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Sometimes, Xander thinks its funny the way the girls are always commenting on Spike's possessiveness. Their heads so full of vampire lore, that they just naturally assume that Spike's the aggressor in their relationship.

The truth is... the truth is that sometimes Xander can be aggressive too. Sometimes, Xander can't help feeling possessive and horny and jealous.

Especially on nights like tonight, when they'd spent the evening hanging at the Bronze with the girls. Spike had danced with each one of them, and Xander, too, but still; he'd held Buffy close, even Willow and Tara and Anya had rubbed up against him sometime during the night. Xander had felt the first sparks of jealousy then, but he knew, deep down, that the girls would never jeapordize his relationship with Spike. But then, Xander didn't just have to worry about the girls.

Every person in that club had been staring at Spike since the moment they'd walked in; guys, girls, it didn't matter. Xander found himself constantly reaching out to touch Spike, sitting close enough so that their legs could brush up against each other, and dancing... hell, Xander was practically fucking Spike on the dance floor. He wanted everyone in that god damned place to know Spike was his.

And Spike, the bastard, just smirked at him the whole night, knowing exactly how possessive Xander was feeling. He'd even leaned in, whispering in Xander's ear, "Gonna make me feel it tonight, aren't you, luv? Gonna make sure I know who I belong to?" Then he'd licked at Xander's ear and bitten softly at the lobe.

"Yes," Xander had growled back in a low voice that only Spike could hear. Then he'd grabbed Spike around the neck and pulled him in for a rough kiss.

The girls had laughed, and Dawn had given an exasperated sigh. "You two should just get a room," she'd said, shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

"Good idea," Xander had said, nodding at the girls as he pulled Spike toward the exit.

Now Spike was waiting, naked and hard for him on their bed. He watched as Spike stroked himself, slowly, as his tongue peeked out from between pink lips and he eyed Xander up and down.

"Well?" he raised one dark brow, lying back on the bed and letting his thighs fall apart.

"Jesus," Xander whispered hoarsely, throat dry. Xander stalked toward the bed, a snarl on his lips. "You are such a fucking tease."

"'S why you love me, yeah?" Spike laughed, releasing his cock and raising both hands to cross his wrists above his head. "Thought you were going to teach me a lesson, Xan," he said, body arching slightly as Xander crawled onto the bed toward him.

"You know how much I hate the way you flirt with everyone and their brother," Xander said, covering Spike's body with his own.

"Can't help it if the world finds me irresistible, can I?"

Xander growled, wrapping a hand around Spike's wrists, and keeping them in place. "Hell, yes, you can. You don't have to encourage them, Spike," Xander said, grinding his erection against Spike's and making them both groan. "You don't have to pretend like you're... like you're free." Xander dipped his head and took Spike's mouth in a hard kiss, plunging his tongue inside as if he were trying to conquer Spike with pure need.

Spike's hips began to move, one leg wrapping around Xander's thigh, trying to bring him closer. Xander could feel Spike's cock pulsing against him, could feel the wetness spreading between them.

"Xan," Spike groaned, hips rocking.

"Who do you belong to, Spike?" Xander said, breathless, trying to keep his own control from shattering.

"No one, luv, I'm my own vamp." Spike teased, head coming off the pillow to try to capture Xander's lips again.

Xander pulled away, dipping a finger in the jar he'd opened earlier on the nightstand. Then he pressed lightly against Spike's hole, just letting the tip breach his tight ring. "Who do you belong to?" Xander said again.

"No one," Spike said, but his legs fell further apart and he pushed back against Xander's finger.

Xander let his finger trace around and around Spike's entrance, making Spike tremble beneath him. And then he pulled away, and Spike whimpered. "Who, Spike?"

Spike was breathing, panting, eyes dilated with need. Xander could feel Spike's nipples, pebbled and rubbing teasingly across Xander's chest. Xander leaned in, pressing his face against the curve of Spike's neck, one hand on Spike's hip and the other still holding his wrists. Spike was starting to writhe, to struggle beneath him, wanting more.

"Who do you belong to?" Xander said, one last time, and then he bit down hard, teeth pressing into Spike's flesh, just where neck met shoulder.

"Fuck!" Spike cried out, arching, thrusting desperately against Xander. "Xan. You. You, Xan."

Xander licked at the mark he'd created, thrusting two slick fingers into Spike's body, streching him roughly. Spike loved it, he always did, a bit of pain with the pleasure. Xander released Spike's wrists, wanting to concentrate on getting inside him.

Free, Spike reached for Xander, pulling him in for another kiss, biting and nibbling at Xander's lips. They groaned into each other's mouths, as Xander positioned the head of his cock at Spike's entrance.

"'S right, Spike. You're mine. Nobody else's. Mine," Xander growled, pushing into Spike in one hard thrust.

Xander wasn't going to last long, he never did when Spike let him take control like this. He liked the fact that Spike got just as worked up as he did, though. Reaching down between them, Xander wrapped a hand around Spike's cock, stroking in an uneven rhythm.

Hard, fast, Xander lost himself in the feel of Spike's soft heat. "Spike," Xander said, voice rough.

Spike shifted to wrap his legs around Xander's waist, changing the angle of Xander's thrusts. He jerked with a groan when Xander hit his prostate, legs tightening reflexively to bring Xander closer.

Xander was close, so he leaned in, covering the bite mark he'd made with his mouth and suckling softly. He felt Spike's cock pulse in his hand, felt his own cock jerk inside of Spike's sweet heat.

"Do it, Xan," Spike demanded, tilting his head back to bare his neck further.

With a moan, Xander bit down again, tasting the barest hint of coppery flavor. Spike arched, come spurting to coat both their bellies. Xander licked at the wound he'd made, thrusting and thrusting again until Spike's groans, the feel of his nails digging into Xander's back, and the impossibly tight sheathe contracting around him, forced the orgasm from Xander's body.

He came with a harsh sound that escaped from somewhere deep in his chest, falling atop Spike in sated exhaustion. Spike rolled them both, so that Xander slipped free, breaking their connection. Then he bent to drop a soft kiss on Xander's lips.

"No one else's, luv," Spike said, before pulling the blankets up around them and spooning against Xander's side. They fell asleep like that, Xander's hand curled possessively around Spike's hip.

The End

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