Dead Heat


Part Six

“Xander!” Spike shouted, sitting up swiftly. He yanked his jeans up and was on his feet in an instant.

The dark haired boy snarled, snapping his teeth inches from Angelus’ face, straddling the bigger vampire and throwing punches.

But Angelus was over two centuries older, with the reflexes and fighting skills of a Master vampire. He dodged each punch easily before swiftly reversing Xander’s hold to straddle the boy. He backhanded Xander across the face three times, the boy snarling and snapping at his grandsire’s big, heavy hand with each blow. Then he got to his feet, holding Xander by the throat, his own demon face at the fore.

“Somebody’s feeling a bit left out, eh?” Angelus growled, grinning as he gave Xander a little shake.

“Get the hell off my Sire!” Xander rasped, his voice a harsh, guttural snarl, the scent of aroused demon coming off him in waves.

“Better call your puppy to heel, William,” Angelus warned, grinning and showing a mouthful of sharp incisors.

Spike swiftly interceded, roughly pushing himself between his Sire and his boy.

“I’ll handle this,” he told Angelus, his jaw set and his face grim.

Angelus arched a brow but relaxed his hold on Xander’s throat just enough that Spike was able to take control of the boy. He grasped the snarling, snapping boy by his strong shoulders and propelled him swiftly away from Angelus.

Spike growled low in his throat, and swiftly kicked Xander’s legs out from under him. The boy yelped and snarled like a wild thing, but Spike swiftly had him on his stomach on the floor, straddling him with his hands held behind his back.

“Belt,” Spike snapped tersely, and Angelus obliged, throwing him his own belt and then watching, muscles tense with anticipation as he circled the boys.

“Lemme up! No! Why’re you taking his side!” Xander howled, tossing his head, glowing eyes glaring fiercely like a captive beast, muscles straining as Spike fought to secure the boy’s arms behind him tightly with the belt.

Willow, looking a little disgruntled, emerged from the bedroom holding the flogger and wearing a strap-on dildo harness.

“Xander we haven’t finished- ooh, everybody’s all fangy.”

“Don’t get too close, sweetling, Xander’s been a naughty boy and can’t play,” Angelus warned, grinning through his sharp teeth.

Xander whipped his head to Angelus in response and snarled, then yelped when Spike landed a hard slap to his taut buttocks.

Spike caught his fledge by the jaw and turned his face to his, looking the boy straight in the eyes. He let his face show his displeasure, saying sternly, “Little man, get hold of yourself.”

He accompanied his words with a low growl, deep in his throat, and a further three hard slaps to his boy’s buttocks. Xander struggled against his bonds, but Spike held him tightly, pulling the boy up into a sitting position. He wrapped his arms around his boy’s bare chest, holding him to his own with lean arms as strong as iron.

Spike’s position afforded him the perfect angle to lower his head to the captive boy’s throat. He let his fangs just prick the tender skin there as he maintained the low, deep growl of authority.

Xander went still and stopped growling and swearing. The tension in his muscles seemed to melt away and he went limp in Spike’s arms. Then he made a little keening whine in the back of his throat.

Spike gave the boy one last growl and a little nip, still holding him tight, before pulling back and saying sternly into his ear, “Going to behave yourself now? So we can talk, like reasonable beings, before I blister your little arse for being so bloody stupid? What the fuck made you think you could attack Angelus, pet? You’re a bloody fledgling.”

Xander hung limp in Spike’s arms. The boy sagged as if his bones had turned to jelly- Spike knew that his white-hot surge of rage-fueled energy was spent, but he also knew that fledglings were impetuous and had remarkable faculties of recovery, so he wasn’t going to undo the belt or let his boy go until he was sure Xander had learned his lesson. He gave the boy a little shake by the scruff of the neck.

