Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, just playing with them.
Warnings: language, violence, D/s, non-con, slash
Summary: Xander gets a surprise when walking home
Beta by: [info]umbralillium
Feedback: Much appreciated and cherished
Spoilers: Btvs - late season 4 - goes AU right from the beginning, so not really.
A/N: To save my brain I'm using morning, evening and night to indicate the time. Spike and Xander are, however, living with vampire hours so morning is late at night, evening means morning etc.

Dark Surprises


Part One

Xander was walking along the street. He knew it wasnít one of his brightest ideas to go walking alone along the streets of Sunnydale at this time of night. Especially since he really seemed to attract demons. He should have left the bar earlier but he had had so much fun with his colleagues that he hadnít even noticed the time before it was too late. Finally when the others were starting to think about heading home Xander realised that it was already way past sundown. A few of the guys had offered him a ride home but since they all lived in totally different direction Xander didnít want to bother them. He had been fine before. What were the chances something was going to happen to him? He was already only a few blocks away from his home.

That was when it happened. First the street before and behind him was empty and suddenly the street was occupied by vamps. There were only four of them but even that was too much. Xander was pretty sure he couldnít take them all. He produced his stake from his pocket. At least he would go down fighting. They would also know their losses if they decided to take him on. Xander waited for the first attack to come. When the vampires just stood there Xander started thinking that there was something bigger wrong. He wasnít used to these kinds of vamps. Usually he was attacked straight away. Now the vamps were just standing. It looked like they were waiting for something.

Xander decided to try to escape to the only direction that wasnít occupied a vamp, the way he had come from. He faked an attack on one of the vampires but then turned on his heels and ran. He knew the vamps would come after him but what they actually did surprised Xander. They just sprinted ahead of him and then again stopped. Xander was left with two options, run through them or try to change direction again. He decided to go with the more surprising option he kept running. His every intention was to barge into the vampires and hopefully cause enough confusion to get a little ahead of them. His plans got an unfortunate turn when the vampires just grabbed him, held him still for a while and then released his arms again. Then they again just stood there. It was starting to get on Xanderís nerves.

"What the hell you are doing? Is this some new game you vamps have come up with? Why donít you play fair? You should be attacking me and trying to drain me and I should be trying to defend myself."

Xander ended his rant with a lunge towards one of the vampires. His stake was poised to pierce the vamps heart. Before he got even close he was again restrained, held for a while and then set free. Xander couldnít understand what was going on. These vamps definitely didnít act like the normal ones.

"Whatís wrong with you? I try to attack one of you and all you do is let me go again. What keeps me from trying again?"

Xander enforced his words by a new lunge. Again the same scenario was repeated. He was restrained from attacking the vamp by another one, held for a while and then again let go. Xander was really getting frustrated. It seemed he would be standing here the whole night. Oh well, he could stand here all night and even when morning came. The vamps didnít have that. Xander tried to wrack his brain for an answer for his problem. Just when he was about to launch another attack he could hear footsteps behind him. He could also notice a difference in the posture of the vamps standing in front of him. It appeared that whatever they had waited for had now arrived. A bit scared Xander turned around. What he saw surprised him totally.


"Yeah, pet."

Xander relaxed a little. Maybe Spike was here to help him. He had helped the Scooby gang before. True he had vanished for a while but it seemed he was back.

"So Fangless, what have you been up to? Havenít seen you around for a while. Not that Iíve missed you. Actually have had quite a good time without you. But now I seem to have a problem with these stubborn vamps that donít act like their species at all. Care to give me a hand with them?"

"They are with me, luv."

"Oh, okay. Would you mind telling them that I would very much like to go home now since itís getting pretty late and I need my sleep?"

"No, not really. I have other plans now."

Then Spike turned to the vamps that were now standing behind Xander.

"Grab him!"

