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Some Kissing

Spike let his fingers play against the back of Xander's neck. His lips were warm and soft against Spike's, a shockingly sweet taint to them. Spike smirked inwardly at the thought of all Xander's snack cakes somehow permanently painting his lips with their sweet filling.

Groaning, Spike opened his mouth for Xander, surprised and aroused at the other man's aggressiveness. Xander had been the one to initiate the kiss, the one to lean over and just take Spike's mouth without permission.

He growled, pulling Xander into his lap so that their erections could pulse and throb against each other. The telly played softly in the background, the sound nothing more than static against the rapid beat of Xander's heart.

He was disappointed when Xander pulled away, unable to stop himself from following and taking a final nip at Xander's lower lip.

"Guess this is okay, then?" Xander panted, forehead pressed to Spike's.

Spike's brow rose slowly and then, he reared up fast, throwing Xander onto the couch and pinning him there with his own body. Rocking forward, Spike took another long, wet, dirty kiss, making Xander moan beneath him.

"'S not bad," Spike said.

Some Frottage

Xander gasped, or... maybe he was hyperventilating? He didn't know. All he knew was that he'd never felt anything like it before. Never imagined that just touching someone... rubbing against them -- light, hard, fast, slow -- just the feel of another guy's cock against his could feel so damn good.

He was pretty sure he was drunk. Pretty sure that there was no way Spike could've gotten him into bed, naked, without the help of a few beers. And a shot of whiskey. Or two.

But he didn't care. And he doubted he was going to care in the morning either. Not if the massive orgasm building in his balls actually came to fruition.


"Told you, luv." Spike's lips rubbed lightly against the arch of Xander's throat. "Don't need demon girl, do you?" Spike rocked forward, nipping at Xander's neck, pulling the flesh between blunt teeth. "Not when you've got a nice, hard cock rubbing up against you, yeah? Not when you know how good it feels to have your bollocks bouncing against mine, feel our juices mixing together, slicking up our cocks."

"Spike," Xander moaned. "Need to come." He bucked his hips, groaning when Spike laughed at his eagerness. "Please."

Spike laughed again, but this time he ended the laugh with a kiss, taking Xander's mouth as he changed the angle of his thrusts, rubbing harder and faster until Xander was moaning incoherently into Spike's mouth.

Xander had never been kissed by a guy before. It wasn't much different. Except maybe Spike's kiss was... hungrier, more desperate. Like he knew exactly how Xander was feeling. Like he needed to come just as badly.

And then it was happening, Xander's whole body shuddered as he came, his cock throbbing with each pulse of come against his belly. Spike groaned, dropping his face back to Xander's throat and mouthing his pulse point as he, too, came with a rush.

Some Sex

The day Spike got his chip out, there was only one thing he wanted to do. Or at least, there was one thing he wanted to do first.

He was waiting for Xander when he got home. Sitting on the soft leather couch Xander had picked up at a wholesale discount shop with his first paycheck after his promotion. Spike had always liked the feel of it, butter soft against his naked skin.

Spike watched as Xander walked in, tossing his keys onto the kitchen pass through, then pausing. He knew his boy was smart, no matter how many jokes the others told about his intelligence.

“Spike?” Xander cocked his head, staring at Spike a little warily, but with no real fear.

Spike growled, launching himself from the couch, pinning Xander to the wall and pressing his fangs to the pounding pulse in Xander's neck.

“Oh, fuck.”

Spike's grin was feral as he ground his cock against Xander's answering erection. “'S right, luv.” Spike let his fangs scrap skin, leaving raw red lines in their wake. “Time to play.”

Xander trembled against him, making Spike groan. “Been wanting this for a long time, Xan. Ever since the first time. Maybe before.”

“Me, too.” Xander moaned, arms snaking around Spike to pull him in even tighter. “Jesus, Spike. Do it.”

Spike shook his head, licking at the marks he'd already made. “Not yet. Want to be inside you first.”


Spike caught Xander as his knees buckled. He laughed, husky and low, in Xander's ear. “Can't play the fainting virgin, luv. I know the truth.” Spike licked at Xander's ear, biting lightly at the lobe.

Please.” Xander whispered, hot against Spike's shoulder.

Spike didn't waste any time after that, pulling at Xander's trousers until there was nothing standing between them. Spike reached down to palm Xander's shaft. “Mmm. Nice and hard for me. Good boy.”

Xander shuddered against him, and Spike lifted one of Xander's legs to wrap it around his waist. He reached for the lube he'd left on the small table by the door, squeezing a healthy dollop onto his fingers. He was fast and rough, knowing that they both enjoyed the urgency. Both loved the fact that they didn't have to be so measured, so careful anymore.

He saw Xander wince, and leaned in to kiss it away. His tongue danced against Xander's as he stretched him open, swallowing each of Xander's groans.

“Ready, Xan? Want me here?” Spike twisted his fingers, male satisfaction filling him as Xander pressed back against the touch.

“Fuck, yes.”

