Instant Messaging

Mrs Sakuma


Hate being so far away.

I know.  Me too.

I’ll be back in a few months.

Too long.

I know.  Sorry.

Not YOUR fault.  ’S the Watcher’s.  Sending you to bleeding AFRICA.

You know it wasn’t like that.

I KNOW.  Still, gotta blame SOMEbody, don’t I?

Suppose so.  Could blame me.  I agreed to go.

Unhappily.  Know you’d reather be here with me.


lol.  Been awhile since you got so worked up you made a typo.

Not true.  It happened just last night.

Okay, but I didn’t mean THAT kind of ‘worked up’.  Perv.

( ; You know it and you love it.

Yeah, yeah.

Wish we weren’t apart so much.

I know pet.  But you’ll be back eventually.

Then we can make up for all sorts of lost time… (( ;

Was that…a double grin?

Yes, it was.


You love my uniqueness!


Yes I do.

The End