I was watching my local news tonight when I saw the announcement that Passions was ending and the studio was selling props from the show this weekend. So of course I couldn't resist the plot bunny. Could you?




"But -"




"Why the bloody hell not?"

"We moved away from L.A. for a reason, remember? I'm not shelling out for two international plane tickets - first class, since coach seats are, and I quote, 'too bloody cramped' - just so you can go shopping."

"But it's history! My favorite show is ending! Nine seasons, Xander, and I've watched every single sodding one. I deserve this!"

"You know they're not actually going to be selling the Timmy doll, right?"

"Tell you what - you go with me to both evening sales, and I'll go to Disneyland with you for two nights."

"...Fine. But you have to give me a blowjob while we go through It's A Small World."

The End


The fading light of sunset filtered through the trees, and the cool air echoed with the sounds of the jungle settling down for the evening.

"Oh, god..."

"Yeah, fuck, take it, Xander..."

Spike snapped his hips forward, shoving Xander against the tree he was braced against, but for one perfect moment he wasn't concerned about any splinters or scrapes on his boy. He bit his lip as he watched his cock slide in and out of Xander's glorious hole, shivering at the change of temperatures.

Then he heard the boat approaching and knew it was time to speed things up a bit. They'd been at this for almost an hour anyway, so his poor human could probably use a break.

Spike changed the angle of his next thrust so that he banged powerfully onto Xander's prostate, and the resulting groan was immensely satisfying. Leaning forward, sensitive nipples brushing Xander's straining back, he reached around and took his lover's hot flesh in his hand, coming instantly as Xander tightened around him in the throes of his own orgasm.

Xander collapsed weakly against the tree. "I can't believe we just had sex inside the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland," he panted.

The End

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