Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Randy Sex Kitten's drabble request - Xander takes a quiz and Spike helps explain/show the results.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, just borrowing.

What's Your Kink?


So, apparently Spike thinks we need a computer. I don't know why we need a computer. Hell, I don't even know how to work a computer. But, apparently, it's something we need. And hey! Not gonna complain too much. Spike knows how to work it. Sort of. He knows how to get online. I tried asking why he knows, but all I got was some mumbling and a bit of coughing. Have to get it out of him later. Maybe.

Oh! What's this? I just clicked on something...and poof. Huh. Looks interesting enough. 'What's your kink?' quiz. Do I have a kink? Should I have a kink?

Hmm. Sure, why not.

Let's see. Number 1. The first thing I notice about a potential sex partner is... Umm, potential? How about the one I've got? Let's see...oh yeah, it was the body. Who wouldn't notice that?

Number 2. My favorite sex toy is... Sex toy? Isn't that naughty?

Number 3. My ideal job would be... What the heck is a physiotherapist? Heh, they have gigolo on here. Yeah, umm, rodeo star.

Number 4. My favorite club-wear accessory is... Huh, they don't have Hawaiian shirts on here. I only wear them to piss Spike off, well, that and he has a tendency to rip them off. Might as well call them my 'Just Do Me' T-shirt.

Number 5. When in an embarrassing situation, I usually... Me? In an embarrassing situation? Right. *sigh* Um, just go with the flow. That's me.

Finally, number 6. My strongest personality trait is... I know what Spike's is. Horniness. That vamp could screw until the world ended and still be up for another round. It's enough to make a human whimper. I'm not cruel, and I don't think I have a 'free spirit'...that's more Willow, I think. Eager to please, I guess. I'm no good at these self analysis things.

Huh. Submissive.

"Submissive, Pet. Didn't know ya had it in ya."

Oh crap.

"It's just a stupid quiz. Found it. Took it. Gave me this silly thing."

Very smooth, very suave, very not embarrassed. It would help if not all the blood I possessed was rushing to my face.

"Right," Spike says. How does he do that? Put so much behind just one word.


"Know what that means?" he asks, voice all low...and damn it! His voice should be canned and sold as an aphrodisiac. I could probably make thousands of dollars from that voice.

"Yeah," I say my mouth thick. Down to one-word answers, it looks like. Great. I move to get up and his hand is on my shoulder.

"Stay. Right. There," he says. Oh God. I've never heard that voice before.

I nod stupidly. He turns my chair so that I'm facing him and... *gulp*...he's pulling on himself in long slow strokes. How hot is that? I can feel my own dick jumping, begging to come out and play. I don't even realize what I'm doing until I hear Spike's voice.

"Stop," he says. And I do. I look down and my hand is on my zipper.

"Please Spike," I hear myself say, beg. I've never begged. No, really. Not like this I haven't.

"Go to the bedroom and strip. Wait for me on the bed and do not touch yourself," Spike says in that same voice that brokers no argument.

I go, and strip, and lay down. Just thinking about that voice, what he may have in store for me. I can't help it and my hands move to my dick, but no. He said I couldn’t. Damn it. He's taking his damn time too. Making me wait like this. It's times like these I think he does it just to let me know he is still evil. Ha! Like I could ever forget.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. He's there. Just...suddenly there. Naked. Looking at me with those eyes gone from sky blue to the deepest blue I've ever seen.

"Show you what it means to be a submissive, Luv. Show you what it means to want someone over you. Controlling you."

I'm nodding my head, not taking my eyes off him. I want this, I know I want this...but it's wrong. Isn't it? To want someone to take control of me? God, but I don't care.

He's by the bed now, in the blink of an eye and I know I'm staring at him but I can't seem to care. He's all lines and hard edges, heat and cold all at the same time.

"Touch me," he says, and I do. He's hard, weeping for me and a thrill of excitement goes through me at that.

I reach out and touch him, moaning as I grasp him, hard, firm, and silky under my hand. He moans, I gasp, it’s perfect, and I want him so much, more than I have before. I don't know what this is...but I don't want to stop. So, I don't. Easy enough. But I want him, in my mouth. I want to taste him.

"Please," I ask, looking up at him.

"Please what?" he asks.

"I want...I want to taste you," I say. The dynamic of this is different. I can feel it, but I don't know what has changed. He smiles and I know that means yes and before he can say anything I have him in my mouth. And it feels good, it feels right. He's salty, sweet, and delicious. I could taste him forever and die a happy man. And with the way he's pounding into me I might die, but I trust Spike. I love Spike. I love him, love his voice, his eyes, his body, his cock, the way he makes me feel...all of it.

"Stop," he says, but I don't want to. I want to taste him as he comes in my mouth, want to feel him jerk and spasm in my mouth but he pulls me away and I whimper in protest. I reach for him but he holds my hands away.

"Lie down," he says in that commanding voice and I do. I lie down and know what's coming, or I think I know but then he is between my legs with his tongue lapping along my dick and I’m lost to the sensation of it all.

I feel ready to burst, but I hold back, knowing somehow that wouldn't be right, wouldn’t be allowed.

He moves up me, placing his finger at my lips and I take it in, licking and sucking. He pulls it out and pushes it into me. The burn, the pain, the all courses through me and pulls a scream through my throat. He sucks me deep in his throat and pushes hard inside of me, reaching for the spot he knows will make me come quickly.

"Spike!” I cry out, trying to hold back, but I don't know if I can do it.

"Shh, Luv," Spike says, blowing that cool air across my dick. I could come from that and I nearly do, but his hand is there, stopping the flow and I cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"God Spike! Please!"

His one finger is replaced with two, and then three. When I think that is all I can take he shoves himself inside of me and I'm lost beneath a blanket of bright white stars. He's everything I want and I try to show him by touching, kissing, and feeling.

His thrusts are hard and fast and his hand leaves my dick, letting it graze along his stomach, touching the coarse hairs of his stomach. It's enough to drive a man crazy but I hold on, just a little longer, until he is ready. ready soon! I can't...I can't hold out and I'm coming as soon as he hits that spot.

I vaguely hear Spike roar and I know he's coming as well. I can feel it deep inside of me. Like a cool balm on my heated insides.

"So," I say, panting. "What's a submissive again?"

Spike groans and I smile. Sometimes it's good to play ignorant.

The End

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