Dark Surprises


Part Twenty-Six

When Xander woke up he could feel Spikeís presence behind him. The vampire was gently petting his hair and arms. It felt kinda nice but Xander still tensed up. Spike kept petting him and gradually Xander relaxed a little. Finally he turned over so that he was facing Spike and touched Spikeís hip with his hand.

"Yes, pet?"

"Master, why are you being so nice and gentle with me now? This is confusing me. Iím just waiting when everything is going to come crashing down and you are going to beat me again and take all this comfort away."

Spikeís hand was moved to Xanderís face and stroked his cheek.

"Pet, this is what you will have as my pet, a comfortable and warm place, with food as much as you like and occasional treats. If you continue behaving this is what you will have all the time."

Spikeís words proved to be true. During the week following Xander falling sick Spike did everything he could to make Xander feel comfortable. He kept touching Xander but the touches were kept nice and gentle. There was no sign of forcing him into anything he wasnít ready for. Gradually Xander started craving the touch. The small kisses Spike kept giving him took some more time to get used to but even those didnít bother Xander so much as the time went on. Only Xanderís neck and shoulders were participants of these more intimate caresses.

At the end of the week the doctor came to check up on Xander again and proclaimed him healthy. He was still told to rest a lot and take it easy. In the evening they were already getting ready for bed when Spike surprised Xander with a question.

"Pet, I would very much like to kiss you. Can I?"

For a while Xander couldnít get a word out of his mouth. What did Spike mean with that? He had grown comfortable with Spike touching him and with the small kisses to his neck and shoulders but this was something totally different. Now Spike was actually asking for a permission to kiss him for real. Spike was standing right in front of him. Xander moistened his lips automatically with his tongue. He could hear the groan that caused in Spike. The longer he thought about it the less unpleasant did the idea sound. There was of course the fact that Spike could kiss him whether or not he gave his permission and finally Xander decided that it was nicer to be kissed like this than being an unwilling participant. He gave Spike a nod. Right then Spikeís cool lips landed on Xanderís own. It wasnít at all unpleasant. Xander gasped and found his mouth filled with Spikeís tongue. Before he could react in any way it had already ended and Spike was again just standing in front of him.

"You okay, pet?"

Xander was just able to nod. Spike gave him a blinding smile and got under the covers. A moment later Xander followed him. His lips were still tingling. As soon as Xander was under the covers and lying on his side Spike put his hand around Xander waist. They had slept like this already a few nights and Xander had gotten used to it. Quickly he fell into restful sleep.

The next week went with about the same pattern as the previous one. Spike still spent most of his time with Xander and all the time they were in the room Spike stayed close to Xander and kept up with the light touches. Now Spike had added kissing Xander to his program. The Spike's gentleness was really surprising for Xander. He would never have thought that the vampire, he had thus far known only as a merciless killer or an annoying menace, had this other side to him. He was pretty sure not many people got to see this side of Spike.

Xander had gotten used to their daily rhythm. Spike usually sat with him while he ate his breakfast but soon after that Xander was usually left alone for a few hours while Spike took care of his duties with the minions. After that Spike always returned to Xander. Occasionally he had some things later in the day to take care of and on those times Xander was also alone. Luckily he had his comics and journal to amuse himself with.

At the end of the week Xander got a big surprise from Spike when the vampire presented him with a Game Boy Advance (GBA). For a while Xander didnít know if he could accept it because he didnít know what Spike expected him to do for it but Spike reassured him that it was just his reward of being such a good boy during the last few weeks. The GBA came with several games so Xander really didnít have any trouble amusing himself after that.

During that week Spike also started getting a little bolder with his touches. Until now they had only been centred on Xanderís face and upper arms but Spike gradually added an occasional touch to his waist and hip. Spike also wanted Xander to start sleeping nude again. He was still allowed to use the clothes during the day but at nights he had to strip. For a few days Spike let him take the clothes off himself but after that he started helping and stole a few touches there too. At first Xander felt uncomfortable with that but when Spike seemed to be just happy with stealing a few touches once in a while he relaxed. Xander also noticed that he had started touching Spike. They were just small touches to his arms but Xander was still surprised to notice how touching Spike calmed him.

