Show Off

Xander trailed behind his master into the dark and hazy club. This one had the feel of a demon club. Of course, Xander couldn't have described the difference between a demon club and a human one if he tried, well except for the obvious lack of demons in a human club, but the demon clubs always felt different.

His kept his hands tucked behind him, and his tail restlessly twitched as Xander watched the various legs wander by. Some, like Spike, just wore jeans. Others had leather pants and shiny, black boots. A few had bare feet with shorts or cock harnesses. Xander wore soft, tight leather pants, but the things had no crotch, so only a small leather pouch hid his goodies up front, and his tail was his only cover in the back.

Spike stopped to talk to one or two people as they crossed the floor, and the wood felt cool beneath Xander's bare feet as he waited. The whole chit-chat thing just confirmed Xander's guess that it was a demon bar since Spike wasn't big with chit-chatting humans. Usually Spike plus chit-chat plus human equaled Xander working hard to try and distract Spike from eating someone.

When Spike moved again, Xander silently followed, sinking to his knees when Spike finally dropped into a chair.

"Master Spike, good to see you again," rumbled a voice. "I heard you were looking for me."

"Yeah, mate. Have some business with ya, but that can wait. Pull up a chair," Spike answered as he used a boot to push one of the other chairs away from the table. The other man slowly sank down, his sheer size making the wood groan, but Xander didn't look up long enough to see just how inhuman the inhuman guy might be. The sheer size of his legs left Xander wanting to press into the protection Spike offered, but he held still, his tail's restless flicking the only movement.

"I heard you had a pretty little pet. Not like you... taking a human pet."

"This one's special," Spike said, and strong fingers stroked Xander's hair, a finger reaching in and brushing his cheek. "Was the slayer's boy. The chit took somethin' from me, and I took somethin' from her."

"Ah. Well, he is a pretty one. I prefer the males myself."

Xander shuddered and his tail flipped all the way around to thwack Spike's leg. Xander had no problem with his own status. He was happy. But the mention of other demons taking other slaves... okay, Xander could admit to being a hypocrite because that totally squicked him.

"Stand up, pet," Spike said as he nudged Xander's thigh. Xander stood without looking up, spreading his feet so that he gave a good view of the pouch that tightly constricted his cock and balls. Funny, Xander remembered a day he would have died of embarrassment at being in this position, but now, he felt a faint sort of pride. Spike was showing him off because he admired Xander. This demon wanted to look because he wanted Xander and couldn't have more than a look. Xander held absolutely still until Spike gave him another nudge.

Wordlessly, Xander began to turn. He flexed as he held his arms behind his back so that his muscles would show nicely as he presented his back to the stranger. Something touched his tail, and Xander flicked it away in shock.

"Oi, look don't soddin' touch," Spike snapped.

"My apologies, Master Spike. I was curious as to the changes."

Meanwhile, Xander continued to stand, allowing himself to inch closer to Spike as he hid his smile under the canopy of his hair. Demon boy wanted him. Okay, that should be a big old disturbo, but not so much. Now demon boy getting him would be a huge disturbo, but no way would Spike ever let that happen.

"Yeah, well, the boy is mine, so keep your bloody hands to yourself. You aren't the only demon sellin' his services around here."

"Of course, Master Spike."

Xander stood silent while Spike ran a hand over his bare chest, fingers going up to tug on a nipple before they slid down to Xander's waistband. "You're mine, aren't you, pet?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," Xander immediately agreed.

"Do whatever you're told?"

"Yes, Master."

"Off with the pants, pet," Spike ordered. Xander hesitated for only a scant second out of surprise before working the buckle on the front of his chaps, releasing it so that he could wiggle out of the tight leather. That left him in just his cock cover, the belt it was attached to, and the wrist leathers with the thick rings. Well, that and the collar, but the collar only came off when Spike bathed him since only Spike could touch it, and so it had become a part of Xander rather than something on Xander.
Xander reached down and grabbed his pants, folding them before holding them out for his master. Spike took them and tossed them back to the floor before he ran a hand over Xander's hip.

