Dawn/Xander Smut


Xander felt vaguely guilty about watching porn at the Summers' house. Buffy had asked him there to watch after Dawn while she and Giles did another one of those vision quests. He'd readily agreed to do his part, but when he'd been packing his duffel something had compelled him to drop a few DVDs in with his BVDs.

Maybe it was the fact that Anya had left and his only source of pleasure had become his hand. And, you know, you just can't get as good an orgasm with a hand. So, of course, you had to do it more often. Logical, right?

So, the first night, while Dawn was sleeping soundly in the room next door, Xander watched a young nubile, slinky brunette get banged by two guys at once. His cock was hard, throbbing in his hand as he listened to the sounds of her begging, encouraging the two guys to fuck her harder. He stroked and twisted and jerked off until he came groaning. Exhausted he punched the power button on the TV remote and fell asleep.


Xander could feel the grit of a long day’s work practically caking his skin. He was dreaming of a shower and a pizza as he climbed the steps to Joyce’s old bedroom. Soft moans and harsh grunts echoed through the closed door and Xander stood rooted to the floor.

Oh, fuck.

His heart pounded as he burst through the door – “Dawn, I can explain!”

Dawn squeeked, her face flushed, her hard nipples poking through thin cotton, and her hand pressing firmly against the crotch of her short-shorts. “X-Xander!”

Xander blinked, his cock semi-hard and rapidly filling at the erotic sight. Christ, this was wrong. But even though Dawn was completely clothed, Xander couldn’t remember ever seeing anything more arousing. His erection throbbed.

“Dawn, uh, what are you . . . I mean – “ Xander swallowed, his eyes tracking to the video still playing on the monitor behind Dawn’s head. He hadn’t noticed the night before how much the porn star resembled Dawn. Young, long-haired brunette with big expressive eyes and plump lips. Oh, fuck.

“N-nothing!” Dawn stammered, standing and rubbing sweaty palms against her t-shirt, which only served to plaster the material even tighter over her nipples. “I was just curious, I mean I’ve never – I’m sorry!” She almost sobbed.

Xander immediately felt like a heel. He’d been worried about his own embarrassment and hadn’t even bothered to think how Dawn might feel. “Aw, no, I’m sorry, Dawnie.” He moved automatically to comfort her, one hand rubbing soothingly up and down her back. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Don’t get upset. What, uh, what were you, uh, curious about?” Xander’s own face flamed with heat at having asked the question, the sounds of hard-core fucking still playing in the background.

Dawn practically threw herself flush against Xander’s body, burying her face in the crook of his neck. “I . . . nothing!”

Somehow he maneuvered them both onto the edge of the bed, relaxing his grip around her waist once they were both securely seated. She nuzzled closer, still too embarrassed to look him in the eye. And Xander bit back a groan at the feel of her against his overheated body.

“All, right, Dawnie. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want.” Xander said softly into her hair. He pressed a cheek against her scalp, closing his eyes as the soft silk of her strands teased his skin. “I’m sorry I ever brought those movies with me. Damn. I don’t even know what I was thinking.”

“You . . . you brought more than one?” Dawn’s voice was small, muffled against his shirt.

“Yeah, I – “ Xander could feel his heart pressing, thump-thump, heavily against his rib cage. “Dawn if you’re . . . if you’re curious we can watch them if you want. Or you can watch them alone.” He added hastily. “I just . . . I just want you to know that there’s nothing wrong about being curious about stuff like this. You know . . . about sex. I mean, if you had questions . . . “ Xander absentmindedly stroked her hair, his breath teased the skin at the base of her neck. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Dawnie.”

Dawn shivered in his arms, and Xander’s cock pulsed against his zipper.

“I know what sex is, Xander.” Dawn said, almost defiantly. “I mean, you know, in theory.”

“Sure, Dawnie.” Xander’s fingers brushed the skin of her throat, her collarbone. “Can’t hurt to actually see it being done though, if you want, that is.”

He could feel Dawn swallow, the pads of his fingers pressing lightly at the hollow of her throat. “You mean it’s okay? You know, if I wanted to? I mean, you’re not gonna call me a kid and tell me I’m too young?”

“Nah.” Xander’s voice had grown lower and huskier as they’d sat together. “Hell, I probably could have used the lessons at your age. Maybe I wouldn’t have made some of the mistakes I did later.”

“L-lessons?” Xander could swear he heard Dawn’s heartbeat quicken. “With you?” She was almost breathless against him.

“If you want.” Xander shrugged, trying to be nonchalant, trying to keep his voice calm. “We’ve got almost a week before Buffy and Giles get back. We could watch a video or a part of a video every day and then you could ask me questions, or . . . whatever.”

“Really?” Dawn pulled away and for the first time looked him straight in the eye, biting her bottom lip, then licking it nervously.

Xander groaned. “Yeah, really.”

Dawn’s eyes widened and he glance darted down to his lap. He could feel his cock lengthening under her direct gaze. “Are you . . . “ Her voice was soft, dreamy. “Are you h-hard right now?”

