Dark Surprises


Part Eleven

In the middle of the night Xander woke up and found himself chained spread eagled on the bed. Spike stood beside the bed and eyed him with a hungry glare. First Xander tried to struggle with the bonds but they were made of strong chain and his ordinary human strength was no match for them. Then Spike climbed on him and without any preparation started thrusting his cock inside Xanderís ass. Xander wailed in agony but Spike just smirked at him and continued the thrusts. Finally Xander could feel something giving up inside of him and tearing up and suddenly Spike slid wholly inside him. Xander cries of agony didnít lessen at all. When Spike started moving inside him the agony just continued growing. All that fit his mind was Spikeís manic smirk when he pounded time after time into Xander. He tried his best to beg Spike to stop but the vampire didnít pay him any attention just kept on pounding.

Suddenly Xander started feeling like someone was shaking him. It didnít fit together with the picture in front of his eyes but the shaking just continued. Gradually, other noises started penetrating to him. He could hear Spikeís voice chanting ďpet, pet, pet, petĒ over and over again. He stared at the Spike on top of him but couldnít see his mouth moving. Then two pictures started going on top of each other. The Spike who was pounding into him and another Spike who was watching him concerned and chanting all the time. Then Xander realised that his hands werenít tied and he tried to get up from the bed. He ended up sprawled on the floor when the chain on his ankle stopped him. Still in total panic mode Xander attacked the chain and tried to get it off from his ankle. He could see Spike moving on the bed and he really wanted to get as far as possible from him. The chain didnít give at all. Suddenly Spikeís hand was on the chain and suddenly Xander found that he could move more freely. He scrambled straight to his corner and crouched there shielding his head with his hands. A constant whimper was coming out of his mouth.

Then he could hear Spikeís voice again quite near him. He risked one look from under his arms and saw that Spike was just a few meters from him. He tried to bury himself even deeper into the corner. He didnít know how he had gotten off from the chains but since his ass was hurting a lot he knew Spike had done something to him. He could hear Spike calling to him but luckily he stayed at the same distance the whole time. Xander watched him from under his arm all the time. Then he hid again. It was obviously the moment Spike had waited for since suddenly Xander found himself held by Spike. He tried to struggle but Spike was so much more stronger than he was so very soon Xander had to give up and he just sobbed.

"Pet, youíve got to calm down now. You obviously had a bad nightmare. Youíve got to snap out of it!"

A nightmare. Could it be that Spike hadnít touched him? Why was his ass hurting then? Then Xander thought a little bit more back and remembered that Spike had beaten him the previous day. Then he went totally limp in Spikeís arms.

"Okay, thatís good now pet. Just calm down. Do you want to talk about it?"

Xander shook his head against Spikeís chest. He really didnít want to tell Spike what his dream was about. Especially since he knew his dream would probably come true one of these days. Spike had made that quite clear to him.

"Okay, you ready to go back to bed now?"

Xander shook his head again and he tried to struggle. He didnít want to go near that bed. Spike, however, held him tightly and didnít let him escape.

"Pet, you are just hurting yourself more all the time. Please calm down and get back on the bed."

Xander again shook his head vigorously.

"Pet, tell me why you wonít get back on the bed?"

"Master, you are going to hurt me! Please let me stay here!"

"No, Iím not going to hurt you. I have no reason. I canít let you stay here because it is better for you to lie on the bed."

"You are going to tie me down and rape me and itís going to hurt so much and even when I beg you to stop you wonít! You will just go on and on and on!"

Xander felt tears falling from his eyes. Then Spike grabbed his chin and forced his face up.

"Pet, was that what your dream was about? You dreamed me hurting you?"

Xander lowered his eyes before muttering. His voice is barely a whisper.


"I already told you earlier that Iím not going to do anything to you now. I will give you time to get used to the idea. Even when that time comes Iím going to take care of you so that it hurts as little as possible. Now will you come to the bed willingly or do I have to carry you? Also donít forget the proper way to talk to me. I let it go this time but donít make a habit out of it."

