Panting through his nose, Xander arched his back and fought the chains that held him spread-eagle against the wall. Spike didn't even flick a look his way, but the toy sunk deep into him started to vibrate again, and Xander gave a muffled yelp into his thick gag as he twisted and writhed.

Oh god, he just needed to come. He really needed to come. His cock was going to fall off he needed to come so badly. He pushed back into the brick wall, trying to jam the toy deeper and get that bit of extra pressure that would let him fall over the edge, but he only managed to push himself even farther into the blind need that made him fight the chains even knowing he could never win.

The vibrating stopped, and Xander sagged in his bonds. He sucked hot air through his nose and watched Spike through the curtain of hair that had flopped in front of his face. The vampire picked up a remote, pointed it forward and clicked. Xander braced himself for more stimulation, but instead the television next to him changed channels with a staticy hiss.

Xander groaned, and Spike got a smirk that made it oh so clear that the vamp had done that on purpose. Still, Spike didn't look at him. If Xander was being a piece of art, Spike was being a bad, bad art patron.

Squirming a little, Xander tried thrusting out his hips a little in silent invitation. Immediately, the small clamps on his nipples shot him with a jolt of heat and spark that made Xander yelp and throw his head back hard enough for it to thump dully against the brick.

With a blink, Xander discovered Spike right there in front of him, reaching up to run fingers behind Xander's head as he checked for damage. "Daft git. You don't have enough brain cells to go bashin' them out." Spike's hands finished the exploration of Xander's head and then they slid down to that scarred neck where Spike pressed fingers into the vulnerable flesh.

Xander closed his eyes and tilted his head in silent submission.

"Trying to tempt the master, pet?" Spike asked playfully. "That earns ya some punishment. I'm trying to appreciate my art here, so stop worryin' about getting your end off," Spike said with a slap on Xander's hip. Yeah, yeah, Spike could say that. Spike wasn't the one with his balls ready to fall off.

Slowly, Spike's fingers trailed down Xander's chest, following the taut line of muscle from the stretched arms until finally dipping down to a clamped nipple. Spike flicked the metal contraption that looked like a thick heavy washer circling the dark, nubbed skin. Xander shivered. Then cool hands followed the thin chain down from the nipple to the collared cock.

Giving the damp slit a stroke, Spike smirked.

"And I thought you were messy in your cage. You're positively dripping here, pet," Spike admonished him with a little flick to the cockhead that made Xander grunt into his gag and wish for a free leg to kick Spike. Oh, he'd never win a fight, but if he kicked Spike, Spike would tackle him to the ground, and then they'd be rolling around, and then Xander would get pinned to the ground and taken hard and fast.

Instead, Spike just trailed a finger along the edge of the leather trapping and separating his balls. Following the straps back and under, Spike pressed against the vibrating plug buried deep inside Xander, and Xander squirmed in need. Hell, he'd gone so far past needing to come, he wasn't even sure he could come at this point, but he sure wanted to try.

"Bloody hell, stop squirmin' about so much. You're a soddin' poor piece of art, pet. Damn lucky for you that you're such a treat as a pet because as a piece of art ya don't follow rules well," Spike said with a playful pinch that made Xander bite into his gag to avoid another round of squirming. Still. He could do still. Maybe. Hopefully.

And then Spike started the dirty tricks. Reaching down, he unzipped his pants and let his own hard cock slip free as he slowly stroked it. Xander gulped a deep breath through his nose and fought his own muscles which involuntarily reacted to the sight, legs bunching and trembling, fingers curling into fists helplessly.

Spike slowly stroked the hard flesh, shifting his legs apart as his cock thickened, and the plug in Xander's ass came to life, pulsing against his prostate until Xander quivered in his struggle to stay still.

With a wicked grin, Spike glanced up at him, and then the hand on Spike's cock moved faster and faster until Spike came with a shuddering shout. The white arc hit Xander's hip and splattered against his skin and the black leather straps. Xander fisted the chains and tried to stay still as Spike backed off and considered the effect.