Spike still got hard almost every night and Xander waited for the moment the vampire was going to say that it was time for Xander to start servicing him properly but it never came. Some mornings Spike did press his erection against Xanderís backside and rubbed against him for a while but nothing more.

Part Twenty-Seven

One morning Xander got a surprise when he returned from bathroom and Spike was waiting for him with a leash. First he tried to go through his mind to come up what he had done wrong now but Spike did not looking angry. Xander carefully went to him.

"Pet, today there is a small change in the program. Iíve kept you here locked up for weeks now and I think itís time you saw something more than these walls. Therefore you will be accompanying me downstairs and sit with me while I go through things with my minions. Thus far youíve only seen a few of my minions but as you can probably guess I have quite a few of them. You are not required to do anything during our time downstairs. Just sit quietly. And by the way, lose the shirt."

Xander was a bit surprised by this turn of events. Spike had never before implied that Xander was supposed to go with him when he spoke with his minions. Also the order to take his shirt off was a surprise but Xander was just happy that he was allowed to keep his pants on. He really didnít want to go in front of all the minions butt naked.

Xanderís thoughts were interrupted when Spike snaps the leash to his collar. Since he hadnít been told anything else Xander assumed that he was allowed to walk upright. He followed Spike a few steps behind him. The sight that greeted him downstairs was surprising. He had never seen so many vampires at the same time. It unnerved him a little and by instinct he tried to walk a bit closer to Spike.

There was a large throne like chair in the middle of the room. Spike headed straight for that and sat down. With his hand he showed Xander that he was supposed to sit beside his legs on the floor. There was a small pillow situated there so Xander sat on it. Spikeís hand found itís way into Xanderís hair almost immediately but his attention seemed to be on the minions in front of him. Xander shut out the things the minions talked to Spike about quite soon. He had no interest to hear where and whom they had hunted during the previous night and what kind of mess they had managed to do. Suddenly one word had his attention. Someone had mentioned the Slayer.

"...Master, we managed to fight them off but we did suffer some losses. We also managed to give them some more misleading information about your pet."

"Where and when was this?"

"Master, I came straight from there to report to you but due to the constraints of daytime it took me a few days to get here. I think they are pretty badly misled by now. They donít know who to trust when all their magic is going all wonky."

Then the minion was already talking about something else. He had also mentioned some town but it had to be a small one since Xander didnít recognise it. Not that that would have done any good for him since he didnít know where they were now. The fact that it had taken the minion a few days to get back to Spike was a clear sign that the other town where they had encountered Buffy wasnít anywhere near. Xander knew that Spike had noticed his tensing up when Buffy was mentioned but he hoped the vampire didnít mind it.

The rest of the audition went quite fast for Xander. He just kept thinking about his friends. It was nice to know they were still trying to find him. It at least showed they cared. It just sounded like Spike was throwing more and more obstacles to distract them. Xander was so deeply in his thoughts that he startled when Spike suddenly tugged the chain. He then realised that most of the minions had already left the bigger room and Spike was standing, watching him and obviously waiting for him to get up. Xander quickly scrambled up. Spike didnít look too pleased so Xander was a little bit afraid of what was going to happen when they reached the room.

Back in the room Xander went straight to sit to the nest in front of the fire to wait what was going to happen. Spike paced around the room for a while before settling beside Xander on the pillows. For a while they sat there without saying a word.

"Pet, Iím a bit disappointed in you. I know I didnít give you any guidelines on how you should behave while we were downstairs but there are a few things I need to make clear. First of all you shouldnít space out. I know the things my minions tell me arenít probably any interest to you but by spacing out in my presence like that you show disrespect towards me and thatís a no no in my minions presence. You should also pay attention to what I do and when I stand up you should be ready to follow me immediately."

For a while Xander thought hard and when he realised that he really didnít have any other chance he got up and walked to the bed. There he pulled the pants down and bent over his hands on the bed. In seconds Spike was beside him.

"Pet, what are you doing?"

"Master, I thought you would like to punish me since I screwed up."

Xander was surprised when he could feel the pants being pulled back up and Spikeís hands around him. With little coaxing Xander found himself lying on the bed and facing Spike. The vampire's arms were still around him so they were quite close to each other. Xander didnít dare to look straight into Spike's eyes so he lowered his gaze and stared at Spikeís chest.