Before Xander had any chance to react the vamps already had him in a tight grip and he could feel his hands being tied behind his back. When he opened his mouth to protest the treatment something was stuffed into his mouth. It appeared to be a ball gag since Xander could feel the ball inside his mouth. Next a hood of some kind was drawn over his head. Only then Xander was able to tell his limbs to start protesting. He started wriggling to keep the vampires from touching him. He tried to kick out but it was no use since he didnít see anything so it was pretty hard to aim. Then he was picked up and obviously thrown to someoneís shoulder. Xander could hear some muffled sounds around him but couldnít hear what was being said. Then they were moving. Xander still tried to kick with his feet but the grip on his legs was so tight that it really didnít do him any good.

They walked for a while. Exhaustion was starting to get to Xander but he still tried to fight. He did his best to wriggle around so that if luck had it the person carrying him would drop him. He didnít know what he would do then but at least it would be progress, unless he broke bones in the process. Finally they stopped and Xander was put down. His dreams about making a run for it were crushed pretty soon when a firm grip was maintained on his arm. Again some discussion was going around him but he couldnít grasp what they were talking about. Then he could hear a car door opening and soon after that he was shoved across the backseat of the car. His legs were also bound.

Now he couldnít move anywhere. Resigned, Xander rested his head on the bench. The only positive thing here was that he was still alive. After a while of thinking Xander didnít know if it was positive after all. While alive all kind of nice torture could be visited on him. He tried to strain his hearing to catch any sounds but there really wasnít anything. Then he could hear the banging of car doors and obviously someone entered the car he was in. Not a word was spoken. Then they were moving.

For a while Xander tried to detect the smallest change in his surroundings and tried to catch even the smallest sound. Soon, however, he got tired of it and his thoughts began to wander. He tried to guess what Spikeís intention was. Was Xander supposed to be a bargaining item to blackmail something from Buffy or was it just something personal against him? He knew that he had treated Spike bad occasionally so this could be payback from that time. He just hoped his friends would start missing him soon and would come for him. He knew Willowís locating spell would find him in no time. Xander just hoped that he would be alive to see the rescue. If Spike was truly pissed with him there were no guaranties of how long he was going to live. He was quite exhausted. Suddenly he got the feeling that he couldnít keep his eyes open anymore. For a while he tried to fight it but finally his exhaustion and whatever was causing the sleepiness got the better of him and he fell asleep.

Part Two

When Xander woke up he was quite disoriented for a while. He knew that he wasnít in his own bed and he had had the weirdest dream last night. When he looked around him a crawling suspicion started in his mind that maybe it wasnít a dream after all. The chain around his ankle convinced him of the fact that he had not been dreaming but it had all been true. Next a panic settled in him. What the hell was going on? This didnít fit into the plans Xander had thought Spike had. If he had been brought here to be tortured and killed why was he in a soft bed with quality linen? This didnít feel like a torture chamber to him. His further thoughts were interrupted by noises from the door. As soon as Xander realised that someone was opening the door he bolted out of the bed and to the farthest corner from the door. The chain around his ankle was luckily a long one and allowed him that length. In the corner he crouched down and tried to appear invisible. Only then his mind caught up with the fact that he was stark naked but there really wasnít anything he could do about that now. From under his lashes he stared at the door to see who was coming in. It appeared to be Spike.

"Pet, what are you doing there in the corner? Wouldnít it be much more comfier on the bed?"

Xander didnít answer. He just pressed himself even deeper into the corner.

"Come on pet, come out of there."

At the same time something snapped in Xanderís mind and with a shout he charged towards Spike. Of course Spike was faster than him and sidestepped his attack. Almost at the same moment the chains length ended and it yanked Xanderís foot from under him. The result was that he ended up sprawled on the floor. He hit his hand and head pretty badly to the floor and tears sprang to his eyes. That resulted that the whole situation crashed on him and Xander started crying in earnest. He was surprised when he could feel Spikeís hand in his hair. He lashed out with his arm to prevent Spike from touching him. He did connect with something and from the sound it appeared that it had been Spike. The hand disappeared from his hair for a while but soon it was back. Xander didnít have energy to fight it anymore so he just curled into foetal position and continued crying. He was feeling quite hopeless. Only now the whole situation hit him. He was God knows where with Spike of all people probably surrounded by a group of other vampires. He just hoped his friends would find him soon. Before anything even worse happened.

