started humping the pillow under him with abandon. Too late he realised that the finger had disappeared and there was something much more larger prodding his hole. Then the agony took him over when Spike thrust his massive cock into Xander’s unprepared hole. Xander tried to scream and cuss to Spike but all that came out of his mouth were cries of pain and misery. He couldn’t form any words. He could hear Spike whispering something but it was in some other language since Xander couldn’t understand a word. All the fit his head right now was the pain.

Spike had betrayed him. Okay, Xander had known from day one that this was coming, or more precisely Spike had told him that he would have to provide the vampire with sexual favours. The vampire had, however, kept assuring him that it would be good for him too and that Spike would make it pleasurable. The attentions Spike had given him thus far had worked as a confirmation to Spike’s words since the vampire had made him feel really good while deep-throating his cock and bringing him off with his fingers. Tonight the vampire had wanted to take things further but when Xander had panicked Spike had said that he wouldn’t want to take Xander while he was hysterical and talked about forgetting the whole thing. It was obvious it had been only to distract him. Spike was good at distracting. So this would be his life from now on. Then he could hear Spike talking to him.

“Do you give yourself freely to me, body and soul?”

Xander couldn’t form an answer. His brain wanted to shout all kinds of stuff to Spike but his mouth didn’t want to co-operate. Spike kept pounding into his ass and he had a tight grip on Xander’s hips. Xander was sure there were huge bruises on him.

“Do you?!?”

For his horror Xander realised that his mouth was giving a totally different answer than he had meant to when he heard the words coming out of his mouth.

“Yes, I do.”

“Repeat after me. I, Alexander, pledge my loyalty to you, William the Bloody.”

Again Xander’s mouth worked without his consent.

“I, Alexander, pledge my loyalty to you, William the Bloody.”

“As well as the ownership of my body and soul.”

“As well as the ownership of my body and soul.”

Then there was a piercing pain in Xander’s throat and to his shock Xander realised that Spike had just bitten him. In his mind he said goodbye to everyone since this must be it. Spike would kill him. It was a possibility that Spike was going to turn him but it wouldn’t be him anymore. Xander could feel Spike drawing the blood out of his veins and then there was a pulsing feeling in his ass. Then Spike’s fangs were gone and the vampire slumped beside him on the bed. Xander just lay still. His throat felt raw and then the sobs that had threatened to come started. Xander cried because of the pain Spike had caused him, because of his lost dignity, because he had been stupid enough to trust this soulless creature and now he had gone and promised himself to Spike for eternity.

Part Thirty-Eight

Xander was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice Spike stirring beside him and reaching for him. Only when the cool hand landed on his side Xander flinched.

"Are you alright, pet?"

Xander felt like laughing aloud. How could Spike ask him something like that after he had just practically raped him?

"No, I’m not......Master. I can’t believe I trusted you and your promises! I should have known better!"

"I’m sorry I hurt you but I promise it was just this once. I needed to claim you. Now no one will dare to touch you because they can sense me on you. Please let me make it better."

When Xander could feel Spike moving towards him he tried to roll away.

"No need, Master. Actually I’m just fine."

He didn’t get far before Spike grabbed him and drew him against himself.

"Please, be still pet. I want to make it up to you."

Xander could feel Spike’s hand pressing him down and then taking position between his legs. He automatically tensed but when Spike just kept rubbing his lower back and whispering comforting things with a low voice Xander found himself gradually relaxing. He still wondered what Spike was planning but hoped from the bottom of his heart that Spike wasn’t going to take him again since the first time had been bad enough and he hoped the next time would be far away in the future. His hope plummeted when he could feel Spike’s hands landing on his ass and spreading his cheeks. A distressed whimper escaped Xander’s mouth again and Spike was quickly shushing him.

"Pet, relax. I promise this will feel good."

Xander buried his face in the pillow and tried to smother his whimpers there. He could feel Spike spreading his ass cheeks and just waited for the pain to start. When he felt something wet on his ass he thought Spike was just applying some lube but then the feeling changed and to his shock Xander realised that Spike was licking him. He tried to squirm away but Spike’s grip on him was too tight and he had to stay put.

The thought of Spike’s tongue inside his ass felt really weird but soon some pleasure started entering the feeling too. Spike’s tongue was cool and it soothed the burning feeling quite nicely. He couldn’t help the gasp that escaped his mouth when Spike’s tongue made a side trip and laved his balls in the process. He could hear Spike chuckling at his reaction. Xander tried to be offended by his reaction but the feelings Spike arouse in him made it difficult. He tried to hold on to his anger about what Spike had done to him but it was hard when he could feel his arousal growing again and his cock taking interest. In his mind he cursed his cock for its traitorous behaviour. Then there weren’t any more thoughts when Spike stuck his tongue inside Xander. To his shock Xander noticed that he started rocking his hips a little and moans were coming out of his mouth. Spike’s hands had been locked on Xander’s hips until now but one of them disappeared. Spike’s tongue continued its work the whole time inside Xander and he was so concentrated on that that when his cock was suddenly grabbed he almost shot immediately. For a while Xander rocked between Spike’s tongue inside his ass and the firm grip Spike had from his cock. Just when he was on the verge of coming Spike let go of him completely. Xander whimpered in distress. Had this been just another trick by Spike to torment him? He continued rocking himself and hoped that he would be allowed release. He was so hard that it was almost hurting. Then Spike landed his hands again on Xander’s hips and with a firm grip stopped the rocking motion. Xander whimpered again in protest but Spike was too strong.

"Pet, do you wish to come?"

Xander really wasn’t above begging anymore.

"Yes, Master! Please let me come, Master!"

Almost immediately Xander could feel Spike’s fingers wrapping around his cock and starting to stroke again. At the same time Spike’s hold on his hips loosened and Xander could start rocking again. When he rocked backwards he could feel Spike’s hard cock nestling between his cheeks again but he was too far out to care about that anymore. Then he was already coming in long thick spurts. As soon as Spike’s hand let him go Xander slumped on the bed. He was too exhausted to even care about the fact that he was laying on the wet spot. A while later Spike settled himself beside him.

"You feel better now, pet?"

Xander was too tired to say anything else than:

"Yes, Master."

And it was the truth. He was feeling a lot better. The earlier experience was just a distant memory that he would like to forget as soon as possible. Of course the experience would be repeated the next time Spike decided he wanted to have sex with Xander but he hoped that was long time away. However, it appeared that there was no such luck. Xander could clearly feel Spike’s hard cock against his backside and the vampire was slowly rubbing himself against Xander. Neither of them said a word for a while but then Xander felt Spike grabbing his leg and lifting it on top of his own. The rubbing against his ass continued and soon Spike’s hand was again on Xander’s cock and balls that were a little over sensitized due his recent orgasm.