"Pet, you didnít screw up. I didnít tell you what I expected so there was no way you could have known what to do. I wonít punish you for that kind of things. Please look up."

Slowly Xander lifted his gaze so that he was looking straight into Spikeís eyes. The blueness there felt like it could drown him. It was kind of scary but he didnít dare to avert his gaze again.

"Pet, do you believe me that I donít want to punish you for what happened downstairs?"

"Yes, Master."

"I just told you what I expected so that next time you know how to behave. You understand me?"

"Yes, Master."

"Iím glad. Now give us a kiss then."

After a small thinking break Xander rose a little from the bed and bent over Spike. Soon his lips were glued into Spikeís. This kissing thing was kind of nice. Spike was a really good kisser. Suddenly Spike reversed their position so that Xander was lying on his back on the bed and Spike was leaning over him. The kissing continued. Xander was so concentrated on the kissing that it took him a while to notice that Spikeís hands were busy touching other parts of his body. Right now Spikeís other hand was busy pinching and rubbing one of Xanderís nipples. Xander tried to squirm away.

"Pet, stay still. I just want to explore your body a little. Just enjoy it."

Xander still tried to push Spike away from him but the only result was that Spike locked his hands above his head with one of his hands and then continued tormenting his nipples with the other. After a while Spike started laving Xanderís nipples with his tongue and giving small nips with his blunt teeth. To his horror Xander could feel his cock starting to fill. He knew that vampires had a very keen sense of smell and Xander was sure Spike could smell him. He was feeling really embarrassed. However, it seemed that Spike wasnít paying attention to anything else than Xanderís nipples. Spike kept tormenting one with his mouth while his nimble fingers handled the other. Xander could feel his cock hardening more and more all the time and tenting the front of the sweat pants he was wearing. Then Spike was again kissing him and he forgot everything else. When they needed to break up the kissing due to Xanderís need for oxygen Xander could see Spike watching him carefully.

"Pet, everything alright? You feeling fine?"

Xanderís answer was almost breathless. It was so sweet of Spike to be concerned of him.

"Yes, Master."

"Great, I think you are ready to try something new."

Part Twenty-Eight

With that Spike straddled Xanderís chest. Xander could see the quite obvious bulge on Spikeís jeans. He was a bit afraid what was coming next.

"Pet, open up my pants."

When Xander just gave him a terrified glance Spike got a little impatient.

"Pet, I gave you an order. You did know this was coming all along. If you cooperate it will be much more pleasant for you than if you donít."

Xander could feel his erection wilting. So this was it now. Spike had been pleasant to him but now he expected payment. Xander knew that he didnít have much choice in this situation. If he refused what Spike asked it would happen anyway and probably hurt a lot more than it was going to now. Resigned to his fate Xander brought his trembling hands to Spikeís jeans and started fighting the button open. It took him some time to get it opened. His next goal was to get the zipper down. It proved even more difficult since Spikeís erection was pushing against the zipper. Finally the pants were open and Xander was faced with Spikeís quite angry looking erection.

"Wrap your fingers around it."

Slowly Xander extended his hand and wrapped his fingers around Spikeís cock. It felt quite different from his own. First of all it was a bit thicker and longer. Also the foreign foreskin felt strange. Then Xander started a hesitant pumping motion but he couldnít look at Spike anymore. He closed his eyes and turned his head away. Xander didnít want to see the smug expression that probably was all over Spikeís face.

"Pet, turn your head back towards me and open your eyes. I donít want you go wandering into your own world."

Xander thought he heard some caring in Spikeís voice but that must just have been his imagination. There was no way Spike cared at all how he was feeling. Slowly Xander turned his head and opened his eyes. He knew there was a lot of anger in his eyes and was sure Spike could see that. However, it seemed it only spurred Spike on more since there was a constant flow of pre-cum from his slit. Soon Xanderís hand was all sticky with it. He would have given anything if he could have just stopped and wiped his hand on the covers. Suddenly Spike stilled his hand.

"Pet, I want you to lick your fingers clean."

Spike had to be kidding. There was no way he was going to stick his fingers, which were covered with Spike pre-cum, into his mouth. However, Spike still had a firm grip on his hand and Xander realised that without any movement from his own part his fingers were nearing his mouth when Spike twisted his hand. He stubbornly bit his teeth together and refused to open his mouth.