Gradually, his crying was reduced to sobs and from there to an occasional hiccup. The whole time Spikeís hand was petting his head and saying comforting things to him. Xander didnít believe a word Spike said. He could hear the vampire promising that nothing bad was going to happen to him and that he was totally safe now. Xander would have laughed at those words but he was too busy with the crying. When Xander had calmed down he still stayed in the same position. He didnít want to face Spike and see him mocking him. He was sure Spike was really feeling quite good at the moment. He had snatched one of the Slayer's buddies. It had to be a good moment for Spike. Then he could hear Spike talking.

"Are you all right, pet?"

"What do you think, you bastard? You kidnapped me and transported to some place. Now you have me chained naked in some room. Do you really think Iím all right?!"

Xander head was wrenched up. Right in front of his face he could see Spike in full game face and looking pretty pissed.

"Pet, Iím not going to let you talk to me like that. Iím going to teach you to respect me like a good Pet should."

"Iím not your pet!"

"Yes, you are. A few years back my Sire offered you to me. It just took me a while to collect."

Xander could remember that night. He always knew Angel was nothing more than trouble. Even Xanderís current situation was his fault.

"Although, even if you hadnít been offered to me by my Sire I would have snatched you anyways. You are my nummy treat."

When Xander chin was released he laid his head straight back on the floor and muttered. "My friends are going to find me and then you are going to suffer. They have probably already located me and are on their way here."

"Actually I knew to expect that so I did some spells of my own. They wonít find you here by magic. Actually if they try to locate you by magic they will be lead into totally wrong direction. Magic is a funny thing. You can tamper with it quite a lot when you know what you are doing."

Xander was feeling crushed again. So it seems his friends wouldnít be coming for him. At least, not very soon. Xander was sure that at some point they would find him. He just didnít know if it was already too late then. The tears threatened to start falling from his eyes again. With the last bit of strength left in him he pleads.

"Could you leave me alone, please?"

"I guess I can do that. I only came here to check if you were awake. There are a few things I need to take care of. Iíll be back to talk about your status later."

Xander stayed absolutely still while he listened Spike getting up and leaving the room. Just to be sure he stayed still a few more minutes before moving. He carefully got up from the floor and started checking out the room. There really wasnít much to see. The huge bed dominated the room. Beside it was a bedside table. On the other side of the room there was a writing desk and a chair. On one wall there was a huge fireplace and in front of it was a big, soft looking armchair. After his inspection of the room was finished, Xander retired back to the corner. It was the only place he felt safe in, his back against the wall.

Part Three

Xander didnít know how much time had passed since he had been taken. The room where he was didnít have any windows or anything like that. It could be that it was the following morning or maybe even evening. He had a small suspicion that his sleep in the car might have been drug induced since somehow they had managed to carry him here and strip him without him knowing about it. He had always been a light sleeper so he suspected that if he had been just sleeping normally he would have woken up at some point. If the case was that he had been drugged there was no way of knowing how long he had been there. It could even be days. His friends had noticed him missing for sure and they probably were worried but if what Spike said was true they wouldnít find him quite as soon as Xander had expected.

Since even his watch had been taken away Xander didnít know how long he sat alone in the corner. He couldnít hear any noises. Finally his bladder decided that it was time for a bathroom break. Xander just didnít know how the hell he would get to the bathroom. His chain wasnít long enough for him to reach the door and even if it had been the door was probably locked so that was out of the question. Xanderís only option was to try to get someoneís attention. He carefully went around the bed and started looking through the drawers of the bedside table. For once he was in luck and he found some items he could throw to the door. Maybe that would be enough to get someoneís attention.