"I'll have ya looking like a Pollock in no time," Spike said with a satisfied smirk. Xander glanced down at his hard, red cock and his full balls and the layers of white freckles and streaks over his lower body, some dry and flaking, others sticky, and the newest batch still shimmering wet. If Spike kept this up until Xander looked all Pollocky, his cock would fall off. Yep. Cock falling offage was definitely in his future.

Xander whined into the penis gag that filled his mouth, but Spike just returned to the comfy chair and draped a leg over the arm. Mean old vampire master.

"Master Spike?" Dalton slid into the edge of the room, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Yeah?" Spike flipped through a couple of channels, not even bothering to look up at her. Xander watched Spike's childe because any distraction was better than thinking about how much he wanted to come, and wondering how long Spike would play the game this round.

"The slayer calls." She whispered the word slayer, hissing slightly as though the word itself made her angry, and since she was a vampire, it probably did. Xander wondered what she thought of having a crazy sire who let his pet talk to the slayer. Hell, Xander had even gotten one supervised visit with the girls while Spike and Dalton watched from the edge of the park.

"He's too busy to take the soddin' call. Tell her to bugger off," Spike ordered imperiously, and then he flicked through several more stations.

"She asked for you," Dalton said even as she backed up. Yep, she might be childe, but she had no doubt Spike would stake her if she pushed too hard. Xander thought back and tried to decide when she'd gotten her promotion. If he had to guess, he'd say back before she started training with them. It actually made her training with them make more sense because any minion who had so much as touched a hair Xander shed on the floor got staked.

"Me?" Spike demanded as he twisted in the chair. "Bloody-- Just bring me the phone," he growled. Dalton vanished.

"Wonder what the bint wants," Spike mused as he looked over toward Xander who could only blink back. "Have to at least reward her for knowin' to ask for me first. Maybe Giles finally got her to understand that you belong to me and I make your soddin' decisions."

Xander tried really hard to play a good painting and just stay still. His cock bobbed hungrily anyway.

"Wot?" Spike demanded into the phone the minute Dalton handed it to him. He listened for a bit.

"A what?" pause. "Bloody buggering hell. Slayer, what the hell have you gone and done this time?" pause. "'Course I will. I actually like her, she's obviously the one to get your mum's class and brains," Spike snapped into the phone. "I'll be there in an hour."

Spike flipped the cell phone closed and threw it across the room where it hit the wall and shattered. Dalton froze for a second and then slowly backed out of the room as Spike got up and lit a cigarette.

"Can't believe she'd think I wouldn't help Dawn. I don't bloody know how she's survived all this time. She's blind as a soddin' bat. I mean, I took you right out from under her nose and she never bloody noticed," Spike snarled as his eyes turned yellow.

Okay, that so should not be a turn on, but Xander could feel his balls draw up tighter, the sight of the demon flipping a naughty switch deep in Xander's brain. Spike stopped mid-pace and turned yellow eyes to Xander.

"You need something, pet?" Spike asked, his voice low and now his face morphed into vampiric ridges. "Like playin' with fire, don't ya?" Spike drifted closer and reached up to run dull, black fingernails over Xander's thigh. "Ya like seeing the demon what owns you. You like being reminded that you're just a pet, not even the same species as me. I'm strong enough to keep you at my feet forever, and this just reminds you doesn't it?" Spike crooned, his fingers pausing in the hollow of Xander's hip. "No guilt if there's no choice, and pet, there's no choice where you're concerned."

Spike let his long fingers wrap around Xander's cock and gently stroke.

Closing his eyes, Xander struggled to think art. Painting. Sculpture. Still. Fuck. He bucked into the hand, helpless against his own need. Even without permission, the need to come outweighed the need to obey, and Xander screamed into his gag as he came with an intensity that made the world shimmer gray.

He still hadn't managed to focus his eyes by the time Spike had carried him to their bed and laid him out, strong hands stroking his sweating sides and unbuckling the restraints around his ankles and wrists and cock and head and nipples. Every touch sent a shiver through Xander's body as he lay struggling to form coherent thoughts.

"Is something wrong?" Xander finally asked, his tongue thick in his mouth and his jaw aching.

