Pairing: Xander/William
Rating: NC-17
Written for the CyA ficathon. The request was the following:
AU, Willow wins a scholarship to a posh private school, Xander keeps her company on the way to and from school and meets with William. William thinks he's better than Xander but what Xander wants, Xander gets, and he wants William.

The story was betaed by [info]falcons319.



Xander smiled as he watched his friend. Willow was so excited about the scholarship and the new school. At first Xander had felt a bit down about his best friend being accepted to that posh private school, since he hadn't been accepted to any school. Well, it gave him time to collect some money and of course accompany Willow, to and from school. Tomorrow was the first school day for Willow and he was currently trying to give her some pointers about what she would need. Clothes were easy, since the school had its own uniform that was compulsory for all the students. After Willow was satisfied with everything they agree that they would see each other the next morning.

In the morning Xander got to Willow's house early. There was still time to check all the arrangements before they had to start walking to the school. It was a few kilometres but they decided that it would be good to walk. During the walk they went through Willowís time schedule and agree that Xander would meet Willow at the gates after school let out.

When they reach the school they saw that there were a lot of people already standing around the grounds. Most of them were wearing the same kind of uniform as Willow. When they tried to enter school grounds they are rudely interrupted.

"Only for students and their parents!"

Xander looked at the bleached blond guy standing at the gate in awe. What was his problem?

"I'm just seeing a friend off. You have a problem with that?"

Xander could feel the other person measuring him up and began to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Actually yes, we have a policy that only students or their parents are allowed on school grounds. I don't think you are either, so you are not allowed inside the gates. We have a reputation to maintain we can't let just anyone to enter."

Oh, this guy really had some nerves. Xander gazed at Willow who smiled nervously. They quickly hugged and then Willow turned to enter the school grounds while Xander continued on his way to work. He was still with in the hearing distance when he heard the bleached guy saying to Willow:

"Trust me, in this place you will find people that are really worth your time and not some losers like him."

Before Xander could hear Willow's reply they are already out of ear shot. Xander was fuming. That guy thought he was so much above Xander. Xander, however, had to admit that attitude aside the guy looked good and Xander wouldn't mind making closer acquaintance with him. Well, Xander was sure that he would be seeing the guy quite often when he walked Willow to and from school. Willow could also give him some info about the guy so that Xander would have some back ground information.

In the afternoon Xander arrived at the gates just when school was letting out. Again there was some guy standing on the gates but this time a different one. Xander didn't even try to gain access to the grounds and waited for Willow outside. It doesnít take long for Willow to make an appearance. Xander noticed immediately that the guy with the attitude was with her and they were talking animatedly. When they reached the gate Xander could feel that he was measured from head to toe by the other guy. Willow didn't seem to notice and just enthusiastically introduced the guy.

"William, meet by best friend Xander Harris. Xander this is William Carlton. He is a tutor and has promised to help me get the hang of this place. We also have some lessons together."

"Nice to meet you Xander. Your name is quite funny."

Xander could feel that the hand shake was reluctant. He could also hear the mocking in Williamís voice.

"Nice to meet you too, William. Actually Xander is just short for Alexander but my friends call me Xander. Since you are not one of them it is Alexander for you."

"Oh, touchy! Well same to me, not like we will be hanging together or anything. I see you know your place now since you stayed out of the school grounds without anyone prompting you. I guess you are able to learn new tricks after all."

Now it was Willowís turn to speak.

"William, thatís mean. Xanderís a very good friend of mine and I donít like you putting him down!"

William had the decency to look a bit ashamed.

"Iím sorry Willow; I will try to behave better in the future."

"Well, Iíll see you tomorrow. Thanks for helping me today!"

"No problem. See you tomorrow!"

Willow linked arms with Xander and they started walking towards Willowís house. On the way Xander didnít have to worry about coming up with something to say since Willow was telling him about everything that had happened during the day. It seemed Willow had had quite a lot of things to do with that William guy.

"So tell me about William. Whatís his problem? How did I get on the wrong side of him when I donít even know the guy?"

"Donít mind him. The schoolís spirit is a bit snobby and "outsiders" are not looked on well. Quite funny that William has that kind of attitude since just a year ago he was an "outsider" too. He is studying here on scholarship just like me. I promise I wonít ever change like that."

"Well, it is always possible that heís just had a lousy day and his girlfriend hasnít put out lately." Xander smirked.


