Sow to the Wind


Angel didn’t notice the intruder at first. There was no heartbeat, no extravagant fragrance to mask a person’s natural scent, and his rooms already smelled of vampire because, well, he lived there. It wasn’t until he walked into his bedroom that he even knew there was anyone else there, because that’s when he saw Xander lying, naked, on his bed. He stopped absolutely still when he saw the young vampire, all long, pale limbs and wicked, dark eyes, idly stroking himself as he waited for Angel.

“Xander,” Angel intoned carefully.

Xander writhed under Angel’s heavy gaze. “Angelus,” he sighed, eyes flickering gold, “been waiting for you.”

Angel scooped up Xander’s discarded pants and tossed them to him. “Get dressed and get out of here.”

Xander snatched the garment out of the air, and tossed them to the side. “Don’t want to,” he smirked. He got up from the bed, and slunk over to stand in front of Angel, almost pressed up against him. “Rather do other things,” he murmured, sliding his hand inside Angel’s shirt.

Frowning, Angel grabbed Xander’s wrist and forced his hand away. “I will end you, Harris,” he growled. “I never liked you as a human, and now you’re just another vampire fouling this city.”

Xander pouted, and turned trembling puppy eyes on him. “But Grandpapa, don’t you love me anymore?”

Angel snarled. “Do not call me that!”

“Do you prefer Sire?” Xander offered, sliding his hand once more under Angel’s shirt.

Angel grabbed Xander’s wrist again, but it was getting harder to push the boy away every moment. He smelled intoxicating, and knowing that he could simply push the boy down and do whatever he desired, and there was nothing anyone would do or say about it… He growled, and tightened his grip on Xander’s wrist.

Xander looked up at Angel through his eyelashes then tilted his head to the side, exposing his long, elegant neck. “Whatever you want,” the boy urged, unknowingly copying Angel’s thoughts.

Without thought, Angel bit deep into that entrancing neck, and began to drink. Xander gasped, and pressed himself into the larger man, grinding his groin against Angel’s. Angel dropped his free hand to Xander’s hip, and held him close as he thrust back. When he raised his head, he glared at the black-eyed youth. “What have you done?” he hissed.

Xander panted, eyes dark with lust. He smirked. “Welcome back, Sire.”


Giles was hiding. He knew that as well as he knew his own name, but he couldn’t think of any other course of action. Well, he could always commit suicide, but that option had the distinction of being possibly the only one more cowardly than simply hiding. They were coming for him, and he didn’t know how to avoid it, let alone survive it with his life and soul intact.

He rather supposed this day had been a long time coming. Ever since Spike had made off with Xander, turning him into his wickedly vibrant vampire childe/lover, his own survival had become a moot point. Xander’s death had ripped the heart out of the group, and in Buffy’s case that had become appallingly prophetic.

There was a new Slayer on the Hellmouth now, with her serious and capable Watcher: a good pair, who seemed to be doing well from all reports. Angel had Los Angeles, with his team, and he had retreated to his green and peaceful homeland, to his cottage on the outskirts of a Devon village. None of the so-called Scoobies had known about his place, and he hoped that a quiet life in this quiet place would hide him. It was probably a futile hope: he was, after all, being pursued by four powerful and determined vampires, The Whirlwind Renewed.

There was a knock at the door, and he sighed as he went to answer it. Standing in the moonlight were Xander and Spike, terrifying in their unearthly beauty. Xander sauntered forward, hips rolling seductively, and he planted himself in front of the threshold, hands on either jamb, and leaned forward as far as possible. “Hey, Ripper,” he leered, “let us in?”

“Certainly not,” Giles glared at the young man … vampire.

Xander dropped his head down, and looked up at the older man through his eyelashes. “But it’s just me, G-man.”

Giles scoffed, and glanced at the so-far silent blond behind Xander. “Yes, Alexander, favoured childe of William the Bloody, his first ever childe: you’ve made quite a name for yourself for someone so young.”

Xander chuckled, and pressed himself against the threshold. “Ah, but you know the darkness was always there, don’t you? The hyena? You know she just released the darkness in me for a while. And why was it, do you think, that she chose me for her alpha?”

“And you always worked to keep the darkness away from people,” Giles argued. “Or, at least, Xander did. You’re nothing but the demon that wears his face,” he sneered.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Xander drawled. “See, I still feel like me. Sure, I’ve got the demon in me, and I don’t care a shit for some stuff that used to mean something to me before, but I still feel the same about a lot of stuff.” He let his voice drop to a lower pitch. “I used to want you so much in high school, did you know that? Did you ever think of bending me over that big library table? You could have, you know; would have taken a bit of effort to get me to admit it, but it would have happened.”

Giles sagged against the jamb, so close to Xander it would have taken no effort at all to touch his softly spiked hair, the velvety-looking pale skin. “Xander,” he rasped.

“And if I’m not enough to tempt you,” Xander taunted, pushing away from the threshold, “maybe Sarah and Tommy are.”