“Answer me. What got into that head of yours just now? One minute you’re fine, playing slap-and-tickle with Red, next thing I know you’re barreling out of nowhere like a bat out of hell! It’s not like I was being attacked by some hideous beast you know. Not that you wouldn’t be in just as much trouble if you’d hurled yourself at it if I _had_. Your pretty head’s no good to me if it’s torn off your shoulders, little man.”

Spike stroked the back of his boy’s neck and nuzzled him, giving Xander a little nip. He wanted the boy to understand he couldn’t just go charging into a situation without thinking, not if he wanted to stay intact and undusted. He snorted softly at the irony of it- him, Spike, lecturing on not charging into the fray half cocked. He looked up and saw by the expression on Angelus’ face that his Sire was thinking the same thing, and glowered at the big vampire.

“Not a word out of you,” Spike said sternly.

Angelus raised his eyebrows and his big hands in an attempt at looking innocent.

Spike continued, stroking his fingers through Xander’s dark hair. “I was a little younger than you when I tried the same damn thing.”

Xander whipped his head upward, his big dark eyes wide with surprise. He looked from Spike to Angelus with an expression so adorably shocked and innocent that Spike chuckled and kissed the boy’s forehead. Not that it meant Xander wasn’t still going to get his little arse tanned.

“Yeah, you heard right, little man. Your Sire was a fledge once too. Me all shiny and new, still with the grave dirt under m’ fingernails, wondering at this brave new world and thinking myself the king of it. Thought the whole world revolved around m’ Sire’s dick.”

Angelus chuckled darkly and arched a brow, but didn’t interrupt. He was cuddling Willow in his lap, his long, slender fingers busy pumping in and out of her sweet little cunny, his free hand cupping her pert little breast. She writhed in his lap, panting softly and making the occasional soft, kittenish noise of desperate excitement.

Spike dropped a kiss onto the nape of Xander’s neck and said, “Well, honeymoons can’t last forever and one day I walked in on the old man with Drusilla bent over the bed, rogering her six ways to Sunday. I bloody lost it. Dru was supposed t’ be _my_ girl, y’ see. I was mad about her.”

Spike paused and bit his lip then, and stroked Xander’s hair, cuddling the boy close without speaking.

Xander nodded almost imperceptibly at Spike’s words, and he shook his head slightly and returned to the present. He said, “So I did what any self respecting vampire would do- jumped into the fray, fists flailing, fangs flashing, and thought I’d show the big Mick bastard just whose girl she was, see?”

Xander gave a more pronounced nod, and Spike sternly tightened his fingers in the boy’s hair and shook his head. Looking Xander firmly in the eyes, he said, “But I was wrong. Got it? I was a stupid little fledgling. Only a fledgling would be that much of an arse- trying to attack a Master vampire cos he was jealous and horny and wanted to prove what a big, bad vampire he was. And lucky for me and for you, that m’ Sire didn’t twist my head off then and there.”

Xander frowned and opened his mouth, but Spike let his fangs descend and held them at the boy’s throat, with a low warning growl. He repeated, “Now, I’m going to do what m’ Sire did to me. And you’d better hope you’re a quicker study than I was, little man.”

Spike stood up, pulling the boy to his feet. Xander swallowed hard, looking anxious but trying to keep a brave face.

“Now, can I undo this belt, or are you going to try and play action hero again? If I free your hands, you’d better be the best fucking little boy on the planet, cos next time it’s the manacles and I’m going to be really pissed off, got me?”

Xander swallowed hard, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. Spike drew the boy’s head down and kissed his forehead.

“I won’t do anything stupid,” Xander promised.

“That’s my boy,” Spike said, and moved behind him to unbuckle the belt. He withdrew it from Xander’s wrists and rubbed the pale flesh gently where the tight leather had dug into the flesh.

“Now, you know what’s coming next, don’t you?” Spike said sternly.

Xander nodded with his eyes lowered. He moved toward Spike as if expecting to be bent over his thigh, but Spike shook his head.