It didn’t take long before Xander’s cock tried to harden again. Xander couldn’t believe it. Here he was held by a vicious killer and what did his cock do as soon as it was paid the smallest amount of notice? Sat up and begged like an obedient puppy. Then Spike was again nuzzling his neck. He started carefully giving small kisses all over Xander’s shoulders and back of his neck. The kisses evolved to small nips with blunt human teeth. Xander couldn’t help but expect Spike to bite him again and prepared himself for the pain. Then it was again time for Xander to gasp in surprise when Spike’s mouth landed on his bite mark. It was a little tender but when Spike kept licking it the small tingle of pain quickly transferred into enjoyment. Xander noticed that his hips had started rocking against Spike without his conscious permission. He almost laughed at that. It seemed not one of his limbs or other parts were listening to what his brain was saying. The happy tingles from his neck spread quickly to his whole body. This was something he hadn’t experienced before. He was sure Spike had done something to him. Again it seemed Spike was able to read thoughts.

"Pet, are you enjoying the attention I’m giving you neck?"

Xander couldn’t answer in any other way than.

"Yes, Master."

Then Spike gave all his attention to sucking and licking Xander’s neck and the point where he had bitten him again. It was driving Xander wild. He couldn’t understand why he was reacting like this. Shouldn’t he be worried when a vampire was mouthing his neck? He needed to know what was going on.

"Master, why am I feeling like this? It feels like my whole body was on fire and it radiates down from my neck."

"Pet, that’s because I’ve claimed you. The scar on your neck is beacon that gives you comfort when I’m not here with you and it can reassure you. It’s also a great way for me to make you feel good. Just by touching it I can make you fly."

As if to prove his words Spike latched on to Xander’s neck again and worried the scar with his tongue and blunt teeth. Automatically Xander started thrusting into Spike’s hand that was still circling his cock. For a while nothing else happened but then Spike’s other hand started exploring Xander’s balls. They were rolled in Spike’s palm and gently tucked and it just spurred Xander on. It felt like all his blood was in his nether regions and all the only thought that was going through his mind was, ‘Please, more’. Some of the brain cells that were still working and present tried to warn Xander that Spike probably had some ulterior motive here and it was quite probable that Xander would be the one getting hurt, again. But, Spike was working magic with his hands and mouth so there was nothing Xander could have or would have done.

When Spike’s hand disappeared for a while from Xander’s skin Xander felt like whimpering in disappointment. However, the hand returned quickly and this time it was slicked with lube. Xander wasn’t totally sure how Spike had managed that but forgot all about it when the first finger breached him. He was still feeling a bit sore and tensed a little on the intrusion. Spike’s mouth and other hand, however, had him back in a relaxed state soon. Somehow Xander managed to collect the few still working brain cells enough to ask a question.


"Yes, pet?"

"Are you going to hurt me again like you did before?"

"No, pet. As I said that was necessary for the claiming. My demon demanded that. Remember that I promised you that you would be screaming from pleasure before I was done with you."

At the same time Spike was still speaking he added another finger inside Xander and continued stretching him. Suddenly Xander could feel the fingers poking that nice spot inside of him again and he moaned. For the whole time Spike didn’t stop pumping Xander’s cock and soon Xander really didn’t know what was up and what was down anymore. All that mattered were Spike’s hands on him. He was sure he had at least three fingers inside him and was feeling nicely full. Spike kept stroking his prostate and Xander was sure he wouldn’t last for long. Then suddenly Spike’s fingers disappeared from inside of him as well as the hand stroking his cock were gone and Xander felt really empty. A suspicion crept into his mind that Spike had just been teasing him and would leave him hanging in his aroused state. That was until he heard Spike talking.

"Pet, I want you to get on your hands and knees. It’s time for the main event."

Suddenly Xander’s mind was again filled with the feelings from before. How much Spike had hurt him. He really didn’t want to experience that again. He curled into himself and started sobbing. At once Spike was curled around him and soothing.

"Pet, please calm down. Sorry, I scared you. I think we are going to do this differently after all."

Xander could feel Spike’s hands on him again and the he was rolled over but to his surprise it was on his back instead of hands and knees. Spike situated himself between Xander’s spread legs and just watched him. The fire in the vampire’s eyes was almost frightening. The vampire was looking like he would want to devour Xander. The scare Spike had given to Xander had affected Xander’s erection but under that gaze Xander could feel his cock hardening again and his heart rate picked up. Then Spike carefully bent over and started kissing Xander. First the kisses were just small and chaste but they deepened quickly and soon Xander’s mouth was devoured with everything Spike had. When Spike finally released his mouth Xander was completely dazed.

Spike was watching him again. When the vampire licked his lips a shiver went through Xander. He was frozen in place under Spike’s stare. Then the vampire again lowered himself a little and started laving the bite mark on Xander’s neck. It made even more shivers that went all through Xander. From the bite mark Spike advanced to Xander’s nipples and worried them for a long while. Xander was getting desperate for release again. His hips were pumping up in search of friction. Soon, however, Spike prevented that by pinning Xander’s hips to the mattress with his hands. While one hand stayed on Xander’s stomach to keep him unmoving Spike’s other hand started exploring Xander’s hole once more. It was still quite relaxed so Spike didn’t need much work before he had three fingers in Xander again and he was steadily driving Xander mad with lust. Xander barely noticed when Spike lifted his hand off from his stomach and started applying lube to his own cock. Only when Spike withdrew his fingers did Xander catch on that something was happening. At that point Spike was already inserting his cock inside Xander.

"Just stay relaxed, pet. I promise this will feel good."

Xander did his best to keep his muscles relaxed since he knew it would just hurt even more if he tensed up. He couldn’t do anything anymore to prevent Spike’s intention. He closed his eyes in anticipation of the pain but it never came. There was a small feeling of stretching that felt a bit uncomfortable but even that disappeared quite quickly. Xander could feel Spike going really slowly. There were no signs of the violent entry of that first time. Finally Spike stopped and Xander could feel Spike being very deep in him. For a while they both stayed totally motionless and silent but then Xander got an urge to move and he pushed back against Spike a little, the vampire’s eyes widened in surprise.

"You okay, pet?"

"Yes, Master."

