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For the beloved [info]spikedluv
Disclaimer Joss owns em...damn his hide!

A jackalope is an extinct creature that roamed the mountains of the west for millenia, stealing children, and draining the blood of, wait, wrong critter! lol...its a joke, cross between a jack rabbit, and an antelope.
I guess you have to be from the west to find it funny!
Oh...thanks [info]ranz you reminded me of the "long summer fuck on four wheels" love ya babes

Note: I do advocate the use of condoms, just didnt want to write it, so lets pretend the boys had all the necessary testing done, ok?

NC-17 smut and language

Ride a Cowboy


Part One

Stepping out into the dry hot day, Xander glances down the dirt road. Pavement was something dreamed about in the 60's and given up on by the 80's. kinda like uncontaminated water. Thank god for bleach and boiling. The harsh wind, never quiet, suddenly howls down the empty street, kicking up dust devils and tumbleweeds. He feels a shiver of anticipation crawl down his spine.

Climbing into the cab of his pickup, the brunette does a mental browse of his To-Do list. Still early spring, time to drive into Gillette for summer supplies, and place the annual ad for seasonal ranch hands. Drop offers of employment to the hands that were instrumental to him surviving the previous summer, and consequently the winter.

Wyoming had turned out to be so far from LA that it was like a separate planet, between the climate and the inhabitants. Going from early brunch at eleven in the morning to waking up late at the ass crack of dawn. Latte’s given up for camp coffee. Soft chinos used now as grease rags. And he was happier than he had ever been in his life. Taking to the ranch lifestyle like the proverbial duck.

The two hour drive into Gillette was made to the dulcet tones of Reba, and the honky tonk sounds of Toby. Crooning and belting with equal enthusiasm.

Dirty brown Stetson hanging off the gun rack, rumpled chambray shirt and molded jeans, he felt like the starkly beautiful landscape had been created just for him. And had been held in stasis just waiting for him to come home.

Gillette, considered a town of pretty good size in the sparsely populated state, was roughly the same size as his old neighborhood. Xander had found it amazingly easy to integrate himself into the community. But compared to the prick that was the previous owner of the ranch, not surprising. Most of the landowners had considered his uncle Rory a world class bastard, and in keeping with old west tradition, spit on his grave. When Xander had shown up to take over the ranch, he was greeted with wary enthusiasm. Now he was just a fixture.

Pulling up in front of the stone county building, he is once again amazed at the simplicity of the archetecture. Clean straight lines, mere touches of intricate scroll work around the cornice’s, pure white stone. The building houses the post office, and the county court offices, and the police station. Kinda like one stop shopping.

His mailbox is full, overflowing into a box in the back. Numerous pleas and demands for his ‘packing his ass up and coming home!’ from friends and family. Magazines that had been forwarded, junk...junk...and what was this? Slim white envelope, almost lost in the skin mags and ‘Have you seen me?’ flyers.

Dear Mr Harris,

Sorry I couldn’t make it up north last year. Between Da being sick, and my final year of school, there just wasn’t time or money. I hope the ‘anytime’ offer of a job is still open. I will be in Colorado the end of May, for the opening of the Rodeo circuit, but would rather not ride this year. I trust you still have my mobile number, however, if I do not hear from you I will consider that a yes, and will be in Wyoming in time for the first drive. You may reach me in Texas if you require my services before then.


J. William Barrett.

The sudden wind howls through the open double doors, Xander feels a twinge of Deja Vu, as a second shiver of anticipation follows the trail left by the first.

Part Two

Checking out the postmark, shocked to realize this had been in his mailbox for over three months, Xander wonders if the man is still willing to work on the ranch. That long without a reply would throw anybody for a loop. Wandering back out into the early heat, shaking his head at the oddity that was Wyoming weather. It was only April, and he knew there would be more snow before summer actually hit, but today felt more like June than April did.

His feet stumble to a stop, mouth dries out, and he can actually feel his testosterone surge through his veins. Parked across the intersection, under the shadowed canopy of the Maverick, sits a long summer fuck on four wheels. Known to most mortals as the Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Quad. Sleek, black, chrome. An orgasm that purrs down the freeway, with one of the most powerful engines known to man. Xander can picture the interior in his mind’s eye. Buttery black leather, perfect surface. Sunlight muted through the tinted windows, cool air blasting from the powerful jets. A pulse of irrational jealousy cools his blood. Whoever owned that truck was one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Then said owner strolled around the tailgate. He matched the vehicle to a T. long, lithe legs tightly encased in black Wranglers, molded black pull over, and shrouded by a calf length black leather duster. Topping it all off was a pounded felt black Stetson. And the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Sharp and wicked. Dancing with life and humor.

Standing, staring. Xander feels his chest draw tight, heavy iron bands wrapping around his ribs. His cock, which had been half hard just looking at the truck, becomes the sole center of sensation. The rapidly diminishing rational part of his brain makes one final plea, turn, leave, run, NOW!! That section was quickly smacked down in favor of Divert all main power sources to the sex drive…thrusters ready! Visions of bending that slim body over the tailgate, fucking him until the wolves howl back… Pressing him up against the grill, grinding into him until the chrome Dodge Ram is permanently embedded in his back…shatters when the man smirks, twists a hip out, and flares his hands at his sides.

His cock wilts, all the blood having been diverted to his flaming face. Xander quickly hops down the short stairs, and climbs into his own truck. Supplies can wait; the driving need to flee becomes his pinpoint of focus.

The drive home was made almost blindly. Xander was supremely grateful he knew the way. Erotic visions of the man captured and held the majority of his attention, and half way home, he had to stop the truck to relieve his aching dick. Jacking off to the jackalopes…I am so fucking pathetic!

Crossing the cattle guard that marked the boundary of his property, Xander can taste the tension drain from his body. He had enough to do around the place to completely eradicate all horny hormones.

Parking meant driving through a brood of hens, pecking their merry way through his front yard, and shooing the llama away from the clean laundry hung on the line. The squawking and attempts to fly from the birds still struck him as hilarious, and he was pretty sure the llama actually held the deed to the ranch, from the superior I am moving because I want to looks he got from the ungainly creature. And the distraction took his mind off the hot steamy sex he really, really wanted with the stranger.

Kicking off his boots at the front door, hanging his hat on the antique coat stand, Xander surveys his castle. Actually a Spanish style ranch house, Uncle Rory had spared no expense on the interior of the building. Hard wood floors, no boots allowed, (it was in the will) light paneled walls. Hand carved furniture. And a fully stocked kitchen. Pulling out a chunk of roast beef, winding his way through the house to the bathroom. Gnawing and stripping. And didn’t that bring back the images.

He gives in, lightly stroking his rock hard cock from base to head. Slight twist of his palm to gather hot precum. Turning on the shower as hot as he can stand. Shadowed pictures of the stranger flood his mind. He rides them out. Imagines those smirking lips wrapped around his shaft, slim fingers pulling and twisting his balls. Sliding one into his ass, crooking slightly, flicking against his prostate. Cums for the second time in as many hours with the image of the man writhing at his feet, cock deep in his throat, swallowing every drop Xander shoots into him.

Stays pressed against the shower wall until the water runs cold. Hears a heavy knocking echo through the empty house. Xander pulls his jeans on over wet skin, wraps a towel around his shoulders, and pads out to growl at whoever is on his porch. And drops his heart to the cowboy in black.

Part Three

Wil loves Gillette, loves Wyoming in general. Loves the freedom, the pure air. Having lived first in London, then Dallas, the open range called to him like a lover. He would have stayed forever if not for school, and his Da being so sick. But he now had a degree in agriculture, and animal husbandry, and was looking forward to working for Rory for the next few years. He had an inheritance from his parents, but it wasn’t enough to buy his own spread. Yet.

The familiar sensation of relax soothes his travel-tense muscles. Wil had taken a chance, and driven straight to Wyoming, instead of going to the rodeo lists in Colorado. Hoping Rory could put him straight to work. And now his goal was a couple of hours away. Pulling into the maverick was also familiar. This was where he had first called about the ranch hand job, three years ago. Confident that the job was his. And it was.

