This is totally random PWP. It's Buffy/Spike/Xander. Spoilers through Gone.

Thanks to [info]kyrieane for the beta!

The Whole Invisibility Thing


Xander knew he should probably be researching with the others, but it wasn't like he was any good at that anyway, right? Oh, to be a teenager again. At least then he'd have something to do. He'd have headed straight for the girls locker room and spent the day admiring all the naked ladies. What else was an invisible teenage boy supposed to do? But, since he wasn't a teenager anymore, he'd feel a little too much like a perv hanging out in the girl's high school locker room.

He kicked a can in the street snickering when he saw a couple of kids turn wide-eyed at the sight. At least he could have some fun.

He wandered around for a bit and ended up at the cemetery. He probably shouldn't be counting on his invisibility to keep him safe, but he felt pretty well protected by it. And now, since he was here maybe he could have a little bit more fun. Popping in on Spike unexpectedly and playing a few tricks would at least keep him busy until the others could figure out how to visiblize him again.

He pushed open the door to the crypt slowly, gasping when he saw the mess inside. It looked like there'd been one hell of a fight, but he didn't see Spike anywhere. Before he could stop himself he called out, "Spike?" There was no answer. Not sure why he was worried exactly, Xander stepped in and started carefully stepping over debris until he reached the ladder to Spike's 'bedroom', for lack of a better word.

Xander heard grunting and a few other unidentifiable sounds and hurried down the ladder. He stopped short, shocked into speechlessness. Spike was grunting, all right. So was Buffy. They hadn't even bothered to cover themselves with a sheet. Xander was close enough to see Spike's cock, glistening wet, stroking in and out of Buffy's pussy. She was moaning and arching up to meet each demanding thrust.

"Oh, fuck, Spike," Buffy's words shattered the last of Xander's doubting mind. This wasn't some dream, some weird hallucination. Buffy was actually letting Spike fuck her. She was enjoying it. Begging for more. "Harder, oh, god."

"Knew you'd come back for more. Knew you couldn't stay away." Spike's voice was ragged, hoarse with arousal and something else Xander couldn't quite name.

They'd done this before? How long had they been lovers? Xander could feel his cheeks burning in embarrassment, but he didn't make any moves to leave. Worse he could feel his own cock hardening as he watched. He pressed a hand over his groin and rubbed feverishly, unable to look away.

Buffy was slick with sweat, her nipples hard as she rubbed them against Spike's chest. Her legs were wrapped securely around his waist, tightening with each stroke. Spike's body was smooth, almost hairless. His pale skin glimmered in the candlelight and Xander watched as his muscles bunched and loosened as he fucked her. Xander found himself staring, almost hypnotically, at the pale curve of Spike's ass, fascinated as muscles rippled along the sinewy slope.

It wasn't long before Xander had to take himself out, wondering at Spike's ability to stave off his own orgasm when it was obvious how much he enjoyed being inside Buffy. God, he was so fucking hard watching the two of them. Hearing Buffy's whispered cries and Spike's grunting efforts to give her what she wanted.

His hand was dripping with pre-come, his own cock slicked with juices.

He was close now, close enough to reach out and touch if he wanted. Xander wasn't even sure how he got there.

"That's right. 'S good, isn't it Slayer. Tell me." Spike demanded. "Want to hear you say it."

"Fuck you, Spike." Buffy glared up at him, even as she groaned her pleasure.

"No, luv," Spike smirked. "Think it's me fucking you, isn't it?"

Xander could tell Spike was pissing Buffy off, but the fucking never stopped. Without thinking he splayed his hand against Spike's ass wanting to feel as he flexed with each thrust.

"What the - ?" Xander immediately snatched his hand away stumbling back as Spike turned to stare at him. He held his breath for one frantic heartbeat before remembering that Spike couldn't actually see him.

"What is it?" Buffy's voice was almost a whine. "Why did you stop?"

Spike's eyes narrowed but he turned back to Buffy and smiled. "Nothing, luv." He leaned down for a kiss but Buffy turned her face away so that he was only able to press his lips to one flushed cheek. Something about the gesture and the look on Spike's face caught at Xander.

Without another word Spike began a slow lazy fuck, in contrast to their earlier frenetic pace. Xander watched, hand still stroking his own shaft, unconsciously matching Spike's rhythm.