Xander knew that he wasnít going to win this argument so he gave Spike a small nod. It was obviously enough for Spike since he let go, got up from the floor and headed for the bed, a few seconds later Xander followed him. Now he started feeling the ache in his ass and back again. He got on the bed and situated himself as near the edge as possible. He was sure that he wouldnít catch anymore sleep during the night. He proved to be right. He spent the rest of the time just staring at the wall and thinking.

Xanderís thoughts were filled with the nightmare. He couldnít help the disbelieve he had towards Spikeís promises. When the time came and Spike was going to rape him Xander was sure it would hurt like hell and that was what his life would be full of after that. He guessed that after a while he would get used to it and the pain wouldnít affect him anymore. He didnít think there was any way he would ever learn to enjoy it. His only hope was that his friends got to him before Spike decided to go ahead with his plan. Xander knew that Spike had told him that Willowís spells wouldnít find him but in his mind Xander didnít want to believe that. Willow was already quite experienced witch and locator spells were everyday stuff for her. Now she had Tara to help her so together they would hopefully find him quickly. Xander just hoped that they came well prepared since Spike seemed to have quite a lot of minions already.

Part Twelve

Finally Spike started stirring in the bed. Xander just waited that he would be told what he was expected to do.

"Pet, you awake?"

"Yes, Master."

"You need to go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, Master."

"Okay, hang on a second."

Xander could hear some rustling of clothes and then the door opening and closing. A minute later Spike was back and taking the chain off Xanderís ankle. As soon as Xander felt that the chain is off he started getting up. Spike again waited patiently while Xander stood up. Then again there was a gentle hand on his arm and they started walking towards the bathroom. Xander noticed that it was much easier for him to walk now than the previous day. The lotion was obviously helping.

In the bathroom Xander went through the familiar routine. He gave one longing look to the shower in the corner. He didnít know how to ask Spike for permission to take a shower. He was feeling that he really needed one at this point. Maybe in a few days he would find a way to ask. With slow laboured steps Xander exited the bathroom and they walked back to the room. This time Xander didnít even try to fight it but went straight to the bed and lay on his stomach. He jumped a little when he felt something cool dropping to his back. He guessed Spike was again applying the lotion to his skin. He was grateful for it since the lotion really seemed to work quite well.

Next the cool chain was again draped around his ankle. The chain was obviously still short so that Xander couldnít really move anywhere from the bed. Right now he had no desire to move either. Since he hadnít slept too well during the night he didnít have the energy to do anything. Without saying anything Spike again left the room but he came back quite quickly. There was again a brown paper bag with him. It was obvious that it was Xanderís breakfast.

"Pet, can you turn over and sit on the bed."

Xander could feel the chain on his ankle loosening a little and he carefully turned on his back. It did hurt a little but a lot less than Xander had expected. He was surprised when Spike made his best to help him and fluffed the pillows behind his back. Finally Xander was able to get himself sitting on the bed with his back leaning on the pillows.

"Pet, here is your breakfast. Make sure to eat everything."

"Thank you, Master."

Xander took the paper bag and peaked in. It looked to be a few sandwiches and some orange juice. Xander was actually feeling quite hungry so he dug in the sandwiches with enthusiasm. He could see Spike watching him with a small smile on his lips. After a while Spike started moving towards the door.

"Pet, Iím going to catch some food too. I will return shortly."

Xander didnít really pay him any attention. He was too concentrated on his sandwiches. He also wasnít too enthusiastic about Spike returning since it probably meant that they would have the talk Spike mentioned during the night. Xander didnít want any more rules for him to follow. His mind was already rebelling against the ones he had. Any more would probably overload him.

After Xander had finished his food he packed all the rubbish back to the paper bag. The chocolate bar on the bedside table called to him but he wasnít sure he was allowed to eat it. Sure Spike had said that he had earned the chocolates and they were his but you could never be completely sure. Spike might have changed his mind about it so it was safer for Xander to leave the chocolate alone.

Time dragged on. Xander already started wondering after Spike since it felt that the vampire was taking forever to come back. He wasnít missing Spike because he enjoyed his company but he was mainly worried about the other vampires in the house. His chances of defending himself in case one of them decided to need a snack were quite slim. Xander was sure that when Spike was present not one of them would dare to come near him but Spike obviously was somewhere hunting now so there really wasnít anyone defending him.

