Disclaimer: This is a long, long overdue fic that the lovely and patient [info]sevendeadlyfun requested for her birthday- which is in Feb- *looks sidelong and coughs* It's turned into a multi-part fic that may grow out of control far beyond the originally requested piece of porny fun. Future installments will include, among other things: bloodplay, bondage, daddy!kink, spanking, pony-boys, slash and het sex.

Thanks to [info]Madame Meretrix for the beta and to [info]Sevendeadlyfun for the terrific encouragement and all your patience!

AN: Based on[info]sevendeadlyfun 's fic What Dies Inside Us

Dead Heat


Part One

The sky was iron grey and dull, and the rain beat down in a thin drizzle that lashed the windshield of the van and left the highway asphalt slick and glistening under the glare of the streetlights. Xander was sprawled in the backseat, one foot propped on the seat and the other stretched out between the two front passengers. He held a small game console in his hands, his face pale in the sickly blue glow of the device he held.

“Get your great bloody foot off the seat. You’re stepping on my coat,” Spike ordered, shoving the boy’s leg.

“Damn it, Spike! You’re messing up my concentration! I’m just trying to get comfortable. Crap.” The small oblong black plastic box beeped. “Great, now I’m dead. Happy?” Xander turned to glare at the blonde vampire, and abruptly yanked the cigarette from Spike’s lips before he could touch the flame of his lighter to it.

“Gerroff! What d’you think you’re doing!” Spike snapped, making a grab for the cigarette.

“If I can’t put my feet up, you can’t smoke.”

“You smarmy little bugger! Who d’you think you are, giving me orders?” Spike snapped, a look of mingled annoyance and shocked amusement on his face. “I could snap your neck like a twig-”

Spike’s threat was cut off by a shout of outrage, when Xander leaned forward, grabbing the packet of cigarettes from his shirt pocket and tossed them neatly into the front seat, calling out, “Wils, catch!”

Spike scrambled forward, reaching over the front seat and lunging to grab for the cigarettes, snarling and swearing as Xander laughed and sprawled out, taking advantage of the blonde’s distraction to prop both legs on the seat and stretch out.

Willow shoved the cigarettes under her seat and turned around to glare.

“This is a no smoking vehicle, mister.”

“Don’t think I won’t go after them, you-”

“Spike! Sit down. It’s hard enough to drive in all this rain. You’re going to cause an accident,” the dark haired driver snarled, gripping the steering wheel tightly with both hands.

“She’s taken my fags,” Spike snapped back, then added petulantly, “I like the rain. Reminds me of home.”

“You’ll be walking in it in a minute, if you like it so much. Now sit down and shut up.“ He flashed a glance at Willow. “Give him back his cigarettes. Spike,” his voice rose an octave, “Don’t light up til you’re out of the car.”

Willow huffed, and protested, “But-”

“Do I have to pull this van over? Jesus, it’s like driving with a pack of four year olds.”

Willow pouted her lower lip, but dangled her thin arm over the back of her seat, the red and white pack of cigarettes held by her fingertips. “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.”

“Funny, I thought girls like you licked-”

“Spike, that’s enough!”

Grinning, Spike snatched the packet and sat back down hard on Xander’s legs. The turn indicator began its rhythmic clicking as the van pulled into the right lane.

“What’re we slowing down for?” Spike groaned, leaning his head back against the seat. “I’m sick and tired of being cooped up in this excuse for a four wheeled tin, I want to stretch my legs, get some fresh air and a few pints.”

Willow turned to the boys, pointing out the windshield.

“There’s a bus, broken down by the roadside.”

“There’s a million people driving by," Spike protested, exchanging glances with Xander, who was immersed in his game again but quickly put the thing aside and leaned up, craning his neck to see out.

“It’s too dark and rainy, I don’t think they can even see. Even if they can, nobody’s going to stop and get out in this,” Willow protested. “We’ve got to pull over. We’ve got to!”

“Bloody hell, old man, you’re really living on the edge,” Spike snarked, lacing his hands behind his head and propping his boots on the back of Willow’s seat. She grimaced and slapped at his feet, and he laughed as he menaced her, threatening to touch her face with the wet, grimy soles of his Doc’s.

“What’s next, popping round the old folks’ home for a cup of tea and a rousing round of crazy eights? Saving cats from trees?”

“If we don‘t stop for them, they might be out here all night, Spike,” the dark haired vampire said, refusing to rise to the bait. “Two minutes ago you were pissing and moaning about wanting stretch your legs.”

“It’s not just any bus,” Willow cut in excitedly, “it’s a bus full of Girl Scouts!”

Xander giggled then, adding, “Well it’s our duty to see that these innocent girls get safely back on the road. We have to help them!”

“Bollocks,” Spike gritted out, lightly smacking Xander on the back of the head. “You’re just hoping they’ll let you get your hands on their cookie stash.”

“Ooh, remember Samoas? They were kinda funky. They had like, chocolate on the back, and this caramel stuff-” Xander said, before Spike rapped him atop the head with his knuckles. “Hey!”

As the van drove onto the shoulder, the headlights shone on the startled, hopeful faces of the middle aged women huddled under the umbrella. The dark haired driver adjusted the collar of his leather coat carefully, then turned in his seat, saying, “Right now… I’ll deal with the women and you three go on board and get the Scouts rounded up.”

“Always preferred brownies, m’self,” Spike leered, pushing Xander ahead of him as they scrambled out of the van into the thin, cold rain.