“Go in the bedroom and bring back that paddle. The one we got tonight.”

Xander looked up sharply and opened his mouth to protest, but Spike held his ground and gave the boy a look that meant business. Xander shut his mouth and hastened to obey.

A moment later he returned, and Spike took the leather paddle from him. He slapped it against his palm, testing the weight of it. He was keenly aware that he had a very interested audience- Angelus and Willow were almost silent on the chaise longue, except for the occasional gasp or low moan and the sounds of their bodies brushing the upholstery, but he felt their attention on him. And of course his boy was keenly watching his every move as he stood before him, naked, hands behind his back, his cock half-full against his thigh and a look on his face like a boy that’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Bend over,” Spike said sternly. “Spread your legs. A little wider. Now, hold your ankles.”

He walked up behind the boy, placing a hand on the small of Xander’s back. He felt the sleek muscles tense, saw the smooth flesh of the boy’s arse tighten in anticipation.

“Why are you getting your little arse tanned, Xander?” Spike said sternly, rubbing the paddle against the boy’s flesh in small circles.

“B-because I interrupted you and Angelus,” Xander said, swaying slightly but obviously trying to hold his position and stay still.

Spike let the paddle slap the boy’s arse with a ringing swat. Xander gasped and stiffened but didn’t move from his position.

“Try again,” Spike said sternly. “And I’ll warn you- there’s a penalty for wrong answers so you’d better think hard.”

“B-because I wanted you all to myself!” Xander yelped a little anxiously.

Spike grimaced and slapped the paddle against the boy’s arse again, harder.

“Your punishment doesn’t start until you understand why you’re being punished, pet,” Spike warned.

He drew the cool, smooth leather against the boy’s arse. Xander swallowed audibly and took longer to answer this time. Spike could feel him clenching and unclenching his firm arse, and feel the slight shifts in his weight.

“Because- I’m not ready to fight Angelus. Because he’s older and stronger. And because he’s faster. And he can really hurt me,” Xander said, at last.

Spike smiled in approval. The boy did listen, after all. He squeezed Xander’s muscular shoulder and said, “Well done, pet. You do listen when you’ve the proper encouragement. Now, count off and thank me for each one.”

Xander gulped and asked a little anxiously, “How many?”

Spike brought the paddle down hard on the boy’s arse again.

“As many as you need, cheeky. Now, no more questions.”

Afterwards, Xander’s arse was red and swollen, and warm to the touch. When Spike had delivered the thirtieth swat, he’d gently helped the boy to his feet and walked him to the ottoman, sitting down and gathering Xander into his lap. The boy buried his face in the crook of Spike’s neck. Spike held him as he rocked him, kissing his hair and rubbing his arse, all prickly with gooseflesh and reflexively tensing at his touch.

“M’ sorry,” Xander said earnestly, looking up at Spike with those deep brown eyes.

“Shhshh… I know you are, pet. Now, don’t do such a stupid thing again. Don’t fancy losing you because you decided to leap before you looked. Yeah, you’ll be as fast and strong as me some day and can thrash any demon who crosses your path. But you’ve got a long way to go before that day, and a lot to learn. And Angelus has a lot to teach you too, if you’ll let him.”

Xander nodded and nuzzled Spike’s neck, and he reached down and grasped the boy’s cock, gently cupping it.

“Now, what do you say you go and get those pony tails and we’ll give Willow her pressie? She’s been bloody patient, she deserves a treat.”

Xander managed a grin and got to his feet. He paused before leaving the room and flicked a glance at Spike, before saying to Angelus, “’M sorry. You’re Spike’s boss, and I don’t like it, but I’ve got to do what he says. So… ‘m sorry.”

Spike felt a little glow of pride. He nodded approvingly, and was pleased when Angelus had the grace to say, “It’s part of being a fledgling, lad. Learning to accept yer place in the order of things. Like your Sire says, we went through this same thing with him. And even I was a cheeky brat myself once upon a time, believe it or not.”

