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Summary: AAA story based on challenge: Angel/Buffy #11 - Spike's Just a Big Ol' Kitty Cat in the Rain Pairing: Spike/Xander.

Challenge at end of story

Caught In The Rain


Xander was walking past Churchfield cemetery, hunching his shoulders, trying to make himself small enough to completely fit under the ridiculous umbrella Buffy gave him, when he stated his intention to go home. He’d never seen rain like this before in his life. The water was coming down so hard it was closer to hail than rain and so thick that he could barely see where he was going. He was trying to decide whether to keep going to his apartment or just sneak in an abandoned crypt and wait it out when he saw a dejected figure standing in the middle of the storm, shoulders hunched and looking like misery incarnate.

Xander kept walking until he reached the man and asked if he needed some help. When the man looked up Xander was surprised to see Spike glaring at him and growling softly. No wait, not growling, hissing. Why the hell was Spike hissing at him? When the blond realized who was standing before him he calmed down and just stood there, looking miserably at Xander.

“Spike? Why are you outside in the rain?” the brunet asked curiously. It was a well-known fact that Spike hated rain with all his heart and newly acquired soul and he would do anything to avoid going out whenever it so much as drizzled.

“I was trying to go home when the stupid thing started. I mean, couldn’t they give a fellow some warning?!” Spike snarled, eyes flashing gold. “I want Dru’s prescience,” he pouted, “She knew when it would rain. Bloody stars told her every bloody time.”

“So why don’t you just go home then?” The brunet asked pointedly.

“I’m trying to. I’m just… tired and wet and I really, really hate rain. I’m cold and miserable and look at what it does to my hair.” Spike mewled piteously gesturing up at the wild curls his hair had turned into. 

He started to say more, but a car sped past them and, going through a puddle, drenched both of them even more. Spike whirled around and hissed at the car, hand reaching out as if to claw the driver.

The poor thing looked so despondent that Xander’s white knight instincts kicked in and he couldn’t resist trying to comfort the blond. Spike seemed too miserable to kick up a fuss and let himself be pulled close to Xander.

“Come on, Soulboy, we might as well share the umbrella,” the brunet pulled Spike closer so that they both got some cursory protection from the elements and kept walking towards his apartment. The vampire shuffled along, none of his usual energy on show, staring miserably at the ground.

“Hey, Spike, the faster we get home, the faster you can hug the fan heater and purr to your heart’s content.” He said, trying to make him walk faster. Feeling sorry for him was well and good, but Xander was getting drenched here, and the way he was shuffling, they would never make it to the apartment. 

“I do not purr.” Spike said petulantly but he lost a little of the shuffle and walked a little bit faster.

Xander watched Spike shuffle on and tried not to examine the reasons why the vampire’s obvious misery got to him or the way Xander’s body curled around him as if to protect him from the elements. Spike was a vampire for crying out loud; he didn’t need protection from him, or anything else for that matter. The brunet still couldn’t resist trying to make Spike feel better though.

“And I’ll even make you one of those Amaretto smoothies you pretend to hate.” He said casually. Xander had known Spike liked those things for a while now. He still couldn’t believe the vampire hadn’t realized that the only reason they always had the ingredients for the smoothies was that Xander bought them specifically for him. And no, he wasn’t looking very deeply into the motivation behind that either.

“I do not like Amaretto…” Spike started only to stop suddenly. “Will you put in a little umbrella?”  He asked hopefully.

“Sure thing.” Xander grinned at him, happy to have made the blond feel better.

Spike nodded and grabbed Xander by the hand, running as fast as he could and dragging the laughing human behind him.

Half an hour later and Spike was warm, dry and sipping at an Amaretto smoothie, snuggled close to the fan heater. Xander watched him carefully, waiting for the purr. Happy and contented vampire meant that the purr should arrive any minute now…and here it was! I have my very own demonic kitty cat, Xander giggled at that thought.

“What?” Spike asked suspiciously.

“Nothing” Xander replied, still laughing and looking at him fondly.


“It’s just… you’re such a little kitty cat.” Xander managed to say amid the laughter.

For a moment Spike was too shocked to do much of anything. He glared at Xander and carefully put his smoothie on the living room table. No reason to lose his drink, was there?  He then pounced on the brunet pushing him down on the floor.

“Kitty cat, am I?” He asked threateningly.

“Spike! Get off.” Xander said, still giggling madly.

“You should know boy, kitty cats have claws.” Spike continued as if Xander hadn’t spoken.

That finally stopped Xander’s laughter. He looked up at Spike, suddenly realizing that he had a demon crouching over him.

“Afraid, boy?” Spike asked menacingly.


The blond grinned down at him.  “Good.”  He said happily and went back to his position next to the fan heater, grabbing his smoothie on the way, leaving Xander to stare wide-eyed at him. He was lapping happily at the foam when a smell came to him. He frowned and sniffed the air curiously, eyes roaming the room and coming to rest on a blushing Xander. He took another breath to confirm his suspicions and smiled. Now wasn’t that interesting? The boy wasn’t just afraid.. Spike took another sip of his smoothie and started planning Xander’s seduction. This, he thought, an evil smirk gracing his face, would be great fun.

The End

A simple setup--Xander runs into an unhappily soaked Spike during a rainstorm. Xander's got an umbrella; Spike's caught in the open and doesn't have anyplace to go dry off. The umbrella is probably too small, forcing Xander to put his arm around Spike as they walk, but if you think of something interesting involving a golf umbrella, fine by me. The main thing here is lots of cat-caught-in-the-rain-stuff-- stuff with spike being wet, miserable, glaring, snarling, etc. Could have hissing, and should *definitely* contain purring at some point.

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