Dark Surprises


Part Six

It took surprisingly long for Spike to return to him. Not that Xander really missed him. He had just thought that grabbing something to eat wouldnít take this long. Then it came to him that Spike had talked about grabbing someone to eat. Of course it meant that he had gone hunting. It could take a while before he came back. Xander just enjoyed his alone time. It at least meant that he didnít need to play to be an obedient little pet.

When he finally heard the door opening again Xander stayed absolutely still in his corner. He could hear a person that he guessed was Spike coming closer to him and finally stopping in front of him. Then there was just silence. Xander resisted the temptation to raise his head and see what Spike was doing. The silence just dragged on. Finally the steps started going away. Xander didnít understand why Spike hadnít said anything but he still didnít lift his head or move in any other way. He could hear the door opening and Spike saying something with a soft voice. Xander tried to strain his hearing to catch what was being said but he was too far away. He guessed Spike talked with a very low voice on purpose so that Xander wouldnít catch what he said. It irritated him but he tried to smother the feeling and just stay calm. He couldnít achieve anything by trying to attack Spike again especially now when he was so far away. Xander already knew how long the chain was and he knew that he wouldnít reach very far with it.

Xander had to sharpen his thoughts back to the room when he could hear the door closing and steps coming closer again. This time Xander could feel someone; presumably still Spike, sitting next to him. Then there was again a hand in his hair. Xander would have liked nothing more than to try to shake it off but that would have meant moving and he didnít want to move an inch right now.

"You know, pet. This isnít going to work like this. You have to co-operate so that this thing between us works. I didnít take you to be my pet just so that you could sulk in a corner doing nothing. I know your sour attitude is because I hit you yesterday but youíve got only yourself to blame for that. I told you the rules and what happens if you donít follow them. You broke the rules so I had to punish you. Iíve let you sulk for some time now but itís time for that to end. I can always order you to do things and if you donít do what I say you get punished again. I donít think you want that."

Xander listened to Spikeís lecture but didnít react to it in any way. He wasnít going to do anything willingly. If Spike ordered him to do something he might obey but just because his ass was still sore and he didnít want to get hit so soon again. Until then he was going to lay here and do nothing.

"So, pet, do you want something to eat?"

"No, thanks, Master."

"How about to drink?"

"No, Master."

"Do you need to use the bathroom?"

"No, Master."

"Will you move to lie on the bed?"

"No, Master."

"So you are totally happy to just lie there, do nothing and be an asshole?"

"Yes, yes and no, Master."

"What did that answer mean, pet?"

"Yes, Iím happy to just lie here, and yes do absolutely nothing, but no Iím not being an asshole. Master."

"No use being saucy with me, pet. It wonít do you any good. It will just irritate me and nothing good follows from that, especially to you."

Xander remained silent. He knew he had possibly stepped a bit out of line. Spike was a merciless killer after all. It wasnít a good idea to piss him off. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Xander startled a little but remained otherwise totally still. He could hear Spike getting up and walking to the door. Again there were some soft words. A while after that Spike was again sitting next to Xander. Something was set between them. Xander could only hear the rustling since he kept his eyes tightly closed.

"Pet, I have something for you."

Xander still remained still with his eyes closed. Gradually delicious smells started wafting into his nose and his mouth started watering. He still tried to remain totally still.

"In front of you is a bag of food. You can eat it voluntarily or Iím going to force you to eat it. If need be I will summon my minions to keep you still and force-feed you. The choice is yours but Iím not going to sit by and let you starve yourself. As I already said I treat my pets well. All I expect in return is some obedience."

For a while Xander remained still. He didnít feel like accepting anything from Spike but getting force-fed didnít sound very appealing. Just when Spike sighed in frustration and started to get up Xander rose to sit on his legs. He made sure his ass didnít touch the ground or his legs. Quickly he made to grab the food bag. His hand met Spikeís on the bag. He quickly glanced up at Spike and saw a waiting expression on his face. He drew his hand away. Xander wasnít sure what he was supposed to do. According to the rules he wasnít allowed to speak if he wasnít asked a question or given permission to speak otherwise. This time neither of the cases was current. He didnít want to anger Spike any more than he had already.

