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Spike huddled into the covers, searching for the warmth that should have been within arm’s reach.  Finding no body, his relaxed face scrunched, wondering where his bedmate could be.  Nummy…?  The bed was still warm, so the other couldn’t have been gone long; his exit of the bed was likely what had stirred the vampire.  Spike’s internal sun calculator told him that it was only mid-afternoon, much too early to be waking up.

Maybe his boy had to use the toilet.  Spike curled into the warm spot and was just drifting back off to sleep when he heard a sound from the bathroom.  It took him a moment to recognize it, but at the second one, the heave was quite obvious.

Climbing out of bed, Spike shuffled to the bathroom.  Peering in, he was affronted with the smell and sound of vomit.  “Xan?” he asked softly.  “Luv, you alright?”

The dark haired man sat back from the toilet after a fourth heave.  “’M okay.  It’s normal, Spike.”  Spike walked in and pet the younger man’s hair back from his forehead.

“You sure?”

“Yeah.”  Xander smiled weakly, then leaned back over the porcelain and threw up again.  It was little more than acid now, but it was burning a trail through his throat.  Spike rubbed his back, and Xander looked up, finding his concerned glance.  “I’ll be fine,” he insisted.

“Whatever you say, pet.  About done there?”

“I think so.”  Spike helped him up and pushed him to the sink to wash out his mouth.  He flushed away the ex-contents of his lover’s stomach, and then watched as he brushed his teeth.

“Feel better?”  Spike asked once he was done.

“Yeah.”  They kissed, just a peck, and then Spike pulled the human back to bed.

“C’mon.  ‘S too early for this.”

“Sorry,” Xander muttered as Spike pulled back the covers, ushering him into them.

“Not your fault.  Just go to sleep.”  The blond vampire slid into the bed and pulled the warm human against himself, and together they slipped back to sleep, both sets of hands resting on Xander’s slightly rounded stomach and the precious piece of them growing there.




“Can you get me some ice cream?”  Holding back a sigh, Xander separated himself from his lover and stood up.

“What kind?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Spike said, pulling him down for a brief kiss.  Xander made his way to the kitchen, opened the freezer, and mouthed along with Spike as he called in conditions.

“But not chocolate!”  There was a pause, and then, “Nothing fruity, either!”  Xander pushed aside the unwanted cartons, waiting for more restrictions.  “And none of your crazy-arse flavors!”

“How’s vanilla sound?”  Xander called back.

“Whatever’s there.”

Xander rolled his eyes, pulling out the only thing in the appliance that Spike would take and started heating some blood while he scooped.  “Toppings?” he asked.

“No.”  Xander waited a beat, and then, “Well, some blood, yeah?”  Another moment, and, “And caramel?”

“Sure thing, Spike.”  When the snack was ready, Xander took it out to his lover, handing it to the round vampire on the couch.

“Thanks, luv,” he said, settling deeper into his seat and focusing on the television again.  Xander slid back onto the couch and pressed a kiss to Spike’s neck.

“Anything for you.”  Spike glanced at him.



Spike was silent for a long moment, as though debating whether to ask or not, but finally ventured, “Foot rub?”

Xander smiled and kissed the blond before taking his legs and turning him to lay on the couch so Xander could reach his feet.  “Sure.”  Spike moaned at the first firm massages and then sighed, eating his ice cream.

When Xander had Spike reduced to a relaxed puddle, he kissed each foot and then pulled Spike around so he was lying against Xander’s chest.  He kissed his forehead, and the couple simply relaxed against each other, letting the TV drone around them.


Xander was on bed rest, doctor’s orders.  The doctor being Giles, who had no degree in medicine to Xander’s knowledge.  But since the man had very nearly released Ripper on him when he caught him up and about after the first order, Xander had chosen, quite wisely, to obey.

Besides, he kind of liked being waited on hand and foot.  And he thought Spike liked spoiling him, even if he covered it up with faux irritation at being a slave.

The main problem, however, was the infuriating boredom.  Xander didn’t think he could take another six hours on his back, let alone six months.  But he was not going to cross Giles or Spike, so he lay.

Sighing, he lifted his book, the only source of entertainment he had at the moment.  Just as he thought he was going to pass out from the dullness of the plotline, he felt a pressure on his abdomen.

While not abnormal, with the new life form growing there and being permanently lying down, this was…different.  It came again, and he pressed a hand to his stomach, trying to figure out what was going on.  The third time, he felt it on his hand as well and finally realized what was happening.

Eyes widening in shock and surprise, he shouted for his lover.

“Spike!”  He nearly giggled when the small body inside stuck him again.  “SPIKE!”  A moment later, the door burst open, Spike looking around for a danger in full game face.

After a moment, he turned to Xander.  “What?  What’s wrong?”  He moved to the bed, petting Xander’s face, trying to understand why he had been screaming.  Xander took his hand and pressed it to his body.  “Xan, wha—?”

Then he felt it.  A tiny fist or foot, pushing against Xander from the inside.  The little miracle inside, letting them know it was there.  Spike’s game face melted away in his awe.  He leaned down closer, trying to see the minute movements.

“Hey there, little one,” he murmured.  “Don’t be beatin’ up on your Daddy too bad, now.  But thanks for saying hi.  Can’t wait to see you.”  He gently kissed Xander’s stomach, and nearly crowed when the baby struck against his lips.  “That’s right, you know your Papa, don’chu?”

Xander ran his fingers through Spike hair, and the vampire moved up and kissed him softly, their fingers entangled over the lump that was theirs.

The End

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