Finally the lure of the chocolate got too big. Xander thought that Spike couldnít be angry with him if he took a small bite. When time went on one small bite became first two and then three. Before Xander even noticed half of the chocolate was already gone. He was just planning to return the rest of the chocolate to the bedside table when the door banged open and a furious Spike walked in. Xanderís survival instincts kicked in and since the chain was now looser Xander dropped to the floor and rolled under the bed. He was still clutching the chocolate in his hands. As soon as his whole body was under the bed he drew his legs against his chest and waited. He was sure Spike had seen him and the chain was quite a clear sign of his whereabouts but he hoped that Spikeís temper would cool down a little before he had to come out from under the bed.

"Pet, where did you go?"

Xander stayed silent. He knows Spike just asked him a question and he should answer but answering Ďunder the bedí would sound quite ridiculous so he remained silent. Suddenly Spike was kneeling beside the bed and staring at Xander.

"Pet, you should answer me when I ask you something. Why are you under the bed?"

"Master, Iím scared."

"Why are you scared now? Did something happen while I was gone?"

"No, Master. You seem to be angry and I didnít want to get into the way."

"Pet, Iím not angry with you but the stupid minions that donít know how to do their job. I would never take something that isnít your fault out on you. Please come away from there."

Slowly Xander started moving. When he cleared the bed he sat again on the edge. Then he again noticed the chocolate bar in his hands. Spike noticed it at the same moment.

"Oh, I see youíve eaten your chocolate."

Xander quickly put it away to the bedside table and bowed his head.

"Iím sorry, Master."

Immediately there was a hand under his chin.

"Hey, there is nothing to be sorry for. I gave those chocolates to you and you are allowed to eat them whenever you like. I will probably bring you more later. I think we need to make a few things clear now."

Part Thirteen

Xander nodded resigned. Now there were probably those new rules coming. He scooted a little bit back on the bed to give Spike room if he wanted to get on the bed too. Spike actually placed himself right in front of Xander so that they were sitting on the bed face to face.

"Pet, look up."

Xander lifted his face so that he was facing Spike. The worried gaze on Spikeís face made him wonder what could be up if Spike was worried. Probably something bad for him. When Spike picked up his hands he really started worrying.

"Pet, I understand that you are afraid of me and we are going to work on that. I donít want you to be scared. Iím never going to hurt you unless youíve deserved it. And by that I mean that you have knowingly broken the rules Iíve set for you. There are only three of them and they are quite simple. If you manage to follow those you shouldnít have any trouble. I know this must be hard for you to get used to, being with me here. However, Iím going to try to make this as good for you as possible."

Xander nodded. There really wasnít anything else he could do. He was still bothered by the fact that he had no way to communicate with Spike unless he was asked something. Now he regretted that he had only sulked when Spike had offered him a chance to ask whatever was on his mind. He probably wasnít going to be given the same chance twice. Without noticing Xander started nibbling his bottom lip.

"Pet, is something bothering you? You look like you are thinking something really hard."

"Master, I was just thinking that what if I want to ask you something? Itís pretty hard since Iím allowed to talk only if you ask me something. Do I always have to wait until Iím asked something and somehow combine the answer and the question I want to ask?"

"Pet, of course you are allowed to ask questions if something is bothering you. When there is just two of us just touch my leg with your hand and wait until I give you my attention and permission and then you are allowed to ask questions. When there are other people you should stay quiet. All questions should be asked only when we are alone."

Spike paused before continuing.

"Now there is the issue with dealing with other people. In a few weeks you will probably earn the right to talk to some of my minions in my absence. At this moment you will deal only with me but at some point it is possible that Iím not always available and you have to deal with my minions. Just the most trusted ones would be allowed to be in contact with you. As my pet your status is higher than theirs and they have to obey your wishes. What I say naturally goes over your word but if Iím not present your word is their law. They should always show respect towards you."

Then Spike was again silent. Xander decided to try his new instructions. He extended his hand carefully and touched Spikeís leg. Then he withdrew his hand and waited Spikeís reaction.

"Yes, pet. You have something you want to say?"

"Master, I was hoping I would have a chance to take a shower at some point. Iím starting to feel a dire need for one."