Xander shuffled his feet a little uncertainly, and Angelus held a big hand out. The boy looked to Spike, who nodded, and then approached a little warily. Angelus stroked his hand over Xander’s lean, muscular belly and then caught his wrist and gently urged him to kneel down.

When Xander knelt at the side of the chaise longue, Angelus kissed his forehead, then bit his own tongue and licked the boy’s lips, leaving a crimson smear. Xander’s eyes widened and he eagerly licked his lips, swallowing the potent fluid.

Willow whinged and nuzzled her Sire, and he chuckled, pinching her clit.

“Oh, somebody feels left out? There’s some for you too, kitten. Run along and get those pony tails, boyo, and we’ll all have some nice playtime together.”

Angelus ran his thumb over Xander’s nipple and gave it an affectionate pinch, and the boy sprang to his feet, cock already hard and standing out from his belly from the heady taste of blood. Angelus leaned down and licked Willow’s lips, kissing her deeply and probing her mouth with his tongue as she writhed on his lap.

He looked over at Spike and crooked a finger, eyes glittering amber.

Part Seven

Spike sauntered over to the chaise longue and stood before the big vampire, looking down at him, with Willow nuzzling his throat and running her little hands over his broad, muscular chest. Angelus reached out and caught Spike’s hand, urging him to sit down beside them.

When he did, the big vampire draped his arm round Spike’s shoulders and pulled him into a hug, kissing his forehead firmly.

“Seems you’ve got a knack for this Siring business,” Angelus said, with a smirk. “What you did there with the wh- with Xander, that was first rate.”

Spike smirked back, nuzzling Angelus.

“You just want to hear me say I learned from the best, flatterer.”

Angelus chuckled and touseled Spike’s hair.

“No, I mean it. I’m proud of you.”

Spike opened his mouth to respond just as Xander arrived with the gaily colored butt-plugs in hand, to stand before them. He bounced a little on the balls of his feet in anticipation, and offered a butt plug to Spike.

Xander arched a brow and licked his lips, smirking.

“Wanna get me ready?”

Spike glanced from Angelus to Xander, and then pulled the boy over his lap. He rubbed his hand over Xander’s firm buttocks, feeling the residual heat from the paddling, and the boy gasped and squirmed. Spike chuckled and patted Xander’s arse, then gently parted the firm cheeks, saying, “Relax, pet. Daddy’s going to get you all ready. Angelus, have we got any lube handy?”

“Does the Pope shit in the woods? Willow, come over here, sweet heart and put that sweet mouth of yours to good use while we’re waiting.”

Once the Astroglide was in his hand, Spike slicked his fingers and squeezed a dollop directly onto Xander’s tight little pucker.

“Relax, Xan… that’s a good boy. Daddy’s going to get you all soft and slick so you can have a good, long ride on a big, fat cock.”

Xander panted softly, his strong hands stroking Spike’s bare feet and clasping his ankles and calves.

“Uh… yeah. Yeah… oh fuck! Yeah, Spike… want it. Want you inside me. Want to feel you- need it! Uh! Hurry!”

“You’ll get me inside you, too, puppy… but first I was thinking…me and your grand-sire could sort of share a Xander sandwich. Happy families share and share alike, yeah?”

Spike curved his two slick fingers inside Xander’s tight channel, watching his boy’s reactions carefully. Xander shuddered slightly when Spike’s fingers touched his sweet spot, and he gasped, toes curling.

“You want me to let- oh! Angelus- fuck me?”

Spike chuckled and pumped his fingers in and out of the boy’s tightness, getting him fully slicked and relaxed, and leaving him on the brink of orgasm, panting and squirming when he withdrew his fingers.

Xander snarled in frustration and arched his back, trying to thrust up against Spike’s fingers.

“You sound a little unsure there, Xan… maybe you’d better just watch.”

