Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: This was written for Life Beyond the Hellmouth, an RPG where I play Xander ::takes a bow:: and Cas plays Spike ::waits for Cas to take a bow::. All you need to know is that there are two Spikes. An alternate dimension one who still goes by William the Bloody and our well known local one, complete with shiny soul. William kidnapped Xander and Spike went to the rescue. Blahblahblah...big fight...blah blah blah...Xander rescued! Blah blah blah, Xander's tired and he wants to sleep. ::grin::
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Not ours, Joss' – we're just playin' with 'em

Sweet Dreams


Virtual Personal

What the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to get yourself killed you dumbass? The guy’s a psychotic vampire and you’re taunting him about his sexuality?! “Shoulda known really, couldn’t wait to get your hands on me could you?” Apparently I am. Well, nobody ever said I was the brightest bulb in the box.

"Did he now?" he turned the blade on its edge, scraping it along Xander's sensitive skin.  The thin line of blood had his attention, but he forced it back to Xander.  "Alter egos is what we are, in a way.  So... when he called me that, what do you think he was thinking?" 

He brought his face close to the boys.  "And now I have my hands on you... soon all over you.  And Buffy will be next, and Red... what the hell, I might even get to your Spike.  If he's a good boy.”

Xander struggled even harder, trying to get out of those chains. He was going to stake this guy if it was the last thing he did! “You stay away from my girls you sickening piece of shit.” He glared hard at Will, trying to communicate his seething hatred. “You so much as look at Willow funny and I’m going to cut you up in tiny pieces if I have to come back from the dead to do so!”

That was when Spike pressed the knife into Xander's flesh, this time right under the rib cage.  "You forget.  I'm the one holding the knife.  Now scream... fucking do it or I'll gut you... and then I'll go after the witch."

“Fuck you.” Xander kept his answer simple, going back to the tried and tested method of annoying Spike so much he forgot all about planning and got on with it. Nobody was touching his Willow if he had to sit here and get knifed to make it so. “Or is that what you were going after all along? Sorry, blondie, I don’t do men,” he said, reaching whole new levels of mocking. Thank you Cordelia, you taught me well.

William frowned.  Such stubbornness was unexpected from the lowest Scooby.  He should be screaming by now.  If he had to do a lot more cutting, then the boy wouldn't be of use to him for the other sorts of screaming he had in mind.  Maybe if he...

Dragging the knife up to the boy's left eye, he circled the tip around the eye.  "You don't need this, do you?  Or maybe you'll change your mind and suddenly love the idea..."

Almost mad with fear for Xander's safety, Spike finally found their trail and walked into the old warehouse.  He probably should have called Buffy, as William the Bloody from whatever the hell dimension he came from had already proven himself an ominous opponent.  But he couldn't lose the precious minutes.

Following the sound of voices, he ducked into the back office and stopped in his tracks.  The sight of the boy... his boy, whether he knew it or not, being bled and tortured made his temples pound with fury.  Without thought, he changed into game face and launched himself at William.  "Say your prayers, you're meeting your maker now."

Xander tried to hold back a whimper as Spike went for his eye…not again, he couldn’t do this again…he was about to give in and just give Spike the scream he wanted when he saw Spike, their Spike, the real Spike, launch himself at William the Bloody bastard and throw him away from Xander. He watched helplessly as the two vampires fought, following with his eyes as one of them, which one was it, Xander was so tired by now and so confused, threw the other hard enough to break the flimsy door and land in the other room.

He could hear the sound of the fight, but now he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly all sound ceased.

“Spike?” Xander called out nervously. Please let it be the right Spike, please let it be the right Spike

The blond strolled inside, dramatically brushing the dust off his trenchcoat as he approached Xander.  "You called?"  He gave a somewhat enigmatic smile.  "This is the bit where the hero collects his kiss, isn't it?"  Without giving the boy a chance to answer, he dipped his head down, bringing his mouth over Xander's in a surpise kiss.  When the boy opened his mouth to voice ... something, he took advantage and slid his tongue past those lips, and stroked the boy's pallet in a gentle caress.

Xander tried to pull away from the kiss, but Spike had cradled his head between his hands, holding him in place. What the hell does Spike think he's doing?!