After Xanderís "ammunition" was ready he started throwing them one by one to the door. Some of them made quite a lot of noise so Xander was pretty sure someone would hear him. After he ran out of ďammunitionĒ Xander resorted to his voice. He started yelling all kind of obscenities. He was sure they would catch someoneís attention. It only took a few minutes before the door was opened. A not very pleased looking Spike was standing by the threshold.

"Pet, what is it now. Why are you keeping such a noise."

"I need to use the bathroom. And like now."

"Okay, thatís fine. Just hang on a sec."

Xander watched amazed when Spike came to him and unlocked the chain that was around Xanderís ankle. However, at the same time he took a firm grip on Xanderís arm.

"Come on, letís go."

"No way Iím going out of this room naked!"

"Actually you will go out naked. Pets are not allowed to use clothes."

Xander didnít have more time for complaints when he was dragged along a corridor. Finally they stopped in front of a door.

"The bathroom is here. Be quick about it. If youíre not out in five minutes I will come in to get you. Before you even think about it, you canít escape. The bathroom doesnít have windows either."

Then the door was opened and Xander was shoved in. He didnít know what he had expected but it definitely wasnít this. The bathroom was equipped with the latest gear. Xander had thought he would end up in some toilet that hadnít been used for decades but it seemed this room had just been renovated. He couldnít understand why the vampires would go into trouble of renovating a bathroom when they didnít have any need for it. Remembering Spikeís threat Xander quickly took care of his business and then exited the bathroom. His arm was again immediately grabbed and he was dragged back to the room he had occupied before. Before he knew it his ankle was again chained up.

"You hungry, pet?"

Xander was again amazed. Why did Spike care if he was hungry or not. Itís not like he cared about Xander. It was, however, Xanderís stomach that answered for him. There was a low rumble coming from there. Xander blushed.

"I guess you are. I will get you something. It shouldnít be long."

Then Spike was out of the room. Xander stared after him in awe. He couldnít believe Spike really would go to the trouble to get him something to eat. Of course there were no guaranties what he was going to get. Who knew what vampires regarded as food? All they ate was blood. Xander truly hoped that whatever they were bringing him wouldnít have anything to do with blood.

About half an hour later the door opened again. Xander hadnít moved from his spot on the bed. It was more comfortable sitting there than on the cold floor. As soon as the door opened delicious smells attacked Xander. He could see a paper bag in Spikeís hand that obviously contained his food. As soon as the bag was put on the bed Xander went for it. The bag was, however, snatched back by Spike. Xanderís temper flared.

"What the hell are you doing?! First you promise me food, then you bring something that smells really nice to me but then you take it away!"

"Pet, calm down. Just remember your manners."

Xander stared at Spike. The guy couldnít be serious. Xander really didnít have any idea what he was supposed to do to get Spike to let him have to food. Then he followed when the bag was again put on the bed. He stared at the bag for a while before lifting his eyes back to Spike. After a while he again looked at the bag and then Spike. Then it came to him. With a sarcastic tone he spoke.

"Thanks for the food, Spike."

"You still need a little practice but I guess I can be flexible. You can eat now."

Xander again attacked the bag. This time Spike didnít try to take it away. When he opened the bag he could see that there was a complete hamburger meal for him with large fries and all. His stomach grumbled impatiently. Xander gave one more look to Spike before he started eating with great speed. When a hand landed on his arm he startled and looked up. Spike was standing right next to him.

"Slow down, pet. Noone is going to take the food away from you. If you continue eating like that you are going to make yourself sick."

Then the hand was taken away and Spike was standing further away. Xander slowed down his eating a little. He still gave Spike some glances to make sure that there were no attempts to take the food away. Not that Xander could have done anything if Spike decided to take the food away from him. When he had finished with the food Xander packed all the garbage back into the paper bag and left it there. Spike took the bag, walked to the door and opened it. Xander could hear him talking to someone but he didnít hear what. Another voice answered him. Then Spike was already closing the door and walking back towards the bed and sitting down on it.