Xander and Willow scampered toward the bus in the rain, with Spike sauntering along behind them as if he didn’t mind at all that he was getting soaked. Once they’d all boarded, the tall driver approached the women, raising his hand to shield his face from the rain, and giving them his most disarming smile. “Looks like you ladies could use a little help.”

The one holding the flashlight turned to him with an expression of almost painful gratitude, and eagerly said, “Oh, thank God you stopped! We’ve had the flashers on for ages, but with this rain, nobody seems to want to stop…”

“Awful weather, isn’t it,” he said amiably, as he bent down and pretended to inspect the tires. “Looks like you’ve got a flat. Why don’t you ladies come with me in my van- there’s a filling station down the road just a bit. My friends will stay with the kids, make sure they stay warm and dry, out of mischief.”

The women paused, and exchanged unsure glances. After a moment, they agreed and soon he was helping them into the van, the kind stranger helping damsels in distress.

He shepherded them into the van and climbed into the driver’s seat, adjusting the mirrors so they couldn’t see his lack of reflection.

As he turned the key in the ignition and signaled, the woman in front turned to him, smiling, “Oh, we can’t thank you enough, mister-”

He turned the wheel and accelerated until they were smoothly heading down the ink-black highway.

“Call me Angelus.”

Part Two

Willow perched on the back of a seat amid the carnage, her head cocked to one side, cat-like, as she propped the mobile phone between ear and shoulder. Her cherry-red Docs swayed to the accompaniment of the rain beating on the bus windscreen.

“He’s taking forever, do you suppose something’s happened?” Xander said in a rather bored voice as he rifled through one of the Scouts’ knapsacks.

“We‘d know if anything happened, wouldn‘t we Spikey,” Willow said in an equally laconic tone as she examined her neatly trimmed little fingernails.

“Red’s right, Xan. The old man can take care of himself. More likely he just can’t remember how to answer his mobile. Bit challenged when it comes to technology more advanced than the indoor crapper,” Spike said, shifting to get more comfortable in his seat.

“Well, are we supposed to just sit here until he decides to show back up, or what? ‘Cause the sun’s going to come up eventually…. What would it feel like?” Xander looked from from the pale pink Gameboy advance.

Spike arched a brow and tapped a cigarette on the back of the pack. “What would what feel like… the sun rising and scorching us into ash?”

Xander shot back a withering look. “Yeah, ‘cause you’ve obviously spent a lot of tanning time in the last century or so. I mean, what would it feel like if anything had happened to him? How would we know?”

“Mind your manners, pup, remember who you’re speaking to, hm? And once you’ve been around Angelus a while you’ll learn that the occasional daylight escape from angry mobs is necessary, thank you very much,” Spike said, running his fingers through his hair and settling down more comfortably in the seat.

He shifted his weight a bit, frowned in annoyance, and reached behind him to withdraw a large, floppy stuffed rabbit and a couple of lurid magazines aimed at teen girls, which he tossed unceremoniously into the aisle.

“Ooh, angry mobs- I bet those are some fun stories,” Willow said with a little purr of anticipation. Then her smile widened and she said into the mobile, “Oh, hi. Nothing… Spike says that you’ve had some daring daylight escapes from angry mobs. Will you tell us some? Like a bedtime story?”

“There, pet. See, nothing to worry your pretty little head over,” Spike said indulgently, reaching out and nudging his boy’s shoulder with his boot.

“I wasn’t worried. Just bored, sitting around here. You never did tell me what it feels like, when anything happens…” Xander said, scooting up onto the seat and nuzzling Spike under the chin.

As he slipped his arm around his boy’s shoulders, Spike’s jaw tightened. He pulled the boy forward and kissed the smooth, cool expanse of Xander’s forehead.

“Let’s hope you never have to find out.”

Willow snapped the phone shut and leaned over the seat, dangling one thin arm to trail her fingers in Spike’s hair.

“Daddy says he’s just finished taking out the trash and he’s on his way. And we’re supposed to sit tight til he comes back. He suggested singing some campfire songs. Oh, and he says he’s gonna punish you for making it sound like fun and games, all the times you had to make a getaway because of your ‘half-arsed cockups,’ Spike,” Willow said, crooking her fingers in the air at the quote.

Spike scoffed and rolled his eyes, catching Willow’s hand and kissing each of her fingertips, then licking them in turn.

“As you can see, I’m trembling in my boots. And now then, kiddies, what shall we do to stave off boredom until Daddy’s triumphant return? A few rousing rounds of ‘John Brown’s Body?’”

He smirked as he unbuckled his belt and began to wriggle out of his jeans. The two youngsters licked their lips in eager anticipation, Willow slipping from her seat and scooting in to join the boys.

“Or the ever-popular favourite, ‘Big Bad’s Body,’ instead,” Spike smirked, running his thumb down the lengthening expanse of his cock.

“Ooh, they never taught us that one in Band,” Willow purred, reaching up and grasping Spike’s worn jeans. She tugged the soft denim down his lean, pale legs to his knees and then slid her palms up the smooth skin.

“I’ll teach it to you, Wils,” Xander quipped. “Gotta warn you though- once you get it in your head it’ll be there all day.”

