Disclaimer: They never return my calls. A/N: Set in an alternate reality where Angelus was never ensouled, the FF are real, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a television show.

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America might have England beat when it came to making good pizza and sexy cars, but they were sorely lacking in several other important areas, like weather. And sport, of course, but at least with cable Spike had a hope of seeing football or even a cricket match occasionally. There was nothing he could do about the bloody weather.

The winters weren’t so bad, but now, in midsummer it was already stifling. The heavy air didn’t cool until two or three o’clock in the morning, and then only a little. The long afternoons seemed interminable- lying on sheets that always seemed wrinkled and unfresh, listening to the sounds of golden-tanned humans laughing and talking outside. If he focused hard enough, he could hear their hearts beating.

Of course the bungalow had central air, but either because of habit from years of living in Blighty or from being two-hundred and something years old, or else because he was a penny-pinching skinflint and didn’t want to raise the electric bill, Angelus kept it off except in the very hottest parts of the day, and preferred to keep the windows open and rely on the fans. Yes, it was romantic in a way, lazing about while the breeze from the fan gently caressed the blackout curtains, the old ‘uns sat reading or playing chess. Dru, dressed just in her chemise and pants would lay her head in Spike’s lap and he’d run his fingertips through her hair, and tell her stories, or they’d watch telly together and talk about who they’d like to eat on the insipid day time soap operas and talk shows. Sometimes they’d lounge together in a cool bath, lazily stroking each other’s glistening bodies and murmuring in each others’ ears in the darkened room, making plans for mischief to get up to once the sun set.

Right now, though, with the others all sleeping around him and the air pressing down on him like a thick blanket, Spike was bloody bored. Bored, restless and… horny.

Rubbing his bare foot along the smooth folds of the sheets, Spike brushed his hand over his chest and down his lean belly. His nipples stiffened as he trailed his fingers lazily over his firm, flat belly and the sharp incline of his hipbone. He turned his head and gently nudged Dru’s shoulder with his forehead.

“D’you want to play a game, pet?” Spike whispered.

Dru murmured sleepily and patted his forehead. She trailed her slender fingers down the side of his face and gently patted his nose.

“Not now, poppet, the place cards are all in a muddle and I’ve got to get them sorted before tea-time or there’ll be such a row,” Dru murmured.

Spike rolled onto his side and cupped her breast, pushing back the sheet to reveal the pale smoothness of her shoulder and long white arm.

“Come on, luv, I’ve got something better than tea for you, here,” Spike cajoled, taking her by the wrist and guiding her hand down between his legs.

Dru’s fingers trailed over his rampant erection, and her smooth brow furrowed softly as if in concentration. She gave him a little squeeze and murmured, “Not now, dear but thanks all the same, you must offer some to Darla.”

Then she rolled over and snuggled up against the petite blonde who was, as always, like a marble statue in her repose with not a hair out of place, and looking cool as a cucumber despite the sticky summer heat. Spike huffed and rolled over himself, sulkily. He found himself nose to nose with his Sire. Spike nuzzled closer, inhaling Angelus’ scent and gently butting the big vampire’s muscular chest with his forehead.

Angelus muttered low in his throat and put one big hand on Spike’s head. Without opening his eyes, he nuzzled the boy’s curls, then gently but firmly urged his boy’s head down from resting on his pec, toward his crotch. Spike tried to pull back, but Angelus slightly tightened his grasp on the boy’s head and held it in place.

Spike now found himself with his nose nestling in Angelus’ crotch, his cheek resting on the big vampire’s muscular thigh. His Sire’s hand on the back of his head was a comforting weight and he shifted forward slightly, nuzzling Angelus’ thick, semi-hard cock. Angelus’ member shifted and swelled, seeming to wake and stretch itself at Spike’s attentions.

Spike breathed in the rich, musky scent of Angelus’ crotch, nuzzling the heavy balls crowned with dark hair. He rested his forehead on Angelus’ muscular belly as he mouthed and licked his Sire’s testicles, then gently flicked his tongue against the underside of the sac. Angelus moaned softly and threaded his fingers through the boy’s hair.