"Pet, we can do this the easy way or the hard way and believe me the hard way wonít be any fun for you. I have all kind of toys that will get that pretty mouth of yours wide open for me to take my pleasure in. Right now Iím trying the easy way, giving you time to get used to it and introducing new things slowly. However, my patience has its limits and you are wearing them quite thin at the moment. I donít want to hurt you but if you donít cooperate you wonít leave me any other choice."

Xander could see Spikeís eyes were tinged with gold and knew that the vampire wasnít kidding and was telling him the truth. Xander didnít know what kind of toys Spike was referring to but it really didnít sound like much fun. With a shudder Xander extracted his tongue and gave his fingers the first lick. It tasted bitter. He still kept his eyes on Spike the whole time and stared daggers at the vampire. He just kept hoping he could shoot stakes out of his eyes.

Gradually Xander licked all his fingers clean. It was obvious this had quite an effect on Spike since the vampire started panting and the flow of pre-cum just increased. Xander could feel his chest being decorated with small drips. When Xander had finished with his fingers Spike surprised him by taking Xanderís fingers into his own mouth and sucking on them for a while. The vampireís eyes closed for seconds like he was really enjoying the feel of Xanderís fingers in his mouth.

Then Spike changed his position so that his cock was almost touching Xanderís lips. Xander immediately tried to get away but his hands were again quickly grabbed by Spike and locked over his head.

"Pet, now I want you to lick my cock and taste me again on your tongue. Iím also going to let go of your hands but I want you to keep them where Iíve put them. If you canít I'll have to tie them down and you probably wouldnít like that."

Xander could feel Spike releasing his hold on his hands. For a while Xander had to fight the instinct to move his hands and try to push Spike off him. However, he didnít want to be tied down so he did his best to keep his hands where they were.

"Now, pet lick me all around."

After a small hesitation Xander again extended his tongue and gave Spikeís cock a small lick. The taste made him grimace. However, he didnít dare to linger for long but continued with the small licks. Spike obviously loved this. Xander just didnít know which made the vampire happier, the fact that Xander was licking his cock, or that fact that he finally got to humiliate Xander good and proper. When Spike suddenly drew away Xander thought he had done something wrong and Spike was pissed off but the expression on Spikeís face was still totally neutral.

"Pet, now itís time for the main event, open wide."

Xander gave Spike a shocked look. The vampire was looking maybe a little impatient and not very pleased. Xander did remember what Spike had said about the toys he had and was sure that if he didnít comply the toys would be part of the play very soon. Hesitantly, Xander opened his mouth. Almost immediately Spike started feeding his cock inside.

"Watch the teeth, if you plan to keep them."

Xander had no doubt that Spike would make good of his threat. He did his best not to gag from the taste that now filled his mouth. About half of Spikeís length was inside his mouth now and the vampire was making small thrusts in and out. Then suddenly Spike started thrusting even deeper into his mouth. Xander was sure he was going to suffocate any moment.

"Pet, breath through your nose."

Xander felt like screaming at Spike that it was easy for him to say that since he wasnít the one with his throat full of cock but since the last mentioned fact was true for him screaming was quite impossible. Then he tried to move his hands so that he could push Spike off. Spike, however, slammed his hands on top of Xanderís.

"Pet, I can still tie you down if you canít keep your hands at bay."

Xander resigned and just curled his fingers around the bars on the headboard to keep them from moving. Spike kept thrusting into his throat and Xander felt like he was going to throw up any moment.

"Pet, continue with the licks with your tongue."

Xander found that kind of hard to do but he tried his best. He had already resigned himself to this and knew that the faster this was over the faster he could again be at peace, at least for a while. Finally Spike started fucking his mouth in earnest, going from almost drawing out of Xanderís mouth to thrusting back in deep. Xander did his best to breath through his nose and take the abuse. He could feel Spikeís speed hastening and it gave him hope that it would soon be over. The last shock he received when his mouth was filled with cum. Since Spikeís cock was still in his mouth he didnít have much other choice than swallow. For a while he had to fight since his body was determined to get rid of the vicous fluid but Xander was pretty sure Spike wouldnít take kindly to him throwing up. To his relief Xander could feel Spikeís weight disappearing from his chest and he could breath a little easier. He still didnít dare to move his arms since Spike hadnít said he could. Xander couldnít help wondering what was going to happen next. When Spikeís hand landed on his crotch Xander went rigid.