"Pet, what did I teach you yesterday about accepting food?"

"I should say thank you, Master."

"Why didnít you do it then if you knew what was expected?"

"You hadnít asked me anything or didnít give me permission to speak. I wasnít sure I was allowed to say anything."

"Are you being saucy again, pet?"

"No, Master. I really donít want to be hit again this soon. I really didnít know what to do."

"You are always allowed to say thank you when I give you something."

Xander put his hand again on the bag. He didnít lift his face up but just muttered.

"Thank you for the food, Master."

Spikeís hand disappeared from the bag and Xander slowly pulled it towards him. He opened the bag and peaked inside. This time the bag was filled with Chinese food. Xander piled everything from the bag to the floor and started taking bits and pieces from a few containers. Spike watched him for a while before sighing deeply.

"Eat properly, pet. My threat about force-feeding is still topical. I expect you to eat all of the food here. You will not starve yourself!"

Xander glanced at Spike once from under his lashes but then concentrated again on the food. He really didnít feel particularly hungry. His whole situation had robbed his appetite totally. Spikeís threat, however, did motivate him and he started eating more of the food. It was actually pretty good. Xander did feel that there was a bit too much food for one person there but he didnít dare to try to leave any. He was pretty sure Spike would shove it down his throat anyways. The whole time he ate he kept checking Spikeís face once in a while from under his lashes. The vampireís face wasnít looking too pleased but at least the threatening frown gradually disappeared.

Part Seven

When all the food was gone Xander carefully packed all the trash away to the bigger paper bag. Then Xander pushed the bag a little bit away from himself and sat with his hands on his lap and waited what Spike was going to do next.

"Since you were a good pet and ate all the food you get a treat."

Xander again watched from under his lashes when something was slipped towards him. When it was near enough Xander could see that there were two large chocolate bars on the floor. For a while he hesitated but Spike obviously had done his homework since he had picked just the chocolate that was Xanderís favourite. Finally his sweet tooth won.

"Thank you, Master."

Spikeís hand disappeared from on top of the chocolates and Xander carefully and slowly reached for them. When he had them he slowly unwrapped the first one and started nibbling on it. The second one he hid behind his back. He wanted to save it for later. You never knew if there was going to be any more.

"Pet, you can eat the both bars now if you want to. You will get more later if you continue behaving."

Xander didnít react in any way. He just continued nibbling on the chocolate. He couldnít help thinking what alternative motive Spike had in offering him chocolate. He couldnít do it just from the goodness of his heart. There had to be something behind it. Then a thought struck his mind. Since he had been drugged when he was brought here who knew if there was something in the chocolate too. It could just be one of Spikeís plans to distract him or transfer him somewhere else. With a small amount of regret but with determination he wrapped the chocolate again and placed it on the floor. He also took the other bar from behind his back and placed it beside the first one. Then he withdrew his hands and placed them on his lap. Not once did he lift his head. Then he could hear Spikeís baffled voice asking him.

"Pet, is there something wrong? Why didnít you eat the chocolate? Donít you like it? I thought this was your favourite brand."

"I donít trust you, Spi.., Master."

"Whatís that got to do with you not eating the chocolate?"

"I was drugged when I was brought here. What is stopping you from drugging me again?" A small pause. "Master."

"I can eat a piece of the chocolate so you will see that itís not drugged. Would that be okay?"

"You are a vampire. The drugs that would be enough to knock me unconscious for a long time wouldnít do anything to you."

"Okay, youíve got point there. Why would I want to drug you now?"

"I donít know. I actually have no idea what you want. You kidnapped me. Youíve brought me here. You are keeping me in some room, naked and chained. Youíve given me these rules I supposedly need to obey or you are going to beat me. Actually youíve already done it once." Again a small pause. "Master."

For a while Spike didnít answer in any way. Then with a very calm voice Spike spoke.

"Pet, look at me."