Spike swallowed, his own cock hardening, and gently took the skin of his Sire’s scrotum in his blunt human teeth. He nibbled lightly, mouthing and flicking the skin with his tongue, and kneading Angelus’ muscular thighs with his hands. Angelus pressed his head firmly into his crotch, and thrust his hips forward so his slick hardon brushed Spike’s face.

Opening his mouth, Spike engulfed his Sire’s member, laving his tongue around the tip and lapping up the slightly sweet bland creaminess of Angelus’ pre-cum. He relaxed his jaw and deep-throated the dark haired vampire, suckling deeply and taking the thick length of Angelus’ cock completely, until his nose brushed his Sire’s belly and he nuzzled the root of his hardon.
Angelus groaned deeply in his throat, and Spike could feel it reverberate through his Sire’s body. He moaned softly, and suckled harder, eyes closed. His Sire’s hands threaded through his hair, kneading it and softly pulling it into fistfuls, then relaxing, in tune to Spike’s suckling.

“That’s it… that’s it boyo… y’ need yer soother don’t you… fussy lad,” Angelus murmured as he softly thrust his hips forward.

Spike suckled and swallowed reflexively as his Sire gently fucked his mouth and throat. He nuzzled and purred, his own cock slick and urgently demanding attention as it bobbed against his lean belly. He made a keening noise in his throat in the hopes of conveying this to Angelus.

“Mmm… good boy… that’s a good boy. Y’ love yer soother. Drink it all down for Daddy, so you can get big and strong…” Angelus mumbled in a semi-conscious haze of sleepy lust, his big hands caressing Spike’s face and cupping the boy’s jaws.

Spike whinged again, a little more insistently, but Angelus was lost in his own sleep-clouded rapture of sexual ecstasy and Spike felt his Sire’s balls tighten. When Angelus’ cock pulsed and he came, hard and fast, Spike had no choice but to swallow or else choke and spit the creamy liquid up. So, he swallowed, despite an angry urge to bite down hard. Selfish prick!

Angelus rolled over on his belly, arms wrapped round the pillow, face buried in the linen pillowslip. The sheet had fallen from his golden skin during their exertions and lay tangled around one long leg, the whole of his back and most of his muscular arse and thighs laid bare and naked. Spike sat up, wiping his mouth and glaring daggers at the prone form of his sleeping Sire, and prodded Angelus’ arse with his knee.

“What about me, you prick!”

Angelus grumbled something into the pillow.

Spike planted the sole of his foot on Angelus’ bare arse and gave it a satisfying push. The big vampire didn’t respond other than to grumble sleepily and shift on the bed, so Spike raised his foot and brought it down smartly against his Sire’s firm buttocks. This time Angelus growled and stirred, so Spike nimbly leapt from the bed and dashed to the door. He paused to look over his shoulder and saw that his Sire hadn’t fully wakened, only rolled over onto his back and sprawled with one long arm draped off the mattress and the other flung across Dru’s slender waist.

Spike swore under his breath and kicked the doorframe. He regretted it an instant later when the pain shot up his leg, then stalked into the bedroom and grabbed his jeans from where he’d tossed them before crawling into bed just before daybreak.

He groaned with frustrated lust as he pulled his jeans up over his slender hips and his hand brushed his swollen cock. Fine, he thought to himself, the old man’s so fond of ‘tit for tat’, he can have a dose of it himself. He stalked down the hall, his bare feet softly slapping against the cool tiles of the floor, to the den.

Spike sat down at the computer desk and pulled the iPod from the jumble of assorted CD’s, magazines and video games. Slipping the earbuds into his ears, the blonde vampire cued up a Ramones song and clicked on the user icon. Despite his being a confirmed technophobe who barely even tolerated having a television, Angelus couldn’t bear for anybody to enjoy something he had no control over, so he’d learnt how to use the computer if only so he could password protect it.

Theoretically this was supposed to ensure Spike had to ask permission before using it, but his Sire was nothing if not predictable and Spike hadn’t lived with the old brute for over a century without learning his habits. He typed in Herboy under the username, and then a seemingly meaningless jumble of consonants and vowels that Spike knew meant something along the lines of ‘everything of importance belongs to me’ in Fyarl. He shook his head and smirked when the desktop icon came up. Sometimes Angelus really did make things too easy.