"What, it is a possibility."

"Not that it has anything to do with you but I donít think he has a girlfriend at the moment or ever, heís on the rebound from his last guy."

"Guy?!? So you are saying dear William bats for the other team?"

"Like you can say anything. Remember I know everything about you!"

"Iíve dated girls."

"Who was the last girl you went out with?"


"Xander, that was in high school and ages ago. You never even got anywhere with her. So how about guys, who did you date last?"

"You know who it was; you nurtured my heart back into shape after Jesse dumped me."

"Quite true, so you interested in him?"

"With that attitude, never! Not like he would even give me the time of day."

"So you are interested!"

"Yeah, maybe a little."

"I knew it!"

Fortunate for Xander they reach Willowís home and he was spared of trying to explaining himself further. They quickly said their farewells and agree to meet the next morning. Xander continued home. During the evening his thoughts return to the annoying guy even as he tried his best not to think about him.

That night William made frequent visits into his dreams and the dreams definitely didnít stay PG material. The theme was Xander winning William over and the steamy encounter that followed. In the morning Xander woke up with a mother of all boners. First he tried to ignore it but while showering his thoughts returned to William again and his erection just gets stronger. Finally he had to give up and started stroking his cock with thoughts of William running through his head. His release didnít take long and soon he was already on his way towards Willowís house.

Their walking to school was once again spent with Willow babbling about all the great things she would learn there. At the gates they were again faced with the same sight as the previous morning, but this time Xander knew what to expect. Just to annoy William he steps right to the gates but makes sure even his toes were outside the border.

"Still access only for students and their parents."

"Good morning to you too, William! In case you didnít notice I donít even try to get in. Iím still standing outside the school grounds."

"I still think you are standing too close."

"This is a free country and Iím standing on a public sidewalk. You canít order me around. By the way, what is it in me that irk you? Have I done something to you?"

"Iím a student in a respected private school, you are not. Thatís the difference."

Xander knew his time had come.

"So a date would be out of the question then?"

The open mouthed reaction surprised Xander. He waited a long time for the answer. Next to him Willow tried to smother her laughter. Finally William spluttered something out of his mouth.

"Date? With you? No way in hell!"

"So you do like boys then?"

"What made you think that?"

"You only objected the fact that I asked you to date me, not the fact that Iím a guy too. A straight guy would have gone there first."

Xander canít help the smile that spread across his face as he watched the expressions change on Williamís face. There was definitely anger and rage there but also something else that Xander canít quite identify.

"Willow, we had better to go inside, lessons will start in a few minutes."

Xander watched amused while his friend walked inside the school with William. He had been able to get the last word in this discussion and had now decided that he definitely wanted this William guy and he usually got what he wanted. He just had to plan his strategy carefully. Xander also knew that this project of his would take time but he was prepared to wait in order to get what he wanted.

Xander is a bit disappointed when in the afternoon he didnít even catch a glimpse of William. When Willow got out of the school they walk peacefully towards their respective homes. Again the journey is filled with Willowís blabber about school but there were a few mentions of William that caught Xanderís attention. Willow told him that Xanderís comments this morning had thrown William bad. He had been really silent during the first lesson. Xander canít help feeling satisfied with himself. It seemed that even though William had acted indifferent Xanderís words had penetrated his outer shell.

The days from that repeated in the same pattern for the rest of the week and the next. Every morning Xander walked Willow to school and baited William. Some afternoons Xander was able to catch William and continue his comments with innuendo. They were all mainly ignored but Xander could see that his words sometimes got through.

When Willowís third week of school started Xander was surprised when William wasnít standing by the gates in the morning. There was a totally different guy guarding the gate. Even Willow wasnít able to explain it. She only recognizes the guy as one of the other tutors in the school. In the afternoon Xander received the explanation to Williamís absence. The school has a system of rotating tasks in two week intervals and since William had been on the gate in the mornings for two weeks he now had some other task for the next two weeks. Willow couldnít tell Xander when William would be on the gate again.

During those two weeks Xander didnít really catch a glimpse of William. The only times were in the afternoons when William walked out of the building with Willow but even at those times Xander couldnít talk to him since he always stayed far away from the gates.

On the Friday of the second week Xander decided to go clubbing. He hadnít really been anywhere for a long time and he felt he needed to let off some steam. Since there really wasnít a big gay scene in the town there was only one place he could go.

