1 The Thing About Pets...

Xander had forgotten up until today that vampires aren’t pets.

And although you have to feed them, routinely kick them off the couch, clean up after them, and sternly tell them not to ruin any of the furniture before you leave for work, they refuse to shut up and wag their butts and do what you tell them to.

Xander had slowly begun to think of vampires, at least the one he lived with, as an odd pet.

But even though he wore ridiculously cute expressions occasionally, snuggled up to him on the couch after his friends had left, purred deep in his chest like a giant punk-shaped vibrator, and did those little sighs that made you want to pick him up and kiss him on his blonde head, he didn’t walk on all fours or shed all over your carpet.

Xander had forgotten his vampire was anything but a chain-smoking puppy with a bad attitude.

But, for some odd reason today, the chip-shaped training collar has slipped off and he’s reminded that, although vampires and puppies have many similar characteristics and expressions, one of them has much bigger teeth

2 Is That They Really Own You...

Up until tonight Spike had a plan.

It was a great plan- genius, really, if he did say so himself –but it involved time and patience, neither of which Spike had a great deal of. It was a revenge-y sort of plan, simple and bloody; just the way he liked it. And he’d waited as long as he could stand then effortlessly set it in motion.

Up until tonight Xander had an expiration date.

He was being watched and studied and figured out. Spike had planned the death Xander would find most painful and awful. It had teetered between killing all his friends before his eyes with his own construction tools or letting him bleed out slowly, but Spike had eventually surrendered and decided to do both. He’d played the pet long enough and was burning to show Xander he’d really been unleashed through every snuggle.

Up until tonight Spike had a vision.

But just before he could stop that screaming and relentless staring at shredded red hair, he had another vision, this one of adoring yellow eyes and soft dark curls, and he wondered...

...what it would be like to have a pet of his own.

The End