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For [info]tabaqui who gave me How about that lovely, creamy, slightly bitter rooty taste you get in a really good Root Beer Float?
and if this does not bring a smile to your face, and a sweet little catch to your heart...

Sweet Tooth


Root Beer Float

He had waited for this forever it seemed. After playing pool, after patrolling, after numerous botched attempts at a date.

Spike took him out to dinner, a real, honest-to-God, sit down, don’t eat the waiter, order off the menu with no prices listed date. Willow had ironed his pants for him, and Buffy tied his tie. Dawnie made sure that his hair was brushed in the right direction, and Giles said he didn’t stink.

Spike was five minutes early, and stood right outside the door, talking himself into knocking. Xander knew this because he was standing right inside the door, talking himself into answering. When he finally did, the vibrations hit Xander right square on the forehead.

“Ready pet?” Spike’s voice was strangely quiet, kinda nervous, and if Xander didn’t know any better, shy.

“Yeah, I am.” So Xander gave his best smile, the one that made little gold sparks shine in Spike’s eyes, and gave him that little curl on the corner of his lips that made Xander’s heart do the little thump bump catch in his chest. And suddenly there was no shyness, no sense of hesitation. Spike reached out and took Xander’s hand. And he smiled back.

They walked to the restaurant, holding hands, and not talking about patrolling or demons or anything else that mattered. Spike told Xander about The Tempest, Xander told Spike about Andromeda.

The maitre de sat them without any funny looks, just said to Follow me in an irritatingly fake French accent, and led them to their table.

They really didn’t say anything important over dinner, not to anybody else anyway. But right then, the whole universe revolved around their conversation. Happy Xander memories, happy William memories. Seeing who could tell the funniest story, sharing.

Spike paid the bill; Xander blushed, and let him. They left the restaurant chatting, oblivious to the secret smiles following them.

Talked about, and dismissed the idea of seeing a movie. They didn’t want to spend any more time not talking. Spike took Xander down to the boardwalk instead. They wandered around the open-air mall for hours, laughing at the packs of teenage girls flirting with the packs of teenage boys. Spike must have put the word out earlier; no demons or vamps tried to interrupt their date.

“Hey pet, up for a root beer float?” Spike tugs his hand, pulling Xander towards the old-fashioned soda jerk stand.

“This is a trick question, right?” Xander laughs and skips behind Spike.

Spike buys the biggest, frothiest rootiest root beer float the man can make, and sticks two straws in it. Spike doesn’t drink a lot of it, thinking a vampire with the hiccups really doesn’t rate high on the romantic scale, just takes enough to get that rich, thick flavor in the back of his throat. Watches instead the bob and bounce of Xander’s Adam’s apple as he pulls and draws on the straw.

“Hey Spike?” Xander puts the empty glass on the counter, and turns suddenly serious brown eyes on his date.

“Mmmm?” Spike is suddenly afraid to talk; afraid of what might tumble from his mouth.

“Don’t suppose you kiss on the first date?”

Xander knows that on the very last night of his life, on the very last kiss on the very last night of his life, this will be remembered as his favorite kiss. Spike was touching his so lightly that he almost wasn’t touching at all, and his lips were so soft they almost weren’t there. And his eyes were so blue they were almost bottomless, and Xander suddenly knew what it was to be looked at with pure honest this is as real as it gets love. And the tongue ghosting across his lips said more to his heart than any words ever had, and it tasted just like a root beer float.

Cinnamon Toast

For [info]amejisuto who gave me this.

Xander couldn’t wait to see Spike again. He felt like he had found everything he had ever lost, every marble and comic book, the hot wheels car, and the deluxe edition Monopoly game. He knew he didn’t need an excuse to just show up, and Spike was probably still awake, it was just after dawn after all. So he packed up breakfast. One toaster, check. Loaf of bread, check. Butter, cinnamon, sugar, check. Quick stop at Willies, and he was on his way.

Spike opened the door before he could knock, stood there grinning like every lovesick puppy ever written about. And Xander grinned back, until the sun shifted position, and Spike yelped when a stray sunbeam bounced off the top of the toaster and landed on his arm. Xander pushed him inside, and followed, closing the door tight behind him.

“What’s this then?” Spike took the bag from Xander, and began nosing through it. Xander blushed, feeling a little silly all of a sudden.

“Um...breakfast?” He jammed his hands into his pockets, then pulled them out, stared at the floor and the ceiling and the spider web in the corner.

“You ah...brought me breakfast?” Spike dug deeper into the bag, goofy smile splitting his face wide. He pulled two blood packets from the bottom where Xander had made sure to stick them next to the butter that he had put in the freezer to make sure they were still cold.

