Five Highly Appropriate Occasions for Lying


One. Two.

Spike nuzzled his hair, cooed softly in his ear, and nibbled along his neck, swearing up down and sideways that his friends would be fine. No one else would have to be hurt, all he had to do was be a good boy and do as he was told.

Spike wasn’t sure what age you were supposed to give up crossing your fingers behind your back to break a promise, but he had never outgrown the phase.

Neither, apparently, had Xander, when he promised that he would never try to run away.

It didn’t matter that they both knew better.

They both promised anyway.


“Xander, love,” Spike’s voice was low and coaxing, but the arm across Xander’s chest pressing him to the wall was like an iron bar, “Let’s at least pretend we’re having a good time, eh?”

The boy squeezed his eyes shut tightly as Spike kissed him again, and this time he refrained from biting the vampire, but turned his head out of the kiss, “Don’t ever call me that.”

Spike stopped moving for a moment, not chasing the kiss, but rather sliding his arm further up to press against Xander’s throat and feeling the spark of heat inside him at the sudden panicked look that came over Xander’s face when he turned his head back to look at him.

The boy’s expression was delightful, and though Spike could feel the hatred in his eyes, when the blond claimed his mouth, Xander kissed back.


Xander could feel cool fingers brushing his forehead and cheeks, up into his hair, tracing his lips where Spike’s cock went into his mouth. He made a soft noise of protest when he felt a hand press on the back of his head, urging Spike deeper.

“Shh shh. It’s alright, pet… just a little more.” Spike smiled gently at the concern Xander’s eyes conveyed, “Calm down, you’re in completely the wrong position for that anyway.”

Xander was kneeled in front of him, hands gripping Spike’s hips and doing little good to steady his movements. He got the distinct feeling that this was exactly the right position for ‘that’.

Spike waited until Xander had grown accustomed to what he had already taken before tilting the brunette’s head back a little further and moving both hands to grip in his hair, “Easy, love, just hold on…” Spike moaned at the vibrations that Xander’s alarmed noises caused around his cock as the vampire pushed down his throat all the way, “Just breathe through your nose, baby…”


Spike rolled his hips, hands hooked under the boy’s ass as he lifted him up and down to meet his thrusts.

Xander’s arms were draped over his shoulders, one hand tangled up into his hair as he panted against Spike’s lips, “I… I hate you…” He pressed in closer for another kiss, painting the words onto Spike’s tongue with his own.

The vampire nuzzled out of the kiss and nipped along Xander’s jaw, dipping his head to lap over the bite marks he had left there last week and the week before that and the month before that…

“I know, love, I know,” He smiled as the brunette shuddered and came.

The End

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