"Just the soddin' slayer actin' like a moron. Nothing new," Spike said softly from his spot sitting on the edge of their bed. When fingers stroked his tail, Xander knew Spike was intentionally going for distraction. Oh, and it worked. Xander felt the warm tingling crawl up into his sated balls and make soft little suggestions about round two. Yep, if Spike kept that up, Xander was so going to forget anything else. Forcing his brain to ignore the urge to curl into the petting, Xander pushed himself up onto one elbow, his whole body protesting the movement.


"Oi, never have managed to beat the white knight outta you, have I?" Spike asked with amusement as he pulled on a boot.

"If you'd tried, you would have, Master." Xander blinked up without even trying to hide the vulnerability he'd hidden from Buffy and his parents and even Willow. Spike reached over and brushed his hair back.

"Wasn't our deal, now was it?" Spike asked with a smile. Xander thought back to those early days, to when he expected Spike to kill him when the chip came out, and then the chip came out. Nope, their deal left Xander the right to be a white knight and gave everything else to Spike. Looking back, he'd gotten a better deal than when he'd agreed to buy his Uncle Rory's car.

"What's wrong in Sunnydale, Master?" Xander asked, bringing the conversation back to the beginning. Spike sighed and paused for a second before pulling his other boot on.

"Stupid bint has gone and stirred up some hellgod," Spike said.

"And you're going to help her?" Xander asked in confusion. Ignoring all the aches and over-stretched muscles, he pushed himself up and sat crosslegged on the bed, his tail tucked up under him with curls tickling his legs.

"Not bloody likely," Spike snorted, and that was far more like the master Xander knew.

"Then, what are you doing, Master?" Xander asked. He might have worried that Spike would actually throw in with whatever hellgod wanted Buffy dead only Spike had shown a real lack of interest in killing Buffy. That and Buffy had called, and Xander assumed Buffy would only call Spike if.... okay, he couldn't come up with any reason why she would call Spike.

"The bit."

"You're going to help for Dawn?" Xander asked.

"Bloody hell no. I don't help slayers," Spike snapped. Xander blinked in surprise and Spike sighed. "Slutty's on her own. But I agreed to get Dawn out of there for now, so I'm going to go pick her up while you get some rest." Spike finished lacing his boots and stood up, his fingers twitching in a gesture Xander recognized as a combination of homicidal frustration and nicotine withdrawal. Sure enough, Spike stomped across the floor and grabbed a pack of cigarettes.

"Stupid cow did somethin' to catch the hellgod's attention, only seems like the bastard is focused on killing Dawn."

"Killing Dawnie?!" Xander stood up and immediately regretted it as he head swam. A strong arm caught him around the waist and lowered him back to the bed.

"You'll bloody rest or I'll put ya in the cage where you can't go floppin' around," Spike threatened him.

"But Dawn," Xander said, focusing on his master with a desperate fear crawling up into his guts.

"Not goin' to let the bit get killed just because her sis is a bloody moron. Protected her from Angelus, didn't I?" Spike started pacing.

"You... what?" Xander asked as he looked over in confusion. Angelus was definitely pre-chipped Spike and pre-pre Spike being anywhere around Dawn. Spike looked at him and sighed.

"Guess the bit never told you lot that I ran into her after parent-teacher night, huh?" Spike asked.

"Big with the no. Buffy would have... Buffy would have totally freaked, Master," Xander agreed. Spike laughed.

"Yeah. But the bit was bold as brass. Thought for a minute about eatin' her, but that seemed a waste. I was going to turn her, but Dru wasn't one for sharing, and I didn't want to bring home some pet minion only to have Dru rip her eyes out." Spike fell silent, but from the tone, Xander was guessing that the eye ripping was something more than just a threat. "I didn't find out she was the slayer's sis until I was in the wheelchair and Angelus showed me a pic of the slayer and Dawn."

"You protected her?" Xander watched Spike pace the room. Spike shrugged.