For a few seconds Spike stared at Xander before pulling out until only the tip of his cock was still inside Xander and then he pushed back in again very slowly. This was repeated a few times and Xander felt like he was going to go crazy if Spike didn’t speed up the pace. However, before he had time to say anything Spike upped the pace a little. Then he changed his angle a little and Xander almost surged of the bed when Spike’s cock hit his prostate. It felt even better than when Spike had fondled it with his fingers. From then on, Spike hit the pleasure spot with every other push at least. Xander worked on instinct and lifted his legs so that he could wrap them around Spike’s torso and he could feel Spike going even deeper. Just when Xander knew that he didn’t need much before he would come Spike grabbed his cock and started stroking it with a punishing rhythm. Xander could feel his orgasm starting from the tip of his toes and spread from there to his whole body. Then he was already shooting his load that landed on his own stomach and chest as well as to Spike’s. He was sure that his scream could be heard all over the house.

Xander’s own orgasm was barely over when Spike thrust into him a few times really deep and then came with a deep moan and slumped them on Xander. By sheer luck Spike’s head landed on the side where the bite mark was and Xander could feel Spike worrying it with his tongue and teeth again. It sent pleasant shivers all through his body. He could also feel Spike’ now almost limp cock sliding out of him. It left him feeling empty and when Spike slumped on the bed beside him without any contact Xander also felt a bit lonely. That was soon corrected when Spike gathered him into his arms and held him tight. Xander fell asleep to thoughts about what had happened that evening. Spike had been inside him twice. The first time had been terrible and it had hurt so much but this second time had been quite pleasurable and the thought of having sex with Spike wasn’t so terrifying anymore. He was pretty sure he could get used to it, provided the vampire paid him the same amount of attention as on this second time. The faint purring sounding from Spike’s chest was what lulled him into sleep in the end.

Part Thirty-Nine

The morning was an interesting experience for Xander. He felt quite sore all over but it wasn’t a bad feeling. What also surprised him was the feeling of something filling his hole again. He was lying on his side and when his thoughts cleared a little he realised that Spike’s fingers were again stretching him. The change in Xander’s heartbeat probably gave him up because Spike’s fingers stopped but stayed inside of him.

"Pet, you awake?"

"Yes, Master. I am now!"

The rest of that small answer was drowned in the yelp that escaped Xander’s mouth when Spike suddenly stabbed his fingers into his prostate. To his amazement his cock reacted to the stimulation as well. He would have thought that after the treatment he had received the previous night his libido would have required some more time to recover. Oh well, it seemed it was good that he was still a teenager. It gave him some advantages over a normal human being. Suddenly Spike’s fingers were gone and Xander could feel something bigger and blunt at his hole. Then Spike was already inserting his cock into Xander and fondling his half erect cock.

Xander couldn’t remember the last time he had been woken up like this. Probably never. Actually he had never woken up with someone’s fingers in his ass but his first thought had been about being woken up to have sex the first thing in the morning. Not that he had had lots of chances since his experience with sex was quite limited. There had been that one night with Faith that had left him feeling like shit and then Anya. Not that he had anything against being woken up like this. Spike was really conjuring feelings in him that he would have never expected to feel while another man was in question. Xander was actually quite surprised by his thoughts. On the previous night he had been devastated by the idea that Spike wanted to finally have actual sex with him and then there had been the first time that hadn’t been pleasant at all. Xander wasn’t sure if he could trust Spike’s words about the necessity of that but there wasn’t anything he could do about it now. The second time had surprised him. Xander’s thoughts are interrupted by Spike latching into the bite mark on Xander’s neck. If possible it felt even more sensitive now than it had felt earlier.

Finally Spike was again as deep in Xander as it was possible. Xander could feel the bit uncomfortable feeling of stretching again but it was quickly buried under the good feelings Spike evoked in him. It didn’t take long before Xander’s own cock was totally erect as well. Spike obviously wasn’t in a hurry since his thrusts were slow and measured. Xander could feel the vampire drawing out so that only a tip of his cock was still inside Xander and then thrusting back in slowly until his hips collided with Xander’s ass. The whole time Spike also kept stroking Xander’s cock and fondling his balls on occasion. It didn’t take long before Xander noticed that he was moving his hips back and forward in time with Spike’s thrusts. Gradually Spike picked up the pace a little and started pounding into Xander with abandon. Then he suddenly stopped and drew out. At once Xander wondered what was wrong.

"Pet, I want to see your face when you come. Please turn on your back."

Xander did what he was asked. He had barely managed to change his position when Spike grabbed his legs, forced them on his own shoulders and plunged straight back in. Xander couldn’t muffle the scream that escaped his mouth. It wasn’t so much the pain that caused the scream but the surprise and the tingly feeling he got when Spike’s cock hit his prostate. Xander could guess that Spike was quite near his own orgasm since he was pounding into him with sharp quick thrusts. Then Spike’s other hand was on Xander’s cock stroking it in time with his thrusts. It didn’t take long for Xander to start seeing stars and his cock erupting his come all over his stomach and chest. His hands flew to Spike’s biceps and he held on for his dear life. Without realising his nails dug into Spike’s skin breaking it a little. In the heights of his own orgasm Xander could feel Spike pumping his come into him. The vampire again slumped on Xander for a while before rolling off and settling on his back.

"Pet, you have sharp nails on you. Should I be careful?"

Only then did Xander notice the small rivulets of blood that were seeping from the half moon shaped cuts on Spike’s arms. He ducked his head and muttered.

"I’m sorry, Master."

"Hey, pet, no worries, vampire here. Some pain just spurs me on."

Carefully Xander extended his fingers towards the small cuts and wiped the blood off. Then he stared at his fingers that were completely red now. Without even realising what he was doing Xander stuck the fingers into his mouth. The taste that exploded on his tongue was something he had never experienced before. It sent tingles all over his body. He also heard a deep groan from beside him. When he turned his face towards Spike he was met with yellow tinged eyes that were fixed on the fingers that were still in Xander’s mouth. Xander released them with a pop. Immediately his mouth was devoured by Spike who obviously had decided to give him a full dental examination with his tongue. Just when Xander was sure that his oxygen would run out Spike released his mouth.

"That was unbelievably hot, pet. If I hadn’t just fucked you, you would find your legs around your ears now and my cock so deep in you, you could taste me in the back of your throat."

Then Spike again plunged into his mouth and all thoughts left Xander’s mind. That was until Spike’s weight shifted on Xander’s bladder and he was reminded of his human needs. Spike could obviously detect something wasn’t right because he released Xander’s mouth quickly.

"Pet, is something wrong?"

Xander was a bit ashamed and he ducked his head again.

"Master, I think I need to use the bathroom quite urgently. A shower wouldn’t be bad either."

