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Part One

Xander was embarrassed to admit it, but he'd failed that damn quiz abysmally. Normally he wouldn't have cared about passing or failing or even taking a quiz that he'd found in one of Willow's women's magazines. Cosmo was not actually a magazine Xander tended to read. He was actually kind of surprised that Willow did. But it had been sitting around when he'd gone over to feed Ms. Kitty Fantastico and he hadn't had anything better to do.

When he'd seen the quiz, he'd laughed out loud. He'd only done the quiz because he thought it would be a big laugh. But, the laugh was on him.

Out of fifty points possible, he'd only gotten 10. TEN! The stupid quiz had rated him a "goody two shoes". "Damn it. I've never even had anal sex." Xander mumbled as he went over the quiz questions again. He and Anya hadn't gotten much past the missionary position before she'd decided that Sunnydale wasn't the place for her.

Xander hadn't been broken hearted. They'd only been dating a few weeks, after all, and Anya wasn't exactly the 'forever' type girl. At least Xander didn't think she was. And he hadn't been with anyone since he'd returned from Oxnard almost a year ago.

Xander sighed, crumpling the list he'd made earlier. He'd taken the magazine with him when he'd left Willow and Tara's for the Bronze. And he'd made a list of all the sexual experiences he'd yet to experience himself, as per the damn quiz. He wasn't even sure why. It wasn't like he had anyone to complete the list with.

"This is ridiculous." Xander groused, downing the last of his beer and tossing the crumpled list onto his empty plate of hot wings. He grabbed the magazine and left, tired and a little disappointed at that whole thing.

He didn't notice when Spike sidled up to his abandoned table, grabbing the crumpled list before the table could be bussed.


Spike nearly did a spit-take when he'd heard Xander's mumbled words drifting over. Spike's back was to a large pillar, and Xander was sitting on the other side. it wasn't difficult to hear the boy talking to himself, though Spike almost leaned over and asked if he'd heard correctly. So, Xander wanted to have anal sex?

Xander continued to mumble quietly to himself, though Spike had no trouble hearing any of it. So the boy was making a list? Was worried that he wasn't experienced enough?

Spike smirked. He could definitely work with that.

Spike didn't waste any time grabbing the list Xander had made. By the time he'd read the first four items Spike was hard. And those were just the items that Xander had experienced.

When Spike saw what the boy was still lacking, he had to reach down and adjust himself.

Spike had to wonder where, and with whom, Xander had experienced frottage and hand jobs with already. Seems like there was more to Xander than the boy let on.

Spike stuffed the list into the front pocket of his jeans and headed out towards Xander's apartment.

Part Two

Xander was not in the mood for company. Besides, who could it even be? The girls were out of town and Giles never came over without them, so... Unless it was an apocalypse. Oh, god. Was it another apocalypse?

Xander threw the door open. "Please don't tell me it's the end of the world again. I really can't take it today."

"What can you take, then?" Spike curled his tongue to the roof of his mouth, eyes sparking as he gave Xander the once-over.

"Spike!" Xander took a step back, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Was having myself a drink over at the Bronze when I heard something interesting." Spike looked Xander over again, eyes zeroing in on Xander's groin.

Xander could feel the tips of his ears turning hot. "Interesting?"

"Yeah." Spike leered, stepping right up to the threshold of Xander's door. "Could help you with your problem, luv." His voice dropped, low and sexy.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Xander backpedaled.

"Yes, you do, Xan." Spike pulled out the list he'd stuffed in his pocket.

"Where did - ? I -- you can't be -- why would you -- ?" Xander sputtered.

"Invite me in, luv, and I'll tell you." Spike ran his tongue across his front teeth.

"No way!" Xander's whole face was red, and he was pretty sure he was hyperventilating.

Spike heard the ding as the elevator down the hall opened. He grinned and raised his voice. "Heard what you said at the Bronze. That you'd never even had ana -- "

"Fine! Fine! Come in!" Xander scrambled to pull Spike into the apartment. "Bastard."

Spike didn't waste any time. He pressed Xander up against a wall, sliding his thigh up against Xander's groin. The boy wasn't hard yet, but Spike knew it would just be a matter of time. "Told you, Xan. I just want to help. Found your list. Thought we could start marking it off together, yeah?"

"Oh, p-please." Xander stuttered, the blush on his face creeping down his neck and heating his chest as well. "I don't need a pity fuck."

"Think I don't want this?" Spike said, rubbing himself against Xander's thigh.

"So you're hard, big deal," Xander said. "Guys get hard in a stiff breeze."

Spike laughed. "So, what do you care, Xan? This isn't love. It's two blokes helping each other out. You want to learn some new things. I want to get my end away. It's a win-win, yeah?" Spike nuzzled Xander's neck, sucking at the skin over his collar bone.

"I, uh, I don't -- " Xander's head fell back, giving Spike even more access. "This is a bad idea."

"Win-win, luv." Spike repeated, hand skating down Xander's chest and abdomen to cup the boy's rapidly filling cock.

"Oh, fuck." Xander groaned.

