Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Giles/Xander/Wesley
Spoilers: none really
*Warnings*: Daddy!kink, among others
Word Count: 2,009

Summary: "You're always such a naughty boy, Xander. Never doing as your told."

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. And I'm totally not making a profit.

Author's Note:
I haven't written btvs fic in a long, long time. But I got this scene in my head wherein Xander was hard and naked on a bed, aching to touch himself but not having permission. All this while he was forced to watch Wesley suck Giles off.
So, yeah, I wrote it.

Naughty or Not



Giles' voice was stern and forbidding, making Xander still instantly, the back of his fingertips just brushing his erection.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?"

"No," Xander said, shaking his head. "'M, sorry." Xander dropped his trembling hand back to the bed, his whole body on edge desperate, wanting.

Giles was staring at him, disappointment on his face as he raised on aristocratic brow.

"I'm sorry," Xander said again, dropping his gaze to the bed, head bent in apology. "Daddy."

Xander knew he shouldn't have done it, but he hadn't been able to help himself. The scene in front of him was too much, too hot, it made him ache to come, to feel.

Giles' hand dropped to Wesley's hair, petting him absently as he bobbed his head up and down Giles' shaft.

Xander groaned.

"You're always such a naughty boy, Xander. Never doing as your told." Giles shook his head, shifting slightly so that he could begin pumping more roughly into Wesley's mouth. "Now, Wes, here, always does what he's told. Such a good boy for, daddy, aren't you, love?" Giles said, soft eyes falling to watch as Wesley worshiped his cock.

Xander felt hot tears sting his eyes, but he blinked them back.

He'd been told to lay on the bed, ready and open for Giles. And he had. It felt like he'd spent hours watching Wesley and Giles together, hours of aching and fighting the need to touch himself. He knew it had probably only been minutes, though. He never seemed to do anything right.

Xander didn't even know why Giles kept him.

Especially since he had Wesley, who was preening under Giles' praise.

"Am I going to have to take you over my knee, Xan? Is that what you want?"

Xander shook his head, though he knew Giles could see the way his skin flushed and his cock jerked against his thigh.

"Or shall I give Wesley that pleasure?" Giles said, and Xander shuddered.

It was so intensely humiliating when Giles did that. It wasn't often, and it never lasted very long, but... Xander hated it mostly because it made him so hard. The idea that Giles was allowing it, and that Wesley was getting off on it not because of anything that had to do with Xander but because Giles wanted it... Jesus, Xander had a feeling he knew why Wesley was Giles' favorite.

"Would you like that, Wes?" Giles asked, tapping Wesley's shoulder to pull his attention away from the slow steady suckling Wesley was giving his balls.

"If that's what you'd like, Father," Wesley said, looking up for confirmation.

Even though Xander couldn't help feeling jealous over Wesley's relationship with Giles, he also couldn't help admitting how much Wesley aroused him. Especially his voice it was a strange mix of authority and submission and coupled with that accent...

Xander bit back a moan. There was something about the way Wesley said Father, that always got to Xander. He'd tried using it once, but it didn't sound right, so he'd always stuck to Daddy.

Giles obviously liked it, too, because he brought Wesley up for a long, hungry kiss. Xander knew exactly how Wesley would taste, the flavor of Giles' precome on his tongue. It made him want to cry with frustration because all Giles had allowed him so far was to watch.

"Hands and knees, Xander," Giles said and Xander moved immediately to comply.

He knew then that Giles was going to let Wesley spank him. If Giles were going to administer the punishment, he'd lay Xander across his lap, but when Wesley did it, Giles only allowed them to touch each other hand and ass. At least during punishment.

Xander moaned when he felt the warm brush of Giles' palm across one cheek.

"You are a beautiful boy, aren't you?" Giles' voice was soft, crooning and Xander felt the ache in his chest ease a little. "My beautiful, naughty little boy."

Xander arched his back like a cat as Giles' nails scraped a line down his spine.

Giles must have signaled Wesley with a look, because Xander hadn't heard anything before Wesley said, "How many, Father?"

"How many, indeed," Giles said, running his fingers through Xander's hair, then forcing Xander's gaze up to his. "How many do you need, Xan?"

Xander whimpered. Wesley was caressing the curve of his ass, as if to say that he understood exactly what Xander was going through. Giles was still staring at him, waiting for an answer and Xander shook his head. He suddenly felt like crying again.

"I don't know, Daddy." Xander's voice was so rough and quiet that he wasn't even sure Giles could understand him.

He didn't even realize he was sobbing until Giles palmed the back of his neck and leaned in to whisper a soft, "Shhh." Xander tried to stop his shaking, tried to calm down. "Daddy's here. Daddy's going to take care of you. Daddy always takes care of you, doesn't he?"

Xander nodded, swallowing the last of his sobs. "Yes, Daddy."

"Good boy. Daddy's going to show you what it means to be a good boy." Giles pressed a kiss to Xander's forehead, then straightened to nod at Wesley. "Five strokes, please, Wesley."

"Yes, Father," Wesley said.

Xander held his breath. The waiting was the worst part, not being able to see Wesley's movements, not being able to anticipate when the pain was going to come. Then Wesley's palm connected with his ass and Xander inhaled sharply, breath whistling through his clenched teeth.

"One," Xander said, squeezing his eyes shut. His cock was throbbing, dripping onto the bedsheets.

"Good boy."

Xander couldn't tell if Giles was talking to him or Wesley.

"Two!" Xander could feel the sting now, spreading across his skin.

