Shadow Garden

Lady Cat and Wolfshark


It was an interesting feeling, watching this all unfold. It'd started out so well, Xander obediently letting himself be pressed up against an alley wall, cock teased in its ring while Spike ground himself against his thigh and reminded Xander of all the things he was to do; Xander gasping and saying 'Yes, Daddy' at every interval. The boy was nothing but putty in his hands, as greedy as Spike had first called him not two weeks earlier, and far more comfortable with that fact.

Not totally comfortable, though. It wasn't fun if Xander wasn't humiliated by his needs. He just wasn't fighting it so much -- particularly after Spike proved that the chip would allow him to punish Xander.

The boy didn't know that there were limits to what Spike was allowed to do, and didn't need to. The spanking had been fun, but the most effective punishment was denial: cease the mixture of insults and praise that Spike liberally bestowed on him, deny him any physical comfort -- both his own release and Spike's -- and the boy was a whimpering mess of sorries and promises to be good next time.

Spike found it particularly pleasing that boy hadn't even wanted to come, after two days of not touching Spike. All he wanted was Spike's cock and Spike's come inside him, assuring him that he was still Daddy's good boy.

But as good as the last few weeks had been, this was pretty much a disaster. Xander had played his role exactly, pretending that their relationship was more a meeting of equals, Xander discovering he was gay and Spike the dutifully kind boyfriend. They'd even held hands, Spike foregoing the casual possessiveness that never failed to turn them both on in favor for the kind of nervous affection the Slayer and her toy so often showed each other. It wasn't even the 'vampire' that was affecting them so badly -- although the Slayer, predictably, couldn't see much past that.

No, it was Willow who was the biggest problem. The big eyes she gave Spike's boy, full of a sadness that Spike knew had to be calculated, a whine in her voice that wasn't the slightest bit genuine. Red was blaming herself for Xander's "predicament", so certain that if she'd just paid a little bit more attention, or maybe even hooked up with him back in high school, Xander would be on the straight, narrow, and vampire-free romantic life. She was talking about finding whatever had cursed him, carefully not looking at her girl -- who was just as carefully not looking back.

Any other time, and the thought of those two squaring off would be extremely entertaining. Right then, Spike was too caught up in Xander's reaction to pay any real attention to the little wiccas.

Part of him was amused. Poor little lamb was trying not to sink into his seat, fighting back with weak, kitten-like jabs that did nothing to show him to be ineffectual at best, as stupid as Giles was implying at worse. He looked utterly precious like that, lost and confused without the option of turning to his Daddy for comfort. Delicious. Spike couldn't wait to get him home and fuck him raw, cementing the boy's dependence on him.

The only problem, however, was that amusement and anticipation wasn't all Spike was feeling. There was also anger -- anger at the Scoobies for hurting what was his. And that... wasn't precisely in the plan. Spike was supposed to graft Xander to him, train him into the perfect horny pet until the two of them could escape this place and go off and do things together -- maybe even Xander hunting people for Spike to feed from. But that was later, and a fantasy more than anything. Reality should not include the growing urge speak up in Xander's defense more than a slightly ashamed vampiric boyfriend should.

It took everything he had not to look over at Spike more than the mentally allotted twice a minute. Xander had expected opposition from Buffy - possibly some veiled and not-so-veiled threats towards Spike, an offer to stake him if he didn't treat him well.

This, he had no idea what to do with. Willow was hurt, and upset, and it sounded like she was getting ready to take it out on Spike. To everyone else in the room, it may have sounded like her blaming herself. To Xander, who'd known her since they were both in diapers, it was as clear a threat as if she was holding a stake to Spike's heart.

"Will, I'm happy. Spike treats me good. There's no spell, no magical mix up. Just me realizing that I'm gay and realizing that I, well, that I like Spike that way. Why is this so hard?"

Willow wouldn't look at him, and that didn't bode particularly well. "I just don't want you hurt, Xander."

"I know, and I love you for it. But Spike isn't hurting me - he can't, remember?" Xander prayed that they'd mistake his blush for frustration, because Spike had proven more than once that he could hurt Xander, and he had no desire to repeat it because he messed this up, thank you.

Spike tried to keep a reign on his temper. Tried to enjoy the fact that it was Red Xander was fighting with the most, while the Slayer and Watcher stood by and spluttered. But Xander was getting flushed and sad enough that Spike wanted to spank him just for letting Red affect him that much -- only Spike got that much of Xander to play with. No one else.

And that's all this was, he reminded himself. Just didn't like sharing.

"I'm still chipped," he said, trying to sound far more patient than he felt. "Can't even pinch him, remember? I'm helpless in this, Red. Can't do anything to him, while he can do a hell of a lot to me."

Willow didn't look nearly convinced. Buffy, however, made an eww face to rival a frog turned inside out, looking from Spike to Xander with widening eyes. "So... if you can't -- then how -- I mean, who -- um! I mean, not that I really want to know, but -- it, um. Isn't it -- "

That was something Spike had expected and he grinned -- again, not as sharp as he wanted it to be -- finally reaching out to brush his fingers down Xander's arm. "Supposed to hurt?" Spike said, purring a little as he moved back to familiar ground. "S'all right. Demon-girl wasn't kidding about the boy being a viking in the sack. Nice and smooth, he is."

The girls blushed, immediately picturing Spike as the bottom -- while Xander, still blushing, was picturing something else indeed. Waxing instead of shaving him was probably unfair for his first time, but Spike wasn't about to repeatedly shave his boy and there was no way Xander could do that, yet. His hands shook too much even at the thought. Not that he was objecting, oh no. Spike's little one loved to spread himself open and let his body be played with: they'd spent many hours like that, Spike watching TV caressing silken skin while Xander tried not to make a single noise. A very fun little game. And Spike knew damned well Xander was thinking of it.

Xander gulped and tried not to hyperventilate. Just the thought of Spike touching him on skin made so sensitive by being denuded of hair was enough to get him hard, and he didn't want to associate that with Willow and Buffy again, thank you - it had taken him long enough to get over it the first time.

Instead, he turned wide eyes back on Willow and tried to convince her that there was nothing for her to magic away. "Wills, don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do," she said, then turned a glare on Spike. "It's him I don't trust."

"Well, if you trust me, don't you think you should trust me enough to know if there's been a spell placed on me? I like Spike a lot, and think you should leave us alone with it."

Spike watched as his boy and Red argued, aware that Giles was watching just as closely. Buffy was too disgusted by the thought of Xander giving it to Spike -- and hmm, maybe that was something they'd play with later, a reward for Xander being good as Spike enjoyed a good hard fuck every once in a while -- to see what was going on. But Giles could.

Spike made himself look a little bit anxious and a little bit worried as Red wound her way up to saying, "Xander, you never fall for people who're good for you! And I kinda don't think you'd know when you're being spelled, anyway, since it happens so often!"

As far as breaking points go, this wasn't exactly a meteor landing between them to smoke and spit fire. But the perceived mistrust and implication that Xander couldn't do much without her to hold his hands was enough to get Xander's back up, his face growing closed and cold as he backed off from her completely. His hands, always a good way to judge Xander's innermost thoughts, stopped playing with each other and occasionally flicking their fingers towards Willow as if in entreaty. Now they were balled into fists, completely still as he glared at her.

"Er, perhaps," Giles said, recognizing the signs as well as Spike could.

"Perhaps, we're going," Spike interrupted, standing up to move more closely to Xander's side. "Didn't expect you lot to like me -- vampire, tried to kill you, yeah yeah. Seen that movie. But he's your friend. C'mon, pet." He held out his hand, working very hard not to smirk when Xander immediately slid his into place, standing and letting himself be led from the Magic Box.