"Of course. I will take care that some shampoo and soap is delivered to the bathroom soon. Tomorrow at the latest I will allow you a little more time in the bathroom so that you will have time to shower."

Xander nodded. That was all he wanted at the moment. Of course most of all he wanted his freedom back but since that probably wasnít going to happen any time soon, if ever. Having a chance to shower was the next best thing. Xander also thought Spikeís words. Spike had said that Xanderís status was higher than that of Spikeís minions. Right now he really didnít feel like his status was very good. A few of the minions had even seen him being beaten up and humiliated. How could they ever have any respect towards him? Well, Xander decided to worry about that when it was more topical.

Xander really hoped that Spike wasnít going to leave him for long periods of time. For some weird reason Xander had started trusting Spike that he wasnít going to kill him. He wasnít so sure about the other vampires. Of course his trust towards Spike was a bit affected by the vampireís talk about sex. Xander didnít think he could ever wilfully take part in any sexual activity with Spike. Then suddenly a new question popped into his mind. Xander again reached with his hand towards Spikeís leg and then waited.

"Yes, pet. What is it?"

"Master, will I be allowed to go outside ever again?"

"What do you mean by that, pet?"

"Master, will I be allowed to go outside the house. I would very much like to breathe some fresh air."

"I can take you out for walks at night time if you wish. First, however, you need to show youíve earned a reward like that. That might take a few weeks still but I can promise that you will be allowed outside at some point."

"Master, so I wonít be seeing the sun ever again?"

"Pet, surely you understand that I canít let you go out when the sun is shining since you would try to escape and no-one could come after you. I canít trust you enough that you wouldnít try to take advantage of the situation."

Xanderís face dropped. He did understand the point Spike was making since he knew that given the chance he would try to escape. The best moment for that would of course be during the day when the vampires couldnít exit the house. He still felt sad that he wouldnít feel the warmth of the sun on his skin ever again. He could feel Spike watching him carefully.

"Pet, do you really miss the sun that much?"

"Yes, Master. I think I will miss it a lot. Now Iíve been here only for a few days and itís not too bad yet but I think it will get worse."

"There is one way you might be allowed outside even during the day but before that you really have to prove your trustworthiness. I have quite a few long chains here so while chained you could go outside at least a little. Of course that would be only a few meters from the house. You think that would help you?"

Even if the thought about being chained into something while outside didnít appeal to Xander he knew it was better than nothing.

"Yes, Master."

"Good, just remember that that wonít happen anytime soon. You will have to prove to me that you can be trusted."

Xander again nodded. Spikeís words had given him ideas about escaping but for now he had to play his part and try to convince Spike that he could be trusted. The plan that was forming in his head required that he wasnít chained to the bed anymore and that Spike was gone for some time. The most important fact was that he needed it to be daytime when he put his plan into motion.

Part Fourteen

The rest of the day went quite smoothly. Spike spent most of his time in the same room with Xander. They didnít speak much but that didnít bother Xander. He was given food two times during the day and Spike also kept his promise and gave him some more chocolate. When the evening came Spike again started making preparations for bed.

"Pet, will you sleep on the bed willingly now or do I have to shorten the chain again?"

Xander thought about it for a while but then he decided that it was better to go with Spikeís rules and play along. Also if he got nightmares again he wouldnít hurt himself like the previous night. Spike had also kept his hands to himself the previous night and Xander hoped that would be the case now too.

"Master, I will stay on the bed. You donít have to shorten the chain."

When it looked like Spike was going to strip and not allow Xander a visit to the bathroom Xander quickly reached to touch Spike. He didnít reach his leg but he hoped Spikeís arm was also acceptable.

"Yes pet, what is it?"

"Can I go to the bathroom before we go to bed? I need to brush my teeth too."

"Iím sorry, pet. I almost forgot. Come on letís go."

