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Established Relationship Drabbles


The Thing

Summary: There's a thing but Xander doesn't wanna hear the thing

The thing…”

“There’s a thing? I don’t like ‘things’. ‘Things’ make me nervous. ‘Things’ are definitely of the bad and no good can come of them whatsoever. Seriously Spike 'things' are - ”



“Will you let me speak?”

“About the ‘thing’?”



“What do you mean no?”

“Did you miss the mini babble before? I. Don’t. Like. ‘Things’. So no, no talking about the thing.”

“Come on, luv, stop arguing. We need to talk.”

“Now we need to talk?! That’s even worse than a ‘thing’! That’s it. I’m outta here and I'm not coming back until you come to your senses and stop talking about 'things' and needing to talk.”

::door slams closed::

“I’m in love with a lunatic...again. How do I do that?”

::door slams open::

“What did you say?!”|

“I said, I’m in love with a lunatic.”

“That was the thing? You love me?”


“Well why didn’t you just say so you nimrod?!”


Summary: PWP through and through

"Spread them a little wider," Spike commanded, watching greedily as Xander immediately shifted. "You're so gorgeous like that, pet. So godamn gorgeous, holding yourself open for me."

As he spoke, Spike kneeled on the bed, reaching forward to trace down Xander's spine, to his ass. He traced around Xander's fingers, holding his cheeks apart for his master.

"So perfect like this. You know what you're here for, don't you, pet? Here for my pleasure, mine alone."

Spike ignored the husky moan his words produced, eager to feel as well as touch. He pressed his cock against the heat, watching as he sank inside.

"That's it, luv. Hold on so I can see what I do to you," Spike ended the sentence in a groan as Xander clenched around him. That's all it took for him to lose it, pushing Xander's hands away to hold on and slamming into him hard and fast, not letting himself find release until he heard his boy scream in pleasure.

Shopping with Vampires

Summary: Spike and Xander go shopping. Spike!style

"Xander for the last time, I don't need new jeans!" Spike protested as he was dragged into Walmart by a very determined human.

"Yes you do. They're ripped way too high and I won't have random bystanders looking at your ass like that." Xander muttered, grabbing a couple of pairs of black jeans and frog-marching Spike to the fitting rooms. He pushed Spike inside with an order to 'strip and try them on'. He watched as Spike slowly took off his jeans pushing them down to his ankles. He fidgeted as Spike bend completely over to take off his boots, giving Xander a fine view of his pale compact ass. He pounced as Spike wriggled a little witht he effort of removing his boots.

Xander closed the curtain completely before slamming Spike against the wall. "You bastard, you know I can't resist." He whimpered rubbing his cock against Spike's ass. "Oh, God I want to fuck you, have to fuck you sweetheart."

"Then do it." Spike replied.

Xander pulled back to look at the blond in surprise before roughly thrusting a finger inside his hole to find him slicked and ready. Groaning softly he unzipped his trousers and slowly pushed his cock inside his lover.

"Feel so good," he whimpered when Spike thrust back and took him all the way in. Conscious of the rickety cubicle and the people wandering along on the other side of the thin wall, Xander went slow and soft, driving Spike crazy with lack of sensation.

"Please, more...Xander please."

"Shhh..." Xander admonished and reached forward to loosely hold Spike's cock. "I'll give you more if you promise to be quiet." He whispered softly.

"Yes, anything just...more." Spike whimpered and Xander grabbed him tightly and pumped fast and hard, no finesse just pressure and speed. Moments later Spike was coming all over his hand, muffling his cries as much as he could and clenching around him, forcing him to follow over the precipice.

They stood there, panting harshly for a minute before they had the strength to stand without the wall's support.

"You're still trying those jeans on Spike." Xander said, ignoring Spike's pout. "I'm not buying them unless I know they fit."


Summary: Spike and Xander in a sex toy shop

Xander walked nervously inside the shop, trying unsuccessfully to hide behind his boyfriend.

"S-spike? Are you sure you need me to be here for this?"

Spike grabbed Xander's hand and dragged him further inside. "Come on pet, it'll be fun! We'll pick something we both wanna play with." He enthused and kissed Xander soundly on the lips. The boy blushed and looked nervously around. No one seemed to be paying much attention to them but still....

Spike wandered around happily, Xander following quietly behind him. The boy was just getting comfortable browsing around and was even contemplating picking something up when his boyfriend let out an earsplitting whoop. "Xander look! A purple dildo! And it's shaped just like you!"

The blond turned around to show Xander his new-found treasure.

"Xander? Pet? Where'd you go?"

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him

Summary: Xander thinks about Spike

Xander watched Spike rant and rave at the television. Guess England lost again, he thought, smiling at the picture his lover made. He truly believed that you could know someone just by looking at them long enough. And he'd looked at Spike for so long, he felt like he knew him inside out.

He knew that Spike secretly enjoyed hanging out with Buffy. He could tell by the way he'd launch into an argument over the tiniest little thing just to get her to lighten up.

He knew that Spike loved Dawn with all his undead heart. He could tell by the way he'd always keep an eye on her, even if she was just in the next room doing her homework.

He knew that Spike had the answer to the demon-of-the-week question before they'd even opened a book. He could tell by the secretive smile and the glint in his eyes.

Best of all, he knew that Spike loved him. He could tell by the way his eyes shone the moment Xander walked into the room, by the way Spike would always hold him close to him, by the way he nuzzled his neck and kissed him sweetly before returning to whatever he'd been doing before Xander walked in.

He could tell. Just by looking at him.

The End

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