"You can go to the bathroom but don’t shower. I will get the minions to fill up the bathtub and we can enjoy that when you return here."

Spike went to the door and talked with quiet voice with the minions standing outside the door. When he turned away from the door he left it open and Xander took that as a sign that he could go to the bathroom. He quickly drew on some sweatpants and walked briskly to the bathroom. He could feel the minions' eyes burning into his back but he had no energy to care about that now. He had more important things to take care of right now. Xander also noticed while walking that his ass was feeling quite sore but he knew he would have to get used to the feeling from now on. He was pretty sure that now that Spike had started with the actual sex that would play a big part of their daily routines especially since the vampire seemed to be nearly insatiable.

When Xander finally made his way back to the room he found the bathtub full of water and bubbles and ready for use. As soon as Spike noticed his return he motioned Xander to climb into the tub. The warm water felt really nice on his skin. Xander also wasn’t too surprised when a moment later Spike told him to scoot forward in the tub and slipped in too. Then they lay in silence and Xander gradually relaxed against Spike’s chest and with his head on Spike’s shoulder. Spike produced a washcloth out of somewhere and started washing Xander’s hands and chest with it. Xander startled a little when Spike reached his privates with the cloth and washed them as well. To his embarrassment Xander could feel his cock reacting and making a valiant effort to rise again. Spike continued teasing him for a while but then shifted to other parts. There was one thing that bothered Xander.

"Master, when I had that small taste of your blood why did it feel so good? Is something happening to me? Is it dangerous to me in some way?"

"Pet, I’ve claimed you and had a small amount of your blood. I will drink it on other occasions as well. I’m not taking enough to harm you in any way, just to keep the claim active. It’s the same with you drinking my blood. You don’t have to do it but if you do drink it will make the claim a bit more powerful and you more aware of me. It can also help you to heal and recover quicker. There are rumours of other effects of vampire blood on humans but those need bigger amounts and take a long time to form. Vampire blood is quite potent so we need to be careful. Even if you wanted I wouldn’t give you too much at a time."

Xander fell silent. He had to think about this. At the same time Spike continued washing him. When he was done he handed the cloth to Xander and told him to wash his legs and then stay sitting upright so that Spike could wash his hair. Xander did what he was told and then enjoyed the feeling of Spike pouring water over his head and massaging the shampoo in. It felt quite wonderful. When Spike was done with Xander hair he washed his own quickly and then they just lay still for a while until the water started to cool down. When they got out of the tub Xander was surprised when Spike didn’t hand him a towel but started drying him off and rubbing every inch of his skin very carefully. Again his cock and balls received extra attention and Xander could feel his arousal once more rising. Just when Spike was done with drying Xander and himself there was a silent knock on the door. Spike went to the door and returned from there with a tray full of food. Xander took his place near the fire and accepted the food with thanks. Spike again sat with him and took some bits and pieces of the food.

Xander had barely eaten before Spike was again producing the leash and informed Xander that it was time to go downstairs once more. Xander wasn’t too enthusiastic about that since sitting on the cold floor wasn’t one of his favourite things in the world. Especially since it would be boring to just listen what the minions talked. Their murder and mayhem wasn’t of great interest to Xander. However, he knew that Spike wouldn’t take kindly to him complaining so Xander got up from the floor, let Spike connect the leash and followed him downstairs.

As soon as they entered the bigger room Xander knew something was different in the minions treatment of him. This far all he had got was badly veiled contempt but now there was no trace of it. Not one of the minions dared to look at him. The reason for that became evident as soon as Spike had sat down and said his first words.

"I’ve claimed my pet as you probably all can sense. Before you were required to treat him well and in my absence do what he asked. Now you are required to respect him the same way you respect me and his word should mean as much to you as my word does. If someone has a problem with this, please speak up now."

Total silence enveloped the room. Spike let the silence drag on for a while before continuing with other matters. Xander tried to follow so that he wouldn’t be caught spacing out. Luckily, this time it seemed there weren’t many things to be discussed and the audience ended sooner than Xander had expected. He was already preparing himself to jump up at the first sign of Spike moving but Spike’s words stopped him.

"Pet, I need you to stay here for a while. I need to fetch something."

With that Spike dropped the leash and got off the chair. Xander couldn’t understand what was going on. Why would Spike leave him here alone? It seemed the minions wouldn’t dare to do anything to him now when Spike was present but there were no guaranties of what would happen when Spike left the room. Xander watched while Spike walked out and then tried to appear as small as possible on his spot. He really hoped Spike wouldn’t be away for long. His fear of the minions obviously was unnecessary since most of them left the room and even those who stayed didn’t come closer than a few meters from him. It took Spike about five minutes to return. When he did return he had some clothes and shoes with him.

"Pet, I thought it would be fun to go for a walk outside. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Master. That would be really nice."

"Great! Get some more clothes on and we can go. Don’t want you to get sick again."

Xander accepted the clothes Spike handed him and quickly got dressed. It seemed the leash would be staying on but since Xander didn’t think they would meet anyone on their walk he really didn’t mind that much. They did spend quite a lot of time outside and Xander did enjoy the chance to finally breath some fresh air. They didn’t speak a lot during their time outside but just walked mainly in silence. When they got back to the house Spike sent him upstairs ahead of him and promised to follow in a few minutes. In the back of his mind Xander did realise that Spike was going to feed but he didn’t want to give that too much thought since it would just depress him too much. He took the easy way out and didn’t think about it but just went upstairs and curled on the floor near the warmth of the fire. Spike came to the room some time later and if there was a bit more colour on his face Xander didn’t pay that any attention.

Their life set into a pattern once again. Most nights Xander ended up fucked into exhaustion and there was a hint of soreness present all the time. However, it wasn’t bad. Spike was very considerate and made sure Xander enjoyed the sex as well. He was also quite inventive and resourceful. No two nights were the same. Sometimes Spike would spend considerable amounts of time seducing Xander and driving him almost nuts with lust. Teasing him until Xander was begging for release. Other times Spike would return to the room horny as hell and bent Xander over the nearest available surface and proceed to fuck him with cursory preparation. Not that Xander minded them much either since even if Spike was being rough with him he still made sure Xander got pleasure out of it as well.

Also in other ways their life followed a certain pattern. Spike spent most of his time up in the room with Xander and once a day they went downstairs together to hear what the minions had to say. Spike also made it a custom to go outside with Xander at least every other night. Xander still kept up hope of being allowed outside during the daytime but he knew that probably was still long way ahead of him if ever. Now he was just enjoying the night walks.