After work Xander showered, changed into his club gear and styled his hair. He had developed this club persona that dressed quite differently than he regularly did. Not many would have even recognised him without a closer look. He loved his floppy baggy clothes but while clubbing his attire was entirely different. Todayís clothes included tight fitting black leather jeans, with an almost transparent tight dark blue shirt. On the shirt he had a silk shirt of the same colour that he left unbuttoned. With a final check on the mirror Xander felt like he was ready to go.

The club was full of people. Xander was able to catch a few familiar faces and greeted them enthusiastically. It doesnít take long for him to end up on the dancing floor. It feels like a second home to him and he let the music take control of his body. Very soon he had his own fan club around him and hot bodies gyrating against him. Xander enjoyed the attention for some time before taking a break.

When he decided to take his break he turned around suddenly and bumped into someone who fell down. Immediately Xander has his hand out to help the other guy.

"Hey, Iím sorry. Let me help you up."

Then he saw the face of the guy he just bowled over.

"William, fancy seeing you here."

It took a few moments before the light of recognition went on in Williamís eyes but when it does Williamís face shuts up and he blatantly ignored Xanderís hand and got up by himself. Xander watched while William marched in the other direction. Quickly Xander followed him and caught him by the bar.

"Hey, Iím really sorry I bumped into you. Didnít mean it."

"Just leave me alone okay!"

"Iím just trying to be friendly."

"Well, I donít need new friends."

Xander had had enough. It was different to insult him by the school where William had his role to keep but there was no reason to be bitchy here.

"William, really what is your problem? Do you really hate me?"

The air goes out of William and after a while he mutters.


"So can we act civilized tonight? I just want to talk with you. I think you are, the attitude aside, quite a decent bloke and I would like to get to know you better."

"You promise you wonít mock me or make fun of me?"

"Why would I do that? I really just want to get to know you in a neutral environment where neither of us needs to put up a front."

"Okay, fine."

"So letís get something to drink and then sit down."

After Xander received an affirmative nod from William he ordered their drinks and led the way to an empty booth. They sat on opposite sides of the table and silence descended on them. For a while they just stared at each other before Xander felt like he needed to break the silence.

"So tell me everything worth knowing about you William."

"There really isnít much to know. I guess youíve already heard from Willow almost everything that there is."

"Well, I canít know everything and you can always surprise me. Tell me something not many people know."

When there was again silence Xander thinks that he went too far too fast and might have lost William again. However, after a while William began telling his story from the past few years. There really wasnít much that Xander didnít know already before but it is nice to hear the stuff from the guy himself.

After a few hours they reached an amicable situation. Both are talking freely and sharing experiences. The alcohol they consumed might also have had something to do with it since they had downed quite a lot so far. It was again Williamís turn to go for the drinks and he has just risen from the table when he froze. Xander eyes followed his gaze and saw that Williamís gaze was locked on two guys on the dance floor.

"William is something the matter?"

"No, nothing, everything is just peachy. Iíll go get the drinks."

Xander watched as William walked toward the bar to retrieve their drinks. He canít shake the feeling that something is badly wrong. His suspicions are confirmed when he saw William buying some strong liquor with their beers and throwing a few glasses back right on the bar before returning to their table.

"William, are you sure you are okay?"

"Why wouldnít I be? Letís continue having fun!"

Xander was starting to get worried when he saw the speed with which was William drinking his beer. Then there was a new voice by the table.

"William, nice to see you again!"

"Bugger off!"

"William, donít be like that."

"I said bugger off!"

Xander felt that it was time to interfere. He reached for Williamís hand and squeezed it.

"William talk to me. What is wrong? You obviously want him to go away but can you tell me why?"

"Because he is a cheating bastard whom I hate!"

"William, donít be like that. I already said I was sorry."

Xander could see that William had had enough and followed with interest when William jumped off the bench and got to the other manís face.

"Angel, I donít think you understand what Iím saying. I HATE you. I NEVER want to SEE you AGAIN! Why donít you go to your little toy? What was his name, Wesley? What kind of name is that anyway! Sounds like a girl!"

"William, you have no right to talk about him like that!"

"Iíll talk about him how I bloody well want to! You canít tell me what to do anymore! Now get out of my sight and take your boy with you!"

