Dead Heat


Part Four

The sex shop smelled close and furtive. The ghosts of a thousand secret, shameful desires and depraved acts lingered like a sticky film over the shelves of DVD’s, magazines and objects meant for satisfying solitary pleasures. Angelus browsed the shelves, dark and imposing as he scanned the backs of the DVD’s. Spike, Xander and Willow roamed the narrow aisles, snickering at the sex toys.

“Ever been in a place like this before, Spike? I bet they didn’t have any of this sort of thing back in the day,” Xander said, holding up a large, lifelike penis-dildo.

Spike scoffed and smirked, shaking his head slowly.

“Ah, the naiveté of youth. What, you think nobody shagged before whatever year you got your first peek at Skinimax, do you? You do remember that my grand-sire was a professional lady of the evening, right?”

“All female vampires are, by default, ladies of the evening,” Willow said, dangling a pair of fuzzy handcuffs in front of Spike’s nose. “Which do you prefer- black, or pink?”

“I mean a whore. Or to put it in a vernacular the Mtv generation can understand, a ‘ho’. Black. And Angelus has handcuffs back home, you know.”

“Yes but they’re not nice and fuzzy. Besides, if you two are gonna be my ponies tonight you have to have fur, don’t you?”

“I don’t know how much galloping we’ll be doing if you shackle us, pet…”

“Silly Spike. I want to cuff you and Xander together. So you can pull me in tandem, like a carriage ride.” Willow said, rolling her eyes at her ‘older brother’s’ inability to visualize her plans.

“Oh, I see and will you dress Angelus up in a top hat and give him a jolly long riding whip to crack while we pull your highness through the park? Give it up, Cinderella, you’re not going to make a coach out of a pumpkin, either.”

“Daddy said you’d be my ponies,” Willow retorted, glaring.

“Daddy says a lot of crap, doesn’t he? Listen, Willow, be a good girl and drop it, won’t you? Me and Xander will shag you rotten - hell, I might even bend him over and let you put it to him if you ask me nicely…”

“Hey!” Xander looked up in surprise, his dark eyes wide.

“…but you’re not going to ride to bloody Banburry Cross on these two cock-horses, thank you very much. My days of playing stupid nursery games ended when Dru did.”

Willow huffed, tossing her head and glaring at Spike. He met her gaze with a glare of his own, arching the dark brow with the silvery scar from the Chinese Slayer’s enchanted blade.

“What’s the fuss about?”

Spike gritted his teeth as he felt Angelus’ presence behind him. He closed his eyes and counted to three before turning around. The big vampire stood with a smirk on his face and a large leather paddle in his hand.

Spike blinked, then grimaced, huffing a sigh. He bought himself a little time by digging in the pocket of his jeans for his lighter, then pulling the packet of fags from the pocket of his duster. The feel of the cigarette in his lips was familiar, calming. He lowered his lashes, careful to keep his focus on the slender white cancer stick as the flame of the lighter licked the end.

“Spike says he’s not going to play ponies with me!” Willow’s voice mingled indignance with a slight whine. She pulled on Angelus’ wrist, looking up into the big vampire’s face beseechingly.

“And he says he won’t let Xander play, either. Daddy, make him be nice.”

“Is this true, William? Now why would you go and say a thing like that. Trying to upset your baby sister on her birthday? That’s not very nice.”

Angelus slapped the paddle into the palm of his hand, the edge of his mouth crooking upwards into a smirk.

Spike breathed out through his nose, the smoke wreathing his head. When he spoke, he was careful to keep his voice light and nonchalant.

“Look, Angelus, it’s nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. I told Red we’d happily shag her rotten, didn’t I, Xan?”

“You said you won’t play with me. I don’t want to ‘shag’, I want my ponies,” Willow said, petulantly.

“Lighten up, Wills- how about if you play the pony and we’ll ride you,” Xander offered, slapping Willow’s flank with a smirk.