Jesus, Xander didn't know why he was still standing there watching. Why he ached to do more than that. Spike looked like he could go on forever which surprised and intrigued Xander at the same time. He knew that all the cheesy romance books about vampires always said they had amazing stamina and were awesome lovers, at least, you know, that's what the girls told him. But he wasn't sure he ever really believed it. But seeing Spike in action, knowing that he probably would have come the moment he entered Buffy's sweet body, Xander had to offer up some reluctant admiration.

His gaze was fixed on Spike's ass. He'd never actually seen another guy's ass before. Sure he'd taken gym, but hell, he'd never looked, not really, anyway. He traced a finger down the crack, rubbing lightly over the pucker. Spike shuddered but didn't turn around this time. Xander was too busy exploring to wonder about that.

He dipped the tip of his middle finger into Spike's hole, surprised at the heat he felt. It was tight, and Spike's skin stretched taut around the digit and made him want more. He pressed in deeper, and Spike moaned, though Xander wasn't sure it was because of him or Buffy. His finger brushed up against something soft and yielding and Spike swore. "Christ!" Xander pulled out immediately, shocked at his own boldness. Spike let loose a long low moan.

It was only then that Xander realized that Spike must know he was there. Stupid. Spike didn't need to see him to know. He could probably hear his heartbeat. Smell whatever scent normally clung to Xander's body. He'd read enough Watcher Diaries to know that vampires did have keen senses. But if Spike knew and hadn't said anything... what did that mean?

Tentatively Xander pressed a finger back in, still wet with his own pre-come, hoping that was enough since it wasn't as if he'd had lube in his pocket when he'd been hit with the inviso-ray. "Yesss," Spike hissed, thrusting into Buffy and then back against Xander's finger. Growing even bolder, Xander added a second then a third finger. He was fucking Spike know, faster and faster and Spike's body was shuddering as he spewed almost nonsensical words out at Buffy.

Unable to take any more, Xander shucked his jeans and climbed onto the bed, careful not to touch any part of Buffy's body. Xander was sure Buffy had already climaxed at least twice, judging by the increase in intensity of her cries. Breathing heavily, he wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and aimed the tip toward Spike's entrance. He bit down hard on his lower lip to keep from making any sound as he forced his way into Spike's body.

Oh, Jesus fucking Christ it felt good. Spike's body clamped around his cock as if it never wanted to release him. Spike was groaning, his rhythm stuttering and failing him as he tried to fuck into Buffy and onto Xander.

Xander started to pull out and in slowly at first. He pressed his front against Spike's back, wondering if he could speak without Buffy hearing. She was making plenty of noise herself and Spike wasn't exactly quiet either. He took a chance, leaning forward to press his lips against Spike's ear. "Feel good fucking the Slayer?" He whispered hotly. "Play with her tits, while I play with yours." Spike's ass clenched and Xander wondered if he'd ruined it by making Spike come, but within seconds the vampire had gotten himself under control.

"Hold yourself open for me, luv." Spike commanded Buffy as he released her legs to tweak and twist her nipples.

"Oh, god," Buffy moaned, keeping her thighs spread, her knees practically pressing against the pillow by her head.

Xander reached around to rub a thumb over Spike's hardened nubs. "Yes, harder," Spike groaned, making Buffy's head snap up. "Huh?" She huffed, looking confused. "Sorry, Slayer. Nothing. Meant I want to take you harder, 's all." Spike managed as Xander pinched already sensitive flesh.

"Can't take much more," Spike warned, and Xander figured it was a miracle the vampire had even lasted that long.

"Yes, Spike. Want you to come inside me. Want to feel you go over the edge." Buffy murmured, her hair lying in disarray around her face and sweat dotting her upper lip.

"Gonna take my cock, gonna take my come." Xander murmured in Spike's ear. He grasped Spike's side, high enough so that there was no danger of accidentally brushing against Buffy's legs if she let them loose.

"Fuck!" Spike shouted as Xander hit his prostate. Xander gritted his teeth as Spike's walls tightened around him, suctioning the orgasm from him as Spike shot his own come into Buffy's willing body.

Xander wanted to cry out, wanted to let loose the groan that was building in the back of his throat, but couldn't. He couldn't even collapse after his mind-bending climax for fear Buffy would realize he was there. Instead he pulled out, smirking a little when Spike shivered and moaned, reluctant to release him. He picked up his jeans, luckily stumbling on them at the side of the bed, and climbed the ladder before trying to find something, anything to wipe off with before re-dressing.

As he went back through the crypt door he couldn't help wondering just how long it might take the others to find a cure for the whole invisibility thing.

The End

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