Spike knew he hadn't stretched Xander enough, knew it would burn as he slid inside. He reveled in the fact that he could make it burn, could give Xander a little pain with his pleasure now. Knew that Xander wanted it, too.

The small, stuttered hiss Xander gave as Spike pushed in made him want to thrust in hard. But he didn't, not really wanting to hurt Xander. Just wanting him to feel the sting of being taken, truly taken for the first time. Oh, Spike had been inside Xander before, but never like this. Never on his own terms. Never as himself.

Then he was there, all the way in, Xander's heat and softness surrounding him. Spike moaned, hitching Xander's other leg around his waist so that he was bearing almost all of Xander's weight. He pressed Xander up against the wall, using it as leverage to pull out and thrust back in.

“Yes, Spike. Harder, God!” Xander was rocking against him, shoulders pushing back against the wall, trying to force Spike into a faster rhythm.

“Such a randy bugger.” Spike teased, lips whispering across Xander's stubbled jaw. “Such a good fuck.”

Xander just kept grunting a soft “oh!” with each of Spike's thrusts. His eyes were glassy and bright, lips red from the earlier kisses. Then Xander tilted his head, baring his neck to Spike's eager mouth, “Do it, Spike, do it!”

Spike nearly came right then. Nearly spilled himself at the sight of Xander's hot willingness. He shook himself instead, baring his fangs and making Xander moan, a desperate and broken sound. Then he was sinking in, soft flesh parting at the point of each fang, hot blood filling his mouth.

They groaned in unison, Spike bucking up into Xander's arse.

They came within seconds of each other, Xander splashing hot and wet against Spike's stomach. Spike ground himself into Xander, filling him with spurt after spurt of his own sticky essence.

Xander was heavy in his arms, breath ragged against Spike's neck.

“Mine.” Spike's voice was soft, the word leaving his lips almost as an afterthought.

Some Porny Drabbles

Porny Drabble 1

“Yes,” Xander gasped, the ivory dildo cold and huge inside him. He closed his eyes imagining a smoothly accented voice whispering hotly in his ear. “Yes, Spike, please.” Xander grasped his aching shaft, riding the fake cock hard.

“What's this then?”

Xander screamed, eyes flying open. “Fuck.”

“Looks like you're already doing that, luv.” Spike trailed a hand down Xander's body, taking hold of Xander's straining cock for himself. “And thinking of old Spike while you do it.”

“I -- “

“'S all right. You can play for now. But, then I'm going to show you what a real cock feels like.”

Porny Drabble 2

[info]sevendeadlyfun wanted Spike/Xander, first time.

Xander's pulse pounded as Spike rolled his hips, rubbing their erections together. He was pretty sure the only thing keeping him upright at the moment was the wall at his back.

“Feels good, doesn't it?” Spike whispered, tongue rasping against Xander's throat.

“Yes,” Xander admitted, already knowing he was going to give in.

Spike cupped Xander's groin, pressing the heel of his hand against Xander's erection and rubbing.

“Oh, fuck!” Xander's hips jerked.

He could feel Spike grinning against his neck. “That's right, luv,” Spike said, pressing his cock against Xander's hip. “'S going to be a good, hard fuck.”

Porny Drabble 3

[info]spiceblueeyes wanted Spike/Xander focusing on Spike's accent.

Palms flat against Xander's belly, Spike teased the short trail of curls leading to his prize.

“Know what you want, luv, what you like,” Spike purred into Xander's ear, wrapping a hand around Xander's shaft just below the head. “Gonna talk you over, pet, while you fuck my hand, yeah?” Spike whispered, his accent rolling over Xander like a hot caress.

“Fuck, yes,” Xander said, already thrusting.

“That's it, pet,” Spike said. “Concentrate on my voice, yeah? Such a sweet cock my boy has; so hard, so hot. Yeah, fuck me, pet.”

Xander came, Spike's voice echoing in his ear.

Porny Drabble 4

Spike watched as Xander lowered himself onto Spike's cock. “That's it, luv. Nice and slow. You're in charge, yeah?”

They'd spent long minutes preparing Xander, Spike assuring him that he'd love every minute of having Spike's cock in his arse. He'd nearly burst when Xander had eyed him – oh, so innocently – nodding his agreement, cheeks ruddy.

“Gonna teach you everything, luv. What it means to find pleasure with another man's cock. The kind you've always dreamed of.” Spike smirked knowingly, cupping Xander's cheek, then leaned in to take one of the boy's dusky nipples in his mouth.

Spike,” Xander groaned.

Porny Drabble 5

Xander fought the urge to shift, body buzzing with anticipation. He wasn't bound, wasn't being forced to stay still by anything but Spike's quiet command and his own willingness.

He was blindfolded, though, which only made the anticipation worse... and his cock harder.

The first hot droplet fell into the dip of his belly button, making him jerk; Spike's low, husky laughter raising delicious goosebumps. Straining to sense the increased heat, Xander was still shocked when another drop fell directly atop his nipple.

Spike's cool breath tightened the wax, leaving Xander panting.

