Truth or Dare


“Well, now, this is pathetic,” Spike announced as he strode into Giles lounge room. “Sitting here in the gloom, all alone on a Saturday night. Anyone would thing you were the Poof.”

“Yes, Spike,” Giles acknowledged. “I am so dreadfully concerned about your opinion of me.”

“Bleach-boy's got a point, though,” Xander admitted, skirting around the vampire to drop down into a chair, “strange as it may seem. It's Saturday night, and none of us have anything to do.”

“I assure you,” Giles frowned sternly, “I have plenty to do.”

Xander lowered his head to look through his eyelashes. “Re-sorting your personal card catalogue is not 'plenty to do.'”

Spike started poking around the apartment, much to Giles distress. “Hell of it. I'm the closest you are to being cool, and I still have nothing to do tonight, so there's no way in hell you have shite to do.”

Giles sighed irritably, and took off his glasses to rub his forehead. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because we're bored, and the girls are having a girly night in, no guys allowed,” Xander confessed. “So what are we doing?”

“Dear God,” Giles muttered. “Going away? Perchance?”

“Now, for that,” Spike decided, “you get to play 'truth or dare.' And don't forget, people: vampire here. I'll know if you're lying.”

Xander's 'Hey, yeah!' clashed with Giles' 'Dear God, no!' and Giles knew there was no way out of the silly game. His scowl deepened when Spike set several bottles on the table, along with three tumblers.

“Got to have a forfeit,” Spike smirked.


“Truth,” Spike nodded.

“What is your favourite band,” Xander began, “that actually plays music. So, you know, obviously not any punk band."

“Oi!” Spike retorted. “It's better than any of your shite!”

“And yet you're still not answering, Fangless,” Xander smirked.

“Bloody hell,” Spike muttered. “Right. Um.”

“Tick tock,” Xander teased. “Tick tock.”

“For the love of God, Spike, answer him,” Giles growled

Spike decided to show him how to really growl, then tossed back his drink. “You're up next, Watcher,” he decided. He smirked. “Who was the first boy you kissed?”

Giles tilted his head in thought. “Thomas. Uh, Sutcliffe. You never met him,” he nodded to Xander, “but he was part of the group I was, uh, in. With, with Ethan.”

Xander blinked. “The Eyghon group? Huh. You know, I always figured it was Ethan who corrupted you.”

“Oh, please,” Giles muttered, sipping his whiskey. “I was the one who corrupted Ethan. But it was Tom who, er, introduced me to the other pleasures of the flesh.

Xander hummed thoughtfully, then started when Giles focused on him. “Huh?”

“I said,” Giles repeated patiently, “since we seem to be moving onto a decidedly sexual path -”

“One question a path not makes,” Xander suggested worriedly.

“What exactly was it you were doing at that, uh, nightclub you worked at?” Giles asked slyly.

“Dishwashing,” Xander nodded firmly. “I was a dishwasher.”

“Which is why you smell so damn nervous, isn't it?” Spike smirked, able to get his own back.

“Well, it is,” Xander argued, taking a gulp of his drink.

“Er, yes,” Giles conceded, “but I was thinking more of what you did when that other person fell ill, I believe it was?”

Xander stared at the older man, dismayed. “I don't believe I know what you're talking about.”

Spike leaned over and filled Xander's glass. “'Fess up, or drink it all down.”

Xander eyed the very full tumbler. “Does this mean you won't ask the question again, or any variant of it?”

“Hell, no,” Spike chuckled. “I'll just wait until you're drunk.”

Xander sighed, and rolled his eyes. “Fine. I stripped. One of the guys called in sick, and they got me up there, shaking my booty.”

Spike tilted his head to consider the aforementioned body part. “And a fine booty it is, Harris. Wouldn't mind seeing you in your altogether.”

“As I recall,” Giles smirked into his drink, “Buffy said no power on this Earth could induce you to discuss that.”

“You know,” Spike turned to Giles, “I've been to that nightclub.” He turned back to Xander, grinning at his horrified expression. “They have gents nights, too. So, pet,” he leered, “which nights was it you stripped.”

“And that would count as a second question, which I do not need to answer,” Xander nodded.