Spike chuckled at the fledglings’ banter as he leaned back. He spread his thighs so the two could have easier access, threading his fingers through dark hair and red as the two young vampires jostled for position. He felt Xander’s breath on his cock and swallowed hard, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

“Oh, fuck, yeah. That’s it. That’s right… just like you learned, Xan. Like it’s a nummy ice cream… ohh fuck.”

Spike thrust his hips as his boy’s tongue worked over the head of his cock. He shuddered when Xander tongued the ultra-sensitive slit and twisted his fingers in the boy’s hair. He felt the boy’s long fingers tickle and stroke the sensitive, smooth skin of his scrotal sac, delicately teasing and rolling his balls between long fingers.

“Oh… fuck yeah… that’s right… you love your treat, don’t you… Wils, come here, sweet, mustn’t leave you out…”

Spike shifted in the seat and Xander squirmed to change position without letting his Sire’s cock leave his mouth. Only a month old and already training up so nicely, Spike thought to himself with satisfaction. To hear Angelus talk, training fledges took years and years. But then, who wouldn’t be eager to do as they were told when it meant getting to suck as tasty a cock as his own? Even Angelus had said so himself, on the rare occasions when the selfish git condescended to go down on his knees for him. The memory of Angelus’ teeth scraping his ballsac made Spike shudder and he pulled Willow close to him.

The girl moaned and squirmed, wriggling her lush little bottom as Spike kissed her. He tasted the bubblegum sweetness of the Girl Scouts’ blood on her lips and tongue, mingled with the astringent, complex flavor of the girl herself- the fizz and crackle of magic, exploding over his tongue like Pop Rocks and ginger beer. As he blindly fumbled to undo her blouse, he thrust deeply into Xander’s mouth, the boy kneeling on the floor before him, rhythmically bobbing his head.

“Uh… good boy… take it all… that’s a boy… mmm… gonna eat you all up, little Red… ‘m the Big Bad Wolf, I am,” Spike murmured, plundering the girl’s mouth with kisses. He kissed and nibbled his way along her jaw line, down her throat, flicking his tongue over the puckered skin of the claim mark, which made her gasp and cry out.

“Oh, Spike! Let’s be uh! naughty together! I want you inside me!” Willow begged, clenching fistfuls of his slicked blonde hair as he cupped her sweet, firm breasts in both hands and lowered his mouth to them.

He sucked and lapped her nipples with greedy relish, nipping with blunt human teeth and squeezing the firm flesh in his hands. His excitement mounted, between Xander lavishing attention below the belt, and Willow’s pert little tits providing a delicious diversion above. He felt the tickling, tingling sensation build in his groin, and clenched his muscular buttocks, panting and willing himself to hold back and prolong the moment.

“Xander, up you come, pet, this girl’s clearly gagging for it… lie back, Wils, that’s a girl… now, you give her a taste of that nummy treat whilst I sort things out south of the border,” Spike panted.

Decades of living as part of a polyamorous foursome meant there was scarcely a position or a coupling that Spike hadn’t encountered, and he guided the young vampires into place with ease, and so smoothly they almost didn’t break rhythm.

Xander whinged a little when Spike’s cock slipped from his lips but he was more than willing to scramble out of his own trousers and kneel over Willow, guiding his own cock past the deceptive innocence of her mouth. The boy groaned, and as Spike knelt between Willow’s spread thighs, he was treated to the inspiring sight of his boy’s arse-cheeks clenching as he thrust again and again into her mouth.

The girl squirmed and made eager little squeals, muffled by Xander’s cock as the boy urgently thrust. The air was full of electricity from the storm, mingling with the unleashed force of Willow’s passion. Spike felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle and when he touched the girl, he felt the buzz of power coursing beneath her downy skin, the force of her power barely held in check. The thought of all she was capable of made his hard cock throb against his flat belly- it was no wonder Angelus had wanted her so badly for himself.

Spike ran his hands up the girl’s slender thighs, thumbing the shaven lips of her sex and tweaking the little golden rings piercing the outer labia. Willow’s thighs were already trembling with excitement and he breathed gently against her smooth pubic mound, holding her open and letting his breath tease her clitoris.

Willow’s slender fingers tightened on Xander’s arms and she bucked her hips. Spike fancied he could taste the magic inside her as he mouthed her outer labia, suckling and lightly nibbling at the tender smoothness of her skin. He moaned with pleasure as he kneaded her thighs and she clenched them in rhythm to the rocking and bucking of her own and Xander’s hips.

She began to make a muffled keening as Spike pointed his tongue and flicked it against the stiff little nub of her clitoris. He grasped her thighs firmly, holding them open and immobile as he nuzzled her sex, burying his face between the soft folds of her cunny, stroking and caressing her with his tongue and tasting her arousal.

Xander rocked urgently back and forth as he fucked her face, holding Willow’s red-gold hair in two fistfuls, shouting, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, Wils, gonna shoot, gonna shoot you right in your pretty mouth, say you want it, you know you want it-- uhh! Daddy, gonna shoot!”

Spike raised his face just long enough to bark, “Go ahead!” then scraped his teeth along the girl’s sex and suckled, lapped and teased her to a shuddering orgasm of her own. Once it was over, and the fledges lay panting and spent, Spike smirked and stood up, his own rampant erection jutting proudly from his lean belly.

“Now then, Xan, so long as you’ve already got those trousers down… let’s see just how well you thank Daddy for your treat, hmm?”