Xander had to bite his tongue, literally, to stop the babble from pouring out.

“Well, come on then, all the wiring is down bottom.” Spike looked up when Xander didn’t follow, confusion showing through the love already in his eyes.

“Pet? What’s wrong?” And Spike was suddenly there, right in front of Xander, reaching up a hand to touch his jaw. Xander still felt silly, but he felt loved and silly, like it was ok that he felt silly and that Spike wasn’t going to think he was silly, no matter how silly he was.

“It’’s ok that I’m here, right? That I did this?” Brown eyes looked deep into blue, blue eyes looked right back.

“‘Course it is, Xander. Wish you had somewhere better to come to than a crypt, but you are always welcome here. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack. Glass of water when you get up in the middle of the night after a dream, wherever I am, you can be there too.” Then he gave Xander a little kiss, just a brush of lips really, kinda like he didn’t want Xander to see the emotion in his eyes.

“So c’mon then, make me breakfast.” Xander followed Spike this time, right down the ladder into the lower level of the crypt. He had only been down here a couple of times, bringing in the wires for the stolen electricity. But he knew where everything was, plugging in the toaster and making breakfast for the first time for Spike. That thought made him smile, and the thought of sharing breakfast with Spike made him want to share the smile, so he did. Spike smiled back.

Xander told Spike about the building they were working on, and that there was a sewer entrance about twenty feet from the site, and that the sidewalk was lined with really big trees with lots of leaves. He hoped Spike kinda got the hint that he could come visit, or just watch, if he wanted to. Spike did, but he didn’t tell Xander that. And Spike saved the blood, eating his toast without any dunking of any kind. He wanted to kiss Xander again, but didn’t want anything to come between him and the spicy sweet morning night summer winter taste that lived inside of Xander’s mouth.

So when it came time for Xander to leave for work, and Spike walked him to the door, careful to stay away from any stray sunbeams, he did.

And Xander had his second favorite kiss memory.

Gourmet Chocolate Sundae Lollipops.

For [info]saifai who gave me...

It was lunchtime and Xander kept an eye out for Spike. He wasn’t worried about the guys saying anything, he was big enough and had enough respect on the site that they just wouldn’t. And he was pretty sure a couple of them would be able to trade guy-kiss stories with him, if he had any desire to ever open his mouth and let all that babble out. Which he didn’t. But he did look for Spike. And his heart did that funny little thump bump catch thing that he was starting to call the Spike rhythm when Spike poked his head out of the sewer entrance. And did that smile thing.

They met halfway down the sidewalk. Hands lightly touching, then twining together, then somewhere big blunt fingers and slim smooth fingers disappeared and they just were. They didn’t kiss, but Xander would later swear that he could feel soft lips and slippery tongue and shiny wet teeth against his.

Spike kept his other hand tucked deep inside the pocket of his duster, fingers pressing and fidgeting and showing little bumps through the leather.

They talked about the building, and the braces and beams and bolts. Xander told Spike that a Cherry Picker didn’t really pick cherries, and that crossbeams didn’t look like crosses. He shared his lunch, giving him one of the ham and cheese with tomato's and lettuce sandwiches. Spike didn’t really like lettuce, but ate it anyway. Then Xander split the apple in half, and Spike suddenly wished they had taken this down into the sewer so he could lick the sticky juice off Xander’s chin. And when Xander handed Spike the thermos filled with still ice cold milk, Spike was oh-so-careful to put his lips in the same place that Xander had put his.

The bell sounded, calling Xander back to work. He tilted his head towards Spike, intent on a kiss, right here in front of all the guys watching. Spike stopped him with a hand on his chest.

“Brought you something for desert, luv.” And pulled his hand out of his pocket. The sucker he gave to Xander had fancy silver wrapping, with fancy swirly letters.

Gourmet Chocolate Sundae Lollipop

Xander grinned, pulled the foil off, and stuck the candy in his mouth. He sucked on it for a minute, and Spike took his brain out and washed it in bleach. He missed Xander pulling the lolly out of his mouth with a quiet pop, but didn’t miss the sudden appearance of Xander’s lips on his.

Spike knew, right then, that this was the best tasting kiss he had ever had. Xander all mixed up with sunshine and milk and chocolate.

Tequila Rose

For [info]adis723 who gave me Tequila Rose.

Having a weepy Willow stomp through the front door put a crimp on Xander’s plans for the evening. Snuggling on the couch with Spike, watching a movie was bound to be difficult with her crying in the popcorn. When she pulled the bottle of Tequila Rose out of her bottomless hemp bag, Xander knew he could kiss his plans good night. Which wasn’t nearly as nice as kissing Spike good night, a major part of the plans that just.... He kicked his inner babble button.