Giles tore his gaze away from the hypnotic vampire to scan the area outside his house. Unbeknownst to him, three vampires had joined Spike and Xander: Drusilla, Willow and, “Angelus,” he gasped.

Angelus was indeed standing between the two vampiresses, looking inordinately sulky, and sporting a slap mark on his cheek. The women with him each cradled a child, Willow with a little boy, and Drusilla with a dazed girl of about seven to eight years on her hip.

“There a problem, pet?” Spike asked, frowning.

Someone wanted to eat the parents,” Willow scowled at Angelus. “I told him that Giles would never come if he did that, but he insisted.” She smirked. “So I had to let him know he doesn’t run our clan: you do.”

“Good girl,” Spike grinned approvingly. He then turned to the Watcher. “So you can see how this is going to go,” he prompted.

Giles let his eyes close as he leaned against the door frame for support. “Yes,” he murmured finally. “But… I want to do things my way,” he looked directly at Spike, having been shown clearly who the leader was.

“Say your piece,” Spike nodded.

“I want to be far from here when we … when you…”

Xander rolled his eyes. “Shouldn’t be a problem,” he agreed, glancing at his Sire, who nodded.

“And, and… we take the children back now, and I wish to speak with their parents before I leave,” Giles insisted.

Spike nodded. “You have my word.”

Giles grimaced. “Yes, well, I suppose that will have to do.” He grabbed his keys, and stepped out of the house and locked the door. The group walked in silence to the next cottage where the door stood open. Giles entered, dreading what he would find, but was pleased to see no more than the children’s mother thralled, and their father bound, with a bruise blossoming on his jaw. He darted over and quickly released the man then stepped back as he greeted his children.

Once the man was sure his children were safe, he turned to Giles. “Rupert, what the bloody hell is going on?” he demanded.

Giles glanced back to the vampires behind him. “I’m, I’m afraid something’s come up. I have to leave now, and I won’t be coming back. On, on the off-chance you do see me again, stay away from me, and don’t ever invite me into your house.” He looked at the confused man and wished he could offer comfort. Instead, he went on. “I would like you to call my father – tomorrow, is perfectly fine – and, uh, let him know that,” he chuckled wryly, “I have reaped The Whirlwind. His number is in the front of my phone book, which is beside my phone. Here are my keys,” he added, handing them over. “My father shall know what to do.” With that, he walked calmly out the door, and away from life.


Ripper opened his eyes, and scowled. “Bloody white-hat to the end,” he muttered, disgusted.

“You up already?” Spike asked idly as he walked into the room.

“No, I thought I’d have a bloody lie-in,” Ripper sneered.

Xander appeared behind Spike, and wrapped his arms around the smaller vampire’s waist as he dropped his chin on Spike’s shoulder. “Told you he was a snarky bastard,” he murmured before nipping at Spike’s ear.

Spike frowned. “He better be bloody worth it.”

“Of course I’m bloody worth it,” Ripper sneered. “I was raising demons before, well, before he was alive, at any rate.”

“Magic; don’t hold much truck with it,” Spike snorted. “‘Sides, I’ve got the boy’s girl for that.”

“Pussy,” Ripper sneered.

Spike growled. “I am your Sire, Rupert, and you will show me respect.”

“Or?” Ripper taunted.

Spike smirked. “Or I bugger you raw, then let my pet, here, do the same.”

Xander growled softly in appreciation, pressing his body up against his Sire’s. “I like the sound of that. Can we do that?” he purred.

“The Watcher pisses me off enough, we may just,” Spike nodded.

Ripper frowned, suddenly aware of his position as youngest in the house: time to change tack. He slid off the bed and sauntered towards his Sire. “Wouldn’t want to do that, now, would I?” he rumbled, smirking. “But I wouldn’t mind something the boy suggested earlier.”

“That so?” Spike asked, glancing at the young vampire behind him. “Maybe another time,” he decided, stepping into the room, drawing Xander with him. “First we need to welcome you into the family.” He led the two younger vampires to the bed and sat down on the edge, Xander sitting behind him, pressed close. He made Ripper kneel between his legs, and raised his wrist. Xander slid forward, and gently took Spike’s wrist in his hands, and leaned forward as if to kiss it. Instead, he bit it, and gently lapped at the welling blood. Spike allowed it for a moment then brought his wrist to Ripper. “Drink, Childe,” he invited formally.

Ripper eagerly took his Sire’s wrist and began to drink, jealously eyeing the large hand that began to fondle Spike’s cock before growing bolder and opening his jeans and diving in. Ripper looked up to see Spike’s head drop back at the twinned pleasures.

Finally, Spike pulled his hand away and licked it clean as Xander opened his jeans further and pulled his hard cock out. Spike placed his hand on Ripper’s head, and guided him closer. “Drink, Childe,” he smirked then groaned as Ripper took him into his mouth and began practicing skills learned long ago.

The End