Quick as a flash, Angelus caught the boy’s wrist, and bent it backwards sharply. Xander gasped in surprise, eyes flashing amber, and Spike could see the struggle as he fought to stay in human face. The big brute’s mouth turned up in a mirthless smile as he twisted the boy’s hand, pulling Xander’s arm up behind his back painfully.

“Ah! Geez, Angelus- lighten up!” Xander gritted out, bending his knees as he struggled to twist free from his grand-sire’s vice like grip.

“I see that this is going to be needed tonight,” Angelus said, brandishing the paddle with a cold smirk. “Xander, Xander, Xander what am I going to do with you? I guess your Sire just hasn’t bothered to teach you the first thing about proper fledgling behaviour.”

Spike threw the cigarette to the floor and stamped it out, pushing Angelus’ chest hard.

“Bugger off, Angelus. I teach my boy plenty. That’s right- my boy. And you’ve no reason to lay a hand on him. Now, I suggest unless you want to find that cricket bat of yours crammed up your overlarge arse, that you leave the boy alone. Let’s get Willow’s crap and get out of here- by the look on the Pillsbury Doughgirl over there, she’s about to ring for the coppers.”

Angelus stared down at Spike for a long moment, before releasing his hold on Xander’s arm, and giving the boy a little shove.

“Right, boy. But you keep your hands off her in the future unless you’ve got my express permission- or a little bent arm will be the least you’ve got to worry about.”

Spike didn’t drop his gaze from Angelus’, sneering as Xander tossed his head and straightened his jacket.

“Mind you follow your own advice, Angelus,” Spike gritted out, through clenched teeth. “Or we will have a very big problem.”

Angelus blinked, his face impassive as he looked down at Spike. After a long moment, he smiled coldly.

“All right then, boyo. Have it your own way. Just know that whenever the pup displeases me, it’ll be his master’s arse I’ll be taking my revenge on.”

Spike swallowed hard, but fought to keep the sneer on his face. Angelus smirked, continuing, “Maybe that’ll give you incentive to see that he minds his place and keeps his smart mouth and his hands to himself. Now, come on, let’s get this shite and get out of here.”

He put an arm around Willow’s slender waist and stalked to the dingy counter where a pale, bored looking worker stood at the till. She’d been reading a textbook when they’d come in, and hadn’t seen Angelus turn the latch or flip the sign over to read ‘Closed’.

Over the last ten minutes the employee had gotten progressively more tense, trying not to stare at the strange foursome, and Spike had seen her hand stray toward the underside of the counter where there was no doubt an alarm button more than once. At the counter, Spike forced a smile and gave Angelus a look of camaraderie, before slipping an arm over Xander’s shoulder.

“Ring it all up, love. Sorry about the smoking in the shop just then- forgot you Californians are all funny about it.”

He flashed the girl his most sincere look and an easy, casual smile. Angelus smiled, showing a mouthful of white teeth and added with the faintest touch of a brogue, “Aye, where we’re from, everybody smokes. Don’t worry, lass, I’ll be giving this naughty boy a good smacking for lighting up in your shop- or he’ll just bend over right now and let you give him a whack or two, if you like…”

Spike tightened his jaw but forced a chuckle, playing the role of the good natured Los Angeles swinger out buying kinky toys before a fun night of polyamory. He lowered his chin and winked as Angelus slipped silently behind the counter.

The employee rang up the items, without comment, other than to say in a flat voice, “That’ll be three hundred and-”

Angelus twisted the woman’s head abruptly. There was a sharp, cracking snap when her neck broke, and she sagged in his arms.

“Anybody still hungry then? Xander?”

“No thanks,” Xander said with distaste, looking at the overweight woman. “That’d jack my cholesterol up into the red zone.”

Angelus let the body drop and opened the till, removing the money inside and neatly folding it over before adding it to the roll in his money clip, chuckling with satisfaction. Then he bagged the merchandise and handed the packages to the fledglings to carry.

“And now we’ll be going back to the hotel,” he said, jovially, “and Willow, love, you’ll be having your ponies.”