Xander lifted his head slowly until he was eye to eye to Spike. Then he just waited silently.

"As I already said to you yesterday you were offered to me by my Sire. Okay he offered you as a snack but I thought you had potential for more. My opinion just got stronger over the years. I almost took you with me when I came to Sunnydale a little bit over a year ago but I was still droning for Drusilla at that point so I couldnít. When I lived with you for those few weeks I made my mind up. As soon as I got rid of the chip I came to get you and here you are. You are kept here chained because Iím sure that if I didnít keep you chained you would try to escape. Not that it would do you any good. This whole house is inhabited by vampires loyal to me. They would just return you to me. Some of them are stupid enough that they might consider you a snack and would drain you before you could do anything so this is for your own safety. After a while I will take the chain away and you will be allowed more room to move. About your nakedness, that goes with your pet status. Pets usually arenít allowed to wear clothes. I may consider letting you wear some if you someday are allowed out of this room or if I take you with me somewhere. That, however, is still a long way ahead. First you have to learn how to behave. The rules are just standard ones as is the punishment part. I think itís quite straightforward. If you donít behave you get punished. Is there something else you wanted to know?"

"So this is just to humiliate me. You keep me here, control me with those rules of yours and punish me when it suits you. When you get tired of me you'll probably just kill me.....Master."

"No, Iím not doing this to humiliate you. I like you and I want you to stay with me for a long time. It is possible that at some point when the years go on I will turn you so that you can stay with me forever. Anything else?"

"What fun is it for you to keep me here? What use am I to you?"

"After youíve accepted your place you will become my pet in every meaning of the word. You will keep me company, warm my bed and provide me with sexual favours."

The last few words flared Xanderís temper again and before he had any time to think about the repercussions of his actions he had launched himself towards Spike. This time he managed to surprise the vampire and bowl him over. He even managed to land a few blows before Spike got hold of his hands and reversed their position. Spike just straddled him and pulled his arms over his head. Xander kept thrashing under him even if he knew that he had no possibility to win over Spike.

"Pet, calm down!"

Xander didnít listen. He just kept trashing and bucking. Spike, however, sat on him and didnít even budge. Finally Xanderís power ran out and he slumped. The floor had chafed his back pretty bad and he only now noticed when the adrenaline rush went away. Xander turned his face away from Spike so that he didnít have to watch him. A few silent tears fell from his eyes. Spike still kept a tight grip on his wrists.

"Pet, have you calmed down?"

Without looking up Xander nodded.

"Thatís quite not enough, pet. I need to hear you say it."

"Yes, Iíve calmed down"

A quite long pause that was only broken when Spike tightened his grip on Xanderís wrists momentarily.


"Will you start fighting again if I let you go?"

"No, Master."

Very slowly Spike released his grip on Xanderís wrists and finally moved away from top of him. Xander got up slowly and backed again to his corner. He made sure his back was against the wall. He could feel Spike watching him carefully.

"So pet, want to tell me what brought this attack on?"

"You have to be crazy to think that I would ever have sex with you!"

"You actually donít have much say in that. You are my pet now and if I wish have sex with you I will. Even if I have to chain you down. It would be much more fun for both of us if you participated willingly but both ways suit me."

"So you are going to rape me?!"

"No, Iím just taking my pleasure in you. If you donít participate willingly itís your problem. Iím going to give you a few days to get used to the idea before requiring anything."

Xander didnít bother responding. He started hoping more than ever that his friends would find him soon. He could never live it down if Spike raped him.

"Now pet. You are not allowed to attack me and since you did you have to be punished for it. I will go fetch the crop. When I return I expect you to be in position against the bed."

Part Eight

After Spike had delivered his message he got up and left the room. Xander stayed unmoving. There was no way he was going to voluntarily co-operate when he had just been promised a punishment. He kept his place in the corner with his back tightly against the wall. Only a few minutes later the door opened again and Xander could hear steps coming closer.

"Pet, I think I gave you an order. Do you want to get punished even more since you didnít obey me? I thought I made it quite clear that you were to obey my commands without delay."

