Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Spoilers: Through S2
*Warnings*: none, unless you don't like biting.
Word Count: 1,238

Summary: Xander is still standing on the dance floor, upset and unsure how to
-- 'When She was Bad'

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. And I'm totally not making a profit.
Author's Note: The summary is from a transcript of 'When She Was Bad' from buffyworld.com. Spike comes to Sunnydale a little early, and sees Buffy teasing Xander on the dance floor.

Helping Hand


Xander's hard and embarrassed. He doesn't know what's up with Buffy, and he's not sure he wants to. Especially when he turns and sees Angel there, watching as Buffy makes a grand exit.

Willow's hand is cold and trembly on his arm. He shrugs her off and heads for the men's room. The music is still blaring loud and sultry in the club.

When he gets to the restroom, he's glad to see it's empty. He wishes there was a way to lock the door, but it's not one of the single person bathroom's that gives you that option. Before he can debate about getting himself off in one of the stalls, the door swings open again and a guy Xander can only describe as a 'punk' comes in.

His hair is bleached almost white, and it looks like he's wearing eye liner. He doesn't have on a collar or any studs, but it's not hard for Xander to picture him that way.

“Looks like your girl's a bit of a cock-tease, luv.”

Xander flushes, completely embarrassed. “We're just friends. That's, uhm, just the way she dances.”

The guy's got nice eyes. A bright, startling blue that Xander doesn't think he's ever seen before. He normally wouldn't notice another guy's eyes, but the way they sweep over his body feels like a caress. He shivers at the hungry gleam.

“Name's Spike,” the stranger says but doesn't hold out his hand. Instead he takes a step forward, into Xander's personal space and his eyes grow dark as they stare at Xander's erection. “Can help you with that.”

“I, uh.” Xander wants to step back, but he can't. He's paralyzed, though he can feel his cock jerk against his leg. “I'm not gay.”

The guy, Spike, smiles, but it's more predatory than friendly. “Don't have to be gay to get a little friendly help, do you, luv?” Spike's palm rubs over Xander's cock and he groans.

Xander shakes his head, then frowns. He doesn't even know this guy, but he's arching into him like a cat in heat. Like he can't get enough. Then Spike licks his lips and Xander has a sudden image of that pink, puffy mouth wrapped around his cock and he nearly comes.

Spike's smile turns into a smirk, and somehow Xander finds himself inside one of the stalls, Spike crowded in with him. When his zipper goes down, he doesn't make a move to stop it. The cold air hits his dick, making him gasp. Then Spike's on his knees, mouth open to catch the first dribble of pre-come that drips off the head of Xander's cock.

The sight is so fucking erotic that Xander groans, long and loud, and can't help thrusting forward just a little, pressing the fat head of his prick to Spike's tongue. And, oh god, Spike's tongue is soft and spongy and the cool contrast against his feverish skin is almost enough to drive Xander crazy.

Spike's lips close around Xander's shaft and he whimpers. The noises he's making now aren't anything familiar to Xander. He's never felt so overwhelmed before. Before he knows it he's thrusting into Spike's throat, going deep, and Spike's just taking it. No. Not just taking it. He's loving it.

His eyes are big and his nostrils are flaring as he swallows around the head of Xander's cock. It's fast and hard and Spike's making some weird rumbling noise that sounds like approval and hunger and desperate need. And Xander can't help coming.

He tries to warn Spike, because he's pretty sure that's what you're supposed to do, but Spike just sucks harder. There's an ache in Xander's balls that makes them feel so heavy that Xander's knees give out just a little. Then his cock throbs and he spurts down Spike's throat.

His knees give out all the way then, and he collapses, his ass landing hard against the edge of the toilet.

Spike's licking the extra come from his lips and Xander feels a little dizzy at the sight.

“My turn, luv.” Spike's voice is husky, rough like he hasn't spoken a word in years.

“I... I can't do that,” Xander says, stunned that Spike has just done it to him.

“It's all right.” Spike is still on his knees, and he crawls forward so that he's in between Xander's legs. He reaches up to cup the back of Xander's neck, bringing his face down and pressing their mouths together.

Xander's first thought is that he wants to recoil, that Spike's just had Xander's come in his mouth and Xander doesn't want to know what that tastes like. But then Spike's tongue is in his mouth and his thumb is kneading into the tendon at the base of his neck and Xander just moans into it, giving in.

He doesn't realize what Spike's doing until his hand is on Spike's cock.

“Touch me, luv.” Spike gasps the words against Xander's lips, nipping at the bottom one in between each word.

“I, uh,” Xander fumbles the words, his hand closing reflexively around Spike's shaft. He's never touched another guy, though he's had plenty of practice on himself. He doesn't know how he feels about this but Spike's voice is hot in his ear. The accent makes him shiver as the words lick along his flesh.

“You're doing fine, luv.” Spike's words give Xander courage and he firms his touch. “Yeah, just like that. Tighter, luv. Perfect. Such a good boy, you are. Making me feel so good. Just a little more. Right there,” Spike murmurs, thrusting into Xander's hand.

Xander strokes up, twisting around the head of Spike's cock, rubbing the slit with his thumb. It's something he likes to do to himself and it makes him feel good when Spike moans his approval.

Spike leans in, burying his face against Xander's neck, mouth latching onto the throbbing pulse point as Xander jerks him off. Xander arches, pushing against Spike's mouth, a needy, uncontrollable noise escaping him.

He can feel the veins in Spike's cock throbbing against his palm, the flesh swelling for a second before Spike's groaning against him. Xander cries out as Spike bites down hard, his hand tightening around Spike's dick, massaging the come from him.

He doesn't think Spike's drawn blood, but the soft licks and gentle suction afterward feel good. The bite stings a little, but Xander likes knowing that he made Spike lose control like that.

Spike shakes his head and Xander pulls back to ask what's wrong, but Spike kisses him before he has a chance. The kiss is salty and a little coppery, but still so good. It feels possessive and a little feral, raising goosebumps all over Xander's body.

“Gonna have to come back for you, aren't I?” Spike says, making Xander frown.

“What do you mean?”

But Spike's already up and fastening his jeans. His eyes sweep over Xander, up and down, shining with something Xander can't quite figure out. Then he reaches out, cupping Xander's cheek for a long moment before pulling away.

“See you soon, luv.” Spike slips out of the stall before Xander can stop him.

Xander almost races after him, but his pants are still down around his ankles and his hand is still covered with come. By the time he cleans himself up and returns to the club, Spike is gone.

The End

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