Dark Surprises


Part Thirty-One

Xander was just waking up from his dream and just enjoying the comfortable pillows and blankets surrounding him when he heard the door opening. He carefully lifted his head and saw Spike stepping into the room.

"Pet, I didnít mean to wake you up. Just go back to sleep."

"No, Master, itís alright. I was already waking up. You just happened to come in at the same time. You didnít wake me up."

In the silence that followed Xander realised that he had spoken out of turn. He quickly hid his head to the covers. Everything had been going so well and now he had managed to break one of the rules he had been set already in the beginning. Xander was sure Spike wasnít going to take that lightly. When Spikeís hand landed onto his head Xander expected to be dragged up from his hair but Spike just petted him for a while.

"Pet, whatís the matter. Why did you hide?"

The question sparked hope in Xander that Spike hadnít realised his fuck up but then it could also be a test for him to see if he would admit his own mistakes even if the admission could lead into punishment. For once more Xander decided to stick with the truth.

"Master, I spoke out of turn. You didnít ask me a question or tell me that I could speak but I still did. I just tried to shield my head which I know was stupid."

"Pet, please sit up. Itís easier to talk to you when I can see your face."

Reluctantly Xander got up. He had no idea what Spike wanted to talk to him about but it couldnít be anything good since he had just broken rules. He settled so that he was facing Spike even if he didnít feel like watching Spikeís face right now but since he knew the vampire would probably order it anyways so he didnít really have a choice.

"Pet, about speaking to me. At first I gave you those rules because I wanted to teach you some manners. The only answering questions rule was to make sure you kept your mouth shut and did not yell obscenities at me all the time, which I would have punished you for repeatedly. Youíve been with me for about two months now and have already learned how you should behave, at least most of it. From now on I will allow you free speech inside this room. Any abuse of this right will be punished and the right revoked. That means that any obscene language or swearing at me will not be tolerated. Also outside this room you should still keep quiet unless I give you permission to speak. Do you understand these terms?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, you can continue whatever you were doing."

Before Spike had a chance to get up, Xander touched his leg.

"Yes, pet, you can speak. I thought I made it clear already."

"Master, I just wanted to make sure that I got it right. From now on every time we are alone I can talk to you freely barring swearwords. I donít have to ask permission at all anymore?"

"Thatís right pet but only when we are alone in this room."

"Okay, thank you Master."

For a while Xander lay quietly on the floor before a thought came to his mind.


"Yes, pet?"

"Could I please get something more to read? Iíve already read all the books I have now several times."

"I will see if I can get you something more later. Now I just want to be here and rest for a while."

There was a small tingle of annoyance in Spikeís voice so Xander knew it was in his best interest to keep quiet. For a while he did manage that but then he started feeling the need for bathroom. He quickly checked on Spike and saw the vampire lying on the bed with an arm over his eyes. It was obvious Spike was pretty tired. Xander really didnít want to piss him off anymore so he tried to ignore his need. Soon, however, it was, however, too dire and he quietly crawled to the bed and spoke with a small voice.


"What is it now?!?"

The almost yell scared Xander a little but then he had to continue.

"Master, Iím sorry to disturb you but I need to use the bathroom."

"You and your human needs. Just go then. The door is open. The minions know to keep an eye on you so donít do anything stupid. Iím starting to regret giving you freedom to speak. Maybe gagging you would have been a better idea."

Xander left the room quietly. He was so quiet he almost startled the minions standing guard in the corridor. At first they tried to intercept him but when he motioned towards the bathroom they grouped behind him and followed while he slowly walked towards the bathroom. He was quick and soon he was returning to the room. He again opened the door quietly and tiptoed in. He went straight to sit in front of the fire. When he picked up one of the comic books he did it as silently as possible so that not to disturb Spike anymore than he already had. The vampire had sounded really pissed off before.

After a while Xanderís stomach started growling again but he didnít dare to inform Spike about it. It seemed the vampire was asleep now since he hadnít moved for a while. Xander tried to amuse himself and keep quiet at the same time. He would have given anything to have his GBA back but since Spike had confiscated it Xander had no idea where it was.

Time seemed to drag on. Xanderís hunger just got worse but he still didnít dare to do anything about it since Spikeís sleep seemed to just go on. Soon Xander started feeling that the rumbling of his stomach could be heard miles away. He tried to burrow into the blankets to smother the sound. Finally Spike moved on the bed.

"Pet, how long have I been sleeping?"

"Iím not sure, Master. There is no clock in this room."

"Well, how long did it feel for you, pet?"

"Maybe three or four hours, Master, maybe even more."

"Thatís pretty long. What have you done during that time?"

"Master, I mainly just read and tried to be quiet."

Just then Xanderís stomach decided to make its hunger known with a loud rumbling. Xander was sure Spike could hear it very well and he blushed.

"Pet, how long have you felt hungry?"

"A while, Master."

"Why didnít you wake me up or ask the minions for something?"

"Master, you were so angry with me before you started sleeping that I didnít dare to do anything. I just tried to be quiet."

"Pet, of course you could have woken me up if you were feeling hungry. I wasnít planning on sleeping so long."

When Spike started coming towards him, Xander watched him warily. It seemed the vampireís moods were changing constantly and he couldnít be sure what mood he was in now. Spike obviously sensed his mood because he stopped in the middle of the room.

"Pet, is something the matter?"

"Master, Iím sorry but Iím a bit scared right now."

"Why, pet?"

"Master, before you went to sleep you yelled at me and threatened to gag me. Iím just wondering if you are going to do that now."

Suddenly Spike changed his direction and went to the door. He opened it and spoke to someone outside with a quiet voice before closing the door again. Then he again walked towards Xander who still watched him quite warily. Spike just came to sit beside him and didnít say a word. A while later Xander could feel a hand landing to his hair and Spike started petting him again.

"Pet, I was a bit cranky earlier and might have been a bit harsh with you. Iím not feeling cranky anymore and you have nothing to be afraid of. I have just ordered some food to be brought up so you should get something to eat pretty soon."

They waited in silence. Spikeís hand kept petting Xanderís head and gradually he relaxed to the touch and could enjoy it. When there was a knock on the door Spike went to open and came back with a tray full of food. At the first aroma of food Xander was sitting up and waiting anxiously for the tray to be placed in front of him.

"Thank you, Master."

"You can eat whatever you like from here but remember to be careful so that you donít make yourself sick again. It wonít do any good to your healing if you donít get enough energy."

Xander started eating with a slow pace. He was surprised when Spike situated himself near and started picking bits and pieces from the plates too. Not that it really mattered. There was more food than Xander could ever even think about eating so it was just a good thing that Spike was eating some of it. Neither of them said a word.