"Why the hell would I voluntarily go there so that you can beat me? Youíve got to be totally mad!"

Xander barely got those words out of his mouth before a hand grabbed a handful of his hair and started dragging him towards the bed. Xander didnít have much choice than follow. He could feel some of his hairs being ripped off. Soon he found himself bent over the bed again. He tried to struggle to dislodge Spikeís grip on him. Suddenly he could hear Spike shouting a few names. Instantly the door opened again and at least two voices addressed Spike.

"Hold him down!"

Instantly two pairs of hands grabbed Xander flailing arms and pinned him to the bed. A weight that Xander thought was a couple knees were placed on his shoulder blades. That made moving quite difficult. However, it didnít stop the constant flow of swearing that flowed from Xanderís mouth. That was until something was stuffed inside his mouth. It proved to be a ball gag again. Then he could hear Spikeís voice again.

"The first set is for attacking me."

The blows started raining on his skin again. This time it wasnít only his ass that got its part. Also his upper thighs and lower back got its share. There were fifteen lashes with the crop.

"Next you didnít address me as Master."

This time there were ten lashes. Xander bit his teeth into the gag. It started feeling like his whole body was on fire. After the ten Spike again stopped for a while.

"Then you swore at me repeatedly."

Xander whole body went rigid when the lashes started raining again. It felt like they would never end. Xander thought he counted fifteen but he couldnít be sure anymore. The pain was getting to be too much for him. When Spike again ceased with the lashes Xander felt the blessed veil of unconsciousness washing over him. Then he knew nothing more than blackness.

When Xander woke it was to a world of pain. Every part of his body hurt. The pain throbbed mainly on his ass, thighs and lower back and radiated from there to his every limb. He quickly noticed that he was again lying on the bed. He was laid on his stomach so none of his abused parts were in contact with the bed. Xander really wanted to get off the bed but he felt that if he tried to move he would just hurt more, a lot more, so he decided to stay put. He tried to listen for noises around him but it seemed that he was alone in the room. Slowly other things started registering into his mind. The gag was still in place. When he tried to move his hands to remove it he noticed that also his hands were now bound. In summary he couldnít move at all even if the pain radiating through his body wouldnít have prevented that already. His head was turned away from the door and right now he didnít feel like he had energy to even turn that.

It took quite long before he heard noises from the door. It opened and one pair of feet walked in. Xander followed their process when they went around the bed. Finally a pair of feet stepped into his field of vision.

"Glad to see youíre awake, pet. Iím going to apply a lotion to your back. It should help the burning feeling and lessen the irritation."

The moment the cool lotion touched his abused skin Xander felt like screaming in pain. He tried to move away but a cool hand landed on him and held him still while the lotion was spread all around his back, ass and thighs. Every touch felt like hell to Xander but he couldnít escape. Tears started flowing from his eyes again. When the lotion had been spread the hands disappeared from his skin. Xander had to admit that it already felt like the burning had calmed down. He still didnít feel like moving at all.

"Iím going to free your hands now if you promise you wonít lash out again. Nod if you can promise me that."

Xander managed a small nod and instantly he felt that he could move his hands again. He also hoped Spike would take the gag away because it felt quite uncomfortable. He just didnít feel too optimistic about it. He knew that Spike had gotten pretty pissed with him and his swearing. He didnít regret it apart from the fact that he was now gagged. If given another chance he probably wouldnít change a thing. Now, however, he had calmed down and the gag felt really uncomfortable. It made him to breath through his nose all the time. He wasnít used to something like that. Xander flexed his hands a little. He made sure not to make any sudden movements so that Spike didnít think he was trying to hit him or something like that. Xander felt really thirsty but he didnít think Spike was going to give him anything to drink anytime soon. Not that he could have drank anything when the gag was in place. He just hoped Spike wasnít going to keep the gag in place for too long. Xander didnít think he could stand it. It felt like Spike was able to read his mind when he started talking.