As Xander followed Spike out of the shop, he tried hard to keep breathing in a slow even pattern, because if he forgot and let himself go, he was going to be screaming in a minute.

He knew that Buffy and Willow didn't think much of him - he'd known that since high school, actually - but he'd never thought that he'd be untrusted by them before. And the fact that it was Willow just rubbed salt in the wounds.

But as Spike and Xander made their way through the dark streets of Sunnydale, he was getting more and more upset. He wanted desperately to pull Spike into an alley and ask if Willow was right, if Spike had placed a spell on him, because everything was going too smooth for there not to be one.

But Spike seemed determined to get home as quickly as he could, so Xander followed quietly, trying not to make it obvious how upset he was.

The misery was wreathed around Xander as they walked, growing thicker and more sour with every passing moment. Instead of the bouquet Spike was expecting, though, this smelled more like curdled milk than the intoxicating scent of prey ready to be snapped up.

Spike quickened his pace. He was practically dragging his boy, though Xander was too lost in his private ruminations to be aware of it, tripping several times without even blinking too hard. Lovely. He was damned near catatonic with his belief to 'not bother' Spike.

Right then.

The moment then were inside the apartment, Spike had his boy held against the door, hand around his neck and vamped-out face nose to nose with Xander -- a feat, given their height difference. Xander struggled momentarily, more out of surprise than objection, and Spike shook him the way a naughty puppy was reprimanded. "What's going on in that head of yours, little one?" he asked, voice deceptively mild through fanged teeth.

Xander recoiled slightly. It wasn't the first time he'd seen Spike vamped out, not by far, but it was surprise to see it now.


Spike shook him again, this time thumping his back against the door. "You know the rules, little one. I ask you a question and you answer. Now, one more time. What is the problem?"

"Did you put a spell on me?"

"What?" Spike surprised him by sliding out of his vampiric face and laughing.

"Did you? Is that why I can't argue with you when you insult me and call me names and why I let you do all these things to me?"

Spike laughed again, switching his hold so that he was cupping Xander through his pants, rubbing the rough denim on smooth, boxerless skin; immediately, Xander started squirming but never away from Spike's touch. "Oh, no, little one," he crooned, leaning forward to nip Xander's neck. "No spell, or curse, or charm. Not even thrall. I haven't made you do anything at all, little one. I don't force you, don't blackmail you -- nothing. And yet here you are, grinding into my wrist while you let me hurt you."

Xander's eyes were starting to glaze over, body relaxing as Spike manipulated it. He made little noises like he wanted to say something, but Spike just shushed him.

"Didn't have to do any of those things, little one. Know why?" Xander's head swung back and forth, his legs widening as Spike rubbed harder. "Because you're a whore, pet. You're a slut. A stupid little bitch that craves every thing I've done to you, and can't wait for more. Isn't that right."

It wasn't a question, but Spike hadn't forgotten about Xander's lapse from before -- this was his one chance at forgiveness.

He melted into Spike's touch as he always did. No matter what Spike demanded of it, Xander gave in and he had stopped fighting it for the most part - it was a waste of time when he was just going to give Spike exactly what he asked for anyway.

"Y-yes, daddy. I'm s-sorry, d-daddy..."

"That's all right, then. You were upset, I understand. Undress, little one, and go get me a beer. And the ring stays on, little whore," he added, just to see Xander wince -- he hated the ring so much. Not as much as the cage Spike had bought, but the boy was almost insulted that Spike didn't trust his control. Or that was what he claimed, anyway.

Xander stripped off his clothes, wincing as the ring pulled softly at the skin at the base of his cock. The ring was tight enough that it wouldn't slip off, and almost a little too tight if he got hard - which, since Spike wouldn't let him wear underwear, was at least three or four times a day.

Especially when he sat down.

Going into the kitchen, he shivered at the cold air from the refrigerator. Skin that was smooth of hair was also acutely sensitive to changes in temperatures, and it never failed to make him think of Spike's hands on him. Grabbing a beer, he carried it out to where Spike had already settled on the couch, kneeling on the floor next to him and holding it up for him to take.

"Good boy." It never got old, saying that; Xander would shiver just the tiniest bit, hardly even aware of it anymore, and the look in his eyes was always that twisted combination of love and hate, need and loathing. Not that Spike could see it, what with Xander sitting so obediently at his feet, but Spike knew it was there. That was enough.

He flicked on the television just for background noise, sipping his beer while he tugged and toyed with Xander's hair. "Had a bit of an upset, today," he said slowly. "So I'm going to offer you a treat, little one: you can suggest something you want to do. A position you want that greedy pussy of yours filled in, or a long, slow suck in front of some movie you've wanted to see. Something special that'll make my little boy feel good."

Leaning into the soft touch, Xander thought about what he wanted. He knew better to think that it would be him getting the blowjob, or to suggest that it be Spike to get fucked - he'd made those mistakes before and been... corrected.

His face on fire from the memories, he couldn't think. He'd enjoyed everything they'd done, at least eventually, but he couldn't bring himself to suggest something. It was one thing to be complicit in his own degradation. It was another entirely to be responsible for suggesting what form it would take.

Instead, he pressed harder into Spike's leg and answered, "Whatever you want, daddy."

Spike wrapped a lock of hair around his finger and tugged sharply, knowing just the perfect level of pain for his boy. "Oh, it will be, little one. But I asked you what you wanted, and you'll think of something and answer me. Don't make me regret my generosity, pet."

He knew this was a gift that came with sharp edges and hidden catches -- that was the point. He wanted Xander to actively choose his own submission, to prove to himself that it wasn't Spike who truly made him do anything at all.

Biting his lip, Xander gasped at the pain and pleasure that flooded through his system. He tried to think of something, but his brain had gone blank. Finally, in desperation to say something, he blurted out, "Is there a position we haven't tried?"

Spike smirked, tugging the boy's hair again. "Plenty, little whore, but you know that, don't you? You and your demon got up to all kinds of kicks before I took you in hand. Now, no more dodging, or I'll have to punish you, pet."

Xander swallowed audibly and tried to think of something that he used with Anya. "Can I... Is it possible for me to ride you?"

Spike didn't bother to modulate his surprised expression, turning Xander's head so he could read his boy's eyes. "Now, there's a shock," he mused, idly toying with Xander's lower lip and occasionally slipping his thumb into the boy's mouth -- as always, Xander immediately sucked on whatever he was offered. "Oh, not mad, little one. How can I be mad when you're being such a lovely little treat for me? A sweet bitch who knows her place."

Of all the possible suggestions, one where Xander would have to take the most active role of all had not been something Spike expected He'd honestly thought Xander would just want to suck on his cock some more -- certainly mornings were ever-lengthening affairs as Xander gave him slower, more succulent blow-jobs as he learned the tricks Spike liked and that delaying Spike's orgasm meant delaying his own orgasm; something Spike had conditioned him to enjoy very much. Maybe, at most, Spike had idly considered the boy wanting to lay down and let Spike fuck him with fingers or toys; things that wouldn't require actual understanding -- or confirmation -- of Xander's role in their relationship.

"Did you do that with Anya, little one? Is that why you want to give that to me?"

Now that he'd said it, Xander was regretting his offer. He honestly didn't know if he'd be able to choose to sit on Spike's cock with as much enjoyment as Anya used to show. And if he was very, very honest with himself, it would mean admitting that he was as responsible for this relationship with Spike as Spike was, as opposed to just, well, going along for the ride.