Part Thirty-Two

After all the food was gone Xander was feeling quite bloated. He just hoped he was able to keep the food down since he didnít want to be throwing up again. He again started wondering what time it was but there was no way he would know since the room didnít have windows or any type of clocks. He didnít know if he would dare to ask Spike for a clock. The vampire had been a bit unpredictable during the day, first really caring and nice and then snapping at him and threatening him with different things. He was shaken from his thoughts by Spikeís voice.

"Pet, youíve got that look again like you want to ask something. I already said that you donít have to be afraid or wait for permission or anything."

"Master, I was just thinking how much it bothers me that I never know what the time is. Would it be possible to have a clock or something like that here so that I could have some idea of the time? Please?"

"I will see what I can do about that. Wonít promise anything right now though. Thereís no actual need for you to know what the time is but I do understand that it may bother you. Now, I think itís time to go to bed. You want to go and brush your teeth before that?"

"Yes, Master."

"You think you can go by yourself?"

"Yes, Master."

"Donít take too long. I will be waiting for you here."

Xander exited the room. The minions again watched him suspiciously but didnít try to intercept him this time. Xander could guess they had heard some of the conversation between Spike and himself. He tried not to care about the stares he could feel burning his back. It was a relief when he could shut the door behind him and at least for a while he could just be alone. His feeling about the minions not liking him much had just gotten stronger during the last few days. Xander allowed a little while for himself before starting with his evening tasks and then returning to the room. Spike was already in the bed.

Without having to be told to Xander stripped the sweat pants he was wearing and climbed on the bed. The hand that sneaked around him waist wasnít a surprise either since he had known to wait for it. He still tensed up a little since he still wasnít sure of Spikeís mood. It had changed too much during the day. Spike obviously could sense him tensing up and Xander cursed his luck.

"Pet, is something the matter? Why are you all tense?"

"Master, I'm just feeling a bit uncertain. Your mood has been changing a lot today and Iím not really sure what to expect."

"As I already said Iíve been moody today but youíve nothing to worry about. Just go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day with all kinds of fun. Good night, pet."

"Good night, Master."

Spikeís comment bothered Xander a little. What kind of fun was Spike talking about? Would Xander find it funny too? For some reason Xander found himself doubting that. Finally sleep claimed him and he slept quite restfully for the whole night. He did dream but they were peaceful dreams where he was living happily.

In the morning Xander woke up to a feeling of hands running all around his body. It took him a while to realise where he was and whose hands were running along his skin. A sharp pinch to his nipple forced a gasp from his mouth.

"Morning, pet. You slept well?"

"Morning, Master. I slept pretty well for the whole night."

"Nice to hear that."

Next Xander could feel Spike pushing his erection against his naked butt and rubbing a little. He tried to stay calm and hope that this wasnít the day Spike was going to take things further. The small kisses pressed to his neck and shoulders soon calmed him down a little. Then Spike already turned him so that Xander was lying on his back. Spike continued his assault. Now it was Xanderís mouth that got kissed along his ears and jugular. The licks and kisses Spike kept showering him with felt really nice and soon Xander could feel stirring in his groin. At the same time he remembered what had happened the previous time Spike had kissed him like this and started struggling. Spike, however, got his hands firmly locked over his head and his upper body locked in place with Spikeís own.

"Pet, calm down now. I want to lick you all over. Taste every single piece of you."

With that Spike continued to lick Xanderís upper body as far as he could while still holding Xanderís hands in a tight lock. Very soon Xander couldnít help but just groan and moan under Spikeís ministrations. The vampire was really skilful with his tongue. Then Spike was again kissing Xanderís mouth and Xander could feel the vampireís insistent erection pressing into his hip. He was also very aware of his own erection and was sure that Spike knew about it too. Suddenly Spike released Xanderís hands.

"Pet, I want you to touch me now."

Xander turned to his side and started with giving small kisses to Spike and running his hand along Spikeís face and arms. He even ventured to the rosy nipples that stood in strong contrast against the pale skin. He played for a while with both of them rubbing and pinching. When he was able to get a deep moan out of Spike he smiled satisfied. Then Spike, however, got impatient.

"Pet, Iím sure you know that I meant you to touch me all over. One part of me is feeling badly neglected."

At the same time Spike lifted the covers and Xanderís gaze locked instantly on Spike's cock that stood erect and dripping. Spike took a hold of Xanderís wrist and pulled it towards his cock. For a while Xander resisted but he knew he really didnít have a choice. Soon his fingers were wrapping around the erect shaft and he started a slow pumping motion. It really didnít feel much different than his own cock, except for the fact that Spikeís cock was much cooler and thicker than Xanderís own. Since Xander was pretty sure Spike would appreciate initiative he added his other hand to the play and fondled Spikeís balls gently. He immediately got the reaction he had hoped for, Spike was forced to close his eyes for a while when the sensations washed over him.

Xander was so concentrated on Spikeís cock that he didnít pay attention what Spikeís hands were doing. When a cool hand wrapped around his semi hard cock Xander startled a little. Spike, however, set a quick rhythm and soon Xander forgot everything else. All his mind was able to handle was the fact that his own hands were wrapped around Spikeís cock and his cock was held by said vampire and it felt good. Xander tried to match Spikeís pace with his pumping. Surprisingly soon Spike released Xander cock and started thrusting into Xanderís grip with abandon. Xander could feel the vampireís balls lifting up and then his hand was covered in spunk. Before he could even think about wiping his hand on anything Spike spoke:

"Pet, I want you to lick your hand clean."

For a while Xander considered protesting but since he knew it wouldnít do anygood for him he slowly brought his hand near his mouth and started licking the cum off his fingers. Spikeís gaze was locked to his mouth and Xander was surprised to see the lust in the vampireís eyes. He also tried to not grimace from the taste of Spikeís cum. It tasted bitter. Finally his hand was clean. He was surprised when Spike drew the hand to himself and started fellating Xanderís fingers one at a time. It reminded Xander about his achingly hard cock but he tried to forget it since he wasnít too sure if Spike was going to finish him off or would he have to do it in the shower at a later stage.

Then Xander found himself on his back again. Somehow Spike had managed to throw the covers off them and was now sitting between Xanderís spread legs. Xander could see that Spikeís own cock was again at half-mast and cursed vampire constitution. Then he forgot everything else when Spike leaned over and gave his cock one long lick from base to tip. At the tip Spike quickly sucked the head into his mouth to taste Xanderís pre-cum. Xander tried to buck a little to get deeper but Spike obviously knew to wait for it and lifted his head up. Then he started fondling Xanderís balls rubbing and lifting them causing Xander to start humping the air in hopes of friction.