Spike rolled his eyes. “Fine.”


“Dare,” Spike decided, carefully putting his drink down.

Xander tapped his fingertips against his lips, drawing Spike's gaze. The fingertips moved away, and the lush mouth opened. “Kiss Giles.”

Spike was drawn out his trance by Giles muttered expostulation. “What?”

“Kiss Giles,” Xander repeated. “Full-on snog, tongue and all.”

Spike looked at the ex-Watcher intently. He'd eyed the man more than once, and was now examining him again. Despite the scowl on his face, Spike could smell the beginnings of Giles' arousal. He stood carefully, and took the two steps required to stand in front of him. With care, he straddled Giles' lap, causing the other man to lean back. He leaned forward over Giles, cupping his cheek in his hand. He leaned down, and touched his lips to Giles', brushing them softly, before committing himself.

Giles felt his hands move up to curl around Spike's hips, as the vampire's cool lips pressed against his. He moaned softly, and opened his lips, allowing Spike's tongue to snake in and curl around his. He moaned louder, and pulled Spike's hips closer. It was Spike's dare, so he allowed Spike to control the kiss, but he immediately started making plans for when it was his turn to do something like this. The taste of cigarettes and whiskey was not unpleasant, and reminded him of other, fun, times.

Xander watched, fascinated, as Spike plumbed the depths of Giles' mouth, as Giles held him in place with long, strong fingers. He was particularly fascinated by the sight of that perfect arse constrained by tight denim and long fingers. It seemed like the air was being sucked out of the room, and he wondered when the temperature had suddenly risen. All too soon, Spike was sitting back, then rising with an ungodly swagger off Giles' lap. Giles, with no shame whatsoever, adjusted himself.

Giles redirected his gaze to the youngest of them, and smirked. “Like that, did you?”

“Yeah,” Xander moaned softly. “Uh, yeah. That, uh, that, um, was, was the dare. Spike fulfilled the dare. Yeah.”


Spike settled himself in his seat. “So it'll be your turn, now, won't it, Harris?”

Xander stared at the vampire with wide, darkened eyes. He shifted nervously in his seat, and considered his options. He swallowed. “Dare,” he decided breathlessly.

Giles and Spike exchanged glances and leers. “Strip,” Giles instructed.

“Strip?” Xander squeaked. He cleared his throat, and tried again. “Strip? But, but… There's no music. No, no proper music. For stripping. And you can't strip without the proper music,” he added hopefully. “So, uh, oh!” he added, lunging for his glass gratefully.

Spike was quicker, though, and whisked the glass out of the way. “No you don't pet. And I'm sure the Watcher had something hidden in his collection. If all else fails, I'm sure he'll have something by Cocker.”

“Oh, yes,” Giles, raising his eyebrows. “Quite.” With that, he made his careful way to his record collection, and began flipping through.

“Uh, guys?” Xander tried. “I'm taking the forfeit. You know that, don't you?”

“No, Xander,” Giles declared, “you are not. Don't worry, though. This goes no further. The girls will never know.”

Xander stood, dithering, as he glanced from one man to another. “Okay,” he said finally. “But the girls never know.”

“They never know,” Giles agreed gently.

“Okay,” Xander nodded. “So, uh, where do I do this?”

Spike grinned, and began pushing the furniture aside. “This enough space for you, pet?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I think so. So, uh, you guys really want this?”

“Hell, yeah,” Spike grinned.

“Yes, Xander, we really want this,” Giles soothed.

“It's just,” Xander shrugged, kicking the ground, “it's not like I'm any good. I didn't, you know, take any lessons, or anything.”

Spike moved to the young man, and took him by the shoulders. “Xan, mate, trust me. We're not going to be critiquing your technique. If nothing else, we'll be too busy leering at that body we both know you've got hidden under those clothes.” He reached up to stroke Xander's cheek. “Pet?” When Xander failed to respond, only risking a quick look, Spike curled his hand around the back of the younger man's head, and pulled him closer. “Love,” he breathed against Xander's lips.

