Dark Surprises


Part Sixteen

As soon as Xander woke up he could feel someone otherís presence in the room. He carefully turned around and as expected saw Spike sitting in the chair near the fireplace. Spikeís face was like carved in stone. Xander couldnít read any expressions from there. He could guess Spike was pretty pissed off with him. For a while Xander just stayed motionless and waited what Spike was going to do next. Finally Spike spoke.

"Pet, I heard you had an eventful time while I was gone."

Since there was no question Xander didnít dare to open his mouth. He really didnít want to worsen the situation.

"Pet, tell me, has your time been totally terrible while you have been here with me?"

Xander thought about it for a while and to his shame he had to admit that despite the two beatings he really didnít have anything to complain about. Spike had treated him well and been understanding about his situation. Therefore, he had to answer.

"Despite the two beatings, no, Master."

"Iíve tried to give you all you wanted and treated you like my loved pet. I had even considered forgoing the chain so that you could have more freedom to go around the room. Now it seems, however, that all you wanted was a chance to escape. I guess I have to show you the reverse side of being a loved pet. Maybe then youíll regret that you didnít take advantage of your chance to be treated well."

With a speed Xanderís brain wasnít able to comprehend, Spike was out of his chair and in Xanderís face. Quickly his hands were grabbed and he was dragged into ďhisĒ corner. Only then Xander noticed the set of chains that was now hanging from the ceiling. In a blur his wrists were inside the manacles and he was forced to stand on his toes so that all of his weight wouldnít be on his wrists. Xander could hear Spike walking around the room behind him. He was pretty certain that another beating was coming and Xander was afraid that it would be bad. He hadnít really understood what Spike had said just before but it didnít sound good. Spikeís voice had been totally devoid of any emotion.

Xanderís thoughts were interrupted when Spike suddenly appeared in front of him. His face was still expressionless and the blue eyes staring at Xander were as cold as ice. Xander very quickly averted his eyes and bowed his head. He was quite shocked that there wasnít any trace of any warmness in Spikeís eyes but just mainly fury.

"Lift your head up!"

Xander obeyed immediately and found his mouth being covered with something. It wasnít a regular gag that would go inside his mouth but a piece of leather that covered the whole lower part of his face. Luckily his nose was left free so that he could still breath. Xander got the bad feeling that thing was designed to muzzle all the noise from his mouth. Then Spike again disappeared and Xander lowered his head. It was too straining for his neck to keep his head up. Not long after that Spike was again standing in front of him.

"Look up!"

Xander slowly lifted his eyes. Spike was holding the riding crop in his hand.

"Iím sure you are already familiar with this and know what Iíll do with it, but as this is already the third time I have to punish you it seems that this isnít effective enough and since you are not learning your lesson, Iím also going to use this."

Another item was lifted to his field of vision and Xanderís eyes widened in fear. In his other hand Spike was holding a whip. The riding crop had stung and left him sore for days but the whip would surely draw blood and it would hurt like hell. Xander tried to turn a pleading look towards Spike but the face of stone and cold eyes convinced him that there was nothing he could do now. Then he tried to yank the chains around his wrists but ended up just hurting himself. Next he tried to make some noise but the muzzle in front of his mouth prevented that effectively. Then Spike was already gone from in front of him and Xander knew the hits were going to start raining any minute now.

He really didnít have to wait for long before Spike started decorating his backside and legs with the crop. Every hit hurt like hell and soon there were tears flowing from his eyes. When Spike concentrated the hits on his thighs and calves Xander had a hard time keeping his balance and finally he had to give up or to be exact his legs gave up. Now he was dangling from the roof from just his arms. The strain felt terrible. Spike continued for a while with the crop before stopping. Xander almost sighed in relief before he remembered that Spike had a whip too. Just when he remembered that the first lash landed on his butt. The agony was something he had never experienced before. He screamed into the muzzle but of course nothing came out. The first lash was quickly followed by others. Quickly the pain proved to be more than he could handle. When Xander realised that he was about to lose consciousness again he was just happy. At least that would bring him momentarily relief from the pain. Just after that blackness came over him.

When Xander woke up he was still hanging from the chains. He was also hurting all over. He tried to sense if Spike was in the room but since he couldnít move a muscle he couldnít be sure. His only option was to wait what was going to happen. He had expected to wake from the bed again but it seemed Spike was going to continue his punishment a bit longer this time. The only change he noticed was that the muzzle was gone and it had been replaced with a piece of cloth in his mouth and wrapped around his head. Xanderís mouth was feeling really dry and he was also feeling hungry. He hoped Spike would bring him some food soon.