Spike slouched a little in his chair as he accessed the internet. Angelus might not care about such things, but Spike had convinced Darla of the advantages of keeping up with developments in modern technology- besides the convenience and ease of keeping up with world wide news and events, and the ease of long distance communications (some members of the Order were even debating making a website), there was the convenience of twenty-four hour a day online shopping- and so she had agreed that high speed internet was a worthwhile expenditure.

Of course, she didn’t know what Spike used the internet for, but then, despite what they might think, the old folks didn’t have to know everything. He quickly typed in the address and logged in. Even if Angelus hadn’t been functionally illiterate when it came to computers, Spike didn’t need to worry, he’d used a stolen credit card to register for the website. Now, as he selected a likely-looking bloke, with broad shoulders and dark hair, to chat with, he unbuttoned his flies.

Spike swallowed hard, running his palm over the slick head of his cock. He and Dark Hair quickly skipped past the preliminaries of a/s/l- Spike considered putting in his real age for a laugh, but decided against it- and amused himself for a while by typing in commands for the handsome, if slightly twinkish, youth to carry out on his webcam. After a few minutes, though, it palled. While it was fun enough to tell an anonymous boy to do things like smack his own arse and stroke his rather disturbingly pierced erection, Spike wanted something more personal. He quickly signed off and typed in another address, one he’d discovered that catered to his more unique tastes.

Now this was more like it. The pictures were bloody gorgeous, and the text… Spike knew that it was supposed to be girls who were more turned on by ‘erotica’ but he couldn’t help it. Part of him would always be a poet and he couldn’t help but love the written word. Besides, somehow this felt so much more intimate and personal than interacting with the broad shouldered boy on the webcam.

He swallowed hard as he read, his left hand stroking himself eagerly. He reached up almost without realizing it and tweaked his nipple, his hand pulling and sliding over his slick cock. Reading the stories was like being a voyeur looking into his own bedroom- sometimes, as if somebody were reading his most private thoughts.
The picture had been chosen to illustrate a part of the story that was especially exciting, when the big, dark haired brunette had finally flipped the smaller, cocky blonde over his knees. The dark haired man had the slender blonde held firmly over his lap and his big hand was poised to deliver a slap to the bared, rounded buttocks. Spike swallowed hard as he read the details of the scolding and spanking, his gaze flicking back to the picture as he stroked his cock faster.

He didn’t realize Angelus was in the room until the chair was spun around and he was face to face with his Sire. Angelus loomed over him, naked and with a look on his face that spelled trouble. Spike’s blue eyes widened and he tried to duck under the big vampire’s arm, but Angelus grabbed him by one lean bicep. His mouth was moving but Spike heard nothing- then Angelus yanked the earbuds from his ears unceremoniously.

“Ow! Bloody hell, watch what you’re doing,” Spike yelped, grimacing and rubbing his ear.

“What the hell d’you think yer doing? Since when d’you go sneaking off by yerself when you’re supposed to be sleeping? And what’re you doing in here?”

“It’s called ‘wanking’- people with selfish lovers often have to resort to it. Ask Darla sometime, I expect she could tell you,” Spike retorted.

Angelus growled and shook Spike by the scruff of the neck.

“Right, I can see you’re long overdue,” he said sternly, and sat down, pulling the boy unceremoniously over his lap.

“Long overdue to cum? Yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been dying to for over an hour, but- hey!”

Spike squirmed and twisted, tossing his head and trying to dodge off Angelus lap, but the big vampire held him firmly in place. Pinning the boy’s legs under his own, Angelus pulled Spike’s jeans down further to expose the firm globes of his pale arse cheeks. He glanced at the computer screen and snorted.

“Huh. I can see I’ve definitely been remiss, if you’ve missed this so much you’ve had to go looking for it on the computer. Where the hell do you find that, anyway!”

Angelus brought his hand down on the boy’s bottom firmly, and Spike gasped at the smack. The blonde vampire’s slick cock pressed against Angelus’ naked thigh with each smack against his arse. Soon he was arching his back up to meet Angelus’ palm, panting and whining, “Uh! Please! Oh! Please- Daddy!”