But Xander had a feeling that Spike wouldn't want to hear that. So he nodded and then shook his head. "It was the only thing I could think of, daddy. Anya used to like it, but I think it was because it let her control everything about sex. If you'd prefer, I can suck your cock?"

"Cocksucker." Spike tossed that word out, still thoughtfully turning things over in his mind -- Xander blushed, as he always did, hating the word that made his cock twitch so hard. Patting his lap, Spike waited as Xander clambered up astride him, sitting on his knees. The boy's cock wasn't fully hard yet, but it was showing signs. Spike toyed with it idly. "Think riding on Daddy's big cock is going to give you control, little one? Is that what you want?"

Spike watched Xander very carefully as he waited for his reply. With him -- as opposed to just about any one else -- Xander was a stripped open book made of the clearest glass. Spike could spot lies full minutes before they were actually spoken and generally had a good idea of what the truth was, too. Xander knew he never got away with it but this, like many things, had become something of a game: Xander would try and retain a little dignity and Spike would show him how much he didn't really want to.

Xander hated being called a cocksucker. He hated it even more since it was true. Sucking on Spike's cock calmed him down and made him feel good in ways that sleeping with Anya never had -- but the word itself was so vicious that it made Xander blush and stammer every time.

"I don't know, daddy. I just think that was why Anya did it. But I don't think you want me in control, do you?"

Spike got that peculiar look on his face that always told him that he was seeing through him to Xander's real issues, and he could feel the blush getting even brighter. "Please, daddy? Can I suck your cock for you?"

Xander didn't even seem to be aware as he lifted his hips for Spike's questing hand, only noticing it when Spike tugged at silken balls, making the boy flinch into a soft moan. "No."

Xander was blushing a nice, even red by now, his chest starting to flush and nipples poke out as his body reacted to Spike's presence. One day, Spike was going to figure out a way to drop by Xander's work just to watch the human fumble around, trying to hide a suddenly hard cock at the sight of his Daddy. "But -- "

"Bloody hell." Spike tugged again, this time increasing the pain to chip-fizzing levels. "I said no, you stupid bitch. No, you're not going to suck my cock. Well, not now anyway. That's the easy way out, pet, and a good boy doesn't take the easy way. Does he?" Xander shook his head quickly, eyes wide and worried. "No, he doesn't. Now. I want you to tell me why you want to ride me. The truth, little one. You know what happens when you lie to Daddy."

Eyes dropping so he could stare at the floor, Xander tried to think. Almost impossible with Spike's hand wrapped around his balls, but not completely.

Then Spike's hand tightened warningly, and what little thought he had fled. All he could do was open his mouth and hope whatever spilled out was acceptable. "I- I -"


"It would be nice to have a little bit of control, I think. But truly, I just suggested it because it was the only thing I could think of..."


"And maybe because I thought you'd like it."
"Mm. Good boy." Spike knew that wasn't even close to the real answer, but he was willing to let it go for now. Particularly as he had a soft, pliant boy cuddling in his lap, making big eyes up at him like he wanted nothing more than Spike's approval -- which he didn't. Xander's need for approval and attention were already strong factors in his life; Spike just... tweaked them a bit. Focused them, as it were. Stroking Xander gently, Spike made certain to fondle Xander's cock before spending a good few minutes plucking Xander's nipples, something the boy enjoyed almost as much as sucking cock. "Thinking of your Daddy first, are you? That's a good slut."

Xander was already panting, his cock now fully hard and flat against his belly. Spike fingered the head, wishing Xander was uncut -- he had lots of fun games to play with foreskin. Games Xander would learn to love simply because Spike did.

"Since this is your reward, little one, you're going to do all of it. Daddy's not going to help you. Can you do that, pet? Can you be a very big boy for Daddy, taking care of everything?"

Xander cuddled in tighter to Spike, loving how even though Spike was physically smaller than he was, he made him feel safe and protected.

Right up till Spike said he'd have to do anything. Then he panicked. It was one thing to let Spike do whatever he wanted - at some level, Xander realized that he was justifying it by thinking that he had no control in the situation and therefore wasn't to blame.

This, though - oh, this was something different. This was Xander in control - which meant he couldn't blame Spike for what was happening, for making him want it. Want his submission, his degradation - he was going to have to give those things to Spike instead of having him take it.

Xander closed his eyes. Could he do it? Could he stop pretending to himself?

Spike had been quiet for a suspiciously long time, obviously letting Xander work through things for himself. Hell, it wouldn't even surprise Xander if Spike knew exactly what Xander was thinking, and was leaving it to him to decide for himself as one more way of proving his point - that Xander would do anything Spike wanted, including offering himself up like this.

Finally, Xander opened his eyes again. He was going to do it, wasn't he? "Yes, daddy."

Spike offered Xander a real kiss, mouth caressing mouth. They didn't do that much; the old streetwalker saying was fairly accurate as things went, but Spike loved the intimacy of kissing and the way Xander would drop his head to one side, mouth open for Spike's tongue in an instant, offering up this part of himself as sweetly as he offered everything else.

"Good boy," Spike murmured when he finally released the breathless boy. He began petting Xander's ass, the exact same way he'd pet the head of a dog. Xander blushed at the first touch but wriggled around so that Spike would have full access without a word. "There's my good, brave little one. My sweet bitch. Go on, then, pet. Show Daddy that you can do this."

Mutely, Xander begged another kiss from Spike before he slid to his knees in front of him. Reaching out slowly, trying to ignore the way that his hands were starting to shake, he unfastened Spike's jeans and tugged. For a moment, Spike just sat and smiled, and then he lifted his hips so that Xander could pull them down.

Sitting back on his heels, Xander carefully folded Spike's pants and then looked up, taking advantage of the unusual freedom to look as much as he liked.

He'd always thought of Spike as smaller, using the unfair advantage of vampire strength to make his way through the world. But now he knew that that size hid a frame that was pure muscle over bone. Add to it the supernatural force, and Xander saw a man who could literally pick him up and hold him against the wall.

His skin was pale, all except for his cock, which was already half hard and red from blood. Xander wrapped his hand around it, tugging lightly, still watching Spike's face.

"Doing fine, little whore," Spike told him, reaching out to cup the back of his head. "Go on. Get us both ready."

Reassured, Xander lowered his head to Spike's cock, sucking the head softly. With his tongue, he pushed back the foreskin, running it around the actual head. As he suckled, he relaxed, loving the heavy weight of dick in his mouth, the flavor and texture of it.

Spike grew hard and hot, and Xander worked his way further down the shaft, taking in more and more. One hand started to roll and pet Spike's balls, occasionally brushing further back, across his perineum and even his opening. Xander wondered sometimes if he'd ever get to fuck Spike, but didn't dare ask.

But it was only when Spike cuffed him lightly across the back of the head and said, "Both of us, slut," that Xander grabbed the tube of slick out from under the frame of the couch where they kept it stashed. One handed, he popped the top and upended it in his palm, getting a small puddle of lube.

Awkwardly, he reached behind himself, knowing that his face was flaming. This was something that Spike had just started - making him slick his own entrance - and there was no doubt in Xander's mind that Spike did it just to prove that there wasn't anything that Xander wouldn't do when he was told.

When two fingers were moving inside him relatively easily, he pulled off of Spike's cock with a pop, looking back up at Spike's face for some sort of guidance of what to do next.

Spike tucked his hands behind his head, watching the way Xander's arm moved and bulged as he fingered himself. He loved how much Xander truly loathed preparing himself, but did it anyway. "Yes, pet? And here I thought you said you could do this without help. You've done this before, bitch. You don't need Daddy to help you."