Gas, check. Smokes check. Soda and chocolate check. He was ready to put his baby on the two-lane service road out to the ranch. Stops, arrested by the sight of lust filled whisky brown eyes staring at him. Staring. At. Him. The desire and vulnerability in those bottomless pools reaching out and grabbing him like a tow chain. Wrapping right around his heart and his cock, yanking them both out. Rory will know who he is…I have time…have to have.

A vision forms in the swirling lust haze of his brain. Twining around that wanton body, solid in the bed of his truck. Sucking the moisture out of lush pouting lips. Carding his fingers through the silky chestnut locks of hair. Marking the firm skin on his throat with vibrant red love bites. Wrapping his callused hands around a weeping, straining cock. Bathing in his cum.

He grins, cocking his hip in invitation. Gay man in Wyoming, first time for everything! The brunette shakes his head, stunned. He jumps off the stone landing, graceful at an antelope, climbing inside a battered red pick-up. And is gone.

Wil is slightly disappointed, but hopeful. Rory has to know who this guy is, and he plans on finding the stranger.

But real food first, his stomach reminds him. Must have real food. Wil remembers a small café around the corner, and climbs into the cab of his Dodge. Excited for the millionth time over the buttery smooth black leather, with the requisite chrome accents. Rubs his thumb across the hand stitching, imagines doing the same to pouting sun kissed lips. Wants to follow trails of sweat sliding down summer warm skin, to taste every square inch of a stranger’s body.

His stomach makes its presence known, loudly echoing in the quiet cab. Wil laughs at himself, frustrated and horny after a 5- second stare…I’m a pathetic git.

Part Four

“Well, mate, fancy meetin you here” the stranger tips his cover with a single slim finger, smirking from beneath the brim. Xander quickly fastens the buttons of his fly, before his now awake cock can make an unscheduled appearance. The soft accented words scalding his blood.

“Fuck.” Tries for a whisper, comes out more of a plea. The man just grins.

“J. William Barrett. Lookin for Rory Harris.” Sapphire eyes, icy cold, flickering hot. Scraping his flesh from his bones. Xander draws in a desperate breath, tries to connect his brain and his tongue. Say anything remotely intelligent.

“Fuck.” That wasn’t it.

“I knew a kid in school who had Tourrettes syndrome, he shook a lot more.” The sudden humor breaks through the haze of lust holding Xanders mouth captive.

“Sorry. I’m really not an idiot…most of the time.” he steps back, holding the door open. “Come in. Uncle Rory passed last year, in June.” Barrett step inside, automatically removing his hat. Sandy blond curls tipped with platinum white, flop down around his ears. Xander has a flash of sinking his fingers into those tresses, tugging, twisting. Shaking his head to expel the image, he gestures towards the kitchen.

“I’m guessing you know where everything is, make yourself comfortable. I’m gonna go finish dressing.” Closing the door, he hears a softly uttered “mmm, pity.” Behind him. Canting a sharp glance at the blond, Xander hurries to his room. Pulling a faded gray chambray button up over his broad shoulders. Reigning in his irrational lust. Cannot fuck the stranger, the too frickin hot for his own good stranger, through the table, or the wall, or the mattress. Cannot, will not. Down boy!

“So, the old bastard finally got his end?” The soft rough voice comes from his doorway.

“Gah!” Xander starts, jerking around. The blond leans against the door jam sand duster. Just a lethally tight black knit shirt, and painted on wranglers. Arms crossed loosely over his very toned chest, one foot cocked over the other. The epitome of grace and sex. In his door.

“Sorry, mate. Thought you mighta got lost.” And there’s the smirk that sings its siren song to his cock and balls. Oh, and look, new thing. One eyebrow just…lifts. Xander knows, deep in the pit of his belly, that the Devil was now in his house. Had to be. Nobody else could package so much sin in one body. Xander drops to the bed, flat on his back with an arm flung over his eyes.

“You have to go. I can’t…fuck!” frustrated beyond words now.

“Sorry, come again?” the blond straightens up, feels a tight thrum of apprehension chill his bones.

“Listen. You really don’t want to be here. Trust me on this one. You…I’m gay. Very gay. And you are blowin every one of my circuits right now. Stick around and things are gonna get…sticky.” He moves his arm slightly, glancing at the figure in his doorway. Is stunned to see a predatory smile lighting the sharp features, one slim hand fingering a pair of tiny silver hoops high in one ear.

“I fail to see the problem there pet.” He winks, and then is gone.

Part Five

The enticing aroma of fresh coffee, combined with the very unfamiliar sounds of somebody padding around his home, draws Xander out of his room. The sight of the blond making himself comfortable eased a desperation he didn’t know was there.

“Hi.” The blond whips his head around, surprise written all over his sculpted face. “I’m Xander, currently enrolled in a fine 12 step program for idiocy.” He steps forward, holding his hand out for the traditional male greeting, resisting the urge to sweep the smaller man into his arms and caveman him back into the bedroom. The blond clasps the offered hand with his own, rubbing his forefinger roughly across the sensitive pad of Xander’s palm.

“Hi. I’m Wil. Recent graduate of the same. I could be your sponsor if ya need one?” he licks his lips, intent and desire evident in every move. Xander sends up a brief prayer of thanks, and a quick plea.

“Coffee?” the word squeaks out slightly, Xander flushes. Wil chuckles, releasing his hand.

“Yeah, mate. Coffee, and some details first.” Xander scoots away, pouring a cup of the bitter brew. Liberally dosing it with sugar and thick cream. Sets it down with a thunk on the hardwood table, then sliding into the matching chair. Looking up expectantly at Wil.

The blond flushes when he realizes he has been caught staring at the other man, panting lightly at the sensuous roll of his ass. Takes his own coffee black, and sits opposite Xander at the table.

“Uncle Rory didn’t leave a lot in the way of employment contracts. Actually he burned them all, so I didn’t even know you existed. Pretty much everything I know at this point has come piecemeal, from the hands that stuck around after he died, and the other ranchers in the area. Rory died in June, and I got here in July. I hadn’t even planned on staying.” His voice trails off, wonder and amusement painted on his face.

Remembering the first week he had been in Wyoming. The stark beauty and utter desolation of the landscape soothed his battered heart. Calming the shattered sensation that seemed to be his only constant in life. He had spent the rest of the summer and most of the fall learning about ranch life, riding horses and riding range. None of the hands believed him when he stated that he had never been on a horse before, not after seeing him sit like he was part of the graceful creature. They snorted in disbelief when he bagged his first elk within 24 hours of riding up the mountain, especially when he announced, with some pride, that he had never so much as touched a gun.

Then the long cold nights bundled up in front of the fire. Coming to terms with who he was, something he had never been very comfortable exploring. His unhappiness in La, his sexuality. His absolute determination to live and die on this land. His home.

Shaking his head, feeling dazed at the onslaught of memories; he flashes a smile at his guest.

“Sorry, this is all still pretty new to me.” He waves his hand towards the window. “I grew up in La, noise, smog, idiots all over the place. Gotten used to the sound of my own silence, I guess.” Xander grins a sheepish, endearing grin at the blond, noticing that Wil’s angular features soften when he smiles back.

“No worries there pet. ‘S all good.” Wil stretches out a hand, lightly brushing it over the brunettes’ fingers. Gives him a soft smile.

“Right then, lets get the contract written up, then we can talk about…other things. Yeah?” intense blue eyes focus on slightly dazed brown ones, both full of promise and hope.

“Yeah.” Xander echoes softly.

Part Six

They spent the day closeted in Xander’s office, going over the previous contract Wil had with Rory. A few minor changes and both men were satisfied with the arrangement. With his experience and degree, Wil became Xander’s new ranch foreman. A position Wil had desperately been wanting, but hadn’t had much hope for. And a position Xander knew he desperately needed to fill, but had no idea how to go about finding the right man. And it got Wil a room in the house.

The previous tension between the two men had settled into a pleasant longing. A simmering anticipation fills each touch, every glance. Their conversation falls into the familiar pattern of old friends, each man unaccountably comfortable with the other.