“Willow, sweetie, what happened? In fifty words or less?” Xander cringed when she looked at him like he had lost his mind.

“Tara and I had...sniff a fight, and I went over to sniff Buffy’s only she wasn’t there so I went to snort Giles’ and Buffy and Giles were there and...Can I have a sniff tissue please? And they said that Tara was right and I was wrong and they were my friends first and....” The rest of her words were lost somewhere deep inside of Xander’s shirt, mixed up with the tears and the snot and the forty dollar a bottle splash of aftershave that really didn’t smell like anything except pheromones and wasn’t that the point?

“Of course you were right, sweetie, now go kiss and make up. Please?” Xander patted her on the back, then smoothed down her hair. She looked at him like his spine followed his brain out the door.

“No, Tara was right, it is powdered frog’s eyes, but that’s not the point Xander. The point is...the point...” and confusion sets in, right about the same time the whistled version of “Friggin’ in the Riggin’” began to echo down the hallway.

“Oh, I see.” And now Willow has done the amazing female acrobatics routine of changing emotions at the drop of a hat. Teary to pissed in 0.2 seconds flat.

“So a date with Spike is more important than me?” The ‘me’ must have jumped two whole octaves, Xander could hear Spike flinch outside the door.

“C’mon Wills, you know that’s not true. Really it’s not. Lemme let Spike in, and we will all sit down and have a drink, work this out, ok?” Willow sniffed again, then nodded, shooting the door a mutinous look.

Xander opened the door, Spike came in against his better judgement. But cheered up when he saw that Willow had brought a full bottle of tequila to make up for the botched night of snuggling and snogging on the couch that he had planned. Couple of shots into the redhead, and she was as good as out. Then it was snuggling and snogging and alcohol and Xander on the couch. The possibilities from there were endless.

He timed it. five minutes after the third round, and Willow was face down on the table, snoring and drooling. Xander was calling Tara to come retrieve her cheep, girlfriend. And Spike was setting up camp on the couch.

Popcorn, soda, the remainder of the bottle, remote.

Tara came and left, gracing Spike and Xander with a soft sweet smile.

And Xander was finally, finally sitting on the couch with Spike. Thighs touching, fingers tangled together, matching looks of hunger and longing and peace in their eyes.

“Hi.” Xander breaks the quiet.

“Hi” Spike breaks it right back.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

For [info]claudia6913 who gave me Reeses cups!

“No, there are classes to junk food!” Xander sat up from his lounge position, head against the armrest of the couch and legs sprawled across Spike’s legs, to snatch the package out of Spike’s hands.

“See, there’s the Twinkie class. That’s the ‘Oh my God, I have just had the shittiest day in the history of shitty days, and if I don’t get comfort food soon I’m going to tear the heads off of little puppies’ kind of class. Then there are chips, those fit the ‘gonna kick back and watch a little Deep Space Nine, take the phone off the hook, bolt the door, and pretend I’m not home’ kind of snack. Then there is chocolate.” Stopping, eyes glazing over slightly, until Spike nudges him.

“What about chocolate then, pet?” Spike feels his own eyes glazing just a bit when Xander sticks out his tongue and slides it along his bottom lip.

“Chocolate is like sex. Really, really good sex. It’s all smooth and rich and it just kinda explodes everywhere. It’s in your mouth and your belly and your blood and your brain. It moves right through you, taking over all the bits and pieces.” His eyes flutter shut, voice drops to a husky whisper. Spike follows him right down the path of sensual damnation. “It coats your tongue, slip sliding its way down your throat. Making itself right at home between your lips. And it’s slick and smooth on your fingertips, you have to lick it off.” And he brings his fingers to his mouth to demonstrate, placing said digit right in the middle of his tongue, and curling his tongue around his finger, then sucking it right into his mouth.

Spike has had enough.

He reaches up and pulls Xander’s finger out of his mouth, replacing it with his tongue. Xander doesn’t even twitch, just continues to suck. And he sucks Spike’s brains right out his mouth.

When Spike breaks the kiss, Xander whimpers quietly, and chases after. Spike waits until Xander opens his eyes, then tears a piece off the peanut butter cup.

“Like this, luv?” He pops the candy in his mouth, rolling it around to get the flavor everywhere, then pulls Xander in for another kiss.

Chocolate and peanut butter and Spike and dark and lust and love explode and crackle and race along his veins like quicksilver.

And he melts, just like the chocolate still clutched in his hand

The End

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