"Fine, fine, were going. Iíll be seeing you around."

"Hopefully not."

Xander followed the exchange a bit scared. He could see that William was really angry and he just kept hoping that the situation would not get out of hand. When he saw the two guys walking in the other direction he sighed in relief. Then he turned his attention back to William that who had slumped back on the bench and had his face hidden in his hands.

"William, are you okay?"

"What do you think? Of course Iím not okay! Iím all but okay!"

Xander was surprised when William again jumped off the bench and headed for the bar. When the result was a line of shots Xander really started to worry. Before he could do anything William had already thrown back most of the shots and was in process of ordering more. Xander got up quickly and went to him.

"William, I think itís time I got you home now. I have my car outside. I can give you a lift home."

"Why do you care?"

"As I already said Iím interested in getting to know you and I donít want anything bad happening to you."

"Yeah, right. They all say that and then they crush you!"

Before Xander again had a chance to react William had thrown back some more shots which resulted in him crashing down from the chair he was sitting on.

"Okay, now youíve had enough. I will take you home whether you like it not!"

"You are just like all the others! Just want to use me and then dump me!"

"I donít know what gave you that idea but you are way off. Iím taking you home now and I donít want to hear another word from you!"

Xander watched while Williamís mouth went into a pout, it looked so adorable Xander almost had to kiss him but he refrained from it. He really doesnít want to aggravate William anymore. The car trip was done in silence. William occasionally gave some directions. At Williamís apartment Xander helped him out of the car and to his apartment door. Originally he had planned just to take William to his door and see that he got inside safely but his plans take an abrupt turn when Williamís face goes white and he exclaims:

"I think Iím going to be sick!"

Luckily the door was already open and Xander watched while William races to the bathroom and he slowly followed him. He wasnít sure what William thought about him entering his apartment without permission, but he just wanted to make sure that he was okay. When he got to the bathroom he was happy that he decided to follow him since William had passed out on the floor. He had obviously thrown up and then passed out. Xander took a towel, wetted it and wiped Williamís face with it.

Then he flushed the toilet and lifted William up. By luck he found the bedroom, first try and carefully he lowered William on to the bed. For a while he pondered whether or not to remove Williamís clothes. Finally he decided that it would be much more comfortable for William if they were off. Carefully he began removing them but soon noticed that whatever he did wouldnít wake William up. Xander striped William to his boxers and pulled then the cover over him.

Xander was standing by the door when he stopped to think. He knew that the best thing would probably be to leave William alone but he also wanted to make sure William is all right. With that he threw himself on the sofa and tried to get comfortable.

In the morning Xander woke to an outraged shout.

"What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get in? You stalking me is going too far now!"

Xander waited until William has gotten everything he wanted to say out of him. Then he got up from the sofa and headed for the door. There he turned and finally spoke to William.

"What do you remember from last night? I just wanted to make sure you were all right. Sorry, that I care."

Without waiting for a response Xander left the apartment and headed for his car and home. He was fuming and kept cursing William in his mind. The little brat had no sense of anything. At home Xander showered and was just in process of making himself something to eat when the phone rang. When he answered there was just silence for a while and Xander was just about to put the phone down when the other person finally spoke.

"Ahm, Alexander, itís me, William."

"You came up with something you forgot to accuse me of before?"

"No, look Iím sorry. When I woke up I couldnít remember anything. Then I walk to the living room to see the last person I expected to see sleeping on my sofa. I over reacted and treated you unfairly. I now remember everything, at least I think I do, and I wanted to call and thank you."

"Okay, it was no problem. I was worried about you. Sorry if I upset you."

"Look, can we put this in the past. I would like to invite you here for some pizza and movies as thanks for taking care of me. I understand if you donít want to."

"No, I loved to. What time do I come?"

"Would around six be good?"

"Sure, Iíll be there. By the way, how did you get my number?"

"I called Willow, I hope you donít mind."

"No, itís all right. Iíll see you tonight."

After the phone call Xander was in much better spirits. He could understand that William had been confused in the morning. Xander himself was grumpy in the mornings. Now he, however, had a whole day to prepare for the evening. He decided to start his preparations with taking a nap.

After a few hours he was woken by the phone. It is Willow who excitedly started asking Xander questions about what had happened between William and him. Xander tried to give some elusive answers and not reveal too much of what had really happened. He didnít want to go blabbering Williamís private things.