The setting sun reminds Xander of his empty stomach. Pushing away from his desk, he holds his hand out to Wil, unconscious of the intimacy of the gesture. Wil slides his slim hand into the larger one, not bothering to hide his brilliant smile. Together they walk down the darkened hallway, chatting aimlessly.

Thick steaks fried potatoes, green salad, and cold beer. Consumed between snippets of memory. Xander reaches across the table, gathering up Wil’s empty plate and discarded silverware. A slim firm hand stops him, tugs him out of his chair.

“Think its time for desert, luv.” The throaty British purr melts Xander’s bones, his knees buckle. He falls into the blondes’ waiting embrace. Soft pale lips capture lush wanton ones. Gentle pressure mapping out the delicate contours. Xander whimpers under the hesitant onslaught, craving more. He parts his lips a fraction, willing the blond to plunder his mouth. Wil does.

Plunging his tongue deep into the others wet mouth, swirling, capturing. Drawing Xander’s tongue out to duel. To dance. The twin echoes of rushing blood and thundering heartbeats block out the rest of the world. Every nerve, every cell focused on the kiss.

Xander twines his arms around Wil’s neck, pulling their heat tighter, shifting his body to sit astride the lithe body. Rocking his hips back and forth gently. Wil digs his hands deep into Xanders back pockets, thrusting up to meet his rocking hips.

Noses, teeth, tongues. Skin, muscle, bone. The very air around them solidifies, locking them in the sweet agony of a first kiss. Sensation changes as the kiss deepens, goes beyond mere tactile response. Become flashing lights, electric jolts wherever flash touches flesh. Harsh panting breath becomes a symphony of angelic choirs, filling the room with a glorious ‘alleluia’.

Xander breaks the kiss, grinning at the strangled cry from Wil.

“Lets take this to a bed, yeah?” Xander slides off his lap, tugging the blond to his feet. Dazed blue eyes meet equally dazed brown ones. Hands clasped tight once more, they stumble their way to Xander’s bedroom, stripping off clothes as they go.

“Got lube?” Wil whispers in the shell of Xander’s ear, flicking his tongue out to trace the delicate curve. Xander chuckles, low and needy.

“You’ll be amazed at what I have. We can start with the lube.” He crouches, pulling a long mahogany box from beneath the bed. Popping it open with a flick of his wrist. Wil’s eyes pop open at the assortment of lube, paddles, cock rings, and items he didn’t dare put names to.

“Merry fucking Christmas.” Breath rushing out of his chest in an awed whisper. The brunette stands, looking Wil square in the eye.

“Last chance. Sure you wanna play?” Xander’s voice is full of challenge and promise.

Part Seven

Wil spreads himself out on the bed like a sacrificial offering. Knowing instinctively that his education tonight is going to put five years of University to shame. Hoping against hope he is up to the lessons. Goosebumps prickle his flesh at the lust dark look in Xander’s dilated eyes.

“I won’t hurt you Wil, promise. Won’t do anything to you that you don’t beg for first.” Xander cat crawls up the bed, covering the blond with his fierce heat, dropping tiny kisses along the exposed skin. “Want to show you so much…have so many games to play with you.” Ghosting hot breath across moist flesh. “Start out nice and easy though, gonna lick you everywhere, taste your sweat. I’m gonna use my tongue and my teeth, twist you up and turn you inside out.” Wil squirms under the heated promises, his fertile imagination giving life to the whispered words. “Take that luscious cock all the way into my throat, swallow you down and suck you dry.” Xander captures his wrists in one strong hand, pinning Wil’s arms above his head. Suckles the erratic pulse just beneath the flesh of his neck. Blunt teeth nip down his chest, drawing ever closer to the straining dusky nipple. His other hand makes long soothing strokes down Wil’s trembling chest, fingers mapping out the curves and hard lines of his torso. One callused thumb flicking across a tiny eager peak.

Soft mewling cries echo in the room, Wil thrashes his head back and forth. Scorched blue eyes lock on the brunette making his way down his body.

“Then I’m gonna run my tongue all over your sac, till it draws up close to your body. Have my hand on your cock, twisting and pulling.” Wil arches when the wandering hand wraps around the base of his shaft, squeezing and rotating. Then it’s just a thumb and one finger circling the base, quick fingers moves down to cup his sac. One blunt finger pressed against his perineum.

The combination of sensations proves to be too much for his cock, and he shoots hot pearled strings over his stomach and chest. Spattering the side of Xanders face with hot cum.

Too stunned to blush, Wil watches as Xander brings his hand to the side of his face and wipes off the fluid. Sucks in cool air when the brunette licks his hand clean, the starts lapping up the gleaming moisture from his chest.

“So fucking hot, Wil. God, you taste good. Be even better when you do that in my mouth. But this takes the edge off a bit, yeah?” plunges his tongue in the dip of his navel, scooping out the fluid trapped there. Xander releases his captive wrists, using both hands to pin Wil’s hips to the bed. Cheshire grin on his face.

Stunned, Wil looks down to see his still hard cock bouncing against his belly. Watches as Xander flicks out the tip of his tongue, rubbing it across the weeping slit.

“Its like beer, tastes so much better from the source.” Pressing his tongue against the head of Wil’s cock, sliding his lips over the straining flesh. Using his teeth to lightly graze the throbbing vein. Swallowing him down to the root, just like he promised.

Back arching off the bed, howling, crying out to whatever God might be watching. Bucking against the strong hands and hot mouth holding him down. Slim hands twisted into crooked claws, twining dark locks of hair between and around fingers. Wil’s final coherent thought is that he is in bed with some sort of demonic angel. That could be the only explanation for the heaven and hell going on in his body. Then all thoughts dissolve. Leaving in their wake a liquid trail of molten lust. Consuming him, devouring him.

Xander slides a finger between clenching ass cheeks, gently thrusting into Wil’s tiny puckered hold. Rotating his finger in small circles, relaxing the muscled ring. Slipping in to the first knuckle, then the second. Crooking slightly, finding the tiny bundle of nerves hidden deep within the hot passage. Slipping a second finger in to join, scissoring them apart, stretching his lover. Massages the cock in his mouth with his tongue, drawing in his cheeks for more suction, thrusting his fingers with the same rhythm. Convulsively swallows when Wil’s sac tightens for a second time. Adds a third finger, twisting them savagely when Wil cries out his name, and cums deep in his throat.

Licks the now soft cock clean, ever the considerate lover. Smiles up at the half conscious man, a boneless heap in the middle of his bed, then licks his way back up to bite-swollen lips.

“That’s enough foreplay, doncha think?” Xander pulls the blond close, cuddling his now unconscious lover tight to his chest.

Part Eight

Xander smoothes back thick blond curls, certain this will be his last opportunity to do so. Visions of Wil bolting out of the bed, and right out the front door twist through his mind. Anybody possessing an ounce of sanity would after seeing the contents of his treasure box. His heart wrenches when the body next to him trembles under the gentle caress.

“I’m gonna go shower, this is your chance.” Placing a final kiss to Wil’s brow, Xander rolls off the bed, padding silently to the bathroom. Looks back in time to glimpse the blond tugging on his jeans.

Xander moves slowly though the shower, wanting to give Wil enough time to gather up his gear and bail. Lost in musings and regrets, he fails to hear the bathroom door open. The sight of Wil, stepping into the tub with his jeans on, makes Xander wonder briefly if he had slipped and hit his head. The feel of the strong, slim body wrapping around his brings him back to reality.

“Gotta say mate,” flicking his hot tongue over the shell of Xander’s ear, “very few people surprise me, and you shocked the hell out of me back there.” Quick nimble fingers dance their way down his spine, followed by sweet shivers of delight. Xander groans, tipping his head back under the spray. Wil licks his way down the curve of his exposed neck, lapping up the water pooled in his collarbones.

“Do you have any idea how fucking gorgeous you are?” the brunette grates out, teeth clenched tight. Wil glances up, blue eyes hazy with desire. Deliberately pausing his assault, waiting for Xander to look down at him. When those chocolate brown eyes finally lock on him, Wil grins the Devils own smile, gently latching small blunt teeth over a dusky nipple. Pressing his tongue against the tiny nub, rolling it against his teeth. Xander wraps his hands around Wil’s shoulders, anchoring himself within the sensation.