Ducking his head in shame, Xander tried to figure out what to do next. The problem was that he'd never done this from this side and he wasn't sure what he could do and what he couldn't. In frustration, he started to ask for help, only to have Spike lift one finger in warning. He knew what that meant - he'd better make this good or he'd be in trouble.

"Dad-daddy, I'm a dumb b-bitch and I can't... Please help me, daddy?"

Smiling indulgently, Spike still sighed. "Very disappointing, pet. But all right. Come sit on my lap, little one, and I'll show you."

Flushed and humiliated at having actually called himself a bitch -- Xander had avoided that word, and any of the other 'feminine' words Spike applied to him -- the boy said, "Yes, Daddy," as he climbed back up into Spike's lap.

"You really are a dumb bitch," Spike told him, guiding Xander's hand back to his own arse and getting three fingers up inside him. Xander moaned as he filled himself, fingers automatically moving and scissoring. "A stupid whore who doesn't even know how to get herself fucked." He pressed his thumbs to the entrance of Xander's body, testing how stretched the boy was. "There, that's enough. Now get me slick, little one."

This, Xander had no problem with, and he spent a happy few moments rubbing the slick left on his hand into the skin of Spike's cock.

When his cock was shiny with the lube, Spike stopped him and grabbed him by the hips. "This is the only time I'm going to help you. Next time you do this on your own." Lifting him up as easily as if Xander was a small child, Spike told him, "Reach between your legs, pet, an' hold me steady."

Shakily, Xander did just that, gasping as he was lowered onto Spike's cock. Spike didn't stop until he was buried all the way in Xander, who gasped and wiggled at the feeling.

"God, daddy - so deep!"

Xander squirmed thoughtfully around the cock in his arse, face screwed up in concentration. He looked young, like this. Not just a bitty teenager, but a true child -- and he sounded even younger, his voice slipping up half an octave and losing an adult's inflections and controlled vocabulary.

Fuck, did Spike love him when he was like this. When he really was Spike's eager little slut of a boy, who meant it every time he said 'Daddy' instead of just parroting what protected him from a punishment. Xander was reaching this place more and more often, happily.

Spike couldn't help groaning, hands resting on Xander's thighs while the boy wiggled and settled himself. "That's right, pet. That's why it's a reward, innit? Fill that pussy of yours until it's bursting."

He wanted to grab Xander's hips again, raising and lowering him like Xander was nothing but a toy to be manipulated -- and he would, eventually. Right then, however, this was about Xander doing the dirty work and loving it, so Spike tucked his hands behind his head, leaning back into the sofa and smirking at the boy impaled on his cock.

It really was deep, making Xander feel like he was stretched almost past bearing. Then Spike laid back and looked at him, and he suddenly felt about fifteen again, all hands and feet and no idea of where to put anything. Squirming uncomfortably, he wished there was some way to hide his face, but unlike on his hands and knees, Spike could see everything in this position.

As he moved, trying to get a feel for where everything was, Spike's cock pressed up against his prostate, making him gasp and freeze.

This time, when he moved, it was more deliberate, Spike was smiling wider, and that cock was pressing right where he needed it most.

"There's my slut," Spike murmured as Xander found the correct angle and began to pick up speed and confidence. "Look at you, little one. Watch yourself. Two seconds on Daddy's cock and you're gagging for it. You bitch. You greedy bitch. That's right, fuck yourself on me. Does it feel good, whore? Tell me."

Xander whimpered, hips moving beyond his control as the head of Spike's cock rubbed repetitively over his prostate. The ring on his cock bit painfully into his own dick, adding another level of sensation, and Spike's words just pushed him even higher.

"Y-yes, daddy, feels s-so g-good, filling me up l-like this." Xander wanted to beg to come, but he'd learned over the last week that it did little good, just giving Spike one more thing to hold over his head, but there was one thing he could beg for. "Pl-please, n-n-need more?"

Fingers bit into the skin at the base of Xander's cock, tightening the ring around him just long enough for Xander to cry out in pain. Spike had to wait for the shocks to fade from his eyes before he could explain himself, thrusting into Xander a few times just so he could neutralize the pain faster. God, his boy had such a sweet arse. "I've explained to you," he said, voice dark and thinly edged with anger. "You will address me properly -- or I'll have to turn your reward into your punishment, little one."

"Sorry, daddy, sorry!" Xander cried, pain flashing bright shocks through his body and leaving him shaking and clinging to Spike as the only steady thing in the world.

When he could breathe again, Xander continued to clutch at Spike's shoulders and beg. "Please, daddy. Please? I want more, daddy, please?"

"Shh, little whore," Spike crooned, petting the head leaning heavily against his shoulder, sweaty skin leaking onto his. "There's my bitch. Let her out, now. My greedy, desperate little bottom-bitch. The one who can't think but for Daddy's cock in her pussy, Daddy's come inside her belly."

He knew Xander would never admit it, but each filth-laced word had the boy calming down, relaxing into the pain and letting it transmute into pleasure as Spike lightly rocked up. He wasn't fucking Xander -- he was going to make the boy do that, definitely -- but just rubbing his cock along the inner walls of Xander's arse even without hitting his prostate gave Xander enough physical pleasure that he was calming down, whimpering a little as he regained control of his breathing.

"There, now." Spike pushed Xander back, seating him more fully over his cock. "Better, little one?"

Gradually, Xander relaxed, letting Spike's words wash over him as his cock pressed inside him. When he was pushed back, he was ready to look Spike in the face again. "Yes, daddy."

Xander moved his hips experimentally, gasping as Spike's cock pressed into his prostate again. Hands clutched on Spike's shoulders, Xander rocked up and down, loving how much deeper Spike was getting. "Daddy? Is it good?"

Xander's lower lip tasted of salty sweat and fear when Spike sucked on it. "Mm hm," he said, pulling back with a final nip. "Very good, little one. I'm inside you so deep, your little body making me feel very good. Can you go faster, now? Bounce on Daddy's cock?"


Nodding and biting his lip, Xander started to move faster. Every stroke felt like he was being split open, and it didn't take much for him to start moaning softly, begging without words for more from his daddy.

Spike sighed when Xander finally found a good speed and rhythm, sinking more deeply into the couch. "That's it," he purred, stretching one arm along the back of the sofa, the other coming up to curl over Xander's hip, holding him without guiding as Xander bounced up and down. "You look so pretty like this, little one. Flushed and sweaty as you fuck yourself onto my cock. Gonna be doing this a lot, too, pet. Just gonna lay down and let you fuck yourself until I come all up inside you. Would you like that, little one?"

"Uh, huh," Xander panted. "I like this, daddy. Feels so good - so big and deep." Experimentally, Xander stopped bouncing and started to roll his hips, feeling like his eyes crossed when that kept Spike's cock as deep as it could go.

Spike groaned in tandem with Xander as the boy tried and successfully found a new trick to use. "Tell me. Tell me how you like this."

Xander closed his eyes, face aflame. He knew what Spike wanted, and every time it got easier. That scared Xander, because he was afraid that he'd slip at the wrong time.

"I really like this, daddy. Makes me feel like a real slut for you - filling up my p-p-pussy so good. Want to be your b-b-bitch, always, just riding your cock as m-much as you want. L-l-love it..."

"Knew you were," Spike muttered, his tone vicious as his body started to fully react to Xander's movements. He slid his hands along Xander's hip, down to his cock, worming his fingers under Xander's weight to cup the boy's balls. He didn't rub them, just offered his hand for Xander to grind into -- which he immediately did, moaning like a cheap tart. "Always knew what a little bitch you were, just begging for someone to bend you over and fuck you. Did you dream about it? Did you wake up spent and cold, dreaming of someone treating you like the whore you are?"