Xanderís passion, however, got a bad punch when he noticed Spike handling a tube of lube and coating his fingers with it. Xander quickly tried to get away or at least get Spike from between his legs. Spike, however, restrained him quickly with his hands and gave him a stern glare.

"Now Pet, donít make me tie you down. Just try to be as relaxed as possible. I promise this will feel good. Lift your legs up a bit, pet. Also put your hands over your head and grab the bars. Donít let go whatever happens. If you stay obedient you will get rewarded."

If Xander hadnít been so terrified he probably would have laughed. Now just a whimper rose from his throat. Xander obediently lifted his legs so that his feet were flat on the bed. He could feel his arousal again diminishing but Spike obviously had different plans since his cock was engulfed by the cool mouth again. At the same time as Spike took Xanderís cock deep into his throat he started massaging Xanderís balls again. Xander was so deep in the sensations Spike caused in him at first he didnít even notice when Spikeís fingers started wandering along his perineum and circling his hole. Only when one slick finger started to enter Xander suddenly tensed. He couldnít believe this was really happening. He would have never believed that he would end up with some other manís, or in this case vampireís, cock in his ass. Suddenly Spikeís mouth was off from his cock.

"Pet, I asked you to relax. I can always force my fingers in but trust me itís easier and much more pleasant for you if you cooperate."

Xander turned his face away from Spike. He didnít want the vampire seeing his tears even if he could probably smell them very well. Small sobs shook his body. Then Spike wasnít touching his nether parts anymore but was lying beside him and brushing the tears from his face.

"Pet, there is no need to cry. I promise I will try not to hurt you. I will be careful but Iíve waited long enough and you just have to accept this. If it makes it any easier Iím not going to fuck you today. Iím just going to use my fingers and let you get used to the feeling of having something inside you."

Then Spike was gone again and Xander could feel the touching beginning again. He knew that Spike was probably telling the truth about it hurting less if Xander was relaxed but it was so hard to relax in this situation. It was also a relief that Spike wasnít going to fuck him today, at least a momentarily relief. That would probably follow soon after. Xander still kept his face turned away from Spike and tried to think happy thoughts and not think about what Spike was doing to him right now.

When the first finger finally breached him Xander gasped in shock. It felt so wrong. He could feel his muscles contracting and trying to get rid of the foreign object. Spike was obviously using a lot of lube since his finger was gliding in and out quite effortlessly after the initial difficultness. Xander was at least grateful about that. He could feel Spike twisting the finger around inside him obviously trying to stretch him. Soon there was another finger trying to gain entrance. The stretching feeling felt quite terrible at first but this finger felt easier than the first one had felt. Xander could feel Spike again twisting the fingers around and stretching him further. Then he pushed as deep as it was possible and crooked his fingers. The second Spikeís fingers touched Xanderís prostate Xander almost soared out of the bed. His cock, which had started wilting again, took renewed interest. With a panting voice Xander asked.

"Master, what did you just do?"

"Pet, that is called your prostate. Believe me when I say that it will be your best friend from now on."

To emphasise his words even more Spike crooked his fingers again and stabbed at his goal. Xander arched off the bed and a small moan escaped his mouth. The same moment Spike again engulfed Xanderís cock into his mouth. Xander was taken by a sensory overload. The fingers poking into his prostate and the mouth enveloping him were almost too much. A while later Xander could feel Spike entering a third finger into him and that went even easier than the previous one. He was feeling pretty full now. All his earlier miserable thoughts had been buried. Now he was just suspended between Spikeís fingers and mouth. It was obvious the vampire wasnít doing this for the first time. Soon Xander couldnít hold out anymore and he started rocking against Spikeís fingers and mouth in turn. When the vampire started humming around Xanderís cock he lost all the control he had. With a roar he shot his cum down Spikeís throat. For a while he lost all knowledge of the world around him. When he came to he could feel Spike licking his cock that was twitching with the feeling. Finally Spike felt he had cleaned Xander enough and came to lie beside him again.

"So pet, what did you think about that? Was it as terrible as you thought?"

Xander knew that there was only one answer he could give that question and that answer made him blush. He averted his eyes from Spike before answering.

"No, Master."

"Hey, no need to be ashamed. Iím glad you enjoyed. Just stay put while I go fetch something to eat for breakfast. I donít think this was quite enough yet, even though it was delicious."

The smirk that accompanied Spikeís comment deepened Xanderís blush even more. It really wasnít unclear what Spike meant with the comment. Xander would have liked very much to hide in the covers but he knew he had to use the bathroom and the sooner the better. Just before Spike stepped out of the room Xander dared to open his mouth.

"Master, I need to use the bathroom. May I go while you are getting breakfast?"

"I guess that is fine. Just come back here quickly. We have full day ahead of us and lots of things to do."

Then Spike disappeared from the door. Xander got off the bed quickly and pulled the sweat pants on. Spike still hadnít said anything about them so Xander assumed he could still use them during daytime. When he opened the door to the corridor the minions barely glanced at him. Spike had obviously told them that Xander would be going to the bathroom. Xander hurried his way there and back and managed to be back before Spike returned.

Part Thirty-Three

The fire had burned out during the time they slept and it was a bit chilly in the room. Xander hoped he wasnít overstepping his boundaries when he went back to the corridor and requested the minions to light it again. It was already burning happily when Spike came back.

"Pet, who lighted the fire?"

"Master, I asked the minions to do it. It was a bit chilly in here and I wanted warmth. Did I do wrong?"

"No, pet, I was just curious. Here is your breakfast. Eat quickly. We are expected downstairs in half an hour. I want you to accompany me again when I go to listen what my minions have been up to lately."

"Thank you, Master."

Then Xander started eating. It was pretty basic breakfast but he was so hungry that he would have eaten whatever was given to him. It didnít take him long to polish it all down. Spike was already waiting for him with the leash. Xander didnít like the idea that he had to walk around in a leash but at least he was happy that he was allowed to walk, crawling around would have been much worse. Slowly they made their way to downstairs. Xander was again told to sit beside Spikeís legs on the floor. He was again happy that he was allowed the pants. It would have been quite unpleasant to sit on the cold floor on his bare butt. This room was cooler than the room where Xander spent most of his time. He knew vampires didnít feel the cold and could understand the lack of warmth but it still bothered him and he hoped they wouldnít spend too much time down here. He was already missing the warmth of the other room.

After these thoughts Xander tried to centre his thoughts to what was happening around him. He did remember what Spike had said to him the first time they had done this. He was determined not to fuck up this time. Their morning had actually been quite nice and Xander wanted Spike to remain in a good mood. The vampire was so much more pleasant when he was in a good mood. Everything went much better for Xander then. The stuff the minions told Spike was again pretty dull, just violence and mayhem. They luckily left the more sordid details out of their stories so Xander didnít have to hear them tell what they had done to their victims. Surely he knew that the minions went out frequently and killed a lot of people but he didnít want to hear about it. He tried to pick up any mention of his friends but this time there wasnít anything of them. Finally it seemed Spike was done with the minions. Xander jumped up from the floor as soon as Spike got up from his chair and walked behind him back to their room. It was so nice to return to the warmth. As soon as Spike released the leash from the collar Xander went to the fire to warm his toes and fingers that were almost freezing.