“No!” Xander yelped, whipping to turn his head over his shoulder, and glaring up at Spike, eyes wide and gold.

Spike smirked down at the boy and cupped Xander’s balls.

“Better ask Angelus if he’ll take over and give you what you need, then, baby boy. Go on, don’t be shy, pet.”

Xander huffed, flicking his amber glare from Spike to Angelus. He finally heaved himself from his Sire’s knees and stalked to the dark haired vampire, who was watching with amusement, threading his fingers through Willow’s red hair as she knelt between his legs, moaning softly and bobbing her head on his cock.

“Well, boyo?” Angelus said to Xander, “Something you wanted to say?”

Xander growled low in his throat, glancing back at Spike, who watched, lazily stroking his hard on and leaning on his elbow.

“Fuck me,” Xander muttered, his jaw tense and his body stiff, fists clenched at his sides.

Angelus raised a brow, and said, “What was that lad? I didn’t quite hear you. Perhaps if you knelt down and spoke up a bit…”

Xander clenched his teeth and Spike sniggered. Angelus was a master of psychological humiliation, he had to admit. In time the boy would learn to love it at the same time that he bristled against it. A little humiliation was good for the pup. It built character.

Xander dropped to his knees before Angelus, looking up with his dark eyes smouldering. He growled through clenched teeth, “Fuck me- please. Angelus-”

Angelus smirked and tightened his fingers in Willow’s hair. He swallowed hard and panted a little, then admonished, “Grandsire.”

Xander clenched his fists but his cock was swollen and his balls hung heavy, and he gritted out, “Grandsire. Please-”

Angelus chuckled, gently easing Willow’s head off his cock and reaching to stroke the underside of Xander’s chin with his forefinger.

“Ah, Xander. Such a proud pup you are. Is it your grandsire’s cock in your sweet tight arse you’re wanting, boyo? Is that what you want- to bend over for me and spread your legs, and have me take you and fill up that pretty little hole for you?”

Xander swallowed hard and nodded once, grimly. Angelus chuckled and grasped the boy by the hair, pulling him up slightly, and kissing the boy’s forehead.

“Bend over, then, and spread those sweet cheeks for me, and ask me very nicely. If you’re a good little lad, I may even decide to let you come.”

Xander gave Spike a baleful glare, but rose to his feet, aided by Angelus’ fistful of hair. He knelt up on the chaise lounge and bent over its back, reaching back to pull his firm, pale cheeks apart. He swallowed hard, and looked over his shoulder, rasping out, “Please- grandsire- fuck me. Fuck me in my ass.”

Angelus chuckled and stroked his cock with his big hand.

“Well since you asked me so nicely…”

Angelus smirked, looking over at Spike, and winking. Spike’s grinned back, showing his sharp teeth, knowing that Angelus would repay the favor later. He picked up the pony tail butt-plug and approached Willow, offering it to her.

“Want to get big brother all ready for your pony show, Red?” Spike said, tilting his head and smiling down at her.

She was sitting, arms crossed and glaring at Angelus and Xander with a look of cold fury. She looked up at Spike and her lips turned up slightly, but then she thrust her lower lip forward in a pout.

“Daddy was playing with me and then you had to go and get Xander to interrupt,” she said petulantly.

Spike took a deep breath, then assumed the puppy-eyed expression that he’d used when Drusilla was in one of her pouty moods. Chin lowered, lower lip slightly pouting, Spike said, “I’m sorry, pet. I’m a bad, rude man. But I’ll make it up to you. I’ll be your pony, like you wanted.”

Willow tilted her head and looked Spike up and down, considering. After a long moment, she said, “I wanted you and Xander.”

“Well, you’ll just have to ride me twice as hard, won’t you, pet?”

Willow licked her lips and stole another glance at Angelus, thrusting himself energetically into Xander, coupled with copious praise of the boy’s tightness and stubborn spirit.