The boy’s legs were shaky as he stood up but a sly grin spread across his face. He wobbled a little and grasped the back of the seat for balance. Willow sat up, preening and running her fingers through her red-gold hair, flicking a glance at Spike and purring as she languidly straightened her clothes and settled down comfortably to watch.

Spike cleared a couple of backpacks and pillows off a seat and pointed.

“Right. I want your elbows down and your arse up. Hm, d’you suppose these little bints have anything in their ruckies we could use for lube?”

As he rummaged through a ridiculously oversized backpack, sniffing a tube of cherry flavored lipgloss uncertainly, Xander grinned and thrust his hand into the pocket of his trousers.

He held up a small tube of slick triumphantly, before tossing it to Spike.

“Like they say, ‘Be Prepared,’” Xander smirked, then bent over and rested his weight on his elbows, legs spread and pale bottom relaxed and waiting.

Spike caught the tube with a chuckle of satisfaction. He squeezed a generous dollop of the cold gel into his palm and hissed as he smeared it over his rampant cock.

“That’s my boy. Goin to have to give you a special badge for that. Now, hold still and keep that pert little arse up for Daddy. Gonna get you good and ready for your treat.”

Xander moaned when Spike touched him, thrusting back against his slick fingers. He parted the boy’s arse cheeks with his thumbs and purred at the sight of the hidden pucker. Flicking a fingertip against the tight sphincter, Spike chuckled at the boy’s reflexive gasp and the unbidden winking of the tight little hole.

“Steady there, boy, you’ll get all that’s coming to you and more… that’s a boy. Mm, Xan, that little hole of yours is just begging for it. That’s it… relax… oh yeah, that’s it. And to think that before you met me, you’d never even had a finger up this beautiful… little… arse… not even your own. Lucky thing I came upon you when I did, before you neglected this arse any longer…”

As he lovingly teased his boy with words and slick fingers, Xander squirmed and clenched, then thrust back against Spike, panting and clenching the material of the bus seat. He licked his lips and moaned, arching his head back and finally begging, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Please! Need you, Spike! For god’s sake shut up and fuck me!”

Spike chuckled and pushed the boy’s cheeks further apart then, withdrawing his slick fingers and positioning his cock at Xander’s loosened entrance.

“You asked for it, baby,” Spike growled with pleasure, vamping as he thrust smoothly into his boy.

Xander’s ass fit his cock like a glove and he growled deeply with lust as he pushed his way into the boy’s silky softness. This was what Angelus loved, he thought, this feeling- the power of it all, the dominance. It wasn’t just the fucking, it was being literally inside his boy, being part of him, feeling every involuntary gasp, every clenched muscle and every twitch of the boy’s balls or sphincter. His senses were flooded with the boy and he was on stimulus overload, drunk on Xander and loving it.

Xander thrust back against Spike’s cock, moaning and tossing his head, growling with lust as Spike drove into him. Every few strokes his cock would brush Xander’s prostate and send an electric shiver of awesomeness through the boy’s whole body. He’d never dreamed of anything like this when he’d been human, furtively jerking off under the covers to sweaty and sheepish fantasies of the girls of Sunnydale High and various supermodels- never dreamed how incredible dirtybadwrong could feel.

The two of them coupled like two big cats, all sleek muscle and power, with no tenderness or romance, just hard, hot, fucking, complete with snarls and flashing fangs and nails clawing pale skin. Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s chest, nails digging into flesh, and the boy reached back and clenched Spike’s lean thighs, his own nails scoring long, deep red marks against the pale contrast of his skin.

At last they came together, Xander’s spunk arching in the air and striking his belly, and Spike pumping his hips as he came inside the tight channel of his boy’s body. When they separated, their cheeks were flushed with stolen blood and Spike pulled Xander close for a deep, possessive kiss before tucking his cock back inside his jeans and pulling them up and fastened. Xander wiped his belly clean with his hand, then pulled up his own trousers, looking smug and sheepish all at once.

Spike leaned back in an empty seat, propping his boots up, and putting a cigarette into his mouth.

“Well, that was a nice little diversion. What shall we do to pass the time next, a rousing game of Crazy Eights?”

The two kids, he could see, were knackered. That was the thing about being a fledgling- they were either raring to go and full of piss and vinegar, or they were falling asleep on their feet. Usually at the worst possible time for either. He chuckled fondly, and patted the seat.

“All right kiddies, nap time. Cuddle up and Spike will tell you a story while we wait for Angelus’ return.”

That they didn’t even protest that they weren’t tired told Spike the two fledglings were on the verge of falling asleep on their feet. The excitement, the blood, the shagging and the newness of it all had all taken their toll. Willow snuggled up between the window and Spike, resting her head on his shoulder. Xander cuddled up close on the other side, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. Spike kissed each pale, cold forehead and draped his arms over each of them, before tilting his head back to look up at the ceiling and begin spinning his tale.

“And what story shall we tell tonight? Goldilocks and the three bears? Jack the Giant killer?”

Willow snuggled up closer, her hair tickling Spike’s nose. She murmured sleepily, “Tell us how you and Daddy made us, Spike…”

Xander reached out and slipped Willow’s little hand into his own, nodding. “Yeah,” he yawned, “that’s my favorite story…”

“That old thing again? You’ve heard it so often I reckon you could tell it to me, now.”

“Please, Spike… you promised,” Willow said in the petulant little-girl pouty voice that had Angelus wrapped around her little finger.

