5th in the Dirty Talk series

Pairing: X/S

Summary: Video smut. Written for the Batpack 2004 Hands-on Challenge.

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Dirty Talk 5


Xander was cleaning the apartment when he came across the small shoebox with his name on it. It'd been two days since Spike had left with Giles to retrieve whatever mystical whatsit was needed for the latest apocalypse, unfortunately this time they were completely separated. Spike wouldnít even have time for a phone call, so Xander was stuck in the apartment feeling lonely.

Since he didnít have anything better to do he figured he'd clean, and maybe come across a couple of the comics he'd been missing for the past few years. Instead he found this. A nondescript shoe box with his name clearly written in Spike's old world script.

Sitting down on the couch he opened the box, finding several items including a video, a video camera, a note, a dildo, and a cock ring. Smiling he opened the note to see more of Spike's unusual handwriting.


Miss you already. Wish you could've come with, but the ex-Watcher says it'll be dangerous enough with just the two of us. And that being the case, you're best staying at home where you're safe.

Left you a pressie or two. First things first, set up the camera like a good boy, so's I can see how much you like your pressie once I get home.

After you've got that done strip down, knickers and all, luv. Then pop the tape in, and keep the rubber cock close, yeah? Don't forget the cock ring! Don't want you coming too soon to enjoy the whole show.

Love you. Miss you.
Home soon,


By the time Xander had setup the camera and stripped he was already hard with anticipation. It took only a second to slip the cock ring on, before he stationed himself in front of the television and pushed play.

His lover's sexy smirk greeted him and Xander smiled back, wishing Spike could be there with him as well.

"Hello, luv." Spike leered at the camera. "Glad to see you know how to follow instructions, Xan. Even when I'm not around to make sure you do them proper."

Xander laughed, love and arousal mixing to leave him hot and flushed all over. He watched as Spike made a show of checking the watch Xander had given him for the previous Christmas.

"You're still at work right about now, luv, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to make your pressie." The camera panned back showing Spike in all his nude glory with smirk still firmly set in place, and cock hard and purpled. "Like it so far, luv?"

Xander nodded.

"You know why I'm so hard, Xan? Why I'm so ready to explode?" Spike asked, stroking his cock as he did.

Xander shook his head, his own hand drifting down to touch himself.

The camera panned again, this time to the left, and focused in on the same television set that Xander was now watching. Except behind Spike a different video was playing. Xander's body reacted automatically, bucking into the cool air as his hand tightened its grip on his cock.

The video Spike had been watching was of the two of them. Xander was naked on the floor on his hands and knees, Spike behind him. The camera had been angled just so, letting the viewing party see Spike's pale, cool length sliding in and out.

Xander groaned as he watched the familiar video. Spike must have turned the volume up because he could now hear the harsh grunts and groans that issued from his video-self. While Spike's dirty words washed over him. He could even hear the slap of flesh on flesh as Spike pistoned into him.

The camera panned back to Spike, who was now spread-eagled on the same couch Xander lay on, one hand playing leisurely with his balls. "Watching you take me in, luv, it always makes me hard. Just watching you, Xan, makes me hard. Love seeing you kneeling there, ready for me. Begging me to take you. Thrusting back, fucking yourself on my prick."

Xander shifted, leaving most of his ass hanging off the couch as he continued to watch and listen. He grabbed the lube from the end table, and slicked his fingers, getting his cock and balls wet with the oily substance.

On the video movement caught his eye and he watched transfixed as he saw Spike pull out the same dildo that now sat beside Xander on the couch.

"Wish this were you, luv. Gonna close my eyes and pretend it's you inside me, you fucking me good. Want you to do the same, yeah? Picture me pushing in and out of you, splitting you wide with my cock." Spike mumbled eyes closed as he pushed the dildo in to his opening. Groaning he began to thrust the rubber cock in and out, ever so slowly, until he was able to take the whole of it in.

Xander's cock hurt. The metal of the ring surrounding his base was biting into his sensitive skin making him wince. But he knew that Spike was right and that if he took off the ring now, he'd never make it through the whole video. So instead he pushed two slick fingers into his own tight hole and began to prepare himself.

"Ah, Gods, Xan. Love the feel of you. The way you fill me up, and make me crazy. Some days, when you're gone like this, all I can do is sit and think of you, luv. Think of you coming home to me. Coming home to take me, to be with me, to love me." Spike's eyes were closed and Xander could tell he was picturing them together. "Other days, I'm so horny, want you so much, that I take out our special 'collection' and watch you all day. Watch us making love together, fucking each other, rutting like wild things."

Spike's voice was lulling Xander into a sexual haze. His ass was clutching at the fingers he'd stuffed in there, and wanting more. He pulled out and grabbed the dildo, pushing the rubber head inside roughly.

"Spike!" He groaned as the flared tip pushed through his entrance.

"Have you got it inside you, luv?" Spike asked from the television. "Can you feel that rubber cock filling your hole, scraping against your tunnel walls?"


"Picture me, luv." Spike asked. "Picture me there with you."

"I am, Spike. I am. Wish you were here." Xander's hand sped up as it thrust the cock in and out of his body. He shifted angling the head downward and massaged his prostate. His breath hitched and his hands stilled for just a moment as his own cock throbbed hard against its restraints.

Spike wrapped his hand around his own cock and pumped fast and furious, Xander did the same. "Wish I could wrap my lips around that beautiful cock of yours, Xan. Know how much I love your taste? Know how much I crave it? You?"

"Ungh!" Xander was nearly incoherent. His lover's words drifted around him as he pictured him there, touching him, sucking him, fucking him.

By now, Xander's body was lifting off the couch cushions thrusting into the air and back down onto the pliant dildo. He groaned, closing his eyes, listening to Spike's words. Picturing the vampire there, wishing it were his lover's cock impaling him.

"Oh, luv," Spike groaned. Xander could hear the slap of skin and the squish of lube as it was rubbed against Spike's cock in a frenzy. Somehow hearing the amorous sounds without actually seeing what Spike was doing made the whole thing even more erotic. Xander squeezed his eyes shut even tighter.

"Get ready, Xan. Gonna cum, want you to cum with me, luv, okay?" Xander could hear as Spike's rhythm changed, accelerated. As his lover's breathing increased along with his movements.

Xander found that one little quirk endearing to him. The fact that when Spike got excited, when they were making love, or just making out, Spike always reverted to old habits and began to breathe. To pant harshly as he lost control.

"Now, Xan, now!" Spike screamed, erupting on screen.

Xander quickly hit the quick release on the cock ring, letting the orgasm roll over and through him. His whole body spasmed as his cock exploded, cum splattering over chest and abdomen.



Both men cried out at once, Xander opening his eyes and staring hard into the blue orbs glowing back at him.

"Love you, Xan. Miss you." Spike whispered.

"Love you, too. Miss you, too." Xander answered, letting the lethargy of a hard climax creep over his body. "Wish you were here." Xander slipped into sleep just as the video cut off.

The sound was still buzzing low, the screen snowy when Spike entered quietly. He grinned as he made his way to the living room, knowing what his lover must have been doing in his absence.

He turned the telly off, then cradled Xander in his arms as he carried him to bed.

"Mmmm, Spike. Miss you."

Growling low as a surge of affection ran through him, Spike answered by nuzzling his nose into Xander's hair and breathing in his lover's scent. "'m home, luv. I'm right here with you."

"Love you."

"Love you, too, Xan."

Spike tucked Xander in before stripping down and joining his love. He snuggled Xander close, then drifted off to sleep dreaming of the morning to come.

The End

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