I'm writing this on the fly, just because I wanted some super kinky, hot spike/xander.

Untitled Kinky Spander


Xander moaned, Spike's cock stretching his mouth wide. He loved it when Spike just... took him. When he didn't ask. When he didn't care whether Xander wanted to fuck, or not. When all he cared about was the need to get off somewhere inside Xander's body. Or sometimes somewhere on top of Xander's body.

Xander's cheeks flushed with arousal when he thought about Spike coming on his face.

"You're such a slut, Xan," Spike laughed, somehow always knowing exactly what Xander was thinking.

Spike's fingers dug into his scalp and he sped up his rhythm, fucking Xander's face hard. "Love the way your mouth feels around my cock. Knowing how hungry you are for my come."

Xander groaned. Jesus, Spike knew exactly what to say to him, just how dirty to talk to really get Xander off.

Suddenly, Spike pulled away, making Xander whimper.

"On your back," Spike slapped Xander's hip. "Open that pretty pussy for me."

"Oh, fuck," Xander said, scrambling to get into position. He planted his feet against the mattress, letting his thighs fall open as he reached underneath to cup his ass cheeks and pull them apart.

"Christ, luv," Spike said, getting into position, pressing the fat head of his cock against Xander's opening. "Want this? Want me filling that hungry pussy, Xan?"


"Tell me," Spike said teasing him by pressing in just enough to make Xander feel his hole begin to stretch around Spike's cock head before pulling back out again.

"Please, Spike, please," Xander begged. He was shaking, but he never released the hold on his own his ass, keeping himself open and waiting for Spike. "So hungry for it, for you. Need you filling my pussy. Stuffing me full with your cock. Feels so good. Need it. Please."

Spike groaned, then pressed in, sliding to the hilt in one long, slow glide. "Made for my cock, you are, pet," Spike said. "So tight and perfect around me."

"Love your cock," Xander moaned, arching against Spike with each thrust. "Love feeling you inside me. Want to feel you come, feel you filling me up with it."

"Will, luv," Spike said, leaning in for a kiss. It was hungry and possessive, and Xander finally released his hold on his ass, to cup Spike's face and hold him to the kiss. "Can never last when you've got that perfect pussy wrapped so tight and wet around me."

"Spike," Xander sobbed his name, hand curving around Spike's nape, pressing their foreheads together. Spike was panting, something he always did when they were in the moment, when they were both so close to coming that just one more perfect thrust was going to push them over. Their breaths mingled and warmed Xander's cheeks, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the impossibly sweet sensation of Spike taking him, possessing him.

"Here it comes, luv," Spike said, hips slamming against Xander's ass. "Gonna give my baby what he's been begging for. Gonna flood your pussy so full of come that you'll taste me in the back of your throat." Spike shifted, changing the angle of his thrusts so that he was hitting Xander's prostate again and again.

"God, don't stop. Spike, oh, fuck."

"Not gonna stop, not until I can feel you coming apart all around me," Spike said. "Want to come, luv? Want daddy to play with you pretty little clit and get you off?"

Xander moaned, throwing his head back against the pillows. Spike's voice alone was enough to make Xander shudder with arousal, but when he said things like that...


Then Spike's hand was on him, caressing him too lightly to do anything but frustrate.

"Please, Spike... Daddy, god, need to come," Xander begged, arousal making him dizzy with need.

"Good boy," Spike said, tightening his grip and stripping Xander's cock -- one, two, three strokes and Xander was coming hard.

"Spike!" Xander cried out, ass gripping Spike's cock, pulsing all around him.

Then Spike was coming, too, swelling and jerking inside of him with each spurt. Spike kept thrusting, groaning against Xander's lips as his orgasm washed through him.

Spike dipped his head to press kisses along Xander's throat until they both came back down from their shared climax. Then Spike took his mouth again, this time in a slow, lazy kiss that left Xander smiling stupidly.

"I love when you play the slut, pet," Spike said, grinning back at him.

"Not playing," Xander replied, making Spike laugh aloud. "Can't help the way you make me feel."

Spike's smile turned positively wicked and he arched one brow up at him. "Yeah?"

"Oh, please, like you don't already know," Xander said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, well, vamp likes to hear it every now and then," Spike said with a fake pout.

"Shut up." Xander laughed.

Spike's face turned serious as he caught and held Xander's gaze. "You make me... can't help myself either, luv."

"I know." Xander's smile softened and this time he was the one to take Spike's mouth in a kiss that was more intense than urgent. "That's what drives me so crazy."

The End

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