Immediately, Xander nodded. He'd learned that denying just meant that Spike would push and push until he admitted it anyway.

This was less humiliating.

"Yes, d-daddy. I'm your whore, your b-bitch. Want it, want it so b-bad."

Xander's body was warm and heavy as he ground himself in circles around Spike's cock. He was panting, eyes heavy lidded and clear -- that meant he wasn't lying about the dreams. And that meant Spike had an entirely new avenue of torment opening up before his eyes.

"You did, little one?" Spike released Xander's balls, curling his fingers around his cock and holding still, providing Xander with a tunnel to fuck, growing slick with precome smearing against fingers and palm. "When was the first time, slut? When did you first dream of kneeling before your Daddy and sucking him the way a good cocksucker should?"

Lost in the pleasure of having a warm, slick channel around his dick, Xander didn't understand the question at first. When he did, he froze. "Uh..."

Spike's hand grew uncomfortably tight, and Xander mewled and squirmed. "I asked you a question, little one."

"I... I don't remember, daddy. Seems like I've had them forever. But I didn't want to admit them!"

It was far too easy.

And fun.

Spike let go of Xander's cock, reaching around to smack the pert arse resting on his thighs. "I told you not to lie to me, pet. Don't need an exact date, just ... when they started starring me. And what exactly I was doing to a dirty, slutty little boy like you."

Xander jumped as his ass was spanked, and tried to remember the first time he dreamed about Spike. "It was after you moved into the basement. They weren't - weren't specific, daddy. Just you m-making me do stuff, you know?"

Now that was interesting. Oh, not that he'd been having submissive dreams for that long -- Spike was willing to lay money the boy'd been having them since he was old enough to fantasize. But that he'd wanted Spike even then, and Spike...

Hadn't known. What a fucking waste that was. Almost a year of not having a boy to fuck and abuse when he could have, particularly back when he was in the basement and having someone to order around would've made him feel a hell of a lot better.

"No, I don't know, little one. Tell me." Rubbing the arse he'd slapped, Spike reached between Xander's cheeks to brush over the stretched skin there, rubbing it and himself as Xander started moving even faster. "Did I order you over after you'd tied me to that crap chair of yours, tell you to suck me off? Or was it like this, little slut; did you climb onto my lap and rub and rock until I'd come all over you?"

He stopped moving, luxuriating in the simple touch and staring intently at Spike's chest so that he couldn't see his expression. "S-simple stuff, daddy. You t-telling me to s-suck you off, with me on my knees. T-taking me out of the b-basement to l-live with you," Xander's voice dropped to a bare whisper, "So you could t-take c-care of m-me."

Spike cupped Xander's cheek gently, making him look up. This was a crucial moment, although in retrospect Xander wouldn't think so. This was when Xander started to truly believe that he was Spike's: his property. And that Spike was his Daddy.

Thumb rubbing over Xander's cheekbone, Spike leaned forward to kiss his mouth. "My poor little one. Never told me, did you? But that's all right. Daddy's taking care of you now. Daddy's going to hold you and keep you and take care of you always." He began slowly rocking into Xander's arse, bouncing him lightly with each upward thrust. "Gonna make my little one feel very good, just like now. Isn't that right, pet? Here, arms around my neck." Spike waited for Xander to comply, the almost hug giving Xander the added benefit of more leverage. "This feels good, doesn't it, little one? Daddy taking good care of you, giving your cock-hungry pussy what it needs."

With a sob, Xander started to move again, a weight coming off his chest at his admission. "Yes, daddy. Feels good. Love it when y-you use m-me, daddy, like a wh-whore."

"When I fuck your pussy," Spike told him.

Xander flushed, then paled, and said, "When you f - " He broke off, gasping at Spike’s sharp slap of reprimand.

Shaking his head, Spike rubbed the place he'd slapped. "Who am I, little one?"

The answer came gratifyingly immediately: "Daddy."

"So, then it would be when ... "

Stammering, Xander said, "When daddy f-f-fucks my p-p-pussy."

Spike continued to rub his ass, saying, "Again, little one."

"When daddy fucks my p-pussy."

"One more time."

Finally, Xander managed to get it out without stuttering. "When daddy fucks my pussy."

"Good boy!" Spike praised, using his hold on Xander's arse to bounce him a little faster. "That's my good little bitch, so very obedient for his Daddy. Faster, baby, Daddy's almost ready to give you his come. Do you want that?"

Xander nodded. He'd begun moving more and more easily over Spike's cock, finally reaching the level of submission he needed to bounce and grind and generally do everything to make Spike feel fantastic. Xander's cock was very hard as well, slapping against his belly with each new contortion, panting both from need and exertion.

He grunted, shifting his hips to match the pace he wanted Xander moving at. That pushed the head of his cock even harder over Xander's prostate, the boy jerking as his pleasure increased.

Crying out, Xander moved as Spike guided him. Pleasure was skittering over his nerves, gathering down in his balls, and he didn't know how much longer he was going to be able to last.

"Daddy, daddy, daddydaddydaddy..."

God, he loved to hear his boy beg. Loved to hear that moment when the self-awareness -- self-disgust -- vanished into white-hot need and the kind of mindless giving that Spike intended to bring Xander to again and again, accustoming him to what he should be like.

Making it worth his while.

Spike growled, thrusting up hard as he began to come. Fighting through pleasure like molasses on his body, Spike got the ring off Xander's cock -- all hail plastic that slid off without pain -- stroking it roughly as he spilled into Xander's arse. "Come on, little one," he panted. "Come for Daddy."

Spike's hand moved over him once, twice, three more times, and then he was coming with a harsh groan.

For a long moment, he melted into Spike, cuddling up close as he caught his breath. Then he sat back up, and before Spike could say or do anything else, he was already bending his head to lick up his come off Spike's chest and stomach.

Spike rumbled his approval while Xander contorted enough to remain spitted over Spike's cock while cleaning his chest and belly. "There's my boy," Spike murmured, smoothing sweaty curls off of Xander's forehead, letting his fingers trail down neck and shoulders before starting the whole thing again. "My perfect little whore. So good to me, pet. Keep this up and I might be giving you even more treats."

He chuckled as Xander licked over his nipple, holding his head so the boy knew to suckle -- which he immediately did, moaning like the slut he was as he nursed at Spike's chest. "Such a good boy for Daddy."

Quietly, he nursed at Spike's nipple, laving it thoroughly. It wasn't as good as sucking Spike's cock, but it still felt good in his mouth.

When Spike nudged him slightly, he shifted to the other. As he sucked, he twisted, loving the feel of Spike still inside of him. He kept going until Spike put a hand under his chin and lifted his head, tugging it up.

Staring at Spike, he waited to be told what daddy wanted him to do now.

It wasn't that Xander's eyes were empty precisely -- they weren't. The boy was still in there, still cognizant and whole. It was just that right now, when he was like this, his eyes glowed with trust. His mind wasn't blank, but it also wasn't active, content to let Spike control not just his body but the thoughts that teemed and seethed behind amber-colored eyes.

Spike leaned forward and kissed him, sucking on Xander's tongue while the boy moaned into his mouth, eager for the intimacy and affection kissing meant -- and, of course, sucking. This boy would do literally anything to suck.

"Feeling better now, little one?" Spike asked, idly carding through Xander's hair while the boy leaned into his touch. His other hand rubbed at Xander's arse, in effect squeezing him more tightly around his soft -- for now -- cock. "Or does my little cockslut need to suck for a bit?"

Xander cuddled in close, luxuriating in the simple touch from Spike. He was unbelievably content that Spike enjoyed his oral fixation so much and was willing to indulge him as much as he liked. "Don't need to, daddy. But can if you want me to."