The call took some time and after he finally put the receiver down Xander noticed that it was only a few hours until six and he had to start preparing himself. Xander took a quick shower to freshen up and then he carefully choose some clothes that werenít too formal but still clean-cut. The time practically flew and soon it was time for Xander to head out.

Just a few minutes past six, Xander knocked on Williamís door. For some reason he was feeling really nervous. This was the first time their meeting had been planned and initiated by William. Xander tried not to read anything in to Williamís invitation but he couldnít help hoping that the guy had finally given up and would be ready to admit his feelings. His thoughts are interrupted when the door opened. There is a short moment of awkward silence before William opened his mouth.

"Alexander, glad you could make it. Please come in."

Xander walked into the apartment. Though he had seen most of the apartment the previous night he felt like he had just stepped into a strange place. He could see that William had tidied the up and obviously went to the trouble to make the place presentable. His thoughts again were interrupted by William.

"Ahm, I didnít know what you wanted so I bought all kind of ingredients and I was thinking we could make pizza by ourselves instead of ordering itÖI hope thatís alright and you donít mind, of course we can always orderÖI have lists here...Maybe itís better if we order, Iím sorry...I didnít thinkÖOf course you donít want to make the pizza, what was I thinking..."

Xander watched amazed while William babbled on. He didnít know someone was as good in babbling as he was. He quickly stepped in front of William and placed his finger on his lips to stop the babbling and smiled.

"William, I love the idea of making the pizza by ourselves. Just show me the way and I follow."

Xander could see the relief on Williamís face before he turned and headed for the kitchen. Xander followed behind him, admiring the view in front. Williamís pants highlighted the curves of his ass rather prettily and Xander felt his cock twitch at the sight. He scolded it in his mind to behave.

The kitchen was quite roomy so there was enough space for them both to work. William started to prepare the dough for the base of the pizza while Xander went through the cupboards and discovered what William had reserved for their pizza and began opening jars and chopping the ingredients. All this was done mainly in silence that was broken only by an occasional comment. That was until they both moved at the same time and bumped into each other. Since Williamís hands were covered in flour he managed to leave a white hand print on Xanderís shirt.

"Sorry, I guess I had better fix that. It isnít right that your shirt has a hand print on one side and nothing on the other."

With that William planted his other hand on the other side of Xanderís shirt leaving a hand print there too. Xander stared for a moment. He didnít expect this from William. After he recovered from the shock he quickly planted his hands on the flour covered table.

"You are so going to pay for that!"

As soon as William noticed what Xander planned he turned and tried to flee. Xander, however, was faster than him and had a chance to plant his flour covered hand on Williamís ass before he fled. That started an all-out war between them. Williamís apartment was built so that there were two doorways for the kitchen and there was the possibility of run in circles round the apartment. Everything was fair game and both guys took full advantage of that. Soon they are both covered with splashes of different food products. Finally Xander was able to get William in one of the corners in the kitchen, both hands equipped with ammo. William, however, looked so adorable and resigned to his faith that instead of sticking his hands all over William to make as much mess as possible, Xander leaned in closer to him and licked some sauce from Williamís lips and continue straight from that to kissing. After a small hesitation Xander can feel William respond and began kissing him back. Xander let the kiss go on for a while before pulling back. He quickly backed away, hanging his head before speaking.

"Sorry, you just looked so delicious. Didnít want to pressure you or anything."

Xander was surprised to feel Williamís hand on his arm.

"Hey, nothing to be sorry for. Not like I didnít want it too. Didnít you notice me participating?"

Xander carefully lifted his head to see if William was serious. As soon as his face was level with William he can feel warm lips on his own again. He melted into the kiss and enjoyed it for as long as it lasted. Finally William pulled away. His face flush and Xander is pretty sure that his face looked the same.

"Hmmh, I guess we should be trying to finish the pizza."

"Yeah, can you do that while I clean up a little? We made a bit of a mess."

They set to work and soon they had the pizza in the oven and a clean kitchen once more. Xander decided to risk it and cornered William again against a table and pressed himself against the other man. Before he closed the distance between their mouths he whispered.

"Is this okay?"