“Oh, yeah.” Xander breathed, trying not to come in his pants. A part of him wondered what the hell he was doing, but the other, hornier, part realized he hadn’t been this hard in years. Maybe ever.

“Because of the video?” She asked, her eyes darted to the screen then back to him.

“No, Dawnie.” Xander shook his head. “Because of you. Seeing you so hot and aroused . . . You’re very sexy, Dawn.”


“Yeah, you, sweetie.” Xander reached for Dawn’s hand and tugged her back to him, closer so that their lips were almost touching. “You’ve been biting your lip, kinda nervous, huh?” He smiled when she nodded. “Leaves them all wet and plump. Makes a guy ache to kiss them.” He teased her buy leaning forward, their lips barely brushing. “And when I first walked in . . . Christ, Dawn. Seeing your nipples so hard, and your hand between your legs. Even fully dressed you were the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” He punctuated his words by rubbing a thumb over her nipples and making her groan. “I was hard the second I walked in the door and saw you here.”

“Oh,” a soft, almost wondrous exhalation from Dawn’s lips.

“Turn around, sweetie.” Xander scooted back on the bed, spreading his legs so Dawn could sit between them. He pulled her back until her ass was pressing against his crotch and they could both watch the screen together. She was trembling against him, so he wrapped his arms around her middle and hugged her close. “Okay, Dawnie? Don’t be embarrassed, all right?”

Dawn nodded, but didn’t say a word.

“Do you have any questions, Dawn? You know, maybe about what you were watching before I came in?” He whispered in her ear, taking the opportunity to lick at the lobe.

“I . . . uh,” Xander smiled at her flustered words, at the way her back pressed back into his chest as if wanting an even more firm touch. “Uh, it looked like it hurt. D-does it hurt?”

“Sex?” He wanted her to clarify.

“Yes, but no, I mean,” he could practically feel her blush. “I mean with you know two of them. One of them in her . . . you know.”

“In her ass?” He couldn’t resist licking at the skin of her nape. “It probably hurt the first time she did it, for a little while. But if you stretch enough, if you go slow and prepare a girl before pushing inside her, the pleasure far outweighs the pain.” Xander shifted a little, thrusting his cock against Dawn’s ass as he imagined his own entry into her tight virgin hole.

“I-it s-sounds like you’ve done it before?” She made the sentence a question.

“Yeah, with An a few times. She liked it.” He answered matter-of-factly, his hand pressing against her belly, circling lightly.


They watched the movie for awhile, Xander too caught up in Dawn to really hear the words or follow the action. He only looked up when she started getting restless, when she started shifting her hips, her legs. Soft, muted sounds coming from the back of her throat.

The girl on screen was now on her knees, sucking one of the cocks that had just been inside her; tasting her own cum on the thick shaft.

It was obviously turning Dawn on. Xander could practically smell her arousal. His hand shifted minutely, pressing down on her mons. She moaned and her head fell back onto his shoulder.

“You like that, Dawnie? Like watching her lick him like that? After he’d been inside her?” Xander was thrusting rhythmically against her backside, his pants sporting a large wet spot.

“I . . . I don’t know.” Her voice was high pitched, breathless. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Does it make you wonder what it would taste like? How it would feel to have a cock in your mouth? One wet with your own juices?” Xander spoke softly, gently. As if the questions were common, routine for any curious teenager. His hand moved surreptitiously until his fingers were teasing the waistband of her shorts. Then he slowly slid them beneath to find the lace of her panties.

“Wouldn’t that taste . . . I mean, it would taste bad, wouldn’t it?” She asked, her eyes closed now, focusing on Xander’s voice instead of the movie.

“Does it look like she thinks it tastes bad?” Xander inhaled sharply when his fingers tangled in her wet curls. “Doesn’t she look like she’s enjoying it?” Xander pressed his index finger to her clit and her hips jerked. “That’s it, Dawnie. Just feel how good it can be.”

“Xander, oh god.”

“That’s right. That’s your clit, Dawnie. Or clitoris. But I like clit. It’s short and to the point, you know?” He teased, his fingers dipping in and out of her cunt, swirling around her clit and then back down and in. Cycling through the torture until Dawn was moaning and panting in his arms.

“That’s it baby. Ride my fingers.” His voice grew hoarse, his body tightening with need. “Press back against me, Dawn. Christ! Rub your ass against my cock.” His fingers moved faster and faster until she was screaming and he was coming in his jeans.

More Forbidden Dawn/Xander Smut

Xander hadn't meant for it to happen. He hadn't. Giles had looked tired so he'd offered to close up the shop. He hadn't meant to put the ring on, hadn't even known he'd done it. Not until he'd gotten home.

Well, not home. He'd been staying at Buffy's for the past week while she, Willow and Tara were out of town at some... girl thing. Dawn had been pretty pissed that she hadn't been allowed, but she still had another two weeks before summer vacation and Buffy hadn't wnated her to miss any school.