Wil deftly picks up the soap, making broad sweeping strokes across Xander’s back. Pulling the satin lather down to cover the firm globes of his ass. Running slick fingers up and down his crease. A soft mewling cry shudders through the brunettes’ body when Wil slips his finger inside the tiny puckered hole.

The blond drops to his knees, wrapping one arm around the back of Xander’s thighs, holding him close. Swallows his bobbing cock in a single lunge. Pushes a second finger deep within the hot silken passage. Xander buries his hands in Wil’s wet hair, tries desperately not to thrust into Wil’s throat, and loses when his lover begins wiggling his fingers against his prostate.

“Stop…just, don’t move, just for a second. Please?” Xander whispers hoarsely. Wil’s eyes fly up to Xanders face, rejection flushing his face. Xander moves a hand to gently stroke down his cheek.

“No baby, its good. Too good. I just wanna look at you. Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are, on your knees between my feet? My cock deep in your mouth, and your fingers buried in my ass? I could stay like this forever…oh God, do that again…ah…” his fingers trail down the side of Wil’s throat, tracing the quivering muscles. “You wouldn’t even have to move, just swallow like that a couple of times. Fuck, I could cum just lookin at your mouth wrapped around my cock, so were gonna take this slow, ok? Yeah, move your tongue…. Just like that, pull back…yeah, just like a Popsicle,” Xander cups his hand around the back of Wil’s neck, controlling just how far the blond can move. Wil releases the suction of his mouth with an audible ‘pop’.

“You got to play earlier, it’s my turn. Now, shut up and enjoy my fingers buried deep in your arse, and your cock deep in my throat, yeah?” He licks the dribble of pre-cum leaking out of Xander’s cock, sweeping his tongue around in broad circles.

“Yeah, ok.” Xanders quiet chuckle is replaced but a low timbered moan.

Part Nine

Additional Note: It was just brought to my attention that not everybody will know what nagahyde is...its like fake leather, only stickier in the summer heat. I'm pretty sure it originated off some wild carnivorous beast, that secreted a vile toxin through its skin. The marvels of modern science took it from there!

Xander steps out of the shower, his first solo adventure under the spray in two weeks. Wil had gone ahead into town to pick up supplies, and they were meeting for dinner and drinks at a bar Xander felt comfortable in. swiping the water off his lean form, his memory wanders back over the past two weeks. A sudden spring blizzard had trapped all the men on the ranch, and they had spent countless hours digging cows and calves out of snow filled gullies. Xander was deeply grateful to Wil, and the rest of the ranch hands. They had only lost fourteen calves.

Wandering into his bedroom, he grins at the outfit Wil had picked out for him to wear tonight. Heavy turquoise and black brush popper, with black pearl buttons. Tight black wranglers, and his black snakeskin Tony Lamas™. He was going to look like hick personified. His brushed black Stetson topped off the look, and he admired the picture he presented in the mirror. He hoped Wil liked it too.

The drive into town is highlighted by a brilliant sunset, pure golds and vivid reds. Purples blending with oranges. Washed cotton blue sky darkening into twilight black.

Walking into the bar, he scans the tops of heads, looking for familiar sandy curls. He spies his lover half hidden in the corner of the honky tonk, nursing a beer. Takes a moment to enjoy how nice Wil cleans up. His midnight blue brush popper highlights his soft curls, and makes his clear blue eyes deepen to a pure azure color. Tight black jeans outline every long line and sensuous curve of his body. Sauntering through the waitresses and patrons, he deftly avoids the not too subtle passes thrown his way. Deflecting them with a smile, and quiet ‘no thank you’. Sliding into the genuine nagahyde booth, he lays a comforting hand on Wil’s thigh. Soothing the tense man.

“Don’t worry, there are mixed couples here. I wouldn’t have brought you anywhere you would be in danger.” Wil quickly scans the couple dancing on the hardwood floor, noticing for the first time the pairs of women dancing together, and the male bartender kissing his lover over the polished bar. Xander smiles when he feels the tight thigh under his hand relax.

“So, dinner? Charlie makes a mean bourbon steak, home fries, and the house dressing is incredible.” Waiting for Wil to nod, Xander slides out of the booth, and moves to the bar to place their order. Returning with fresh long necks for both of them.

“So, get all the supplies?” Xander asks, twining his fingers tight around Wil’s hand.

“Stupid gits. Messed up the seed order. We got soy instead of corn. The right batch will be here next week.” A feral grin lights his face. “Even if the idiot supplier has to bring it all himself.” Xander chuckles, the pride evident in his lovers eyes making him look like a young boy.

“Good deal. Glad to have you here, I probably wouldn’t know a soybean from a corn kernel. Hey! Did you know they have a mechanical bull here? Might give you a show after we eat.” His jeans become much tighter just then cock responding to the daze that suddenly darkens Wil’s azure eyes. “Thought you might like that. And look. Dinner.”

They eat, chatting about plans for the ranch. Wil tells Xander about his university studies, and his dreams for his own spread, Xander reciprocates by telling Wil about his desires to live out the rest of his life on the ranch. The tone of the background music changes, becoming louder. An impish grin graces the brunettes face as the familiar drumbeats of Big and Rich echo in the bar. Several voices begin to hoot and holler. Xander jumps out of the booth, dragging Wil with him.

“Time for that ride!” a few quick strides brings them to the large mechanical bull set just off the dance floor. Sliding a long leg over the back, wrapping thin leather laces around his hand, Xander nods to the gal behind the control panel. The bull begins a gentle rock; quickly picking up pace until Xander is whipping back and forth. Arm held high in the air, swinging his hat in a wide circle. His face is lit by the soft overhead lights, and an inner joy. The bull pops back and forth, dancing in wild abandon. Xander grips tight with his thighs, dark eyes locked on the face of his lover.

A buzzer sounds, breaking Wil out of his spell. A soft female voice floats over the speakers.

“Well, ladies and gents, once again Xander sticks for the eight second ride!” Xander slides off the contraption. Dark hair tousled, pupils dilated. He grabs Wil’s hand, dragging him close to ravage his mouth. Claiming the blond in front of all and sundry. Tongues duel, lips possess. Strong dark hands clench slim firm ass cheeks. Pulling and grinding their bodies together.

“Shoulda warned ya, riding that thing makes me horny as hell.” He pulls the blond out of the bar, intent on the big black truck.

Part Ten

The black truck bounces off the two lane, parking crookedly an ant hills and sagebrush. The bright lights and heavy sounds of town a mere memory now. Wil glances over at his partner, enthralled by the slightly heaving chest, his lips parted and moist. Strong hands clenched tight in his lap. Lust hazed eyes turn towards the blond, and that’s all it takes. Wil slides across the slick leather seat, sinuous as a snake. Slithering into to brunettes’ lap, wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck, and thrusting his tongue deep into Xanders hot questing mouth.

Quick blunt fingers make short work of the midnight blue shirt, Xander lays his hands flat on Wil’s chest. Flexing his fingers slightly. Pressing the pads of his hands against tiny nipples. Sliding his palms down, yanking the shirttails out of Wil’s tight waistband, pushing the shirt off tanned shoulders.

Wil returns the favor, deftly undoing the buttons of Xanders heavy shirt, pushing the lapels back to get at the broad expanse of flesh hidden there. With a final sweep of his tongue against Xanders lips, Wil drags his mouth down the stubbled skin, laying soft bites against his lover’s throat. Thrusts his hips when Xander’s hands find his button fly, and rescues his throbbing cock from its denim prison. Moving briefly, shrugging out of his wranglers, Wil flicks open the fly on Xander’s jeans. Gazing appreciatively at his bobbing cock, he licks his lips. Completely missing the flare of lust in Xander’s eyes.