Xander wasnít able to deduce how long he spent just hanging from the chain. He wasnít even sure if he stayed conscious the whole time. Finally he could hear the door opening and steps coming closer to him. Xander startles when the face that comes into his field of vision isnít Spikeís but one of the minionís. He says nothing but places a mug on Xanderís lips and tips it a little. Cold water floods to Xanderís mouth and he does his best to swallow it all. The piece of cloth in his mouth, however, made it difficult and despite his best efforts part of the water leaked from corners of his mouth. The water he managed to catch, however, helped the dryness of his mouth. The minion continued pouring water into his mouth in small portions until the cup was empty. Then the minion left the room again. Xander was left alone for some time.

Part Seventeen

After what felt like hours but could have been less the door opened again and Xander could hear movement in the room. This time noone came to him. Xander could hear some noises that he couldnít recognise. When the lights went out Xander panicked. It seemed Spike was going to leave him here while he slept. Xander tried to get rid of the cloth in his mouth with his tongue so that he could speak but it proved to be impossible. Next he just tried to get Spikeís attention with whatever noise he could get out of his mouth. He couldnít believe the vampire would leave him here. No one had even given him any food. He was starting to feel like he needed to use the bathroom too.

"Be quiet, pet."

The command from the direction of the bed surprised Xander. He doubled his effort to get Spike pay attention to him. Suddenly he heard movement and then there were two yellow eyes staring right at him.

"Pet, I told you to be quiet. If you donít want a repeat performance of your punishment I suggest you obey."

Something in Spikeís voice scared Xander badly. It sounded like the vampire wasnít playing around now. Xander froze and bowed his head. Even if he wasnít able to see in the dark he was sure Spike had no trouble seeing him. This gesture seemed to satisfy Spike since Xander could hear him moving again and soon Xander could hear rustling again when Spike climbed back into his bed and got under the covers. For a while Xander didnít dare to move at all but finally he tried to find a position that was as comfortable as possible. During the night he did catch a few eyefuls of sleep but in his current position it was quite difficult. He felt almost relieved when he could hear movement from the bed. Maybe Spike would take the chains away now and give him some rest, not to mention some food and a chance for bathroom.

To his disappointment Xander could hear the door opening and closing. Spike had obviously left the room and Xander had no idea if he planned to come back anytime soon. He felt relief when only a little time later the door opened again and steps started coming towards him. It wasnít Spike, however. It was one of the minions bringing him some water again. The drinking process went the same as the previous night. Xander was given small sips at a time from the cup and again the gag caused part of the water was wasted.

After the cup was empty the minion disappeared from his field of vision but Xander knew that he hadnít left the room. When there was something cool being applied to his back Xander startled. He quickly realised that this must be the lotion again that had helped the previous time. When the minion started rubbing his back Xander felt like screaming. His back was really tender and the touching hurt. He tried to cringe away from the touch but he really couldnít get anywhere because of the chains. The minion wasnít too gentle with him. Luckily the minion was quick about the applying and Xander didnít have to endure the agony for long. That was until he received his next shock the minion started touching his cock and inserting something into his piss hole. When Xander felt his bladder emptying he guessed that he probably wouldnít be moving anywhere for a while. After the minion was done he collected all his stuff and left the room. Xander was starting to feel really uncomfortable because most of his weight was still on his arms.

Some time later the door was opened again and the same minion came in and gave him some more water. This time Spike was accompanying him but didnít say anything. Xander watched while an old looking blanket was thrown to the corner beside his legs. Xander could also feel that the chain on his leg was changed into another one and something cold and heavy was wrapped around his neck.

Next the manacles from his wrists were removed. Xanderís legs were totally powerless so he slumped straight down to the floor and hit his knees pretty badly. However, he did his best not to show any signs on his face. At first Xander remained in the exact position he had fell to but soon his arms tired and he slumped the rest of the way to the floor and on to the blanket. The minion had apparently left the room but Xander was able to see Spikeís legs still. His field of vision didnít give him anything else since he was forced to lie mainly on his stomach to avoid his backside getting in touch with the floor or with anything else hard. A while later Spike came to crouch next to him.