"Hmmh, what happened here? I saw you already enjoying my touch. Oh well, you will learn to enjoy my touch and giving me pleasure with time. Oh, by the way pet, you can move your arms now."

Gingerly Xander lowered his arms to his side. When a full body shiver went through him, a thought came to his mind and he gently touched Spikeís thigh. He kept his eyes downcast. He didnít want to face Spike.

"Yes pet, what is it?"

"Master, Iím feeling a bit cold. Can I return to sit in front of the fire?"

"Sure pet, go ahead."

Xander quickly got of the bed and moved to the pillows and blankets in front of the fire. The taste in his mouth was awful and he would have liked nothing more than to brush his teeth. However, he was sure Spike wouldnít take too kindly to that so he had to endure. Then he got another idea. When a moment later Spike came to stand beside him Xander touched his thigh before the vampire had the chance to sit down.

"Yes, pet, what is it now?"

"Master, I need to use the bathroom. May I?"

"Canít really tell you no can I? Come on letís go."

In silence they walked to the bathroom. Xander made quick work of taking care of his business and then he quickly brushed his teeth a little. It improved the taste in his mouth considerably. He was sure Spike would smell the toothpaste but since he hadnít been told not to brush his teeth there really wasnít anything Spike could do to him. When he exited the bathroom he could see Spikeís nostrils flaring and then his expression going a little sour.

Part Twenty-Nine

In the room Xander headed straight back to sit in front of the fire. A moment later Spike followed him but Xander didnít pay him any attention. He just kept on staring at the fire. When Spike didnít say anything but just kept staring at him Xander picked up the GBA and started playing. He startled when Spike ripped it out of his hands. He instinctively turned so that he could at least protect part of his body from attack.

"Pet, I will not have you ignoring me and being all sulky. You knew that sexual favours were going to be one part of your duty as my pet. Iíve now given you the first lesson in giving blowjobs. Many others will follow it. You canít avoid them. You can always fight but that will probably just lead into you being tied down or something. I donít take insolence lightly. To make my point clear Iím confiscating your game. You will get it back at some point after youíve learned some respect."

Xander stared at Spike. This was just rich. Spike was punishing him like he was a kid, by taking away his favourite toy, so to speak. He turned his gaze back to the fire. He made sure he didnít touch any of the other things he had so that Spike wouldnít take them away too. He didnít think he could handle it if he was left with nothing to do. He bent his knees so that he could lean his chin on them.

A while later he could feel Spike putting his arm around his waist. The touch didnít bring the comfort it used to bring but Xander didnít shake it off since he was sure that would piss Spike off even more. He sat still all his muscles tense his eyes forward.

"Pet, Iím sorry I yelled at you but you are just making this so difficult. I already told you in the beginning what I expected from you. If you just give up your stubbornness you could find out that youíd enjoy it and even gain pleasure from it."

Xander still didnít react in any way. He didnít believe a words Spike said. He couldnít believe he had fallen into the vampire's games during the past few weeks. He had been lulled into false sense of security and now he was paying the price for his stupidity. He startled when Spike suddenly jumped up.

"Bollocks, I donít have the energy for this. You can sulk all your want in here. Iím going out!"

Then Spike stormed out of the door and Xander was left alone. For a while he stayed in exactly same position but then he lay down on the blankets. He felt quite awful and it felt like something precious had just been taken away from him. A few lonely tears rolled down his cheeks.

After a while Xander started feeling like he needed to use the bathroom again. He also wasnít too sure what time it was since the room didnít have any clocks. His stomach reminded him of the fact that he had only eaten breakfast and that must have been already hours ago. Spike hadnít returned. Xander wasnít sure if he was allowed to ask assistance from the minions probably again standing behind the door so he decided he would still wait for Spikeís return. Finally he had to give up. His bladder was already protesting and he absolutely couldnít wait any longer. Xander walked to the door and knocked carefully. It took some time before anything happened but finally the door opened and Xander could see the already familiar minions staring at him.

"Hmmh, okay. Can you please escort me to the bathroom? I really need to go and Spike hasnít returned yet."