“Knew you'd like it, luv.”

Xander moaned agreement.

Porny Drabble 6

“You're dripping for me, aren't you, luv?” Spike pressed Xander roughly against the alley wall, one hand snaking down Xander's pants to cup his leaking cock.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Aching for me, aren't you? Been too long since you've had my cock stuffing your pussy.” Spike said matter-of-factly.

Yes,” Xander hissed, arching like a cat. “Please.”

“Tell me.” Spike licked a stripe up Xander's throat. “Tell me how much you need it. Tell me whose bitch you are.”

“Yours.” Xander gasped, spreading his now bare legs wide for Spike. “Your cock-hungry bitch.”

“Perfect,” Spike said, slamming into him.

Some Porn

Xander was so aroused it hurt. He pressed the heel of his hand over the hard bulge in his jeans. Groaning, he pulled himself free, needing to feel skin on skin, needing to come.

He didn't know what was going on, but his body burned.

"Hello," Spike's lilting accent floated from the doorway. "Got a problem, Harris?" Spike laughed and even that made Xander's cock pulse and ache.

"Can't," Xander panted, embarrassment warring with arousal, but he couldn't stop. "Jesus, have to, have to come," he said, his fingers tightening around his shaft as he stroked upward.

"Slayer told me you ran into a Dryshal demon. Took a bite out of you, didn't he? Burned didn't it? Still burning, yeah?" Spike smirked and Xander lost it.

He flew off the bed, trapping Spike against the wall. He knew Spike couldn't fight back, but Xander didn't care. He tore at the buttons of Spike's jeans until he could get them down. Until he could ruck Spike's shirt up and press himself, rub himself all over Spike's cool skin.

"Spike, Jesus, Spike, s-sorry. Can't stop," Xander groaned, pressing his face against Spike's neck and thrusting against him. "Please. Just. I won't, I won't do... just let me. Let me rub off on you. Let me... " Xander trailed off, hips thrusting, moaning when he accidentally thrust against Spike's cock, their hard lengths rubbing together unexpectedly.

He looked down, watching as the precum leaked from his cock head, as it dripped across Spike's skin.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, god." Xander wrapped a fist around his cock and stroked, pressing the head against Spike's belly. Painting hot liquid across Spike's flesh.

Spike moaned, and Xander shuddered. He stroked, faster and harder, until he spilled himself with a harsh groan, hips jerking with each achingly sweet pulse.

He waited, letting loose a frustrated groan when his cock didn't soften. When he glanced up, Spike's eyes had darkened, every inch of him suddenly predatory.

"Don't worry, pet," Spike purred, letting his jeans fall to the floor as he pressed Xander back until he fell onto the bed. "Spike's got you."

Some More Porn

Xander's mouth was hot and wet against his skin, making Spike shudder. He was like an inferno, every touch and press of his lips burning Spike's skin. And Xander was eager, so fucking eager, his hands grasping and tugging, fumbling a little with desperation.

Spike pressed him back into the mattress, groaning when Xander's legs fell open -- just a little, just enough -- to cradle Spike between his thighs. Their cocks slid together, wet and silky and perfect.

Spike's fingers closed around Xander's hip, digging into the flesh there as he rocked and rocked. Xander's tongue licked at his throat, teeth just scraping against his skin.

"Oh, fuck."

Xander had to know what that did to him. How crazy it made him to have Xan's mouth there, to feel the tease of blunt teeth. He arched his neck, presing back against Xander's mouth.

"Do it, Xan," he said, hoarse and scratchy.

Spike reached down, wrapping his hand around them both, tightening his grip until they were both groaning and thrusting faster and harder, almost painfully close to orgasm.

"God, feels good," Xander said against Spike's throat. "Need to come. Spike."

Xander's moan made Spike's gut tighten, made him press Xander even further into the mattress, rutting against him desperate and needy.

Then pain, sharp and bright, burst through him and he cried out. He could smell the coppery scent of his own blood, could feel Xander suckling at the shallow wound.

Xander made a soft, pleased sound as he licked at the mark he made and Spike lost it.

His hips snapped and he spilled himself between them; wetting them both, marking Xander with his scent, his come.

He reached down, tickling the soft spot just below Xander's balls as he continued to rock against him. Xander cried out, burying his face against Spike's throat as he convulsed, and pressed wet, sucking kisses along Spike's skin. Afterward, they lay tangled together, Xander breathing harsh and fast, Spike's arms banded possessively around him.

Some Schmoop

Xander probably should have thrown it out years ago. Neither of them used it anymore. It was too thin and holey. But it had been the last thing, the only thing of Spike's that Xander had been able to take from Sunnydale. And even after Spike's miraculous return, Xander hadn't been able to let it go.

“Hey, luv.” Cool arms slid around his waist and Xander flushed.

“I know, it's dumb,” he said, dropping the blanket and leaning back against Spike.

“Silly sod,” Spike said, kissing the side of Xander's neck, fangs just scraping skin. “'M glad you kept it.”

The End

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