"Thought I might turn her later, especially after Dru started chasing after 'daddy.' But then Angelus talked about torturin' her and leavin' her body on the slayer's lawn as a message. I did what I had to--distracted the thick sod until he was too busy with his idiotic plan for ending the world to bother with her. So," Spike finished with a sharp look at Xander, "I'm not letting the slayer get her killed now. Slayer asked me to take her in, keep her hidden from this hellgod until the slayer deals with the mess in Sunnydale."

"So, she's coming here?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, and you'll bloody well rest until I get back," Spike said in his master voice. "So, you capable of stayin' on the bed by yourself or should I chain you to it?" Spike asked.

"I can stay, Master. Only, can I have permission to go pee if I need to?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, just have Dalton come in before you get up. Ya were up on the wall for a long time and I don't want you to fall on your face and break something. I've got a reputation for having a pretty little pet, and I can't have you messin' yourself up, now can I?" Spike asked as he came back to the bed and gave a lock of Xander's hair a tug.

"Yes, Master," Xander agreed as he leaned into the touch.

"Get some sleep," Spike ordered. Even though a part of Xander wanted to stay up and see Dawn, a bigger part of him slid toward sleep, either because Master had ordered it or because his body was exhausted. Xander didn't even hear Spike stomp out or notice Dalton slip into the room and watch over him as he slept.


By the time Xander woke, the muscle pain had faded to a familiar ache and Spike was stretched out next to him in black jeans and bare feet.

"Master?" Xander muttered, his mouth dry.

"Yeah, pet?"

Xander rolled and got an elbow under him as he blinked at Spike, the overhead lights threatening to blind him. "Is Dawn here?"

"Yep, bedded down on the couch. If the slayer leaves her here long, I'll have Dalton go looking for a bigger lair. Probably should have her look anyway seein' as how she's a childe. Won't do for her to sleep in the garage with the other minions for long."

"Other minions, Master?" Xander asked as he blinked both eyes open.

"Picked up a couple of minions when I was out. Seems like the slayer's brassed off a right bitch, so seemed wise to have a little extra security around."

Xander sat up and looked down at Spike in concern. Spike didn't worry about things like security. And if Spike did worry about them, he didn't tell Xander he worried about them.

"Master?" Xander asked, not sure how to ask what he wanted to ask without seeming like he was questioning his master, but this seemed serious. The very not good kind of serious.

"So, have a few changes around here. I already warned the bit that with other vampires around she couldn't question anything I said. You already know that."

"Yes, Master," Xander quickly agreed. He'd figured that one out early. Questioning led to minions who doubted Spike's authority which led to the staking of minions which led to the making of new minions, all of which Xander was not okay with. At least the latest ones had shown up so suddenly that Spike must have stolen them from another master instead of grabbing some poor humans off the street and turning them.

"Since Dalton's a childe, that makes her technically above you in the court, pet," Spike said. Xander froze in surprise for a second before he dropped his eyes to the rumpled sheets. Xander had long ago learned to accept that he was below Spike. Hell, most of the time he enjoyed the fact that he was below Spike. He didn't have responsibilities or worries, and on those days when he could distract his master from eating some random pedestrian, he had a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that even from the bottom of the status ladder he had some influence. But being below Dalton was just... uncomfortable.

Spike's fingers came up under his chin, lifting his head. "I already told her that if ya did something to disrespect her, she had my permission to punish you in order to keep face in front of the minions."

Xander worried a small cut on the inside of his lip as he tried not to react to that. Yeah, he didn't like it, but Spike hadn't really asked for his opinion.

"Pet," Spike said seriously. "What I didn't tell her is that her life is in your hands. You tell me that she's touched you without reason, you tell me that she's so much as growled at you without cause, and she's dust."

"But," Xander looked up at Spike.

"No buts. Dalton's a sharp one, and I like havin' her around because she's smart enough to keep out of trouble and old enough and strong enough to make a difference in a fight, but she's just a vampire, pet. They're a dime a dozen. Now, if you slip up, she has ta take you in hand or she'll lose face in front of minions. You're smart enough ta know that, and you're smart enough to not put her in a position where she has to punish you, right?" Spike asked.