Xander looked up at him and batted those big brown puppy dog eyes, and Spike had to chuckle. All pretenses of reluctance gone, he said, “Right then. Once upon a time, there lived a family of vampires. There was a big, broad shouldered Irish bloke of a dad, who fancied himself a bit of a libertine, his gorgeous but rather spoilt and annoying blonde mate, who wasn’t much of the motherly type, but he fancied himself the all knowing fatherly type, so she sort of fell into the role. And then they had a dark haired, fantastic dark princess of a girl, and a cheeky blonde boy who was always getting in trouble with the old man because he was always showing him up with how much more clever and witty and handsome he was…”


“…and much as he loved drivin the old sod barmy, he couldn’t stand to see him all broken-up like. Oh yeah, those Watchers ‘ll tell you vampires are nasty horrible soulless things that haven’t got any feelings or emotions, but once you’ve spent a century or two with your Sire ‘n his mate and other childer by your side, you get sort of attached. Even if Dru could be nuttier than a fruitcake sometimes, and Darla sometimes acted like she’d a stick up her arse. Still… seein them dusted… don’t think I’ll ever be able to get that sight out of my head. You asked what it feels like, Xan… it’s horrible. Like part of you’s been swept away in the blink of an eye. And you feel that ache inside you every day afterwards. It’s like there’s a hollowness inside you, that you can’t fill up with sex or drink or ciggies or even hot blood. We both were a couple of sad gits after that. Bloody hell, if Angelus was hard up enough to go looking for the Master, you know he wasn’t thinking straight! But family’s family… ‘n when you’ve just lost part of your whole world, you want t’ be with your family, even if they are bloody annoying and arse-ugly as fuck.”

Spike nuzzled each fledgling in turn as he talked, purring softly as they snuggled close. Willow idly walked her fingers up and down his leg and Xander’s nose brushed against Spike’s throat. Now and then the boy flicked out his tongue to lick the smooth, pale skin and made Spike shudder and chuckle as his cock twitched in his jeans.

“Keep that up, pup, and I’m going to have to stop telling this story and shag you silly again…” Spike warned.

“No, no, tell the story, then the shagging,” Willow protested sleepily, reaching across Spike’s lap to catch Xander’s hand and twining her fingers with his.

“So, anyway, we arrived in Sunnyhell in all our glory. Went and paid our respects to the crazy old fuck- he’d really gone round the bend, taken to turning kids. Little lesson to remember, kiddies- don’t go turning the toddlers. Nothing good ever comes of it.”

“Ooh, yeah, like Claudia in Interview With A Vampire,” Willow murmured. “She was all freaky and…”

Spike arched a brow at Willow, and said pointedly, “Who’s telling this story here? Me, or Anne sodding Rice?”

The red-head looked slightly chagrined, and Spike continued, settling down more comfortably in the seat.

“Now then. Where was I? Oh, right. Bat-face. So, we go and pay our respects. And bloody hell, the old man was not happy when he heard Darla was dusted. Old lech had a soft spot for her, y’see. Regular Master’s pet, she was.”

Spike thought back to that dank lair, and reflexively shuddered at the memory of dusty cobwebs and spider legs tickling the back of his neck. The old git had been furious when they’d broken the news- raged and howled and if it weren’t for the magic barrier that kept him trapped, Spike had no doubts that the wicked old brute would have tried to wrench their heads off right there and then.

“…So, turns out, the cracked old bastard wants to bag himself a Slayer. Well, now he had the right man for the job to do it. They don’t call me Slayer of Slayers for nothing. And after all that happened with Dru and Darla, I fancied putting another notch on my holster, so to speak. So, me and the old man came up with a plan. Bloody brilliant, if I say so myself.”

Spike smirked, and Xander and Willow sniggered appreciatively,

“That’s when you came up with the idea for Daddy to pretend to have the soul, huh?” Willow asked, walking her fingertips up Spike’s arm thoughtfully.

“Right you are, my little beauty. And that’s when the fun began. And bagging your sweet little arses was just the icing on the cake. Still remember the first time I laid eyes on you, at the Bronze. Felt the Slayer first. The power rolling off her, even if the silly chit wasn’t entirely aware of how much she had, herself. And then I saw you two. Knew we had something special.”

Willow preened softly with satisfaction and Xander chuckled, reaching down to cup Spike’s crotch and squeeze gently.

“Mmm… that’s a good boy… Knew from the first time I laid eyes on you, Xan, that you had potential. With those big brown puppy dog eyes and those big hands, lookin like a sweet kid who’d never do anything worse than sneaking cookies from the biscuit tin. But underneath… I could feel you had it in you. That darkness. Just waitin for the right man to come along and call it to the surface.”

Xander purred, blushing softly with pleasure, and gave a little growl, playfully catching Spike’s hand. He raised it to his mouth to kiss and gently nip the older vampire’s knuckles.

“Knew you were gonna be mine. Never wanted a childe before, Xan- lot of work and headaches, if you’d have asked me. I bloody well knew all the crap I put Angelus through and damned if I was going to have myself a brat to put me through it. But when I clapped my eyes on you, something came over me. Like you had a little demon in you already, just waiting for it’s master, and it called to me.”

Xander murmured softly and snuggled closer. Spike squeezed the boy’s big hand and reached over to tweak Willow’s little nose.

“And no question that Angelus would have to have you. Could smell the magic on you from fifty yards away. And you lookin all sweet and innocent, like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. Who knew there was a little minx lurking under the surface, waiting to be unleashed?”