"Such a pretty pet. Bet every demon in the club would want ya, and they can't bloody have you," Spike whispered, and Xander groaned as he cock did its best to thicken in its confinement. "They're lookin' at ya, wishing they had that strong body under them, wishing they could feel your strength bend to them," Spike crooned as he slipped his hands to Xander's waist so they rested on the belt that locked the cock pouch in place.

Spike put pressure against one hip, and Xander allowed Spike to manipulate him so that Xander's hips swung in a slow rhythm. When Spike stopped, Xander continued to slowly sway, his tail brushing the backs of his legs as he looked up at Spike through the hair that tumbled in front of his face.

"Such a pretty boy," the demon behind him agreed, but Xander ignored him as he watched Spike's leer grow. Oh yeah, his vamp was about ready to throw Xander over the table and have him right in the middle of the club, and Xander Jr. was totally up for that plan. Xander groaned at the ache in his groin. Okay, Xander Jr. wasn't up, but he would be the minute Spike released him from his tight prison.

Xander let his eyes fall closed as he continued his silent dance, twisting his hips provocatively and desperately hoping for Spike to pounce.

"Pet," Spike said, his voice low and dangerous. Xander opened his eyes and considered his master from under his lashes. Oh yeah, he knew how to play it up when he wanted it. Spike reached down and pulled at his jeans. "Pet, look up there," Spike nodded toward one side of the club.

Xander glanced over and saw four half-naked boys standing on pedestals, their arms fastened to chains dangling from the ceiling so that their hands were level with their chins. One had backed up to the far side of his pedestal as he looked across the crowd nervously, and two looked pale as they stood blinking in spotlights that cast them in a reddish light.

Then, there was a blank space as though someone had taken several pedestals down. At the far side of the club, a red spotlight lit up a dark haired boy. He stood with his legs slightly spread as he threw salacious looks down toward the people who walked past his pedestal.

Xander could see the hunger for attention; he could almost taste it. The other three might not be sure about being up there, but the tall dark-haired boy in cut off jeans so short Daisy Duke wouldn't wear them... he was all about that spotlight.

"What do you think of that?" Spike asked as he slipped an arm around Xander's waist, pulling him back so that Xander stood between Spike's legs.

"The dark-haired boy likes it up there, Master," Xander answered.

"Yeah. He's probably got a master down here, someone who's watching all these wankers lust after his boy. And when his boy comes down, he'll take him home and shag him raw knowing that all these others want what he has."

Xander moaned, his cock sending threads of pain down through him as his cock struggled against its confinement, but he kept his hands behind his back and his body still. Of course, that didn't mean that he couldn't lean back into Spike and tangle his fingers in his master's shirt in a silent plea for sex.

"Go over to that git by the emergency door, the one in the hat," Spike said as he nodded toward the end of the pedestals where a tall man or possibly a demon in a really weird hat stood watching the boys. "Tell him that your Master wants you up on number two."

"Yes, Master," Xander agreed, remaining motionless long as Spike's hands rested on his hips.

"Go on then," Spike said as he finally let Xander go and gave a sharp slap on the ass. Xander wandered away with a sway in his hips, and behind him, he could hear Spike hiss. Oh yeah, if Xander had to walk around horny, he was making Spike suffer right along with him.

Xander twisted through the milling crowd, ignoring the occasional horn or hoof until he finally reached the hat dude. The DJ turned on the microphone sending a screeching howl through the room that made Xander flinch and sent more than one demon staggering with hands over ears. Ignoring the distractions, Xander headed straight for the corner.