"Pet, are you feeling cold again? You feeling that you coming down with something?"

The obvious care and concern in Spikeís voice still surprised Xander. He had gotten feeling that the vampire really did care about his wellbeing but it still did amaze him. He had thought Spike to be just a cold-blooded murderer who didnít care about anyone.

"Master, it was a bit chilly in the other room and now my toes and fingers are cold. Iím just trying to warm them up again. Nothing else is wrong."

Xander got a new surprise when Spike came to him and started massaging his toes and warming them up. It tickled a little and Xander couldnít help a giggle from escaping. Spike stopped the massaging and gave him a raised eyebrow. Xander blushed a little but soon forgot all about it when Spike started running his fingers along the sole of Xanderís foot. Xander tried to squirm away but Spike had a firm grip on his ankle. Soon Xander was writhing on the floor giggling uncontrollably. Finally he was able to form a few words between the giggling.

"Master, please! Stop! Iím begging you!"

Spike stopped but didnít release his hold on Xanderís ankle at first. Spike just watched Xander from under his lashes while Xander tried to get his breathing under control. Then Spike started slowly crawling up Xanderís body. He looked like a hunter stalking its prey. Xander noticed that he was holding his breath while he watched. Finally Spike was face to face with him and his body blanketing Xanderís. Xander had been forced to spread his legs and now Spike was nestled between them. He was holding his weight on his arms but still their bodies were touching in almost every place. Then Spike ground his crotch against Xander and Xander could feel the hardness there. It shocked him a little but before he could react in anyway Spike leaned in and spoke with a quiet voice.

"Pet, you are really desirable when you beg me like that. What do I get if I donít tickle you anymore? What do you have to offer me?"

Spikeís face was really close. Xander felt like he would have liked to sink inside the floor to get some distance between them but it also felt kinda nice. When Spike again rolled his hips Xander could feel something stirring in his pants too.

"Pet, Iím still waiting."

Xander drew a deep breath before answering.

"Master, I donít know. I donít think I have anything to offer you."

"Oh, I think you have a lot to offer. I havenít just gotten to explore your whole potential yet."

The smirk on Spikeís face told Xander exactly what Spike was thinking about, for some reason the idea didnít terrify him as much as before. He guessed his experience that morning had changed his mind a little. Still the thought of Spike sticking his cock into his ass made his blood run cold but it wasnít as bad as before. Another grind from Spike made Xander to return to the present. He gave Spike a careful glance from under his lashes. He also chewed his bottom lip a bit uncertainly. Xander startled when Spike groaned.

"Pet, youíve got no idea how desirable you look when you do that."

Then Xanderís mouth was engaged in frantic kissing. Spike continued to grind his crotch against Xanderís and Xander could feel his cock hardening a little in response. He tried to keep up with Spikeís rhythm with the kissing. Then Spikeís weight was suddenly gone from atop of Xander and the vampire was lying beside him. There was a clear bulge in his jeans and Xanderís eyes were automatically drawn to it. When Spike opened the buttons from his jeans and freed his erection Xander couldnít avert his eyes. Then Spike wrapped his fingers around it and started slowly pumping. Soon Spikeís fingers were sticky with pre-cum. Xander watched frozen in place when Spike took his hand away from his cock and brought it near Xanderís mouth.

"Pet, I want you to lick my fingers clean."

Xander didnít bother protesting and while keeping his eyes locked on Spikeís he started licking Spikeís fingers. The lust he could read from Spikeís eyes spurred him on. He didnít think about what he was doing anymore but just concentrated on Spikeís eyes. First he licked the fingers all around but then started fellating them one by one. The lust in Spikeís eyes just grew until finally he had to close his eyes and a deep groan was released. Xander gave Spikeís cock a quick look and could see that pre-cum was practically flowing from it. He gave a final suck to Spikeís fingers before releasing them. A while later Spikeís eyes were on him again.

"Pet, I want you to suck me off now."

Xander swallowed a few times. He had known to expect this but it still didnít make it any easier. However, he knew that protesting would be useless. Slowly he got on his hands and knees and settled in line with Spikeís crotch. He started with small cat licks to get used to the idea. Even that got Spike groaning again. To get better access Xander tugged Spikeís jeans down a little and the vampire helped him by lifting his hips. Gradually Xander started taking Spikeís cock into his mouth. At first he couldnít take it very deep before his gag reflex protested. He drew away a little before trying again. He tried to relax his throat as much as possible and managed to go deeper this time.

When Spike suddenly bucked into his throat Xander felt like he would choke. He quickly drew up and tried to get his heartbeat down to normal and breathing under control. However, he knew he had to continue before Spike got impatient and would straddle his chest again like he had the first time. He liked this method a lot more since he could determine the speed compared to when Spike straddled his chest and fed his cock into Xanderís throat. Slowly he started taking Spike into his mouth again. He also encouraged his mind and started touching Spikeís balls with his hand. That got an immediate reaction when Spike bucked again. This time Xander had known to expect it and drew back in time. Then he wanted to hear Spike moan. It didnít require a lot. Just a few well placed licks and sucks combined with massaging Spikeís balls and Xander had the vampire begging for more. It made him smile around his mouthful of cock. From there it didnít take long before Xander could feel Spikeís balls lifting up and squirts of come starting to fill his mouth. He obediently swallowed all he could and then licked Spikeís cock clean before slumping back on the covers beside Spike. For a while there was a complete silence before it was broken by Spike.

"Pet, I think youíre getting the hang of it. Iím feeling pretty boneless right now. Go tell the minions outside to bring us some food. Iím feeling peckish for some human food right now."

Xander got up and walked to the door. The front of his trousers was tented since his cock was still half hard. He hoped the minions wouldn't pay attention to that. He opened the door and was again faced with a few sour faced minions.

"Spi...the Master has requested some food to be brought up for us."

When the minions nodded and one of them left to deliver the message Xander closed the door and turned to face Spike. The expression on the vampireís face surprised Xander. Spike looked like he wasnít pleased about something. It didnít take long for Xander to guess the reason; he had almost called Spike by his name. It looked like it didnít matter even if he had corrected himself. He felt mortified and started wondering what his punishment would be. Xander went back to Spike and kneeled down. He was sure his fate would be decided soon.

"Pet, you probably already realised you broke the rules just now."