"Pet, unfortunately I canít take the gag off yet. You spoke way too much earlier and now you have to learn to be silent. Donít try to remove it when I leave you alone. Itís padlocked in place so you canít even take it off. If I suspect that you have tried to remove it by yourself the time you have to keep it will get longer. If you behave I will take it off earlier. Iím sure it isnít feeling too comfortable so Iím certain you want to get rid of as quickly as possible."

Then Spike fell silent and started walking around the room. Xander wasnít able to see what he was doing so he didnít even try. He just closed his eyes and tried to think happy thoughts. There werenít that many of them and his thoughts kept returning to his current situation. It resulted again in tears falling from his eyes. What followed next was of course that his nose started running and he started sniffling. Almost immediately Spike was at his side and petting his head.

"Pet, thereís no need to cry. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Iím going to take good care of you. I donít like hitting you but if you donít behave as expected I have no other chance. Calm down now. Do you need to use the bathroom?"

Xander listened his bodyís needs for a while and then managed a small nod.

"Okay then. Iím going to take care of a few things and I will take you then. You think you can manage a few more minutes?"

Xander nodded again. His need wasnít too bad yet. He also dreaded the walk to the bathroom. He could remember how much it had hurt to walk after Spike had hit him the previous time and now he had been beaten so much worse. It would be total hell to walk even that small distance to the bathroom and back. He didnít even know how he was going to get up from the bed. He listened while Spike did something on the other side of the room before leaving the room.

It took Spike only a minute to come back so Xander guessed he hadnít gone too far. Then Spike was already standing by the bed and unlocking the chain from Xanderís ankle. Xander tried to collect all his strength for the trip. Carefully he started moving his legs of the bed. Every movement felt like someone would have stuck him with a needle. He bit his teeth into the gag. It helped him to deal with the pain at least a little. When he was up from the bed Xander could feel Spike taking hold of his arm but this time it wasnít a tight grip, mainly Spikeís hand just rested on Xanderís arm. One step at a time Xander started heading towards the door. It hurt like hell and Xander really had to bite his teeth to the gag. His eyes were filled with tears once more but he tried to hold them back. He didnít want the vampires who probably filled the corridor to see his tears. After a time that felt like forever they finally reached the corridor. Xander didnít dare to lift his head. He didnít want to see the mocking stares of everybody so he just kept his eyes on the floor. The way to the bathroom took forever, or at least it felt like that to Xander. Finally they reached the bathroom door. Spike let go of Xanderís arm and with slow short steps Xander entered the bathroom. He took care of his business as quickly as possible and started the dreaded way back towards the room. Xander was surprised that Spike didnít try to hurry him up but walked just as slowly as Xander did. Xander was also surprised that he didnít hear any sounds during their walk. He had been so sure that there would be at least some snickers. It felt like the corridor was totally empty.

In the room Spike steered him straight back to the bed. For a while Xander tried to protest. His corner felt a much safer place but he was helpless against Spikeís power.

"Pet, you are going to go and lie back on the bed. You canít just go to that corner and be there when you canít even walk properly."

Resigned Xander got on the bed and laid on his stomach. Straight after Spike had locked the chain around his ankle again he left the room. Xander was again left alone.

Part Nine

Xander started feeling really bored. He didnít like being alone when he couldnít do anything else than just lie there. He was surprised to notice that he kind of hoped Spike would return soon so that he didnít have to be alone. Xander tried to look around the room. There wasnít much he could see from the position where he was but finally his eyes landed on the abandoned chocolate bars. At the same time his stomach gave a protesting rumble. Xander now regretted that he hadnít eaten both the chocolates. It might have made a difference and he wouldnít be so hungry now.

Not long after that Xanderís stomach got more reason to rumble when Spike walked into the room with a brown paper bag. The room was filled with delicious smells right away. Xander closed his eyes and tried to not think about it. He hated Spike now for tormenting him like that. He was sure the vampire knew that he had to be hungry. To bring delicious smelling food to the room when he couldnít eat due to the gag was just cruel.

The cool lotion dropping to his abused skin was a surprise but a pleasant one. Even if the applying stage hurt Xander knew that soon it would make him feel a little bit better when the lotion started working. His eyes were still tightly shut so that he wouldnít catch a glimpse of the food bag he knew was situated somewhere near. A tap to his nose surprised him.