“Ah, that’s it boyo, clench tighter! Fuck, it’s beautiful when you struggle- that’s a boy, fight me! You wanted a fight, didn’t you? Ah, you’re a fiesty wee pup aren’t you boyo!”

Willow smiled slowly, then crooked a finger at Spike.

“Bend over.”

Spike obeyed, and soon felt her cold little hands prying his cheeks apart.

She ran her slender index finger around the pucker of his arsehole and Spike gasped and shuddered, swallowing hard. Willow flicked her finger back and forth, the nail gently scraping Spike’s ultra sensitive skin.

“Ah, Willow, pet, don’t be shy with the lube now,” Spike admonished a little anxiously, pushing his weight onto his hands and starting to get up.

“No, no, Spike. You stay right there. I’m gonna get you all ready. Don’t be scared. Would I hurt you?”

Willow chuckled and Spike grimaced. He gritted out through clenched teeth, “Oh, not you, pet. Full of the milk of human kindness you are.”

He felt a sharp pinch on the tender flesh of his ring then, and yelped, swearing and bucking.

“Fuck! Bloody hell, Willow!”

“That wasn’t nice, Spike, saying I’m full of anything human.”

“Right, you do that again and you can forget your ponies-” Spike snapped.

Then he felt the cool lube against his pucker, and Willow was rubbing it around in circles, saying, “All right, all right Mister Cranky Pants. I was only playing. There, does that feel better?”

Spike settled back down, thighs and shoulders tensed for another spring if necessary. He grimaced, muttering through clenched teeth, “Well you’d better play a bit nicer or you’ll find yourself short one pony, got it?”

Willow ran her nails gently down Spike’s back as she slowly breached him. He shivered at the touch, and hissed as her fingers pressed past his tight ring of muscle. She’d used barely enough lube, and as her fingers stretched and pushed their way past his pucker, he clenched reflexively.

“There there, Spike, just relax. Come on now… don’t be a spoil sport. You want me to have fun, don’t you? There we go…”

Willow wriggled her finger as she wormed it into him. Spike hissed and squirmed, scraping the carpet with his fingernails and making little grunting growls.

“You could use a bit more- ah! Lube, you know, Red. T’s’not as if we’re nngh! Conserving it…”

“You know you like it. Now, shush, ponies don’t talk. I should have got your bit and bridle before we started here…”

Spike grimaced but huffed through his nose, clenching his teeth tightly. Bloody hell she was an evil little bint- teasing him slowly, pumping her fingers into him, scissoring them and pulling them nearly completely out of his arsehole before abruptly pushing them back inside him.

Spike hissed and grunted, and Willow giggled. She continued this for much longer than he felt was strictly necessary, occasionally reaching down to fondle and tickle his balls, scraping her thumbnail slightly down the back of his scrotum and making him shudder.

“When you shiver like that, I can feel you clench up on the inside, Spike. Now, relax because this is gonna be a lot bigger than my fingers…”

Willow withdrew her fingers, and slipped her free hand underneath Spike. He felt her fingers close around his cock and she slipped her palm up and down it, sliding her thumb over the tip and making him moan despite himself.

“That’s a good boy. Yeah, Spikey’s gonna be a good little pony for his Willow, huh? Good boy. Now, spread your legs a little more, baby… This is gonna be a tight fit…”

Then he felt the slightly-slicked head of the dildo at his pucker.

“More lube, damn it! Willow, if you know what’s good for you-” Spike yelped anxiously, but Willow tightened her grasp on his cock.

“Hold still, and I said no talking, mister.”

He clenched his teeth, growling and vowing to pay her back for this. He felt her teasing him, moving the head of the dildo around in small circles, before she pushed the tip of it past his ring, breaching it ever so slightly.

He growled deeply and she giggled, pulling the dildo tip back before pushing it further in. She continued teasing him in this way for what seemed like ages, and the palms of his hands were slick and itchy with sweat, by the time she finally pressed the butt-plug home, seating it deeply inside him.

