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For sweet Willa, who needed petting!




All’s quiet in Sunnyhell tonight. That’s enough to piss a righteous demon off, and out of fucking smokes. Hope the boy is up for a good round of dueling tongues, I am going to make something bleed tonight, even if its just his pride. And I have lots of ammunition there.

Ah! The light is on...somebody is home! And yeah, I will admit, I do a little jig. Did learn a few good things from the poof. Don’t want to scare him right off...ease into it a bit. So I open the door real quiet like, just take a little peeksies...fuckin’ Christ on a cross. When did he get those muscles?

His back is turned towards me, and he has his shirt off. A single light casts a soft amber light over his form. His hair has gotten long enough to club back at his neck, with little bits left to curl around his ears. I cant tell what he is working on...just this long steady *swish* and *scrape*. The muscles across his shoulders bunch and smooth, twist and flex. An he’s slick, looks like he’s covered in thousands of diamonds, dancing light around his body. Sun touched skin. Fucking gorgeous. A drop of sweat runs down his spine. I cant look away. Working its way under the waist band of his jeans...wait a mo...when did he get those jeans? Junior high? Must have been washed a hundred times to get that soft molded look. Why does he hide that ass? My fingers are tingling, like when you get to close to a live wire. I can almost hear rationality make its farewell speech. I know I’m gonna get knocked on my own arse, but one touch of that velvet skin, and I will turn to dust with a smile. But just in case...

“Pet?” don’t want him cutting off any fingers with his toys, now do we?

“Hey Spike.” he doesn’t start, or even turn his head. Like he knew I was here the whole time. I siddle closer.

“Whatcha doin?” trying to be quiet, breathing in the menagerie of scents pouring off his damp flesh.

“I am...being an idiot.” he puts down the tool in his hand, trading it for a piece of sandpaper.

“Looks to me like you are playing with wood. Not the sharp kind I hope?” just a little closer, and I can feel the heat emanating from his tight body.

“I’m making a headboard. For my bed. Providing I ever get to sleep in it again.” we both know the end of the world is coming, so this seems just a bit optimistic to me, him to apparently.

Rationality makes its closing remarks. I taste him. Real light. Just the tip of my tongue across the top of his shoulder. Maybe he wont notice.

“Um...Spike?” shit. He noticed.

“Yeah pet?” he tastes like sweat and sun. sawdust and rain.

“Lick me harder.” my cock is now hard enough to pop the top button on my jeans. And I am pretty sure my brain just oozed out my ears. And am I stupid enough to turn him down? Oh hell no. I lick his ear, just the shell, then the lobe. And the tiny patch right on his neck. Slide my tongue down the sweet curve to where it meets his shoulder. I can taste his lust, his honesty.

“More.” he gets this whisky drawl now, straight and fire pure. And it hits me in my belly. I let my fingers dance across his shoulder blades, under his arms. They are on a mission. Finding the twin nipples, I roll both at the same time between my fingers. He presses back into me. I feel scalded. He leans his head back onto my shoulder, and whispers the most bloody fucking beautiful words I have ever heard...

“Are you gonna fuck me, or just fuck with me?” he bites my ear now.

“Fuck.” I catch his mouth, have to taste. Like honey. Like sin. I want to suck his soul out through his tongue. He kisses like a whore. Wet and dirty. Taking everything I can give him. And begging for more. Fucking my mouth with his. Strong hands pull my zipper down, yanking my cock out. Squeezing me hard. Then he has to breath. And his whisky voice is back in my ear.

“I want you to lick me, bite me. Fuck me. I want you to suck my fucking brains out through my cock. I want to feel your cock shoved so far inside me that I can feel you when I swallow. I want you to bend me over and ride me hard. Fuck me. Bruise me. I want your marks on me for days.” I cum in his hands. Howling. Tearing at his neck with my lips. Don’t want to bite him yet. Want to be inside for that.

He brings one hand to his mouth, making sure I watch, and licks it clean. I couldn’t have not watched if the world was collapsing around this building. My eyes are locked on that hand. That tongue. Watching his mouth close around his fingers, sucking me off of his flesh. My cock is hard again. Still in one of his hands. He’s not moving, or stroking, just holding my dick. he takes his hand away from his mouth. I whimper. Pulls his own cock out, it’s covered in shiny pre cum. Whimper again when he lets go of me. He wraps his cum-filled hand around his own cock, stroking roughly. Rolling his ass against me. Biting my neck.