Willow giggled and pinched Spike’s thigh, when a familiar voice called from the front of the bus, “I did.”

Part Three

Willow squealed excitedly, crawling over Spike’s lap and bounding up to the front of the bus. “Daddy!”

She leapt into Angelus’ arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. He chuckled and cupped the smooth, firm globes of her sweet little ass, kissing her deeply. Then he brought back a hand and slapped the girl’s bottom hard.

“What’s this? Nothin below the waist? Not even a scrap of knickers?”

Willow nuzzled the big vampire’s throat, purring and licking his smooth skin.

“Spike ravished me, Daddy. He and Xander both did, at the same time.”

Angelus arched a brow and looked over at his wayward boy. Spike smirked back, and ran his fingers through Xander’s dark hair.

“Took you long enough. What did you do, dump the old biddies in Topanga Canyon?”

“No, but I could dump your body there if you keep trying my patience, boy.”

“I see you managed to figure out where the ‘talk’ button on your cell phone is, finally,” Xander said, nudging Spike slightly.

Angelus arched a brow, and gave Spike a look.

“We were trying to call you forever. What were you doing, anyway?” Xander continued, refusing to drop his gaze when Angelus met the boy’s dark eyes with his own, amber flecked ones.

Spike flicked his gaze at his Sire and said, “The kid was worried about you, that’s all. Thought maybe you’d run into trouble.”

Angelus scoffed, and stalked slowly over to Xander, holding Willow on his leather-clad hip. He stood, looming down over the boy for several long moments, before flicking Xander’s nose hard with his second finger, making the boy give an annoyed yelp of surprise, and making Willow giggle.

“Ow, hey!”

Spike bristled, standing up. He and Angelus stood there in a silent standoff for a long moment, as Xander rubbed his nose and swore.

“What the hell was that all about? Who flicks a guy in the nose!”

“I’ll handle the disciplining of my own boy, thanks, Angelus,” Spike said tensely.

“Yeah, well, see that you do, or I won’t be in such an easy going mood next time.”

Angelus kissed Willow deeply once more, giving her smooth backside a pinch, then set her on her feet.

“Get dressed. You boys, get this bus decorated up. Give the police something to talk about. I’m envisioning something along the lines of, ‘Satanic graffiti found in bus full of murdered girls.”

“Ooh, I want to help,” Willow said eagerly as she pulled her skirt on. “We can write the graffiti in the girls’ blood.”

“I spose ‘Helter Skelter’ would be a bit over the top?” Spike asked Angelus as he pulled his knife from his pocket.

“And you accuse me of living in the past. Write some of those wretched bands you like so much on the walls. Maybe some ‘magic’ symbols- appropriately incorrect ones, of course.”

Angelus sat down on one of the empty seats and propped his feet up, long legs stretched across the aisle. He looked at his watch.

“And make it quick, I want to get back to the hotel.”

“So what’s happening back at the hotel?” Xander said laconically, as the three of them got to work- Spike all business, cigarette dangling from his lip, using a strip of torn cloth dipped in the congealed crimson fluid to daub phrases, words, symbols and crude drawings on the metal walls. Willow was as giddy as a school child at recess, giggling, smearing bold streaks of redness on the walls and windows, pausing to dab a spot of blood on the tip of Angelus’ nose and dancing away.

Angelus sat magisterially with his long legs outstretched, taking long drags on a cigarette. He blew rings of smoke, watching with pleasure as they stretched and distorted as they floated up toward the ceiling. He looked over at Xander for several long moments, before he smirked and said, “That’s when snarky boys’ll be getting their comeuppance. So you’d better be thinking about that, lad, and anticipating.”

Xander snorted, glaring at the big vampire.

“Listen, Angelus-”

“No, you listen, boy. William puts up with your cheek but I’m a horse of a different colour.”

“Angelus, I’ll deal with it,” Spike snapped shortly, throwing down his rag. “You can be satisfied with Willow, the boy’s mine.”

“Well then you’ll make him behave himself.”

“He does bloody behave.”

“He’s doing a funny job of it. Boy, get to work, you needn’t be listening when the grown-ups are talking,” Angelus clicked his fingers at Xander.

The boy’s jaw tightened and he huffed. He looked to Spike expectantly. When his Sire took a long drag on his cigarette and handed him the bloodsoaked rag, instead of telling Angelus where to stick his orders, Xander’s lower lip thrust forward in a pout. He took the rag with ill grace and stomped to the other side of the bus, to sloppily smear the metal walls with crimson symbols.

Angelus pulled Spike closer. He took the cigarette from the boy’s lips and flicked it to the floor. Grinding it beneath his heel, he pulled the boy to him and kissed him, deeply.

Spike resisted momentarily, then leaned into the kiss, opening his mouth to receive his Sire’s probing tongue. Angelus stroked his fingers through the boy’s hair, growling softly with pleasure. He slid his hands down his boy’s body to cup the swell of Spike’s ass where it filled his tight jeans to perfection.

When he broke the kiss, he chuckled and pinched the boy’s arse, making the boy tense up and swear.

“Hey! Sod off! And stop wasting my fags.”

Angelus smirked, giving the boy a little pat. “I can taste Willow on you, Spike. Aren’t you a good boy, keeping your cock where it belongs.”