The demon snorted when Xander walked up to him, his nose widening, and Xander forced himself to breathe slowly and calm his heart. Spike wouldn't have sent him up if the guy were dangerous. "My Master wants me up on number two," Xander said respectfully. The demon cocked his head, his complexion green even in the red light of the club. Then he pointed, and Xander turned and walked where he'd been sent. A couple of feet away from the flirting boy, a groove defined a circle, and Xander stopped on it, waiting as the demon somehow brought a set of chains rattling down from the ceiling.

The demon locked Xander's wrists to the chain, and then disappeared right before the circle under Xander's feet started rising. Using the chain to balance himself, Xander waited until his pedestal reached the top, about four feet high, and the soft, red spotlight found him.

Okay, he could just stand here looking shocked at the number of people who now stared at him, especially since a tiny leather pouch stood between him and nudity, or he could make Spike pay for putting him up here. Besides, maybe if he could get as much attention as dark-haired boy, maybe Spike would take him home and shag him raw. Oh that, that would be of the good.

Xander groaned as his cock swelled, but with his hands chained so that his hands dangled helplessly near his head, Xander couldn't do much about it. He twisted his hips as the music started, hoping to somehow shift something so that he was a little more comfortable.

The shifting didn't work, but Xander looked up to see Spike had moved to a new table so that he sat at the edge of the stage where the light for the DJ spilled over onto him. Xander ducked his head and swiveled his hips more suggestively.

Oh yeah, Spike was so paying, Xander smiled to himself as Spike shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Xander closed his eyes and slowly nodded to the strong dance beat. When he had convinced himself to forget the audience and just focus on Spike, watching him, aching for him, Xander started rocking his hips.

The drum pounded through the floor, and Xander let that soak up through his feet and command his body. His tail flipped in time with the beat, and Xander let his head fall back as he undulated.

Xander turned slowly, feeling eyes watch him. For years, Xander had tried everything to distract people from his body… from his bruises and his insecurities. He still remembered when he'd gone undercover with the swim team, and he'd used pretty much anything to hide behind: towels, floaty boards, sea monsters. Yep, Xand the Chicken about his own body Man, and that really needed work. Except, Xander didn't have to work on it any more because now he had no problem flashing his stuff.

Xander looked over his shoulder and watched as Spike leaned forward, completely ignoring the mountain of a demon who sat next to him. Xander spread his feet to the edges of the platform as he started twisting his hips, the momentum sending his tail swinging.

The swish of soft hair across his legs made Xander groan, but as he watched, Spike's tongue ran along the inside of his lip. Oh yeah, Spike wanted him. Xander gave the tail an extra flip as he twisted, exposing his backside for Spike. Spike flashed into game face right in the middle of the club. A couple of people stumbled away, but Spike just shook his head as his human face slipped back in place. Oh yeah, playing 'look don't touch' might work out better than Xander expected.

Xander lost himself in the heavy beat, letting his body twist and rock without thought as he danced for Spike. Let the teasing bastard get work done with this going on, Xander thought to himself smugly as he leaned forward and then arched his back so that he held his weight with his arms.

The music shifted, and so did Xander, slipping into a faster beat that sent him twirling, his arms flexing as he strained against the chains. Something brushed his leg, and Xander's eyes popped open in time to see a tentacle disappear as the guard who had put him up here planted a fist in a demon's face.

Xander looked up, and Spike had half-risen from his seat, his hands flat on the table and his game face showing as he snarled. The demon who'd touched Xander didn't even get up off the floor, he just crab-walked backwards leaving a trail of wet behind.

Well, that was a new way to put the hurt on demons, and considering Spike would probably rip all the thing's tentacles off, an interesting new demon-hunting strategy. Sadly, it was even safer than his old method of flailing at them with a stake… or a rock. Heck, instead of the cavalry being a guy with a rock, now the cavalry was a guy with a wiggle, Xander thought with a sly smile.

He exaggerated his movements, and as a new song started, slowed to match the beat. The slower song left him rolling his hips and swaying sensually as he watched more demons turn to stare.