“Touch me.” demanding git. As his hand reaches the head of his dick, I wrap mine around the base, follow his stokes.

“Oh God.” he sticks his tongue in the hollow of my collarbone, licking out the sweat that had pooled there.

“Suck me. Wanna feel those lips around my cock.” I flip him around, and drop to my knees. He leans back against the bench, thrusting his hips out. I swallow him down to the root. Not saying anything now, are you, you honey-mouthed angel. A few quick sucks, and he shoots in my mouth, filling me with his bitter salty essence. I yank those paper soft jeans down to his feet, and what do you know, no shoes. He kicks them to the side, out of the way. I climb back to my feet, shucking my own kit as fast as vampire speed will let me.

“Fuck. You are so beautiful. Can I say that to a guy? Cuz you are, beautiful, not a guy. I mean you are a guy...” and yup. Sucked his brains right out.

“Turn around.” I can still growl with the best of ‘em. I know the demon is trying to come out, can feel my eyes flashing. His eyes go from stunned to glazed, but he does what I say. Turns right around and leans over. And its like Christmas all over again, with a pretty new toy. But I am too fucking hard to play. Need lube....I look around, need something for lube. And he reaches back for me, with a small tube nestled in the palm of his hand. I don’t say anything, for now. But later? Maybe.

I pour the cold gel in my hand, stroke my shaft, enjoying the contrasting sensations. Hard hand, slick skin. He whimpers, wiggles a bit.

“Didnt forget you, promise.” I slide a finger into his puckered ring. Aiming right for his magic spot. He arches, howls. It’s a gorgeous sound, but I’m gonna make him scream. Slide another finger in, scissor them, stretching him. Don’t want to hurt him, much. He quivers around me, he’s ready. Beyond ready. I pull in close to him, slide my hand around to grab the base of his cock. Pull and push at the same time. Buried to my balls in hot, pulsating flesh. He is twisting, crying out. No words, just sounds. Grab his hips with one hand, holding him still. Need to be in control here. Need to drive into him so hard he feels it for days. Feels me. Remembers me. Too soon. His screams are filling the air. My balls are pulled close to my body now. Don’t want this over. He cums in my hands this time, and it sends me over the edge. I haul him upright, sinking my fangs into the delicate flesh of his neck. Drawing out his spicy blood as I fill his ass with cold fluid. We collapse on the floor, panting. I think I can smell tears coming from him now.

“Did I hurt you pet?” my voice sounds like a gravel road.

“Shh. Let me pretend this is forever.” he curls around me, like I am something familiar, beloved.

So we pretend this is forever.

Tigers Eye

The music is 'Something I can never have', and 'Fuck you like an Animal' by Nine Inch Nails

The haunting piano chords drifts out the open window, catching his wandering attention. Crushing the half-smoked cigarette, Spike darts out from under the tree, and slips into the sheltering bushes under the windowsill. Standing up straight, the blond has a perfect view into the bedroom. Xander stands motionless in the center of the room, shirt unbuttoned, arms wrapped loosely around his mid-section. As the staining melody picks up intensity, guitar chords blending with the piano, Xander begins to sway. Sliding his hands down until they meet on his taut belly. Hips rocking in time with the gentle rhythm. Slow circular rotations. Hands climbing their way up his torso. Spike feels his body move in the same patterns. The coarse velvet voice pouring from the stereo seems to wrap around the undulating mortal.

I still recall the taste of my tears,
Echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears.
My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore.
Scraping through my head till I don’t want to sleep anymore.

Spike recognizes the music, the singer. Considers how appropriate the song is, after their last encounter. Feels his unneeded breath catch as firm, callused fingers lightly pinch dusky nipples. One dark hand smoothes down his abdomen, quick motions flicking open the button on his jeans. With a shrug, the shirt slips off his shoulders, and Xander moves his arms enough to let the shirt flutter to the floor.