“I’ll give you ‘Daddy’,” Angelus said sternly, but Spike could feel his Sire’s own thick cock stiffening as his hand slapped his boy’s tender and warming flesh again and again. “You’re not to play with yerself. You’re to let Daddy take care of that. Naughty lad. What d’you think yer doing, sneaking off in here to take yer breeches down and play with yer cock? What if Darla or Dru had seen you?”

“They’d probably -ah! Join in,” Spike gasped, and Angelus smacked his backside faster and harder at that.

“And what the devil is this trash you’re reading? Pwip? What’s a ‘Pwip’?” Angelus demanded, his brown eyes scanning the text on the screen as he continued to smack his boy’s arse. It was coloring up nicely now- the tender flesh was a rosy pink and on its way toward a soft red. Angelus’ palm was beginning to get a little tender, so he switched hands, smacking with his rested hand and bringing the other one down to fondle and tickle the boy’s smooth sack.

“It’s- ohgod! Please, Daddy! It’s uh! Porn w-w-without p-lot,” Spike gasped. “T’s what people put in th’ disclaimer of a story when it’s just an excuse t’ have two characters have uh! Sex!”

“I see… and this ‘Angel’ character, he’s the big dark haired one? This is from that bloody television programme, isn’t it, boy?”

Angelus slapped the boy’s arse harder and faster when he thought how much he disliked that annoying program.

“Uh! Please! Daddy!”

“Answer me, boy. I can see for myself it is. Jaysus, some people have too much time on their hands. So, somebody out there wrote a bloody ‘Pwip’ about that Angel bloke spanking his brat?”

“It’s a- gah! Popular topic,” Spike moaned, rubbing himself against Angelus’ thigh.

“I don’t approve of this sort of thing,” Angelus growled, as he skimmed the text of the ‘story’. “It’s bloody disrespectful. Not to mention ludicrous. A vampire with a soul….”

Angelus thrust his fingers toward Spike’s mouth. The boy immediately opened it and began to suckle, feeling his Sire’s cock flex as he laved his long, slender fingers with his tongue, suckling and lapping.

“Uhh! Please! Daddy!” Spike moaned, arching his back and thrusting his bottom upwards. “Need you!”

Angelus panted as he pulled his fingers from the boy’s mouth, leaned down to kiss Spike’s shoulder and gently dragged fanged teeth along it. When the crimson drop blossomed on the boy’s pale skin, Angelus licked them up and felt his boy shudder at his touch. He spread the boy’s warmed cheeks and thrust his slicked fingers between them, brushing over the tight pucker of the boy’s pale pink sphincter.

“You need me, eh? So bad you’ve got to go on the internet looking for this “Pwip”? Aye, boyo, you’ll have me… you just remember who you belong to. Not some fancy-pants actor with a lot of hair gel on the television. You’re mine, lad.”

“Uh! Yours, Daddy!” Spike swallowed hard and gasped, thrusting back as Angelus’ fingers roughly spread him and worked inside.

“You’re my boy, only mine. This-” Angelus grasped the boy’s ballsac and tweaked lightly, making Spike jump and clench on his fingers- “belongs to me. And so does this.”

He thrust two fingers deeply into the boy now. Spike writhed on his lap, panting and gasping, pushing back against his thick fingers, greedy for more contact. Angelus squeezed and kneaded the boy’s perfect little arse as he thrust his fingers in and out of the boy.

“Whose are you?”

“Yours! Oh! Daddy, daddy, yours!”

“Who d’you come to when you need t’ be spanked and fucked, boy?”

“Oooh! Please! Need you!”

“Who!” Angelus demanded, slapping the boy’s rump.

“You! Oh! You! Only you!”

Angelus withdrew his fingers from the boy’s tight channel and lifted him up. Seating Spike on his hard cock, he grasped the boy’s slender hips and growled deeply in lust and dominance as the lean blonde sank himself down into his lap, fully seated on his thick member.

Spike moaned and rocked backward and forwards, his arse fitting glove-tight on Angelus’ cock. The big vampire growled deeply with lust and thrust forward into his boy, pressing Spike’s prostate and feeling the shudder that wracked his slim body.

