Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13
Written for [info]noel_of_spike and grown from bunnies bred by my fabulously helpful flist… [info]bumpkin_is suggested that Bonds!verse Spike and Xander create new Xmas traditions with all the friends and family and mayhem that ensues. I don’t want to revisit Bonds at this stage but I tweaked parts of her idea.
Betaed by [info]laazikaat

All I Want For Christmas


Xander slammed the kitchen door behind them and rounded on a still smirking Spike. “You’re an asshole. A complete asshole, you jerk.”

“Yeah, but you love me anyway, pet.”

“What the-?” Xander sighed with frustration. “Yes, I do. Which is why you still walk and talk and why I haven’t swept you into an urn and stored you on my mother’s shelf next to Great Aunt Ethel and Grandpa Herbert.”

Spike sidled up to Xander and tried out one of those expressions that usually made his boy melt. “You’d really store me on the family shelf? Not just sweep me out the door?”

“Of course I-. Hey! No distracting me, you’re still an ass.” Xander pulled open several kitchen drawers and snatched out a pile of dish towels. “Why have you always gotta be like this? Just once, can’t we be normal?”

“Newsflash, genius. This is normal for us. You’re talking about greeting card normal, holiday film normal. That’s not us. It’s never going to be. Get used to it.”

“Yeah, but why can’t it be?” Xander asked as he filled a bucket with soapy water.

“Because you’re in love with an animated corpse, and your best friends are witches and watchers and slayers-.”

“Oh, my.”

Spike rolled his eyes, but otherwise ignored Xander. “Your life is not Hallmark normal and it never will be, so if you have a problem with that, you need to deal with it bloody quick, mate. You knew exactly what you were in for the first time you dropped trou for me. This is it. I’m an arsehole. I don’t care a whit about those people out there, but I tolerate them because I love you. Usually you’re okay with that, but now you want to change things?”

Xander turned off the water and leaned back against the counter, shaking his head. “Not exactly, I don’t want to change you. It’s just that today is Christmas. Couldn’t we just have a day where this kind of thing doesn’t happen? Its one day out of three hundred and sixty five. Can’t it be different to the other three hundred and sixty four? One day, Spike. Just one.”

There was a small measure of pleading in Xander’s voice, and Spike wondered if he even realised it was there. But it was the defeated expression the boy was trying to cover up that got to Spike the most. He was asking for one day, and really, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t too much to ask. It would take a good deal of self control on Spike’s part, but perhaps this could be the start of a new Christmas tradition for them.

“Alright, love. One day, promise.” Spike knew he’d done the right thing when he saw Xander’s face light up with a smile. And wasn’t that worth every painful bit of restraint he would have to show today. “You want the happy, sappy, family Christmas, then I’ll do what I can to make it so.”

“You are still an asshole, but I love you so much you can get away with it. Mostly.” Xander took Spike’s face in his hands and kissed him thoroughly.

Mostly suits me just fine.” Spike said, kissing him again while making a mental note that compromise wasn’t always a bad thing if it got results like that.

Xander pulled away and smiled slowly as he slid his hands down to Spike’s belt loops and tugged their bodies closer together. His breath was warm against Spike’s lips, so tantalisingly close that Spike would barely have to move to just take those soft lips with his own. Xander had started a gentle rolling of his hips and the motion was causing the most delicious friction in Spike’s jeans.

“I have something for you, Spike,” Xander said with a low rumbling voice, his lips tickling against Spike’s.

“Oh, yeah, you do, don’t you? You gonna give it to me now? Here, with all your friends just outside the door?” Spike’s entire being was so focused on the movement at his groin and the tempting mouth before him that he didn’t even notice Xander move, until he found himself with a warm wet bucket thrust into his hands.

Xander stepped back and folded his arms. “Water. Towels. Go clean up the mess you made.”

Spike opened his mouth to argue, but knew that resistance was futile. Damn, his boy was good. With an appreciative, yet frustrated sigh he conceded defeat and pushed his way back out to the living room, with Xander hot on his heels.

“Oi, Slayer.” Spike glanced at Xander’s no nonsense face and knew he had to do this. More importantly, he wanted to. “I apologise for making you squirt your drink out your nose and for making you spray it all over the Watcher and for making you spill the rest of it on Xan’s nice rug. I was just joking about the blood in the punch bowl.”

The End

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