"Yes, Master," Xander quickly agreed. He'd been around vampires long enough to understand that some things just didn't work with minions. Minions were on the slightly stupid side. "But what about Dawn?" Xander asked. If he had to bend over and let Dalton take a whip to his backside, he'd survive but no way was he letting Dalton touch Dawnie.

"Oi, not goin' let her touch the bit. The minions know she's the slayer's sis and they think she's a hostage. It'll keep them on their toes, and if anyone comes looking for Dawn, they'll protect her thinkin' that the slayer is just trying to get her sis back."

"But, what if it is Buffy trying to get Dawn back?" Xander asked.

"Too bloody bad. It'd serve her right for trackin' this place down without calling ahead," Spike shrugged.

"You can't sic the minions on Buffy."

"Like hell I can't. Soddin' unnatural that she'd call me for help, but for the bit, I'll do it. But if she shows up, I'm standin' back and hoping a minion gets lucky."

"Dawn would be upset," Xander pointed out as Spike got up and grabbed a pair of sweats and tossed them over. Only then did Xander realize that he'd been about to get up and head out to the living room naked, the living room where Dawn was. He blushed.

"Haven't seen ya blush like that for a while, pet," Spike observed with a laugh as he pulled his shirt on.

"Yeah, well flashing the pseudo-kid sister is blush worthy."

"She might appreciate the show. I know I do."

"Okay, that's just disturbing. Besides, I am so not explaining the tail. I don't even understand the tail since you never explained why you asked me to get one in the first place, so I'm definitely not trying to explain anything to her. Besides, she would want to touch it, and that's just not happening." Xander bent over and put his feet in the legs of the sweats.

"Wot? You don't like the tail touched now?" Spike asked as he wandered back toward the bed. Spike reached out and gathered the tail in one hand before Xander could pull up the sweats. He slowly stroked the curls, letting them fall and brush against the back of Xander's legs.

"Oh, you can touch. But Dawn is out there so you so cannot touch now," Xander said as he stepped forward, sliding the rest of his tail out of Spike's hand.

"Oi! Wasn't done with that."

"With ittlelay earays in the next room, you are totally done with that," Xander pointed out as he pulled up his sweats. "Master," he added when Spike looked at him with one eyebrow up.

"Bloody hell, the slayer better fix her mess quick or I'm giving Dawn an education," Spike complained as he rolled his eyes.

"I hear voices. Are you two coming out or are you guys going to have sex, because if you're having sex, I'm sending a vampire out for ice cream for me," Dawn called from the living room. Xander looked over at Spike, slowly smiling at the look of bemused horror on Spike's face.

"Bloody hell. No way the minions are going to buy the hostage story. I'm going to have to dust them, aren't I?" Spike asked with mock resignation.

"Yep, even if Dalton and I play nice," Xander agreed. "And since I get some quality Dawn time, I am so going to go ask her for that parent-teacher night story," Xander agreed as he headed for the door, giving his hips an extra wiggle right before he darted out into the living room. Another day, that move would have brought his master chasing after him and led to hot sex on the floor. Today, Spike just gave a muffled curse that made Xander laugh as he scooped Dawn into his arms and twirled her around.

"Xander! Oh my god. I'm so glad Buffy let me visit because her and Willow are driving me insane," she just about squealed before Xander put her down.


Out of the corner of his eye, Xander spotted Spike leaning against the door frame smiling at them. For a second, the expression reminded Xander of his grandmother, the way she would watch her grandchildren chase each other with Nerf-bats and water hoses. Then Spike caught his eye and the fond expression turned salacious.

"And you two are still making with the cow eyes. I so knew you were in love before you left!" Dawn added. "I told them, but do they listen to me? No! I'm just the little sister, and I've missed you guys," Dawn said. She kept one arm around Xander's waist as she held out her other hand for Spike. Spike stepped forward and let her pull him into the group hug.

"We've missed you too, Dawn," Xander whispered into her ear. With one arm around Dawn and the other circling Spike's waist, Xander considered for a moment just how good his life truly was. Yeah, Buffy and Willow might still be big with the disapproving, but Xander couldn't imagine a better future for himself.

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