Williamís only answer is to move his head so that their lips finally touched. That started a passionate kiss and it took a long time before either of them came up for breath. Then they just stood there, foreheads touching, breathing hard. Xander could feel Williamís cock pressing into him through their pants and he was very aware of the fact that his own cock was in attention as well. He gently rubbed his crotch against Williamís. The result was the desired one, a deep moan from William. Then there was passionate kissing until the alarm for the pizza forced them to relent for a while.

They both grabbed slices from the pizza and headed for the living room. Xander settled himself on the sofa while William walked to a stack of DVDís.

"So you got any preferences?"

"Everything goes, but I would prefer something that doesnít really require brain functions."

"So action or comedy for you then?"

"Sounds about right."

William popped a DVD into the player and sat on the sofa beside Xander. They are both sitting properly since they were eating but it didnít take long before they found themselves entangled with each other. Xander sitting with his back against the armrest of the sofa with William between his legs leaning on Xanderís chest. Suddenly Xander noticed that he had started playing with Williamís nipples through his shirt but William didnít seem mind since he just snuggled even closer to Xander.

After the movie ended they decided to have some dessert. William produced a big container of ice cream from the freezer and some chocolate syrup from the fridge. They both scoop big servings and toped it with the syrup. When they were in the living room once more, William put another movie on. They again ate their food while sitting properly but as soon as they are finished Xander found William again snuggled up to him. They watched the movie, stealing touches and kisses once in a while.

When the end credits started to roll, Xander glanced at his watch. He was shocked to find it already midnight and he should probably be heading home. He wasnít really enthusiastic about the idea since he had really enjoyed his evening and Williamís company.

"I had fun tonight, but I think I should be heading home now. Itís getting late. Thank you for the pizza and movies."

"You donít have to."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you could stay here, if you want, just to sleep nothing else. I understand if you donít want to. Of course you can go home too..."

"William, youíre babbling again."

"Sorry, you bring it out in me."

"I would love to stay for the night but I didnít want to pressure you into anything."

"No, no pressure, just sleep beside me and hold me, okay?"

"Sounds really nice."

Xander noticed that William wasnít able to look at him when he got off the sofa so he stopped him and pulled him back down.

"William, whatís the matter? I canít help feeling that something is wrong when you wonít look at me.2

William started digging a hole with his toe to the carpet before answering.

"Iím just a bit nervous, nothing big."

"You donít have to be nervous of me. I wonít force you to do anything you donít want to. If there is going to be something, itís going to happen when both of us agree and at our own pace. No hurry. You understand?"


"Good, can I kiss you now?"

"Yes, please."

Xander chuckled a little, and planted his lips against Williamís. They kiss for a while before needing oxygen.

"So you want to show me where I will be sleeping?"

"Sure, follow me."

They walk to the bedroom where William nervously started explaining on what side he is used to sleeping but promised with the same breath that Xander could choose freely where he wanted to sleep. Xander thought it was so cute that he had to kiss William all over again.

"So how are we going to do this? I would like to at least rinse my mouth a little."

"You can use this bathroom here. There should be a new toothbrush in its packet still. You can use that if you want to. I will go to the other bathroom."

"Thatís nice of you. So Iíll meet you back here then?"


Xander walked into the bathroom and felt like banging his head against the wall. This was ridiculous. He had never been this nervous before. He tried to take a few calming breaths and then set to do his evening business. He found the toothbrush and gratefully brushed his teeth. Before leaving the bathroom he again took deep breaths to calm himself.

William was already lying in bed under the covers. Xander doesnít really know what else to do so he striped to his boxers and slipped in to the bed beside William. He would have like to pull William closer to him but doesnít dare in case the other guy would mind that. For a while they both lie on the bed in silence before speaking at the same time.

"Would you mind...?"

"Would you like to...?"

"You first."

"No, you."

William breathed deeply and opened then his mouth again.

"Fine, would you mind if I came closer to you. I would like to sleep closer. I understand if you donít want to."

Xander canít help chuckling again since that was just what he had thought to ask from William. He quickly, however, noticed that William had interpreted his reaction wrong and was now even further away. Xander reaches for him and pulled him to his side.

"William, the only reason I just laughed was because I was just about to ask you the same thing. I would love to sleep like this."


William snuggled even closer and gradually they both fell asleep.