“Please?” Xander’s voice is hoarse and thick, graveled. Wil ducks his head, taking Xander deep into his throat. Swallows convulsively around his leaking head. Xander bucks his hips; Wil slides his hands between the leather and his ass, holding him in the air. Digging his fingers in the loose waistband, Wil tugs Xanders jeans down to his knees. Then lets him back down.

Xander threads one hand in Wil’s hair, reaching across his head to flip open the glove box, retrieving the tube of slick they kept there for emergencies. Pulling his fingers out of tangled blond curls, he pours the cool gel into the small of Wil’s back, causing the man to arch and hiss around his cock. Xander grins. Scooping up the slick with two fingers, he runs them between pale ivory ass cheeks, delighting in the wriggle and twist of Wil’s hips. Preparing his lover with as much gentleness as his driving lust will allow, he pushes Wil away. Smiles sweetly down at the disappointed cry from the blond.

“Want you.” Guiding Wil onto his lap, Xander uses the remaining slick to wet his cock, then drives slowly into his lover’s body. Anchoring his hands on slim hips, he rocks, nudging the tip of his shaft into Wil’s prostate.

“Ride me, please?” Xander wraps his arms around Wil’s waist, giving the blond control. Wil takes over, twisting and rolling his hips. Rising up on strong thigh muscles, then sliding slowly back down. Reveling in the power over his strong willed lover.

“Please…Wil, ride me, harder, please.” Wrapping one hand around Wil’s leaking cock, fisting him roughly. The blond sets the same furious pace with his hips, whimpers and cries echo in the cab of the truck.

“Coming…cum with me.” Xander bucks, filling his lover with hot fluid. Wil howls, coating Xander’s stomach with pearl white essence.

“Love you…love you.” Xander pulls Wil to his chest, cradling him close, “Not letting you go.” Pressing soft kisses to sweat damp hair. Wil snorts, pressing closer.

“Love you too, git. Who said I was goin anywhere?

The End

Ok, so this wasnt quite as done as I thought.
For [info]tabaqui who wanted spurs!
The song is 'I Wanna Be a Cowboy' by Boys Dont Cry.


Xander was nervous. Wil had promised something extraordinary for their one year anniversary, and his bull headed lover had big enough balls to sky write ‘Xander is hung like a Clydesdale’ for the whole county to see. And be proud of his originality. The dark, silent house didn’t help either. He pushes open the front door cautiously, peering around the edge. A trail of blush rose petals leads from the doorjamb into the living room. Soft candlelight flickers, eerie shadows dancing along the walls.

He steps in, closing the door quietly behind him. Toeing off his boots automatically. Then follows the line of delicate petals. Xander stops on the threshold, staring in amazement at the drastically altered room. All of the couches and tables had been pushed to one wall; the priceless Oriental rug lay crumpled in the corner. Every available surface was covered in thick white candles, surrounded by blush, red and white rose petals.

Wil stood silently in one shrouded corner, waiting for Xander’s eyes to begin seeking him out.

The brunette takes a tentative step into the room, glancing around now for his lover, sees him step out of the shadows. Xander picks his jaw up off the floor. Wil is wearing his black Stetson, a skin tight black leather vest, black chaps with long, thin fringe, black boots with silver spurs, and a black leather g-string. His translucent skin had just begun getting back its summer tan, so the contrast was startling. He fiddles with something in his hand, then tosses the object away.

The heavy pulsating pseudo cowboy rhythms throb in the room. Wil gyrates to the beat.

“Riding on the ranch,
I’ve got my hat on.
I’ve got my boots dusty.
I’ve got my saddle on my horse”

He shimmies in a quick circle, cocking his hip out, tossing a ‘come and get em’ look over his shoulder. As he comes back around to face Xander, the brunette realizes that Wil has undone something, and the g-string was coming off.

“Ugh.” Xander takes another step into the room, halted only by Wil putting up a hand to stop him. He pulls the cover off Shakes tousled blond curls ‘no’.

Throwing the scrap of leather at Xanders feet, he stalks across the room. Like a force of nature in painted on leather. Xander can hear the ‘chink chink’ of Wil’s spurs clacking against the hardwood floor, and grimaces.

“Don’t worry, luv. The marks will buff out.” The blondes’ accent is low and harsh, slipping into a cockney drop. He writhes across the floor, the music in charge of his muscles. Finally standing nose to nose with his lover.

“You have your toys,” he taps the heel of one boot against the floor, “And I have mine. Happy anniversary.”

And rides his cowboy into the sunset.

Flash Flood

In a million years, Xander couldn’t imagine being more content than he was at this precise moment in time. Riding range with his own personal God of Sex. Glancing over at said God of Sex; he feels a wicked smile forming on his face.

“Hey you, ever ridden double?” Tilting his head, Xander wriggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Xan, as much as I love riding in your lap, its too bloody hot out here. And muggy. We’d likely be stuck together till November.” Will almost gets out of reach before Xander’s arm snakes around his waist. He lets out a yelp, then a quiet grunt when he lands in Xander’s lap.

“Part of the fun.” Xander whispers, then puts his mouth to better use. Flicking out his tongue, he rubs it across the sensitive tip of Will’s ear. Teasing hands dance across Will’s chest, quickly slipping buttons from their holes. Exposing satin soft skin to his questing fingers.

Will tips his head back, letting Xander have full access to his throat. He stares sightlessly up into the sky, brain not registering the threat hovering over head.

“God, Xan, what you do to me.” Will’s voice is a hoarse rumble, vibrating against Xander’s hands. The fat, heavy raindrops surprise them both.

“Well, that kills that idea.” Xander pulls his mare to a stop with a quiet whoa, and sets Will on the ground.

“Better get the herd rounded up before-“ The sky opens up, soaking the men in an instant. Xander pulls his hat down over his ears, watching the water pour over the brim.

“Think it’ll flash?” Will climbs up on his mare, kicking her gently in the ribs.

“Let’s get to the canyon before we have to find out.” Xander heads out at a ground-eating trot, praying that they will beat the storm.

Will stops on the rim of the canyon, awed at natures display. Thick slate clouds boil and churn on the horizon, lit up by brilliant flashes of pure silver. From this distance, he can see the arcs rising off the ground, electric heat shimmering in the air. The lightning changes the color of the stormfront, sending flashes of dull crimson and virulent purple snaking through the gray. The sudden thunder of water rushing down the canyon breaks his reverie.

“Fuck! Come on!” Xander yells over the myriad of noises. The bawling cries of cattle in terror echoes on the sandstone walls, the flash flood sending audible vibrations through the rock. Spurring his horse, Xander wheels about, and flies down the narrow path.

Will catches him at the bottom, his horse dancing around small cacti and bouncing rocks. The rest of the ranch hands meet them rounding up the herd.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Well, only lost two heifers, and got a doe for dinner. Not bad for a flash flood.” Xander skins the deer while Will rubs down his mare.

“Hang that thing down in the cellar, it’ll keep till morning.” Will pries the knife from Xander’s hand, and pulls the strong arms around his waist.

“C’mon, cowboy, you owe me a ride.” Xander lets out a little sigh, and rests against his lover.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He nuzzles into blond curls, breathing in the leather and fresh rain smell that surrounds Will.

“Nope, gonna take you in there, get you all cleaned up, and then lay you out.” Will begins steering Xander towards the house, deer and horses forgotten.

Xander blinks, and is in the house, stripped and showered. Efficiently.

“Well that was the least fun shower I’ve had in a year.”

Will smacks him on the hip.

“Quit complaining, git. Said I wanted you clean, and laid out.”

Xander’s answering laugh is quiet and tired.
“Well, you have me on the bed, now what are you going to do with me?” he spreads his arms, then melts back into the bed at Will’s answering kiss.

“Gonna love you.” Will presses fast kisses against Xander’s throat, flicking his tongue out to catch the unique taste of his lover’s flesh. Slides down to rasp across sensitive nipples. Captures Xander’s straying hands and holds them against the bars of the headboard.

“Stay like that. Don’t move.” Will mumbles against sun kissed skin.

“And if I do?” Xander tugs on the restraining hands, smirking down at the blond.

“Tie you there if I have to. Don’t move.” The last is said with a growl. Xander quits moving.