Xander followed when Spike took the chain away and then they walked towards the bathroom. Xander was surprised when Spike didnít grab his arm this time. He just walked beside him. In the bathroom, Xander quickly brushed his teeth and then returned with Spike to the room. Xander again situated himself quite near the edge of the bed but tried to remain as calm as possible. He needed his sleep. Xander had no way of knowing what Spike would come up with next. To be able to cope with anything that came he needed to be rested. Gradually Xanderís breathing calmed down and sleep started winning over him. He tried to listen any signs from Spike if the vampire was already sleeping but since Spike didnít have a heartbeat or need to breath Xander found it quite impossible to know if Spike was sleeping or not. Finally his tiredness won over and he fell asleep.

His nightmare started again the same than the previous night. He found himself bound spread eagle on the bed and Spike pounding into him and splitting him in two. This time he was gagged so he couldnít even scream. The only sound he could make were faint whimpers. Xander did his best to get away from Spike. When he suddenly realised that his limbs werenít restrained anymore he quickly rolled of the bed and again ended up under the bed. There he curled up and tried to stay silent. He didnít want Spike knowing where he was.

Gradually his brain caught up with the fact that he had been dreaming again. He wasnít hurting anywhere and there was no gag in his mouth. He also couldnít hear any noise from above. That probably meant that Spike hadnít woken up and wasnít aware of Xanderís distress. Deep in his mind Xander knew that he should get back on the bed since Spike had told him that he was supposed to sleep there. Xander knew that Spike could very easily decide to punish him for going against his orders. For some reason, however, Xander couldnít move. His dream was still so livid in his mind. He could see Spikeís cruel expression right in front of his eyes. It froze him and caused even more whimpers to emerge from his throat.

Suddenly there were some noises from above him. Xander smothered the whimpers and tried to remain totally still and quiet. He could hear Spike moving on the bed and knew that his absence was probably noticed.

"Pet, where are you?"

Xander tried to open his mouth to answer but nothing came out. He was still so terrified that even his vocal cords werenít working.

"Pet, you know I donít like you not answering me when I ask you something. Iím going to give you exactly ten seconds to answer me and explain yourself. You are really trying my patience."

The obvious threat in Spikeís voice didnít do anything to help the panic inside his head. He tried to move but nothing happened. Then he took a few deep breaths and concentrated deeply. He didnít want to get beaten again.


Spike head appeared over the edge of the bed immediately. His eyes were very cold and Xander felt that Spike was staring straight into him. That cold stare really didnít help Xander at all.

"Pet, what are you doing there? I thought I made it quite clear that you will sleep on the bed. You promised me that I didnít have to shorten the chain, that you would stay on the bed. I donít like you lying to me. Come out of there this second!"

Xander really tried to move his limbs but nothing happened. He felt like he was paralyzed. He could see the anger flaring in Spikeís eyes before the vampireís head disappeared. Only seconds later the bed suddenly disappeared from above him and a very irritated Spike was standing over him. The tremors going through Xander just intensified. Also the whimpers from his throat came louder again. He was sure that Spike would beat him bad again since he hadnít been able to follow the orders. Xanderís only hope was that unconsciousness would come quickly and Spike might accidentally go overboard and kill him.

"Pet, why are you making this so difficult. I really donít expect too much from you. Just a few basic things. I thought you already knew that disobeying me gets a punishment for you. Now stand up!"

Xander had known to wait for that and tried to concentrate to get his limbs to obey but still nothing happened. The expression on Spikeís face just got darker all the time. Xander was powerless to do anything else than hope that it would be over soon. The whimpers from his throat got even louder. Spike looked like he was about to explode when suddenly another expression came over the fury and he kneeled beside Xander. For a while Spike just watched Xander.

"Pet, can you move?"

Xander opened his mouth and tried to form at least a few words. The result was that only whimpers got out. Next thing he realised was that Spike was holding him on his lap and murmuring comforting words into his ear. Xander couldnít hear the words but the calm sound of Spikeís voice got to him a little. After a while Spike reached for the covers on the bed a draped them over Xander. The warmth that started seeping into his body felt wonderful. The whole time Spike kept up with the calm murmur. Xander could still see the cruel Spike of his dream but it was starting to be replaced with this nicer Spike. Gradually Xander could feel his muscles relaxing and he found that he began to get the movement of his limbs back. Spike was still cradling him on his lap and talking softly. For some weird reason Xander felt safe.

