Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Daddy!kink

Summary: This was really just an excuse for me to use words like "pussy" and "cunt" and to call Xander a whore. Also, Xander's in a dress. If this doesn't float your boat, please don't read it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, especially not these characters or the show they came from.

Baby Doll


Xander woke to the feel of silk sliding across his skin. He felt disoriented and a little sore. Every muscle in his body felt well used, and he winced when his slight shifting made his ass sting.

"Shh." A cool palm cupped his cheek.

Xander's eyes shot open. "S-Spike?" Xander shivered as Spike's hand slid from his cheek to his chest, rubbing lightly over his nipple. Memories of the night before flooded back, of the way Spike had pressed him into the mattress, his body covering Xander's completely as he thrust inside for the first time.

Spike's hand shifted again, covering Xander's other nipple and teasing it to hardness.

It was then that Xander realized he wasn't naked. He was covered in something silky and smooth. He glanced down and gasped. He was wearing a... dress. One of those baby doll dresses, deep red and silky. He shifted a little and realized that he must be wearing the matching thong panties, too. He could feel them stretching over his cock, could feel the cool sheets against his bare ass.

He tensed and tried to sit up, but Spike was on top of him, holding him down.

"Uh, uh, pet. You're not going anywhere," Spike said, then leaned in and kissed him.

It was just like last night, slow and possessive and so arousing that Xander's hips started rocking up to meet Spike's before he even knew what he was doing.

"Good boy," Spike said against Xander's lips, one hand reaching around to cup Xander's ass. "Know what you want, don't I? Want to be such a good little slut for me, yeah? You were good last night, pet, but today you're going to be even better for me, aren't you? Want to please me, don't you?"

Spike's hand was squeezing his ass, doing something to the thong that made it rub teasingly across Xander's hole. He shuddered, his mind reeling. They hadn't done anything like this last night. It had been their first time together, Xander's first time ever and Spike had been so... gentle. He'd made Xander feel so good, made him come so hard; all the while whispering things in Xander's ear, nice things, hot thing, dirty things. But, nothing like this.

"Spike? What's going on?" Xander trembled a little as Spike's hand swiped lightly over his cock.

Spike kissed his ear, kissed his neck, and nuzzled Xander some place that made heat spiral through him. "Know I was your first, pet," Spike said, licking and nipping at Xander's shoulder. "Always knew you were a bright one, yeah? Such a fast learner. Caught right on, you did. Knew exactly what to do with that hungry little mouth of yours, how to get me hard as a rock. Had good incentive, though, didn't you, pet? Wanted my cock right here," Spike said, emphasizing his words by rubbing his thumb across Xander's hole, pressing in just the tip, just enough to make Xander suck in a breath. "In that sweet cunny, yeah?"

"C-cunny?" Xander was so confused. He could feel himself dripping into the silky front of his thong.

"This feel good, luv?" Spike asked, rubbing Xander's cock now and dropping kisses all over his face. "Does, doesn't it, pet? Can feel you so hard and wet beneath my hand. Know why it feels so good?"

Xander shook his head as he arched into the touch.

"Look at yourself, pet. Bet all that silk and satin feels nice against your skin, yeah?" Spike kept rubbing, making Xander moan and writhe. "Wouldn't be so hard, so wet for me, if you didn't like it. Would you, pet?"

"B-but... but I -- "

"But what, pet? Does it feel good, or doesn't it? Can feel you so hard beneath me. Can feel how swollen your little clitty is."

"C-clitty?" Xander stuttered again. He didn't know why Spike was talking like this, what he was doing.

"Wearing a dress, aren't you? Little girl's dress. Getting hard as I rub your little nub. Bet your pussy's aching, too, isn't it? Want daddy to fill you up, baby?" Spike's hand slid beneath Xander, pressing up against his hole, teasing him with the thin strap of his thong.

"Tell me this doesn't feel good, pet. Tell me you don't want daddy's cock in that hungry little cunny of yours." Spike pulled at the thong, ripping it off Xander, freeing his cock. "Want daddy to make you feel good, baby? Want to be daddy's good girl, don't you, luv?"

Spike kept pressing the tip of a finger inside of him, sometimes all the way up to the first knuckle, but it wasn't enough. It left Xander aching and desperate. Spike's other hand was flitting here and there, caressing him softly wherever there was bare skin. Sometimes he'd brush lightly over Xander's nipples, the silk of the dress making the touch feel... like nothing Xander had ever felt before. And he kept kissing Xander, all over. Sweet, soft kisses. Even while he continued whispering, urging Xander to admit what he really wanted.

Xander spread his legs, whimpering when Spike didn't accept the unspoken invitation. "Please."

"Please, what, pet? You have to tell daddy what you want. Tell daddy if he's doing right, if he's making his baby feel good. Daddy just wants to take care of his baby girl, wants her to get everything she deserves, yeah?"

"S-Spike, yes, please. Please I want... Fuck me."

"Is that how little girls ask nicely? Is that how little girls talk to their daddies?" Spike coaxed, sounding disappointed and it made something inside Xander twist, made his gut clench.

"No, d-d-daddy. Sorry," Xander said, turning to bury his face against Spike's shoulder, shamed and horny and still so confused.

"Gonna thank daddy for the pretty dress he got you, luv?"