"Now pet, do you need to use the toilet?"

Xander regarded the half litre drink he just drank and nodded. Spike again unlocked the chain and led him to the bathroom. Xander took care of his business quickly and then they returned to the room.

Part Four

Back in the room Xander went to sit on the bed and Spike followed him.

"Now pet, itís time for us to have a little chat. As you probably already guessed my chip isnít working anymore. Just saying it to remind you that in case you donít behave I can and will hurt you. That being said Iím not very keen on hurting you. I treat my pets well and they are precious to me. I havenít had any live human pets before just other vampires. The rules are quite simple so Iím sure you will be able to remember them. Listen carefully since Iím not going to repeat these to you. From now on every time you break a rule a punishment will follow. The punishments will start light but will get harder if you donít show any progress."

When Spike stopped for a while Xanderís mind started to fill with dread. He knew that Spike being nice to him was just a lie. He was sure that whatever rules Spike was going to lay on him would be impossible for him to obey. There was also the fact that Xander didnít really feel like obeying any rules Spike was going to give him.

"First rule: From now on you will address me as Master, nothing else. Also every sentence you speak will contain the title. Second rule: You will not speak unless you are asked a question or given permission to speak. Every time you are asked something you are required to answer. Third rule: You will do what I say, when I say it. Those are the most important ones. Iím sure you will be able to remember them."

"Dream on, Blood breath! I will never call you Master."

Xander didnít get any further before he found himself on his back on the bed with a game faced Spike looming over him. Spikeís fangs were a little too close to him for comfort. Xander tried to push Spike away from him with his hands but the vampire didnít even budge. A deep growl escaped Spikeís throat. Then suddenly Spike turned his head towards the door and yelled.


The door opened immediately and a second vampire walks to the room.

"Yes, Master. You called."

"Bring me the crop."

"Yes, Master."

The other vampire backed out of the room. Xander was still wondering what happened and what Spike just asked the other vampire to bring him. He didnít pay attention to what Spike was doing and suddenly he finds himself bent over the bed. His feet are on the ground but his upper body is on the bed. He tries to kick Spike but misses. The grip on his neck just tightens. Then Xander can hear the door opening again and someone walking into the room.

"The crop you asked for, Master."

"Thank you, Pete. You can return to your place."

"Thank you, Master."

Then there are steps going away and finally the door closing. Then there is just silence for a while. It is finally broken by Spike.

"Now, pet, since you broke the rules you will be punished."

The hand from his neck was moved to the small of his back. Before Xander could react in anyway he could feel something hitting him on his ass. He screamed in agony. The first hit was followed by others. After ten they stopped. Tears were flowing from Xanderís eyes but there was still power in him and he muttered.

"You bastard, youíve got no right."

He screamed again when the hitting continued. This time it felt like there was a bit more power behind the hits. Again after ten they stopped. This time Xander stayed silent apart from the sobs that escaped his mouth. His ass was on fire. Then the hand was away from his back and a moment later he heard the door opening and closing. For a while Xander stayed absolutely still but then he slumped to the floor. As soon as his ass touched the floor he almost jumped back up again. In the end he just curled on his side beside the bed. He couldnít believe Spike had actually hit him and thought Xander would willingly call him Master. For a while Xander reflected what had happened and stayed in his current position but then he wanted to be as far away from the door as possible so he carefully got up and moved to the already familiar corner. He curled up there again and tried to forget everything. He centred his thoughts on his friends and hoped that that would somehow help them find him.

Some time went by before Xander heard some noises again. He could hear some voices behind the door but didnít recognise if one of them was Spike. Then the door opened.


Xander just curled tighter and tried to appear as small as possible.

"Pet, you canít be comfortable there. The bed would be much more comfortable."

