Rating: PG15
HC bingo!prompt: rape/recovery
Warnings: swearing, angst, vague reference to rape
Disclaimer: No characters from BtVS or AtS are mine, nor do I claim them to be. I am using the characters purely for fun and entertainment purposes.
Couple: Spike/Xander
Type: one-shot
Length: 1320 words

Repeat Offender

Mrs Sakuma

“What the hell happened to you?” Spike asked as the door opened and Harris stumbled in, reeking of alcohol and covered in bruises.  The boy didn’t answer.  He blinked in the general direction of the couch, where Spike was sitting, then turned and started towards his room.  “Hey!  I bloody asked you a question!”  All he received was a single finger pointed to the roof.  “Well fine, be like that.”  Spike returned to the television, ignoring the human in the other room.

Before long, though, he noticed another scent in the air.  One he didn’t like.  It was strong and bitter.  Cum.  The scent of cum, of a male Spike didn’t know, was heavy in the room.  Irrationally, Spike found himself angry.

Who cared if the whelp decided to go out and pull?  To sleep with some guy?  To have apparently rough sex with some stranger?  To let some man take him against a wall in an alley behind a bar?  Now the rage was building up in his chest, weighing on his still heart.  “Oh, damn it.”  He could hear that Harris was still awake, but he went on watching his show, until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He stood with a violent flourish and stalked down the hall.  “Harris,” he growled, slamming the door open.  He didn’t catch the wild look in the human’s eyes or the sudden hitch in his breathing and heart rate.  “Alright, what the hell happened?  Because, as much as I should not care, it’s eating the heart from my chest.  So how about you enlighten me, hmm?”

“Enlighten you to what?” the boy asked.  Spike barely noticed his voice sounded raw.

“To who the hell you decided you needed to spread your legs for!”  He didn’t see the pain.  “What did it take?  A couple of drinks and some pretty language?”  He didn’t see the humiliation.  “Hell, if I’d known you were that easy I might have taken a shot months ago.”  He didn’t see the fear.  “If you were so desperate to let somebody get a leg over, could have just asked.  I’d’ve been happy enough to do it for you.  Not so sure I want such a slut, now.”  He didn’t see the regret.

He stood, glaring at the whelp for a long moment.  The human stared back, and the scent of blood hit Spike’s nose.  He smirked.  “Bruises.  And blood.  Like it rough, yeah?”  Harris swallowed.  Spike stepped forward to the bed, kneeling on it.  “I can give you that,” he murmured, crawling towards the human.  “Could make you scream and beg for me to hurt you.”  Spike was pouring on the seduction now, vaguely wondering why he was so upset about this, but he didn’t care enough to really question it.  He just wanted to soothe the ache in his chest by capturing the boy as his.  He pressed their foreheads together, noses bumping, eyes level.  “Would you like that?”

Harris didn’t answer.  He just stared at him.  Which was starting to piss him off, but then he caught a whiff of the fear on the boy.  “What’sa matter?  Don’t want to lie with a vampire?  Think yourself too good for that?”  The brunet shook his head, maybe a little too hard, causing Spike to lean back.


“‘No’ what?”  Harris didn’t answer.  Spike pulled his own shirt off, then reached out and took the whelp’s.  He was bruised in the chest and abdomen.  “Hell, you really do like it rough, don’t you?  Surprised you never took advantage of this with the demon girl.  I’m sure she would have said something if you had.”

As he moved closer, he reached for the boy’s cock, eager to know just how big he really was.  And that’s when he realized it.  Xander was shaking, quivering really, and smelled strongly of fear.  There wasn’t a hint of arousal in him, and his eyes were wide and terrified.

Spike backed off.  “Shit.”  The human started to draw his legs up, but then stopped, glancing up at the vampire, as though frightened of being punished for the movement.  “Oh, shit.”  Spike scrambled back and off the bed, out of the room, and back to the television.  He sat for a moment, trying to watch and forget what had happened, but the sobs that drifted out to him tore at his heart even more, and he shoved his boots on, grabbed his coat, and left for some late-night destruction, completely forgetting about his shirt.

Hell.  It was bad enough he had hurt Buffy the year before, but to repeat the offence of near-rape…  How was he supposed to face any of them again?  Especially the boy?  If he’d really gone for it, Harris would have had no chance of stopping him.  But he hadn’t wanted to hurt him!  He’d stopped, hadn’t he?  He was just so…  He didn’t know.  He was angry and jealous, but he didn’t know why.  But he’d suddenly burned with jealousy and wanted the boy to be his.

He tore apart demon after demon that night, trying to ease his frustration and worry.  Finally, as the sun was rising, he went back to the apartment.  Once there, he could smell that the boy had cried for a long while and taken a shower.  Listening carefully, he caught that his breathing and heart rate were rushed and uneven.  Spike crept back to the bedroom to check on him and found him sleeping.  He must have been having a bad dream.

Probably about Spike’s assault.  He’d done a right job of scaring the boy witless.

And then there was a cry, and Xander was begging in his sleep with a voice harsh from screaming.  “Please…please, stop.  Don’t!  I…  No…  Get off me!”  The boy was thrashing back and forth, and Spike couldn’t help but step in and touch his shoulder, stroking his cheek, whispering.  He relaxed slightly, and then his eyes snapped open, wide and frantic.  Spike immediately moved away, not wanting to scare him anymore.

“Hey.  Sorry, but you were…”


“Listen, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you or anything.  I just wasn’t payin’ attention.”

“It’s okay,” he breathed, curling himself up.

“No, it’s obviously not.”  Harris looked up at him, confused.


“Well, if you’re havin’ nightmares like that, I really must’ve screwed up.”

“Oh.  No, that…”  He looked away.  “That wasn’t your fault.”


“The nightmare.  Wasn’t about you.”

“Oh.”  After a few more seconds, “Oh.”  Then he realized all the stuff he'd said.  “Oh, shit.  I’m really sorry.”

“Not your fault.  You didn’t know.”

“But I should have.  I should have caught the reactions you had.  They were probably really obvious, but I was caught up in…  I don’t even know what it was.  Jealousy, I think.”

Harris still didn’t meet his eyes.

“I…  Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” he said with a stern shake of his head.

“Okay.”  There was a painful moment of silence, and then Spike spoke again.  “Look, most of the stuff I said was just me trying to piss you off, but…  I did mean it when I said I would’ve slept with you if you’d asked.  Don’t know if you want to hear that right now, but I thought I’d just throw it out there.”  Harris didn’t respond.  “I’ll just go back to the other room.  ’S time I be gettin’ to bed anyway.”  When he stood up, a large, tanned hand grabbed his sleeve.

“I…  Would you…I mean, you can…stay in here if you want.”  Spike’s eyebrows drew together in uncertainty.  “I just don’t want to be alone right now, that’s all.”

“Yeah, alright.”  Spike stripped down to his jeans, then slid into the covers with the human that was only wearing boxers.  Xander wrapped his arms around the cool body, pulling himself close to the firm chest.


“No problem,” Spike muttered into his hair.  “Just sleep.”

The End

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