Every Time


Xander mmmm'd in pleasure as he lay on the bed, sated. He moved his hands slowly across Spike's back.

Spike moaned in response, "Yeah, keep touching me."

Xander trailed his hands back and forth, eliciting a litany of happy sounds as Spike continued to slowly pump in and out.

"Done already?" Spike asked, slowing his thrusts.

"Already?" Xander scoffed. "Look pal, you're the one who blew me when I walked in the door, fucked me against the sofa and had me fuck you in the hallway. Only human here, Spike. Three times in two hours is pretty damn good if you ask me."

Spike grinned. "Yeah, all right. Guess I better finish up here, vampire stamina and all."

Xander snorted. "Vampire stamina? Who'll be snoring within a minute of you finishing up here?"

Spike didn't dignify Xander's comment with a reply, but sped up his thrusts.

Xander kept petting Spike's back, encouraging him to finish up.

Potato chips, lube, definitely lube, ice cream, do we need shampoo? Ummm, no, still have some in the shower. Milk, cereal, apples.

Spike groaned and sped up the pace.

Xander brought his hands forward and pinched Spike's nipples.

"Oh, yah, harder, harder," Spike panted.

Xander pinched harder.

Peanut butter, steak, briquettes for the hibachi, soup, bread.

Letting out a quiet moan, Spike came. He leaned forward to nibble on Xander's neck as he finished pumping.

Looking up at Spike, Xander said, "Done with the shopping list?"

Spike groaned, slowly pulled out and flopped on the bed next to Xander. "What makes you think I was thinking about the grocery list? I'll have you know I was thinking of you."

Xander laughed, "If you're thinking of me you usually share what you're thinking. When you're trying to show off your "vampire stamina" you get real quiet. Then when you wake up, we go shopping. Every time."

"Not every time," Spike mumbled, slipping into sleep.

Xander laughed and pulled the sheet up over them. "Yep. Every time."

The End

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