Xander stayed absolutely still and silent. He hoped that if Spike thought he was sleeping he would leave him alone. Then he realised that the vampire was probably able to hear his heart that was beating furiously. He still kept totally still. Then he could hear steps coming closer. If possible his heart picked even more pace and small tremors started going through his body. He fully expected to be hit again. When a hand landed on his hair he startled and tried to get away. The fact that he was already backed against the wall made it quite difficult.

"Shh pet, you donít have to be scared of me. Youíve already been punished for breaking the rules. You wonít be punished anymore if you follow the rules."

Itís easy for you to say, Xander thought in his mind but didnít say anything. He just kept still and hoped Spike would go away.

"Your life will be really easy if you just follow the simple rules. Iím not asking you much. Just to follow a few rules and everything will be fine."

Xander pinched his eyes tightly closed and hoped that that would help. He still kept hoping that he would wake up in his own bed and could just write this off as a very bad nightmare. It was just getting more and more obvious every moment that this was no nightmare but reality.

"Pet, do you want something to eat or drink?"

For a moment Xander considered not answering Spike but since he was pretty sure it would just lead into more punishment he forced an answer from his mouth.


The hand stilled in his hair and Xander could practically feel the tension rising in the room. Then he remembered what Spike had said to him about how he should address him. He was hurting enough already so he decided to play with Spikeís rules for a while and added quickly.


The hand relaxed in his hair immediately and the petting continued.

"Fine then. I will leave you for a while. I still have a few things to take care of. I will come to check up on you later. I think you should really move to lie on the bed since it is more comfortable but you can make your own mind about that."

Xander didnít react in any way to that and just waited until he could hear the door closing behind Spike. Only then did he feel like he could breath easier. He guessed that he really didnít have any other choice than do what Spike told him to do until he was rescued. He just had to make sure that he was there when Spike faced his end. He wanted to see the look on his face when the stake was plunged into his heart. With that beautiful picture Xander fell into slumber.

Part Five

When he woke up he could feel someoneís hand on him. He opened his eyes to see Spike crouching next to him. He startled and shifted position. The result was that his ass touched the ground and since his ass was still quite tender a whimper escaped his mouth. As soon as Xander realised that he turned frightened eyes towards Spike. What he didnít expect to see was the concern in Spikeís eyes. He had expected to see mocking or something like that but there was obvious concern shining in Spikeís eyes. Xander quickly averted his eyes and started staring at something on the floor.

"Pet, are you still hurting?"

Xander bit his lip. There was no use denying the fact that he was hurting since Spike must have heard the whimper and seen the wince when Xander ass had gotten into contact with the floor. He, however, didnít want Spikeís pity either. In the end he decided to stick with the truth.

"A little...........M-Master."

"Itís getting near bedtime. Do you need to use the toilet before we retire for bed?"

Xander thought about it for a while. Finally he decided that even if he didnít have a need to go right at the moment he should use the chance. You never knew when his next chance would be.


"Okay, then we go."

Once more the chain was unlocked and Spike led Xander to the bathroom. Every step hurt but Xander tried not to wince too much. He didnít want Spike pitying him any more. In the bathroom Xander noticed that a packed toothbrush and an unopened packet of toothpaste had somehow appeared on the sink. He made good use of them and brushed his teeth. He just hoped Spike guessed what he was doing since he was pretty sure it took him over five minutes to be ready. At least he didnít barge in. As soon as he exited the bathroom his arm was again grabbed and they walked back to the room where Spike promptly chained Xanderís ankle. Since the chain was unlocked when Xander had been in the corner he was there again when the chain was replaced. He promptly lied back down his back against the wall and closed his eyes. He didnít know if he was going to sleep at all during the nightÖ..or day or whatever it was now. He heard Spike sighing and in his mind he wondered what it meant. He didnít think he had done anything wrong this time.

"Pet, the bed would be more comfortable. I canít understand why you would rather sleep there than in a perfectly good bed. Itís your own choice."

Xander kept his eyes tightly shut but he could judge from the sounds in the room that Spike was getting ready to go to bed. It was also obvious that Spike was going to sleep in the bed. Xander was just happier now that he had made the conscious choice not the sleep there. He really didnít want to sleep in the same bed with Spike.