Spike shrugged, tapping a new cigarette on the packet before putting it into his mouth.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think becoming a Sire’s instilled some sense of responsibility in you. Or are you just trying to butter me up?”

Angelus stroked his fingers through the boy’s hair, kissing Spike’s forehead.

“Not in front of the kids,” Spike complained.

“Oh, right, you’ve got a reputation to uphold, haven’t you? The Big Bad, Slayer of Girl Scouts. Did they taste like cookies, then?”

Spike stretched his legs atop Angelus’ and leaned back, looking up at his Sire’s face with amused blue eyes.

“You ought to know what Red tastes like by now, old man. Gingersnaps. Or should I say, ‘snatch’? ”

Angelus tweaked his boy’s ear. “Mind your tongue, William. You know, you’re setting an example for that boy of yours with your behaviour. And teaching him to cheek me isn’t going to do him any favours. You’d do well to teach him to keep his head down and his mouth shut when I’m around.”

Spike turned his head abruptly, pulling away from Angelus’ grasp.

“Stop ragging him so much. He’s just a kid. And I’m training him, aren’t I? If you gave a toss about whether he could hunt, or fight, maybe you’d see that. Teachin him what you taught me. And he’s a damn quick study, thank you very much. Th’ pup’s a natural hunter.”

“Aye, well while you’re teaching him, teach him to remember his place. Then again, you never were very quick in that department yourself…. Maybe it’s some remedial lessons you’re needing?”

“I’m not a bloody fledgling anymore, Angelus-” Spike growled.

Willow bounced over then, brightly demanding, “Daddy, look! Isn’t it pretty! See, I did a pentacle over there, and some Egyptian symbols, and an Elder sign, and some lines from the Necronomicon! Now can I have my presents?”

Angelus smirked and pulled the slim girl into his lap. Nuzzling her throat, he scraped his teeth gently along the tender flesh.

“And just what would you be deserving presents for, hm? Have you been an especially good girl lately?”

Willow chuckled throatily and curled her pink tongue around Angelus’ earlobe. She flicked her tongue against the flesh, before sucking slowly and slipping her hands underneath his shirt.

“Mm, no, Daddy. I’ve been a naughty girl. Bad and naughty and depraved.”

Spike shoved himself to his feet, glad for the distraction. When Angelus got it into his head that Spike needed ‘reminding of his place’, it was usually painful. That wasn’t so bad- sometimes it actually was kind of fun, and Angelus did love to mix punishment and pleasure- but the humiliation of it now that he had a childe of his own was more than he wanted to think about. He slipped up behind Xander and wrapped an arm round the boy’s belly, and took the sodden rag from his hand.

“There you go, pet. Nice job, you’ve been doing here on the interior decorations. Looks like a regular Trading Spaces job.”

Xander batted the rag to the floor and turned to face Spike. The blonde vampire raised his boy’s crimson-stained hand to his mouth and began to lick it clean.

“He’s so full of it. He wasn’t here five seconds before he started picking on me. What’s his deal, anyway! I wasn’t doing anything to him. Y’know, you’d have thought now that I’m one of you, he’d be different but he’s still as much of a prick as he ever was.”

“Hush, pet.” Spike laved the boy’s palm with broad strokes of his tongue, then darted around the base of each finger with light licks, tongue pointed. He worked his way up each of Xander’s long fingers, drawing them into his mouth one by one to lap and suck clean. “Mm. Delicious. Regular gourmet snack, you are.”

Xander gasped softly, writhing at Spike’s ministrations, but pulled his hand away. Frowning, he said, “Seriously, what’s up his ass? The second he lays eyes on me he’s glaring at me. He never even says anything to me unless it’s threatening to kick my ass.”

Spike sighed and rolled his eyes. He cupped the back of the boy’s head with his palm and said, “Just keep your head down and mind your p’s and q’s, pet. Don’t try to wind him up. Oh yeah- you don’t think I notice when you’re saying snarky things to him? If you push him, Xan, he’s gonna push back. Just be a good boy and let me handle him, love, all right?”

Angelus slid his big hands up Willow’s thighs, purring and murmuring darkly, “Oh and you think wicked, bad girls ought to get presents and be rewarded? It’s a good whipping you need, I think…”

Willow arched her back and batted her eyes, panting softly as Angelus caressed her, dragging his nails down her thighs and softly tweaking and pinching the tender flesh. He chuckled evilly, kissing her forehead.

Angelus ran his thumb over the girl’s smooth-shaven sex, teasing the edges of her pierced labia with his fingernail and brushing his thumb over the apex of her pussy and the slick, half-hidden, supersensitive nub.

“Uh! Oh! But Daddy- It’s my birthday. You wouldn’t punish me on my birthday would you?” Willow moaned, grinding her backside against Angelus’ crotch and arching her back, her red hair brushing her shoulder blades as she writhed.

Angelus gave a bark of laughter. Leaning down to kiss the girl and lightly bite her jaw line, he said with amusement, “Oh, so tis your birthday now, is it? And that gives you leeway to be bad and naughty with impunity? Your brother and that cub of his are wicked enough every day, d’you think they ought to be let off the hook as well?”

Willow purred, giggling and thrusting herself against Angelus’ fingers. “No, Daddy, but I want my presents- why can’t I have the boys to play with, for my birthday?”

Spike pricked up his ears, having a well developed sixth sense for plots involving him. He called anxiously over to where Angelus and Willow were chuckling and murmuring, “Hey, what’s all the secretiveness about! We’re done here, I thought you wanted to get back to the hotel.”