In the morning they woke up in the same position. There were some little morning kisses exchanged Xander noticed quite quickly that his morning wood was quite impressive but he hoped that William wonít notice it since he doesnít want to give the wrong impression. He doesnít need to worry for long because the phone interrupted their cuddles. Xander pulled away so that William can reach for the phone. At first he doesnít pay any attention to the phone call but soon when he can hear Williamís voice rising Xander started listening and it soon become obvious that the phone call is not a pleasant one. Quite soon the phone was slammed down and Xander found his hands filled with an emotional William. He tries to sooth the other boy the best he could and for a while it goes well, until he can feel a hand sneaking into his boxers stroking his cock and he hears the whispered words.

"Please, I need you, take me now."

Xander quickly pushed William away.

"No, we are not going to do this."

Xander had time to see that extremely hurt expression on William face before the boy was off the bed and locked in the bathroom. The only sound Xander can hear is yelling.

"I knew it! You donít care about me! You are just feeling sorry and pitying me! Get out! I donít want to see you anymore!"

Xander sighed resigned, walked to the door and knocked.

"William, listen to me. I do want you. I just didnít want our first time to be in a hurry with you being all upset."

"I donít believe you!"

"I donít know what else to say. Please open the door so we can talk."


"Fine, I will just sit outside the door then. You have to come out sometime."

Xander slumped down on the floor. A part of him wanted to give up since William obviously has a lot of emotional stuff going on and he had severe trust issues. But a bigger part of him doesnít want to leave. He likes William a lot and doesnít want to abandon him. That would probably hurt him even more. For a while neither of them says a word but finally William breaks the silence.

"Alexander, are you still there?"

"Yes, and please call me Xander. No-one really calls me Alexander."

"Okay, Xander, Iím glad you are still there."

"Iím not going to give up on you so easily. Are you ready to come out?"


Xander heard the lock being opened, the door opened slowly and William crawled out. Xander waited interested in what William was going to do next.

"Can we go back on the bed? I promise I wonít try anything."

Xander just nodded, got up, walked to the bed and lied down. William came after him, still a bit unsure. Xander decided to help him and as soon as William is with in reaching distance Xander grabbed him and settled him half on himself.

"Look, Iím sorry I rejected you before, but I just thought that the motives werenít right. You all right with that?"

"I guess so, I understand your point. I just felt like I needed some closeness."

"We are close now. I donít have to do anything today so if you want to, I can stay here and we can at least cuddle."

"That would be nice."

Then they both fall into silence, just enjoying the feel of the other being close. There were small touches and kisses but everything stayed above the waist. Their silent moment is interrupted by Xanderís stomach growling deeply. That gets a laugh from both of them.

"You think you could give me something to eat?"

"Iím pretty sure we can find something."

William jumps off the bed and after pulling some sweat pants on he raced from the room. Xander followed him at a slower pace. He had no other pants than the jeans he wore the previous night so he pulls them on and walks behind William to the kitchen. William is already busy with preparations and jumping around the kitchen. As soon as Xander steps into the kitchen William shoos him to sit down and wait while he prepares everything.

After breakfast is made and eaten they move to sit on the sofa to see if there is anything on TV. When nothing good comes up their sitting quickly becomes groping and soon they are lying on the sofa with William on top of Xander. Their kissing becomes heated and hands start wandering. Finally Xander can hear William almost whimpering into his ear.

"Please, Xander, can I touch you know. I need to feel you.2

"Yes, you can. You want to move this again to the bed so that we have more room to move. This is becoming quite uncomfortable."

As soon as the words are out of Xander mouth William raced to the bedroom with Xander in close pursuit they crashed on the bed almost simultaneously. They both abandon their pants and dive under the covers in their boxers. In an instant William was again on Xander and the touching comes even more insistent. Xander could feel his cock being rock hard inside his boxers and when William grinded against him he could feel the corresponding hardness there.

Xander rolled them over so that he could grind his hardness against Williamís and have him totally in his control. The result was William bucking against him and moaning beautifully. Xander moved himself so that he was able to get his hand inside Williamís boxers and caress the hardness there. As soon as Xanderís hand was on Williamís cock the other man arched and let out a deep moan. That encouraged Xander to explore more. He caressed Williamís cock from tip to the base and ran his fingers over his balls. William kept bucking into his hand and moaning. Thus far they have just kissed but now Xander started kissing William all over. He started with licking Williamís ears and neck and worked down from there. Williamís nipples got special attention when Xander stops there to lick and nip them. William has been reduced to an incoherent babble mode.