"Since you obviously liked this corner itís your place from now on. You will not be allowed on the bed anymore unless I invite you there and that will probably be only when I need your mouth or ass for my pleasure. The chain around your ankle has been changed into a shorter one and doesnít give you much room to move, not that you are allowed to move anywhere right now. When I, at some point, allow you to move it will happen on your hands and knees and on the end of a leash. Previously I got you food I knew you liked and enjoyed. From now on you will receive only the necessities. Donít expect to receive any more treats."

Then Spike was gone and Xander was left alone with his thoughts. This really didnít sound too good for him. It was obvious Spike was taking all his comforts away. The part about him being allowed on the bed only when pleasuring Spike didnít sound good. He knew Spike had talked about it earlier but with Spikeís current state of mind Xander was really scared that Spike would forget all his promises of giving Xander time and making it pleasurable. The collar was chafing his skin and the gag was feeling really uncomfortable but Xander buried all ideas of touching them since he knew it would just bring him more trouble. That was the last thing he needed right now. Now he just wanted to enjoy the chance to lie down. Xander buried his head in the covers and let sleep claim him over. Even if he hurt all over he was so exhausted that it didnít take long before he fell asleep.

Part Eighteen

When he finally woke up he could see a bowl of something in front of him. The gag was still in mouth so he didnít know how he was supposed to eat the food. He carefully got up so that he was in a half sitting position. Only then he noticed that Spike was lying on the bed. His movement caught Spikeís attention and the vampire came to him. Without saying anything Spike reached around Xanderís head and removed the gag. For a while Xander concentrated on getting his mouth to work again. Then he watched the bowl of food in front of him. He was really hungry but wasnít sure what he was expected to do. At last his hunger won out. He pressed his head down and tried to talk with a clear voice.

"Thank you for the food, Master."

"Youíre welcome, pet. You can eat now."

Xander tried to stay calm when he picked up the bowl. He knew he had to eat slowly but the rumble of his stomach disagreed. However, he took the spoon and took the first spoonful. The food appeared to be chicken soup or something like that. It was only lukewarm but better than nothing. There was also a glass of water and Xander took small sips from it too. Way too soon the soup was gone and Xander lowered the bowl back on the floor. Then he waited for what Spike was going to do next. When Spike came near enough Xander encouraged his mind and raised his hand to touch Spikeís leg. He was still feeling thirsty and was hoping Spike would allow him something more to drink. When Spike sidestepped his hand Xander dropped it back on his lap in disappointment.

"Pet, you tried to run away. With that you gave up all your privileges. Some of them you will be able to acquire back over time but for now you donít have anything."

With that Spike turned away and Xander slumped back on the covers. It seemed he would be totally dependent on what Spike decided to give him. Since the vampire seemed to be pissed off with him right now that probably wouldnít be a lot. He really hoped Spike would come up with some program for him because just lying still was really boring. Xander was afraid that if he was kept too idle he would end up doing something that would get Spike angry with him again. Now he was just happy that Spike hadnít put the gag back on. He really didnít miss it. He was determined not to do anything that would result in the gag being replaced again.

For a long while Xander could hear Spike leafing through something on the bed. He would have given anything to have something to read to relieve his boredom. He tried to entertain himself with using his imagination and imaging himself in all the other places than where he currently was. He got so deep into his daydreams that when Spike suddenly jumped off the bed Xander startled a little. The vampire, however, didnít come for him but went out of the door only to return only a few minutes later. He was again carrying a mug of water and something packed in aluminium foil. This time Spike came straight to him and placed the packet and mug in front of Xander. Very carefully Xander got up and stared at the items in front of him. He could guess it contained his food.

"Thank you for the food and drink, Master."

"You're welcome, pet."

When Spike retired back on the bed Xander picked up the packet and opened it carefully. It appeared to be a sandwich of some kind. Xander was still feeling so hungry that he ate the sandwich quickly. Also the water disappeared quickly. After he had eaten and drank everything Xander started feeling the need for bathroom. He got a suspicion that Spike was able to read his mind because the vampire left the room almost immediately and returned with the minion from earlier. Without any prompting from Spike the minion walked to Xander and crouched next to him. As soon as his cock was grabbed Xander knew he wouldnít be going to the bathroom this time either. The tube being inserted into him felt quite uncomfortable and Xander closed his eyes and tried to think something else. He was shaken from his thoughts by Spikeís voice.

"Roll on your stomach!"

Xander did what he was told and soon he could feel the lotion being applied to his backside again. Even if it hurt quite a lot Xander enjoyed it since he knew it would help him feel better soon. When the lotion had been applied Xander was just about to roll back on his side when Spike stopped him.