With that, he held up two intricate, brightly colored strands of nylon hair, each attached to a slim, butt plug.

Willow squealed and grabbed the toys, her eyes aglow. She threw her arms around Angelus’ shoulders and kissed his face, excitedly saying, “Oh, Daddy! My ponies! Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait- we’ve got to go straight home so I can try them.”

She fixed Spike and Xander with her intense gaze, licking her lips hungrily.

The tension was high in the van as they drove back to the hotel. Xander leaned over and whispered in Spike’s ear, “Do you think he meant it about beating your ass? Maybe he’ll forget…”

Spike murmured back, “I wouldn’t count on it, Xan. When Angelus gets a new toy he can’t wait to try it out. You’d do better to worry about your own arse. That pony tail’s going to be a tight fit.”

Xander’s dark eyes widened and he swallowed hard. Spike snorted and shot a look at Angelus, but the big vampire was swearing and pulling his mobile from the breast pocket of his leather jacket, and distracted.

“Sweet Judas, will they give me no peace!” Angelus snarled, and flipped open the mobile.

“Who is it?” Xander asked, stretching in the back seat and propping his hands behind his head.

“By the seven hells, no! Now stop plaguing me with yer blathering! I told you, you’ve nothing to interest me!” Angelus snarled into the mobile.

He snapped the phone shut and threw it into the backseat. Xander and Spike dodged the small, but forcefully thrown missile, with shouts of protest.

“Watch it!”

“Bloody Hell, Angelus, what’s got your knickers in a twist now!” Spike yelped.

“Mind yer mouth, William, I’ve had about enough of the cheek out of you and that brat of yours for one day-” Angelus snapped.

“For fuck’s sake, what’s got you so pissed off! I’m not a bloody baby, Angelus- you know that!” Spike snarled back. “And watch what you say about my boy, old man! Now why don’t you fucking tell us what’s wrong instead of acting like a complete ass?”

Angelus growled, but said, slowly and deliberately, “Wolfram and Hart.”

Willow and Xander looked puzzled. Spike furrowed his brow. He knew of the law firm, of course. Nobody in the demon community didn’t. Back in the old days, he dimly remembered Darla and Angelus had discussed some convoluted dealings with them, but that was over a century ago.

“What about ‘em? Didn’t know you were in the market for a lawyer.”

Angelus huffed and said, “I’m not. They’re in the market for me. Or they’re trying to be, anyway.”

Spike frowned, his fingers reflexively tightening on Xander’s shoulder. The boy looked over at him, confused, curious, and a little anxious.

“What for?”

“Fuck if I know. But they keep telling me they’ve got to talk to me. Say it’s urgent- that they’ve got some information I’ll be very interested in. As if that two-bit, minion of evil law firm could possibly have anything I’d ever want… I keep telling them to bugger off but they’re persistent…”

Spike snorted. He slipped his arm around his boy’s waist and slid the other hand up Xander’s thigh.

“If we wanted to play johnny-on-the-spot for some evil old git with delusions of grandeur, we could have kept the Master around,” Spike scoffed.

“No shite. Sorry, lad. I didn’t mean to lose my temper. It’s just they’ve been at me all day- rang me twice when I was dealing with the Girl Scouts’ den mothers as well.”

“Ah, no hard feelings, love.” Spike said, reaching forward and brushing his fingertips against the nape of Angelus’ neck.

“All I want is to get back to the hotel and out of this damn rain. Have a good stiff drink, a good cigar, and enjoy watching my girl play with my boy and his boy. You’ll be good kids and cheer Daddy up, won’t you?”

Spike sighed and rolled his eyes, saying indulgently, “Right, right. Me and Xan will play along and keep Daddy’s girl happy.”

Part Five

They strode down the quiet, tastefully lit hallway of the hotel, Angelus leading the way. Swaggering along beside him to his right, Spike flanked him, and Xander followed on Angelus' left side, a little behind and somewhat self consciously trying to imitate his own Sire's stride and easy, dangerous grace.  Willow brought up the rear, skipping along, singing happily to herself a little ditty she’d apparently composed on the spot, to the tune of ‘Camptown Races’.