"Yes, Master."

"I will take care of your punishment later. I donít have time now and Iím hungry. You can spend the time until that by thinking about that. You are not allowed to read anything or speak unless I ask you something. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Master."

This really didnít sound too good to Xander. His punishment would be bad, it seemed, if Spike wanted to save it for later. If it had been only a beating or something like that, it wouldnít have taken Spike long to execute. Xander sat with his legs bent, his chin resting on his knees and stared into the fire until the food arrived. They ate in silence and after all the food was gone Xander returned to his previous position and waited to be told when his punishment would be starting. At some point Spike left the room for a while to hunt. When he returned Xander knew immediately that his time had come. Spikeís words confirmed it.

"Pet, itís time for your punishment. Come here."

Part Thirty-Four

Xander got up from the floor and walked to Spike. To his relief he didnít see the whip anywhere but of course that didnít mean anything. He stopped when he was right in front of Spike who was now sitting on the bed.

"Take the pants off and get across my knees."

Xander thought the order to be a bit weird but didnít waste time thinking about it but took the pants off and got across Spikeís knees. Spike draped his hand over his waist immediately and arranged him around for a while until he was satisfied. Xander tried to come up with an explanation to this weird position. The last time he had been in this position was when he was a small child and his father had spanked him. Just then the realisation struck him. Spike was going to spank him like a misbehaving child. Before he had time to squirm the first slap landed on his ass. It stung quite a lot but it was obvious Spike wasnít spanking him with all his strength. Xander wasnít sure if he was allowed to say anything but soon he couldnít help small whimpers escaping. When Spike just continued with the spanking Xander started to writhe in agony and finally beg.

"Master, please! Iíve learned my lesson. Please no more. It hurts! Master, Iím begging you!"

There were still a few spanks and then Spike stopped. He just ran his hand along the slightly pinked skin. The feeling made Xander shiver. He didnít dare to move before Spike gave him permission so he just had to stay still. He hoped his punishment was over now and nothing worse would follow. The spanking hadnít been too bad, even if it was a tad humiliating. The whole time his cock had rubbed against the rough surface of Spikeís jeans and Xander could feel that he was half hard.

"Pet, this part is over now. Get on the bed and lie on your back. Put your hands above your head and grab the bars. Whatever happens, donít let go."

This didnít sound good. It was obvious his punishment hadnít ended yet. There was still more to come. However, he did as he was told. When he had settled Spike got up and walked to the other side of the bed and crouched down. Xander could hear some noise but since he was supposed to lie still he couldnít see what was happening. Finally Spike emerged back into Xanderís field of vision. The vampireís other hand was behind his back so Xander knew he was hiding something.

"Pet, close your eyes. I want you to keep them closed until I say otherwise. I also want you to stay absolutely silent, or actually no talking. Any other noises are allowed."

That comment made Xander even more nervous but he did close his eyes. He didnít think Spike would hit him like this so he decided to trust the vampire and closed his eyes. Almost immediately he could feel something soft being run along his skin. It mostly tickled. Xander really had to concentrate on keeping still and his eyes closed. Spike didnít say anything but the feeling on Xanderís skin continued. When the item Spike was touching his skin with neared Xanderís nipples he cringed in expectation. Spike started making large circles on his chest that gradually got smaller until Spike just concentrated on one nipple at a time. Xander was well aware of the fact that his cock was now fully erect and dripping. His nipples were peaked and craved for more touch. It was also granted since the feeling just continued.

A while later his nipples were left alone, but Xander could feel the tickling touch going down his body. First his legs were treated thoroughly. Xander yelped when his balls got their share and after that his cock. He automatically tried to deepen the touch and humped the air. He could hear Spike snickering beside him. Xander also started thinking that this kind of treatment was a weird way to punish him. At the moment he was just feeling good. No trace of hurt.

Suddenly the soft touch was away from his skin. Xander whimpered but it changed into a moan only seconds later when he could feel a cool hand wrapping around his cock and giving it a few hard pumps. Xander was pretty sure he wouldnít need much before he came. Then there was something tight being wrapped around his cock and Xander whimpered again.

"Pet, that was a cock ring. You are still being punished and I donít want you to come before your time. There are still a lot of things I want to do to you."

Spikeís voice was gentle but Xander could guess that there was still a lot coming before Spike would allow him any rest. It actually sounded like Xander had a long night ahead of him.

Spike had a fun time watching his pet writhing on the bed. He let it go for a while before returning to his task. He again took the feather to his petís nipples and started caressing and circulating them again. Spike also added a few twists to keep his boy guessing. After a while he tired with that and picked his next item, a soft velvet flogger.

"Pet, you can open your eyes now."

Xander opened his eyes and looked straight at Spike.

"Pet, it looked like you enjoyed the treatment I gave you with a large feather. Next Iím going to continue with this."

Spike lifted the velvet flogger so that Xander could see it. He watched when his petís eyes widened in fear. However, he could smell the boyís arousal just climbing a few notches so he wasnít too worried.

Spike started the flogging from his petís arms and proceeded from there. The flogger left red marks on the boyís skin but they faded almost as soon as they appeared. Then Spike reached his petís nipples again and started treating them with the flogger. He made sure to treat the whole area around the nipples with the flogger and dealt a few blows straight on the nipples. Spike could feel his boyís need to arch off the bed. Spike gave him some time to calm down before going forward with the flogging. When he neared his petís crotch he can see the small flicker of fear in the boyís eyes. Spike concentrated first to his petís thighs and after the boy had relaxed he dealt a couple of quick blows straight to the boyís engorged cock and balls. This time the boyís moan combined with a whimper could be heard clearly and his back arched off the bed a little. Spike had made sure not to hit too hard, just to make it feel.

Spike decides to give his boy some time to calm down and put the flogger away. He could see that his boyís cock was becoming an angry red and knew that he couldnít continue this for long. Spike picked up the next item from the box but didnít show it his boy. He started fondling his boyís nipples once more until they are peaked out hungry for Spikeís touch. Then Spike picked up the nipple clamps he had taken from the box and attached them quickly to his boy. The boy whimpered again and his breathing and heartbeat picked up.

Next Spike picked up a bottle of lube and started lubing up his fingers and started thrusting them into his boyís opening almost immediately. First he avoided the boyís prostate and concentrated only on stretching the boy open. Just before pulling his fingers out Spike scratched his fingers over the boyís prostate and got the boy whimpering and moaning again.

Before his petís moans had even quieted down Spike had already picked up the next item, a vibrating butt plug. He started to insert it slowly into his boyís channel. The boy was writhing on the bed in combined arousal and agony. As soon as Spike had the plug inserted to his satisfaction he returned to sit beside his pet on the bed. He had made sure that the vibrator hit the boyís prostate when it was turned on. Spike started playing with his boyís nipples that were now imprisoned within the nipple clamps. There was a convenient chain connecting the clamps and Spike started playing with that. After a while Spike turned the on switch on the plug.