Will kisses and mouths his way down Xander’s body, laving wet circles across his belly and hips. Teasing his was over tense thighs, ignoring the whimpered please echoing in his ears.

Pressing Xander’s hips to the bed, Will flattens his tongue and licks a broad swath from the base of his cock to the tip. Takes tiny licks across the weeping slit, suffusing his mouth with salty pre-cum. Slowly taking Xander’s shaft deep in his mouth. Swallowing when the blunt head brushes the back of his throat. Slips one questing finger deep inside his lover, crooking and twisting to find the bundle of nerves hidden there. Drinks down every drop when Xander cries out and floods his mouth.

“You can move now.” Will laughs when Xander reaches down to clutch at him, pulling Will up his body.

“Please, in me. Need you in me.”

Will has no intention of denying Xander anything.

Flipping the cap of the lube, Will pours the clear gel into Xander’s palm, letting his lover slick his cock. Waits for Xander to spread his thighs and cant his hips. Lets out a puling whine when Xander seems intent on torturing him back.

Xander loves the feel of Will’s heavy shaft in his hand, could hold it for days, just stroking and rubbing. Absorbing the breathy sounds he can make come out of his lover. Loves’ knowing that this is for him.

“Please, Xan. I need…”

Xander tilts, and Will slides deep. The head of his cock bumping against Xander’s sweet spot. Xander throws his head back; eyes closed, and mouth open. Blue electric sparks shower behind his eyelids, skittering across his nerves and imprinting themselves on his soul. Long, slow strokes become quick thrusts. Will curls his hands in the pillow, bringing their mouths together. Tongues keeping time with cock.

Breaking the kiss Will arches his back, screaming an orgasmic prayer.

The storm circles round, crashing thunder and jagged lightning drowning out murmured love you’s and racing breaths.

Birthday Ride

For the glorious [info]spikedluv who requested a peek at the cowboys for her birthday, sorry its late sweets!

“Hey baby, time to wake up.” The gravel rich voice had purring down to an art form.

“Happy birthday.” And hey, voice accompanied by a tongue, right in his ear. His birthday was now perfect. Xander peels open an eye, smiling at the sleep tousled curls of his lover.

“Mornin’ Wil.” His throat is thick, making the words a raspy drawl.

“Um…technically, I suppose it is.”

Xander glances over at the alarm clock. 12:05 am. Just barely his birthday.

“There had better be ice cream.” The drawl becomes a growl as Xanders’ sleepy warm gaze turns to a glare.

“Even better. Me and a pressie.” Wil gestures to a large box lying on the bed. Xander follows the movement, his eyes locked on the golden arm.

“Damn, Wil. I could fit you in that box!” Xander laughs when Wil blushes.

Long moments pass as Xander visually inspects the present. Almost as long as he is tall, the same dimensions as his treasure box under the bed. The paper wrapping gleams silver blue in the moonlight.

“Well? Waiting for your next birthday? Open it already!” Wil breaks the silence, impatience clear in every word.

Xander struggles to sit up, fighting the tangle of blankets around his waist and the boyfriend on his thighs. Wils’ fingers pluck at the bedcovers, mirroring Xanders’ fingers tearing the paper off the box.

Xander stares in confusion at the hard wood case that had been so carefully wrapped. Hand carved oak, Gaelic crosses and druid runes etched into its surface. A gold latch holds the top closed.

“Wil, I…”

Wil covers Xanders’ mouth with his hand. His piercing gaze traveling through Xanders’ eyes straight into his heart.

“Just open it, yeah?”

Xander nods, reaching out a hesitant hand to flick open the latch. Chocolate eyes open wide, and Wil can feel Xanders’ jaw trying to drop. Pulling his hand back, Wil lets his gaze fall to the contents of the box.

“I don’t understand. I have all this stuff.” Xander studies his lover, confusion written across his features. “And you never really showed any interest.”

Wil blushes again, then squares his shoulders, raising his eyes to peek at Xander.

“I…it’s all yours.” Wil sucks in tiny puffs of air, suddenly wishing he had bought the little paint filly that had been up for auction.

“Anything that’s mine is ours. I thought you understood that, Wil.” Xander reaches out, wrapping a thick tanned hand around a slim gold one. He tries to pour his soul into the gentle touch.

“No, it’s not that. I…it’s all your stuff. Stuff you have used before. With…Fuck Xander. Can’t you just take it and throw the other away?” Wil rolls off the bed, stalking across the room in search of his jeans. Xander follows.

“No, Wil, I cant.” He sidles up behind Wil, wrapping his lover in a tight embrace. “Dumb cowboy here, spell it out for me.” Nuzzles the short curls on the back of Wils’ neck, hoping to soothe and calm whatever fears had invaded.

“Fine. I…God, you’re gonna think I’m a git. Here goes.”

Xander relaxes his hold enough that Wil can suck in air.

“You were my first. Not the first guy, but the first I let…you know…top me. There, said, can we just-“

Wil finds himself spun around to touch noses with Xander.

“No, baby. Sorry, we cant just…” Xander slides his lips across Wils’, a ghosting kiss full of sorrow and regret. Whispered I love you’s and sorrys fill the quiet room. Xander trails his lips down Wil’s jaw; tiny wet kisses sending shivers down the blonde’s spine.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Xander flicks his tongue in Wil’s ear, blows hot air across the wet flesh. Wil trembles in his lover’s arms then relaxes fully within Xander’s embrace. Rests his head on Xander’s shoulder.

“Was enough of a git just showing up the way I did. Then my reaction to you, and yours to me. Never really a good time to bring it up.” He shrugs his shoulders, displacing Xander with the motion.

“Before I threw you down on the bed and fucked you silly would have been a good time.” He laughs softly, then sobers. “Oh, fuck. Oh baby, did I…I hurt you, didn’t I?” A tight fist of panic settles in the region of Xanders’ heart, clutching tighter with every silent moment. He pulls back to look in Wils’ eyes, his own brimming with fear.

Wil stares in shock, unable to wrap his brain around Xander’s words.

“Hurt? Did you…hurt me? Christ Xander, if you’d been any more gentle or slow, I would have had a coronary! Don’t you think I would have said something if you had hurt me?” He shakes his head, amazed at the things Xander considers panic worthy, “Now who’s the git?”

Wil pulls himself from Xander’s arms, then leads him to sit on the bed.

“You were the first for me, right? I want everything to be first with me. Selfish, I know, it’s just the way I am.” Lust and desire flaring in sapphire blue eyes emphasizing every word. Reaching behind Xander, he pulls a long leather strap from the box.

“Now, luv, I don’t know what to do with this. Show me?” dropping the restraint in Xanders’ lap, he picks up the treasure box and lays it gently on the floor. Slithers up the bed, watching Xander watch him. Lays on his back, open and ready for his lover.

“First time.” Xander whispers hoarsely, then reaches up to secure Wils’ wrists to the headboard. Runs a callused finger down the velvety inside of Wil’s arm.

Lying down next to his lover, Xander continues the butterfly caress, following the contours of Wils’ torso. Follows the path blazed by his touch with his mouth. Thumbs brushed across pebbled nipples, seconded by a wet tongue. Wil twists and moans under the gentle torture.

“Shh, s’ok, promise to make it all better. Promise.” Xander soothes, then inflames, using teeth and lips and tongue and breath. Wil pulls at his bonds.

Brushing his lips across the tip, Xander scoops up threads of pre-cum to glisten in the moonlight. Wil watches the tip of his tongue flick out to taste the fluid. The motion sends fire racing through his blood.

Love, heat, desire all color the one word, Xander swallows him down to the root in response. Hollows his cheeks, pulls back to suckle the head, dipping his tongue into the slit. Wil hears the snick of the lube being opened, then a slick finger is probing at his entrance. Xander slides a finger deep within him, and sucks his cock back down his throat, the twin sensations sending fracture bolts of electricity shooting across Wils’ vision. Rocking back on Xanders’ finger, whimpering when a second is added, then thrusting up into the heat of his mouth.