When Spike pulled back, Xander opened his mouth to ask that very question but he was stopped by the blond's lips. Xander fought the kiss, holding his mouth hermetically closed until, with a snarl Spike pulled back again.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Spike?!" he snarled.

"Hero gets the girl doesn't work for you?  Then how about the spoils of war?"  His heated gaze slid down the naked expanse of Xander's chest, and lower.  It was obvious, from the way Xander had a lot of fight in his, that the cuts weren't too deep.  "You're a real treasure... my treasure now, I won you." 

He saw Xander's discarded tee shirt laying on the floor, picked it up and wiped the cuts on the boy's body.  Feeling the boy's wince, he dropped to his knees and licked the cuts clean. 

Xander held his breath, his sense of surreal growing as Spike licked his skin.

"Spike stop it!" he protested, stepping as far back as the chains would allow, trying to deny the pleasant feeling Spike's tongue evoked. Suddenly a horrifying thought came to him. "You're not our Spike are you?" he demanded. "You're just taking a leaf from Angelus' book and messing with my head!"

"Head,"  Spike tilted his head up and locked gazes with Xander. "Right word... wrong context, yeah?"  Shifting his weight, he leaned close and left a trail of moist kisses up Xander's chest and neck, until he reached his lips.  "If I weren't your Spike, you'd be dead now.  Or servicing him, whether you liked it or not.  I'm just..." he smirked.  "Let's say I'm confident in my persuasive abilities.  Don't tell me you never wondered what it would be like to kiss me."

Spike put a finger on Xander's lips to stop the tide of denials.

"Remember, I'm a vampire.  I get close to you and I smell sex.  You want it."  His gaze dropped down to Xander's arousal.  "And I think your body is vouching for me already."

"Yes, well my body sat up and begged for Cordelia so it's not like it has any survival insticts to speak of." Xander protested, his lips brushing Spike's finger, causing shivers to run up and down his spine.

"Spike, please..." he moaned as Spike moved closer, his clothes brushing against Xander's body, teasing him into greater levels of arousal. He couldn't stop himself from pushing forwards, trying to press his body against Spike's.

"Please stop... or please more?" He inserted his jeans clad leg between Xander's, and raised his knee up, feeling Xander jerk under the pressure. "Think before you answer. This is your one chance, and it won't be your fault. Completely guilt free."

Xander closed his eyes, concentrating on the feel of Spike's leg between his own. "G-g-guilt free?" he stammered, "I don't...I can't..." He tried to deny the mere need for a chance but Spike chose that moment to cup Xander's ass, pulling him forward and pressing his cock against Xander's own. "Fuck...yeah...okay, one chance..." He took a calming breath and looked into Spike's eyes, wanting to make sure the blond understood what he was about to say.

"It will be my fault, no guilt though and no-one gets to hear about this, okay?"

"What you said... yeah."  No more words.  Spike wasn't about to let Xander change his mind, and that was something that might happen if he let the boy have a little breather... time to think.  Thinking was the enemy, there would be none of that.  Not if he could help it.

He moved against Xander, feeling the guy's thighs flex around his own. Not bothering to hide his smug smile, he plastered himself over Xander, pressing him back into the wall as he kissed the living daylights out of him.  With one hand, he explored the naked, masculine body writhing under him, and with the other, he broke one of the cuffs imprisoning Xander's wrist.

When did Spike get so good at this? Xander thought, losing himself in the kiss. Spike was trying to devour him, the blond's tongue sweeping inside his mouth and tasting everything. The moment his hand was released, Xander pushed his fingers through the blond hair, cupping Spike's head in an attempt to keep him where he was. He felt Spike's hand trail down his back to his ass and tensed for a moment before reminding himself that he was in this for the pleasure, no guilt or worry allowed.

Feeling him tense, Spike knew he had to give Xander something to think about or do that would keep the boy from worrying about the strange new sensations he was experiencing.  He shrugged off his leather coat and tossed it onto a table, without ever breaking the kiss.  Then he lifted his face slightly, just far enough to see his mark... Xander's swollen lips.  And the lust, however innocent, in the boy's eyes.  That was enough to make his own body surge and grow rock hard with need.  A curse escaped his lips. 