His hands tingle with the ache to touch that dark hot skin. To taste the sweat glistening in pale candlelight. A band of iron tightens around his chest when Xander caresses his own cock. Not pulling it out yet, just a slow…torturous glide of his hand. Azure eyes flicker between the fingers gently twisting and tugging on one dark nipple, and the hand tucked deep in the front of his jeans. Then realizes he is also being watched. Looking up to catch half closed eyes, hazy and dark with desire. Soft full lips open, breath coming in little panting huffs. Talented pink tongue peeking out from their fullness. Eyes dropping at a sudden movement. The baby soft jeans are lying in a bleached puddle at Xander’s feet, resting briefly before being kicked away.

The music changes, something a little faster, primal.

You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

Hips gyrating with the heavy bass, hand wrapped around the base of his cock, Xander dances for Spike. Sensuous roll of his shoulders, traveling down his spine like a living entity. He moves slowly around the room, staying out of reach of his voyeur, reveling in the visual seduction. Hand stroking from base to tip, swiping up the milky drops of pre-cum leaking out. Bringing his hand to his mouth, catching the eyes of the blonde, sucking and lapping his essence off his finger.

Wrenching open his own jeans, Spike roughly curls a fist around his own agonized shaft, pulling hard. Panting, bracing himself against the wall. Eyes never leaving the private dance.

Xander glides past a small nightstand, hand reaching out to scoop up a tiny tube. Cat-crawling up his bed, then flipping over to lie on his back. Legs bent at the knee, spread out and propped up, he exposes himself for Spike. Almost as an afterthought, he tucks a small pillow under his back, thrusting his hips into the air. Pouring a generous amount of clear gel into his palm, he drags two fingers through the liquid. Wrapping one hand around the base of his shaft, placing the other hand between his ass cheeks. Pushing into himself with the same slow rhythm that he glides his hand up his cock.

Head thrown back now, blue eyes slitted, panting harshly, the sight of Xander finger fucking himself captivates Spike. Bolts of fire course through him when the soft chanting reaches his ears.

“Spike…yeah…fuck me…suck me…wanna feel you…so fucking deep…harder…. Fuck me harder…wanna taste you when I swallow…wanna paint you with my cum…aaahhhh! FUCK ME!”

Spike feels his sac pull up close to his body, desperate for release. Fisting roughly. Hears himself growling in time with Xander’s thrusts.

“Cum with me Spike…I know you wanna…cumming now…. AAAHHHH!!!” thick pearl streams coat his chest, painting erotic patterns across gleaming flesh. Spike floods his own hand with cool jets. Black eyes latch onto gold ones; Xander slowly runs his hand up his torso, covering it with his essence. Brings it to his mouth and laves it clean. Spike mirrors the action, sucking his fingers bare. Struggles to shift back into his human face. Feels a hot finger being slid into his mouth. Realizes Xander is standing at the window. Smiling softly at him.

“Wanna go dancing with me tomorrow?” impish gleam in his dazed eyes.

“My mum had this necklace once. Had a little stone set in it. Tigers eye. All banded with bronze and gold. Colors just slinking around themselves. That’s what you were tonight, pet.” Spinning on his heel, he saunters away.

“See ya tomorrow, luv.” Smiles at the answering laugh.


ok, here is the very next part, supposed to just be little bits of writings, the boys had other ideas, and this is turning into a little series! grrr...who said the boys can have ideas of their own?

Spike had it all planned out. He was gonna rock that boy’s world, then follow up with some patented Spike lovins. Now all he had to do was convince the boy to go along with the plan.

“Hey Xander.” Calling out softly, not wanting to scare more of his wits away, Spike gently shuts the screen door. Gracefully folding himself to sit next to Xander on the back porch steps. He silently scents the air, noting the despair and frustration on his new lover. Carefully taking in the hunched shoulders, tense neck, and deeply etched worry lines creasing his handsome face. Yup, he needed to get Xander out of Dodge for a while.

“So, Spike, possessed again?” resting his head in the crook of one arm, thrusting a cold beer at the vamp with the other.

“I’m sorry?” Spike lets his confusion show, cocking a wicked eyebrow, and pursing his lips.

“You only use my name when you are possessed, or the world is about to end. We know the second is happening, just wondered about the first…ha ha, I meant to say that, I really did.” He wraps his arm over the top of his head, tying to curl into a ball.

“I wanted to talk to you, is all. What’s got your knickers all in a twist tonight.” Irritation replaces the confusion, after their last two encounters, this attitude is the last thing he expects. The quiet, hopeless voice coming from the brunette shocks him to his soul.