"The Master hasnít given us any instructions regarding your mobility. Weíre not sure if we can allow you to the bathroom."

"Iím sure Spike wonít mind. I donít think he wants me peeing all over the room."

"Fine, come on then."

Xander exited the room and started walking towards the bathroom. He was well aware of the two minions walking behind him. At the bathroom Xander moved quickly. He had the distinct impression that the minions werenít too fond of him and would probably get impatient if he took too much time. When he exited the bathroom the two minions immediately settled themselves on both sides and walked back to the room. Just when Xander entered the room he remembered about the food but when he turned around the door was already closed. He knocked again. The door was immediately opened but the minionís face wasnít happy.

"How about giving me some food?"

"No can do. The Master hasnít said anything about that so we canít give you anything."

Then the door was again banged shut. Xander stared at it for a while but then gave up. It seemed he wouldnít be eating before Spike returned. There were no guaranties of when that was going to happen but he hoped it wouldnít take too long since he was feeling really hungry.

The next few days were torture to Xander. Spike didnít return and he was feeling really hungry. Finally his hunger was just a constant bother and he didnít think about it a lot. He couldnít think about it since it made him only feel worse. On his bathroom trips Xander drank some water from the tap so that he could at least keep his thirst at bay. Occasionally he tried to ask for food but always received the same negative response. He was starting to think that Spike was again really pissed off with him since even food was taken away from him. Xander spent most of his time either reading the comics or sleeping. The problem with the comics was that he had already read them all at least once so it was becoming quite repetitive.

Xander also had his journal to write in. After a few days he was starting to get desperate and getting desperate ideas. Just in case Spike was sneaking into the room while he was sleeping Xander started leaving messages to the vampire in his journal. Every time he went asleep he left the journal to a place it was easy to spot. It seemed that had no effect. Spike still didnít return to him.

Part Thirty

On the fourth day according to his calculations Xander didnít have even energy to move from the nest. He had slept there the whole time Spike had been gone. The fire had gone out the previous day and Xander had requested more firewood but the minions had again refused. Now he was hungry and cold. He knew he should go to the bathroom but even the thought of getting up and walking there was exhausting. Just when he was about to give up he heard the door opening. He turned his head and saw Spike stepping into the room. Relief washed over him. Maybe this meant Spike had decided to give him a break and some food. Slowly Xander got on his hands and knees and crawled to Spike. He pressed his head to the floor and started begging.

"Master, Iím really sorry, please forgive me. I know I behaved badly please just give me something to eat. I donít need much..."

That was as far as Xander got before Spike wrenched his upper body up from the floor so that he could see his face. Xander instinctively cringed away a little. He was feeling really faint.

"Pet, what do you mean?"

"Master, just give me something. I promise I will do whatever you want. I wonít protest anymore. Iíve learned my lesson. Just give me something little. Iím so hungry..."

"Pet, when have you last eaten?"

Xander found the question weird since he thought Spike would know when he had last eaten. However, he answered since he didnít want more trouble.

"Master, breakfast on the day you left me."

"Bloody hell!"

Spikeís yell and the anger in his voice scared Xander a lot and he again pressed his head on the floor. He just hoped Spike wouldnít punish him too much. Then he could hear the door being wrenched open and he thought Spike was going to fetch the whip or something like that. The shouting that followed was a surprise to him.

"You two morons get here right now!"

Two voices answered simultaneously.

"Yes, Master Spike. You called."

"What have I told you about my pet?"

One of the minions answered.

"Master Spike, you have told us that we are to take care of his needs."

"Have you done that in my absence?"

"Yes, Master Spike."

"Okay, tell me what you have done for him during these days."

"Master Spike, we have escorted him to the bathroom every time he needed that."

"Anything else?"

"No, Master Spike. That was all."

"Do you really call that taking care of him?! He hasnít eaten for four days you dimwits. He is a human. They need food every day and even many times a day. Canít even remember that from the time you were humans yourself. It wasnít that long ago! Did he try to request food from you?"

"Yes, Master Spike."

"But you didnít give it to him. Why?"

"Master Spike, you didnít tell us to do that. We thought he was being punished about something."