Xanxanxanxan” His name becomes a chant, a prayer, a plea. Xander takes pity on his lover, pressing up on his sweet spot, humming low in his throat. Sending Wil plummeting over the edge.

Drinking every drop, then licking his lover clean before letting his softening cock slip from his mouth, “So, when’s your birthday?”

More Cowboys

A while ago - a month ago? [info]kyrieane said I could borrow her Ride a Cowboy 'verse and write a ficlet.
I was nervous, 'cause what do I know about cowboys? But she said - well, she was kinda incoherent.
So, anyway.
Here's my take on her lovely 'verse.
And, just so she knows - sweetie, I lurve you!!

The rodeo's over and the Seven Hills Ranch has done itself proud. Xander grins and shakes hands with the Mayor, then moves away as other ranchers come forward to claim their prizes. Every year Gillette holds a charity rodeo for the Boy's and Girl's Club. There's some real stuff - bronc riding and whatnot - but there's also a lot of exhibition stuff by the local 4-H and Future Farmers. There's even some kids from the reservation; doing a traditional dance, showing off skills of horsemanship and hunting. It's a great two days, and all the ranches around Gillette compete for the cheap ribbons the Mayor hands out. Every rider or roper or cutter is sponsored, and every win brings in more money for the Club. And Seven Hills Ranch, as always, is in the top five.

This year Wil had been riding broncs and showing off his fancy roping skills, and Xander had leaned on the fence and watched the lean, muscled form flex and turn, arch and hold. As pretty as a Shoshone dancer, as tough as the little buckskin horse he rides. It takes everything Xander's got not to go over to him and bend him over a hay-bale - take him right there because fuck, Will is sexy and two years together haven't dimmed Xander's lust one bit.

With the rodeo winding down Xander wanders off in search of his crew. Four of his hands are loading horses and equipment into a trailer, ready to go home and they direct Xander to the fair-ground barn and give him their good-nights, grinning. He wanders into the barn and finds Wil, patiently showing a lanky 4-H'er how to use the lasso. After three misses and two successful throws the kid grins and shakes hands and runs off, and Xander watches as Will patiently starts to unravel the snarl of knots the kid has made of a second rope. He glances up when Xander approaches and his grin is electric. Xander shivers.

"You're pretty good with that rope," he purrs, head down and mouth curling in a crooked smile and Wil's eyes go wide and then narrow, speculative and considering look that let's Xander know he's in for something good.

"Yeah, I am," Wil says, and his agile fingers make a twist and a loop and suddenly he's flinging the rope out, straight at Xander and around him, settling the lasso with a small jerk, pinning arms to ribs. The rope is soft with age, still a mess of knots and Wil grins and backs away, leading Xander along down the length of the deserted barn to the last stall. Gear is scattered there - more rope, a broken halter, soft cotton bandages that are used to wrap horse's legs on long trips. All of it scattered on fragrant, greenish bales of new hay and Xander can't help but grin as he takes the rope in his hands and tugs, pulling Wil close.

"Gonna show me a rope trick?" Xander husks, and Wil's tongue comes out to touch for a moment at his upper lip.

"Oh, yeah. Hands behind you, love," he whispers, and spins Xander around. Xander complies, his heart pounding, his cock already throbbing. The rope loops once, then twice around his wrists - just tight enough to hold him still, not so tight that he'll hurt himself. Wil's gotten good at this sort of thing. He presses up close and tight behind Xander, hands coming around in front to delicately, slowly, untuck the worn, green-grey work shirt Xander is wearing. The buttonholes are loose and Wil can pretty much pop the buttons out one by one, by tugging on the tails of the shirt, spreading it open from the bottom up. His hands grasp the collar and pull down, pinning Xander's arms even tighter to his sides. And then warm, callused fingers are rubbing ever-so-slowly over Xander's shoulders and neck - over his collarbones. Rope-hardened palms brush hypnotically back and forth, back and forth over his nipples until Xander is arching and breathing hard. Ass pushing back into Wil and Wil's mouth wet and sharp-edged on the taut curve of his neck. Slow slide down his ribs, hands warmer now from friction, fingertip dipping into his navel and tracing the edge. Then Wil undoes belt buckle and button, and slips two fingers into the waist of Xander's jeans.

Xander's hands are clenching and twisting, caught in rope and shirt and Wil just pushes forward with his hips a little more as his fingers dip down and find Xander's cock - pull it slowly out of restraining cotton and denim until it's resting, hot and damp, against Xander's belly. Wil's own shirt has come undone and Xander can feel the warm, hard planes of his chest, and the staccato pound of Wil's heart between his shoulder blades.

"Fuck but you're sexy, love," Wil whispers, and he pushes Xander's jaw a little, until they can kiss mouth to mouth. Wil's tongue pushes in and flutters against Xander's - fucks into his mouth and then Wil is turning him and pushing him back into a wall of sweetly yielding, springy hay. It prickles Xander's back but he doesn't care, because Wil is crouched in front of him, inching his jeans down; pull at one hip, pull at another and tasting each bit of revealed skin with his tongue and his lips, blue eyes flickering up to look at Xander, mouth curved in the devil's own smirk.

"Wil - Christ -" Xander has to catch his breath, has to concentrate on keeping his legs under him. Wil gets his jeans down to his knees and then the rope end is being snagged and pulled forward - pulled up. And Wil's hand rubs Xander's ass - kneads the muscle and pulls him open and the rope settles, stiffish and knotted, in the crease there. Wil grins, looking up at him - leans up and reaches out with his tongue to just catch the drop of pre-come that's trembling on the tip of Xander's cock. Xander's breath explodes out of him, half a laugh, half a groan, and Wil suddenly sucks the entire head of Xander's cock into his mouth and tugs the rope at the same moment and there's a knot, pressing into Xander - one just there against the sensitive skin of his opening and one just below and Xander can't stop his hips bucking forward and his head driving back into the hay behind him.

"Oh fuck! Wil -"

"Hmmmm?" Will hums, looking at him, one hand on Xander's hip and the other just twitching and pulling and worrying the rope and Xander groans again. Long minutes of this, of Wil's clever tongue and hot mouth and nipping teeth and the fucking rope, pushing just enough to make Xander groan and pant and beg for more. His thighs are shaking, his chest is heaving, he's saying please please please like a prayer to every god there is and Wil finally takes pity on him.

Stands up, slow as he can, smooth chest rubbing sweet friction from balls to tip and then leaning heavily into Xander, kissing him hard, with teeth and tongue that just push and take and want. And those clever hands still twitching on that rope, not giving Xander a second to catch his breath.

"Wil - god, please, Wil -"

"What'cha want, Xander? Want me to fuck you? Want me to bend you over and just pound into you? That what you want?" Wil's breath hot against his ear, Wil's voice like honey and sin and Xander does his best to grind against the denim and steel of Wil's jeans and belt, whimpering.

"Yeah - Christ yeah, please -" Wil kisses him again and turns him again and there's a jar of some sort of liniment on the rail, the kind that they buy to ease work-strained muscles. Its sharp, eucalyptus scent is suddenly in the air and Xander knows this is gonna feel so hurtfully good.

The rope is suddenly taut against his body, making him buck, and Wil's hand is at his mouth. "Hold this, love," he says, laughter in his voice and Xander takes the rope in his teeth with a snarl of frustration - and freezes, because it's tight and Jesus that feels good. Jingling of belt-buckle and slide of zip and a soft sound of flesh-on-flesh.

"Drop it now, there's a good boy," Wil croons, and Xander lets the rope fall - feels Wil move it aside and feels his fingers, gentle and slick soothing the over-stimulated skin between his legs. The eucalyptus doesn’t burn so much as cool and Xander arches back and pushes back and moans and Wil jerks him by his hips, getting him to lean over a little. The head of Wil's cock is just resting there, pushing lightly, maddeningly, just like the damn rope and Xander can't stand it anymore.