“Spike and Xander will be my Ponies…ponies…” she sang, slipping her little hand up under the curve of Spike’s denim-clad ass, and squeezing the firmness of it, then giving him a pinch.

“Oi! Watch it, Wills, or you’ll find that ponies bite when provoked,” Spike said, snapping his teeth playfully an inch from her nose.

Willow grinned and snapped back, letting just a hint of fang show.

“Discretion is the better part of valor, love,” Spike said, arching a brow. “Don’t let Angelus see that, or you’ll be next in line for the whipping post.”

Angelus swore and threw his mobile aside. It hit the wall and bounced off, lying on the gaudy patterns of the hotel carpet like a shiny, incapacitated beetle. Xander made as if to grab it, but Angelus snapped, “Leave it. By all that’s unholy will they give me no peace!”

He brought a perfectly polished boot that had no doubt cost more than the yearly income for some small counties down on the mobile with a muffled crunch. Xander grimaced and Spike shook his head, tutting.

“Waste of perfectly good resources, that. You could have just pressed the ‘off’ button, you know.”

Angelus growled and withdrew the key card for the hotel suite from the breast pocket of his leather jacket. A moment later and they were inside. Willow ran eagerly to the bedroom to gloat over their new toys, spreading them across the bed.

“Take a look boys, all my pressies and I'm gonna share them with you, 'cause I'm like that."

"Yeah, you're a giver, pet, like the old man," Spike snorted.

Arranging the furry cuffs and the paddle alongside the floggers and ball gag carefully, Willow continued, "And props to them for making sex stuff in girly colors now. I mean think about it- what chances do you think you'd have of getting a  pink sparkly dildo before the 1970’s?” 

“It's an unexpected side benefit of the feminist revolution," Xander agreed solemnly, picking up a flogger and running his fingers through the soft suede tails.

From the living room area of the suite, Angelus called out, "William. Here. Now."

Spike grimaced but forced it into a smirk for the benefit of the youngsters.

"His Nibs calls. You two go on and get started without me."

He hastily turned on his heel and stalked out of the bedroom, trying to squash the little flutter of nervousness that rose in his belly. Come off it, he told himself sternly. You've killed three Slayers. And it's not as though you're exactly a stranger to the back of Angelus' hand.

There was the sound of a muffled slap from the bedroom, and Willow squealed playfully. A moment later, the sounds of scuffling and laughter came through the French doors separating the bedroom from the living area of the suite.

Spike walked straight to the small bar and poured Angelus a drink. He swallowed hard, scenting the air and trying to discern his Sire’s mood. Angelus was on the razor sharp line between being pissed off and being able to be cajoled into having some fun. Sure, it would be fun that was sometimes as painful as his punishments, but it was always in one’s best interests to keep Angelus in a good mood.

Spike crossed the room, to the couch where Angelus sat, long legs comfortably stretched before him, watching him with the air of a cat patiently watching its unsuspecting prey. Spike handed Angelus the heavy tumbler of amber liquid, stepping away almost before the big vampire had closed his long, strong fingers around the glass.

“Sounds like the kids are full of piss and vinegar. Better go and keep an eye on them- make sure things don’t get too out of hand. Get Willow her birthday treat an’ all,” Spike said, gulping involuntarily when Angelus’ fingers closed firmly on his wrist.

“Oh no, William. You’ll not be getting off that easily. Or have you forgotten already, that I promised you some comeuppance?”

Spike’s lips were firmly clamped shut and he tried to keep his face impassive but he felt the hot blush spread across his cheeks. He looked sidelong at Angelus and saw the hint of a smirk that curled at corner of his Sire’s handsome mouth. Spike swallowed hard, pulling against Angelus’ grasp but that only made the big vampire tighten his grip more. Angelus gave a pull and Spike stumbled over his boots. A moment later he found himself sitting on Angelus’ lap.