Therefore it was a big surprise for him when one day Spike suddenly told him that he had a treat for him. Xander expected to receive something tangible, like new magazines, games, some chocolate or the like since that was what he usually got. When Spike dug out a chain that had length of a few dozen meters Xander was perplexed. What was Spike going to do with that? When Xander tried to ask for some hints Spike just gave him an enigmatic smile and told him to follow him downstairs. Now Xander was really baffled. According to his sense of time it was almost time for them to go to bed. The sun had probably already risen. However, he didn’t want to question Spike since that never worked out well so Xander just followed the vampire downstairs and waited to see what was going to happen. Spike lead him near to the door that lead out of the house and then kneeled down to attach the chain to Xander ankle. Xander still didn’t understand what was going on. Then Spike moved to stand to the other side of the door and opened it a little.

"You can go out now, pet. Just remember to stay close enough to the house and not try to tug the chain. It will be bolted and any attempts at escaping will have dire consequences."

Xander stared at Spike. He couldn’t believe he was finally allowed outside at daytime. He had missed the warmth of the sun on his skin very much during his captivity. Only when Spike motioned with his hand for Xander to go outside did he carefully exit the house. He didn’t know how much room he would have to move so he didn’t dare to go very far. When he was only a few meters from the house he stopped and just sat on the ground to enjoy the warmth on his skin. Spike hadn’t given him any time limit but Xander still didn’t dare to linger too long. He knew that Spike was following his actions from the protection of the house. When he finally returned inside he felt like his whole body was radiating happiness and warmth from the sun. He was sure Spike could see and sense it from him. From that day on Xander was allowed outside the house at daytime at least a few times a week.

Spike also kept drinking Xander’s blood on occasion. It was usually in the midst of sex. Spike never took more than a few mouthfuls and it didn’t even hurt much. Xander also took small amounts of Spike’s blood. He was still a bit doubtful about it but the tingles it gave him were really great and Xander really did notice the effect the blood had with his healing and recovery time.

One morning their routine was kind of disturbed when a nervous minion knocked on the door. Spike went to the door and a quiet conversation could be heard. Xander didn’t pay much attention since whatever the minions had to say it usually didn’t concern him. Only when Spike returned to him did Xander detect that something wasn’t right. There was a white envelope in Spike’s hand. From a glimpse Xander could see that it didn’t have any stamps on it and there was only one word on the envelope, “Spike”. An uncomfortable feeling took Xander over. He had a bad feeling about that letter. Slowly Spike opened the envelope. There was a paper and another envelope inside it. Spike drew the paper out and started reading. The vampire had turned himself so that Xander couldn’t read what was on the paper so all his info came from the facial expressions on Spike’s face. It took Spike some time to read all the text and his facial expressions changed quite a lot but Xander couldn’t really decide anything based on them. Finally Spike lifted his eyes from the paper and faced Xander. After watching him for a while Spike handed the paper to Xander without saying anything. Slowly Xander started to read.


I have discussed with Angel about what you said and Xander confirmed and it seems you were right. According to vampire law Xander belongs to you. Of course no vampire law binds me to comply with anything. Angel, however, explained us that if I took Xander away from you, you would probably just come after him again. It seems that the only way I could free Xander from your clutches is to stake you. I tried that and I failed.

However, it seems that Xander believes in your ownership as well. I don’t know what you have done with him but I can’t believe he is staying with you from his own free will. But, Angel says that I have to accept the situation now and respect Xander’s wishes. He asked us not to come for him again. It sounds weird for me but I can’t do anything about it right now so I guess I just have to deal.

I have one request to you. Please, let Xander be in contact with us. If you allow this and we can make sure he is doing fine, we won’t bother you. Attached is a letter addressed to Xander. Please give it to him. The envelope is not sealed and I’m aware that you are going to read it before handing it over. The letter contains our addresses and we ask that you allow him to write to us occasionally. We just want to know that he is fine.

I will be waiting for you outside the house two hours after sunset. I have a few of my friends with me and I totally expect you to have your whole entourage with you but I assure you that I have no hostile intentions towards you because I don’t want anything bad happening to Xander. I hope you can grant us safe passage also, for Xander’s sake.

Hoping to see both of you after sunset.



When Xander had read the letter he didn’t know what to say. He had asked Buffy never to come near the house again and forget about him but it seemed she was too stubborn for that. Xander had no idea what Spike was thinking about Buffy’s proposal and he didn’t dare to lift his gaze. He was afraid of what he was going to see there. Finally Spike spoke.

"Pet, here is the other letter."

The other letter was stuck in his hands. Quickly Xander muttered his thanks before opening the envelope. It seemed Spike hadn’t read it after all. Inside the envelope there were a few papers. Small letters from several of his friends that mainly just contained their assurances of how much they missed him and hoped that everything was alright with him. There was also a pile of addresses. All the letters were ended with the wish of seeing him again soon.

When he was done with the letters he still didn’t dare to lift his eyes to Spike. The vampire had stayed silent the whole time. Xander almost startled when Spike finally spoke.

"Pet, what do you think about all this?"

"Master, I don’t know what to say. Of course I’m happy my friends still care about me but I can’t believe they put themselves and possibly me into danger again. I don’t know if I can ask you to spare them again. I tried to tell Buffy not to come back here but she has always been stubborn."

"Do you think I can trust their promises of not being here to take you away but just to make sure you are fine?"

"Master, I can’t be sure. You can always use me as a shield."

"Pet, I don’t want to get you hurt in case they try something. I guess we just have to wait and see. We have just enough time to eat some breakfast before the time they mentioned there. I will go fetch something. You can use the bathroom while I’m gone."

Then Spike was already out of the door and Xander was left alone in the room with his mouth hanging open. Spike was taking this quite lightly. He also noticed that Spike hadn’t said anything about sparing Xander’s friends this time so Xander didn’t know what to think about that. It was a bit worrying. There was, however, nothing he could do about it now so he got up from the bed, put some pants on and went to the bathroom. There were still minions standing outside the door at all times but they didn’t pay him much attention anymore, just kept on eye of him while he was in the corridor.

When Xander returned Spike was already back in the room with food. True to their pattern Xander ate his breakfast sitting near the fire and Spike stole small amounts of the food from his plate. Spike seemed to be totally calm but Xander could detect some signs of nervousness in the vampire. They were just small things like tapping his fingers but still noticeable if attention was paid. Xander was already planning some actions to relax Spike when a minion arrived at the door and informed them that the Slayer was nearing the house. Like a flash Spike was up from the floor and moving towards the door. Xander didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Spike hadn’t spoken anything about his plans. When Spike reached the door he turned around.

"Pet, you coming?"