Such a simple response. Simple, and thoroughly aware that as much as Spike might take Xander's needs into account -- it was his needs that took precedent. Still joined inside his boy, Spike stretched out over the sofa, enjoying the comforting weight of heavy, sated slut wriggling contentedly over his body. It was almost peaceful, the faint sounds of the outside world counterpoint to the slow, steady thud of Xander's heart.

Nuzzling Xander's ear, he offered the boy his thumb to suck on for a little bit. Warm lips immediately closed around it with an eye-fluttered moan. Spike chuckled. "Good cocksucker," he said, making sure to keep his voice warm and affectionate. "Can lift off me, if you like, little one. Don't want you too sore."

Xander wanted to say something like, "I'm okay," or "If that's what you want," but that would require him to let go of Spike's thumb. So instead, he just shifted enough that Spike slid out of him.

Groaning at the sensation, he closed his eyes and suckled on Spike's thumb thoughtfully. More and more he was settling into the life that Spike was determined to see him follow, but he was still worried about what Willow might do. God only knows what she might get in her head if she thought it would be good for Xander.

He loved Willow, but it wouldn't be beyond her to cast a spell to "fix" Xander if she thought it was in his best interests. She'd always mothered him, and he'd rarely objected, but now.... Oh, now, it could be a problem.

Sighing softly, he decided to worry about it if and when it became an issue and simply focused his attention on Spike's hand, his own hand wrapped around his wrist so he couldn't move it away.

Spike let Xander drift against him, luxuriating in the feeling of being thoroughly sated and toasty, the steady, wet noises of Xander sucking as his body growing heavier and sleepier...

He flexed against the hand curled around his wrist, enjoying the way Xander immediately tightened his grip, not wanting to lose his treat. "Really need to get you a binky," he mused, watching as Xander's eyes grew wide as he woke up a little. "A pacifier, like little, baby boys suck. I'd fuck you while you sucked on it, pet. Fuck you so much that just putting one in your mouth'll get your hard and desperate for it, your pussy aching for Daddy's cock."

Xander's slow, delicate flush made Spike grin; craning his neck to nip whatever bits of Xander's flesh he could reach. "Up with you, little one. I know someone's probably hungry and I need to give my dirty slut a bath."

Blinking sleepily, it took Xander a minute to figure out what Spike was saying. When he did, he blushed all the way down to his waist. It was one thing to suck on Spike's cock or his thumb or even a toy. But a pacifier? He didn't know if he could do such a thing.

Oh, well, deal with it when Spike put the toy in his mouth, and not before.

In the meantime, Spike wanted him up, and with a groan he pulled himself out of his lap, standing on legs that shook from exhaustion.

Spike didn't steady Xander, watching as the boy took a deep breath and got himself under control without any assistance -- and then turned and held a hand out for Spike. "Good boy," Spike told him, allowing Xander to help him to his feet. He didn't need the help, of course; not even mind-blowing orgasms could make Spike that wobbly on his pins. But it was nice to see the boy know he had to do for Spike, and Spike wasn't interested in making him feel like shit just because -- yet.

Slinging an arm around Xander's waist, he guided Xander into the kitchen and sat him on one of the bar stools -- and grinned when the boy immediately winced. "Feel like spoiling you a bit," he mused as he looked over the crud in the freezer. "Not gonna do this often, mind -- you're not as healthy as you should be. But I think pizza'll be all right. Plain. Go order it, pet, and then start the water for us."

Xander's eyes immediately lit up, even when Spike qualified his pressie down to a plain pie, eagerly calling in the order while Spike heated up his first of several mugs for that evening; ah, the beauty of a little boy who didn't know or care where Spike was getting his blood.

As soon as he'd called in the order for the pizza - god, he hadn't had 'za since he started sleeping with Spike - he went to the bathroom and started the water, as hot as he could tolerate it.

Spike would probably have liked it a bit hotter, to be honest, but there was a difference between giving in to Spike's preferences and ending up with burns in some fairly sensitive places, and thankfully, Spike respected the difference. He didn't make Xander do anything actually physically harmful, just... uncomfortable, sometimes.

When he returned to the kitchen, he glanced at the mug turning in the microwave. He knew it was human - probably bought from Willie. Spike thought he didn't realize what it was, but Xander honestly saw no point in getting upset about it. Spike was a vampire, period. If he wanted to think that Xander was too dumb to notice the difference in the blood bags, he was welcome to it.

"We've got twenty minutes, little one," Spike said as he sipped his mug. Sweet, rich human blood flooded his system, making his soft cock twitch with eagerness, his senses flaring with bright clarity. Lovely stuff. He was not ever going back to pig if he could help it. But to be honest... as much as he missed the hunt and the kill, he was a creature of comforts. Having his meals in a bag wasn't a half-bad set of circumstances. Now that it was human again, anyway. "Shall we?"

Cupping Xander's arse, Spike wormed a finger into his boy, using that as a steering guide into the fragrantly steaming bathroom. "Kneel," Spike instructed, gesturing at the other end of the tub -- bless Anya's insistence that they get a deep, claw-footed tub big enough for three -- while Spike climbed into the front and stretched out comfortably. "Wash me good, little one."

Kneeling in the steaming water, Xander pulled down a washcloth and some of the gel that Spike favored. Working it to a lather, he started with Spike's feet and legs, as they were closest, working the cloth as a soft massage.

Avoiding Spike's cock and balls, he continued his way up over Spike's chest and arms, still massaging softly. When everything else was clean, he asked, "Daddy, stand up, please?"

Spike smiled and stood, letting Xander run the soapy cloth over his cock, getting it clean as well. Then, as Xander let some of the soapy water out of the tub, Spike turned on the shower, letting the water rinse him clean.

Xander was still on his knees, and looked up at the half hard cock bobbing in front of him. His mouth immediately started to water, and he forced himself to look up at Spike's face, wondering if they had time.

Pheromones drifted over the mint and lime scent of the bath wash Spike had ordered the boy use. Xander's eyes were locked on his, mouth twisted into a little squiggle of concentration -- boy wanted his cock again. Always.

Chuckling, Spike cupped Xander's cheek and jaw, rubbing his thumb over water-softened lips that parted, tongue flickering out eagerly on the upward sweep of each pass. "Your choice, little one. Want to suck on Daddy's cock, or do you want Daddy to clean you up?"

Xander cocked his head, considering. He wanted Spike's cock, but there was a time limit, and at least one of them was going to have to be dressed by the time the pizza guy got there. Besides, if he asked to be washed, then he got to feel Spike's hands on him.

Decision made, he nodded firmly. "Both. Clean up now, suck on you later?"

"Greedy," Spike admonished. He turned the taps back on to as hot as Xander could stand, sinking into the water with a sigh. "C'mere, little one. Into Daddy's lap like he's going to fill that greedy pussy of yours again."

Xander flowed into his lap eagerly, wriggling like the little one Spike named him. Spike cock rubbed along the groove of Xander's arse as he gently soaped and cleaned his boy, even going as far as to wash his hair, grinding away absently as he ran his hands all over Xander's body. When the boy was full of suds, Spike tapped the boy's cock and said, "Stand up."

The shower hissed as it was turned on, spattering against the walls and Spike body as he rinsed Xander off. "Bend, little one." Xander obediently grabbed his own ankles -- or as close as he could come to it -- turning his arse up to the water. Spike soaped and rinsed that area as well, even going so far as to wiggle a few soapy fingers up the boy's grasping, greedy body -- which immediately clamped around Spike's fingers, the boy moaning softly.

