Mrs Sakuma

Xander gripped the hard plastic tighter.  There was a small crack in it, biting into his palm, but he ignored it, sending up scattered half-prayers for his life.

“Spike?” he finally ventured after they veered around another semi.  He barely heard himself over the Sex Pistols blasting from the speakers.  “Spike?!”

“Yeah, pet?” Spike asked, glancing at him.

“Shit, watch the road!”

Turning back, Spike grumbled.  “I was ’til you started talkin’.”

“Do you think we could slow down a little?  It’s dark and you’re going well over the speed limit here.”

Xander heard the accelerator being released as the car slowed.  “Just anxious to get there an’ see Peaches.  Sorry.”

“I am too, but if you keep driving like that, I’m not gonna make it.”

“Why not?” 

Xander snorted, but seeing the look of confusion on Spike’s face, responded. “Because we would eventually crash or I would have a heart attack, and would end up dead.”

Spike was silent for a moment before saying, “Don’t joke like that.”


“About dyin’.  I don’t like it, and neither does Angel.”  Xander was stunned for a moment.  He’d made comments like that for a long time, and neither of his vampires had said anything about it.  But Spike’s use of Angel’s actual name told the human just how serious he was.

“I’m sorry.  I…  I didn’t know it bothered you guys.  I’ll try to stop.”  The drive was quiet, aside from the classic rock music cranked up, for several minutes.  Then Spike spoke up again.

“’Are you bleedin’?”

“Hm?  Don’t think so…”  Xander began a brief check, and found that the hold he’d had on the door had actually split the skin in his left palm.  “Oh.  Just a little.  Sharp plastic.”

He held his hand up for Spike to see, and the vampire grabbed his wrist, pulling it closer.  He licked the palm, lapping up the few drops, and groaned.  “Taste good, luv.”

“G-glad to h-hear it,” Xander stuttered, feeling a tightness start in his stomach and jeans.

Spike continued to lick and suck at the palm and digits, drawing one finger after the other into his cool mouth.  Xander was undeniably growing harder and squirmed in his seat, the belt choking at him a bit, trying to hide the situation.

“Mm.  You’re smellin’ a right treat, too, Xan,” Spike purred.

“S-Spiiiike,” Xander whined, pressing his legs together in an attempt to relieve the pressure building up.

“Oh, pet, go ’head an’ touch yerself.  Know ya want to.”

Almost without thought, but with much relief, Xander did as Spike had bidden.  His right hand dove for his zipper, sliding the fly down to release his damp and eager cockhead.  Spike took a deep breath as the scent of arousal became thicker, eyes fluttering for a moment.

“Keep watch on the road,” Xander managed a bit huskily.

“Yes’m,” Spike muttered around Xander’s middle finger.  He had one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around the brunet’s wrist, so he had nothing free to help Xander, or to take care of his own trapped hardness.

Xander’s right hand grasped his cock and began stroking gently, mimicking Spike’s motions on his hand.  When Spike started whispering directions while massaging the hand with nimble fingers and wicked tongue, Xander obeyed.  He went faster and harder and slower and gentler as Spike ordered until he finally found himself exploding into his hand.

He leaned back in the seat for a moment, gasping for his breath, and then turned a mischievous smile on the blond.  Plucking his hand free from Spike, he unfastened the button fly holding the cool, pink hardness back.  As the buttons opened, Spike’s cock popped up inch by inch into Xander’s waiting hand.  He pet it from head to base with his saliva coated hand, spreading pre-cum and spit down it, causing a glisten.  Then he pulled back to unfasten his belt so he could reach more easily.

He grasped with his cum covered hand next, sliding it along and covering the cock in his strong spunk.  Spike groaned, gripping the steering wheel tightly with both hands.  Xander flicked his eyes between his hands and Spike’s face, desperate to see the beautiful reactions to his motions.

Spike’s hips began to shift in the seat with the strokes, blindly, unknowingly, searching for more.  Xander licked his lips as new pearls of liquid dibbled out of the tip.  With another glance up at Spike’s expression, he ducked down, capturing the head in his mouth and sucking gently.

“Bloody fuckin’—pet!  Xander felt the car swerve, but since there was no sound of screeching tires or a crash, he assumed they were fine and continued his task.  Surprisingly, he felt safer down here, where he couldn’t see just how recklessly Spike would drive.

He dropped his head lower, taking in more and lapping at the head.  He gradually collected all of his cum as he took in more and more of Spike.  The vampire was running a low, heated string of commentary and praise.  One of his slim hands buried itself in Xander’s hair, holding tightly, but not so much that it hurt, and pressing down, demanding and begging for more, deeper, please.

Xander pulled back for a deeper breath, and then slid all the way down, swallowing convulsively around the head as it touched the back of his throat.  Spike let out a shout, his hips jerking, fingers tightening, and the car swerving from one lane and then back again, while he pumped his orgasm down Xander.

When Spike loosened up his grip, Xander backed off, then licked the sated cock clean before tucking it away and sitting up.  Spike shot a sideways look at him, watching as Xander zipped up his own pants.  Then he looked back at the road.

“That was new.”

“Mm.  But it was good, right?”

“Yeah, pet.  It was good.”  Xander smiled and snuggled back into his seat, refastening his seatbelt.  “Peaches is gonna be so jealous when we walk in the door.”

“Hm.  Well, maybe we’ll just have to find a way to make it up to him…”  Spike’s smirk spread over his entire face.

“Yeah.  Maybe we will.”

The End