Xander practically jumped up and was immediately standing beside Spike. Together they made their way downstairs. Just before they reached the door Spike put his hand on Xander’s arm.

"Pet, you are going to stay inside with a few of my minions until I call for you. That is better insurance for my life that you stay out of sight for a while. They won’t hurt me since they know my minions would probably kill you if something happened to me."

Then Spike turned away from him and addressed some of his minions giving them instructions and then picking a few to go with him outside. Xander was feeling really nervous. He still didn’t know what Spike was planning and if any of his friends would walk away from this unharmed. Then things were already happening. Spike had opened the door and stepped out followed by the selected minions. A while later Xander could hear Buffy’s voice.

"Spike, we are unarmed. We have no ill intentions, we just want to see our friend."

"The boy is inside guarded by my minions. If something happens to me they will take care that he won’t walk away from here alive."

"Spike, as I already said we just want to make sure he is fine. We have no ulterior motive. Please, let us see him so that we can be sure you haven’t already harmed him."

"The boy is fine. He is a precious pet for me and I won’t let anything happen to him."

"Can we make sure of it with our own eyes?"

"Fine, if you insist! Pet, come here!"

When Xander could hear Spike calling for him. He opened the door carefully and stepped out. A few dozen meters away from the house he could see all his friends. Buffy was standing a bit in front of them all. Xander walked to Spike and glued himself to the vampire’s side. He still expected something bad to happen any moment now. However, it seemed like both sides were taking it easy at the moment and just waiting what the other was going to do.

"Xander, are you alright?"

Xander gave Buffy a small glance but then turned towards Spike and stayed silent. He had a nervous grip on Spike’s arm and he really didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He knew enough not to talk unless Spike gave him permission.

"Xander, why aren’t you answering me? Spike what have you done to him?!?"

"Just answer her pet before she goes crazy."

"I’m fine, Buffy. There is nothing wrong with me."

"I notice you don’t have the cast anymore. According to our knowledge it’s been only four weeks from you breaking it. Shouldn’t it take longer for it to heal? Also what happened when you broke it?"

Again Xander stayed quiet. He wasn’t sure if he still was allowed to answer Buffy’s questions. Spike obviously detected his problem.

"Pet, you can answer all her questions if you wish to unless I especially signal that some question is not appropriate."

"I broke the arm just before your last visit but I guess I just heal fast. I’ve been without the cast for a week now. It was an accident which Spike didn’t have anything to do with."

The questions kept flowing and Xander did his best to answer them. He was just happy that it seemed his friends were bright enough to stay at a clear distance so that there was no chance Spike would feel threatened. The last question was addressed to Spike and it was about allowing Xander to have contact with them. Spike just informed them that he hadn’t made up his mind about that yet and he would let them know at some point. Spike was obviously getting edgy and Xander knew they would be returning inside soon. He didn’t really mind it since standing outside with his friends staring at them was making him nervous too; for some reason he kept waiting for someone to do something stupid. Finally Spike obviously had had enough.

"You’ve now seen him and bothered us with your questions. I think this is quite enough. Don’t come here anymore. I might not be as lenient the next time."

Part Forty

Then Spike turned around and without further words retreated back into the house. Xander followed on his heels. He expected them to go to their room but Spike threw himself on his chair in the hall so Xander just followed him and settled on his place beside the chair. Spike’s hand was petting him immediately. Spike’s other hand was busy with a whiskey bottle that had appeared from somewhere. The liquid was disappearing with alarming speed. Not many minions had anything to say so the audience didn’t take much time and finally they were able to return to their room. Xander could detect that Spike was feeling on edge and made sure he didn’t do anything that would annoy Spike further.

It wasn’t a big surprise that when they reached the room Spike immediately wanted to reassess his dominance over Xander. The door had barely closed behind them before Xander found himself bent over the bed, pants around his ankles and eager fingers stretching him. He immediately knew that this was for Spike’s benefit and he wouldn’t be receiving much pleasure from it. Xander, however, trusted that Spike would compensate him enough on other occasions. He tried to smother the small whimpers when Spike entered his barely prepared hole with a quick thrust. The vampire’s cock, however, stroked Xander’s prostate almost immediately and that made him forget his small discomfort quickly. Spike’s thrusts were quick, demanding and deep. Xander needed to hold on to the covers so that he wouldn’t slide off the bed. His own erect cock was pressed against the covers and received quite nicely friction in the process. It didn’t take long for Spike to finish. When the vampire finally pulled out Xander couldn’t smother the small moan since he was feeling rather sore. He was also pretty sure he was bleeding at least a little. Obviously Spike noticed it too since a cool hand landed on his backside and held him still.

"Pet, I’m sorry I hurt you. Let me take care of you."

Next there was a cool tongue lapping at him and Xander couldn’t help squirming. Spike’s grip on him was tight so it didn’t give him much room to move. All the discomfort of Spike taking him roughly earlier was disappearing quickly when Spike’s tongue explored his crack and slowly thrust in. Now Xander was using all the room he had to move to hump the covers. When Spike started fondling his balls it was enough and Xander emptied himself all over the covers.

What came as a surprise was that Spike gave him only a moment to recover before he found himself on his back on the bed with his legs near his ears. The same continued for the whole day. Spike stopped only to allow a few short bathroom breaks for Xander and to feed a few times. A few times Xander simply couldn’t stay awake after a more powerful orgasm but always when he woke up he could feel Spike already preparing him for the next go or already entering him. Xander was sure he wasn’t going to walk ever again. The only thing that really did bother Xander was the amount of alcohol Spike kept drinking. A few times Xander tried to ask or beg for a break but Spike just snarled in response and threatened to gag and chain him if he wasn’t quiet. That was why Xander swallowed all his protests and just took it.

The morning after that day wasn’t a pleasant experience for Xander. He hurt all over. Every time he tried to move some place ached. He knew there were finger shaped bruises all over his body. Even his throat ached and he knew that bite marks decorated the whole perimeter of his neck as well as almost every part of his body.

Even now Spike was draped all over him. Xander could remember going to sleep with Spike’s erect cock in his ass and that was still the status. The vampire wasn’t moving so Xander was pretty sure he was still asleep. Xander’s bladder was protesting but even the thought of moving anywhere hurt so much and he knew that actual moving would be many times worse. Then Spike started to stir. The arms around Xander tightened a little which made Xander wince since even his ribs were a little tender. Then Spike’s hips started moving and Xander could feel Spike’s cock hardening even more inside him and stretching him again. His prostate got its part but Xander’s own cock stayed limp. It wasn’t possible for him physically to get an erection anymore. He would have liked to beg Spike to have mercy on him but since he knew it probably wouldn’t do anything good he stayed silent.