"Pet, stay on your stomach. Itís bedtime and you need one more thing. Itís time to start your training so that you will be able to serve me as youíre supposed to."

Dread settled over Xander immediately. He really hoped Spike wasnít implying what he thought he was. A hand landing on his backside and a finger trailing his crack told Xander that Spike was really planning what Xander was afraid of. Xander clenched his muscles together in a try to prevent Spikeís plans.

"Pet, tonight itís going to be just a small butt plug. Itís in your best interest not to fight. The plug will go inside you. If it will hurt a lot or just a little is your own choice. I will start with my fingers and only then use the plug."

With a sob and tears in his eyes Xander tried to relax his muscles. He knew Spike wasnít kidding and now he just waited for the pain to start. When the first finger breached him Xander tensed again because of pure instinct. He could feel his ass muscles flexing around the intruding finger trying to expel it. Xander did his best to relax again because he knew it would just get worse. Soon he could feel another finger entering him. He again had to fight his instinctive reaction. Spikeís fingers felt really uncomfortable. He could feel them stretching him. When the fingers were withdrawn Xander almost sighed in relief but then he could feel something even bigger trying to find its way inside him. Xander again sobbed when the plug slowly breached him. It was the worst feeling he had ever had. Finally it seemed that Spike was satisfied and got up. Then he crouched next to Xanderís head and brushed the hairs off Xanderís face.

"This is your training phase. You will sleep with the plug because you have to get used to the feeling of something inside you. That is what you will have from now on. Now sleep."

Xander carefully turned to his side. When he moved the plug moved inside him. He couldnít understand how Spike thought he could sleep with that thing inside his ass. Without his consent tears started falling again from his eyes. Xander did his best to smother his sobs with the blanket but naturally Spikeís vampire hearing picked his sniffles.

"Pet, be quiet. I donít want to listen to you now. I want to sleep. If you canít be quiet I'll have to gag you."

Xander bit his teeth into the blanket. He didnít want to be gagged. Then he wouldnít sleep at all. Now he at least had some hope of catching a few eyefuls. He tried to wrap the thin blanket over himself the best he could. Every movement he made jolted the plug inside him. He wondered if it was just his imagination or was the room colder than it used to be. Again the exhaustion got the better of him in the end and Xander fell into restless sleep. His sleep was again filled with nightmares and he kept waking up when he accidentally turned to lie on his back. His restlessness obviously didnít bother Spike since the vampire didnít snap at him during the night.

Part Nineteen

In the morning Xander didnít feel rested. His whole night he had been bothered by nightmares and his sore backside. The plug surely didnít help matters at all. He had gotten used to the feeling at some point but still his every movement jolted the plug and reminded him about it. He was also feeling cold most of the time. The thin blanket he had didnít do much to warm him up. Now he just hoped that Spike would wake up. Then he might get rid of the stupid plug. Also his stomach was rumbling so getting food would be nice too.

Xander had lain awake for quite some time before Spike stirred. By that time Xander had already gone through some nice little scenarios where Spike met his end by Xanderís hand. He was really getting inventive with them. The noises from the direction of the bed, however, made him concentrate on the world around him again. Spike was up and coming towards him. Xander really hoped that the plug would be removed right now.

ďPet, Iím going to go and see if thereís anything for you to eat but first Iíll take the plug out. I hope you had an enjoyable night with it.Ē

Even though Xander wasnít looking towards Spikeís face the smirk was obvious in his voice. Slowly Xander rolled to his stomach and presented his back to Spike. He tried to smother the shiver that threatened to go through him when Spikeís hand landed on his ass. When the vampireís fingers started going along his crack and nudging the plug and his balls in the process Xander couldnít help the shivers. He bit his teeth into the cover so that he wouldnít scream aloud.

Xander still did his best to remain still and in his mind begged Spike to remove the plug and stop playing with him. Finally he could feel the plug being pulled out. Just when apparently only the tip was inside of him Spike pushed the plug back in and Xander felt like crying in despair. This continued for a while. Spike would pull the plug almost all the way out and then push it back in. Xander had almost given up hope to get rid of the plug at all when suddenly he could feel it being completely removed and Spikeís hands disappearing from his skin. Xander could also hear steps going away from him and finally the door opening and closing. He still didnít dare to lift his face from the cover just in case Spike was still in the room and decided that it would be fun to play with him again.