It took even less time than Spike had anticipated until his boyís body goes into overload and he dry orgasms with a pitiful whimper. The release was so powerful that his pet lost consciousness immediately. After Spike noticed his petís state he stopped the vibrator and pulled it out. Next he carefully removed the nipple clamps. Then it was the cock-ring's turn. Spike carefully removes the restraint from his petís cock and balls. Even without the ring the boyís cock stayed rock hard and looked quite angry. Spike was impressed that not once did his pet move his hands from the headboard. Now Spike grabs them and settles his boyís limbs more comfortably. Xander had also managed to stay silent the whole time, or more precisely without saying a word. The whimpers and moans didnít count since Spike had told him that was allowed. After everything was cleaned and put away Spike just had to wait. While he was waiting Spike made some preparations.

Finally Xander started regaining consciousness. He had no idea what had just happened. All he knew was that Spike had tortured him with loads of pleasure and finally it had been too much for him. Now he was feeling totally boneless. Xander just hoped Spike wouldnít expect him to do anything too demanding anytime soon. He didnít think he could move anywhere right now.

Without Spike saying a word he picked Xander up and carried him to the bathtub in front of the fire where a steaming bath was already waiting. Spike lowered his boy into the bathtub and poured some more water into the tub to make the temperature exactly right. Then he joined his pet in the bath and they just sit silently for a while. Finally Spike spoke.

"Pet, are you alright?"

It takes a while for Xander to answer and the response was a bit slurred.

"Yes, Master, feeling good but quite tired."

Spike gently ran his fingers along Xanderís skin. When he reached the boyís nipples he pinched them between his fingers. He could hear the boy gasp and felt him try to squirm away weakly. Spike decided to have mercy on him and just settled his arms around his petís torso. They again lay still until the water started to cool down. Spike could feel that his pet was about to fall asleep on him and he needed to shake him a little before they got out of the tub. Spike wrapped Xander in a fluffy towel and ushered him towards the bed. The boy was barely able to walk straight so Spike needed to hold and steer him to the right direction. When they reached the bed Xander practically fell onto it and was almost immediately asleep. Spike arranged himself beside his pet so that his arm was again slung over Xanderís waist. They slept like this for the rest of the night.

In the morning Xander woke up feeling pretty sore. His ass was throbbing and his nipples felt quite tender. For a while he needed to think before he remembered what had happened the previous night. He wondered if the same kind of handling would be Spikeís idea of a punishment on other times too. If it was he might break the rules on purpose. Last night's punishment had been a lot more fun than the previous punishments he had received. Spike didnít seem to be awake yet so Xander closed his eyes again and tried to get some more sleep.

Their life settled into a pattern again. Every day Xander accompanied Spike downstairs when the vampire saw his minions and listened to whatever they had to say. The rest of the time they mainly spent in the room doing miscellaneous stuff. After a few days Xander noticed that the minions that had been guarding the door and not given him any food were among the other minions. He hadnít even noticed they were gone but now they got his attention since they looked pretty bad. It looked like theyíd been through hell and not fed for days. It puzzled Xander a little but he didnít give it any more thought.

Spike continued to train Xander in sexual favours. There still wasnít any indication of actual sex but Xander grew accustomed to giving blowjobs to Spike and being the recipient on numerous occasions when Spike used his fingers or one of the plugs to bring him pleasure. His resistance towards Spikeís attentions diminished day by day. He still didnít enjoy giving head too much but since Spike usually let him determine the pace it wasnít as bad as his first time had been. One morning, however, he woke up and noticed that Spike was already clothed and obviously in a hurry.

"Pet, I have to leave again for a few days. Iíve placed my most trustworthy minions to take care of your needs. They should bring you food at least three times a day automatically but in case you need more just ask them. Toilet trips you can do whenever you want. In case you want a shower just inform them and they will allow you more time. I will return as soon as I can but I suspect it will be a few days."

Xander sat up on the bed. He wasnít too happy that Spike was leaving him alone. He still had the feeling that some of the minions didnít care a lot about him. Spike obviously saw the unhappy expression on his face.

"Pet, is something wrong?"

"Master, I have the feeling that some of the minions donít like me a lot. Iím also afraid that I'll get bored. Iíve already read most of the comics."

"Donít worry about the minions. They wouldnít dare to do anything to you because they would have to answer to me. I think the lesson I gave those two after they left you without food for days was an example to all of them. Also I can give you your GBA back. You can play with that if you get bored. I will also tell the minions guarding the door to get you more comics."

Xander knew he couldnít complain anymore. He just had to take what Spike was offering. Not like he could ask to be allowed to accompany him. Or it never hurt to try.

"Okay, thank you Master. Canít you take me with you? I promise Iíll be good. I would do anything you said I have to do. I promise."

"Pet, you are still too unpredictable. I canít take the risk that you'd decide to do something foolhardy and cause trouble for both of us. Maybe some other time after youíve been with me longer."

Xander didnít bother commenting in any way. He just buried himself back under the covers. Soon Spike came to him and gave him a kiss onto his forehead and brushed his hair away from his eyes.

"Be a good boy now, pet. I promise I will try to come back as soon as I can. You will be fine until then. Just donít leave the room unless you really have to. No one, except for those minions who are bringing your food, will dare to come here and only my most trusted minions will be guarding that door. You have nothing to be afraid of."

With that Spike turned around and left the room. Xander felt quite alone immediately. He had already learned to trust Spike but the minions were still a complete question mark. Well, if Spike trusted them enough to leave Xander with them he really didnít have much choice. Not that anyone was asking his opinion on the matter. He settled comfortably under the covers and decided to try to get some more sleep. That would at least take some time and he would have less to waste on other things or to get bored.

Part Thirty-Five

A while later Xander wakes up to a sudden noise in the room. When he jumps up on the bed he can see two minions standing in the middle of the room. They had obviously tried to come to the room quietly to bring him breakfast but managed to stumble on something and now Xanderís breakfast was on the floor in a pile of broken glass. The minions were obviously waiting for Xanderís reaction but he didnít know what to do. Spike hadnít given him any guidelines how to address the minions. He knew that in principle they had to do what he told them to do but it still didnít give him any indication how to treat this incident. Luckily he was spared from that decision when one of the trusted minions barged into the room obviously alerted by the noise. This minion started scolding the other minions.

"You morons! I said you had to be quiet since the Masterís pet was sleeping. I especially told you not to disturb his sleep! You canít even accomplish a small task like that without messing up. Now clean this up and bring some new food! I donít think you want to be responsible of the Masterís pet going hungry. You saw what happened to the last ones who made that mistake."

