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Black Velvet blared, sultry and low, through the speakers.

Xander was just about to get off the dance floor, the rhythm a little too slow for Xander to feel comfortable dancing alone, when a woman in a silky red top and tight black jeans pressed up against him. The hard tips of her nipples rubbed against his chest through the thin fabric of her blouse.

“Uh.” Xander wasn't sure what to do. He flushed, embarrassed that he was already hard.

The woman leaned in, pouty red lips brushing against Xander's ear, and breathed, “Miss me, luv?”

“Spike?” Xander's erection surged.


“Holy fuck,” Xander groaned.

It was a little weird, almost as if he were cheating, but the sight of Spike beneath him... Xander's cock thrusting between pale, but perfectly rounded breasts and Spike's mouth; lips so full and painted that dark, luscious red... open and hungry for it. The way Spike's tongue kept snaking out to lick Xander's cockhead as he fucked Spike's breasts...

“Spike,” Xander gasped in warning, feeling his balls draw tight.

“Go ahead, luv.” Spike's voice was soft, husky. “Want to feel you, taste you.” Mouth open, Spike silently begged for it.

Coming, he filled Spike's mouth.


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