“Oh! Daddy! Need you! Yours, yours, just yours!” Spike howled, thrusting onto Angelus’ cock in a frenzy.

The big vampire reached around the boy, stroking Spike’s cock with his hand.

“That’s right, lad! Mine, you’re all mine, and no bloody ‘vampire with a soul’ is going to have you, even in yer imagination!”

“Uh! But Daddy-” Spike’s voice broke with his excitement as he thrust backwards onto the thick cock he was seated on, and forward into Angelus’ massive palm.

“No buts!” Angelus lowered his fangs and leaned down, letting the sharpness gently press his boy’s tender throat. The feel of the soft skin under his sensitive teeth made his cock throb and his balls tighten, and he felt Spike’s own cock flex in his palm.

“Just for you, Daddy! Just for you! Please, oh please!”

Angelus growled through his teeth, “Cum!” before he sank his razor sharp canines into the boy’s flesh, and Spike yowled, writhed and shot a jet of milky fluid over his Sire’s fingers and knuckles. Angelus swallowed the boy’s sweet, silky blood and his own cock pulsed as he came deeply into his boy.

Afterwards, Spike fell back against Angelus’ hard chest, panting. He rested his head against his Sire’s muscular chest, purring softly, as the big vampire wiped his hand clean on the boy’s smooth skin. Angelus ran both big hands over Spike’s lean, smooth body, purring deeply, and kissing his temple, his jaw, his neck, every inch of skin he could reach.

“Daddy,” Spike murmured, softly, nuzzling.

“That’s right, and don’t you forget it,” Angelus murmured in the boy’s ear.

“Yer not really jealous… are you? T’s just words, and you didn’t read the end.”

“I don’t need to read anything that’s making my boy wank off. Unless it’s written by my own hand,” Angelus said, tightening his grasp on the boy’s thigh a little.

Spike nuzzled and purred softly, rubbing his forehead against Angelus’ jaw.

“Vampire with a soul,” Angelus scoffed.

“He loses the soul,” Spike murmured softly. “After he gets his ‘perfect happiness’.”

There was a long pause.

Angelus’ hand brushed Spike’s cock again.

“So, he fucks his boy and that gives him perfect happiness eh?”

Spike bit his lip, blushing a little. It did sound stupid when you said it like that. Hell, he’d never claimed it was great literature. It was wanking material. A little defensively, he nodded.

He fancied he could feel Angelus’ grin. The big vampire gently eased the boy off his cock, and turned Spike’s head to face him. He looked down at the boy and kissed his forehead, then gently bit his eyebrow.

“Well, they got one thing right, then.”

Spike blushed and leaned his head against Angelus’ chest, grinning, a little sheepishly, and nodded.

“Shouldn’t I be getting some sort of compensation for this sort of thing?” Angelus asked, as he stroked the boy’s hair, leaning forward to examine the picture. “Is there much more of this sort of thing on here… on this… internet?”

“You wouldn’t believe it,” Spike said, grinning, as he reached for the mouse. “Right, I’ll show you.”

He sat in Angelus’ lap, softly grinding his lean hips against his Sire, and feeling the big vampire’s cock stir as Spike pulled up various of his favorite images. This was how things were supposed to be, he thought, leaning back against his Sire’s broad chest, feeling Angelus’ lips gently brushing the nape of his neck, and his big hands lazily stroking over his smooth skin, fingers circling his sensitive areolae and tweaking his nipples.

Spike purred softly, nuzzling Angelus and grinning a little sheepishly as he showed his Sire his embarrassingly full file of favorite images, nearly all featuring the pairing of a certain tall, broad shouldered brunette and slender, smaller blonde, in various positions and settings.

“I’ve got to admit, looking at this does give me ideas,” Angelus murmured.

Spike blushed and felt a thrill of excitement go through his cock- the picture they were looking at involved a full enema bag, a skillfully applied bath brush, and what looked suspiciously like nappies lying on the countertop.

Angelus chuckled darkly and murmured, “We’ll have to try that out, later…. Did you like me better with the long hair, then?”

The End

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