The night or whatever went quite restlessly for Xander. He was able to catch bits and pieces of sleep but for a big part of the night he just lay awake and thought about things. His situation really didnít look too good. Spike had all the cards in his hand. Finally he heard some noise from the direction of the bed. For a while, Xander considered if he should fake to be asleep but then he realised Spike would know if he tried to fake it so there was no use. He just hoped Spike didnít pay any attention to him. It was a slim hope but it was always possible. All his hope was crushed when he could hear steps coming to his direction and stopping in front of him.

"Pet, I know you are awake. There is no use to pretend that you are sleeping. Do you need something? Drink, food, bathroom?"

Xander had decided that he didnít want anything from Spike anymore. He didnít bother to open his eyes when he answered with a clipped voice.


Spike didnít say anything else. Xander could hear the footsteps going away and finally the door closing again. Xander longed to go to the bed since he was pretty sure it was warmer there. The floor was feeling really cold under him. His stubbornness, however, didnít give. He wasnít going to let Spike win. At this point Xander considered anything of Spikeís off limits. He couldnít take anything from the vampire.

After a while Xanderís bladder started reminding him about its existence. Xander tried to ignore it. It wasnít like he had drunk anything for a while so the need wasnít too bad. He was sure Spike would come back at some point and he would be allowed to the bathroom. There was always the option of peeing on the bed but he was pretty sure that would result in punishment even if it wasnít against any rules. Spike would probably just come up with a new rule. Xander was pretty sure that whatever he did could result in punishment. Therefore it was better that he stayed absolutely still and gave Spike as short answers as possible.

Xander was quite right in his guess. It didnít take long before Spike was back in the room. He again walked to Xander and stopped in front of him.

"Pet, have you changed your mind about something? You want something?"

"Bathroom, Master."

As an afterthought Xander added.


Without a word, Spike unlocked the chain and took a firm grip on Xanderís arm. Walking still hurt and Xander cringed with every step but he did his best to keep up with Spike. He had the distinct feeling that the vampire was a little bit pissed so Xander didnít want to irritate him more, at least not with a bathroom trip. Everything else was left to be seen. In the bathroom Xander didnít hurry. He brushed his teeth again and tried to wash himself a little. The stubble on his chin bothered him but he didnít think he would be given a razor any time soon. Xander intentionally took more time than needed to every task. The result was that Spike was banging on the door and threatening to come in if Xander didnít hurry. Xander still took a few more minutes before exiting the bathroom like there was no hurry in the world. His arm was immediately grabbed and he was dragged back to the familiar room. When they were inside the room Spike let go of Xanderís arm. Xander went straight to the corner and offered his ankle to be chained. Spike did put the chain around his ankle but stayed crouching next to him even after that.

"Pet, Iím going to spend the whole day in your company. There are some other things I need to make clear to you. It also gives us time to get to know each other. So Iím going to give you a free right to talk for a while. Of course all swearing and name-calling is off limits. Anything like that will be awarded with punishment. So pet, is there anything you wish to ask me?"

Xander had taken the all too familiar position as soon as he had arrived in the room. He had also closed his eyes to block the sight of Spike in front of him. As soon as he heard the question he knew he was required to answer but there really wasnít anything he wanted to know. After a small pause he answered.

"No, Master."

"So after I give you a free ticket to ask whatever you like you have nothing to ask? Did I get you right, pet?"

"Yes, Master."

"So you want to eat something now? I can send someone to fetch you something."

"No, Master."

"Fine, do as you wish. Iím going to grab someone to eat now. After that I will return here. Be a good boy while Iím gone."

Xander could hear the mocking in the last sentence. However, he didnít show a sign outwards. He just lay still with his eyes closed. He had been forced to listen to his parents mocking him most of his life. Spike would have to do a lot better before he would get under Xanderís skin. Small things like that wouldnít get to him.

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