"Your hand... do what I do," he commanded, cupping Xander's ass again, and waiting for the boy to catch up with his motions.  And when he did... he stroked him in the places he wanted to be stroked, touched him how he wanted Xander to touch him.  Moved the way he needed Xander to move against him.  Like a perfectly matched pair, they rocked, and stroked, and slowly moved closer to the edge.  As he broke the second cuff that held Xander, Spike congratulated himself on his inventiveness.  This gave self satisfaction a new name... everyone should play Simon Says once in a while. 

Xander mimicked Spike’s movements, cursing the stupid jeans that got in his way. He’d given himself over to the sensations Spike was causing and he refused to hesitate or feel guilt about that. He felt Spike’s fingers dipping between his cheeks and moaned in pleasure and disappointment when he found that he couldn’t do the same. He pressed against the cloth, and murmured against Spike’s lips.

“Take it off Spike…please…”

"You sure?"  Spike gave a deep chested laugh at the desperate look that crossed Xander's features.  Eyes never leaving Xander's except for the moment his tee-shirt covered his face as he whipped it off, Spike undressed.  His movements were neither hurried nor too slow.  When the jeans joined the tee shirt and coat on the table, he gave Xander a few minutes to get an eyeful.  Then he couldn't help it, he had to ask.  "Well?"

Xander took a step forward, so intent on touching Spike that he forgot about the chains around his legs. By the time he remembered that he couldn't really move he was landing on his knees on the hard floor.

"Goddamnfuckingdamnit that hurt!" he moaned, eyes filling with tears. "Fuck."

He took a moment to bring himself back under control. "Look Spike, maybe we should...oh." His attempt at putting a stop to the insanity was derailed by the sight of Spike's hard cock right in front of him. "Wow..." he said absently, reaching out to touch it. "It looks...different."

All thoughts of checking to make sure the boy was alright fled Spike's mind at his touch.  Right... if he was making him feel this good, he couldn't be too hurt now, could he.  He bit back a groan, and then frowned as what Xander had said penetrated his mind.  "Different how? If you're going to try to convince me you've got something else, won't work.  I've already seen..." his words were choked off as blood surged to his manhood.

Xander had ignored Spike, too focused on what was in front of him. He'd wrapped his hand around Spike's cock, mesmerised by the movement of the skin as he moved his hand up and down.

Wonder if it tastes any different.

Leaning forward he swiped his tongue around the head. Huh...kinda coppery He moved went back for more, this time licking more thoroughly, from the root all the way to the tip.

Unable to take the sensations wracking his body an instant longer, Spike joined Xander on the ground, kissing him and bodily shoving the boy down on his back.  Stretching forward, he grabbed his trenchcoat off the table and rolled it up.  Just in case that cracking sound had been Xander's head against the concrete floor... this might protect it some.  Straddling Xander's thighs, he sat back on his knees and let his gaze travel one last time down the boy's body, before he started another round of mauling.  This time... this time it was different, as they were skin to skin, and Xander's hands were doing some exploring of their own.

Xander let Spike push him back, the chains forcing him to bend his knees and spread his legs wide. Any vulnerability he felt was banished by the feeling of Spike's hands on his body. They seemed to be everywhere, tweaking his nipples, tracing his ribs, rubbing at his thighs and ass...A few moments of shock and Xander started reciprocating. He tried to touch Spike wherever he could reach, delighting in the soft skin and breathy moans.

"Need more Spike." he moaned.

Spike slid his hand between their bodies and grasped Xander's length, sliding his fist up and down in time with his own increasingly demanding motions against Xander. The sound of Xander's beating heart roared in his ears as if it was his own heart. And then he reached the breaking point.  Raising himself up, he saw again how exposed Xander
was, his legs held apart by the chains.

With a growl of triumph, he slid his hands under the boy's knees and raised him up so high off the ground, Xander's hips and lower back no longer touched the ground.  The boy was new at this.  He should be gentle.  A battle raged inside, but the demon part of the vampire seemed to win.  Spike very briefly prepared Xander, and then aligned himself and pushed deep inside the boy with a strong thrust.  Not even the sparkling tears that gathered in Xander's eyes stopped him from pulling back and repeating the motion.  How could it, when Xander was so hot and  tight around him.  When he'd been waiting for a chance to be with the boy like this for so long?  He did manage to briefly steady himself. 