Spike swallowed hard and he squirmed in his Sire’s lap. Angelus shifted his grasp from Spike’s wrist to the back of his neck, his strong fingers clasping the younger vampire’s neck firmly. He took a long, slow sip of whiskey, and held the glass before him, gently tilting the glass back and forth and watching the liquid within swirl.

“Ah, William. How old are you now- a hundred and ten?”

“A hundred and twenty six,” Spike said warily, trying to gauge where the conversation was leading.

“Sweet Judas, a hundred and twenty six already! And with a fledge of your own to knock around. My little boy’s all grown up,” Angelus purred, setting the glass down on the side table.

Strong fingers slid over Spike’s denim-clad thighs and up his lean belly. Angelus’ hand pushed against the soft cotton of Spike’s t-shirt and slid beneath it. Spike swallowed hard and shuddered softly as his Sire’s hand caressed his hard belly and chest, slipping up to run slender fingers over Spike’s hardened pectoral muscles and to flick and circle the sensitive pink flesh surrounding his pebble-hard nipples.

“But you’ll never be too grown up to be my little boy, will you, William?” Angelus purred, smiling dangerously, his eyes flecked with amber.

Spike swallowed hard and squirmed. Angelus’ hands were devilishly clever and now he was using both- one slipping Spike’s t-shirt up and over his head completely, and down his lean arms while the other continued to tease and caress the younger vampire’s sensitive nipples.

“S-Spike-” he managed to grit out, between gasps, even as he writhed on Angelus’ lap and tilted his head back, allowing a little moan of lust to escape his throat.

Angelus chuckled darkly and leaned down, flicking his tongue along the white expanse of Spike’s throat. He very gently scraped the barest tips of his fangs over the sensitive skin, and Spike’s cock twitched in his trousers. The younger vampire gasped and shuddered, and Angelus tweaked a nipple, hard.

“I see somebody’s getting too big for his boots,” Angelus growled, grinning.

Tugging Spike’s nipple, he grasped a fistful of the younger vampire’s peroxide-blonde hair and pulled him to his feet.

“I think it’s time we dealt with the matter of your insolence to me earlier- and the little matter of your failure to teach that boy of yours proper respect for his elders,” Angelus said, grinning as he flicked his tongue over his lips. He reached for Spike’s belt and the younger vampire moved his hands as if to undo it himself.

“Ah! You know better than that, William. Hands on your head,” Angelus ordered.

Spike’s face was hot with embarrassment, and he hated his treacherous cock, hard in his jeans at Angelus’ teasing words and little humiliations. Angelus had trained him well, he thought, grimacing, but he obeyed, hands clasped behind his head, feet shoulder width apart, cock straining against his jeans as Angelus unbuckled his belt and drew it slowly through the loops of his jeans.

Spike forced himself to stare straight ahead at the painting on the wall- a modernistic nightmare of bold splashes of color and frenzied lines. He felt Angelus’ hands moving at his waist, unbuttoning the flies of his jeans and then pushing them down his hips. Angelus chuckled darkly and Spike swallowed hard, his adam’s apple jumping in his throat, but refused to drop his gaze from the painting.

“No underpants, William? After all the years I’ve spent trying to make you a respectable young gentleman. What would you do if I wasn’t around to keep you in line? Revert to a completely wild thing, I expect.”

Spike shuddered at the touch of Angelus’ strong hands caressing him. He stood, legs trembling and cock painfully erect, but stock still and willing himself not to make a sound. Angelus palmed his smooth balls in one hand and grasped the length of his thick cock in the other, sliding his cool palm up and down it once, rubbing his thumb over the slick head and making Spike give an involuntary gasp.

He clamped his mouth tightly shut, determined to resist as long as possible, to play out this battle of wills. He laced his fingers together tightly behind his head, squeezing them to the point of almost pain, and closed his eyes. Even with his eyes shut, he could feel Angelus as he walked around him, could feel his Sire’s dark eyes, sparkling with amusement and lust, as he feasted them on Spike’s naked body.