The two minions scrambled out of the room as quickly as they could. The minion who had scolded them turned towards Xander.

"My apologies. You will be brought breakfast soon. I will make sure those two morons get the punishment they deserve."

Xander had followed the proceedings in the room with his mouth open. Okay he could grasp that the minions had tried not to disturb him but had managed to trip or something. It didnít really bother him. He should have woken up pretty soon anyways. Now it seemed the poor minions would end up suffering because he had been sleeping. It didnít sound fair to him. Just when the door was closing Xander yelled.

"Hey, wait a moment."

The minion stuck his head back to the room.

"What are you going to do to them?"

"Just what they deserve for their carelessness. Nothing you should worry your head about."

"Hey, it was just an accident. They shouldnít suffer because of that. It was actually my fault since I know I should have been up already."

"They knew the consequences if they messed up. Now they have to bear them. They are still young and they need to learn some manners. Now if that was all, I will go and supervise them. I will return shortly with your breakfast."

Xander was still irritated and didnít wish the minions to suffer because of a minor accident. Part of his brain, however, said that he shouldnít worry about the minions since they were just vampires. Why should he care what happened to them? They were just soulless creatures. His humanity won after a tight debate. He didnít want them to suffer for something like that.

"Spike once told me that in his absence you should follow my orders. I donít want you to go punishing those two. It was just an accident. It could have happened to anyone."

"Iím also sure the Master told you that his orders overrule your wishes even in his absence. The Master has told me that Iím responsible of making sure all misconduct is treated accordingly. Iím also pretty sure the Master wonít take it lightly if he hears that youíve not addressed him properly."

The small threat in the minions voice didnít go unnoticed by Xander. He soon realised that he couldnít win this argument. He averted his gaze from the minion and muttered.

"I would like to go to the bathroom if thatís possible. Also a shower would be nice."

"That is fine. My friend here can accompany you. I will delay your breakfast so that you have time to come back here after your shower."

With that the door was closed. Slowly Xander got out of the bed. He grabbed one of the towels in the room then knocked on the door. It was immediately opened. Since Xander guessed the other minion had already told his companion about Xanderís plans he didnít bother saying anything but headed straight to the bathroom. The minion walked by his side but made no attempt to grab him. When they reached the bathroom the minion opened the door for Xander and settled beside the wall to wait.

Xander took his time in the shower. It wasnít like anyone was waiting for him. In the worst-case scenario he would be alone for days. He needed to use as much time as possible for everything he did so that boredom wouldnít get to him. He had no idea how long the minions would allow him time but since there was no escape route from the bathroom he didnít think it really mattered. He really enjoyed the warm water from the shower. Even if the fire was blazing in his room constantly now he still felt chilly occasionally. The only times he felt totally warm were under the covers in the bed or in the shower where he could keep the water as hot as he wished.

He had no idea how long he had spent in the shower. When he finally emerged from the bathroom the minion standing outside the door looked a bit anxious but didnít say anything to him. With quick steps Xander walked back to his room. He was surprised that the breakfast wasnít there but the mess from earlier had already been cleaned up. Xander didnít have much time to wonder about the breakfast before it was carried to the room. The minions had obviously waited until someone told them that Xander had returned to the room. His usual breakfast had contained only some sandwiches and some juice but now the tray that was carried in front of him contained scrambled eggs, bacon, beans and some toast. There was also some orange juice. After he had taken everything else in he noticed the Twinkie bars on the tray. Spike obviously used them as a special treat since he hadnít been given many of them during his time in Spikeís care.

After the minions had presented him with the tray they swiftly left the room. Xander noticed that the firewood was quickly running out. He should ask someone to bring him more of it and make sure the fire burned all the time. He had no desire to feel cold when he didnít need to. He was also pretty sure that Spike wouldnít be pleased if he made himself sick again. Now there was no one else to blame than Xander himself.

Xanderís day was quite dull. He made himself comfortable with the extra pillows and covers near the warmth of the fireplace and enjoyed the GBA. Before it had been confiscated Xander hadnít had time to try out all his games so there were quite a few games for him to play. With that he managed to spend quite a lot of time but even the games became dull after a while. It also didnít do much good for his eyes to squint the small screen for a while. Next he tried to write a little in his journal. There really wasnít much to write since nothing interesting was happening in his life. He was brought lunch and dinner during the day. He didnít see the two minions from the morning again and guessed that if they werenít dust yet they were at least punished somewhere.

Somehow Xander managed to pass the day. Spike still hadnít provided him with a clock but on his toilet trips he managed to pry the minions some indication of the time. When he felt sleep overwhelming him he took care of his evening tasks, made sure there was enough wood in the fire to last for the night and headed for bed. He was surprised when he realised that it felt weird to sleep alone. He had gotten used to Spikeís presence in the bed and now it felt so empty. Finally sleep pulled him under.

Next morning Xander woke up to delicious smells wafting to his nose. When he opened his eyes he could see a tray full of food in front of him. There was also someone crouched near the fire and adding more wood. Xanderís movement alerted that person but he didnít say anything. Just adjusted the fire once more and left the room. Silence fell. Slowly Xander started to eat his breakfast. It was again as diverse as on the previous morning. There was so much food that Xander felt quite bloated afterwards. He couldnít even think about eating the treats that were on the tray. He just put them on the side table for later use. When his bladder voted for bathroom he knocked on the door. It was quickly opened by the same minions from the day before. When he informed them about his need for the bathroom they just waved him ahead. Neither of them accompanied him but he knew their eyes were glued to him the whole time. When he returned from his trip Xander noticed that the morning tray had already disappeared.

Xander spent his morning the same way as on the previous day, playing with the GBA and reading. A new pile of comics had appeared in the room during his morning bathroom trip so Spike had obviously told the minions to restock them. The silence started bothering Xander at some point. He wished he had asked Spike for a radio or something. Of course he didnít know if that would have been allowed to him but it never hurt to ask, at least not anymore. Spike had been quite nice to him lately. Xander had managed to stay on his good side except for that little slip some time ago but the punishment he had received from that hadnít been bad. He had actually quite liked it, if you didnít count the spanking part.

At some point one of the minions carefully entered the room and asked Xander if he would like to have his lunch now or would he want to wait until later. Since Xanderís stomach voted for immediate food he told the minion to bring his food. Xander estimated that he would have time for a quick bathroom trip before his lunch arrived so he proceeded to the door and knocked. Again the minions just waved him ahead so Xander walked towards the bathroom.