While the guard stalked after the backwards crab-crawling tentacle demon, another watcher slid forward, and a hand reached for Xander's ankle. Xander flexed his arms, lifting his whole body off the pedestal as he avoided the touch. As Xander dangled from the chain, his knees tucked up to keep out of the range of touchy-feely hands, he could see Spike charging across the floor. Spike shoved dancing couples out of his way, his game face forward as he reached Xander.

With one fluid motion, Spike reached up and ripped the head off the idiot trying to touch Xander, and the guy exploded into dust. That sent quite a few of Xander's admirers scuttling away.

"And you, you let that soddin' piece of shite touch my pet," Spike snarled at the guard. The tentacled piece of shite in question took the distraction as a chance to climb to his feet and run for the door, a number of extra limbs flopping loose under his coat.

"Master Spike," the guard cringed.

"Get 'em down," Spike snapped, and the guard darted to the far end. Xander felt his pedestal jerk and then start lowering.

Spike, meanwhile, stood glaring at the crowd through yellow eyes, and Xander could see a few shocked faces—obviously not everyone knew they were in a demon bar.

The pedestal bumped to the floor, and Xander ducked his head submissively as Spike unhooked the chains.

"You're bloody mine," Spike growled as he backed Xander up to the wall, trapping Xander as Spike hands touched everywhere. Xander groaned in need and frustration.

"Shagging raw now?" Xander asked breathily.

"Now and later," Spike promised, and the sound of a zipper made Xander's cock beg for release. Xander felt strong hands flip him so that he faced the wall, and by instinct, he slapped his hands against the cold concrete. Immediately, Spike's hands closed over his wrists, pinning him helplessly, and now Xander felt free to squirm and writhe as need curled around his spine.

Spike forced his hands up over his head where Spike took both wrists in one supernatural grip, and Xander pulled against the restraint, certain that he couldn't escape and therefore free to try. When Spike reached under his tail, Xander obligingly spread his legs.

The plug wasn't even out a full second before Spike thrust in, driving into Xander so hard that he was pushed to his toes, his body plastered to the cold wall. Spike pulled out and thrust again, and Xander could only writhe helplessly, throwing his head back as he struggled to breathe through the lust and desire.

"Mine," Spike roared and then Spike drove fangs into Xander's neck, thrusting over and over until Xander's ass quivered, and his whole body spasmed and arched even though he couldn't even get hard in his leather prison.

Xander sagged, caught between some sort of post-orgasmic haze and the still burning and unfulfilled ache in his cock. Oh fuck, Spike had so totally broken him that he didn't even know what he was feeling. Xander could only hang helplessly from Spike's grip.

For several minutes, they remained motionless, Xander sagged as Spike supported all his weight, and Spike's fangs and cock remained deeply lodged in Xander's flesh. Slowly, Spike pulled out, fangs first, and Xander let his eyes drift closed as the plug replaced Spike's cock.

"My pretty pet. They all bloody want you, and you'll always be mine," Spike whispered in his ear, and Xander could only give a small nod, the brain cells required for speech having leaked out… well… somewhere Xander couldn't think of right now.

"Shagging raw, good," Xander finally managed to gather the words to say.

"And when we get home, we'll take care of that good and proper," Spike promised as he cupped Xander's trapped cock with his hand.

Xander finally got his knees to support his weight, and Spike pulled back, zipping himself back up before he turned to face the rest of the club. Xander turned as well, and he noticed that they had quite a crowd, some obviously demon, and others not obvious, but they all kept their distance so that Spike and Xander stood in a neat half circle clear of all life.

Xander glanced over, and Spike had on his best, 'oh, yeah, I'm the vamp' smile as he started toward the door. Xander quickly fell into step, matching his master's stride as they headed back out of the bar. Xander just hoped they came back here again some day because the boy who had hidden behind the pool floaties really had grown up, and he'd grown up to discover that exhibitionism was definitely a kink.

Xander added that to his already frightening long list of things he'd learned about himself since giving himself to Spike.

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