"Sore?" he asked, gently fingering the boy.

Moaning, Xander shook his head as best he could given that the position was causing him to get a little dizzy. "N-no, daddy. Feels g-g-good."

"Whore," Spike told him, other hand stroking the boy's arse while it was fingered and opened. "Cock-hungry bitch." Xander moaned in agreement, his body starting to sway to the increased pounding of his blood. It was too bad Spike couldn't just leave him like this, fucking his arse...

But he was still human and Spike had to learn to live with those limitations.

Withdrawing his fingers, he rinsed his boy's arse out thoroughly before giving him the tap to stand back up. Xander swayed alarmingly as he rose, eyes circling in their sockets until Spike cupped Xander's silken sac, squeezing it rhythmically until Xander settled, cock slightly more than half-hard at Spike's touch.

"Time to dry off, little one," he said, adopting as fatherly an attitude as he could -- it always drove Xander wild with shame and lust. "Come on, pet, out you go and into those towels. Don't want you catching a cold."

His ears ringing a little from the extra blood in his head, Xander did as he was told, drying off quickly and then taking one of the dry towels to use on Spike.

Once they were both dry, Spike patted his face and said, "Go put on a pair of sweats, little one. Pizza's gonna be here any second." Nodding, Xander scurried to the bedroom and pulled out the only pair of sweats left in his dresser - a pair so tight that he couldn't hide his hard on if he tried. The pizza guy was going to be able to take one look and know that he was the slut that Spike named him.

But it was too late to do anything about it, because as if his thoughts conjured him, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, he paid for the pie, ignoring the blush that colored his face over his shirtlessness and the raised eyebrow aimed at his hard cock.

As he turned to go back into the apartment, he heard, "Xander?"

Turning back around, he saw Willow making her way determinately down the hallway.

Spike, with his head in the freezer, didn't notice anything was wrong until the humiliation-without-lust scent was overpowering. Realizing instantly that this wasn't the pizza boy, Spike wrapped a towel more tightly around his waist and went into the living room just in time to see Willow giving Xander a not-happy-at-all once over. It was the disapproving little frown between her eyebrows that did it. And the way Xander was so upset he'd be near tears, if he were alone.

Spike took the pizza box, placing it on the end table while wrapping an arm around Xander's waist reassuringly. The boy leaned against him, not as heavily as he clearly wanted to, but obviously seeking support. Spike fitted two fingers under Xander's sweat pants, far enough back that Willow wouldn't notice, and began stroking softly.

"Red," he greeted with a friendly smile. "Wasn't expecting you; wouldn't have been in the middle of a laundry, otherwise."

The hell are you doing here, he wanted to snarl. Frightening my boy and possibly undoing weeks of training with your coy little don't-mind-me's. Bitch. Instead, though, he waited as she looked over the spotless apartment -- Xander cleaned when told -- and Xander’s half-naked state again. "Laundry? You guys... do laundry?"

Leaning into the touch as much as he felt like he could, Xander smiled at Willow. Ignoring the way that it probably looked completely fake, given the way it tugged and pulled at skin, he said, "Well, of course we do laundry. How else would we have clean clothes?"

Willow responded with a distracted "Mm, hmm," while continuing to look around the apartment. Finally, she looked directly at Xander. "Do you think we could talk, Xan?"

"Of course, Wills. What's up?"

Now Willow looked at Spike, and then back at Xander. "I meant just the two of us, Xander."

The smile slipped off his face as he tried to come up with an answer for that that wouldn't get Spike instantly staked. "There's nothing we need to talk about that Spike can't hear."

Spike made a show of rolling his eyes. "Oh, relax," he huffed, the words for both human's benefit. Pressing a kiss to Xander's temple -- then cheek -- then mouth, letting Xander draw his tongue into his mouth and suck on it desperately while Willow made noises that clearly indicated that she was definitely not disgusted at all what so ever, ew ew, Spike finally drew back.

Xander looked better, like this. Not just because he was lust-dazed and about to smile dopily up at Spike, but because he didn't have that pinched look of a boy who'd been caught.

"Gonna go get changed," he said softly. "I'll stay inside for a bit, all right? Call me when you're done." And let Willow think that Spike wouldn't hear every single word they said.

With another kiss, Spike slipped out of the kitchen, leaving Xander and Willow staring at each other. "I wanted to talk to you away from him, Xan. This doesn't make any sense - you hate Spike!"

Xander had to fight to keep his voice low and even. "I used to. Not anymore. Why is this so hard for you?"

"I just don't understand. You're straight! Or was I imaging Anya and Cordy. Wait. No way was I imagining Cordy, unless it was a nightmare. But anyway, you're not gay! I'm the gay one."

"Both of us are allowed to be gay, Willow. It's not like there's a rule that says only one gay person in a friendship. And to be fair, you had Oz before Tara."

Willow nodded, then shook her head. "Still doesn't explain the whole 'Spike' thing. I thought you did the bad-girl thing with Faith. Do you really need a repeat?"

Xander sighed and led Willow over to the couch, sitting carefully. "Look, Willow. I know you don't like Spike, and I didn't used to either. But he takes good care of me, he's not trying to hurt me, and I think you need to trust me, here."

Dressed in Xander's sweats and a buttondown t-shirt, Spike leaned against the doorway, staring at faux wood-grain along the edge of the door. It was cracking.

"Still doesn't explain the whole 'Spike' thing. I thought you did the bad-girl thing with Faith. Do you really need a repeat?"

'Faith' thing? Wasn't she the other slayer, the one that'd gone evil? Spike tried to remember bits and pieces of not caring all that much, reminding himself to ask Xander later. After he successfully told Willow that it wasn't his problem and was a whole heaping lot of hers.

"Look, Willow. I know you don't like Spike, and I didn't used to either. But he takes good care of me, he's not trying to hurt me, and I think you need to trust me, here."

Good boy, Spike mentally praised his boy, peeking out the tiniest bit so that Xander could see him, if he wanted -- Willow had her back to him, so as long as Xander was a bit on the smooth side ... well, he'd just be ready to jerk backwards. Xander looked small on that sofa, even compared to the teeny, short woman perched before him. He looked miserable, too, and Spike knew that had mostly to do with his friend's lack of faith in him.

Bitch, Spike thought, the invective laden with none of the lust and twisted affection that Xander had come to love so much. This was just hate.

A hint of movement caught Xander's eye, and he couldn't help the look towards the bedroom door. When he saw Spike, he smiled. Willow didn't understand their relationship - for that matter Xander didn't understand it most of the time - but it didn't matter.

Willow's face suddenly relaxed, and she said softly, "You really do love him, don't you?"

That jerked Xander's attention back to her. "I - I. Yeah, I really do."

She smiled and stood. "Okay, Xander. I'm gonna stay out of it, but - " and she turned to face the bedroom, raising her voice just a little, "If you hurt him, Spike, I will turn you into little dust bunnies!"

What, that was it? Not that Spike was objecting. Absolutely no objections at all. But all she needed was an involuntary smile and a stammered declaration of love that Spike didn't believe for a moment -- boy didn't know the difference between what his heart wanted and his cock needed -- and off she went in a cloud of jasmine? The hell?

Then again ... gift horses and mouths, and all that rot.

Stepping out from the bedroom, Spike leaned against the back of the sofa, cupping his hand around Xander's neck. It was a highly possessive gesture -- but all Willow did was smile at the affection she was seeing. Idiot child. "Right, right, you lot are getting stale with this whole stake-Spike routine. Besides. Even if I wanted to hurt him -- which I bloody well don't -- I can't. Give it up for American chipmanship, as Xan's so fond of saying. Satisfied now?"