Xander lay still the whole time. He didnít move even when the door opened again and he could hear steps coming closer. Only when he heard the clink of something hitting the floor he lifted his head a little. There was again a small packet and a mug full of water for him. Carefully Xander lifted himself up a little. He didnít lift his head but stared at the floor in front of him. He could see Spikeís legs beside what was apparently his breakfast. Xanderís stomach growled and demanded for the food.

ďThank you for these, Master.Ē

ďYouíre very welcome, pet. Eat away. I will go to get something to eat for myself. I will then return here. The same minion you saw yesterday may come here to take care of your human needs at some point. Remember to behave!Ē

Xander waited until Spike was out of the room before reaching for the food. It was again just one sandwich that really didnít quench Xanderís hunger but it was better than nothing. With the water gone Xander again lay down and waited. It wasnít like he could do much else.

When the door again opened Xander expected to see the minion to walk in but it was surprisingly Spike. As soon as Spike was completely in his field of vision Xanderís attention was drawn to the long piece of leather Spike was carrying in his hand. Xander wondered if he was going to get beaten with it for a change or why Spike had it with him.

ďPet, there has been a change in plans. Iím going to take you to the bathroom. On your hands and knees.Ē

Xander wondered what was going on but obeyed. When his muscles moved he cringed a little but took the position Spike had requested. When Spike came to him with the leather strap and Xander could feel the collar being touched he remembered that Spike had talked to him about moving only on his hands and knees. The embarrassment of his situation got to Xander again but there really wasnít much he could do. When Spike snapped the chain away from his ankle and started walking forward Xander had no other choice than follow him. That was unless he wanted his neck to hurt and Spike to get mad at him again. Luckily the bathroom wasnít too far away and there were no other people in the corridors. By the bathroom door Spike stopped.

ďPet, you are allowed to stand up for the duration of taking care of your business but otherwise you should stay on your hands and knees.Ē

Then the leash was snapped off and the door opened for him. Slowly Xander crawled inside. He involuntarily yelped when Spike smacked his ass with the leather leash. In the toilet Xander tried to be as quick as possible. He brushed his teeth quickly since it had been a few days since he had been able to do that. His reflection in the mirror almost scared the shit out of him. He was looking really terrible, almost as terrible as he felt. The whole time he had been here he hadnít had the chance to shave, his hair was looking greasy, his eyes had black bags under them. Quickly Xander, however, shook himself from his thoughts and hurried out. Xander didnít want to spend too much time in the bathroom so that Spike wouldnít get pissed off with him.

Part Twenty

As expected Spike was waiting for him outside the door, the leash was immediately attached to his collar again and slowly they moved back to the room. The floor felt really cold under Xanderís hands and knees but he did his best to ignore it. He had been cold already earlier so this didnít really matter much, or it could just be added to the other discomforts he had to endure.

When they reached the room Xander headed straight to his blanket. He was surprised that Spike didnít lock up the chain around his ankle immediately. The reason became clear pretty soon when two minions entered the room. They were carrying some equipment. When they started spreading a plastic sheet on the floor Xander started to be scared of what Spike had come up with now. When the sheet was on the floor the minions just stood and waited.

"Pet, go lie on there on your back."

Xander didnít dare to linger for a moment but crawled to the sheet and lay down. Almost as soon as he had settled the both minions produced razors and started shaving him. It just wasnít a normal shave. Xander very quickly realised that he would probably loose all his body hair. He just hoped they would leave his hair alone. The minions were quite effective and everything went well until one of them accidentally nicked him with the razor and a small drop of blood welled up. Xander immediately noticed that the minionsí eyes changed colour and they stared at the blood. Xander was sure that one of them would attack him any moment. This time Xander was happy that Spike intervened. He hit the both minions over their heads and told them to continue.

The most uncomfortable moment for Xander was when his pubic hair was shaven. He immediately felt much more naked even if there really wasnít much difference. After the minions had finished with his front Spike told him to turn around and the minions proceeded to shave all hair from his back and legs.

"Pet, you can return to your place now."

Xander carefully got to his hands and knees, crawled back and settled himself on the blanket. He was feeling even colder now. He tried to wrap the blanket around himself to preserve at least some of the warmth. Spike, however, came over immediately and grabbed the blanketís corner.

"No covering up, pet. I want to watch your body. Only at night time are you allowed to cover yourself, preferably not even then."