That was until he could feel something poking his legs. When he realised Spike was sporting wood he tried to scramble away. Spike, however, held him tight.

"Pet, calm down. What is it?"

"Master, please donít. Iím not ready yet. Please donít hurt me."

"Pet, Iím just trying to calm you. Iím not going to do anything. I just want you to calm down so that you can tell me what got you so scared that you couldnít move a muscle and what happened now that got you all worked up again. You feel ready to tell me?"

"Master, had a nightmare, the same as last night."

"Okay, but you really have to believe me when I say that Iím going to keep my word about that. There will come a time I want to have sex with you but before that I need you to trust me. As I already said earlier I want you as a willing participant than force you. Can you tell me what just got you to wig out again just now?"

For a while Xander just nibbled his bottom lip. How could he tell Spike that he had felt the vampireís erect cock poking at him? What if that gave Spikeís ideas? In the end, however, Xander was sure that Spike would know if he lied so he decided to go with the truth.

"Master, I thought you were going to have me now."

"What gave you that idea?"

"Master, I could feel you."

"Oh that, it just means I find you desirable, nothing else. Iím prepared to wait for a while."

Xander found himself relaxing into Spikeís embrace. For some reason he found himself believing what Spike said and feeling remotely safe wrapped in the covers and Spike holding him tight. For a while Spike didnít say anything. Xander started feeling quite tired when all the adrenaline that had flooded his system gradually disappeared. He tried to fight the sleepiness but in the end he lost. He could remotely feel Spike getting up and carrying him back to the bed. There he curled under the covers and soon knew nothing about the world around him.

The next few days were a blur to Xander. He tried to make his best to obey Spike to avoid further punishments. Nothing too interesting happened. Xander was still confined to the same room and the only times he left the room were for bathroom. Not once did he see anyone else. Spike obviously made sure that all his minions kept away when Xander was out of the room. The chain still remained around Xanderís ankle all the time. Spike only took it away for bathroom. Spike spent most of his time in the room with Xander and Xander gradually got used to the vampireís presence. Their days followed the same pattern until one morning when Xander woke up he found Spike already fully dressed and obviously making preparations.

"Pet, I have to leave you for a while. I donít know how long I will be away but it probably will be only a few days. While Iím gone all your needs will be catered to by one of my minions. He will be standing right outside that door at all times. You just have to call for him. Iíve instructed him to take care of all your needs. His name is Pete so just call him that. I will try to return as quickly as possible."

Then Spike was gone. Xander stared after him amazed. It had to be something quite important that Spike would leave that hastily. Just then his body reminded him of his needs and he decided to try to call for the minion Spike had talked about. As soon as the call was out of his mouth the door opened and the minion Xander remembered seeing once before.

"You called."

"Yeah, I need to use the bathroom. I also would like to have a shower so you have to allow me a little more time in the bathroom."


Then the minion was already unlocking the chain from Xanderís ankle. Xander was quite surprised. He had waited for the minion to ridicule him and possibly decline his request. Obviously Spike was respected. After the chain was off Xander got off the bed and started walking towards the bathroom. The minion followed behind his back but didnít even try to touch him. In the bathroom Xander didnít try hurry. He enjoyed the warm shower from the bottom of his heart before emerging back out. The minion was standing outside the door and discreetly escorted him back to his room. Then the chain was around his ankle again.

Just when the minion was leaving the room Xander asked for something to eat. With a nod his request was acknowledged before the door closed. Not long after that the door opened again and Pete was back with a food bag. Xander had already started developing a plan inside his mind. For that he needed to know what the time was. Luckily the minion was obviously been told to answer all his questions since Xander was told that it was just starting to turn into morning. From the info Xander was given he could deduce that in a few hours the sun would surely be up and he could put his plan into motion.

Part Fifteen

For the next two hours Xander finalized his plan. A lot was dependent on his luck but he hoped some deities would be on his side and his luck wouldnít run out. When he was absolutely sure that the sun would already be up he hollered again for Pete. The door was again opened immediately but the vampire coming inside the room wasnít Pete but some other minion but they were obviously been told to answer that name whoever was on guard duty. Xander again requested to go to the bathroom. When the vampire bent over to take the chain away Xander collected all his strength and hit the minion over the head with a coal rake which he had found near the fire place. The minion went down with a crash. Xander quickly sprung into action. He stripped the clothes off from the minion and put them on himself. Then he exited the room. He had never seen any other parts of the house but he just had to go by instinct. He kept his ears open for any sounds that would alert him about the vicinity of other vampires.