"Xander?" he croaked, tacitly asking for permission, though it was unlikely anything would stop him from taking what was his now.

Xander moaned as he felt Spike's fingers push inside him only to scream as Spike slammed in soon after. Too much, too big. He whimpered when Spike pulled out and then back in, tears returning with a vengeance.

"H-hold on Spike, please." he moaned, angry with himself for pleading so damn much. He tried to relax, to concentrate on something other than his throbbing ass.

Not quite what he'd wanted to hear, or what he was willing to do, but Spike did try his damnedest.  Fighting the need to pound into Xander, instead he reduced his motions to slow, controlled thrusts aimed at pleasuring his partner.  Panting slightly, he turned his head and ran his mouth down Xander's leg still held high, almost over Spike's shoulder.

The pain quickly faded, chased away by Spike’s slow movements. Xander relaxed, letting his head fall back on the duster, closing his eyes to better enjoy this. He was being fucked by the undead…and he loved it. Spike moved inside him and damned if Xander wasn’t suddenly seeing stars.

“Fuck…What was that? Do that again!” he demanded, trying to thrust against Spike but hampered by the chains. He groaned at the thought that he was helpless, spread out for Spike to fuck without being able to do anything about it.

"What... you mean this?" Seeing the benefits of paying Xander back with some torture of his own, Spike repeated the short stabbing movements, only sometimes stroking him so softly from the inside, that it would drive Xander nuts rather than satisfy him.  And it was working... if the jerking of the chains, and the way Xander was thrusting his hips was any indication.  "Ask me for more... to take more of me," he growled, capturing the boy's gaze.

Xander froze, staring into Spike’s eyes, breathing hard and wondering…was his pride worth not getting any more of this? Hell no!

“Please Spike, I want more…fuck me please just do it…” Once he started speaking it was like every inhibition he had fell away. He moved his whole body, trying to force Spike to give him more and cursing the chains for holding him back. “More Spike, need more!”

Xander's desperate pleas kicked Spike's lust up a notch or five.  "Since - you - asked - so - nicely," he growled between thrusts, each forcing more of him into Xander until nothing separated them.  Almost blind with desire and need, he gripped Xander's legs, drawing the boy up higher off the ground to meet his every thrust.  His pale blue eyes darkened as pure lust turned into an act of possession. Even if it was for one moment in time, he would make Xander his.  Own him ... his body, his soul, his every thought... he would leave no room for the boy to think of anything else, feel anything else.  And in the future... when their eyes met, Xander would remember he'd belonged to the vampire once.

Xander gasped, feeling Spike push deep inside him. He closed his eyes against the feelings coursing through him as he felt himself teeter on the brink of orgasm. He didn't want to come, not yet. He needed to make this last as long as possible. The lack of visual stimulation only made the sounds louder. His and Spike's groans of pleasure and the slick movement of flesh against flesh pushed him that much closer to coming.

He tensed his body, waiting for the feeling to overwhelm him.

As Spike neared his release, he shortened his strokes, moving faster and wilder, and finally gripping Xander's thighs so hard, his fingers dug into the muscular flesh, as his back stiffened and he came harder than he ever had.  He collapsed on top of Xander, managing a slight smirk at the thought that the boy had come at the same moment and was now panting under him.  He kissed him, hard and furious, the same way he'd fucked him.  Then he lifted his head.  "Your friends will be waiting for you.  Can you walk... or will you need me to carry you?"  The smirk grew at the thought.

“No walking,” Xander mumbled. He heard the chains snap and slowly lowered his legs. “Wanna rest a while, ‘kay?” He rested his head against Spike’s shoulder and closed his eyes. “Been a long day.”

Just as he was drifting off, Xander heard an annoying buzzing sound. He lifted his head and opened his eyes a little to glare at whoever was making the noise and saw the alarm clock next to his bed.

Feeling suddenly wide awake he sat up in bed, eyes wide in horror.

“Oh fuck.”

The End

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