It seemed Spike wasn’t bothered by the fact that Xander wasn’t participating in the act. He just kept his leisurely pace going on for a while before speeding up for a while and then shooting his come once more deep into Xander. There were tears in Xander’s eyes because he was hurting all over but he hoped Spike wouldn’t notice them. He did know this was his part. He was Spike’s pet and his to be used in whatever way he wanted. It had been made clear to him during his time there even if Spike had been rather nice to him most of the time. There was just one thing Xander had overlooked, the keen sense of smell vampires had.

"Pet, is something wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Master, just feeling a bit sore."

"Pet, tell me the truth. I can smell the misery on you."

"Master, yesterday took a lot out of me. I’m not used to it yet. Just need some time to rest."

Xander had kept his back towards Spike the whole time and he knew his hair and the blankets covered the marks on him. He hoped Spike would give him some time so that he could gather his strength. Suddenly he could feel Spike’s hand on his shoulder.

"Pet, I don’t want to talk to your back."

At the same time Spike wrenched him to his back. Xander couldn’t help the scream that escaped when his abused ass touched the mattress and more tears sprung to his eyes. Spike’s hand disappeared immediately and his face was washed with concern, or at least Xander thought so.

"Pet, where exactly are you sore?"

Xander kept his eyes carefully downcast. He didn’t want to see Spike’s face right now.

"Master, pretty much everywhere."

Without warning the blanket was drawn away and Xander whole body was exposed to Spike’s gaze, with all the bruises and bite marks. For a while Spike was totally silent before jumping into action.

"Bloody hell, pet. Why didn’t you say something?"

Tears were again in Xander’s eyes.

"Master, you threatened to gag and chain me up when I said something. Don’t worry about these. I’m sure I will be fine soon."

"No, pet. This is not all right. You are obviously hurting and I obviously went over the line yesterday. It just goes to show me, alcohol and jealousy don’t mix. I think seeing your friends yesterday drove me a bit crazy."

"It’s alright, Master."

"No, it’s not!"

Xander cringed when Spike went into game face and shouted at him. He almost expected to be slapped. It had happened a few times on the previous day when he had tried to say something. From the corner of his eye he could see Spike taking a few deep breaths before continuing.

"Look pet, I’m sorry for yelling just now. You have to believe me when I say I shouldn’t have treated you like I did yesterday. Now, tell me what I can do to make you feel better."

Xander thought for a while.

"A bath would be nice, Master. And maybe a small sip of your blood to speed things up."

The words were barely out of his mouth before Spike had made a small a cut to his wrist and held it over Xander’s mouth. Xander latched on with enthusiasm. The blood still caused those nice little tingles in him and he knew it would help him feel better. Even when the cut had healed Xander still worried it with his lips and tongue until Spike finally drew away.

"Stay put, pet. I will go make arrangements for that bath."

Xander was just happy to stay still. He didn’t have any desire to move anywhere for a while. He felt a little better already, which, he was sure, was due to Spike’s blood. He just lay still and waited. It didn’t take long for Spike to return to him and a few minutes later the minions had already filled the tub and Spike was carefully picking him up and carrying towards the bath. Once more the warm water felt wonderful on his skin. Spike settled beside the tub and very carefully started washing him. After Xander had been in the bath for a while, a minion knocked on the door and brought some food, which Spike slowly handfed Xander.

The whole day continued with the same pattern. Spike tried to do everything possible to pamper Xander and make up for the previous day. It actually became a pattern for some weeks. First Xander enjoyed the attention but at some point it became tiresome. Spike, however, insisted that he wanted to pamper his pet and if he wanted to do that he would and nothing Xander said would change that. Finally Xander had to give up and just take the pampering. No one had pampered him ever before so when he got used to it he was able to appreciate and enjoy the attention.

A few weeks after the Scoobies visited Spike gave Xander some paper and told him to write to his friends. Xander didn’t know what to say. He had never expected that Spike would allow him to keep in contact. Since he was lost for words he let his actions speak for him. He started with some kisses and continued from there to drive Spike crazy with small licks all over his body and ending with deepthroating Spike’s cock. That, of course, led to Spike fucking Xander in a few different positions.

It took a few hours before Xander was able to start thinking about the writing again. Quite unnecessarily Spike reminded him about the fact that he would be reading the letters before they would be mailed. Xander found writing quite difficult. Naturally he did miss his friends but he really didn’t have anything to say to them. He had already spent months with Spike and had gotten used to his new life. It wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t expected to do anything but obey Spike and he was provided with everything he had ever wanted. The sex wasn’t too bad now that he had gotten used to it but that wasn’t something he could write his friends about. He really didn’t think they would understand. In the end he ended up writing a general letter to them all without giving much details about anything. Spike eyed the letter through and without comments put it in an envelope with a note of his own that he didn’t show Xander but he almost guessed what it said. Just probably some threats of how they shouldn’t take the letters for granted and that they would always be read and sending them could stop at any time.

It took only a few days before a responding letter arrived. Spike again scanned it through but didn’t have any complaints before handing it to Xander. His friends were again telling how much they missed him and how sorry they were of what had happened to him. It was obvious they had done some research on vampires having human pets since their questions were much more specific. It was also obvious they already knew answers to some of their questions but they wanted Xander to confirm their suspicions. Xander was sure that he would never answer some of the questions that were asked since they were much too personal and would have probably caused a massive attack against Spike from the Scoobies.

Their life was relatively peaceful for some time. They still continued with their evening walks and Xander got to go outside a few times a week at daytime as well. He was still tightly chained every time he went outside during the daytime but he enjoyed it nonetheless. A few times Spike even took him to the nearest town. These times they were accompanied by a flock of minions but Xander tried to ignore them and just enjoy the change in scenery. Those times when they went to town Spike gave him finer clothes to wear and there was no leash so no one could tell the difference between them and Xander could imagine himself being free. As always it was just calm before the storm broke.

One morning they had just woken up when a minion came knocking on the door very hesitantly. Spike wasn’t very pleased about the interruptions since he had had nice plans for his pet for that morning and he growled at the minion. It made the poor minion even more scared.

"What is it now? What is so important that it can’t wait until I hold my audition in a few hours?"

"Master Spike, there is a visitor for you."

"Who is it then? I trust you took their name before admitting them."

"Yes, Master Spike. He claims his name is Master Angelus."

Xander could see Spike’s back tensing up. What the hell was Angel doing here or was it really Angelus? Had Angel again gone and lost his soul? Both options sounded bad. Spike quickly put some more clothes on and was just about to barge out of the room when the minion again interrupted him.