When Xander finally left Williamís nipples alone William already begging him to touch him. Xander works his way down wards. He stops to play with the faint trace of hair starting from Williamís navel and disappearing under the waist band of his boxers. He lowered the waist band of the boxers a little but doesnít take them off yet. Surprising William by mouthing his cock through the fabric.

"Xander, please! You are killing me here!"

Xander smiled around the cloth covered cock. He concentrated for a while paying attention to Williamís cock and then he pulled the boxers away with one long pull. Now he was faced with Williamís cock for the first time and he canít help but stop and admire it for a while. It was almost everything a guy could dream about in thickness and length. What drew Xanderís attention the most is Williamís foreskin. He has never before had sex with a person with foreskin, all his previous companions have been cut. Then he canít resist the temptation anymore but leaned down and took one good lick from the base to the tip. Xander sucked the tip into his mouth for a while and enjoyed the taste of precum on his tongue. He doesnít dare go further and lifted his head so that he could see Williamís face.

William was watching Xander from under his lashes and his eyes are full of lust. Xander canít watch him for long since the need was too much for him and he had to act.

"Got any lube and condoms?"

"In the drawer beside the bed."

Xander crawled towards the drawer. Just when he had his hands on the bottle of lube and a few condoms, he can felt his boxers being pulled down and at the same he was flipped over and faced with a smiling William who was now lying on top of him.

"My turn now."

Xander has no time to reply before one of his nipples was engulfed by the eager mouth. At the same time his other nipple is expertly twisted between Williamís fingers. When Williamís mouth moved to his other nipple Xander can feel a hand in his crotch and he almost shoot off the bed when William grabbed his balls suddenly and started fondling them. Soon Xander himself was being reduced into babbling and begging.

When Williamís finger presses into his pucker Xander canít help the yelp that escaped his mouth. He could see Williamís amused gaze but he could also detect some worry there. Xander decided to correct that and pulled Williamís face so that they can kiss again. Soon all traces of worry were long gone.

During the kiss Xander lost the possession of the lube and William was now busy with lubing his fingers up. Before he does anything, however, he locked eyes with Xander and asks:

"You all right with me doing this?"

"Sure, I want to feel you and who is on the top this time doesnít matter to me."

As soon as the words are out of his mouth Xander could feel wet fingers probing him and he arched to the touch and trying to get Williamís fingers inside him quicker. Finally he felt the fingers breach him and slowly start advance deeper. When the fingers brushed over his prostate Xander was in seventh heaven, his breathing coming in short pants.

"Faster, please, William. Need to feel you!"

Xander could feel the stretch getting stronger and soon there was a third finger trying to push inside him. Xander tried to relax all his muscles and fuck himself on those fingers as best he could. He really hoped William would enter him soon since he didnít think he could take this for much longer. He opened one of the condom packets and offered it to William to see if he would take the hint. Obviously he did since he rolled it straight onto his cock and started coating it with lube. Xander almost shook in anticipation and finally he could feel Williamís cock nudging his hole and pushing in gently and slowly, almost too slowly in Xanderís opinion. He tried to move his hips so William would sink into him quicker. Finally Xander could feel Williamís balls touching his ass and William stopped for a while to give Xander time to adjust.

"Xander, you all right?"

"Yes, please have to feel you moving!"

William complies and started moving in and out slowly using the whole length of his cock. He pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside Xander and then pushed back in so that his balls slap against Xanderís ass. He, however, canít keep this slower rhythm going on for long before he had to speed up and soon William was slamming into Xander with speed and itís evident he was not going to last long. Xander was near the edge himself since William kept hitting his prostate with almost every stroke.

When Xander reached towards his own cock William slapped his hand away and started stroking Xander in time with his thrust. The stroking added with the almost constant prostate stimulation was too much for Xander and with a deep moan he started shooting his come all over his and Williamís chest. The contractions of Xanderís channel pull William over the edge and he filled Xanderís gasping channel with his own come.

After they have had a few moments to calm down William rolled off Xander to the other side of the bed. There was a moment of silence while the boys tried to get their breathing under control. The silence is broken by William.

"You know, youíre still are not allowed to step inside the school grounds."

Xander canít help the laughter that escaped because of that comment. He attacked William and started tickling him. This is exactly where he wanted to be and his plan was fulfilled. Mission accomplished!

The End

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