Written for The Hump Day Pornfest for the theme: Hot Showers and Bubble Baths

A Hard Day's Work


By the time Xander gets home, he's hot and sweaty and tired. He'd spent the day drywalling, which left him covered in a thin layer of grit and dust. His skin itches with the need to shower, to wash away the dirt and grime of a hard day's work.

When he hears the shower running, it frays the last of his limited patience and he stomps into the bathroom without thinking.

"Spike!" He whips the shower curtain open, heedless of the shower spray. "Who the fuck said you could -- "

Spike barely acknowledges Xander's presence with just a tilt of his head and a lift of his eyebrow. His tongue peeks out the corner of his mouth as he gives Xander a lingering look.

Xander's eyes are glued to the slow, easy glide of Spike's hand over his cock.

"Uhm," Xander says, anger and frustration forgotten.

"Looks like you need a shower, pet," Spike says, moving back, away from the lip of the tub, leaving room for Xander. "Better get in while the hot water's still running, yeah?"

Spike's still stroking and if anyone ever asks Xander will swear that Spike used some kind of freaky hypnotic vampire whammy on him. Because the next thing he knows he's stripped down to nothing, his cock half-hard as he steps under the spray.

Spike's hands are cool, a weirdly erotic contrast to the warm spray from the shower head. Xander arches into the fleeting, teasing touches, whining a little when Spike doesn't do anything more than skim across Xander's needy flesh.

He presses his own palms against the shower wall and hangs his head, closing his eyes as Spike explores him. He only jumps a little when blunt fingers scrape across his sensitive nipple. Then Spike's pressed, smooth and cool across his back, his erection sliding up and down the crack of Xander's ass.

"Oh, fuck," Xander moans. "Spike, I don't think -- "

"Shh," Spike soothes, hand smoothing over the curve of Xander's hip before reaching around to grasp the base of Xander's cock. He strokes -- up, then down, then up again -- teasing the head until Xander's groaning and thrusting, desperate for more. "See? Just want to make you feel good, pet. Make us both feel good."

Spike's rocking against him, not doing anything but rubbing off against Xander's ass. It's crazy how hot it's making him, crazy how the feel of Spike against him, the hot whispers into Xander's ear, are arousing Xander beyond anything he's known before.

"Want you to come. Want to feel you pulsing against my palm. One of these days I'm going to be inside you, going to feel the way you come with my cock filling you, fucking you."

"Oh, Jesus," Xander says, hips jerking as Spike licks a long, wet trail up the side of Xander's neck. "Spike," he groans, pumping his hips faster and faster until he's coming just like Spike had wanted, just like he'd described, pulsing against Spike's cool palm.

"Yes," Spike whispers, the word both demanding and indulgent all at once. His hands fall to Xander's hips, clutching him tight as he thrusts against Xander's ass, rubs his long shaft up and down until Xander can feel the heavy splash of come, so different than the light spray of water that's still falling all around them.

Xander's still breathing heavy, still resting against the cold tile of the shower wall, when the water starts to cool.

"See, pet?" Spike says, slapping Xander's ass lightly, then cupping the abused cheek. "Got in just in time, yeah?"

Xander shakes his head, too tired and sated and in denial to even laugh at Spike's sad attempt at humor. "Yeah," he says on a sigh, because damn, but he's pretty sure that he wants to do this again. "Yeah."

The End

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