Obviously luck was on his side since he didnít meet any other vampires. He managed to locate a door that looked just like a front door. He already had the door open when he heard a noise behind him. He didnít stop to look but opened the door all the way and ran. He could hear someone raising the alarm but it was already too late. Xander was running like his life depended on it. He had never been so happy about the sun shining. When he was far enough from the house he risked a look backwards. He could see figures by the door and had the childish urge to give them the finger but he just turned around again and continued running. He knew he had to get far enough away before nightfall so that the vampires couldnít find him.

Xander had no idea where he was but his goal was to try to find some other houses with people where he could call for help. There he could also get the info about his whereabouts. First Xander ran as fast as he could to get as much distance as possible between the house and himself but after exhaustion got him he slowed down to walking and just jogging occasionally.

Xander estimated that he had travelled about for an hour when he could hear a car coming from behind him. He couldnít believe his luck. He just hoped the driver of the car would be friendly enough to stop and help him. Xander stopped and waited for the car to come closer. He almost jumped in joy when he could see the car slowing down when he waved at it. Too late he realised that all the windows of the car were painted black. By then the car was already beside him, the door opened and there were hands reaching for him. Quickly he was grabbed and dragged inside the car. He didnít recognise the vamps in the car but he was sure they were Spikeís minions. He tried to fight with all he had but the vampires in the car had no problems restraining him. Finally a rag that obviously contained something meant to knock him unconscious was pressed over his nose and mouth. For a while Xander tried to not to breath but finally his lungs protested so badly that he had to draw a deep breath. That was the last he knew before darkness took hold of him.

When Xander woke up his head was hurting bad. He found himself back in the familiar room again, naked and chained from his ankle. Tears sprung to his eyes. Now he was truly screwed. His well thought plan had gone totally wrong and only because of his own carelessness. He should have checked the car more carefully. If he had noticed the black windows earlier he might have had a chance to escape. Xander didnít bother moving from the bed. He knew that as soon as Spike came back he would get beaten again. A few hours after he had woken up he heard noises from the door. He didnít turn his head.

"Do you want something to eat?"

It was obviously one of the minions. Xander remained completely still and ignored the person standing by the door.

"Master Spike told me that in case you tried to stop eating again I had the right to force feed you. The Master doesnít like his pets trying to starve themselves."

Xander sighed. It was obvious that whatever he chose things were already decided for him. Without turning around he snapped.

"Fine, bring me something then!"

He could hear the door closing and he was again left alone. It didnít take very long before the door opened again and Xander could hear steps coming closer. A brown paper bag was situated near him. The minion that had brought it obviously waited for Xander to get up. He couldnít be bothered.

"You can go already. I will eat in a few minutes."

"Master Spike told us that we should watch when you eat. That way you canít get rid of the food and just claim to have eaten."

Xander sighed again. Obviously he didnít have any other choice. Slowly he got up and grabbed the bag. He didnít bother thanking him and obviously the minion didnít expect him to. Slowly he opened the bag and peeked inside. The food looked good but Xander just didnít feel like eating anything. Since he didnít feel like getting force fed either he started taking bits and pieces of the food and chewing them slowly. The minion staring at him all the time made him nervous but he tried to ignore him the best he could. With great effort Xander was able to finish all the food. Seemingly satisfied the minion took the garbage with him and left the room.

A few hours later the same minion popped into the room again to check if he wanted anything. Xander body voted for bathroom so he requested for that. He wasnít particularly surprised when the first minion was followed by two others. While the one minion took the chain off from his ankle the others kept watch. Then he was escorted to the bathroom and back. Again the minions didnít touch him other than with the chain. When Xander was returned to the room he decided to try to sleep a little. It wasnít like he could do anything else right now. He knew he needed all his energy when Spike finally returned. The minions would surely have informed Spike about his escape attempt and he didnít think the repercussions would be nice.

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