"Why do you think the kitchen is filled with human food if itís not meant for my pet. You really are worthless! Now go into the kitchen and prepare my pet some food. Donít show your face back here before you have food!"

"Yes, Master Spike."

The minions scrambled out of the room. Spike kneeled straight away beside Xander and picked him up. Spike started rocking him and purring quietly.

"Iím so sorry pet. I never meant this to happen to you. I wasnít planning to be away so long. I assure you those minions will pay."

Then Spike was silent and just rocked him. Xander let it lull him to almost asleep. He liked this and he hoped Spike would be this nice to him again some day. He could take some of the abuse if he occasionally got this tenderness in return. Soon there was a commotion on the door.

"Master Spike, here is the food for your pet."

"Bring it here and then leave. I will deal with you later."

There was some noise while the plates were set down, then the door closed and they were alone.

"Pet, open up your mouth. Iím going to feed you the food so that you donít eat too fast and make yourself sick."

Xander did hear the words and knew he had to be aware now. He also remembered that he needed to say something. With a quiet voice he spoke.

"Thank you for giving me food, Master."

"Now shush pet. Just eat."

Then Spike started feeding small bits and pieces to Xander. It was a slow operation and soon Xander got too tired to chew. His energy levels were really low. When he felt his eyelids starting to get heavy he hoped Spike wouldnít be too angry with him. Then he was already asleep.

When Xander woke up he noticed he was still on Spikeís lap. Instead of the bare floor they were now sitting on the pillows and blankets and the fire was again blazing. Xander felt quite comfortable. Spike had wrapped one of the blankets around him.

"Ah pet, youíre awake. Do you think you could eat something more? You need to get your strength back."

Xander would have loved to eat more but his bladder disagreed. He again tried to speak clearly but ended up barely whispering.

"Toilet first, Master."

"You think you can walk yourself or do you need help?"

Xander thought about it for a while. He was feeling way too weak. He was ashamed to admit that he didnít think he would survive even the short trip.

"Master, I think I need help. Iím sorry."

"Now shush pet, nothing to apologise. Youíve done nothing wrong."

Then Xander was already being lifted up and carried out of the room and towards the bathroom. The blanket was still around him. At the bathroom Spike carefully lowered him to stand on the floor. Xander was feeling a little wobbly but thought that he would manage to stand while taking care of his needs. He was surprised when Spike turned his back on him even when he stayed in the same room. As soon as Xander was done and had washed his hands Spike was again wrapping him in the blanket and picking him up.

In the room there was warm food waiting again. Spike had ordered some of his minions to prepare more food while they did the bathroom trip. Spike again handfed Xander small bits and pieces of the food. All Xander had to do was chew and swallow. This time Xander managed to eat all the food that was offered before starting to nod off again. He fell asleep feeling warm and comfortable.

The next time he woke up Xander found himself on the bed. Soon he noticed that Spike was sleeping beside him with his arm around Xanderís waist. He wondered what had woken him up this time. Xander had no idea what time it was but he could guess it was the middle of the day since Spike was sleeping so tightly. Then he stomach churned. With panic Xander realised that he was feeling just like he was going to throw up any moment. He tried to fight the iron grip Spike had on his waist so that he could make it to the waste basket or something like that but it only resulted in Spike tightening his hold in his sleep.

Finally Xander couldnít keep it inside of him anymore but started heaving over the side of the bed. That finally woke Spike up. As soon as the vice grip on his stomach was gone Xander was kneeling on the floor and trying to clean up his mess. He was really afraid that Spike was going to be angry with him. When he could feel the vampire standing beside him he just speeded up with the cleaning up while muttering all the time.

"Iím sorry, Master. I will clean it up. Iím sorry. Please donít be angry with me. Iím sorry I woke you up."

Xander startled when his hands were grabbed and Spike drew him towards himself. Very soon he was wrapped inside the protective circle of Spikeís arms and the vampire was quietly purring. When Xander started to gradually calm down Spike added some words to his comforting.

"Pet, itís alright. I obviously gave you too much food yesterday and it got your stomach upset. My minions will take care of the cleaning up. And what comes to waking me up, it was almost time for me to wake up anyway so donít worry about that. What would you say about a nice hot bath?"

The idea sounded really nice. Thus far Xander had only been given time to do quick showers. He hadnít seen a bathtub in the bathroom but there was obviously one somewhere in the house.