Xander felt all his nervousness drain away at the soft touch, and sighed, his eyes drifting shut. His hands moved up to land on Spike's shoulders, then moved around to embrace him. He felt Spike's free hand move to rest on his hip, drawing him closer, and he complied readily, opening his mouth further as he ground his hips into Spike's. He felt the cool tongue invade his mouth, stroking, caressing, warming even as it spread fire through his body.

Spike stepped back to regard his work. Xander was obviously more relaxed now, with wide, dazed, darkened eyes, and soft, reddened lips. He smirked proudly. “You right now, pet?” he asked softly.

“Uh, yeah. Fine. I'm fine. So,” he went on, looking around, “is, um, everything ready?”

In answer, Giles simply set the record playing. Xander nodded, and closed his eyes and let his hips begin to sway. He toed off his shoes, and let his hand wander up his body and over his shoulders, before drifting back down his chest. He stopped, and thumbed aside his over-shirt before pinching his nipples through his t-shirt. He heard a soft moan, and grinned, opening his eyes slightly to see Spike rubbing his cock through his still-closed jeans. This encouraged him, and he shrugged his shirt off, letting it drop at his feet.

Xander moved his hands with confidence, now, having seen the effect he was having. He tugged at his nipples, causing them to form stiff peaks. He moved his hands down, then, to the hem of his t-shirt, and underneath. He ran his hands up the smooth skin of his belly, rumpling the fabric and exposing the flat, hairless expanse. He returned to his sensitised nipples, and pinched them again, making himself moan. Leaving them behind, he pushed the t-shirt up, and over his head. With a sudden thought, and a wicked smirk, he flexed his shoulders to bring his arms down behind his back, bound by the t-shirt, and opened his eyes. His audience was transfixed by the sight of him, half-naked, with his hands caught behind his back.

He held the pose for a moment, then dropped the shirt to the floor behind him. He brought his hands around and up his thighs, taking a moment to grind the heel of his hand into his hard, near-aching cock. He wasn't sure how Spike could handle the constriction of his much tighter jeans. He was pretty sure he'd be unzipped by now. Oh, and look: there go Spike's jeans. He felt his breath hitch at the sight of the swollen head peaking out through the 'v' in his open jeans, and he licked his lips as he wondered what it would taste like, feel like.

His hand moved up of its own accord, and thumbed open the button of his jeans. His head dropped back, and he moaned with relief as he unzipped his jeans. Unmindful of his audience, he reached in and pulled at his cock, working to free it totally from the constricting material. Finally free, he pushed at the jeans, shoving them off his hips so that fell to the floor, crumpling at his bare feet. He raised his head again to look at the two men watching him, as if he just remembered they were there.


Giles stood, and took the couple of steps required to reach the young man, now wide-eyed and nervous in his near-nakedness. He brushed Xander's cheek with his fingertips, then cupped his cheek. “So lovely,” he murmured.

Xander felt his eyes close again as he leaned into the touch. “Really?” he whispered.

Giles smiled, and leaned in close. “Really,” he assured, before taking Xander's lips. He swallowed Xander's soft moan as he ran his hands over the firm muscle of his back and arse.

After a moment, Xander's hands rose to grip his shoulders, holding him close. Finally, he broke the kiss. “Wow. That was, um, wow.”

Giles trailed his fingers down Xander's back to his hip, then drew them forward to rest against his belly, just above his ruddy erection. “So glad to you liked it. Now, how about we do something about this?”

Xander's breath hitched, and caught his lip nervously. “I, uh, that is…”

“You haven't done this before, pet?” Spike asked from right behind him.

Xander blushed. “Uh, yeah. Can we, can we, like, take this upstairs?”

“Certainly. It may be a little … cramped, but I certainly shan't mind,” Giles said with a grin.

“Me, neither,” Spike purred from behind him, allowing his hand to snake down to fondle his balls. “So, we moving this party?”

“Yeah,” Xander moaned, dropping his head back on Spike's shoulder. “Could. If someone'd let go of my balls.”

Spike grinned, and left his hand in place, but wrapping his other arm around Xander's waist. Placing one foot on the jeans, he lifted the younger man out of his clothes and set him down to one side.

“Okay,” Xander breathed, eyebrows raised. “That was different.”