Just when he was beside the stairs that lead downstairs he could hear a commotion going on. His curiosity won over and with a quick glance towards the two minions standing by the bedroom door he stepped a few steps down. The sight greeting him was surprising. There was a small group of minions gathered in the room and they were obviously fighting about something. They were shouting over each other so badly that Xander couldnít really hear what they were fighting about. Then the words "The Masterís worthless human pet" reached his ears and he gasped involuntarily. Immediately everybodyís eyes were on him.

"Oh, look who we have here, speak of the devil."

By this point the minions guarding Xanderís door had also reached the steps and they tried to coax Xander back up the stairs. The venomous glare some of the minions were giving him convinced Xander that it was in his best interest to return to the safety of the room. However, before he had time to do anything else than turn around his arm was grabbed and he was swung down the stairs. He landed really badly and could almost hear his arm snapping. He screamed in agony. His scream, however, was cut in the middle by a harsh slap to his face. The same minion who had grabbed him was now standing again in front of him. Xander also recognised this to be one of the minions who had denied him food previously.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!? The Master will have your hide for hurting his pet!"

Xander gaze lifted to that voice and he could see the two minions who had guarded the door still standing on the stairs but now they were restrained by others. Xander could see that they tried to struggle but it was no use since there were several others holding them down.

"Oh, shut up, will you!"

"What will you do when the Master returns? How will you explain his injuries?"

"Donít worry about that. This human scum wonít be here when Master Spike returns."

The look the minion gave Xander was enough to freeze the blood in Xanderís veins. He wondered what the minion was about to do to him. From the sound of things he would be in a world of hurt first and then disappear into thin air, or that was at least what Spike would be told. He had a pretty good idea of what that meant with vampires. He knew it probably wasnít a good idea to ask and he wasnít even sure he wanted to know but he decided to go with the asking anyway.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Oh, I have nice plans for you. First of all Iím going to show you what Iíve been forced to endure because of you, all the whippings included. Then I thought I might fuck you. I want to know why the Master wants to fuck a human."

This comment got some laughs from the other vampires. Xander could see that his guards were still being restrained. None of the other vampires showed any attempts to defending him. Xander knew that he was royally screwed. Even if he knew he had no hope of escaping he tried. When his attacker was looking into other direction Xander sprung up and headed for the door. He only made a few meters before he was tackled down. He tried to fight but when his presumably broken arm was grabbed and twisted the agony got too great and Xander relented. Next he was dragged from his hair back to the middle of the room and then shoved down to his knees.

"I think I will start with the fucking after all. I want him to be conscious for that."

Again some laughing. Xander knew that he was a lost case already and he was going to die anyway so it really didnít matter what he did. He tried to attack the vampire above him again but all he got for his troubles was a black eye, split lip and a kick to his ribs that made him bend down in pain. His attacker used this to his advantage and pushed his upper body to the floor.

"Hold him down!"

Immediately Xander could feel a few pairs of hands grabbing his shoulders and keeping him down. It still left his arms free. Since one of them was already useless he only had the one but he did the best he could in that situation. He tried to hit the minions keeping him down but soon even his arms were locked down. Then to his shock the sweat pants were ripped off. Now there wasnít anything covering him anymore. He couldnít move at all and somehow he knew that this was it now. He would be raped and no one was going to save him.

Xander tried to yell and beg someone to help him when he felt fingers spreading his ass cheeks but of course no one did anything. The only ones who might have helped him were being restrained. Xander could hear them yelling something and trying to get the others to believe them that there was no way they would survive this intact. The Master would know and then there would be trouble. Xanderís attacker just answered them that their turn would come after Xander and there wouldnít be anyone telling the Master anything. Then the fingers were again spreading Xanderís ass cheeks and Xander prepared himself for the pain. It never came.

Spike was satisfied with himself. Taking care of his business had only taken him one day instead of two as he had anticipated. Now he could return to his pet earlier. It made him really happy. They had made steady progress and Spike was pretty sure Xander would be ready for the next step now. He would just have to approach the subject carefully. His mood was really chipper when he neared the house.

Then the scent assaulted him, his pet was very distressed and very scared. Spike banged the door open. There was a full commotion going on. He could see some of his minions gathered in the room. None of them noticed him entering. His attention was drawn to his pet who was on the floor, naked and held down. Rage took hold of Spike and in seconds he had ripped heads off from several of his minions. Then he stood in the middle of the room growling. He could see the rest of his minions shivering in the ground and trying to seem invisible. Spike didnít have energy for them now. He quickly scanned the whole room through to see if anyone was a threat to him before his petís whimpers got his attention. Spike quickly crouched down to check on his pet.

Xander was in turmoil. The hands from his ass had disappeared but there was an obvious fight going on around him. All he could guess was that someone had challenged the vampire holding him down and now they were fighting for him. When the hands holding him down disappeared Xander quickly rolled into foetal position and hoped someone would let him out of his misery. Then a sudden silence landed to the room. Xander tried to stay totally still. However he couldnít help the small whimpers that escaped his mouth. When a hand landed on his waist he startled and tried to curl even deeper into himself.

"Pet, are you alright?"

It sounded like Spike but it couldnít be. Spike had left and wouldnít return for days. The touch on his skin was a gentle one at the moment but Xander was sure it would get harsher any moment now. His arm was throbbing but he didnít dare to move it because he didnít want to draw any attention to himself.

"Pet, please say something. Iím here now and Iím going to take care of you."

The voice was just like Spikeís. Finally Xander encouraged his mind and gave a small peak from under his arms. Immediately relief washed over him. It really was Spike crouching over him.


"Yes, pet Iím here. Do you think you can stand up?"

"Yes, Master."

With some difficulty Xander stood up. Spike stood beside him ready to grab him if he fell again. After Xander was up Spikeís gaze transferred to the remaining minions and especially to those two who were supposed to guard his pet.

"You two failed me!"

"Yes, Master Spike."

"What do you have to say in your defence?"

"There is nothing we can say, Master. We failed you and we will pay the price."

Now it was Xanderís turn to interfere. He touched Spikeís arm to get his attention.

"Master, they tried to defend me. This was all my own fault, me and my stupid curiosity. Those two were the only ones who werenít participating in the attack!"

When Spike turned his game face towards him and snarled Xander automatically cringed and took a few steps away.

"Pet, are you questioning me?"

There was pretty much venom in Spikeís voice and Xander quickly bowed his head before answering.

"No, Master. I just expressed my opinion."

"I didnít ask for it, did I? Now return to the room and stay there until I come for you."

Xander knew that it was better for him to obey. While cradling his injured arm Xander quickly climbed the stairs and disappeared to the room. There he went straight to sit near the fire and tried to wrap one of the blankets around himself without jarring his arm too much. He was pretty sure Spike hadnít even noticed him hurting. In his mind Xander wondered if he would get any help for it or would it be left like that.

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