Wesley hit the other cheek next. "Three." Xander couldn't help pushing back against the slap, couldn't help the small moan that escaped.

"Now, now, love. This is punishment," Giles admonished, reaching for Xander's cock. The soft, painful slide of leather made Xander's breath catch. Giles slid the ring down to the base of Xander's cock tripping the small latch closed.

"Four." Xander shivered when Wesley's fingers brushed across his flaming cheeks like a caress. They came so close to brushing over his hole that Xander whimpered a, "Please," before he could stop himself.

"Soon, love," Giles said, laughing softly before pressing his lips to Xander's temple. "Such a greedy little boy."

Xander nodded. He fisted his hands in the sheets, waiting for the final slap.

"Five!" he cried out, groaning when Wesley pushed one long, lean digit into him.

"Good boy, Wes, get him ready for me."

Xander felt a wave of relief wash over him. He was never sure if Giles would want to use him properly after a spanking. Some nights, Giles made him go to bed hungry and hard as part of the punishment. He was glad that it wasn't one of those nights.

Wesley's fingers felt so good. Wesley always knew how to touch him. How to make him ache while he stretched and prepared him. He had this way of brushing over Xander's prostrate with just the right amount of pressure. Not too hard, not too soft, but the touch always made Xander's whole body seize with pleasure.

"All right," Giles said, climbing onto the bed and laying back against the headboard. "I want you to ride me, Xander. Want to watch as you fuck yourself on Daddy's cock."

Xander moaned, scrambling to climb onto Giles' lap, to press himself down until he'd completely swallowed Giles' cock with his hungry hole.

"Good boy, just like that. Tighten your pretty pussy around Daddy's cock," Giles said, beckoning to Wesley. "Come here, love. You know how much I love seeing my boys together."

"Yes, Father," Wesley said, climbing up beside Xander, obedient as ever. He didn't wait for Giles to tell him what to do, already knowing his preferences. He reached for Xander, cupping his cheek and turning him so that they faced each other.

And then they were kissing hot, wet kisses that would have made Xander insane all on their own, but coupled with Giles' cock in his ass, Xander felt like he was dying from pleasure. Xander loved kissing Wesley, not as much as he loved kissing Giles, but the soft rasp of Wesley's stubble always went straight to Xander's cock.

"So pretty, my boys." Giles' voice was beginning to sound strained. "I love to see you enjoying each other."

Wesley moaned into Xander's mouth as he reached out to play with one of Wesley's nipples. He knew how Wesley liked it, just hard enough to sting. He pinched the sweet flesh between his fingers and twisted, making Wesley jerk against him.

Giles groaned, hands grasping at Xander's hips, encouraging a faster rhythm.

"Touch each other's cocks. Want to watch as you make each other come," Giles nails dug into the flesh at Xander's hips. "But wait for my command."

"Of course, Father," Wesley said in that tone of voice that, even though it was laced with arousal, never failed to annoy Xander. Like Wesley wouldn't ever dream of defying Giles. Like maybe Wesley was physically incapable of coming without Giles' command.

Unlike Xander who could barely control himself each time. Giles never had to use a cockring on Wesley.

Xander whimpered when Wesley's hand closed around his cock, and was actually glad of the cockring; with Giles in his ass and Wesley's hand on him, Xander never would have lasted. Xander tried to concentrate on Giles' rhythm, on the push and pull of Daddy's cock. He tightened his ass with each of Giles' thrust, wanting Giles to come, wanting to feel him pulsing and filling him.

Xander's whole body was shaking, his fingers trembling as he fisted Wesley's cock. Wesley only ever gave subtle signs that Xander was pleasuring him; a slight arch to his back, a tilt to his head, and eyes that were half-lidded. When they were taking their time, when Giles wanted to just sit and watch, Xander liked to study Wesley's body like a map. Each small movement, each little sign that Wesley was giving into the pleasure made Xander feel like a fucking god.

But when they were all racing toward orgasm, all Xander could do was reach for Wesley and hold on as Giles thrust and thrust and thrust.

Giles leaned in suddenly and took Xander's mouth, hard and fast and so possessive that Xander felt dizzy. And then Giles was coming, warm, wet come filling Xander's body and making him moan.

"Now, Wes," Giles panted and like clockwork Wesley was throbbing in Xander's hand, his come dripping onto Xander's fingers. "You're turn, love," Giles said and reached for the catch on Xander's cockring.

Xander's orgasm rushed through him, his body convulsing almost violently as he shot spurt after spurt everywhere. Wesley's hand kept stroking, though he lightened his touch when Xander began to whimper.

Xander felt boneless, collapsing against Giles' chest. He heard Wesley get up, heading toward the bathroom for some clean washcloths. Giles' arms came around Xander, surrounding him with delicious heat. Then Giles dropped an affectionate, paternal kiss in Xander's hair. It made the tears rush back to Xander's eyes. He nuzzled Giles' neck, burying himself against him.

"Shh," Giles said, petting Xander's back. "Naughty or not, you're mine, love."

Xander nodded against the curve of Giles' neck, listening as Wesley moved around them, cleaning up. When Wesley rejoined them in the bed, Giles shifted to cover them all with the blankets. Xander sighed, making room for Wesley but somehow snuggling even closer at the same time.

"Thank you, Daddy," Xander said, and Giles laughed.

"You're welcome, Xan," Giles said. "Now be a good boy and go to sleep."

"Yes, Daddy." Xander smiled, and closed his eyes, letting Giles' warmth and scent lull him to sleep.

The End

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