"Fuck, Wil! Please just fuck me - god - want to feel you open me up -"

"Anything for you, love," Wil says, right in his ear and then he eases forward and breaches the muscle and pushes in, one long, strong glide that doesn't give Xander any time for adjustment, and the burn and the stretch are god-damned good and Xander's just yells, voice a little rough and raw. Wil pushes up tight against him for a moment and then he starts a slow, steady fuck that hits the spot, every time. It sends little shock-waves of tingling pleasure all through Xander's body - sends gooseflesh over his arms and makes his nipples peak, so sensitive that that damn rope, brushing over them, makes him yelp. And Wil's got that rope around his cock, now, not tight just - stimulation, smooth and rough and the press of a knot at the tip and his hand over all, slippery and cool from the liniment. His lips are nibbling down the oh-so-sensitive strip of skin that goes from the back of Xander's ear to his shoulder and Xander doesn't know what to do, which sensation to push into more. He's panting and gasping and begging and Wil just keeps up that smooth, steady thrusting that's driving him crazy.

So Xander does his own tease - clenches down tight on Wil when he pulls out, holding the head of Wil's cock as hard as he can and then pushing back, opening, letting Wil slide in as deep and as hard as he wants and Wil is panting now, moaning - his mouth hot and biting on Xander's back and shoulders. He starts to just pound in, the rope looped around Xander's cock and tugging and twitching, his hand doing a pull-twist-glide that's sending lightning down the length of it and through Xander's balls. He throws his head back, crying out, pumping himself mindlessly back and forth between hand and cock and his orgasm is a shuddering, twisting snake of molten glass slithering through and through him.

As his body tightens down hard around Wil he can feel Wil's breath explode against his back, stuttering groan and then the rhythm breaks and staggers and Wil thrusts in hard three, four, five times and comes as well, forehead pressed to Xander's shoulder and belly heaving against Xander's bound hands.

"Jesus, Wil, oh fuck -" Xander's voice is a croak and he just leans into the hay for a moment and breathes - shivers all over when Wil slips slowly out. Then the rope is slithering away off of him, back between his legs and Xander can feel Wil's fingers are shaking a little as he pulls up the shirt and un-loops the knot - finally eases the lasso off of Xander's shoulders and turns him. Wil is flushed and oiled with sweat, heavy-eyed and smiling and Xander threads his fingers into Wil's hair and yanks him over for a hard, long kiss.

"You're so fuckin' good," Xander murmurs, chest to chest and cock to cock, and Wil smiles against his mouth.

"You inspire me," Wil murmurs back - kisses him back. "Love you,"

"Yeah. Love you, too. Wanna go home, show me how you ride that bronc so good?" Wil leans back, laughing, blue eyes wide and full of delight, and his hands slide down under Xander's jeans and cup his ass, pulling him close.

"Fuck yeah, love." Duck of the head and devilish smirk - flash of blue eyes from under long lashes and Xander has to catch his breath. "Gonna show you all night." Xander shivers in anticipation and wonders if there's a ribbon for that.


Xander follows Wil into the house, closing the door softly behind him and blocking out the moonlight. Wil shrugs off his camel hair duster, hanging it on the coat rack before turning to look at his lover.

“Well, spit it out.” He crosses his arms over his chest, piercing Xander with his patented ‘consequences will be had’ look.

“Spit what out?” Xander let his duster slide off his shoulders, catching it with his fingertips and hanging it next to Wil’s.

“Whatever has you all...discombobulated.” Wil waits, patient, while Xander struggles with ‘ do I don’t I’ in his head.

“I just...I don’t know how to tell you how beautiful you are, what you do to me, what you’ve done to me.” Taking a step forward, Xander pulls Wil into his arms, tucking his head down on Wil’s shoulder. “I don’t have the words to tell you how much I love you, how I always feel like I’m standing in the sunshine when you smile at me. The way my skin catches on fire whenever you touch me. I’m not even twenty-five years old, and I feel like there isn’t enough time in the world for me to learn the words I would need to start.”

Wil feels his heart stutter and leap at the passion and intensity in Xander’s voice, feels himself melt into the tight embrace.

“Oh, luv. Take me to bed and show me.” They two step their way down the hall, graceful dance of the ages guiding their feet.

Xander brushes his hands over Wil’s chest, fingers plucking at the soft fabric, murmuring softly. “I love this sweater on you, looks like you’re covered in sweet cream, just waiting for me to lick it off. And when I die, I wanna come back as a pair of skin-tight leather jeans, the same honey color these ones are.”

Wil moves his hands to Xander’s shoulders, follows the collar of his shirt down to the open V, growling when the front doesn’t magically open under his touch. Wil slips the buttons free, letting his fingers move between the wine silk shirt, and the crisp hairs on Xander's chest.

Xander arcs under the reverent caress, letting out little mewls as Wil strokes and pets, reveling in the sharp contrast between the calluses on his fingertips and the pure silk covering his lover. The shirt gets tugged out of his waistband; Wil grins and slides one hand beneath the fabric, rolling Xander's nipple into a tight bud. He tucks his head under Xander's shoulder, sucking on his flesh through the silk. Leaving wet trails down his chest straight to the other nipple. Xander threads a hand into Wil's hair, gripping and kneading the back of his neck.

"Please.... Fuck..." Xander shudders, already lost in the wet heat of Wil's mouth, the greedy caresses. Wil tugs the shirt off Xander's shoulders, baring his flesh to the dry night air, trails his fingers down the long line of Xander's arms.

"Oh, luv. You have no idea..." Wil twists, turning Xander and walking him backwards until they hit the bed. He gently pushes against Xander's chest, laughing out right when Xander tumbles bonelessly down. "Such a sight, Xan, layin there just waiting for me." Wil kneels down on the floor, tugging Xander's boots off and tossing them over his shoulder. Runs his hands up the length of Xander's thighs, brushing his thumbs over the bulge hidden beneath the denim.

A quick flick of his fingers, and Xander feels a puff of warm air across his cock. He looks down to see Wil hovering over his hips, hands braced on either side. "Please?" the word was an echoing shout in his head, a gruff whisper falling from his lips. Wil curls his fingers under the waist of his jeans, waits until Xander lifts his hips, then slowly pulls them down. "Try something?" Wil stands, stripping off the cream sweater and dropping it to the floor. Boots kicked off next, and Xander can only nod, bones and muscles turned fluid watching his lover strip. He made an absent note to ask later how Wil got the leather pants off so easy. Then Wil is down on his back; head slightly propped up on a pillow. "C’mere love." Wil crooks his finger,

Pulling and tugging until Xander was straddling his chest. "Put your hands on the wall, yeah?" And that was the only warning Xander gets. Wil swipes his tongue across the head of Xander's cock, then draws the length into his mouth. Xander bucked, tossing his head back and howling. Wil curls his hands over Xander's hips, holding his lover still as he sucks and licks and nuzzles. His eyes drift shut, drowning in the whimpers and whispered words flowing from Xander. Xander reaches down, covering Wil's hands with his own, covering Wil's fingers with slick. His eyes fly open, Xander showing him the small bottle of lube, then tossing it on the floor.

Wil stopped moving stopped breathing as Xander slowly guides his hand under his ass. One finger, then two slipped deep inside, and Xander lets out another soft cry. Xander put his hands back on the wall, then gently rocked back and forth. Sliding his cock across Wil's palette, then tilting back to fuck himself on Wil's fingers. Over and over as Wil held still, letting Xander control the movement and pace. He watched the flush build up Xander's chest, his neck, his face, staining his flesh with a pale blush. Watched as Xander rolled his head back onto his shoulders and arched his spine. Swallowed as Xander climaxed with a bone-shattering howl.

Xander collapses back onto the bed, gasping for breath. “Is that...ringing just.... my imagination?”

“Phone, Xan. Let the answering machine get it.” Wil trails a hand across his wet belly, snickering. “Well that’s a first, pet. Be a luv?”

Xander laughs, swiping a finger through the mess on Wil’s stomach, “Your wish...” the voice on the answering machine stopped him cold.

“Hey coz, its Faithie, running away from my agent, just landed in Cheyenne and will head out your way in the morning. Love you like a ton of bricks baby!”

Xander rolls off the bed, snatching the phone from the cradle just as a click and a dial tone fills the air.

“Well, fuck.”


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