“Ah, ah, ah, William. Now that just won’t do. You’ve got to stay with me, lad. We’ve got to get through this together.”

Angelus’ voice was in his ear suddenly, his lips brushing the skin delicately and sending a shudder up Spike’s spine.

“Open those pretty blue eyes for me, boyo. Come now… don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

Spike’s eyes snapped open then, flashing. He restrained himself from lunging because it was Angelus. They both knew that if it were anybody else, Spike would be a snarling, biting, punching whirlwind of fists and fangs.

Angelus grinned brightly at his boy’s reaction, and snapped the belt between his big hands.

“That’s my boy! Such a spirited wee lad you are, William. That’s what I love about you. I can almost taste how much you want to throttle me. How long has it been since we’ve had a good brawl? Think you can take your old man, yet, now that you’re a big, bad Master vampire, with a fledge of your own?”

Spike growled low in his throat and Angelus’ hand snaked out and clamped on the back of his boy’s neck again. With his fingers clenching Spike’s neck hard enough to bruise, he pulled the younger vampire close. Angelus brutally kissed his boy, dropping one hand to fondle Spike’s rampant hard on as he forced his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Spike growled, struggled, tried to pull away and then kissed back just as forcefully, staggering slightly to keep his balance without taking his hands from his head.

Angelus chuckled darkly and nipped Spike’s lip slightly, then grasped him by the hair again and pulled him firmly toward the ottoman.

“Hands on the ottoman, William, and keep those feet apart. Arch your back… more… that’s my boy. Ah, what a pretty picture you make, Will, with your sweet little arse thrust out toward me, just aching for some attention.”

Spike obeyed each instruction as Angelus got him positioned exactly to his liking. Now was the excruciating time, waiting for the first stroke, half wishing that it would hurry up and half wanting to postpone it, although he knew in his heart there would be no chance of reprieve.

Eyes closed, he was even more than usually aware of every sound around him. He heard the thumps and soft slaps and the rustle of sheets in the bedroom as Xander and Willow tried out her new toys. Spike could picture them, Willow’s pale flesh softly tinged with pink, her smooth, shaven and pierced sex soft and glistening, opening like an exotic flower. His boy’s long arms and legs were gangly but strong, his chest broad and flat and his belly rippling with muscles. He could picture Xander on all fours on the bed, grinning with sharp incisors showing as he straddled Willow, the silly pony-tail butt plug nestled snugly in place.

Spike felt Angelus’ big hands on him then, spreading his thighs slightly farther apart, slipping up to cup his balls and squeeze his buttocks. He clenched his teeth and determined to get through this so they could put it behind them and he could pay attention to his boy.

The first stroke came unexpectedly, and Spike gasped despite himself and was slightly thrust forward by the force of it. First he heard the crack, like a pistol shot, and then a moment later the pain came. The initial pain was a heavy thud, then it spread across his buttocks like fire. Spike hissed and planted his feet more securely, squaring his shoulders for the next blow.

The second blow came before the fire of the first had subsided, striking him across the crown of his buttocks, and was quickly followed by a third, and a fourth, all of sufficient force that Spike had to brace himself to keep from being knocked forward by their impact. Angelus was truly a master when it came to this sort of thing- knowing exactly when to time each blow of the belt so that it achieved maximum impact, and knowing all too well where the most tender and vulnerable spots were.

Spike swallowed hard, and wiped his slick palms on the fabric of the ottoman. He knew this was just getting started, and he would have to pace himself to get through it without breaking down. He heard the soft whistle of the leather belt streaking through the air and tensed his shoulders involuntarily a moment before the supple leather cracked against the crease between his buttocks and thighs. This time he couldn’t help it, and yelped.

He heard Angelus chuckle darkly, felt the Master vampire’s breath on his ear and heard him murmur, “That one took you by surprise, eh, William? Tsk, only five strokes… I remember when it would take twenty five or thirty strokes to get a sound out of you. Getting soft in your old age, my lad?”