"Pet, open your eyes."

Xander did open them and immediately he could see the food bag right in front of him. Then Spike moved so that Xander could see him.

"Pet, Iím going to remove the gag now. Itís only temporary. I feel that although you are being punished you still need to have food and drink. When the gag is off I donít want to hear any sound coming from your mouth. If you need to answer some of my questions a nod or shake of your head is sufficient. Nod if you agree to these terms."

Xander nodded. He couldnít believe Spike was really going to give him food and drink. He had been sure that the vampire would just torment him and keep him hungry for days. Almost immediately he could feel the straps loosening and the gag being removed. When it was off Xander carefully flexed his facial muscles but made sure no sound came out. Spike was watching him carefully.

"Pet, do you think you can turn to your side?"

Xander again nodded and with great effort turned. Again all the movement hurt a lot but Xander felt that it was already lessening. As soon as he was on his side Spike already had the food ready.

"Pet, Iím going to feed you since you canít move properly. All you need to do is open your mouth, chew and swallow. Now open wide."

Xander opened his mouth and Spike started feeding him the food. Every once in a while Spike put a straw to Xanderís mouth to give him sips of the soft drink. It was quite slow eating like this but Xander wasnít about to complain. He was just happy that he was given something. Then the food was all gone. Xander expected to be gagged again but he was surprised when Spike just turned around and went to retrieve the chocolate bars from the floor and returned then to the bed.

"Pet, you want a few pieces of the chocolate?"

Xander nodded. He tried not to appear too eager but probably failed. He didnít care anymore when the first pieces were fed to him and he could taste the delicious chocolate melting on his tongue. He tried to savour the taste for long. Spike fed all that was left of the first chocolate bar to him piece by piece. The second one he placed on the bedside table.

"Pet, now itís time to put the gag back. You behaved very well just now. If you continue the same way Iíll probably take the gag off pretty soon. Now open wide."

Xander didnít like the idea of the gag being put back into his mouth but he knew that if he tried to protest Spike would force it and he would probably be stuck even longer with it. He just opened his mouth as wide as possible and soon the gag was again in place. With careful slow moments Xander rolled back on his stomach since it was more comfortable for him like that. He was feeling pretty tired and sleep sounded like a good option but for some reason he didnít want to fall asleep on the bed. What Spike had said earlier was still fresh in his memory. He really didnít want to fall asleep in his current condition when he didnít know what Spike might do to him then.

Xander really did try to fight the sleep. Every time he felt like he was about to fall asleep he moved a little so that his muscles flexed. The pain that flared every time helped him to stay awake. Spike wasnít paying him a lot of attention. He was in and out of the room all the time. Xander was pretty sure that Spike just came to the room to check that he didnít try to play with the gag. Xander was surprised with himself when he didnít even try to touch the gag. He deduced it was because he did want to get rid of the gag as soon as possible and Spike had said that if he behaved the gag would be off much more quickly than if he tried to remove it by himself.

Xander believed that about two or three hours passed before Spike again paid him some attention. Xander almost startled when Spike stopped in front of him. He had already gotten used to Spike walking around the room but never stopping for long. Now Spike was just standing there.

"Pet, itís again getting closer to bed time. Do you need to use the bathroom before going to sleep?"

Xander risked a nod. Spike had said that he was allowed to communicate like that so he didnít think it was going to get him into trouble.

"Okay, I can take you right now. Can you get off the bed by yourself?"

Xander nodded again and started moving his limbs a little by little. Again every movement hurt really badly but it was already easier than the previous time. Apparently the lotion Spike used was quite efficient. Spike again took a loose hold on his arm and they started walking towards the bathroom. The trip felt like forever again but it was easier than the previous trip had been. Xander was quite happy about that.