"That's right, luv. Can make you feel good. Can teach you all the things you want to learn." Spike murmured against Xander's skin, unbuttoning Xander's jeans and slipping his hand inside. He stroked until Xander was incoherent, then pushed Xander's jeans and boxers down to his ankles. "Let's start with a bit of frottage, all right, luv?"

"I... I've, uhm, Spike." Xander thrust against Spike's thigh, making it difficult for Spike to get his own jeans off. "This is such a bad idea. Oh, fuck." Xander's hips kept moving restlessly against Spike's.

"Just a bit of frottage, Xan. Nice and easy. Hardly worth getting your panties in a twist, yeah?" They were finally both naked from the waist down. Xander was still pinned up against the wall, breathing heavily.

"But." Xander blinked, and tried to focus. "I've already done that."

"Yeah." Spike covered Xander's mouth with his, teasing Xander's tongue with his own. "We'll talk about that later, Xan. I want to hear exactly what you've done and with who. Need the details, don't I, if I'm going to help you."

"No. That's not, I mean, I can't -- "

Spike didn't let Xander finish his protest. He pressed closer, their cocks aligned. Spike lifted one of Xander's legs to wrap around his waist. And then he rocked forward.

"Oh my god." Xander breathed, clinging to Spike as they thrust together.

"That's it, luv. Feels good, doesn't it?" Spike kissed Xander again, tasting beer and hot wings and salty nuts.

"Yeah." Xander moaned. "So close. God. Spike."

Spike loved how easy it was to make Xander come undone. Couldn't wait to get him in an actual bed, to get inside him. Fuck, yeah. Spike groaned, cock throbbing as he came against Xander, splashing them both with sticky fluid.

"Oh, oh, fuck!" Xander stuttered and groaned as Spike's orgasm triggered his own.

Spike kissed him again, soft, but possessive.

"This is such a bad idea." Xander said again, breathless.

Spike grinned.

Part Three

I took [info]entrenous88's prompt and twisted it for my own nefarious smutty purposes.

“Spike, I don't think this is a good idea.” And why was it Xander kept finding himself saying that? Spike ignored him, hustling him into the cramped dressing room. “A really bad idea.” Xander tried again.

“Come on, luv. It's on your list, yeah?” Spike's scarred brow was raised in a leer. “Sex in public.”

“But I didn't mean it!” Xander denied frantically.

“Sure you did, Xan.” Spike pressed him against the wall, one hand reaching down to cup Xander's erection. “Already hard for me, aren't you, luv?”

Spike,” Xander whined, arching into the touch. “They'll catch us.”

“But that's the thrill, isn't it?” Spike shimmied against him, making Xander swallow back a groan. “Getting all hot and bothered. Touching each other. Fucking each other. With someone just a few feet away. None the wiser. Or maybe they do know.” Spike licked at Xander's throat, nipping the skin of his collarbone with blunt teeth. “Maybe they're listening. Touching themselves. Getting hard imagining what we're doing in here. Hearing our moans. The slap of flesh on flesh.”


“Shh, Xan.” Spike soothed him, hands moving to free Xander from his trousers. “Not enough room for a good buggering, is there? We'll find a better place later. But for now -- “ Spike dropped to his knees in front of Xander's cock.

“Oh, god.”

Spike grinned, licking lightly at Xander's cockhead.

Then, just as Spike wrapped his lips around his shaft, Xander heard the door to the dressing room next to them open and close. “Spike!” Xander hissed. “There's someone there.”

Spike answered by swallowing around him.

Xander groaned, thrusting involuntarily.

The wet sounds Spike made as he bobbed up and down Xander's cock seemed obscenely loud to his ears. The movement next door paused for a long moment in which Xander held his breath, then he heard the rustling of clothes and breathed a sigh of relief that turned into a long, low moan.

Spike's hands were on his hips, pulling and pushing as he sucked Xander down. He forgot for a few minutes that they were even in public. Xander came back to himself to the sounds of flesh on flesh. Sounds not coming from their little booth. His eyes widened when he realized what they were.

The man next door was jerking off. He was masturbating to the sounds of Spike sucking Xander's cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Xander said, hoarsely.

Spike pulled back, suckling just on the tip. His tongue was burrowing at the flesh just beneath the head, and Xander's whole body tightened at the sensation. The noises Spike made as he drank down Xander's taste were almost enough to push Xander over the edge.

Then Xander found himself cupped in the well of Spike's cool palm. Soft skin teasing the short curls of his sac. He moaned, gasping Spike's name, begging with each inhaled breath for release.

He heard a deep groan echo from the dressing room next door and knew the other man was coming.

Without thinking he threaded his fingers through Spike's hair and held on, thrusting into the tight sheathe of Spike's mouth. Once. Twice. A half dozen thrusts and Xander was coming, finger's tightening painfully against Spike's scalp.

He whimpered, softening in Spike's mouth.

When Spike pulled off, he was grinning, lips swollen and shiny with saliva and come. “Next time gonna fuck you. Gonna let whoever is lucky enough to be around hear the sounds you make when your begging for my cock.”

Xander's knees buckled and he landed hard on the little dressing room bench. Next door he heard the harsh sound of a zipper closing, then the door opened and their voyeur exited.

Xander was just getting his breath back when he looked over to find Spike stroking himself. His ass clenched at the sight, already wanting.

“All right.”

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