“Little boys should be seen and not heard, William. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m deciding what to do about your sister’s birthday.”

Willow bounced and giggled, clapping her hands together.

“And she’s wanting her presents- specifically, you two. What d’you think, boys? Shall I give her what she wants?”

Willow looked at him reproachfully. Spike and Xander exchanged glances. After a long moment, Xander said, frowning, “Wait a minute. How can it be her birthday? It hasn’t been my birthday yet.”

Willow tossed her head and said huffily, “Hello, it is my birthday. It’s been a month since Daddy turned me.”

“A month?” Xander scoffed. “What are you, like a freshman cheerleader, expecting everybody to make a big fuss over your one month ‘anniversary’? Don’t tell me, Angelus is gonna have to take you to The Melting Pot and spend way too much money-”

“Nobody celebrates monthly birthdays. That’s just not how it’s done. Next you’ll be letting her count the years she was alive, and letting her off polishing your boots,” Spike said, frowning.

Angelus chuckled and pulled Spike close, kissing his forehead. “Hush, lad. There’s no need to be jealous of yer sister. You’ve never missed a birthday yet, as I recall. And there‘s no need for her to polish my boots so long as I‘ve got you.”

“Never missed out on birthday smacks, at any rate,” Spike said sulkily. “And what d’you think you’re going to do with us, hm? In my day, it was the fledglings who were expected to pleasure their elders.”

“’In your day’,” Angelus scoffed. “And you call me old fashioned. You’re turning into a wee curmudgeon, William.”

“Well, I’ve never heard of fledglings getting pressies and treats just cos they’ve managed to make it a month without being dusted,” Spike said crossly. “I’m owed a couple hundred months’ worth of presents and prizes according to this system.”

“Oh, Spike, don’t sulk. I’ll give you prizes and treats and we’ll have fun,” Willow promised, stroking his cheek. She fixed him with a look from her big green eyes, batting her lashes sweetly.

“I’m not Angelus, pet, those puppy-dog eyes won’t work on me,” Spike scoffed.

Xander protested, “I’m older. If she gets to have a birthday, I ought to have one too. Spike, where are my presents?”

“I’ve got your present right here,” Spike leered, cupping the bulge in the front of his jeans and squeezing. “And there’ll be smacks to go with it, if you don’t behave, pet.”

Angelus smirked. The sight of his blonde-haired boy acting the Sire never failed to amuse him. Not that Spike wasn’t cut out for the role- despite what he thought, Angelus had taken note of his boy’s training of the fledgling. Xander had natural skill and a surprising darkness within, and Spike knew how to bring it forth. He was molding the boy into a fighter and a hunter, a true predator who gloried in the chase and the hunt.

Of course, it was the boy’s first childe, and he was inclined to be overly lenient at times. Treated his brat more like an equal, didn’t care about observing the time honored traditions. Angelus would have to have a talk with him about that. As for the brat, Angelus didn’t like the look in his eye of late, or the little sneer at the corner of his lip, he’d caught on the lad’s face. He reckoned it was long overdue for him to show the boy exactly where his place lay in the scheme of things. But that would be remedied, and tonight would be as good as any.

Darla had often stepped in, to give him advice about raising his childer- and he’d not appreciated her wisdom at the time. Now he realized that as a Sire, his duty was to guide his own boy in the rearing of his childe- and if William was unwilling to make his brat toe the line, then Angelus would have to intercede and impress on him the importance of discipline, and of not letting one’s childe annoy the head of the family. He smiled darkly. That in itself promised to be enjoyable.

“Right, I think our work here is finished. Come along then, if Willow‘s going to have you two for her playthings, she‘d better have some toys to keep you in line.”

Xander huffed, and protested, “But why does she get her way? I’m older and-”

Angelus’ hand clamped over the boy’s throat and he lifted Xander off his feet. Bringing his face down til they were nose to nose, Angelus smiled, baring sharp teeth. He said pleasantly, “Because she’s my girl. I made her, and I’ll do as I like. If I want to indulge her, I will, and no whinging schoolboy brat is going to tell me otherwise. Now drop it.”

Xander grimaced and glared furiously into Angelus’ dark eyes. He twisted and kicked, trying to free himself from the older vampire’s iron grip. Angelus snorted in amusement.

“Oh, yer a fiesty one, aren’t you. Just remember, puppy- I didn’t choose you. But I own yer Daddy, so what do you suppose that makes you now?”

Xander’s eyes blazed. When Angelus opened his hand and dropped the boy to the floor, he tossed his head angrily, and gritted out, his voice rough from the pressure on his larynx, “Don’t think I’m gonna turn my back on you, old man. Maybe you’re family now, but I didn’t like you before I got turned and I don’t trust you an inch now.”

Angelus flicked his glance up and down over the boy, smiling coldly.

“Ah, so you’re not completely stupid then. That’s encouraging.”

He turned on his heel and clicked his fingers, calling, “Come along, then, let’s get moving. We‘ve a birthday to celebrate.”

As he strode up the aisle, he slipped his arm around Willow’s waist and said solicitously, “So, it’s your birthday, is it? And what is Willow wanting then? A pretty new dress? A dolly? A sweet, fat toddler?”

Willow lay her finger against her chin, tilting her head and thinking. After a pause, her eyes sparkled and she said eagerly, “I want… ponies, Daddy.”

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