Spike again stopped in front of the bathroom door and released his hold on Xanderís arm. Xander shuffled with small steps inside the bathroom and took care of his business. Just when he was finishing his gaze landed on the toothbrush on the brink of the sink. He really would have loved to brush his teeth but the gag was preventing him. For a while Xander tried to think how he could signal Spike his need without breaking the rules. In the end Xander ended up just taking the toothbrush with him when he exited the bathroom. When Spike looked at him Xander just showed the toothbrush to him and kept a pleading look in his eyes.

"Pet, do you want to brush your teeth?"

Xander nodded.

"Fine, I guess I can understand that. Remember not a word when I take the gag off. You can brush your teeth quickly but after that the gag goes straight back in."

Xander nodded again and tilted his head so that Spike could take the gag off. As soon as the gag was off Xander went back to the bathroom and made quick work of brushing his teeth. He didnít want that Spike had any time to be suspicious. As soon as he was done he put the toothbrush back on its place and exited the bathroom again. Spike was waiting for him outside the door with the gag in his hand. Xander stepped to him and opened his mouth so that Spike could put the gag back. He was surprised when Spike just took a hold of his arm and started walking back towards the room. Xander didnít have much other choice than follow.

Part Ten

In the room Spike stopped Xander a little before they reached the bed. Then he went to strip the covers off the bed. Xander watched terrified. It was obvious Spike expected him to go to sleep now. With unsure steps he started inching towards the corner of the room.

"Pet, where do you think you are going?"

Xander didnít dare to answer since Spike had said that he was supposed to stay silent. He just stopped on his tracks and stared towards the corner.

"I thought I made this already perfectly clear. You will sleep on the bed not in the corner. Get on the bed right now!"

The barely contained rage in Spikeís voice scared Xander and with small careful steps he made his way to the bed. He tried to give Spike as wide berth as possible. When he was on his stomach on the bed he could feel the cold steel of the chain closing around his ankle once more. When the clinking continued Xander got curious. He carefully lifted his head so that he could see what Spike was up to. He was shocked to see that Spike had rearranged the chain so that it gave Xander very little space to move. Xander suspected that the chain wasnít even long enough for him to stand beside the bed. He was now efficiently trapped on the bed. It only deepened his fear of what Spike was about to do to him.

When Spike again left the room Xander carefully shifted himself so that he was lying on the edge of the bed as far as possible from the other side. It took Spike only a few minutes to come back and Xander could deduce from the noises he hear that Spike was taking his clothes off. Small tremors of fear started going through his body. When the bed dipped signalling that Spike had climbed on too the tremors just got worse. The last drop was when Spikeís hand landed on Xanderís skin. Xander almost jumped off the bed and a small whimper escaped his throat. With the last thread of his will Xander stayed put but all his muscles were tensed. It hurt his abused skin a lot but he couldnít relax, not when Spike was touching him.

"Pet, what is it? Relax!"

Xander just buried his head on the pillow and bit his teeth together. He almost hoped he had the gag in his mouth so he could bite that. It would have also smothered the sobs that threatened to escape his mouth. Soon the pillow wasnít enough anymore and small sobs started escaping Xanderís mouth. The result was quite the opposite than what Xander had hoped. When the first sobs escaped his mouth Spike just came closer. That really didnít help and the tremors just kept getting worse.

"Pet, youíve got to tell me what is wrong. You can talk now. Just remember no swearing."

Xander swallowed a few times. He didnít know how Spike was going to react if Xander told him what the problem was. Finally he opened his mouth.

"Iím s-scared, Ma-Master."

"Why, pet?"

"Because of what you said earlier, M-Master."

"What did I say that upset you this bad."

"About the sex, Master."

"Hey shush, Iím not going to touch you now. I said I was going to give you time. I also donít want to cause you any extra pain. If I was going to take you now that would be quite painful to you when your skin is still irritated."

Xander hid his face again to the pillows. He didnít know if he could trust Spikeís words. There was nothing stopping him. If Spike decided to force sex on him Xander couldnít do much more than just lie still and take it. Spike was so much stronger than him. Xander tried to get his breathing under control. It was proving to be quite difficult but finally the sobs started coming more seldom and finally stopped all together. Xander was feeling exhausted but he didnít dare to close his eyes. All his muscles were still tensed up and small tremors still kept going through him. Spikeís hand hadnít moved from his back the whole time but now suddenly it was withdrawn.