No, getting smart, Spike thought to himself. He clenched his teeth, feeling Angelus’ big hand caressing his buttocks, then feeling the leather of the belt caressing them, moving underneath him to stroke his balls and inner thighs.

Spike shuddered softly with lust at the touch, swallowing hard, but maintained his position. He could smell the heavy musk of Angelus’ arousal mingled with his own.

“What a good boy you are, William. And how pretty you are when you submit to me. I know it kills you to do it, but it’s your place, lad. And isn’t everything nicer when you remember your place?” Angelus reached around Spike and grasped his slick, hard cock, closing his fingers around it and beginning to pump.

Spike hissed and thrust back against the belt that was still caressing him, then forward into his Sire’s hand.

“That’s right, lad. That’s my good boy… ask me to finish your punishment like a good boy and you’ll get a treat,” Angelus purred.

Spike panted, thrusting forward into Angelus’ palm, feeling the delicious burn of friction over his cock. His whole world was concentrated into Angelus’ hand and his slick, throbbing cock.

“P-please… Angelus-” he gasped.

Angelus’ grasp on his cock tightened and he felt the breath on his ear as he growled low, “Ah ah… please what?”

“Sire! Ah!” Spike panted, thrusting his hips desperately. “Make me your ah! Good boy!”

It was a game he knew as well as Angelus did. His world was fogged by a haze of lust, but still he knew exactly which words to say, when to hesitate and when to comply, which buttons to push to further each move in the complex dance they were doing together.

Angelus turned him around, threw the belt aside and thrust his fingers into Spike’s hair. Still frigging him, he bent down to kiss Spike’s lips, and worked his tongue between them. He bit down, and Spike felt the sharp jolt of pain that was gone in an instant, and tasted his own blood. He growled and thrust forward into Angelus’ fist, moaning deeply in his throat.

Then Angelus had him on his back on the ottoman, pushing Spike’s legs up out of the way and holding them in place with one hand while he undid his Armani trousers with the other. Spike groaned and writhed, jerking his hips to try and get some friction.

“Ah, ah, patience, baby boy,” Angelus leered down at him, letting his trousers drop along with his silk boxers and freeing the eight inches of his cock, jutting proudly from his dark pubic bush. “Daddy will see to you, but first we’ve got to deal with the little matter of making you a good boy again. Don’t we, William?”

Oh for fuck’s sake, just get on with it, Spike thought in his head, but he gasped out, “Daddy! Please- uh! Make me your good boy!”

Angelus’ grin spread even wider and he held Spike’s legs up out of the way, raising his bottom and back a little bit off the ottoman. Spike held onto the sides to brace himself, his hard stomach muscles taut with the effort of maintaining the position. This was the position, of all the creative and often uncomfortable positions Angelus engaged in, that he disliked the most because it made him feel like an utter git, and hence it was one that Angelus loved to make him assume in these instances.

Angelus began spanking him then, with his free hand. It was easier to take than the belt but still hard, and the angle of his legs made the flesh taut and the slaps feel harder. Spike gritted his teeth and grunted with each volley of slaps, hissing when Angelus concentrated on the very accessible flesh of his inner thighs. He clenched the ottoman, panting.

At last Angelus’ hand tired, or he gauged that Spike’s bottom was the appropriate color of uniform red, because he smoothed his palm over the hot, prickly flesh and cupped Spike’s smooth balls, then rubbed his thumb gently over his stretched and exposed perineum.

“And now Daddy’s going to make his good boy all better…” Angelus purred, rubbing his slick cock against Spike’s perineum, before bringing his hand to his boy’s mouth, brushing his first two fingers against Spike’s lips. “Go ahead, boyo. Suckle.”

Spike panted with lust, opening his mouth to engulf the fingers, when he sensed another presence in the room. He whipped his head toward the door of the bedroom just in time to see Xander, eyes glowing and in full demon face, charge into the room and tackle Angelus with a growl of possessive fury.

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