Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13
Written for [info]noel_of_spike and grown from bunnies bred by my fabulously helpful flist… [info]bumpkin_is suggested that Bonds!verse Spike and Xander create new Xmas traditions with all the friends and family and mayhem that ensues. I don’t want to revisit Bonds at this stage but I tweaked parts of her idea.
Betaed by [info]laazikaat

Time Out


“Even if you could open the bloody door, you’d never survive in that stuff.”

“Yeah but you would, undead, non-breathing guy.”

“And then what? Where would I go, Einstein? It’s your bloody fault we’re in here, boy. Don’t start with me now.”

“My fault? How is it my fault? You with your ‘soddin git and your ‘bleedin tosser’. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours. If you hadn’t annoyed Tara so much, we wouldn’t be here. You should be looking for a way out.”

“The witch was already well pissed off. What with the stupid snow globe Red gave her for Christmas, and the pounding migraine you gave her.” Spike ignored Xander’s protests and threw his hands up. “There is no way out of here. Look at it, the doors and windows don’t actually work.”

Xander looked around at the cosily decorated chalet. In a couple of steps he was at the window trying to open it.

“No!” Spike rushed over and pulled him away. “Don’t touch that, bloody idiot. You’ll kill yourself if you get it open. We’re just gonna have to wait till the witch lets us out. And you can bet she isn’t going to do that till we stop fighting.”

Xander looked longingly at the blurry white-covered hills outside. Then, without warning, the floor beneath him tilted, and he went stumbling into Spike. Not at all dissimilar to the rolling deck of a ship, the floor rocked underneath them, sending them crashing into each other. Finally, it stilled.

“Hey, look, it’s snowing outside now.”

Spike just rolled his eyes. “Git. Course it’s bloody snowing.”

“Well as long as we’re here, you want to have a look around the place?”

“Yeah, alright then.”

The living room had a small but comfortable couch and a thick sheepskin on the floor. There was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in one corner near the window. The kitchen was welcoming, and on inspection, they found the cupboards and fridge were completely stocked with both food and blood. Upstairs, there was a large bathroom, with a deep corner bath. Next to that was a bedroom. Spike smiled as they opened this door.

“There we go, love. We might be stuck here, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy it.”

The bedroom was large, and the bed in it was bigger than Xander had ever seen. It was draped in rich red satin covers and throw pillows of all shapes and sizes.

“God, Spike, you would look so good on that.”

“Yes, love, I would,” Spike said, then ducked the swat from Xander and grabbed him around the waist.

Xander laughed as Spike tumbled them both into the middle of the bed. “You know, as far as punishments go, Tara banishing us to her new snow globe is turning out to be more fun that I expected.”

The End

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