Spike let out a long sigh of relief and relaxed, the dildo shifting slightly to press his prostate and making it buzz with stimulation as he felt the strands of the false hair brush against his arse cheeks.

“Tickles-” he panted, shifting his weight to stand, as Willow landed a firm slap on his flank.

“Now, giddy-yap!” she said, with a naughty grin.

Spike widened his eyes and nearly came on the spot, but swiftly rose to his feet and grasped Willow by a fistful of hair.

“Keep it up, you little minx, and you’ll be getting that perky little arse of yours tanned,” Spike growled. “I know we’ve a riding crop around here someplace.”

Willow smirked back at him, licking her lips. Her dark eyes glittered with lust and she purred, “Silly Spike. I’m not the pony. The riding crop’s for your little butt… oooh… or Daddy’s!”

Angelus snorted, looking over his shoulder. He retorted without breaking the rhythm of his thrusts, “No, Willow. Daddy’s arse is off limits.”

Willow huffed. She twisted away from Spike’s grasp and protested, “Fine. I don’t get to have any fun. You took Xander and Spike’s a big wet blanket.”

Spike stalked away from the girl, snapping back, “Right, if I’m such a ‘wet blanket’ as you put it, then you can play with yourself for all I care. Try a little appreciation next time, Willow.”

He stalked to the front of the chaise longue, ignoring Willow’s angry squawk of protest, and looked down at the gorgeous sight before him, Angelus broad and muscular, like a great jungle cat carved from stone, and Xander beneath him, tall but sleeker and more rangy, still adolescent in his slightly gangly, but graceful swimmer’s body. Angelus’ big hands caressed the boy with each thrust and Xander’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed and his dark hair falling over his forehead as he shouted his excitement.

“Uh! Oh fuck! Uh! Spike! Gonna- get you- for this! Ohh fuck!”

Spike grinned wickedly, sharp teeth showing.

“Naughty, naughty, Xander, threatening Daddy like that. Little boys should be seen and not heard. Just for that, Daddy’s going to stop your mouth. Go ahead then, open up…”

He stroked the boy’s hair and petted his hands through the thick locks, then stroked the boy’s shoulders and muscular biceps. Xander snarled up at him, eyes flashing amber, but he licked his lips and opened his mouth.

“Daddy’s here, pet. Got what you need right here. Open up, sweet boy. That’s it…”

Spike tilted his head back, relaxing his shoulders and moaned with pleasure when Xander lowered his head to his cock. The boy’s pink tongue darted out and gently began to lick Spike’s short-shorn balls, then the base of his hardon. Spike tightened his fingers in the boy’s hair and encouraged him, panting with excitement.

“Uh! That’s it… that’s it baby… lick it… mmm… t’s a nummy treat for my good boy… oh…fuck! Yes! Now, let’s see how you can suck it all in. That’s it, oh fuck yeah, Xan… that’s fucking it! Fuck yes!”

Xander relaxed his jaw and opened his mouth, taking in the fat, slicked head of Spike’s cock first, then swallowing the shaft until he’d engulfed its entire length. The boy began to suckle, his cheeks hollowing and slightly filling with each swallow, even as he swirled and fluttered his tongue over Spike’s cockhead, in time to Angelus’ thrusts.

Spike ran his hands over his boy’s body, reveling in the trust and the power, in the sight of his beautiful boy and his gorgeous Sire, in the feel of Xander’s incredible mouth on him. Willow knelt behind Angelus and seemed to be attending to the old man with her mouth, and Spike heard the big vampire growl with pleasure.

A moment later, Angelus’ growl of pleasure changed to one of rage, and he pulled out, making Xander yelp with surprise. Spike’s eyes snapped open and he withdrew reluctantly from the boy’s mouth just in time to see Angelus grab Willow by the scruff of the neck.