"No, not really. But I am convinced that Xander wants this, versus being shoved into it. And I don't give a damn about your chip, Spike, since it won't stop you from hurting him emotionally."

Willow was obviously trying to glare at Spike, but it wasn't working. She never could stay angry for long. "Willow?"

"Hmmm?" She turned her attention back to Xander. "I'm sorry, Xander. I believe you - doesn't mean I actually trust Spike."

"I know, but you're going to at least stop with the threats of the doing of spells, right?"

She sighed and nodded. "No spells. But if he hurts you, you tell me and I'll kick his butt, okay?"

Safe inside his skull, Spike laughed at the implications that Xander wasn't forced into this. Oh, he was -- didn't mean he didn't want it, though, as the boy was responding the way a flower opened up to the sun. He wanted every little bit Spike could give him, and didn't give a damn that Spike had definitely forced the issue to get him to this point.

Xander was nodding at Willow, looking relieved that she'd specifically said that she trusted him, saying, "You'll be my first call," over Spike's "Oi!" of outrage.

Willow giggled a little and waved. "Um, Xander? You may wanna go shopping cause those are a little ... tight."

Xander immediately blushed, while Spike was torn between laughing at his uncomfortable pet or growling at Willow. He settled for glaring. "Not my fault you interrupted us right before sex. Now leave, woman! I want my shag!"

That had Willow blushing fire-engine red as she gasped out something and scrambled from the apartment.

"Finally," Spike groused. "Idiot bint, poking her nose in where it doesn't belong. And how're you, love?" Spike asked, dropping his voice into a croon. "Not too fashed by her, are you?"

Xander held out his arms to Spike, relieved when he immediately sat down next to him. It enabled him to curl into a ball in his lap, trying to not let his frustration and anger with Willow grow to unmanageable proportions. "I'm okay, daddy. Not happy, particularly, but okay."

Spike ran his hand through Xander's hair, making him feel like he should be purring or something. "I just get tired of them treating me like an idiot."

Spike growled thoughtfully under his breath. The urge to say something like "their loss" was strong, but as it was absolutely factually accurate and it was half their idiocy that had Xander curled so trustingly on his lap and calling him Daddy, well -- wouldn't do for him to malign what'd set things up as perfect as an eight ball in the corner, would it?

He rubbed his thumb through Xander's stubbled jaw, the boy wriggling in pleasure as he was petted. "Not really important, then, are they, little one?" he asked instead. "If they treat you like dirt, well, you can treat 'em like dirt right back. I've got you. Don't think you're stupid, or untrustworthy. Just a little boy, who needs -- " He looked down at Xander, smiling. "What's he need, love?"

Pressing his face into Spike's hand, Xander smiled a little. "He needs his daddy."

Spike smiled, making Xander feel warm inside like he'd done something right. He knew that he shouldn't be so dependent on Spike, but still, the reinforcement felt good. Ducking his head, he started to ask a question just as his stomach growled.

"Okay, pet, you still need to eat."

Xander nodded and went into the kitchen, getting out a plate and taking a few pieces of the 'za. Taking the plate and a glass of milk out to the living room, he sat down on the floor next to Spike's feet and started to eat.

Xander's reliance on habit, seating himself at Spike's feet with a glass of milk like a child, had Spike humming and his cock twitching. He loved to watch Xander slip so easily into the role of a submissive; he loved it even when Xander argued about it, too, because that made the subconscious obedience that always seemed to kick in that much sweeter.

Spike patted the sofa beside him. "C'mere, pet. Tonight you can sit up by me." Then, purposefully not looking at Xander, he turned on the TV and flipped to ... christ was that Speed? Ah, well. Sandra Bullock's tits were nice.

Blushing, Xander shifted up on the couch, setting the milk down on the coffee table. He hadn't realized how hungry he was until he started eating, but he managed to finish off the slice of pizza in a few bites, and the second only took a few moments longer.

Turning, he laid down on the couch to watch the movie, his head in Spike's lap. Still watching, Spike started to pet his hair, making him relax as if he'd been fed some of the good drugs. Every touch made his body vibrate like a tuning fork that had been dropped and he started to purr.

The sound confused him at first. It wasn't the rumbling, growling sound Spike had half-expected for days now; it wasn't constant, the need to breathe putting weird stops in the noise. But Xander was definitely purring -- well, humming really, but the same thing. Xander was purring.

Spike continued to pet the boy, spreading his touches to the boy's shoulders and back, slipping down to rub between the boy's cheeks before starting all over again. "Still hungry, love?" he murmured, quietly so not to disturb the hush that'd fallen on them. It wasn't very dominant of him, but Spike was enjoying this as much as Xander. "Don't want my little one to want for anything."

Reluctant to say anything that might break the spell falling over him, Xander shook his head silently, nuzzling into Spike's leg. Each light touch did more than any amount of force to comfort him, and he was loving every second. There was only one thing that could make things better.

By squirming and shifting, he finally managed to work himself up over Spike's groin, burying his face and inhaling deeply. Even over the smell of fabric softener and soap, he could scent the musk that was Spike. Rubbing his cheek on the bulge that was starting to form in the sweats, he smiled and purred a little louder.

Spike's surprised chuckle was a dirty thing, fit for back rooms and alley-ways, but he knew Xander wouldn't hear any of that: he'd hear the affection and pride in the way he cuddled directly onto Spike's groin, nuzzling against it like a puppy reassuring himself that this was the right scent that meant home.

"Here, little one, lift up a bit." Spike kept his voice quiet, not wanting to startle the half-asleep boy on his lap. When Xander obligingly lifted his head, Spike shimmied the sweats down to his thighs, shifting so he was slumped even further into the sofa, allowing Xander to pillow his head on Spike's stomach -- and slip Spike's cock into his mouth.

"There's my cocksucker," Spike praised him, returning to the slow, light touches. He added a few -- nipples and right below Xander's belly-button, a spot that always made him pant -- but made certain his touch wasn't arousing. Just reassuring. "My good little slut."

Content, Xander suckled on Spike's cock. He wasn't using any of the tricks that Spike had taught him to build things quickly. Instead, this was pure comfort - being able to relax and suck as much as he wanted without having to do anything.

One hand slipped down to Spike's hip, curling around the sharp bones there and clinging tightly as he continued to suck. The other started to draw random patterns on his leg. He wasn't thinking of anything in particular, or even at all, as he focused on the cock in his mouth.

It said something about the amount of sex Spike was getting that he didn't even need to be hard for this. He was, but there wasn't much urgency behind it. Just a fizzling at the base of his spine and comfort leaking through his veins while Xander suckled him, clinging tightly. Spike continued petting him as Speed became something awful cop drama with no point, as he hadn't seen what came before, and then something else Spike still wasn't paying attention to. And all the while, Xander continued to suck.

He could probably fall asleep just like that, but Spike had spent too much time kipping where he could, forget the two years he'd had a crypt with no bed. So he gently shook his boy awake, stripping him down and getting him into the bedroom.

Xander's eyes were wet and glassy with sleep as he lay his head down on the pillow, blinking at Spike before looking down at Spike's groin again. Spike chuckled softly, turning out the light before pushing on Xander's head. "All right, greedy bitch. Daddy wants your throat."

Xander gave him a secret grin and slithered down the bed to wrap arms around Spike's waist even as he wrapped his lips around Spike's cock. Sighing, Spike pet Xander's forehead and hair while the boy hummed in half-asleep contentment. All in all, it'd been a good day. The Scoobies had bound Xander even more tightly to Spike, and he'd have a hot, willing throat to fuck when he woke up. Not bad at all.

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