"I would like that very much, Master."

"Great, just wait here while I arrange everything."

Spike disappeared from the room for a while. Xander didnít dare to move even an inch while he waited. His bladder was again protesting a little so he knew he had to visit the toilet too. Then Spike was already back. Xander reached with his hand to touch Spikeís leg.

"Yes, pet?"

"Master, can I use the toilet first?"

"Sure, you think you can walk yourself this time or do you need me to carry you?"

"Master, I think I can manage by myself this time."

Spike helped Xander up from the floor but after that he just hovered near in case Xander needed his help. Slowly but determinately Xander made his way to the bathroom. Once he had to stop in the corridor and lean on the wall for a while to lessen the dizziness in his head. Finally he reached the bathroom door. This time Spike remained outside but told Xander that if he needed help or felt faint he should call immediately. However, Xander made it out of the bathroom without incident.

When he finally made it back to the room he could see that a huge tub had been placed in front of the fire and the minions were carrying hot water to it. He also noticed that the mess he had made had already been cleaned. He didnít have to wait for long before the minions told Spike that the bath was ready. They had obviously added some nice bath gel to the water since it smelled wonderful. Spikeís voice startled him a bit.

"Pet, you can hop in now."

"Thank you, Master."

Without further ado Xander stripped his sweat pants and stepped to the water. At first the water felt scalding but it was a wonderful feeling compared to the chilliness of the room. The tub was so big that he had no trouble sinking all the way to it so that only his head was above water. He could see Spike watching him amused but couldnít find the energy to care about it. There was no malice in Spikeís expression so the amusement probably wasnít meant to be malicious. For a while Xander just enjoyed the warmness and let it soak into him. Then he picked up the washcloth and started washing himself. He could feel Spikeís gaze on himself but didnít let that bother him. It was actually pretty nice to be watched like that, even if the person in question was a homicidal mass-murdering vampire who was over hundred years old.

When the water started cooling down Xander decided to get out of the bath. Spike was instantly helping him and wrapping him into a large fluffy towel. Spike then ushered him to sit in front of the fire while he arranged the minions to take the tub away. He also ordered some food for Xander. It only took a few moments before a steaming bowl was carried to the room and set in front of Xander.

"Thank you for the food, Master."

"Youíre welcome pet. Just eat slowly and donít eat too much. We donít want you throwing up again. It wonít help you to gain your strength if you hurry too much and end up just loosing it all."

Xander tried to follow the instructions. He was feeling quite hungry but he knew that what Spike said was true. He also didnít feel like throwing up again. It was never a pleasant experience. Slowly he finished all the food on the plate and then tried to get comfortable in the middle of the pillows and blankets. Only moments later Spike joined him there. To Xanderís horror he was holding his journal and was obviously planning on reading it. Xander now knew that it wasnít Spikeís orders that had kept him without food for several days. He was now ashamed that he had even thought about it. There really wasnít anything he could do now since Spike was already opening the journal. Xander quickly grabbed one of his comics and hoped Spike wouldnít be too mad about what he had written. Xander didnít get much peaceful time to read before Spikeís voice interrupted him.

"Pet, did you really think I was punishing you by denying food from you?"

"Master, Iím sorry. I know now it wasnít that but you were angry with me when you left. When I didnít see you for days and the minions were being really pissy with me I thought you had left me on purpose."

"Pet, I would never do that. I went to a lot of trouble to get you here. Iím not planning to starve you to death now that I got you. I admit I was angry when I left this room but I never meant to stay away so long. I should have made sure that the minions knew what was expected from them."

Then there was silence for a while and Xander continued reading the comic.

"Pet, will you be alright for a while? I have something I need to take care of. It shouldnít take more than a few hours."

"Yes, Master. I will probably just rest here. Feeling a bit tired."

"There are a few minions standing behind the door so if you need anything ask them. This time Iíve made sure they know what they are supposed to do so you shouldnít have any trouble."

Then Spike was out the door and Xander was alone. For a while he read the comics but then he started nodding off again so he gave up, curled into a comfortable position and let sleep claim him. He hoped that by the time he woke up Spike had already returned. Even if there were different minions standing outside the door now Xander didnít feel comfortable asking them for anything.

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