“As I said, we moving upstairs?” Spike asked, rolling Xander's balls in his palm.

“May not get to if you keep doing that,” Xander warned.

Spike chuckled, and stepped back from him before taking his hand and leading him to the stairs.


Giles gently pushed Xander back, following him down onto the bed, covering him with his own body. He settled between splayed legs, and brushed a strand of hair back off the brunet's face. “Are you sure, Xander?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Xander murmured, pushing up against the welcome weight.

“We're both here for you,” Giles assured him, running one hand down his thigh.

Xander looked to where Spike sat near his head, and brushed his knuckles over the pale thigh. “I know.” He turned back to Giles. “So,” he continued breathlessly, “we doing this?”

Giles answered by leaning down and kissing him again. He wrapped his hand around Xander's hip, then suddenly tugged him over so that Xander lay, sprawled atop the older man. When Xander broke the kiss, surprised, he cupped his cheek in his hand, and smiled. “It's all right. This way, I can keep you entertained while Spike gets you ready. Okay?”

“Yeah,” Xander nodded, looking over at the vampire. “Sure.” With that, he returned his attention to Giles, and his oh, so experienced mouth. He didn't even flinch when Spike began nibbling at the base of his spine, but simply moaned, and ground against Giles' ready erection.

As Spike began working his way up Xander's spine with little, nibbling kisses, he also began to rub a slick fingertip over Xander's tight hole, dipping in and out, while slowly working to relax the entrance. Soon, he was able to work one slim finger into the hole, and began his work in earnest, reaching and searching until …

Xander gasped, bucking against Giles hips. “Oh, God! Do that again!”

Spike chuckled from his new position at Xander's shoulder. “Like that, did you?” he teased, rubbing his fingertip over the spot again.

Xander groaned. “No, it's horrible,” he offered sarcastically. “You've got to stop – no! Don't stop,” he whined, arching his hips up as Spike pulled out.

Giles grabbed Xander's hips in both hands, and pulled him back close. “Then don't complain,” he instructed, smirking.

“Sarcasm,” Xander panted, whining. “It was sarcasm. God. Please, Spike, please! You've got to … oh,” he groaned as the vampire pushed two slick fingers into his anxious hole.

“I've got to?” Spike prompted teasingly.

“Please?” Xander whimpered.

“Does it hurt?” Giles asked carefully.

Xander buried his head in Giles neck, and shook his head. “Nothing,” he began breathlessly. “Nothing to talk about.”

Spike worked his way back down Xander's spine as he flexed his fingers within the younger man, working to loosen the hole even more. Giles, on the other hand, occupied Xander with deep drugging kisses, so that he began to lose all concept of any existence outside the two men around him, working his body to a single, focused point.

Soon, Spike had three slick fingers worked into the virgin hole, and was reaching again for that certain spot that Xander had quickly grown to love. He had stretched full length, again, along Xander's body, and was nipping at the muscle of Xander's neck.

Xander pulled free of Giles' mouth. “Please,” he whispered. “Please.”

“What do you want?” Giles murmured.

Xander opened dazed, almost black eyes. “Please,” he panted. “Want… Need…”

“What do you want, love?” Spike murmured from behind him.

Xander panted, glancing over his shoulder. “In?” he tried.

Smiling, Spike dropped a kiss at the base of Xander's neck as he covered the larger man's body, kneeling between Giles' and Xander's legs. He quickly smoothed some lube over his own cock, lined it up with the loosened hole, and gently pushed in. He caught himself once he had the head of his cock past the guardian muscle, and waited for Xander to settle, watching as Giles petted and soothed the younger man. Once he felt Xander's body relax a little, he pushed in further, not stopping until he'd fully sheathed himself in the amazing heat of Xander's body.

“You right there, pet?” Spike asked, flexing his hands on Xander's hips.

Xander hummed in answer, once again burying his head in Giles' neck. After a moment, he began to kiss Giles' neck, pushing his hips back up into Spike. Spike smiled, taking that for encouragement, and pulled back, to stroke back in. He quickly set up a rhythm, repeatedly finding Xander's sweet spot, sending him into a frenzy. He almost pitied Giles for his position at the bottom of the pile, pinned by Xander's weight, but the man didn't seem too upset by it. Instead, he seemed quite happy where he was, trapped by Xander, who was writhing against him.