So, it was the Xan-man on Dawnie duty.

So, he'd gone home to the Summer's house and he'd accidentally walked in on Dawnie making her way from the bathroom to her bedroom after a shower. The only thing she'd been wearing was an old terry cloth robe and Xander hadn't been able to stop the image from popping into his mind.

Dawn -- sexy little smile on her face, her cheeks flushed because the thought of Xander watching her was arousing and hot... stepping forward, hands untying the knot on her robe...

Xander had gotten hard so fast, he'd stammered, automatically took a step back.

And then his fantasy had suddenly turned into reality.

Dawn was naked, beautiful and naked, in front of him. Her eyes were shining bright with lust and her nipples were hard, aching for his touch.

"Dawnie?" Xander was frozen in shock.

"You know I've always wanted you, Xander, don't you?" Dawn said, slinking toward him, hands reaching to touch his chest. She rubbed up against him, naked and still damp from her shower. "Please, Xan. I want you. Want you so bad," she said, then reached for his hand, pressing it against her wet pussy.

It was like Xander's own personal porno. A fantasy imagined more times than he'd ever admit to anyone. It was wrong, so fucking wrong, but Xander wanted her.

He felt heat pulse around his finger and looked down to find the ring he hadn't known he was wearing pulse bright and white against his tanned skin.

"Fuck me," Dawnie said, her voice breathy.

"Yes," Xander hissed, reaching for her. It didn't take him long to herd her into the closest bedroom, to strip and join her on the bed. "Tell me you want it."

"Want it," she repeated dutifully, arching into him.

"What do you want, Dawnie? Tell me." Xander said, sliding his cock between the folds of her entrance. "I want to hear you say it."

"Your cock," Dawn moaned. "Want your cock, Xander. Inside me. Fucking me. Sliding in fast and deep. Filling me. Please, god, fuck me, please." She was babbling, her body writhing against his, desperate and horny, just like he'd always imagined -- wished she would be with him.

God, there was no way he could stop himself from thrusting, from pushing himself inside her.

"Oh." Dawn gasped and groaned, her legs tightening around him.

Even though he felt himself take her virginity, felt her flesh tear, she didn't flinch, didn't even notice the pain. She was too caught up in the feel of Xander inside her, and he was glad that the ring, or whatever the hell was making her act like this had saved her from that. He even felt a little justified that he'd made her first time so damn good for her.

"That's right, Dawnie. Love my cock, don't you? Need me inside you. Need me fucking you."

"Yes!" Dawn said, grinding against him.

"Fuck, you feel good," Xander said, rolling so that he was on bottom. "Ride me, Dawnie. Show me how much you want my cock."

"So, good," Dawn groaned, face flushed. She rode him fast and hard, desperate for Xander's cock. "Need to come. Need to feel you come. Want to feel you pulsing inside me. Making me your. Want your come. Xan. Please."

"Be a good girl, Dawnie, and you can have it. Squeeze me with that tight little pussy. Tell me how good my cock feels, how you're never going to need another cock in your pussy but mine."

"Not," Dawn gasped, bouncing up and down on Xander's shaft. "Just yours. Just need your cock. So good in my pussy. Filling my cunt." She was sobbing with need, even her chest was flushed with arousal.

"Come for me, Dawn. Come for me and I'll fill you up, just like you want. Just like you need."

Dawn groaned, her pussy contracting around his cock, squeezing his climax from him.

Crying out, Xander grabbed her hips and started thrusting, fucking her as he pulsed and jerked iside her tight cunt.

She kissed him, slid her tongue against his, as her hands rubbed up and down his chest, his sides. "Thank you, Xander, thank you." She said, wriggling a little so that his cock slid just a little in and out of her come filled pussy.

"Oh, fuck," Xander said, the whole thing hitting him at once. Guilt and shame overshadowed by an arousal that still hadn't been sated. Xander knew that he should pull the ring off and throw it out the window. Knew he shouldn't have ever touched Dawn. Knew he shouldn't ever touch Dawn.

But his hand curled into a fist instead, the heat of the ring, pulsing against his skin. And he knew that he wasn't ever going to take the damned thing off.

The End

[info]jameschick wanted some raunchy Dawn/Xander. I never know exactly what 'raunchy' or 'naughty' or 'dirty' really entails, so I just try to make it hot, which for me includes dirty talkin. I also sort of made this a sequel to this untitled Dawn/Xander story I wrote 2 years ago.

She was fingering herself while he watched.

He wanted to fuck her so badly, had wanted it since forever, that he ached all over; especially after watching the way she'd taken the dildo he'd brought home for her last night.

Dawn's face was flushed as she spread her pussy open for him. “Fuck me. Need your cock. Please. Fill my hungry cunt.”

Jesus, she was a fast learner. She'd already figured out how to get what she wanted. He pressed his cock to her opening.

“Yes! Feed me your cock.”

Xander lost it, thrusting himself to the hilt inside her.

The End

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