“I don’t know what game you're playing here, Spike, but I need to know the rules before we go any farther.” The words echo hollowly from his protective embrace.

“Game?” Spike figures this can go one of two ways, he can either get all defensive, and completely bollocks this up or he can let down his guard just a bit, and see what happened.

“Yeah, what is this to you? I just…for once in my life I would like to be something other than somewhere between second place and last runner up. So please…” his voice breaks, a single ragged breath, “please just stop, or make this about me? Just me?” broad shoulders shaking with repressed cries, refusing to look up and meet the derisive blue gaze.

“I have us a reservation about six hours from here, Xan. If we leave now, we can make it before sunrise.” Xander raises his head, surprised to see the blond still there, holding out his hand. To him.

“Reservations?” slowly, dreaming, he slides his hand into the cool offering.

“Yeah. Reservations. This little resort, up north. Fireplace, locks on the doors, room service.” Spike brings Xanders hand to his mouth, flips it over, and places a dry kiss to his palm. Breathing in the pure scents he had always associated with the brunette. Coffee, chocolate. Sawdust, fresh earth. Xander presses his thumb against Spike’s jaw, rubbing lightly. Enjoying the smooth skin. Blue eyes lock on brown ones. Xander is shaken at the depth of emotion within those azure pools.

“What about…” he nods his head at the house.

“Told everybody you needed to get out of here before you started trying on bras. Gave Rupert the number, told him not to call unless he was the last one standing.” He touches his mouth to Xanders wrist then, gently kissing the racing pulse.

“Lets go.” He smiles at the blond, tugging his hand away.

“Um…Xan?” he tips his face forward, suddenly reminding the brunette of a shy twelve year old. Un-gelled blond curls droop slightly against a pale forehead, same black T-shirt, but new, clean showcases the tight lines of his chest. New black jeans, more like a fresh coat of paint, encase the blond from hip to ankle. And unless he missed his mark, the battered Doc’s had been shined. For him. Precious warmth blossoms deep in Xander’s heart, heating a part of him he thought had died. Spike is holding a crimson rose, clutched tight against his chest.

“Brought it for the Bit, but she said I should give it to someone who needed it. Then she told me you were out here.” His hand trembles slightly as he slowly extends his arm, offering the delicate bloom to the brunette. Xander’s entire world narrows down to a pinpoint of focus. This moment, this gift. He understands exactly what Spike is offering him. He wraps his hand around the quivering stem, tugging. His eyes widen as Spike releases his iron grip. Embedded in his palm is a thick brownish green thorn. Plucking it out, Spike hisses narrows his eyes at the offending object. Xander is hypnotized. A single drop of blood lies in the protective curl of Spike’s palm. Like a perfect ruby, nestled on a crumpled heap of white satin. He mimics the blondes’ earlier motions, bringing an ivory hand to his mouth. Pressing the tip of his tongue against the creased skin, he laves it clean, dropping hot kisses to soothe away the tiny pain.

Xander twines their fingers together, tight and possessive. Looks up to face his lover. And is captivated by feral golden eyes, pale lips parted, panting lightly. Stepping in closer, he initiates their second kiss, not the mouth fucking that was their first, but slow. Sweet. Exploring the velvet soft lips with his tongue. Slipping in the cool cavern to learn all the bumps and valleys. Careful caress of fangs.

Spike melts into the heat. Dissolves under the quiet passion. In his hundred plus years, he has never been kissed like this. Like it mattered, like HE mattered. Soft and tender and fierce and his. A part of his brain desperately holds on to these sensations, determined to put them in the same little place that his last sunrise lives, the last time his mother touched him with affection, the last time he felt his heart race.

Xander deepens the kiss, drawing the others tongue into his mouth. Finding just the right angle to keep their mouths together and still breathe. Pouring every drop of his terrified, exhilarated heart into it. Wraps his arms around Spike, cradling him close, sharing his thundering heartbeat.

“If the clothes come off, I’m selling tickets.” Dawns voice shatters the spell. Breaking contact, both men whimper, still lost.

“Scratch that, I’m gonna give them away for free.” Turning, she sprints back into the house, long dark hair flying out behind her.

“That’s our cue.” Xander smiles down into still dazed gold eyes. “C’mon.” they dart off into the night.

The End?

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