Xander swallowed the bitter response he had and released his hold of the blanket. He guessed he should be happy that Spike even let him have the blanket and not make him sleep on the cold floor. Spike had already attached the chain on his ankle and now the vampire proceeded to go lie on the bed once more to read something. Xander sat in the corner and hoped he would have something to do too. First he kept his eyes downcast but gradually that got dull and he started staring at different parts of the room and thinking. Without even realising Xanderís eyes landed on Spike and stayed there. He was still deep in his thoughts. Only when Spike jumped off the bed and came to stand in front of him Xander realised what he had been doing. He quickly lowered his eyes again but it was already too late.

"Pet, why were you staring at me?"

"Master, I was in deep thoughts, I didnít realise. Iím sorry."

"Fine, whatever."

Next Spike stormed out of the room and Xander was almost certain the vampire was going to retrieve one of his whips once more. Xander curled on the blanket and tried to appear as small as possible. When the door again opened Xander just hid his head under his arms and hoped Spike wouldnít hit him too hard. Then something landed beside him. He still didnít lift his head.

"Pet, what are you doing?"

"Waiting, Master."

"Waiting for what?"

"What you are going to do to me next, Master."

"Iím not going to do anything to you right now, canít understand why you thought I would. I brought a present for you."

Xander didnít dare to be hopeful but it at least sounded like Spike wasnít going to beat him into bloody pulp, at least not right now. He still didnít know if he would dare to lift his head. Spike had mentioned a present but Xander was a bit suspicious of any presents that would come from Spike. Finally he decided that it was probably safer for him to check out the present than ignore it. He slowly lifted his upper body up so that he could see what was beside him. At first his gaze landed on a notebook that had a pen attached to it. Next he noticed some comics beside the notebook. They were obviously old and well used but they were comic books nonetheless. Xander almost reached for the books but then he gave Spike an unsure look.

"Whatís the matter, pet? I know they are not new but I would imagine you would be happy to have anything to entertain you while Iím not with you."

"Master, nothingís wrong. I just wasnít sure you really meant these for me. Thank you for them."

"Youíre welcome, pet. I might bring you more comics at some point but donít expect too much. The notebook is for you to write things on. You can write anything there but just remember that any rude comments are forbidden. I will not be reading the things you write there all the time but I will do occasional checks."

Xander nodded and picked up the books. This act of kindness from Spike mesmerized him. He was sure there had to be something behind it but now he had no energy to care about that. Now he was just happy that he had been given something to do. The boredom had gotten bad. When Spike kept standing in front of him Xander started wondering if he had done something wrong and Spike was displeased. However, he couldnít say anything since he hadnít been spoken to. Xander risked a look from under his lashes towards Spike. It seemed the vampire was just standing there. The expression on his face was totally neutral. Xander shuffled so that he was sitting with his back towards the wall. His ass was still a bit tender but since he had the blanket under him it wasnít too uncomfortable. Finally without any words Spike turned around and walked back to the bed. Only then did Xander have the courage to open the first comic. With it his time went fast and he was surprised when he was brought some food.

From that point on Xanderís life settled into a certain pattern. He spent all his days in the same room. Most of the time Spike was with him but sometimes he was left alone. Spike still didnít allow him to stand up so all his bathroom trips he did by crawling with a leash attached to his collar. Every night Xander was forced to sleep with a plug inside of him. He was just happy that Spike left it at that. There still were occasional times Spike tormented him with the plug and played with it for a while but that was all. About a week after he got the first comics Spike gave him some new ones. In the journal, Xander wrote very little. There really wasnít anything to write since nothing happened.

About a week after Spike had taken all his comforts away Xander started feeling even colder than usual. This far he had been able to ward off the cold with the blanket but now it felt like he was freezing all the time. Also his throat started hurting bad and it was painful to swallow anything. He tried to hide his discomfort from Spike since the vampire would have probably just gotten mad at him. He also started coughing occasionally really badly but he did his best to smother them with his blanket.

About a week after the first symptoms appeared Xander woke up feeling really weak. He would have liked nothing as much as to curl back to the blanket and continue sleeping. Spike, however, already up and Xander knew Spike would take him into the bathroom soon. As soon as he saw Spike coming near with the leash he got up on his hands and knees to wait. Immediately black dots appeared into his field of vision but he tried to ignore them. Spike attached the leash and started walking Xander really tried to follow but for some reason his limbs didnít obey him. The last thing Xander saw was the floor coming towards him. He also thought he heard Spikeís worried voice calling him but that could have been just his imagination.

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