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Xander's in the middle of the Magic Box when he first feels it. His cock jerks, and he can already feel himself begin to leak, wetting the crotch of his pants. He's glad that he's wearing one of his baggiest pairs and that he hadn't bothered to tuck in his shirt before he'd left the apartment that day.

The buzzing sounds loud in his ears, though he's sure that no one else has heard it. He knows, logically, that it's the quietest model they had and that that was one of the main reasons Spike had chosen it. But still, as the plug clicks on and off on Spike's whim, Xander can't help but glance around to see if the girls, or God forbid, Giles, have heard.

Spike's splayed out on the bottom of the loft stairs, as always, legs spread as he leans back to rest an elbow on one of the higher steps. No one but Xander notices that Spike's other hand is hidden in the folds of one of his duster pockets.

Xander reaches down, rubbing the heel of his palm against his erection, trying to be surreptitious and willing himself invisible to the others. But then he can't help it. He groans.

"Are you okay, Xan?" Willow asks, looking concerned and making Xander feel like crap because now he has to lie to her. Xander hates lying to Willow.

"Yeah, Wills, all good," he says, throwing a glare at Spike. The vampire just smirks back, scarred brow rising as he looks Xander up and down. Xander shivers when Spike's eyes land on his crotch and just... stay there. "I think I'll, uh, just go, uhm," Xander can barely think. He has to use all his will power just to keep from rubbing himself right there in front of God and everybody. "Fish!" he shouts, then flushes.

"What?" Buffy's looking at him now, too.

"I, uhm, forgot to feed my fish," Xander says lamely.

"When did you get fish?" Willow asks, interested now. Before Xander can say a word, Willow claps her hands. "Oh!"

And Spike, the bastard, chooses that moment to turn the vibration up.

"Oh?!" Xander turns the cry into a question. "'Oh' what Wills?" Xander's voice is a little wobbly, but the girls don't seem to notice.

"We should all go to your place and meet your fish! Or, you know, see them." Willow grinned and Xander thought he was going to go crazy.

"No can do, Will," Xander says, getting desperate now. His eyes dart to Spike, but he's no help.

Unexpectedly, Giles saves him. "Buffy, I'm afraid that you cannot skip patrol tonight. There's been a sighting of a Ptryl demon downtown."

"Sorry, Wills," Buffy shrugs. "Maybe tomorrow night?"

"Yes!" Xander agrees vehemently. "Tomorrow would be perfect."

Everyone looks at him a little funny at that, but Xander just keeps on smiling, resisting the urge to sit down and grind the plug in deeper, just where he's desperate for it to be.

"Well," Spike says into the silence, drawing everyone's attention. "I'll walk the whelp home then, I guess."

Xander can see Buffy open her mouth to protest but Spike's already hustling them both out the door. He follows without question, letting Spike lead him into the nearest alleyway. Xander usually hates this kind of thing. He doesn't like the idea that they might get caught and it drives him a little crazy that Spike does.

But, tonight, he's so fucking horny that he might not even care if Giles decides to take out the trash just as Spike slides hard and sweet inside of him. Just so long as Spike is inside of him.

"Jesus," Xander moans, lettings Spike pull his pants down and crying out as cool fingers play at the edges of the butt plug. It slides out with a wet pop, and Spike's fingers take their place.

"You're so fucking hot, luv," Spike whispers, licking at Xander's throat as he unzips his own jeans and presses the head of his cock to Xander's entrance. "Loved seeing you so desperate, pet. Seeing you rub yourself in front of everyone."

"You were driving me crazy!" Xander drops his weight, just enough to force Spike all the way in. "Fuck me already!"

It's fast and rough and Xander is a lot louder than he means to be. The whole time Spike's thrusting into Xander, he's talking, whispering naughty words that leave Xander trembling, his skin tingling everywhere that Spike's breath touches.

The words are just snatches to Xander, incoherent bits of speech that make his cock pulse and his balls draw up tight. "Slut -- love it -- watching -- others -- cock -- want -- good -- fucking hot -- come?" The last word echoes in Xander's mind, and he knows that he's not going to last any longer.

"Yes! Make me come, Spike, fuck!" Xander's bouncing on Spike's cock, taking Spike as deep as he can, desperate for that one last touch, one hard thrust that's going to push him over edge.

Spike growls, the sound reverberating through Xander's bones just as the head of Spike's cock brushes Xander's prostate.

"Oh, Jesus," Xander moans, coming hard.

Spike's forehead, bumps and all, are pressed to Xander's shoulder as he pumps his hips, faster and faster, until Xander can feel Spike's cock throbbing in his ass. It's nowhere near the vibration he'd gotten from the butt plug, but the sensation's a hundred times more arousing.

They kiss for minutes, hours, days, Xander's hips rocking the entire time. Just a nice slow rhythm, letting them both enjoy the aftershocks of orgasm.

Xander laughs, finally pulling away. "I can't believe you made me do that!"

"You loved it, and you know it, pet," Spike says with a wicked grin.

"Maybe," Xander says, grinning back. "But, you're coming with me to buy those damn fish!"

Spike laughs, and Xander kisses him again.

The End

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