Giles was, in fact, feeling a bit squashed. Xander was certainly no light-weight, and was not really thinking about much at the moment, Giles was sure of that. Not that Giles was that concerned about the weight pressing down on him. It was certainly … effective at distracting him from other things. In fact, Xander's weight, and the way the boy was moving, was driving him rather insane. His long, full cock was rubbing almost constantly against Giles' own aching member, dragging him not unwillingly towards completion. Whenever he could, Giles would turn Xander's head back so that they could kiss once more – the boy had such a lovely mouth – but air was getting to be more of an issue, and so here he was, head back, one hand twisted in Xander's hair, while the other was twisted in the sheets, pushing up against that wonderful weight, and he shoved up against Xander with a wordless cry as he fell apart in bliss.

Xander was lost. Spike was behind him, plunging deep into his body, his hard cock filling him, pressing repeatedly against his prostrate, while Giles was below him, tantalising him with his own hard and weeping member rubbing constantly against his own. The constant friction, behind and below, was driving him not so slowly wild. All he could think about was the (God, so good) feelings they were causing him. He'd never had this before, nothing like it, and he was so close, so close, so God-damned close, and then Giles chose to buck up against him just as Spike hit his prostrate yet again, and his stomach clenched, and his balls drew up, and he head flew back as he cried out, and fell off the edge into his orgasm.

Spike gasped as he felt Xander's arse clench against him, and gripped his hips harder as he bowed forward over the young man. Desperate, he pounded harder into the young body below him, losing his rhythm. It took only a few more thrusts before he cried out and lost himself to the pleasure of his release. He fell forward, planting his hands either side of Xander's and Giles' heads to at least keep some weight off the older man.


Xander pushed himself up as his chest heaved to take in deep breaths. He could feel Spike right behind him, cool breath puffing at his neck, and knew they could not stay like this for much longer. Spike appeared to agree, as he pushed himself back, and rested his hand on Xander's hip again, steadying himself as he gently pulled out of Xander's body. Xander glanced backwards, mildly unhappy that Spike had to do that, but understanding why. With a groan, Spike settled himself to one side of Giles, and watched as he pushed himself to the other side.

Giles reached over to push a wet lock back from Xander's forehead. “How are you feeling?”

Xander chuckled. “You really need to ask? I'm good. I'm better than good. My ass is a little sore, but, trust me, I'm not complaining,” he assured them with a big grin.

“We really should clean up before we go to sleep,” Giles offered, not willing to go through with the thought.

Spike sighed, and rolled off the bed. “Obviously you two ain't in any condition to do anything, so it looks like I've got to do it all,” he grumbled good naturedly.

“Well, you know,” Xander grinned, “vamp stamina, and all that.”

Spike returned with damp, warm washers, and tossed them at the two humans. “You clean yourself up, and I'll show you the benefits of vampire stamina.”

“God,” Xander breathed. “That would be so good. Give me an hour or two to nap, and I think I'll be able join you.”

“Humans,” Spike smirked.

“Don't think I didn't hear that groan, Bleachy,” Xander teased. “I think you got a pretty decent workout, if I do say so myself.”

“Not bad,” Spike admitted. “Just so long as it's not a one-time thing.”

“Well,” Xander began thoughtfully, “it was a good beginning, but I really think I need more lessons. What do you guys think?”

Giles gathered the washers, and tossed them at the washing basket. “Well, practice, as they say, makes perfect. And it is good for one to be diligent in one's practice.”

“Too true,” Xander grinned. “So, a little rest and back to work?”

“A rest, certainly,” Giles agreed. “Then we'll see.”

“Okay,” Xander nodded. He shifted closer to Giles, and cuddled in, nuzzling his head into Giles' shoulder. “Rest now, then.” His arm drifted across Giles' belly as he sighed and slipped quickly into sleep.

Spike grinned fondly at the younger man, and settled down on the other side of Giles. “I think you got a cuddler there,” he murmured.

“Quite,” Giles nodded. “Well, good night then.”


The End