I kept looking for a Torchwood crossover with BtVS Capt John/Spike story, but I couldn't find one, so finally I tried to write what I was looking for.

I'm a reader, not a writer, so please look on this story as a kinda fat plot bunny, and if any authors out there can take this idea and run with it, I hope they will, just let me know so I can enjoy reading what a good author does with this idea.

Summary: Captain John finally takes on more than he bargained for

Fandom: Torchwood Crossover with BtVS
Torchwood Crossover with BtVS
Pairing: Captain John/Spike
Rating: Maybe R for bad language?

Prettier Than a Poodle


Oh...now that is gorgeous! Captain John Hart took another, longer look at the man who'd just walked into the bar.

Having shaken the dust of Cardiff from his boots, he'd emerged from the rift in an unfamiliar time and place, but bars were the same all over the multiverse, and he really needed a drink. Badly.

Damn all ungrateful ex-lovers anyway. He'd been willing to share. Well, when he'd found he couldn't kill his way out of the mess his ex had left for him. Damn the bitch. And damn Jack. And damn that cursed little team of his.

Downing his fifth shot he reached for the next, watching tonight's fuck stalk his prey. And he was stalking. John had stalked enough of his own victims over the years to recognise another predator when he saw one.

Fuck, the man was good! The teen girl was completey unaware of being under observation as the blonde man circled her. John took the time to study the man. Stunning blue eyes, razor sharp cheekbones, long black leather coat draped over a slender frame, the man was prettier than that damn poodle Gwen had refused to stop for.

The music continued to pound out the beat as hot bodies moved together on the dance floor. John watched entranced as the blonde man lured his prey into an alley behind the bar. He missed what happened next, getting pushed into the crowd by one of the girls young friends rushing back inside for a handbag of all things.  By the time John got out into the alley, it all seemed to be over, the girl comforting another girl as the gorgeous blonde walked away, slipping into the shadows so cleverly that it took all of John's skill to keep him in sight.

John followed the man carefully for the next fifteen minutes as he led him into a warehouse area, and then suddenly lost sight of him from one corner to the next. Confused, he swung around and walked straight into his prey.

Who really didn't look so much like prey, now, as he stood regarding him with a smug smile twisting his mouth.

"So...what 'av we 'ere?" the man asked, eyes running appreciatively over John's body. "Happy meals that deliver themselves?"

And then for John, everything went black.


"But Spike......." a female voice complained, "I'm not hungry"

"You've got to eat something, luv," a male voice replied,  "an' Dalton found you a lovely kiddie, you like kiddies, luv, remember?

"What about that one?"

"He followed me 'ome, jus' like a puppy. I wanna keep 'im as a pet, jus' fer a bit, can I luv? "

Captain John's eyes snapped open, and he stared around frantically. He was tied up and lying against one wall of a very frilly feminine bedroom. Opposite him was a display stand of dolls in long frilly dresses, and tangled together on the bed were the source of the voices.

"Can I 'ave 'im when you're finished with 'im, Spike?" the pretty brunette girl asked, looking across at John with a look on her face compounded of curiosity and hunger. Something about her was really off, and John pressed his back against the wall, trying to make himself smaller.

"Yeah luv, 'course ya can, but that might not be fer awhile, yet. It's been a long time since I had a pet to play with," Spike finished, leering across at John.

In a move too fast for John to follow, the man Spike? was across the room and cupping John's face in one hand. "Lovely," he breathed, blue eyes locking with blue, before bending down to capture John's mouth with his own. Oooohhhh...nice! John's attention focused immediately on the mouth moving against his, on the demanding tongue seeking entry Oooooohhhhhh....fuck...... and John's mind began to go into meltdown as his mouth was possessed by the stranger's.

Never one for introspection, loving his addictions and living for instant gratification, all John wanted now was his hands untied so he could pull that body closer.

He moaned as the mouth withdrew and opened his eyes to meet Spike's curious stare.

"Yer not fightin' me," Spike said, a note of surprise in his voice. He tilted his head, regarding this strange human. Abruptly his face morphed into the demon's visage, and he smiled around his fangs at the shocked look on his plaything's face.

"What...what are you?" John whispered, staring into yellow eyes.

"Vampire," Spike replied, realising that the human's intitial shock was wearing off, and that he couldn't sense a trace of fear.

Intrigued, Spike moved closer, smiling as the human held his position, not backing away. Lowering his head Spike bit into the ropes binding the human's wrists with his fangs, and watched as John massaged feeling back into his freed hands.

"Vampires are just a myth," John said, then in an abrupt turnaround, "Obviously not, then," and reached out to touch an eye ridge.

Spike almost purred as his fascinating new pet continued to gently stroke his eye ridges before suddenly coming to his senses. He shook his vampire face away, and once more presented the face of a fallen angel to this strange human.

John ran his tongue over his lower lip as he gazed into Spike's face. Fuck but he wanted some more of this man...vampire...whatever!

"Oooohhh Spike, the puppy likes you," Drusilla laughed, recalling her to John's mind. He'd completely forgotten the strange woman was in the room, he'd been so caught up with Spike.

"Yeah luv, think we got a keeper 'ere, but e's all mine, so don't you eat 'im, mind," Spike replied without looking at her, his eyes never leaving John's. "So...how 'bout it pet? Ya wanna live forever?"

The End

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