"Pet, try to catch some sleep now. We will talk tomorrow. I promise I will explain everything to you if you promise that you will listen calmly and donít try to attack me again."

Xander didnít react in any way. He still kept his face hidden in the pillows. Finally he turned his head so that he faced away from Spike. His eyes were wide open. The room was quite dark and he could see almost nothing but he still stared to the corner that had provided him some safety during the day. He longed to escape there again but the chain around his ankle prevented him from doing that. When Spikeís hand again landed on his shoulder Xander startled.

"Pet, you canít sleep if you are that tense. Try to calm down, okay. You have nothing to fear from me."

Xander sniggered in his mind. He was in bed with a merciless killer that had already beaten him once into unconsciousness and was now trying to convince him that he had nothing to be afraid of. Xander had seldom heard anything more absurd than that. Obviously some sound had escaped his mouth since Spikeís hand was again on his shoulder.

"Pet, what is so funny now?"

Xander really didnít feel that Spike would appreciate his thoughts so it was better not to tell him what had just gone through his mind.

"Nothing, Master."

"Pet, I donít think youíve gone totally crazy yet and people usually donít snigger without reason when they are of their right mind so something is amusing you. There is no use lying to me. I donít like being lied to. Tell me what you found so funny."

Xander was between a rock and a hard place. Whatever he did he would probably have to face Spikeís wrath. He decided to go with the truth. Maybe that would have less dire consequences.

"Master, I just found you saying that I donít have anything to be afraid of quite absurd. You are a merciless killer who Iíve witnessed killing many times. You have kidnapped me and are keeping me here against my will. Youíve beaten me twice with one time so bad that it resulted me falling unconscious. Youíve told me clearly that you expect me to provide you with sexual favours. Now you try to convince me that I have nothing to fear. Of course Iím almost paralyzed with fear and nothing you do or say will change that!"

When Xander stopped talking he realised that he was shouting. He quickly drew his hands over his head to shield at least a part of his body from Spikeís coming attack. He was pretty sure Spike wouldnít take kindly to Xander shouting at him. He mentally hit himself over the head. It really wasnít a very good idea to piss off the homicidal vampire. Xander also thought that the gag would find its way back to his mouth quicker than he realised. He was surprised by the gentle touch on his arms.

"Pet, can you please turn around so that you face me?"

For a while Xander hesitated. He didnít want to see Spikeís face. Then a thought struck him. Maybe Spike was going to decorate also his front with lashes. However, he knew that if he didnít turn around Spike would probably make him so he slowly turned around until he was on his other side. He didnít dare to lift his gaze to Spike so he just stared at the covers.

"Pet, look up."

The request was delivered with such a gentle voice that Xander looked up immediately just because he was shocked. He hadnít thought Spike was able to speak with a voice like that. As soon as his face was upright Spikeís hand landed on his cheek. Xander tried not to flinch but didnít succeed very well and Spike surely noticed it. However, it seemed that he didnít take offence on it.

"Pet, are you really that afraid of me?"

"Y-yes, Master."

"I guess I just have to work on that. I donít want you to be afraid of me. A healthy dose of respect, yes, but you shouldnít flinch every time I try to touch you."

Xander listened amazed. This didnít suit the picture he had about Spike. The Spike he knew didnít give shit about what other people felt. He enjoyed causing fear and people fearing him just spurred him on.

"Now pet, try to catch some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day. There are a lot of things we need to make clear."

Xander just barely nodded. He wasnít very enthusiastic about Spike having talks with him. He already knew that when Spike talked, Xander was supposed to listen. There would probably be just more rules for him to follow. For a long time Xander just lay awake and stared at the wall on the other side of the room. He didnít dare to turn to his other side since Spike had asked him to lie on this side. He wasnít sure if even that would be considered an offence. Finally sleep won over him and Xander fell into deep sleep.

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