Angelus yanked the spare pony-tail from his arse and flung it to the floor, striding to the ottoman and sitting down, throwing Willow across his lap. She squirmed and screeched, trying to cover her arse and protesting.

“You were all having your fun and it’s supposed to be for my birthday!”

“Nobody celebrates fledglings’ one-month birthdays,” Angelus shouted, holding the squirming girl in place over his knees and pinning her wrists behind her back as he began to slap his heavy hand on her backside over and over, fueled with outrage.

Xander whinged, his cock hard and slick with pre-cum. He looked up at Spike with dark eyes full of lust and need.

“Fuck, now what! I’m dying to come- Spike, you gotta help me out here.”

Spike sat down on the chaise longue and slipped his hand over Xander’s thighs, easing the boy up to sit on his own hard cock.

“That’s it… Daddy’ll take care of you, pet… sit down, oh yeah, that’s a good boy…”

As Xander seated himself on Spike’s hard cock, he sighed with pleasure, and fondled the boy’s own cock and balls, stroking Xander’s erection in time to his thrusts into the boy’s slick, tight channel.

“You don’t! Stick anything! In there! Without! Daddy’s! Permission!” Angelus scolded, continuing to slap Willow’s pert backside as the girl squealed and thrashed, affording Spike and Xander tantalizing glimpses of her neat little pink cunny and her own puckered pink tightness.

“I wanted my ponies!” Willow shouted, petulantly.

Spike laughed as he thrust into his boy, watching the entertainment. Xander moaned and arched his back, baring his throat to his Sire and Spike leaned down to kiss and lick that tender, vulnerable flesh, sinking his teeth in and orgasming as Xander yelped in the throes of sexual ecstasy himself and spilled over Spike’s hand.

“Uh! Daddy! Daddy so good so good! Ohh!”

In the commotion and the noise, none of them had realized that they had company. It was only when Spike was lazily rubbing his hand over Xander’s lean, sticky belly, and Angelus had sent Willow flouncing to the corner with a final hard spank, that they realized the two women had entered the room, accompanied by the bellboy, who stood pale and wide eyed, staring speechless at the scene before him.

Angelus looked up and gasped, his dark eyes widening. Spike whipped his gaze upward and nearly fell off the chaise longue along with Xander.

“Bloody hell,” Spike gasped.

“How, by all that’s unholy-” Angelus stammered.

Drusilla and Darla stood there, looking cool as cucumbers.

Darla fixed the bell boy with a winning smile, stroking her hand along his jaw.

“Close your mouth, darling. That’s a good boy. Now, if you’ll just put the bags in on the bed…”

Drusilla slipped behind them and quietly bolted the door and slipped the telephone from its hook. Then she spied Willow, who’d taken the opportunity to bolt from Angelus’ lap and fled for the relative safety of the bathroom.

Willow eyed Drusilla warily, as the dark haired, slender girl approached her, long arms limpidly extended and long fingers beckoning.

“Oh, Darla, look. It’s a pretty pink kitty. Don’t be afraid, kitty. Here, puss, puss. I’ll give you cream. . . .”

Darla smirked, slipping her purse from her shoulder and putting it on the coffee table. She looked around the room, surveying the four of them.

“Well, Drusilla, now we know why Daddy wouldn’t answer his phone. New additions to the family, darling?”

Angelus looked at Spike and blinked twice, utterly stunned. Spike swallowed hard and reached for a discarded t-shirt from the clothes that littered the floor, tossing it at Xander.

“You’ve got some explaining to do,” Angelus managed at last.

“Oh, of course, darling, and we will- over dinner. Drusilla and I brought you up room service,” Darla said with a bright smile, flicking her gaze toward the bedroom where the stunned bell boy was.

Drusilla, having given up on Willow, draped her arms around Angelus’ neck and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“But there’s something you need to do for us first, darling Daddy.”

The End

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