Xander glanced down again, reaching up for the first time with his own hand and touching the satiny material. He rubbed it between his fingers, then let one palm skate over a hard nipple poking through the fabric. "Feels good, daddy. Thank you," he whispered, barely audible.

"Good girl," Spike praised, kissing Xander full on the lips. "No worries, luv. Daddy will teach you your manners soon enough. That's what daddies are for, yeah? To teach and love and take care of their baby girls."

"Love?" Xander said, latching onto the word as he arched up for more kisses, wanting them, needing them. "Daddies love their little girls?" Xander asked because he was too afraid to ask if that meant that Spike loved him. He wanted it to, wanted to believe that he hadn't been the only one thinking that last night was more than just sex.

"That's right, pet," Spike said, in that praising tone again. "Knew you were a quick one. Daddy's love their baby girls. Daddy loves his good girl because he knows how much she wants to please him, knows how much she loves him." Spike pressed one whole finger in all the way to the hilt as he said the last.

Xander moaned, pressing back, desperate for more. "Yes, daddy. Please. Want it. Want you inside my pussy. Want to be your little girl."

"Know you do, pet," Spike said, kissing his forehead. "Daddy knows what's best for his baby." He slapped the inside of Xander's thigh. "Now open up for daddy, he wants to play with his girl's pussy."

"Oh, god," Xander said, spreading his thighs as wide as possible.

"Such a good girl." Spike stroked himself, wetting his fingers with his own pre-come before returning to tease Xander's hole. "Don't worry, luv, you'll learn soon enough how to please daddy. Want that, don't you, Xan? Want to please me? Be my girl?"

Spike's fingers were thrusting in and out now, a little bit harder, a little bit faster. All Xander could do was moan in acquiescence.

"Daddy's going to teach you how to be the best little girl slut. Going to be a right whore for daddy, aren't you, luv?"

"Please," Xander whined, bracing his feet against the mattress and thrusting back against Spike's fingers just like the slut daddy was calling him. "Please."

"Tell daddy what you want, luv."

"Daddy," Xander sobbed the word. "Want daddy."

"Where do you want him, pet. Tell me." Spike pulled his fingers free and brought them to Xander's lip. "Suck, luv. Taste yourself. Suckle daddy's fingers like you want to suckle his cock. Gonna be your new binky, yeah? Whenever you need something filling that sweet mouth of yours, can have daddy's cock. That's my promise to you pet, always there for my girl, aren't I?"

Xander's mind was whirling. He was sucking on Spike's fingers, not thinking about the taste or anything else, just wanting to do whatever Spike asked. Spike's words left him feeling jittery and hot. Binky? Spike wanted him to suck on his cock like a... a pacifier? Like he really was a little girl who needed a bottle, something to suckle on, something to make him feel warm and secure and good?

Xander groaned, closing his eyes as his cock... no his clit... Xander shook his head. God, what was happening? But then Spike's fingers wrapped around his shaft and Xander was lost to sensation again.

"Look how swollen your little clitty is, luv? Like what daddy's doing, don't you?"

Xander didn't have time to nod or moan or anything before Spike's cock was pressing against his hole, pushing into his pussy.

"Oh, luv, your cunny is so perfect for daddy. So hot and smooth, so tight around daddy's cock." Spike rocked into him, taking him.

Xander was moaning now, almost non-stop. It felt so good. Spike was right, it was perfect. "Daddy," he breathed. "Need..." God, he needed it so bad.

"Know what you need, luv," Spike whispered, his cock fully seated inside Xander's trembling body. "You're daddy's sweet baby girl." Spike caressed his cheek with one hand, the other wrapping the skirt of Xander's dress around his clit and stroking him through the satin. "His little cock hungry whore."

"Yes," Xander whined, arching into the touch. It was almost too much, the feel of that satin wrapped around him. It was better and worse than Spike's bare hand on his skin, it was torture.

"Come for me, luv," Spike said. "Come for daddy like a good girl."

Xander cried out, bucking up against his daddy, staining his pretty new dress with come.

"Don't worry, pet," Spike said, kissing him. "I'll buy my girl a new dress."

God, had Xander said that aloud?

"Daddy'll take care of his greedy little cunt. Deserve a hundred new dresses, don't you, luv?" Spike said, slamming into Xander with every thrust. "Taking daddy's cock like a good little slut."

"Yes," Xander moaned, shifting so that he could take Spike deeper. "Want to be good for you, daddy. Want to be your good slut."

"Are, pet," Spike said, taking Xander's mouth in a hard kiss. "Now squeeze me tight, luv. Just like that. Yes, pet. Use that sweet cunt of yours to get daddy off."

Xander tightened his muscles again and again, loving the sounds that Spike made each time.

"Yes, baby," Spike groaned. "Daddy's coming. Daddy's going to fill his baby girl, gonna fill that hungry pussy with come."

"Oh, god," Xander gasped, feeling Spike thicken and pulse inside of him. He was panting, exhausted and wrung out.

Spike kissed his cheek, the corner of his mouth. He nuzzled Xander's skin, just below his ear, and made him shiver.

"Gonna keep you, pet. Just like this. Always ready for daddy."

"Keep me?" Xander asked, sleepy but feeling a little desperate for the answer, too.

"'Course, luv. You're mine now, yeah?" Spike said, cock slowly sliding free of Xander's clasping cunt.

Everything inside Xander loosened at that, and he curled into Spike's side. "Yeah."

The End

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