"Master Spike, he insisted that you’d be accompanied by your pet. He was very strict about that. I don’t want to face his wrath if you don’t have your pet with you."

"Fine, whatever. Pet, come on!"

Xander scrambled after Spike as fast as he could. He was sure there was something behind this now. When they got downstairs they were met with a sight of Angel standing in the middle of the room and a number of Spike’s minions were surrounding him. There was some dust on the ground so it was obvious Angel had already dusted some of the vampires. Spike entering the room got their attention.

"William, nice to see you again. You’ve not trained your minions too well. Don’t they know it’s rude to attack guests?"

"You are not welcome here!"

"William, I’m on official clan business and it would be wise for you to show some respect for your Sire. Could you also please ask your minions to stop annoying me before I dust them all?"

Angel’s request was quite unnecessary since as soon as the minions heard who they’ve been harassing they started backing down. Spike’s barked command only hastened them a little.

"You haven’t been my Sire for over a century you pillock!"

"William, calm down! I know I haven’t acted like that but by all laws and customs I’m still your Sire and you should respect that."

Xander could see and hear Spike muttering something but couldn’t understand the words. Then Spike corrected his posture and gave Angel one hard glare.

"So to what do I owe this pleasure of your visit.........Sire?"

"Is there a more private place we could discuss in? My matter is a serious one and it concerns your pet."

"We can go to the other room. No one will bother us there."

Spike led them to the adjoining room. He sat on one of the chairs and motioned Angel to sit on the opposite one. Xander automatically sat on the floor beside Spike’s chair. For a while there was a total silence in the room while Spike and Angel both waited for the other one to start. Finally Angel gave up.

"William, I’m here on serious matters. I presented Xander to you as a present years ago. Until now you’ve shown no interest over him. In the situation where I presented Xander to you I tried to distract you from attacking the school and my purpose was never really give him to you."

Xander could feel Spike tensing beside him.

"Nothing you can do about that now! You gave him to me and according to all our laws and customs I can keep him. It doesn’t matter what your intention was! You gave me a present as my Sire! That is a binding agreement!"

"Yes, you are absolutely right there, William. I did give Xander to you in the form of your Sire. There is, however, one thing you are missing here. I’m sure you can realise that if you think hard."

Xander could feel Spike’s nervousness very clearly. The vampire’s hand was in Xander’s hair and petting quite erratically. Xander had no idea what Angel was talking about but Spike obviously did have some idea and it didn’t look good.

"Sire, what are you saying?"

"William, you know our lore. As your Sire I can give you gifts but I can also take them away."

"Sire, you can’t do that!"

"William, you know I can. In my opinion Xander deserves his freedom and I’m here to take him away."

That got Xander’s attention. He turned his eyes towards Spike and the expression on his face didn’t bode well. Xander had learned his share of vampire lore but this went over his understanding. He could understand that Angel had given him as a present for Spike but how could Angel now, years later, take back his words. Panic was settling on him. Spike and Angel were just staring each other and they weren’t paying any attention to him.

"Sire, don’t do that! I’m begging you! Don’t take him away from me!"

"William, I don’t have a choice. Xander shouldn’t be forced to live here under your tyranny. He should be allowed to grow up free and be with his friends. I’m doing this for his own best."

Finally Xander decided that he didn’t want to be ignored anymore. He carefully lifted his hand to touch Spike’s hip. Then he waited how his request would be met. Spike immediately turned his face towards Xander who could see the amount of grief on the vampire’s face. Xander’s question obviously was shown on his face since Spike answered him straight away.

"Yes pet, he is right. As my Sire he has the right to take you away from me. I don’t like the idea but there is nothing I can do. I was aware of this fact and hoped they wouldn’t find out about that but now it’s obviously too late to do anything about it."

Xander knew there were tears in his eyes. If this had happened some months before he would have been very happy and wouldn’t have spared any thoughts for Spike but now things were different. He had been enjoying himself lately and Spike was actually quite nice when you got to know him better. There hadn’t been any signs of any punishments for a long time now. He wasn’t sure if he could get used to living in the real world anymore. He was also sure he would miss Spike. Angel speaking broke through his thoughts.

"William, I’m going to give you a few minutes to say your farewells. After that I expect you to escort him out. I don’t want to see any tricks. You need to respect the lore."

Spike obviously still wanted to try.

"Sire, please."

"There is no use, William. I’ve made up my mind. Nothing you can say will change my mind. I will be waiting for you outside."

With that Angel walked out of the room. For a few seconds Spike just sat huddled in his chair before he slumped on the floor beside Xander and hugged him.

"I’m so sorry, pet. I never wanted this to end this way!"

"Master, what if I don’t want to go with him?"

"I’m afraid that you don’t have a choice. He has told me that he is taking his gift back. I have no grounds for keeping you. He could have taken you also by force. I guess we should be happy that he decided to handle things like this."

Xander didn’t know what to say so he just pressed his face to Spike’s throat and enjoyed the familiar feeling. For a while they just sat like that, both silent. Then Spike finally drew away.

"We have to go now. I don’t want Peaches getting impatient. Just wait here for a while."

Then Spike dashed out of the room. It didn’t take long for him to return. He was carrying a backbag with him.

"Pet, here is all your stuff. I want you to keep them."

"Thank you, Master."

Then Spike reached behind Xander’s neck and released the clasp on the collar. Xander had already gotten so used to it that now he felt weird without it. It had brought him the sense of belonging and now he felt so alone. He carefully extended his hand to touch Spike’s hand. When Spike lifted his gaze towards Xander he dared to speak.

"Master, could I keep that? I’ve gotten used to it and I want to keep it as a memory. Would that be alright?"

Spike looked quite surprised but handed the collar to Xander.

"Of course you can keep it, if you wish."

"Thank you, Master."

"We better go now. And you don’t have to call me Master anymore if we happen to meet someday again."

"But I like it now, Master. It feels right."

"Just making sure you know you don’t have to do it anymore. Let’s go."

Xander followed without words. He didn’t know what he was supposed to say. His feelings were quite mixed. Also the expression on Spike’s face puzzled him. The vampire was obviously hurting but tried to hide it the best he could. When they got outside Xander could see Angel already waiting by his car. Spike stopped right outside the door and turned Xander around. Without warning Xander’s mouth was devoured by Spike into a deep kiss. As suddenly as the kiss had started it ended and Spike turned around and disappeared back inside the house. Xander felt lost. He stood still staring at the closed door and didn’t know what to do.

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