Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Spoilers: none really
*Warnings*: teeny tiny bit of bondage, also non-con (sort of)
Word Count: 1,280

Summary: "See, pet? Want this, don't you?".

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. And I'm totally not making a profit.
Author's Note:

I was IMing with [info]ladycat777 today and she said she was dying for some "forced seduction" wherein there's no fuss or muss, no build up, just... taking. Or words to that effect. And what my [info]ladycat777 wants, I try to give. So this is my attempt at a forced seduction.

No beta.

A Forced Seduction


Xander's struggles only made Spike harder. He'd been wanting this for years, and now that the damn chip was gone, he wasn't about to let his soul stop him. He pressed his cock against Xander's ass, thrusting so that he could feel the friction as he slid up and down Xander's crack.

"Spike!" Xander tried to buck him off, but wasn't anywhere near Spike's equal in strength.

"Stop fighting it, pet. Gonna love having my cock splitting you open. You'll see," Spike said, tying off Xander's wrists so that his own hands were free. He'd planned this carefully, getting restraints that would allow him to manipulate Xander's body anyway he pleased. He flipped him over now so that he could get at Xander's cock, smirking when he saw that Xander was already half hard. "See, pet? Want this, don't you? Want me to make you come? Stuff you full, show you what it feels like to be fucked by a pro?"

"Not gonna pay you, Spike," Xander spat back, fire in his eyes as he pulled at his bonds. "But it figures you'd think being a pro was some kind of compliment."

Spike laughed. "Fuck, you make me hard, Xan. All that fire and fight in you."

Spike rubbed himself against Xander's thigh, groaning as the curly hair covering Xander's limbs scratched his sensitive cock. Spike fisted Xander's prick, knowing just how to touch and tease. It wasn't long before Xander's eyes had closed and his head had fallen back as his breathing became harsher and harsher. His throat was exposed and Spike couldn't help leaning in to lick at the tempting bit of flesh.

Xander tensed beneath him, though he couldn't quite stop the gentle rocking of his hips, the thrust of his cock into the circle of Spike's fingers.

"Not going to drain you, pet. Just want a taste," Spike said, already panting at the thought. "'S not all bad, Xan. Gonna make you feel so fucking good," Spike moaned, fangs lengthening as he dipped his head to the curve of Xander's throat. Then he was sinking in, hot and sweet and so fucking amazing. Xander's blood rushed into his mouth, heating him like a fire in his belly.

Xander moaned, arching so that Spike had even greater access. Spike continued to lap Xander up, smirking when he felt the hot rush of arousal pulsing through Xander's cock the more Spike suckled.

"Told you, pet. 'S good, yeah? Just want to make us both feel good, yeah?" Spike closed the wound with a final lick, then trailed kisses down Xander's chest until he could suck one flat nipple into his mouth.

Xander jerked, and this time, when he said Spike's name it was with a soft groan, "Spike."

"That's it, pet. Let Spike make you feel good. Gonna make you come, gonna make you scream my name," Spike said, biting down on Xander's nipple until the boy was squirming and whimpering beneath him. "That what you want, Xan? Tell me."

"Please," Xander said. "Make me come, Spike, please."

"Good boy," Spike said, releasing Xander's cock and shushing him when he grunted in protest. "Wanna play a bit first. Not gonna let you come until I'm inside that sweet little arse, pet." Spike pressed a kiss to Xander's abdomen, thrusting his tongue into Xander's bellybutton. And when Xander started jerking, trying to get free, Spike moved lower, licking intricate designs along the inside of Xander's thighs.

"Oh, fuck," Xander nearly came off the bed when Spike took his now throbbing erection into the tight, wetness of his mouth.

Spike reached down to press a lubed finger into Xander's hole as he blew him. Just one, in and out, slow and steady. He didn't add a second until he was licking at Xander's bollocks, making the boy's whole body shudder and shake with need.

He only stretched him a little, just enough. He wanted Xander to feel the burn, to really feel Spike splitting him wide. And he knew Xander could take it. It might hurt, but it wouldn't hurt enough to make Xander lose his erection.

"Now, pet, gonna show you what a real fuck is. Gonna shove my cock so far inside you that you're gonna choke on it." Spike rubbed his thumb over the head of his cock, collecting some of his pre-come, and brought it to Xander's lips. "Open up, pet."

Xander shook his head, still feigning, though he didn't know it, defiance.

"Open up, pet, and taste me if you want your fuck." Spike sing-songed, tracing Xander's lower lip with his thumb.

Xander's mouth trembled and he took a deep breath before finally closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Spike slid his thumb in, slow and teasing, pressing the fat pad against Xander's tongue. "Suck it," he said, biting back a moan when Xander's lips closed around the digit and he felt the soft suction of Xander's mouth.

"Oh, fuck, pet," Spike said, voice going hoarse and gravelly. "You're a treasure, you are. Gonna keep you. Gonna make you mine, yeah?"

Xander's eyes popped open, the irises wide with both fear and arousal.

The sight undid Spike. He positioned himself so that the head of his cock kissed Xander's entrance, and then with one fast, hard thrust he was inside. Xander cried out at the burn and the sound made Spike's cock pulse with need.

"Oh, yeah," Spike said, fucking Xander in earnest. "Gonna keep you, all right, pet. Such a sweet fuck. Made for my cock, you are." Spike couldn't remember ever fucking such a perfect arse. Hot and snug, Spike wasn't going to last long. "Knew it'd be good, pet. So tight, so hot. Like a living flame, you are, burning me up from the inside out.

"Spike." His name was a sob on Xander's lips.

"Want to come, pet? Tell Spike what you want, what you need, Xan."

"Spike," Xander sobbed again, a flush of arousal darkening his face, neck, and chest. "Need to come. Fuck, Please."

"'S what I'm doing, pet. Fucking you." Spike laughed, reaching for Xander's cock. "Go on, Xan, come for Spike. Let him feel that tight arse pulsing around him, milk the come from my cock, pet. Come on."

Xander's eyes had tears in them, but Spike didn't know if they were from the frustration of delayed gratification or the mortification of knowing just how much he was going to want this again.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck!" Xander's curses became a litany as his cock jerked in Spike's hand, spurting hot come all over them both.

Spike groaned, Xander's contractions doing exactly as Spike had asked, milking the come from his body. He felt a satisfied smile grace his lips as he filled Xander's hole, knowing that Xander would smell like his come for days.

"That's it, pet. Good boy. Did exactly as Spike told you, yeah? Got to come, too, didn't you? See? Just wanted to make you feel good, wanted to show you how much you were going to love having my cock up your arse. Isn't that right, Xan? You want it, don't you? Not gonna fight me next time, yeah?"

Xander sniffled, blinking red rimmed eyes as Spike untied him.

"Well, pet? Gonna fight me?"

Xander stared at him for long moments before finally shaking his head, and burrowing into Spike's side, hiding his face against Spike's shoulder.

"There, there, pet." Spike said, half-mocking, half-comforting. "'S all right. Spike'll take care of you, yeah?"

Xander didn't answer, not that he had to. Spike would do what he wanted regardless.

The End

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